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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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February 28th Friday
We went to two places today close to where we are staying Clare Valley and Riverton only 15min drive from Saddleworth.

Clare Valley:
One of the first settlers in the area was John Horrocks, in 1839. The town itself was established in 1842 by Edward Burton Gleeson, and named after his ancestral home of County Clare in Ireland. The town was first named Inchiquin, which this was later changed. Lake Inchiquin is now the name of a reservoir located to the north of the town, near the golf club.

A railway line was built from Riverton to Clare in 1919 and on to Spalding in 1922. It closed in 1974 and the tracks were removed in the 1980s after damage caused by the Ash Wednesday fires of 1983. The alignment now carries the Riesling Trail walking and cycling trail.

The layout of the town's road system was apparently designed by a draughtsman in Adelaide, without any knowledge of the local geography. There are several roads in Clare that end abruptly at a cliff face, only to continue again at the top of the cliff.

The town today:
Clare has become recognised for its 'experiences', including the famed Riesling Trail walking and cycling route between Clare and Auburn (25 km), on the former railway line, so named as it weaves past vinyards and wineries. The Clare Valley wine region continues within the same line of hills as the famous Barossa Valley, and also produces some excellent wine. As one of the larger towns in the region, Clare is also an administrative and service centre.

Clare, Yes no cars the street was closed for Roadworks for 20min's

Clare wine area pity about the sun.

Is a small town of distinctive character and interest to travellers in the Mid North of South Australia, in the Gilbert Valley. It is situated on the Gilbert River, from which the town derives its name. At the 2006 census, Riverton had a population of 723.

Riverton was first settled in 1856, as a settlement along the bullock track from the mining town of Burra to the capital city Adelaide. It grew from a plan designed by a James Masters who had established the nearby town of Saddleworth.

The streets of Riverton received their names chiefly from James Masters and his friends. They commemorate persons notable in the history of the district or the State.

Both the Gilbert Valley and Gilbert River were named after South Australian pioneer, Thomas Gilbert.

The First Storekeeper: The first storekeeper in the town, John Jubb Horner, arrived in South Australia in 1853 and soon made his way with his family to Riverton. His store, built in the early 1850s, was situated at the south end of the town. His store was the commercial emporium of Riverton, where the settlers would gather for social intercourse as well as business. This store was also the original Post Office, Telegraph Office, and Registry for Births Marriages and Deaths. The only other shop in the town in the early 1850s was owned by a shoemaker, a Mr. Payne.

The Riverton Hotel (where we had lunch), originally known as the Riverton Arms, opened for business in 1855, although the building was not completed until 1857. This hotel, and the abovemention two shops, were the only business places in 1857.

Local Government was proclaimed in July 1866, the first Court House and Police Station were opened that same year, the new Post Office and the Community Hall were both built in 1874.

Minerals: In 1897, it was reported that miners were engaged in opening up a mineral show in the hills about 5 miles (8 km) east of Riverton, resulting in what appeared to be a permanent lode of copper and silver lead. Samples were sent for assaying and the results were promising, silver and lead definitely being present. However no developments took place, which indicates that the lode could not have been as extensive as appeared at first. Even by 1965, fossickers still gleaned a little from this mineral deposit.

Not a great picture had camera trouble (it was my fault, all fixed now).

Tomorrow we move to what they say in the best park in South Australia Barossa Valley Top Tourist Park. Yes we are going to lash out for three nights.

February 27th Thursday
Saddleworth is a small town in the Mid North region of South Australia. The town is situated on the Gilbert River and along with neighbouring towns of Riverton, Rhynie and Tarlee the local area is known as the Gilbert Valley. The town in bisected by the Barrier Highway. At the 2006 census, Saddleworth had a population of 425.

Saddleworth was originally established as one of many settlements on the road to Burra, and was named after Saddleworth Lodge pastoral station, a local landholding which itself was named after a town of Saddleworth in Greater Manchester (formerly in Yorkshire), England.

An old store on the Barrier Highway has been converted into a museum which focuses on the history of Saddleworth and the nearby towns of Waterloo, Marrabel, and Manoora.

Saddleworth is in the District Council of Clare and Gilbert Valleys local government area, the state electoral district of Frome and the federal Division of Wakefield. The town has a Heritage Walking Trail. At three km it provides an insight into the history of the area.

