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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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December 31st Wednesday
The last day of 2014 it started off in Wodonga I went to Adrian to work on the old Caravan we are fitting a new kitchen, Adrian doing most of the work I am only a helper on this job. It got a bit hot so we called it a day around 12:30pm.

Back in Wodonga at Carmen and Damon place I walked around the backyard looking for Dozer the dog, yep he was hiding in the garden.

Dozer is a good dog he does what he told (most of the time) then there is the cat he keeps Dozer inline.

Well that was 2014 a mixed year for us we lost the Ford Transit Van that was a really big loss. We had some big items fail in 2014 a near $1000 dollar phone we lost some good friends (as we all did) in 2014.

Next year 2015 going to be better for all of us it going to be a hard year around the World.

Welcome 2015.


December 30th Tuesday
Up early to look after the kids they are off for around ten days, they were allowed to take a backpack full of toys.

Then they were away and we have a quite house to look after with one big dog and a cat.

I met up with Adrian at Bunning's Wodonga and we got some timber to use in the caravan kitchen rebuild.

We worked on the caravan to around 1:30pm then gave it up for today.

Later Carol and I went shopping for food then back home to water the garden.

Getting the child car seat out to put in the 4wd for the trip away.

Where to now, we will be here for the next nine days then we move south to somewhere else.

Have a good trip kids give mum and dad a easy time.


December 29th Monday
Sun sets on iconic Queensland train, The Queensland's Sunlander train will start the final run of its 61-year history from Brisbane Yesterday. The train will depart for Cairns from Brisbane's Roma Street station on its 36-hour journey.
It is estimated over 3.5 million people have traveled on the Sunlander since the service began in 1953. Assistant Minister for Public Transport Steve Minnikin said the Sunlander had a special place in the hearts of travelers from across the country and overseas.

Carol and I went on the Sunlander, it was a slow trip around 40kph at times.

There have been couples who have spent their honeymoon on the train more than 50 years ago and people who have grown up on the train traveling up and down the coast to see their families,' Mr Minnikin said.

Travelers on the train's final journey will celebrate New Year's Eve on board. The Sunlander is being replaced by a new fleet, with the third and final "Spirit of Queensland" train to complete the $200 million investment. The new trains cut the journey by several hours and include on-demand movies and music.

Another great train trip goes by wayside, but this time we can say we went on that train ride.

Back at Adrian and Dianne place the morning working on the caravan, where getting there bit by bit with the van it should good.

Carmen and Damon are going for a trip with the two kids so we are looking after the house in Wodonga for about ten days.

Tomorrow it be back to working on the caravan.

We went and seen Troy, Kylie and the kids today in Thurgoona the house is looking good.


Hello Troy and Kylie.

December 28th Sunday
I was out at Adrian place at 9am working on the caravan we found a bit of metal under the caravan missing so we set about fixing it, may take a day of two to replace around 2pm we call it quits for today and will get back into it tomorrow morning. We are looking after the house in Wodonga to new Sunday morning then heading of on the rest of our trip.

Later in the day we seen Muffy and Susan at their place in East Albury John and Glenda also dropped by to say hello.

We then drove to the Hume Weir for a look it was packed the caravan park near the shop just full.

The shop at the Hume Weir caravan park today.

Another picture near the shop at the Hume Weir.

The Hume Weir and the Murray River today

Hume Weir Albury Wodonga a nice place to visit.

The pictures above were taken with the new phone it takes a good picture not a great picture.

Back in Wodonga and home at Carmen an Damon's place I worked on cleaning the car, well I started to clean it.

Tomorrow I will head back to Adrian place and do a bit more on the caravan we have a week to get it all in order.

Hello to John and Glenda, have a safe trip back to Gippsland tomorrow.


December 27th Saturday
A very quite day in Albury Wodonga today I went shopping for a Micro SD card for my new phone, Ian asked what phone did I buy. It is a Nokia (Microsoft Phone they now own Nokia) it is a large screen Nokia 1320, why this phone it is a old mans phone with a large 6" screen I can read the screen without my glasses on.

