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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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March 30th Sunday
I read something today which has nothing to do with our life other than I did know and worked with a girl who lived in Sydney with Polio and she passed away due to Polio one of the last reported case in Australia.

It's official: India is polio-free. Having gone three years without a single new case, India has been certified by the World Health Organization as free of the crippling disease. An incredible achievement in public health, the eradication of polio around much of the globe, and now India, shows just what can be accomplished when governments, healthcare agencies, and people work together toward a common goal. In 1988, when the Global Polio Eradication Initiative was first launched, more than 350,000 people in 125 countries were contracting polio annually. Last year, there were just 406 reported cases, and only three countries now remain polio-endemic

Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria are the only countries in the world left where the virus remains endemic, largely due to violent conflicts, weak health systems and poor sanitation.

First stop today was Albury where we called and seen Muffy and Aub who was having a coffee with Muffy when we called. We went shopping in Albury and Wodonga then back to Carmen and Damon place in Wodonga.

Aub new look, he looking younger every time I see him.

We added Geelong to the weather on the A-One-OnSite - Scott Duncombe website today so we can look at John's weather.

March 29th Saturday
Up at 7:30am I went to the auction at the Albury Show ground gee they had a lot of stuff for sale and a lot of people with some big money.

I was looking for items that could be used to build the kitchen at White Cliffs. But it was more house hold goods plates cup, lots of stuff for the house.

Next stop was Troy and Kylie, and my little monster Joyce, she showed me her new rabbit.

Troy and I, well Troy did most of the work. We put a new fuel filter and oil filter in the Ford Transit Van new oil. I was told to replace the EGR valve in the van. I was unable to get one on a Saturday, try next week. To tell the truth I really don't know what it does, have to look it up on Google.
Carol spent the day with her daughter and grand kids they told me they had fun.

We are in Wodonga tonight with the grand kids.


March 28th Friday
We made it to Wodonga around 3pm today, I did not know two little kids could make so much noise.

We went for a drive around High Street Wodonga what a mess roads closed all over the place I would hate to own a business in the CBD area.

I am planning to go look at the auction at the Albury Show grounds tomorrow morning a bit of a social outing. Carol going to look after Chase here in Wodonga.

Have been talking to John, all seems to have gone well with the move south, John we need some pictures of the beach area.

Due to bad roads we missed our link with Di and Graham we will just have to arrange a new date somewhere else.

Wodonga (picture from the Internet)

For the record the Ford Transit van used 9.6lts of fuel per 100kms, towing the small trailer and running around 85 to 90kph

March 27th Thursday
This will be very short as we are low on power tonight, we 490kms from White Cliffs tonight and 330km to Albury Wodonga. Be in Wodonga tomorrow just after midday all is well. Just had a big day driving.

Friday night I ad a lot more.

March 26th Wednesday
We had a really big storm just slide past us this afternoon the sun was behind the storm cloud what a picture.

You would think looking at this storm we would get rain, well not a drop nothing. This could be a picture from space.

Tomorrow we are heading to Albury Wodonga and Wangaratta next week, to see family and do a bit of shopping. It will take us two day to get home, around 940km's.

See old friends, the plan is to drive White Cliffs to Hay via the dirt road south the Cobb Highway, it a 500km drive with 140kms of dirt. We are planning to turn off at Hay and travel to Maude and free camp on the river with Di and Graham (who we met at Christmas time) who are already there.

That the plan, if the rain closed the dirt road south we will have to go home via Cobar, Griffith to Albury and miss our link with Di and Graham.

I try do the three dots website four days a week.


March 24th Monday
John and Glenda good luck with the move.

I have a number of Australia Native trees but I do not know what the are called, can you help out they grow wild in the area and I like them it is about 15ft tall and about the same across if you need more information please ask.

That little spot is the moon.

It has a nice red flower it is about 3in long.

I start installing a new doorway into the side of the underground the metal roof gets hot and the heat leaks into the underground heating it up by 3c on a hot day. The door will keep us cooler in summer and warmer in winter, I sure made a big mess today tomorrow I start filling in around the door frame with cement and rock. I intend to line the inside walls so it looks like new.

I cleaned up the mess tonight I start installing the door frame tomorrow, then let it dry and install the door when I return from Albury. We then re-render the walls with about 1" of cement. I have chopped away rock and made room for the door to open.

