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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

Please take the time to eMail us we love hearing from friends and family

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December 31st Tuesday
The last day of 2013, what happen this year I retired from work handing the business to Scott to run. We moved to White Cliffs full time a year when the grand kids got that bit older. The best night of the year was being with the family on Christmas night.

2014 going to be a year I complete White Cliffs turning it from a house in the hill to something people look at and say wow.

Today we went into town for lunch at the Hotel Delatite here in Mansfield, I picked up a few bit of metal to try build my own bottle cutter. It not easy building a bottle cutter believe me.

There only one think left to say:

Tomorrow will be the same as today with a new name tag 2014...

Faye tells me Harvey is doing really well in his new home. And you girls who wanted Harvey forget it, he has John and Faye under control bath me, feed me, keep me warm in winter and cool in summer it a great life. Why would Harvey want to live anywhere else.

December 30th Monday
We left the caravan park in Mansfield around 10am going to the local supermarket for lunch and then filled with fuel, diesel cost $1.55lt we then drove 45km's to the top of Mount Buller it is a very easy drive near the top it sure gets steep, we were down to 2nd gear in the Ford Transit Van. The view makes the trip worth it, we went to an area just above Mount Buller Village.

Above Mount Buller

It a neat and tidy place to visit the picture above is part way up a ski run you are able to snow ski right into town. I am happy to visit in summer it was about 13c today on the top.

After we left the township we drove down from Mount Buller we were looking for a place to cook lunch we found a wonderful place and stayed three hours. From Mansfield you drive on the Mount Buller road to the Mt Stirling turn off. If you have a GPS or Google Earth copy and paste the setting below
37 06'37.07"s 146 24'00.18"e

A great spot.

A really nice place to visit so good we decided to revisit the area before the end of this week.

There is a no camping sign on our side of the waterway. If you cross the bridge and turn hard right you end up in a free camp area on the other side where there are no signs. I walked over that side and seen about ten camps along the river, if you were going to stay there you may need to do a bit of research.

The grass track on the other side is well mowed. On the side of the the river we had lunch, is mowed like a lawn there are very clean toilets and the whole area is very clean.

Tonight we are back in Mansfield, we leave here on Friday morning.

December 29th Sunday
A much cooler day in Mansfield today, The zippers on three windows in the pop-up section of the caravan have broken or have bad zippers and did not work correct.

When in Albury last week we went to Spotlight and they had a water proof zipper you buy by the meter so we got 1.5m and today we removed the old zipper in the front window and sowed in a new one. It works perfect and looks like new, the only problem is it took six hours work.

Next time we are in Albury we will get more zipper and replace the other two, a lot of work but it looks and works a lot better.

If you look out of the caravan at Mansfield Caravan Park this is what you see it is a small water way (no water) with a bridge across to the toilet, showers and swimming pool.
Mansfield Caravan Park

All is well in Mansfield, send us an eMail and let me know what's happing.

December 28th Saturday
A very hot night in the van then about 3am it got really cold and we pulled up the blankets.

We went shopping in the main street of Mansfield, found a good Home Hardware shop a really good shop, the price of goods was a little high. No Bunnings in Mansfield and I think that's good for the town. Getting a parking spot was hard work.

After lunch I put up the television antenna and watched the cricket Australia v England it was a very hot 37c in Mansfield today so no a lot happen.

Tonight around 7pm the wind came in from the south and we cooled down to about 24c tomorrow looks like being a better day.

We are glad to be here it was a warm 43c in White Cliffs today.

December 27th Friday
We are in Mansfield we went to Adrian and Dianne place in Lavington and hooked up the caravan, (thanks for baby sitting it for us) we headed for Wangaratta and made a quick visit to see Faye and I seen Scott at his place.

The new car frig I got for Christmas works great it kept our drinks cold all day I got some nice gifts for Christmas.

We drove into Mansfield about 5:30pm and took quite sometime to setup tonight must be getting slack in my old age, backing the van was a easier tonight, Adrian showed me a new trick and it worked well.

The old van at Mansfield.