Located in the old Siekmann and Moule wheat store built in 1859, the oldest building still standing in Saddleworth and once the largest store north of Gawler, the museum houses and maintains the history of Saddleworth and the nearby towns of Waterloo, Marrabel and Manoora.


Extended in 1873, the original store also housed the town’s first Post Office while the National Bank operated from one room.  Today the museum is community-owned and operated by the Saddleworth & Districts Historical Society.  It pays tribute to many communities that have long since disappeared.


Main Street of Saddleworth Thursday lunch time.

The old stone building in the area are outstanding built around 1890s

Another wonderful stone the CoE in Saddelworth.

The Church built in 1894.

We had dinner at the really old pub at the end of the main street it needs fixing up and nothing that $500,000 would not fix.

We drove every street in town some broken down building some great old building, we went to the local IGA supermarket, and filled with fuel at the BP.

A quite day, Carol went to the local ladies craft group for about two hours there were around 15 people there.


February 26th Wednesday
We left Blanchetown heading north to Morgan, we stopped for coffee had a look at the one caravan park, no thank you. Let's go for a drive west so we did stopping in a small town called Saddleworth still in South Australia.
34 05 06.62 s 138 47 14.19 e
Copy and Paste the line above in Google Map and you fine the spot to the metre where we are tonight.

Morgan and the Murray River we came across on this ferry.

Mount Mary Hotel it just there on it own miles from anywhere

We went passed Endunda (we dropped in for lunch at the bakery) there are lot of old homes like this in the area.

Saddleworth a nice little place that we will call home for a few day.

It a neat town very tidy and the camp great $20 night power and a hot shower.

We are going to use Saddleworth as a base for a few days very small town. We will have a better look around tomorrow.

February 25th Tuesday
We left Mannum and drove up river to Blanchetown, there nothing special about Blanchetown other that it has the Murray River. Should you put it on your travel list, I don't think so.

Blanchetown is the home of the first river lock built on the Murray River and the home of the Murray River walls over a million years the river cut into the rock and sandstone walls it a great sight.

From the South Australia website.

The Murray River lock go to the right hand side of the new bridge and you will find our caravan park at water level $22.50 with hot water and power.

See what I mean by the Murray River Wall.

Near the caravan park a great sight.

Not a lot in Blanchetown itself it's old and needs a big clean up, has a general store that's it a pub that about it.

It's very old but nice in it's own way but that's Blanchetown if you built a new home it just would not fit in.

It only a one night stop, we will move on tomorrow, we watched the Murray Princess from yesterday get lifted in the river lock and tonight it is pulled up about 100m from the caravan park. It took 24hr's to get here by river, we took 2hr's by car. The town if your here stop and have a look it nice it it's own way this place.

A update on yesterday, last night around sunset Carol was feeding about 10 small ducks she was standing in the doorway of the caravan. She walk backwards to get more food and guess what, ten ducks walked inside.
You should have heard the Carol scream and the duck quacks and flapping wings, and at sun up this morning the gang was at the door making a hell of a noise.

Don't Feed The Ducks.

February 24th Monday
Happy Birthday Tammy, Our last day in Mannum we leave in the morning we plan to follow the river all the back to Mildura, that may take two of three weeks if there is noting to see it may take a week.

We had the big paddle boat "Murray Princess" call into Mannum today a grand old boat if you wish to read more click here.

I did speak to people who are traveling on the boat today and was told they offer some big discounts if the boat not full and it a lot cheaper in winter.

Murray Princess Mannum.

Back of the Murray Princess.

Late today it sailed past the caravan park.

Mannum main street

Grand old Pub in the main street

The only way into town from Murray Bridge.

As I said tomorrow we head north we are around 930km's from home but planning a slow trip. We just stop where we feel like it, tomorrow night we will stop somewhere just no sure where.


February 23rd Sunday
Mannum it is like Beechworth on the Murray River this is one place we will return to in future. We stayed at the free camp last night around 11pm today we went to the Top Tourist park across the river, a great Caravan Park, super clean if you come in a caravan ask for a camp site on the water we are three meters from the Murray River.

Standing at the caravan door.

The mobile hairdresser cuts Carol Hair she looks great and it cost $20 he did a great cut.