It be good to see the grand kids at the end of the week.

March 23rd Sunday
Bit better day today much cooler, I did a lot of cleaning up around the place and cleaned out the back of the Ford Transit van at the end of the week we are planning a trip to Albury, Wodonga and Wangaratta to see the family and pickup a load of what left down that way that we own.

Tonight we went to the White Cliffs Sports Club for a meal it was a good night.

I was asked in an email about what shops are in White Cliffs we have one, yes one shop the "General Store" that's it.

The White Cliffs General store.

It a full General Store, take away food, Post Office very basic supermarket and petrol it not cheap but it has to stay in business in the outback.

The closest supermarket is Woolworth's Broken Hill a drive to the supermarket and back is around 570km's so don't forget the milk.

We use long life milk out here and we bake out own bread in the bread maker the people are the reason you stay they are so easy to get on with, the social life is a full time business.

We done not have any trouble in town, we "do not" have a Policeman there's no need for one.

A few years ago two local kids broke into a house someone seen them and told there father he made them clean the town public toilet every day after school for three months it called the law of the outback. A police car may drive into town one or twice a month.

Two years ago I was asked to setup a town website check it out:

click here and have a look click on Randels Dates and see up and coming events in town.

There no class here the million dollar plus people drink and talk with the workers there is no class living.

In town there is a coffee shop and a Opal shops

That's Sunday a new week.


March 22nd Saturday
Warm day 34c here at the house, still very hot in the sun. Started cleaning up inside the underground today we decided that we are going to install a new doorway to keep the heat outside and in winter keep the warm air inside. I have a new door frame and a new four panel door that a good start.

Taken last night at sunset at the front of home someone had rain but not us.

The Kangaroos turned up today, when we left in December Sueroo had a little kangaroo in the pouch, today Sueroo went past with a 2ft kangaroo hopping beside her.

And early the morning I seen Pooroo up top of the house. I put water out and hope they come by for a drink tonight.

Out back of home there is a few trees (top of the hill) and a lot of salt bush the Kangaroos have been sleeping in the same spot for over 15yr's. There is five or six there every night.

I have a few trees I would like to know more about we will take some pictures and hope someone can help out with some names.


March 21st Friday
We were up at 6:30am to beat the heat of the day, we have most of the stuff out of the caravan then the heat set in it was 35c here today at our place, late last night we had a dry storm lighting and then a dust storm came in. We pulled the roof down on the caravan then we closed up the underground home.

The not rain (wish it was) that is a dust storm.

About 9:15pm last night (we have had worse dust storms) nothing got inside the house.

Today I fixed a water pipe, nice job on a hot day and did some planning for the area outside. I filled up a small water tank today for my pet Kangaroos Pooroo and Sueroo have not seen them hope they made it over the hot summer months.

It's friday night in White Cliffs and time for happy hour.


March 20th Thursday
I said yesterday I give you some numbers on the trip we did 4,030km's in 103 day near on 3 1/2 months 6th December to the 19th of March. We stayed 27days in Free Camps the rest in caravans parks. Caravan Parks cost were a total of $1843.00 for 103days is $17.90 per night or $125.28 a week.

The highest cost for a caravan park (Powered Site) was Albury Wodonga the lowest price was Koroit Victoria.

Best place we stay was Mannum, South Australia on the Murray River, the worst place we stayed at was Learmouth Victoria.

Fuel was 336lt's $550.70 diesel (12lts per 100km's) That around 10lt per 100km's without the caravan and around 13.5lt's per 100km's with the caravan on the back.

Problems: We almost burnt the Ford van, I broken a taillight and someone try to break into the caravan at Saddleworth. That's life...

Everyday was a great day Carol and I are ready to go again in a few months.

We unpacked about half the van today it was just to hot.

See what I mean by hot 38c today (old 100f) in the shade at 4pm, tomorrow we will get up at 6am and get some work done.

Some 15 people have written to me asking me to keep the site going so I give it ago not a lot happens in maybe twice a week let see what happens.

We are looking at three days of heat here in White Cliffs.


March 19th Wednesday
Broken Hill to White Cliffs, we are back home and we are now unpacking the caravan and moving back into the house. The trip today was 285km's without a problem.