The old van 1986 on the outside and 2014 on the inside the whole inside has just been rebuilt even the floor and all the fittings replaced even has a bathroom for us old people.

December 26th Thursday
For the first time in my life we went shopping on "Boxing Day" Rivers had a 50% off sale and it was really busy we did buy some new shoes. Carol went shopping at the Lavington Shopping center. We then went down to Dean Street it was crazy just 1000s and no where to park. So we went and seen Muffy, later I cleaned up the back of the Ford Transit Van.

Tomorrow we head for Mansfield for a week at the caravan park.

Had a SMS from White Cliffs Christmas Day was 24c 2m of rain and a nice cool day I was told all is well in town.

Not a lot to report today, tomorrow another day.

December 25th Wednesday
That was a very big we woke in Wodonga at Carol daughter place the two kids were up at 6:45am every one worked non-stop on the big day Carol granddaughter and grandson gust had so much to play with.

Lunch with Damon family was really big we chatted and enjoyed Christmas Day for around five hours.

We left around 5:30pm for a Christmas party at Muffy and Susan place in Albury our biggest party ever, the total family was there for the first time in many years around thirty people fill the house back yard and the car port everyone was there a great.

Like always this was all planned by Susan, Kylie and Muffy helped out and Scott did the cooking.

Susan, a job well done. For me it the biggest night of the year.

Santa had a hard day

December 24th Tuesday
We went over to Albury shopping at 8:30am the usual Christmas run around Dean Street Spotlight, Bunnings' and a few more. McDonald's for lunch our first big Mac for months. When in White Cliffs if you want a Mac you have to drive 288km's to Broken Hill, 1k to the local shop for take-away sound better.

We have a broken zipper on the pop-top of the caravan so we went to Spotlight and found some zipper there $6.50m and I brought a hand held sowing machine for $20 hope it will do the job.

One sleep to Christmas, "A Merry Christmas To All Readers"

December 23rd Monday
After a very wet night in Whitfield we packed up the caravan and headed towards Wangaratta, we have been asked to do some house sitting in June July in Wangaratta so we dropped in and seen some friends.

We then seen Carol sister and I dropped by Scott's place. it was about 3:30pm when we left Wangaratta and headed for Albury Wodonga dropping the caravan off at Adrian place for a few day we are staying at Carmen and Damon place for four night over Christmas.

Somewhere along the line I need to replace the windscreen in the Ford Transit Van I ask around tomorrow Christmas Eve.

To the two girls who said they love Harvey the dog, sorry he taken.

I went back and fixed a lot of the bad spelling tonight.

December 22nd Sunday
A warm day in Whitfield but not as hot as the last three days, we did not even start the Ford van today it was a day to eat, sleep and do nothing much I did try to cut some glass bottles I have to do some more reading to get it right.

Faye, Carol sister in Wangaratta sent a picture of a new family member his name is Harvey. Faye has birds that talk and the bird waves good-by. Just think about Harvey's life sit, stand, roll over. Harvey you will need to train that lady...

Had a big clean up in the caravan today it's all clean and sorted I even took all the lights off and cleaned them out. The good news is we had rain last night for about an hour and no water leaks.

Started packing up late this afternoon we are off tomorrow to Albury Wodonga for Christmas staying with Carmen and Damon. The owner's of the caravan park returned this afternoon so we handed back the keys going from managers to gray haired nomads that's life.

A bit of wind blowing up just now 7:45pm so we may get rain tonight, talk about weather it was 42c in White Cliffs today.

December 21st Saturday
Another very hot day in Whitfield around 38c, around 8:30am we went to the Moyhu Farmers Market about 25kms North of Whitfield all I can say is a lady's market and a bit of fruit and veg.

We went for a bit of a bush drive on the way back to Whitfield, the country out here is very green but if this heat keeps up it will burn off in the next month.

We sat around the caravan park all afternoon and tea tonight is at the Whitfield Hotel about 400m from the caravan park.

We leave Whitfield on Monday morning and head back to Albury Wodonga via Wangaratta for Christmas week.