Would you like a house boat.

You can hire this house boat.

There is no bridge across the Murray River this is one of two car ferry that run 24hr's a day.

All the locals drop in for a meal the Murray River in the background.

He or She cam in like a Jumbo Jet landing feet from the caravan.

We went to the Mannum Motel across from the caravan park, a really good meal cost $9.90 a head, what a great meal, with drinks it cost $25 for two.

Monday tomorrow so we are going for a walk up town about 150m from the caravan park. No McDonald's or KFC here.

The best part staying in the Caravan Park is Power and Hot Water we are here for two nights.

All pictures today were taken from the caravan park


February 22nd Saturday
A really big day we left Kingston and drove around 300kms north tonight we are inland at Mannum South Australia. We drove up the Lime Stone Coast where we have been for over a month, we made the end today.

When the Chinese land in Australia around 1830s they landed in South Australia and walk to Ballarat Victoria along the way they build may Water Wells I read a book some years ago about the walk in search of gold you walked from one well to the next. The story of one well.

They cut out sand stone to make the well.

Sand Stone you can see the are cut for the well.

They cut the sand stone from the ground.

This tells part of the story

You then do a walk to the well.

The finish well as you see it today 170yr's old and like new. This well is one of many along the trail to Gold in Victoria. Carol family started off life in Australia on this trail to the Gold Fields in the Buckland Valley near Bright Victoria. The well is part of her family history.

Mannum is right on the Murray River we are camped beside the river tonight we turned at Murray Bridge, North towards White Cliffs and home it may take a while to get there we still have a lot to look at. Tomorrow we plan to move into the town caravan park Carol wants to do some washing and I need power to charge everything up. A we get a hot shower. Free camps have cold showers.

Tonight we had happy hour with Di and Graham who we met Koroit some months ago we have kept in contact, Good night.

February 21st Friday
Andrew had a few problems with the Internet server in Canberra today so we been off air most of the day, it out of our control.

Kingston today we had a drive around town went to the bakery for lunch nice meal. Went to the supermarket in town to buy a bit of food for tonight. We are still in free camp in Kingston.

Carol at the big Lobster.

Rex at the Big Lobster here in Kingston.

A real easy day, we did not do much tomorrow we head north towards somewhere else have no real plan it a matter of when we get there we will know where we are going.

For the record a Lobster is $90kg here that a bit much for this old boy.

February 20th Thursday
In Kingston, we have moved from the 1day free camp to the 5day free camp just down the road about 4km's We spent 4hr's today talking to a Germans couple who are next store to us tonight, spoke quite good English.

Went around to and found many old buildings, I put a few pictures below.

Kingston Post Office.

Do not know what the building is a nice old place in perfect order.

Church, then Court House now a shop.

Love the stone work on the Old Wool Store.

Every town has one The Royal Hotel looks great.

Park and kids playground in town well looked after.

The beach near where we are staying tonight, as you can see a lot of sea weed windy and cold around 10c mid afternoon.

We will stay here tomorrow and most likely move off on Saturday morning heading north. We are now around 200km's from the end of the Limestone Coast, there's no rush.


February 19th Wednesday
Not a good day to take pictures it is wet, cold 5c right now and windy. We left Southend around 10:30am and drove to Kingston via Beach Port and Robe about 120km's first stop was Woakwine Cutting we drove around the area. What do you do when you own land and it have hills on all four sides and it fills with water and you have no income.

You get a bull dozer and dig a cutting and let the water run into the sea, now there is some of the best land in the state.

Read this and look at the picture below.

To understand the size of this project you need to stand where I too this picture.

Cape Jaffa was the next stop you need a million dollar plus to look at living here it was just to wet to take a good picture so I took the one below from the Internet.

Cape Jaffa... It sort of in the middle of no where a super playground for the rich there are about ten homes there all with a million dollar boat parked outback on the water way. I read about it and decided to have a look, there was nothing there in our price range $10, so we went on to Kingston.

We are at the Free Camp at Kingston jetty tonight (you can only stay 24hrs) so we will move to another free camp we found up the road about 4km's away tomorrow, you can camp there for up to five days free.

Tomorrow I hope to take some pictures in Kingston, there are about 50 plus people at the free camp here tonight, toilets and cold water showers.