The underground house was really clean we walked in and it was much as we left it on the 6th December 2013, that was 103days ago 4,030km's.

I add up some numbers cost wise tomorrow. We have already had people drop in to welcome us home, that's White Cliffs.

Back home I could not get over how clean the house was. The sun shining on the Ford Van you can still see the old writing on the side.

Standing out front of home this afternoon, it will take a day or two to clean up the van and caravan.

I better get back to the unpacking.


March 18th Tuesday
Broken Hill and Silverton area


The earliest human settlers in the area are thought to be the Wiljakali Aborigines, although this was probably only intermittent due to lack of permanent water sources. As in much of Australia, a combination of disease and aggression by white settlers drove them from their lands.

The first European to visit the area was the then Surveyor General of New South Wales, Major Thomas Mitchell, in 1841. Three years later, in 1844, the explorer Charles Sturt saw and named the Barrier Range while searching for an inland sea; the range was so named as it was a barrier to his progress north. Burke and Wills passed through the area in their famous 1860-61 expedition, setting up a base camp at nearby Menindee. Pastoralists first began settling the area in the 1850s, with the main trade route to the area along the Darling River.

Prospectors began working in the area in 1867 when a local station-hand claimed to have found gold there. It was later discovered that his plan was merely a pretext for stealing a horse.

Some years later in 1875, two men drilling a well on a station south of the town site hit a lode of silver. In October 1886 the Silverton Municipal Council was formed and held its inaugural meeting in January 1887 in the Silverton Municipal Chambers, which still exist. The town's population quickly increased reaching a peak around 3,000 in the 1890s, and the Silverton Tramway was opened in 1888 connecting the town to South Australia.

Many of the houses built were of simple iron and canvas construction.[4] The rapid depletion of the high-grade ore around Silverton, along with the discovery of an even richer silver-lead-zinc ore body in nearby Broken Hill led to a sudden decline in Silverton's population, with many of those leaving taking their homes with them.

20th Century

By 1901 the town and immediate area was home to less than 300 people, but it remained popular as a venue for recreational outings by Broken Hill residents. In 1915 The Battle of Broken Hill took place when a New Year's Day picnic train from Broken Hill to Silverton was attacked by a gunman from Afghanistan, and modern-day Pakistan.

Penrose Park, named after John Penrose, a pioneering brewer at Silverton, was the attraction for these picnic excursions. Located beside Umberumberka Creek in a rare belt of greenery at the outskirts of Silverton, it was not so much a product of the early mining era at Silverton as of the mining boom at Broken Hill. In 1893 it was the unsuccessful site for a racecourse. Then for decades it became a picnic ground, but remained relatively neglected until the mid-1930s when the Broken Hill mining companies decided it was an admirable recreation site for their employees. Money was spent on upgrading sporting facilities, playgrounds, and parklands, such that throughout the 1940s and 50s it became a major recreational facility. Huge annual picnics/fairs were held there by social and sporting clubs, and by mining companies. For example, it was reported that the eighth annual Zinc Mine employees picnic in 1941 attracted one fifth of the entire town of Broken Hill. The convoys of family cars headed to and from Broken Hill to Penrose Park were so heavy that it became one of the first sealed roads outside Broken Hill. By the mid-1960s interest began to wane, as did support from the mining companies, and so the park fell into slow decline. Penrose Park remains today, but is now a quiet public campground, popular with families and 'Grey Nomads'. Although it is a mere shadow of its heyday half a century ago when it thronged with activity, many relics of that era remain.

Present day

The John Dynon Gallery
Silverton today is inhabited by a permanent population of only about 50 people, but its history and location make it a relatively popular tourist destination. Several artists live in or around the town, including Peter Browne, Albert Woodroffe and John Dynon, with some maintaining their own galleries. This is in line with the significant number of artists working out of nearby Broken Hill, as the surrounding landscape and lighting is particularly amenable to the creation of art.

Most of the original buildings have now vanished or lie in ruins, but there are some interesting buildings that remain, including the Silverton Hotel and the Silverton Gaol. Silverton has been the scene for more than 140 films and commercials thanks to the light, the character-filled colonial buildings and its scenic desert surrounds.