Whitfield Hotel

December 20th Friday
Wow almost Christmas day, five more sleeps the thing I look forward to is Christmas lunch with Carol family and Christmas night with my family the biggest night of the year for me.

Today we stayed at the caravan park doing a few small jobs in the van. I was cooking tea tonight on a gas BBQ outside the caravan, fly's they were driving me crazy I picked up a can of fly spray and sprayed the air away from the food then I sprayed the table next to the BBQ what a bang as the area went boom in a sheet of flame.

Think I stick to computers killing fly's is a health hazard, but I must say one thing not a fly to be seen.

Another very hot day in Whitfield 40c and we have a lot of wind tonight I love a drop of rain.

The owner of the caravan park at Whitfield has made a Christmas trip to Melbourne for two day and seen we are the only people here he gave us the keys and made us manager for two day.

December 19th
A very hot Thursday 40c, in Whitfield what a rotten day and to make it even worse it was 1c hotter than home in White Cliffs and we came down here to get away from the heat.

We went for a drive along the King River towards Edi then across the river at Edi and back to Cheshunt. We found a spot at Cheshunt where we could put our feet in the water sit under a tree and enjoy the 40c heat.

Back at the caravan park we sat around with a cold bottle, we had to have a shower to cool down. Tonight we had 70kmh wind it now passed and its hotter than ever.

Cheshunt General store.

December 18th
What can you say about today I guess the word HOT sum it up and tomorrow Thursday and Friday are going to be hotter.

Maybe a good day tomorrow to put our feet in the King River. There is a very small place about 10km back towards Wangaratta call Edi there you can sit in the King River.

We went into Wangaratta today shopping and see Carol family a bit of a pre-christmas get together.

We are staying here a week so we leave next Monday morning.

December 17th
Very hot day in Whitfield Victoria today and at 9:30pm tonight it has just dropped only a few degree.

We went for a short to Cheshunt on the King River it only about 5km's from the Valley View Caravan Park where we are staying. I have to say one thing about the caravan park, it is clean I have never been in a cleaner park. My mobile phone works well and the wireless 4G internet works well, the bad news no television. We were saying tonight we are not missing it.

I cleaned out the Ford Transit Van I say it 85% completed it the red dust from living in White Cliffs.

Found a few small holes in the fly screens in the caravan I had a repair kit in the van so I used it for the first time and repaired them.

They tell me tomorrow going to be hotter.

December 16th
We got out of bed in Wodonga, drove to the lavington shopping center. Carol a few shops there that she likes.

Next thing was picking up the caravan from Adrian place in Lavington. Bit of a sad day in a way Adrian did his last show on ABC Radio after 13yr's. A job well done.

We then drove to Wangaratta met up with Scott for a few minutes he was on his way to work. Carol went to lunch with the girls from her old school.

We went to K-Mart and finished Christmas Shopping at last. We have to do it better next year that was really hard work.

Put some petrol in the Ford Transit van and drove out of Wangaratta to Whitfield about 50kms south, setting up camp at the local caravan park in town. By the we finished setting up it was getting dark so I setup the television in the morning.

We are one of two people staying in the caravan park it cost $28 night powered site. On the way out from Wangaratta we passed about about 50 plus people camping on the King River, what they call Free Camping you have no power but it's free.

Whitfield Service Station.

December 15th
We are still Wodonga tonight, today we went Christmas shopping in Albury Wodonga it was a full on day.

I dropped in and seen my daughter Susan at Target Albury, my sister in East Albury and my granddaughter Joyce in Thurgoona almost three she growing up. We then went back to Carol daughter place and watched the cricket on TV Australia v England.

One thing I did today was buy for myself was a multi-tool from Bunnings they were selling them for $34.95 with all the extra's I am planning to do some junk art. You build something special, a one off item from junk. When I build something I take a picture I have seen it done in White Cliffs some of it is really good.

Tomorrow we have a few things in town then pickup the caravan and head back to the Wangaratta area.

December 14th
We woke up in Benalla packed up and drove to Albury Wodonga staying with Carol family for two day, Damon, Carmen and the kids.