Hope it warms up tomorrow, Kingston has many old buildings that we want to see.


February 18th Tuesday
A trip to the supermarket and the chemist shop, Carol did the washing. Tomorrow we go up Kingston S.E (Kingston South East) from now on we will call it Kingston and do free camping for a few day.

Can you see the dog with it's mouth open, taken at Southend South Australia.

I Know someone out there can tell us the, French Bird with the black hair "what type of bird is it"??? (click on eMail Rex n Carol if you know the answer.)

We may get a drop of rain late tonight or early morning so we started packing up late afternoon. The "Camps Book" shows a free camp at the Kingston Jetty you can camp up to 24hrs free then move somewhere else. Kingston is a "Free Camp" friendly town they have set aside areas for campers around the town.

The Ford Transit full of fuel and the batteries charged ready to roll in the morning.

February 17th Monday
We drove to Robe South Australia and first stop was the Robe Post Office and pickup our new solar cell this be a great help when free camping, Adrian and Dianne thanks for all the help we never have got it without your help.

Robe nice place only has one problem, talk about that later. here are some pictures.

The new light house at Robe.

What is it, it is a Obelisk

I let you read all about above.

See the road in the picture it about 5m from a drop into the water.

Is this where the rich play Robe.

Part of the main street of Robe very old buildings not a lot of shops.

Robe a nice place to look at but it stinks, the odor in town is shocking we were going there next for a few days but will give it a miss and head up the coast to somewhere else.

February 16th Sunday
First off today we went to a local market about 12km's from Southend it was at a very small town called Rendelaham it has about six streets in town no shops a hall and a great sunday market. What did we by a roll of tape, a nice cake, some fruit and vegetables we had a nice cup of coffee well I did, Carol now on tea, I had cream scones while Carol had nothing.

The Rendelaham Community Market and Auction.

Part of the items up for auction it starts at midday.

Inside the hall Tea and Coffee and heaps for sale.

I would say around 500 people at the market a really big social event

Back in Southend we went for a drive up the hill near town just a slow drive to no where.

Not to close that a long way to the water.

No wonder so many old boats sank around here it be over a 100ft to the water, next stop out there is the South Pole.

Tomorrow we are going for a drive to Robe Post Office 60km's away and pickup a 80w solar cell to charge the battery's when we go free camping, well that the plan just have to wait and see how we get on. At Southend to Wednesday.
Joi send a bus load of people here the coast is better than The Ocean Road.

NEWS FLASH: We went fishing for the first time with Carol $10 fishing rod and reel from Big-W... Guess what we landed four crabs three 200mm across one about 300mm across. I do not know what the legal size is so we let them all go. We have nothing to cook them in anyway.


February 15th Saturday
Happy Birthday Carmen

A very quite day in land of oz today, went to the shop stayed home at the caravan park put some coins on eBay for sale, cleaned up inside the caravan. A very overcast day we were waiting for rain but nothing.

Taken at the jetty (the little are used to go out to the bigger boats)

The bigger fishing boats.

A quite day...


February 14th Friday
Went for a drive to Beachport about 20km North West of Southend a nice little place on the Southern Ocean it has two camping grounds, small supermarket few coffee shop and a fish shop.

The Beachport Jetty is just so big I was going to walk out to the end but gave it a miss due to strong wind, maybe another day while where in the area.

I made this full size hoping you can read it.

If you you want to see the other end your welcome, have fun.

Beachport on a very dark day see the light house on the hill.

Taken from up near the light house, we are going to come back on a better day.

We found a rock with a hole in it. I took the picture and told Carol it Art.

We will be in Southend till next Wednesday morning, looks like rain here but no rain hope you get it where you live.


February 13th Thursday
We never left town today just went for a quite drive around the 20 or so streets in Southend. We sat at the jetty in town and watch the boats unload last night catch. Trucks are waiting at the jetty cash in hand they buy from the boats on the spot load and head off to the fish market.

Southend Jetty

We took out the metal detector and walked around the beach near the caravan park, found five bottle tops, one beer can and a new tent peg. We can always use the tent peg.

We never seen the sun all day it was around 25c it did try to rain but nothing came out it.