The hotel has been seen in several productions, and its inside walls are covered with memorabilia, these productions include Razorback (film), The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, The Flying Doctors, and Dirty Deeds.[2] One of the many stunt double cars (Pursuit Special) to actually be used in the production of Mad Max 2 was given to the owner of the hotel as a thank you for letting the crew of the production eat and sleep there for as long as they needed, it is usually parked outside the hotel and is considered an icon of the town.

Gallery at Silverton 22kms from Broken Hill

Donkey found a place to sleep, it walks all over town. (News Flash) Max, it is a real Donkey and not made of wood. Thanks for the eMail.

It a nice building in Silverton built in 1886

The Mel Gibson movies Mad Max and Made Max Two were made at Silverton.

We head back home in the morning to White Cliffs, we did a really big shop today and filled up with fuel. At 8am in the morning we will visit the supermarket get our dairy and frozen pack it on ice and head to White Cliffs turn the power on and get the house in order.

Talk to you from White Cliffs.

March 17th Monday
Well, what a day to start with we drove from Mildura to Broken Hill via Wentworth, it what happen on the way.

It was 13km's north of Wentworth a light truck with a tray on the back went past heading south we were heading north. A newspaper blew off the tray of the truck, with no where to go I hit the newspaper no problem it went under the van. About 3kms up the road the van was overheating not real hot but hotter than normal, the motor cut out.

Thinking there was paper across the grill I had a look and there was smoke and flames under the van. We started tossing everything out of the front then Carol flagged down two other car, we unhooked the caravan I called "000" reporting the fire.

One of the people Carol pulled up had a large water tank on the back pulling the paper away from the front end he hit it with buckets of water. The fire engine turned up and did a check and cleanup. A lot of smoke but the van started and about a hour and half later we drove on to Broken Hill.

The Ford Transit Van after the fire the front bumper covered in smoke, note on the left side what we tossed out of the van the caravan unhooked and about 15m back.

What left of one Weekly Times date September 2012.

A bit more of the paper.

I will have to look up on the map where "Pomona" is guess it in the Wentworth area.

To the people who stopped thank you. To the truck that went past at 110k almost killing us all #@#!. The fire was burning right under the oil sump and burnt no wiring, I hope.

My and Carol stress level hit a 10 out 10 I don't have a good record with fires.

Tomorrow another day.


March 16th Sunday
We will be home in a few day, for the record we have been away 100 days as of today and loved it.

First stop today was Merbien Market about 15kms from Mildura, there was about 100 street stalls in the main street of town, good fun walking along the street.

Much the same as any other Market but we enjoyed it.

Today Sunday and Monday we will be on our way north towards Broken Hill we will free camp by the lake half way to Broken Hill 150kms north of Mildura we will then spend one night in Broken Hill to do some serious shopping and Wednesday we go home to White Cliffs.

The big question is do we keep the 3dots website going or do we end it, please give me some feed back over the next few days.
Click to eMail and let me know what you think I really need some feed back
eMail Rex

We drove around Mildura stopping to have a Pizza for lunch, then a drive around the area we filled our 9kg LP Gas bottle at Bunning's $22.95 in White Cliffs a refill is $45.00 maybe even higher now.

Some nice buildings around Mildura

Tomorrow we move on towards Broken Hill hope we get a phone cell from Telstra on the way.


March 15th Saturday
Located in Victoria Coordinates 34°11′0″S 142°09′0″E
Population 31,862
Established 1887
Elevation51m (167 ft)

550 km (342 mi) from Melbourne
400 km (249 mi) from Adelaide
Annual rainfall 290.3 mm 11.4 in
Mildura is a regional city in northwestern Victoria, Australia and seat of the Rural City of Mildura local government area. It is located in the Sunraysia region, and is on the banks of the Murray River.

Mildura is a major agricultural centre notable for its grape production, supplying 80% of Victoria's grapes. Many wineries also source grapes from Mildura.
Its name is taken from the Mildura homestead, an early sheep station which covered most of the area.

Quite day due to rain, big winds, dust storm not a good day, we went into town to the Chemist Shop in Mildura. We then went to Woolworth's for milk.

After lunch we went to Lindemans Wine, Carol added one bottle to her collection.

Not a good day for pictures heap of dust. Lindemans Wine celler door.