As you can see Ian it a big phone.
So far it been good you can fit up to a 64gig SD card (I am using 16gig card on mine they are $15.00 from Woolworth Supermarket) as for the case you can get Black, White, Yellow and Red, mine is a black one.

That about it if you would like any more detail just ask.

Did not get much done on the Caravan today we need the big saw that Adrian has, they came back today and we will look at it tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow another day.


December 26th Friday
I did a lot of work on the caravan today we (Scott and I) removed the old kitchen and added some bracing to the caravan walls that was a big job and took most of the day.

We removed all the old kitchen getting rid of the old LP Gas stove and Oven we never used the oven. We are repositioning the refrigerator and sink and adding a microwave and draws it should look good.

We think it be completed by Monday and we will head off Tuesday sometime. We may stay around the local area for a week or two. The reason being the caravan parks jack up the prices in January. Port Fairy this year is $95 a night for a powered site that unreal a lot of camps are $60 a night. So we look at free camping on the Murray River and in the National Parks for free.

Once we get the caravan back in order I take some pictures inside. It sure nothing special but new caravans cost $60,000 to $100,000 this one has cost $5000 but the good news is we own it.

There are very few 16ft caravans around with a toilet and shower, the good part is we like it and it just keeps getting better.

We are still at Carmen and Damon place in Wodonga


December 25th Thursday Christmas Day
No more sleeps it is Christmas Day and now there's 365 days to Christmas. We are staying with Damon and Carmen in Wodonga and the two grandkids.

We were up early for Christmas gift giving it was good fun. We had Christmas lunch at Damon parents place in Wodonga the kids went swimming in the pool having a lot of fun.

And tonight we had Christmas dinner at Muffy and Susan place in Albury it was a good night we seen all the family apart from my own Children Kylie, Scott and Susan (who did a fantastic job and most of the work) we had Troy, Joyce, Daniel and Jack we seen Aub, Beryl, John and Glenda from Gippsland Muffy, Carol and Rex.
The only ones missing Adrian and Dianne who were in Gippsland for the Birth of their granddaughter "Sophie Louise"

It was good to see everyone I always enjoy Christmas Dinner with the family but we are all getting older that's for sure.

Tomorrow I do some work on the caravan at Adrian and Dianne place in Lavington, more on that tomorrow.

Baby Duncombe "Sophie Louise"

Ok you lot in Albury I be at the Christmas Party next year so start buying the gifts.

Hello to baby "Sophie Louise" welcome to the family.

December 24th Wednesday
What can we say a mix day Adrian son Chris and his wife Lauren had a baby girl late yesterday we have a new Duncombe in the World. Sophie Duncombe is now one day old I will try find a picture to upload to the website.

We left Wangaratta today and had a short drive to Albury Wodonga around 75km's tell you what fuel cheap in Albury Wodonga I seen unleaded down to $1.19 it around $1.85 in White Cliffs. We went to the supermarket and did a last minute Christmas Shop.

Christmas tree in Wodonga tonight.

Scott thanks for dropping in my new phone it will take me weeks to set this one up, it has a 6" screen and does heaps of new things.

One sad thing was the passing of Muffy pet dog Miki at the age of 13yrs he went for a walk the morning and his heart gave out, life tuff at times he was a really good dog that will be missed.

One sleep to Christmas, yes tomorrow the best day of the year the big family get together, a great day.

Merry Christmas to all that read 3Dots.


December 23rd Tuesday
We went out today, in Wangaratta, Milawa, Oxley and Edi it was a good day. In the caravan park we found three Owls I am unsure what type of Owl.

Like this picture taken today may print this picture.

Tonight we went out to Sue and Tim's place here in Wangaratta you may remember Carol and I looked after their place while they were oversea's and who could forget the dogs Dusty and Katie, we are still good friends.

In the brown Katie and in the white suit Dusty, they still looking good.