"Southend Story"
Southend is located 27kms north of Millicent on the Southern Ports Highway (alternate Highway One). Closest to the town of Beachport, it is 20kms south of Beachport, and 80kms west of Penola via Millicent. This quiet Lobster, fishing port hosts one of the largest fleet of Rock Lobster fishing vessels on the Limestone Coast. The local industries are Rock Lobster fishing, Rock Lobster processing, aquaculture, farming.
In 1845 Cpt. Emmanuel Underwood established a store and jetty at the southern end of Rivoli Bay to cater for inland settlers and passing ships. In 1846 the town was surveyed and named Greytown.

Canunda National Park
Southend is the northern gateway to the spectacular Canunda National Park. Around Southend try the Cape Buffon Walking Trail, the Willichum Lookout Walking Trail or the Seaview Walking Trail. For more information please see page 4 & 5.
Right:Aerial view, overlooking Southend.
Geltwood Anchor MemorialAnchor and Lookout at Southend

On the 5th July 1876, the Geltwood, a three masted hull barque, on its maiden voyage from England was tragically wrecked a mile of shore, 16 kms from Rivoli Bay. There were no survivors. One of the Geltwood anchors can be viewed in Southend at a lookout on Cape Buffon drive. It is a memorial to those who have perished at sea, including local amateur and professional fishermen who have lost their lives at sea.

Another anchor and memorabilia can be viewed at Millicents Living History Museum. Some Geltwood artefacts are also displayed in the Beachport Museum.

Southend Boats Swimming Beaches
Southends long white sandy beach is excellent for swimming. Cars can be taken onto the beach, and four-wheel drive vehicles can be driven, with care, around the bay to Beachport.


February 12th Wednesday
We are back on the South Coast, leaving Naracoorte at 9:30am South Australia time we only drove 132km's but it took most of the day. We came across a Ford Falcon that hit a Emu my guess is $5000 to $6000 repair job the young lady was alright but the grill was up near the windscreen. The young lady passed me about five minutes before doing about a 110kmh (the speed limit on South Australia roads is 110k) take it from me don't hit a Emu at that speed.

We are now in Southend 20kms South of Beachport, we decided it time for a seaside rest and booked in here for a week. We are 58kms South of Robe. The beach is about 150m from the caravan.

We are in Southend Caravan Park all setup Power, TV, Hot water.

Southend not a lot here but a great beach.

The "Hot Water" joke, a lot of caravan parks do not have hot water and a lot you have to put in a coin for hot water, some are 10c 7mins water some 20c for 5min water, some like here in Southend (there are two parks) is cold water only. The park we are in has free hot water, great.
Out the front of this park is a sign $25 powered site 'free hot water', if we stay a week it is $20 a night and FREE HOT WATER.

We gave the Ford Van a good wash today it looking good.

Tomorrow a rest day we have no plans to go anywhere.


February 11th Tuesday
We had quite day in Naracoorte today went shopping in the main street we had a 42c day in town so we stayed around town in cool shops. We did buy a radio to keep in the caravan there are a few fires around South Australia so we now have a radio to check on things.

Tonight we went out the Naracoorte Hotel they had a two for one night you by one meal and get one free, the place was packed really busy the food was really good.

The place was full tonight (picture from there website)

We head back south in the morning somewhere cool and somewhere new.

Adrian posted our new solar cell today in Albury to Robe in South Australia we planning to be in Robe next Monday.

Tonight we had no Internet in town, it just came back on so we are a bit late posting our blog.

February 10th Monday
We packed up at Port MacDonnell leaving around 10am we headed due North for two day we ended up 130km's North at Naracoorte never been this way before. Thinking I would find another White Cliffs. We found over 5,000 people Target Store, Woolworth, McDonald's, Subway, Repco and a lot more.

We booked in at the Show grounds Caravan Park, a powered site $20 nothing special but neat and tidy. We plan to stay two nights then head south back to the coast.

Lot of great old buildings in the area.

The CBD area of town.

This is the class of buildings in the area.

In the CBD area, nice park.

Art work on the police station it looks great.

They told me to visit the caves just out of town, there are four caves the cost $60 per double for each cave. By a drink and you need $250 plus... No thank you we said we live in a cave.

We have a full day here tomorrow, love the art work on the police station.