Inside Lindemans Wine celler door.

Heavy wind and dust on the Murray River taken from the Gol Gol Caravan Park.

Tomorrow we are going for a drive to the small town around Mildura. We paid for two more nights today so we will leave here on Monday morning.


March 14th Friday
The website has been off air quite a lot today the feed we use in Canberra had a problem and was repaired later today.

It was a warm day in Mildura today 33c by late afternoon we have total cloud cover and we may get a drop of rain.

We went into town today and walked around a while then we went to the Mildura Plaza that getting bigger and bigger every time I go there someone new has moved in. While there I ran into a staff member that worked with me in Sydney 30yrs ago she still works for Target.

Murray River lock at Mildura.

You can go for a Murray River ride on the paddle boat.

Some nice buildings in Mildura.

I try find out a bit more about Mildura, it is a very clean city and just seems to go on and on. I love the Murray River area and the new bridge across the river is a monster.


March 13th Thursday
We hit the road around 9:30am leaving Renmark and heading to Mildura 142km's east we crossed the South Australia border into Victoria moving out clocks 30min to EDST.

At Mildura we drove across the Murray River into New South Wales and Gol Gol where we stopped at the Gol Gol Top Tourist Caravan Park it cost $27.00 a night for a powered site using a (Top Tourist members card). Three states in one day.

We are all setup next to Mildura.

In a caravan park and we have power and we have hot showers, running water.

We were in Free Camping for nine days and I really enjoyed it swimming in the river two or three times a day, cooking with LPG gas, power from a solar cell, it not easy but there are thousands of people doing it.

This morning we left Di and Graham who we have been with on and off for the last two months, we met up every day at 5pm for ,happy hour. We loved our time together and will keep in contact for many years.

We are planning to stay in Mildura for four nights. I have been here many time but never seen the city so we plan to take time and have a look around.

Carol wants to go home to White Cliffs then start the trip all over again.

Mildura Thursday afternoon around 4pm (where are the people)

Maybe a dozen people in town, we went to Cole's Supermarket and it was packed.

We will have a big look around town tomorrow.


March 12th Wednesday
Well it is our last day in Remark tomorrow we move on to Mildura for a few days staying in the caravan park.

The Murray River where we went for a swim every day, today was our best day around 28c and where Carol picked up three fish.

My friend Mr D Duck he almost drove us made but he was here every afternoon to say hello.

We were here 8 days and it cost $0.00 long live Australia

Tomorrow we plan to leave around 10am and drive the 140km's to Mildura.


March 11th Tuesday
Another very hot day in Renmark, we picked up a few items in town then back to the river camp for the day.

A very nice river picture for the website.

Two really big vans pulled up near our van today.

This is how to cool off on a very hot day

We move out of Renmark on Thursday, and the big new of the day was Carol caught three fish today one was around 3kg all carp we fed them to the birds, more to the point they took them for dinner.


March 10th Monday
Susan is in the land of Apples they got of the boat today for two weeks. And the 3Dots website passed a 1000 hits it a bit of fun doing the website, we never know who comes to the website only the number of people that view it.

An hot day in Renmark 39c, we had three swims in the river to keep cool.

Renmark is a town in South Australia's rural River land area, and is located 254 km northeast of Adelaide, on the banks of the River Murray. The Sturt Highway between Adelaide and Sydney runs through the town; Renmark is the last major town encountered in South Australia when driving this route.
It is 31m above sea level. It is the oldest European settlement on the River Murray. Renmark had a population of 9300 in the area.

Carol fishing as a hire House Boat goes by.

Just in case your in the mood here are the contact details.

Our river side free camp in Renmark 5km from town tonight.

It is a nice spot on a hot day by the river there are around 20 caravans here tonight.


March 9th Sunday
Sunday and it is a long weekend in South Australia and there be about 150 people on the river today, well on our 300m section of the Murray River. They say there is over a 1000 people at the caravan park in town.

I got up at 5am this morning to take some pictures at sunrise.

The river at 5am today.

The same place at 5:30am today.

It got quite hot today 38c but going for a swim in the river was a really big help we had three swims today to keep cool.