Tim and Sue thank you for a good night the garden are looking great I love that home.

Tomorrow we head for Albury/Wodonga and the grand kids for Christmas, the best day of the year with family and friends.

Two sleeps to Christmas

Next time I am in Wangaratta I take a picture of Harvey.


December 22nd Monday
Still having trouble with Santa we went shopping for the last of the Christmas Gifts and we have been wrapping for the last two nights, we think we are there at last.

Went to the Telstra Shop here in Wangaratta today and ordered a new phone, you may remember about two weeks ago my old phone that I have had for the last two years had a short and that was the end of a good phone. I hope to get my new phone tomorrow it is a Nokia with a 6" screen a big phone and it takes a 64gig mini SD card hope it as good as the last phone that I had, it run Windows 8.1 with Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Power Point and One Note.

We had 1mm of rain in Wangaratta today and that did cool off a very hot day.

Scott helped me for an hour today we went to the old Ford Transit Van and removed the old two burner LP Gas stove and the Microwave. One other thing we removed was the deep cell battery and the big battery charger I will use them in the caravan we are now using.

I am going to take a few days right after Christmas and remove the LP Gas over from the caravan and fit the stove and microwave from the Transit van.

Still only two of us camping in the caravan park tonight, there are a few people in the cabins tonight.

We went and seen Fay and John in Wangaratta today and tomorrow night we are going to see Tim and Sue and the Doodles Dogs Katie and Dusty. You may remember we looked after their home for seven weeks early in the year.

It be good to see my sister Joi and Peter at Christmas time in Albury.

Hello Joi and Peter.

As they say three sleeps to Christmas Day.


December 21st Sunday
We had a warm night in Wagga Wagga staying at the free camp we went to sleep with 14 campers around us we woke up the morning with 21 camping in the free camp 7 people came in after dark.

We stopped off at Culcairn and see Petersen's that Carol bother and his wife, we then drove to Wangaratta Caravan Park we booked and paid for three nights Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night we will drive to Albury Wodonga on Wednesday for Christmas day.

The caravan park in Wangaratta it is across the road from the local Ford Dealer in Wangaratta it is a nice park but no people (two campers here tonight) the reason $35 night powered site and most people are free camping. After what I seen in the last five weeks I would not invest in a caravan park. People just pull up by the roadside and stay three or four days.

Do you remember the old Ford Transit Van well it still sitting in the back of a car repairer here in Wangaratta. Starting tomorrow and over the next six months we will strip the old Transit Van and sell it to the metal man for $50 it just not worth doing a repair I am told (very sad, but I new that).

So tomorrow afternoon we will pull out of the transit what we can use in the caravan then get the rest in cooler weather.

We are in Wangaratta to see Carol family over the next two days.


December 20th Saturday
We left the Canberra area this morning and drove to Wagga Wagga staying at the free camp on the river. We went shopping in Wagga CBD mainly just looking around town, the shopping centre cooler than sitting in the sun at the free camp caravan park. There are about fourteen campers at the free camp tonight.

We are running on Solar Power today and tonight so will not be writing much tonight.

Tomorrow we head for Wangaratta and we will be staying at the caravan park in Wangaratta.

Last night we went out with Adam, Carol son who lives in Canberra.

Carol and Adam out for a meal last night in Canberra.

Only a few day to Christmas


December 19th Friday
Apart from a little shopping; today was taken up at "The Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex" we both enjoyed the day and we had lunch at the "Moon Rock Cafe" the complex listen's to outer space, it was a really good day.

The first thing you do is turn off, the picture says it all.

There are a number of space dishes this one is 70m across it is big. We are some 40km's outside of Canberra.

This is a real rock from the moon and is 3.5 billion years old.

Yes that me in a real moon space suit, I had to stand on a box the person who owned this one was 6'5" high.

Built for Mar's it was not used the one in the picture in the background is the real one on Mar's right now.

This picture was taken from the "Moon Rock Cafe" at lunch time. The area is run by NASA and CSIRO Australia.