I took the caravan out to my brothers place in Lavington we just did not wish to leave it on the street it's locked away out there with two dogs to keep a eye on it. I pick it up on Monday morning if the dogs let us take it away.

I go see my girls tomorrow Sunday in Albury and catch up with my granddaughter Joyce she turns three in January.

December 13th
The caravan park here in Wangaratta knows how to turn it on. At 9am they put on a Pancake breakfast in the camp kitchen with tea and coffee it was a really nice touch they do it Monday to Friday.

We then drove to Mansfield some 63kms away had lunch at the local hotel and walked around town, we liked Mansfield so much we booked in at the local caravan park after Christmas for a week. We even picked our own campsite.

Back in Benalla we went to the chemist and had KFC meal tonight. The devil date friday 13th was a good day.


December 12th
We had a nice quite trip from Cohuna to Benalla via Shepparton, we stopped about 50kms north of Shepparton and made a cup of coffee the normal thing is to sit outside and enjoy the bush. Not here flies by the 1000s in the end we sat in the car, started it up and turned on the air condition and drank our coffee.

In Shepparton we went to Clark Rubber that a good shop I like it because I can get what I want. The reason for calling into Clark Rubber was on the front of our old caravan we have a lift up metal awing that covers the front windows. Well I had it up the other day and walked into it I now have a 4in cut in my head. I went to Clark Rubber and brought so rubber that fits around the sharp metal edge.

While in Shepparton we went to a shop called "Spare Change" it on the Benalla Road across from "Office Works" what's it sell, almost everything. It a bit of a junk shop that only sell’s new item the normal and the odd. It a very cheap shop and worth a look.

We are now in Benalla at the caravan park on the Wangaratta Rd nice lawns it a neat and tidy park the park I give it a 8 out 10 the toilets showers I give it a 3 out 10 they are clean but need a big refit. The park cost $30 a night powered site, we are planning on a two night stay.

December 11th
Had a slow start to the day, Carol did the washing it cost $4 a wash load.

We then went into the Cohuna CBD had a look around town, there is some nice shop to look at the Mitre 10 hardware (east of the town) worth a look as it has a large range of gift ware.

The caravan park is just alright there about 200 on-site vans sitting here with no one in them I now know where all the old caravans end up. I guess they are used a lot over Christmas. The caravan park sit on a small lake it looks good.

This is about 15m from our caravan, I liked the lake.

There is a lot of plant life around the edge of the little lake.

Tomorrow we move on to Benalla via Shepparton we plan to do some Christmas shopping on the way.

December 10th
We were up at 7am and packed up the van and headed for Swan Hill where we went shopping at Aldi, had lunch and filled with fuel. As a point of interest the Ford Transit Van towing the caravan from Broken Hill to Swan Hill used 11.7lt per hundred kilometers.

After lunch we drove to Cohuna and booked into the caravan park on the edge of the water.

We will stay here two nights maybe three.

The people of Cohuna have used the waterway well, it is a nice looking town.

December 9th
Monday and the start of another week, we wake in Euston. We leave here tomorrow morning and head south east around 200km's no big plan. Today I did some work on the old caravan cleaned up some leads inside. I had some long leads running around like a 5m lead going 1m to my computer so I got into it with a pair of cutters, it now looks neat and tidy.

We drove into Robinvale for a few things then back to the caravan park at Euston. We had 1mil of rain and in came a cold wind so we spent the rest of the day inside the caravan.

December 8th
It been a very hot day in Euston today around 36c, the morning we went for a drive around Euston and across the river to Robinvale they have a good supermarket in Robinvale that we went to.

After lunch we took our chairs and table and sat down on the Murray River, drinking soft drink and writing this website.

We decided to stay here three night it a nice Euston, then move of to the next place. So we will move on Tuesday morning to some where else between here and Albury / Wodonga.

Some days we may not have an internet service if this happen we may not update this page.

Edge of the Murray River at Euston Caravan Park.