I did go into town this morning to get ice for drinks I got one bag most shops had none

Happy Hour at sunset tonight by the Murray River


March 8th Saturday
Went into town today we did the washing went to the supermarket and had a look around town. I am having trouble keeping the battery charged in the laptop computer something I have to address maybe a generator is required.

Renmark, part of the shopping area.

It a nice part of town, Woolworth's, Big-W there all here.

A nice house boat on the Murray River.

There are other house boats on the Murray River, I have often said a picture say's a 1000 words the next two pictures 10,000 words are told in two pictures.

It says the Choockman that the front.

This is the back I know that because I can see two motors under the table. I am told the man sings and sells CD's and it floats.

I am told this is his office.

We all went for a swim in the river today and tomorrow we are looking at 38c so we may have more than one swim.

We will stay here for a few more day.

March 7th Friday
Today we sat beside the Murray and for the first time this trip we did not start the Transit Van we fished in the river a 1kg carp was the result of the day. I got it out of the water it jumped off the hook and the people next to us took it home for bait.

I took the Solar Cell apart and fixed it all working now

It was a day with the birds.

Am I a water hen

This guy out fished me about 20 to 1

My computer low on power so by for now.


March 6th Thursday
Di, Graham, Carol and I went to Loxton for lunch and to visit the Historic Village in Loxton. then back home to the caravan in Renmark.

Inside the Loxton village

Loxton Village

The Chapel in the Village

Inside the Chapel

The general store.

The leather shop at the village

The Historic Loxton Village has a Vintage Power Rally on the 13th and 14th September 2014 for more information.

Loxton a great little town.


March 5th Wednesday
Got mixed up with my dates yesterday all fixed now. Telstra Phone and Internet been off the air today.

After a shocking night in Berri we moved to Renmark, nice place. The first thing we did in Renmark was find the local free camp area, this is a great spot we are 6m from the edge of the water of the Murray River.

Lunch was at the Renmark Club, right on the river great lunch. Next stop was a local winery where Carol stocked up a few more bottles. Carol really does not drink much just collects wine.

Found a nice shopping area Woolworth's, Target, Big-W, Dick Smith and a heap more, just went to the supermarket.

Back at the Free Camp we all went for a swim in the river, (I dropped and lost my cake of soap) sandy bottom with no weed. nice spot.

I took some pictures tonight at sunset.

Murray River from the caravan door.

The Transit Van and other van along the river.

Our caravan from the river.

The Murray River at sunset tonight a million dollar view and 5min from the Centre of Renmark McDonald's KFC how would you like a house here.

Tomorrow we are going for a drive to Loxton.


March 4th Tuesday
We left the Barossa Valley Caravan Park about 9:30am and drove to Berri South Australia. We are in a free camp with friends we met in Koroit, Graham and Di are going to travel with us for about a week.

This free camp nice but has a problem and that the up and coming long weekend we were told late today that this place can get very full and wild over the long weekend.

Berri free camp right on the Murray River.

I went for a swim in the Murray River late afternoon really nice place to swim.

A really nice place to stop.

Graham and I work out the next step, during Happy Hour.

We are going to move on tomorrow to Renmark for the weekend we have been advised this is a nice place to stop but not on a long weekends it one big wile party and we feel we are a bit old.

Renmark only 30km's away so we base ourself there for the long weekend. Today was 40c driving the 180kms across to Berri. We plan to do a day drive back to Berri and Loxton area from Renmark.

March 3rd Monday
Today was a shopping day in Elizabeth just outside of Adelaide we did not go to Adelaide city we drove within 20km's of the city.

I new Elizabeth had a big shopping area and it was worth seeing, Carol did the washing here at the Barossa Caravan Park we then went shopping.

This is really big shopping the pictures only show you part of the area.

Every one here, shop after shop.

It just goes on and on.

The car park is boxed in by big shop

That's Bunning's, Home hardware, Harvey Norman and about fifty other big shops

On the way back to the Barossa Valley I went back in time to the Whispering Wall the last time I was here my late father Jack Duncombe was driving the car if I had to guess I would have been about 12yr's old I am sure someone in the family can fill me in here.

The building of the wall.

And the wall still works, if you look really close at the top of the wall on the far side there are two girls. I could hear them talking so I asked from this side where do you come from, "Just above Sydney" we talked for about ten minutes in a normal voice. We could hear and talk without and stress. They walked back and had a chat to Carol and I.