Carol took the picture at "The Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex" what a great job listen to sounds from space, there are three Deep Space Communication Complex in World USA, Australia and Spain. How good is it if you hit a ball on the moon you can hear it on Earth.

Have a look at the space website.. Click Here

3Dots is early today we are going out for a meal tonight with Adam, Carol son who lives in Canberra.

We leave Canberra area in the Morning heading for Wagga Wagga the same free camp we stayed at on the up north.

In Wangaratta on Sunday and Albury Wodonga for Christmas.

December 18th Thursday
A quite day in the Canberra we stayed in the Caravan Park this morning and did the washing it did not take long to dry as it was a warm day.

After lunch we went for a drive into Canberra City and found a wall of police around Parliament House we were locked out and the same at the War Memorial so we went for a drive then back to Queanbeyan.

Stopping off at the Plaza Shopping Centre in town for a look and a cool drink at McDonald's a quite day but a good day.

From the lookout, it not a good time to see Canberra roads closed and a lot of police in the area we plan to visit Canberra early next year it maybe better then.

They need to spend some money on Canberra the streets have long grass and it is generally a very untidy city nothing like it used to be.

We plan to stay here tonight and tomorrow night, having a meal with Adam on Friday night and heading south to Albury Wodonga and Wangaratta on Saturday morning.

Did an update on the White Cliffs website today from Queanbeyan (people in White Cliffs email details for the website)

Hello to all in White Cliffs.


December 17th Wednesday
Where did the day take us, we left Gunning heading for Canberra, we almost got there stopping at Queanbeyan on the border of NSW and ACT.

We booked into the Queanbeyan Riverside Tourist Park around lunch time.

Our setup at the Queanbeyan Riverside Tourist Park we are the first site inside the front gate.

We the older Duncombe's stayed in this same Caravan Park near 50yr's ago I remembered the water fall beside the park, someone maybe able to help out a bit here.

At the Riverside Tourist Park tonight at 6pm it was Christmas Party time and we got a invite to the party.

Christmas Party at the park it was good fun and we met a lot of people who work at the park and a lot of people staying at the park.

It was a good night, the park cost $30 night, by the end of the night we had around forty people at the party the park is almost full tonight.

We will go for a short drive tomorrow, do the washing and charge the battery's in the car. Tonight we have power real power not just solar power. And we have real hot showers tonight, gee life good.

Hello Troy and Kylie and kids.


December 16th Tuesday
Our last night in Gunning New South Wales about 2kms from the Hume Freeway. But today we went for a drive to Dalton 10kms from Gunning, it was a very old town around 100 people I did not see a new building.

Picture taken outside the Royal Hotel.

I am not sure who the metal man is maybe another Ned Kelly.

Picture taken at the free camp in Gunning it has a nice outlook, toilet, shower and water.

Last night the free camp was packed tonight we still have room for about six campers.

The people camping next to us tonight, Kevin have been on the road for 11yrs. Ian last had been on the road 7yrs the camper in this picture have been on the road 2yrs we have been on the road 4wks.

Tomorrow morning we head for Canberra some 65km's from Gunning and we plan to stay in a Caravan Park for two or three days.

Canberra tomorrow night, dinner with Carol son Adam on Friday Night.

Still working on Solar Power


December 15th Monday
Start of a new week in New South Wales, to start with we lost our server in Canberra last night and A1OnSite went off the air, nothing we could do about it and Andrew had new parts replaced last night and was back up and running today.

We are still in Gunning, today we went 39km's to Yass for a look I have not been in Yass for 30yr's it a good size town and it is very busy.

As you all know by now I love looking at old buildings and there are some great old building in Yass.

A picture taken in the main street of Yass New South Wales.

Yass Court House it almost looks like the White House.

We were going to move tomorrow morning but we decided tonight to stay here in Gunning one more night. Looking at the sky tonight we may get wet soon, it was a beautiful day in Yass today.

The free camping area tonight is packed there is no room left they have started to park on the main street out front of the free camp.