December 7th
We wake in Broken Hill and drive to Euston Caravan Park on the Murray River. Broken Hill to Euston is 365kms all sealed road. We went to the Euston Club for our evening meal, we had a great meal and Carol won $16 on the poker machines, well I lost $1 on my machine.

The Euston club had about 200 people, my guess is 10 were Australian and 190 from somewhere else in the World

December 6th
We left White Cliffs for the summer and drove to Broken Hill staying at the Lake View caravan park it was a 288km drive and a powered site cost $30.00 a night diesel at White Cliffs was $1.87lt at Broken Hill $1.68lt. We went into the Chemist and paid our account.

Getting a script filled in White Cliffs, You drop your script in at the White Cliffs hospital the Flying Doctor comes in every Wednesday they take the scripts back on the plane to Broken Hill and drop them at the local Chemist shop. They fill the scripts and mail them to your Post Office box. You pay your account once a month.

Broken Hill Post Office

I know someone going to tell me what this building is, it a great looking building in the main street of Broken Hill.

December 2013
It just to hot to work outside in the sun, temperature like 41c outside I am getting up at 5am and working to around 10am then the heat takes over, all you can do is have a shower and stay underground where it is 25c in the bedroom it is 21c.

Having a shower and this is no joke we turn on the cold water and it is hot from the sun in fact the hot water is colder than the hot water, I look into this next year.

The on December 4th we have a really big rain fall, well not that big it was 10mm in 30min's and just over a 100kph wind.

That hail in the picture, down there is White Cliffs. Ten minutes after the rain nothing not a drop to be seen.

November 2013
The new grand design at White Cliffs is built for family and friends we are building a new kitchen 25ft long and 12ft wide (8m x 3.6m) a new outside bathroom a new entertainment area a new bathroom and a new outside bedroom. The first step was to lay a slab of cement for the kitchen, no ready mix cement out here only a small cement mixer and one person to do the job.

Also in November I worked inside repairing wall with cement and rocking up the walls.

To get the place ready it will take a year.


The cement slab for the new kitchen in White Cliffs it is now complete.


White Cliffs cement work video (Video size 6.6meg)


The forman turns up to check my work.

I have started work on my garden it has to be a rock garden in White Cliffs. When summer is over I get into it.

Sometimes you turn around and you see something great. Looking west late at night you see a half moon, above it the International Space Station, a Opal mining machine that looks like a chicken on the hill and if you look close a small kangaroo sits on the hill. The orange on the right side is the sunset. The hill is the west border of our land.

October 2013
Was a really hard and costly month we spent the whole month driving from Wangaratta to White Cliffs via Griffith and Cobar it is a 2040km return trip in the Ford Transit van with trailer on the back.
We only have a small 6ft x 4ft trailer and it was going to take forever Teena and Graham Ford so kindly lent us their larger 8ft x 5ft trailer and we did it in three trips one with the little trailer and two with big trailer.

White Cliffs, guess it goes back to a trip to see a old friend, Carl in White Cliffs in 1993 I liked the style of underground living and the people who live there. Their life style is so free and easy.

In 1995 I brought the land lease on the site were we now live form the New South Wales Government and built a home it was alright. I often had dreams of turning it into something special but starting again was to much hard work.

Then the big rain, yes rain in White Cliffs a place that is 288km's north east of Broken Hill with a 160mm a year rain fall a year had 198mm in six hours nothing, all was well after all we are 28ft underground. The water soaked down and four days later the walls of the underground turned soft and we had heaps of small rock slides that turned the rooms inside to unusable mess.

Now was the time to rebuild it and that what we have been doing and still are, covering the roof (top of the hill) with 3ft of dirt and the water now runs away two rolls of orange plastic 200m if the "once in a hundred year" rain comes again the plan is not a drop will end up inside.

September 2013
The website has to start somewhere and I guess that in September this year when we moved out of Wangaratta to White Cliffs in New South Wales. Some month's before moving from Wangaratta we brought an old caravan from South Australia on ebay it was a bit of a wreck. It took three month's to rebuild it I ripped everything out inside even the floor and fitted a new one, more about that later.