One more bit of news Adrian got our 80 watt solar cell today we got it on eBay $159 now we have to get it to say Robe Post Office that be great when we free camp. We only have one problem we run out of power we just need that little bit of extra power from the sun.


February 9th Sunday
We had a really quite day Carol did the washing and we had a small drive around town. Last night we had 80kmh wind at 5am we decided to pull down the awning on the side of the caravan.

We had a fish and chip meal on the beach, then a very short drive around the area.

The picture is not of good quality but it is the front (bow) of a old ship that sank in the mid 1800s the boat is 1.5km's to sea from where I am standing and taken at 30x power zoom.

You need good shoes to walk around here it like walk on a box of pins.

The rock from a nearby Volcano

The Volcano pushed out the rocks they landed 20km's away, that's real power.

After 20km's in the air 5000yrs ago it landed here red hot. This rock is about the size of a large car.

We move on tomorrow, somewhere up the South Australia coast.

February 8th Saturday
We drove up the coast and were very surprised first we found a very wild rocky coastline it wild and rugged. We drove to Nene Valley (we will have a look it won't be much) Wow it was great loved it and some new very large homes right on the sea.

When you see a name "Blackfellows Caves" what do you think, well we seen no belackfellows we seen no caves but we did see a great little town with no shops build right on the beach.

Then we drove to "Carpenter Rocks" guess it is a heap of rocks in a bay, we found 300 homes a shop a great bay there is a lot of people living in this area.

The coast like this for miles

Worth a read info on the area

The road is like this for about 15km, a lot of good dirt roads in the area

Here a map of the area Port MacDonnell to Nene Valley, Blackfellows Caves, Carpenter Rocks and home via Kongorong and Mt Schank to Port MacDonnell caravan park.

Carpenter Rocks a very busy area

We drove back to Port MacDonnell via Kongorong I love to have a home in this area. Tomorrow our last day in Port MacDonnell we are going to head inland on Monday (if it not to hot) for a few days then back to the seaside.


February 7th Friday
We woke to a very overcast day so we called off the Limestone Coast to tomorrow morning. We went to Mount Gambier 32km's north, just drove around town having a look and a walk down the main street, bit of a shop at Woolworth's a gas bottle swap at Bunnings' 9kg gas swap $19.50 the last swap was the White Cliffs hotel $45.00

The Blue Lake was really blue, have a look at the picture below.

The Blue Lake at Mount Gambier

We had lunch inside the Valley Volcano it has not seen any action for 4,500 years it may go bang one day but not today...

Inside the Valley Volcano

Back in Port MacDonnell we went for a walk not far from the caravan park and we found three big guys, maybe gals on the walkway.

They are made from sandstone and are around ten feet high.

There is a bit to see around here so we will stay to Monday morning. As you can see in the pictures we had cloud cover all day top around 22c down to 15c now, 5:20pm South Australia time.


February 6th Thursday
We left Tantanoola around 9:30am and headed 60kms to Port McDonnell on the Southern Ocean on the way we passed "Little Blue Lake" we stopped and had a look, you need to understand a bit about the area a big Volcano call Mount Schank went bang around 35,000 years ago.

Mount Schank

One of Australia biggest Volcano's, when it went off it blew a number of laver tunnels five to six miles away one such tunnel was Little Blue Lake the lake not far across but it is around 500ft deep. In the pictures below two locals gave us the information. They say down the bottom are really old car and motor bikes. The tunnel then turns sideways towards Mount Schank. One hell of a bang.

Little Blue Lake 500ft deep

How good are your eyes a 25yr old jumps from top into the lake (tip look near the top of the rocks.)

Next stop was home for a few days maybe four nights we are staying in the caravan park at Port McDonnell.

We step out onto cement we have TV first time in a while. See the trees at the back of the caravan, walk 30m see picture below.

The sea like a duck pond we can hear the waves in the caravan, hope we can sleep

Tomorrow we are driving along the "Limestone Coast"

February 5th Wednesday
I have no power at the free camp in Tantanoola an my laptop running low on power so tonight going to be a bit of a rush job.

We drove into Millicent for lunch found a little coffee shop they tell me Millicent has 7000 people it has three supermarkets it has a Mitre 10 hardware shop.

Millicent main street looking south.