Wednesday we will head into Canberra and have a look around and see Adam on friday night then head south on Saturday to Wagga free camp for a overnight stay, Wangaratta and Albury Wodonga for Christmas.

Hello to Andrew in Canberra who fixed the computer server last night, thank you.

We are running on Solar power tonight.


December 14th Sunday
We left Taralga this morning driving via Crockwell to Gunning on the Old Hume Highway the town of Gunning has now been bi-passed by the Hume Freeway, a town that once had 4000 trucks a night drive up the main street is now quite in five hours we have been here we never seen a truck.

Yet the town never gave up they setup a "Free" caravan park and that where we are tonight along with 25 other people, we have no power; only solar power but it is a very sunny day and the solar is working well. My little battery in the back of the Mercedes Benz is fully charged tonight.

Our camp setup for two nights over beside the grey camper is a small water way.

Across the road from our camp is the Gunning Swimming Pool the have 24hr free toilets and showers, we use our own shower in the caravan.

The water way beside our caravan the town went after the free campers and the small park tonight is full. They have coin in the slot BBQ's table's and all on green lawn.

Gunning put on a street market today and as you can see it is a good size market and covers both sides of the street "the street is the old hume highway".

More market stalls across the road, where do the people come from "Canberra" it is only 60km from Gunning. Then there is a lot of Highway campers some people have been on the road for years they do not own a home they just travel all the time.

We will stay here Sunday and Monday night then head to Canberra.

Hello Tony and Belinda in White Cliffs.

We have 70 people a week reading 3Dots


December 13th Saturday
Another wet night but we had a good fine day, we drove 49km's from Taralga to Goulburn around 8:30am and we went to Target it is a full size Target like Albury and Wodonga. Next stop was the Goulburn Plaza in the main street K-Mart and Cole's Supermarket.

On the way to Goulburn we had to get off the road for a wide load.

You have to ask what are they, well I found out today they are sections of a wind generator.

The section on the truck are the towers.

Here a picture I took today of the top section.

Found this on the website of the people who make them it shows what is inside. It takes four section we seen on the road today to make one tower.

Tomorrow we move away from here to Gunning just north of Canberra we will stay in Gunning free camp for two nights then move to Canberra. We meet up with Carol son Adam on Friday night.

Hello Joi and Peter (and Happy Birthday Peter)

December 12th Friday
After another wet night we left Black Springs heading south towards Goulburn stopping at "Taralga" 45km's short of Goulburn. Taralga is a Blue Stone town a lot of the buildings are old Blue Stone.

The road south was a bit of a surprise a big drop down to "Abercrombie River" we kept the Mercedes Benz at around 10kph all the way.

It a great view at the top we went right to the bottom of what you see and back up the other side with the caravan.

It just kept going down and down, in a way it was good I was pleased with the car, kept it slow but we had no problem's. We pulled up the other side without a problem it walked up the road and the fuel gauge went down and down, that's life.

Almost all the homes are very old and very big most and made of blue stone.

This one is part brick and part blue stone.

The Trarlga (you say Tra-al-ga) Hotel a blue stone building.

Taralga is one of the charming Country NSW towns near Goulburn, two-and-a-half hours from Sydney and 90 minutes from Canberra. It's a great base if you want to explore the spectacular Wombeyan Caves.
Taralga was originally planned as a private village for the Macarthur family and their employees. Convicts shepherded sheep and cleared the land, landowners focused on sheep and helped pioneer Australia's wool industry and tenant farmers began dairy farms. Because the town doesn't fall along a thoroughfare, its history is evident, and it remains largely unchanged. Visit the Taralga Historical Society Museum for a fascinating glimpse into yesteryear.
Today, Taralga is home to fine wool, prime lamb and beef, lush berries, quality wine and amazing stone architecture somewhere between Georgian and Victorian in style. On the first Sunday of each month, you'll find the charming Taralga and District Lions Markets, featuring handmade crafts, fresh produce, baked goods and much more.

We will stay here on Friday and Saturday night.

Hello Sue and David in Gippsland.


December 11th Thursday
Still in the same place Black Springs and it is sure not White Cliffs it is 4c right now, today we stayed around the local area looking for Gems along the local creek. We found some but to tell the truth I am unsure what we found they are in a bottle in the car right now.

We went for a walk around a old church with the Metal Detector for about an hour and I found a 10c coin in the grass and a few bottle tops.

Not sure if it gets used much the old church, it has a new roof and some nice stone work it is about 1km west of Black Springs. Tomorrow we move on not far it did rain most of the day here.

Still running on Solar Power we got about two hours sun today.

Adrian was using an Angle Grinder yesterday and the cutting wheel exploded hitting Adrian in the leg, he tell me he ok just a lot of small cuts. I hate 9in grinders, just do not like them I used a small 4" grinder quite a bit in White Cliffs when building the kitchen frame.

Tomorrow we move on towards Goulburn we may not get that far we want to look at a few places on the way. Want to look for Gems on the way, just have to see what we find.

Across the road from the Free Camp area tonight at the Black Spring Hall is the end of year school concert, everyone in town must be there. Last night we had the place to ourself, tonight we have another caravan about 40m from our van.

Not sure where we will be tomorrow night.

Glenda thanks for the email


December 10th Wednesday
I am running on solar power so this will be quick tonight, we moved from Oberon to a free camp at Black Spring it a timber town around 100 people a school of around 15 kids.

On the map see the red circle, that's us tonight and maybe tomorrow night.

Our camp for tonight there are homes across the road from the free caravan park.

Hope it a fine day tomorrow we need some solar power it has been raining all afternoon.

That it for tonight

December 9th Tuesday
This morning we did the washing and cleaned up the caravan and the car, we had a blue sky a great day 31c tops.

Around 11:00am we headed for Jenolan Caves some 30km's from Oberon on a not so good road, (the road not good NO Caravans or Campers) read about it below. By 2pm we were back in Oberon at the local Hotel for lunch and a soft drink. Next was the Foodland Supermarket and the Ice Cream Shop (it was only a little one).

Our first view of the Caves House.

Great picture I may print this one for my own collection.

It is a great building but the car park is up the hill and a long work. The buses full of Japanese park at the front door.

The Jenolan Caves are limestone caves located within the Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve in the Central Tablelands region, west of the Blue Mountains, in New South Wales, in eastern Australia. The caves and 3,083-hectare (7,620-acre) reserve are situated approximately 175 kilometers west of Sydney, 20 kilometers east of Oberon and 30 kilometers west of Katoomba.

The caves are the most visited of several similar groups in the limestone caves of the country, and the most ancient discovered open caves in the world. They include numerous Silurian marine fossils and the calcite formations, sometimes pure white, are noted for their beauty. The cave network is very large following the course of a subterranean section of the Jenolan River, with over 40 kilometers of multi-level passages, more than 300 entrances, and the complex is still undergoing active exploration. The caves are a popular tourist destination, with eleven show caves accessible to paying visitors and well lit.

Back in Oberon we went to the local Hotel for lunch and a soft drink, the local Supermarket and the Ice Cream shop (it was only a little one).

Tomorrow we move out of Oberon (and it is a place we will come back to) and head south towards Canberra, but no rush we have 10 days to do 300km's so it be a slow trip.

We will free camp tomorrow night someplace we may or may not have a internet link.

December 8th Monday
After another wet night we went for a drive under a blue sky, we left Oberon heading to Lithgow at the base of the Blue Mountains, it a very nice place to visit. We went shopping for a water proof car cover for the Mercedes Benz, just trying to look after the car.

Lithgow at around 11am today, while there we had another big storm rain, hail the lot it lasted around 20min's.

Lithgow main street just before the big storm hit. It is a very hilly place to visit.

The local information centre said go up the hill there a great view. The view was great the road a shocker but a lot of fun.