Looking North in Millicent

We then drove 40km's south to the coast at a small place called Southend, we drove back to Tantanoola free camp.

Taken at a car park in Southend

Ok, no comment I sat the camera on a rock. Sorry Carmen your mum likes this life.

February 4th Tuesday
We left Nelson and crossed the border into South Australia driving to Mt Gambier and doing a bit of shopping and a walk around town. We then drove 30km's west to a free camp site at Tantanoola, you say it Tan-Ta-noola.

We are having strong winds so putting up anything out side out of the question.

Part of the town.

We are right across the road from the Tantanoola hotel it is call "The Tiger Hotel"

Tantanoola Tiger
Tantanoola is known for the Tantanoola Tiger, a phantom cat which supposedly stalked the area during the late nineteenth century. In August 1895 an animal was shot by one Thomas John Donovan, which was believed to have been the mysterious predator. The animal turned out to be more like a wolf than a cat. Later, it was determined to be an Assyrian wolf, although how it arrived in South Australia has been the subject of a number of theories. It is currently preserved and on display at the Tantanoola Hotel (which is also known colloquially as the 'Tantanoola Tiger Hotel').

We seen it today in a glass case at the hotel a wolf they say it is like a really big dog but we do hope it will stay in the glass case. If you buy a few drinks at the pub they say you see it move around inside the glass case. Right???

February 3rd Monday
Our last day in Nelson so we went for a drive to Portland 60km east of Nelson, quick drive around we had lunch, went to the supermarket and left, driving back to Nelson.

Portland it a big place now.

Cape Bridgewater just out of Portland. (Carol took this picture)

Back in Nelson small but nice worth about a two day stop over.

Still in Nelson Glenelg River boat sheds right on the water some have a one or two bedroom home on top, what a way to live.

Yesterday we had a very hot 47c it rocked me and I don't mind a bit of heat, today we had a top of 17c strong cold wind from the south and we had jumpers on. We must be in Australia.

Tomorrow we head off to somewhere else, we will find it.

February 2nd Sunday
We had a shocking day, we hit 47c here at the caravan park, the only air conditioner was in the Ford Transit Van so we drove around for a lot of the day. We did go to the beach but the north wind was really hot. The best place in town was the pub so we stayed there for a while (I am a non-drinker). Tomorrow they are saying 21c and a lot of wind from the south.

That seaweed on the beach, they do not use a boat ramp just drive onto the beach back it in the salt water unload your boat and leave the trailer in the water while you go fishing. Someone using an old tractor as you can see in the picture.

Had a eMail about the caravan park, its in a bush setting and as of the 1st February it is $25 night powered site. Not much grass but the toilet shower block is really clean, good washing machines it a neat and tidy park, we would stay here again. Only bad point a lot of sites are uneven. Our site falls to the back of the caravan, the caravan is level the front draw bar is 50mm from ground the back of the van 500mm from the ground. I have lots of wooden blocks under the van for safety reasons.
Worth knowing you slide a good size wooden block behind the wheels of the caravan then drive two good size tent pegs in place at the back of the blocks, so they cannot slide backwards.

February 1st Saturday

Joyce my granddaughter first day at school yesterday Friday (well pre school) at Thurgoona just east of Albury Wodonga thanks Kylie. She told her mother to give her a kiss and go home, Kylie and Troy you are doing a great job


A new month if you have not seen Dartmoor, then have a look at the end of January it is worth seeing.

We went south looking for somewhere and found it at Nelson only 45km's from Dartmoor. Nelson is at the mouth of the Glenelg River the river flows into the sea at a nice beach.

We are staying at the Kywong Caravan Park in Nelson it a bit of a bush park nice sealed roads nice toilet and shower, very clean (and it has hot water, great. When you are at free camp Dartmoor it cold water.)

Nelson Kywong caravan park.

The art department hard at work.

The Glenelg River at Nelson about 4km from the sea.

Nelson and the Glenelg River, boats for hire, that the only shop in town beside the BP servo.

The River mouth, next stop out there is the South Pole.

The local beach at the mouth of the river a really nice spot.

Weather was hot we got to 26c today it has now cooled to 23c at 5:50pm if you look close at the top picture of the caravan you see the temperature gauge (I cannot spell thermometer) on the wall beside the door.

Don't forget to look at last month it in the left frame.