It was like this for about 6km's going up and up with no where to turn around we just kept going up and up.

Sir Joseph Cook lookout and boardwalk at the top of the hill.

Here the view from the top, it a great view.

Part of the view at the top.

The CBD in Katoomba, we went to the Three Sister but were unable to get a parking spot there was over a 1000 people, 99% Japanese and we had seen them before.

Katoomba full of flower power people VW covered in flowers, how shall I put it some very odd people in the street, lunch was a Pizza in the street, it a cheap place Pizza $4 fuel $1.29lt so I filled up with fuel.

Tonight we are back in the Oberon Caravan Park for tonight and tomorrow.

A good day we enjoyed it.

Hello Scott and Susan.


December 7th Sunday
We left the top of the hill near Orange today and drove via Bathurst to Oberon, where is you may ask.

At top left you see Bathurst in the red you see Oberon, on the right hand side you see Sydney the green is the Blue Mountains. We are only a short drive from Katoomba and the Three Sister, Blackland, Wentworth, Lawson. We are 123km's from Penrith Sydney.
Jenolan Caves is not far away about 30km's from here.

It 8:45pm and it's just started to rain here at the Oberon Caravan Park.

Old Oberon Railway Station I do not think to many people use it these day.

Another old pub this time in Oberon, some great metal work on the top veranda.

Nice looking building the National Bank Oberon.

As you read we are at the Oberon Caravan Park for two or three nights ($28 night), last night just outside Orange we had 110mm of rain, the caravan had no problems.

And it is raining again tonight, nothing like Wangaratta last night.

On the way over this morning just outside Bathurst we went to "The Beekeepers Inn" this picture not what in seems. My camera battery went flat so I took this picture from Google Street View. and what do they sell; Tea, Coffee and Honey all types of honey a 500g jar cost $6.

We will check on the weather in the morning then decide where to go tomorrow.

Hello Adrian and Dianne.


December 6th Saturday
We are still in the same place a free camp between Bathurst and Orange and it been a shocking day weather wise our rain gauge shows 110ml of rain.

Tomorrow we are moving off over towards the Blue Mountains and into a caravan park to charge battery's and dry out a bit (we need 240v to run the heater). The only water that came inside came in was around the windows on one side; the side the wind was blowing into at around 70kph.

Looking at the internet we are going to get a lot more rain tonight, and where not the only people, it right across New South Wales.

About 50m from us there is a fruit picker he sleeping in a swag on the ground he driving a little red car (I be sleeping in the car) unreal how some people live.

That it for tonight, we will try keep dry and warm inside drinking coffee, to bed nice and early tonight.


December 5th Friday
After a wet night we had a great day we drove 28km's into Orange it a nice place to visit I feel it is better than Bathurst. Went to McDonald's for morning tea then Spotlight, Reject Shop and Bunning's.

The main street of Orange, it a pretty place to visit.

Orange, it a public school (it just looks good)

We have people camping next to us tonight and the lady was doing her washing, she showed us her simple washing machine.

If you like it here the address.

Took his picture about 30min's ago, right now it is raining quite heavy and lighting every 5sec, the weather sure testing out the old caravan; so far so good.

We are still in the same place tonight on a hill top between Bathurst and Orange, still running on solar power.

Have a good weekend.

This is heavy rain.


December 4th Thursday
Well I cannot say we had a good day it was one of those days we should have stayed in bed. At the caravan park in Blayney we walked out this morning to find the caravan covered in Earwigs we were under a tree and they dropped on the caravan after heavy overnight rain. Nothing got inside the caravan only on the roof and walls outside, we hose them off.

Then we had a bigger problem my Nokia phone went up in smoke for no reason it was on but not plugged in at the time it a bit of a blow. Here the hard luck story of the year my two year warranty ran out yesterday I went to Bathurst and call on the Telstra Shop and they said they were unable to help. Nokia about three months age was taken over by Microsoft in the USA Nokia phone is no longer in business. It cost just under a $1000 two years ago and worked perfect till today. My Sim Card is now in Carol old phone, we still have the same phone number.

Did not like Bathurst to much there is just no where to park with or without a caravan maybe we went there on a bad day.

To night we are in a Free Camp about halfway between Bathurst and Orange it is a state park right on top of a big hill.

The Free Camp there are around 10 campers here right now. Around 7pm the rain set in and right now we are getting a heap of rain.

It a nice spot to stay with very clean toilets mowed grass, nice spot and we have Internet

We are using Solar Power so that it for tonight.

December 3rd Wednesday
In "Blayney New South Wales" it a small town with a nice Caravan Park we went for a drive today just around the local area.

The main shopping area it has a very good IGA Supermarket in town. Yes they park backwards in town.

The very old "Club House Hotel" 1918 a first world war building.

Power from the wind in the hills around Blayney.

What now a horse just past the front of our Caravan ummm, I called the caravan park office and now the staff are out after the horse. Update: they now has a rope on him and they are looking for the owner.

Tomorrow we are going to Bathurst City for a look around, we are taking the caravan with us, Thursday night and Friday night we are going to a free camp about halfway between Bathurst and Orange it is in a state park on a hill top. I think we will have a phone cell. The plan is camp there on Thursday and Friday night and on Saturday move camp to a caravan park in Orange for a day or two.

Hope I can do my 3Dots update from the top of the hill but if not I do it from Orange in a few days.

Just did a really big update on the White Cliffs website Click here

Hello Tammy in Wangaratta (that was good news)

Unleaded fuel here is 143.9c, weather tonight wet and 10c good night to sleep.


December 2nd Tuesday
We left Wagga Wagga it was just to hot we will come back in the winter time not the place to be in the summer.

Milestones Sculptures are located in Parker Street in Cootamundra and pay tribute to the significance of the wheat industry in the Cootamundra and Wallendbeen areas.

It is an area that has seen some of the nation's finest high quality award winning wheat crops.

The project grew out of a major community achievement that transformed the site using the "milestone" concept. The concept, which refers to the previous mile posts that were used to mark out distances between small villages and country towns in earlier days.

In summary hundred's of people have been involved in the activities of the milestone sculpture project. The dedication and commitment of the youth and families in the district ensured the success of the milestone sculptures project.

The sculptures are made from cast concrete and use patterns that represent wheat stalks cut from compressed fibrous cement, painted in the soft colour of wheat.

Just north of Cootamundra a nice view. We had a nice little Nikon camera and about a year ago the battery failed and I could not get a new one anywhere. In Wagga Wagga yesterday I got a new battery at last I like the camera and once again for the record it is a Nikon Coolpix 12meg wide 4x zoom with a good size LCD screen on the back.

Yesterday was a bad news day in Wagga it was a shocking day no rain it was very hot and with almost total cloud cover the solar did not charge the battery for the caravan. We had almost no power last night.

Up at 6:30am this morning we have had enough of heat and bad weather we were on the road by 8am heading north Leeton, Cootamundra stopping tonight at the Blayney Caravan Park around 40kms from Orange and Bathurst and it is 24c here right now we had a little rain.

We went to the IGA Supermarket in town and are planning a quite day tomorrow, today's drive was around 320km's

The old caravan gave us a spot of trouble there are four clips that hold the pop top down well one broke and the roof popped up on one side. I made some some roadside repairs that took around 40min's the roof bracket broke away.

Not a easy day a hard drive up and down big hills on a shocking road.


Blayney NSW, a old town tomorrow we plan to have a look around.


December 1st Monday
Just think in 24 more days it will be Christmas Day, still in Wagga Wagga and it a very hot night so tomorrow we will pack up and head north towards Orange, Bathurst area where it a lot cooler.

Tonight report is going to be short as we had heavy cloud all day and very little sun to charge the battery in the caravan so tonight power is very low.

Went to Master's in Wagga Wagga today it like a Bunning's.

More tomorrow almost out of power.


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