Can someone in the family tell me how long ago it was.

Tomorrow we move out of the Barossa Valley and move toward Berri South Australia we will try some more free camping by the Murray River some friends we met along the way rang and said they found a great free camp and to come and join them for a few day.


March 2nd Sunday

An overview of the Bethany vineyard, first planted in 1852. Bethany was the first settlement in the Barossa region.
The Barossa Valley derives its name from the Barossa Ranges, which were named by Colonel William Light in 1837. Light chose the name in memory of the British victory over the French in the Battle of Barrosa, in which he fought in 1811. The name "Barossa" was registered in error, due to a clerical error in transcribing the name "Barrosa". The area is approximately 13 km long by 14 km wide.
The three major towns of the Barossa each have a distinctive personality. Tanunda is generally recognised as the most German of the three with long-standing traditions dating back to the 1840s when the first German settlers arrived in the area. Because many of them came from Prussian Silesia, they called the Barossa Neu-Schlesien, or "New Silesia". The German influence survives to this day. Angaston, in contrast, is considered the English town as it was settled predominantly by Cornish miners and others from Britain. The third (and largest) town, Nuriootpa, where we are staying was influenced by both the German and British settlers, and today is the commercial hub of the Barossa where most of the larger stores are located. Tanunda and Angaston are considered 'tourist towns' in comparison to Nuriootpa because they have many more facilities to cater for tourists. However Nuriootpa does have many attractions too.

Currently, the Barossa Valley has a population of about 20,000, most of whom live in Tanunda, Nuriootpa, Angaston, Williamstown and Lyndoch, each having over 1000 people, with a few smaller towns such as Moculta and Springton. All of these towns are part of the Barossa local government. Many facilities not available in these towns are usually supplemented in nearby Gawler. In recent years, increased development in the area has seen opposition from the local communities.

The region has a strong German Lutheran history, and many residents identify themselves as Lutherans. Some towns have more than one Lutheran church. Tanunda, for example, has Langmeil, Tabor, St. Paul's and St. Johns. Nuriootpa has St. Petri and Holy Trinity. Angaston has Zion and Salem (Penrice). Each major town also has a Lutheran primary school. Tanunda has Tanunda Lutheran School, Nuriootpa has Redeemer, and Angaston has Good Shepherd. St. Jakobi, the Lutheran primary school at Lyndoch, hosts the Barossa Air show annually as its fundraiser.


It 6am Sunday morning in the Barossa Valley Caravan Park and we almost fly out of bed, a unbelievable noise it sounded like a truckload of elephants.
No, just a group of people filling a very large hot air balloon the noise was the gas burners being fired. Don't let anyone tell you that ballooning a quite sport.


Seen this driving around the Barossa Valley

We had lunch and Carol had Wine Tasting

Looking the other way over the Barossa.

Another Winery.

There must be a lot of money in wine, this is the celler door.

For the place above here the Menu. (hope you can read it) No Coke on the menu.

And more wine.

Jacob Creek wine. (and they don't sell Coke Cola)

Jacob Creek vines it 4 1/2kms long. it worth seeing.

Penfolds Wine this is part of a 500m long building.

Carol a light wine drinker, I do not drink but the buildings are worth seeing they must make big money from wine.

For every place we went to we drove past fifty more. Tomorrow we are going shopping around Gawler and Elizabeth area, and I better have a look at the Holden car plant just about to become part of history.

March 1st Saturday
A new
month and we start again we have been away from White Cliff for 85 days we have about 18 days left in our travels.

We drove from Saddleworth to Nuriootpa in the Barossa Valley today, wine and more wine and even more wine and guess what I am a Diet Coke drinker they may ask me to leave Carol a very light wine drinker.

Barossa Valley

More Barossa Valley

In Nuriootpa Barossa Valley

Carol and Rex setup at the Barossa Valley Tourist Park.

Caravan Park cost $34.00 a night (we got 10% off that).

There was a local cricket match on a oval next the caravan so we spent the afternoon at the match.

More tomorrow about the local area.

A footnote to yesterday at Saddleworth while we were away at Riverton some person drove something sharp into the caravan door, but the lock held and they did not get in. The first problem we have had, nothing lost and all well that ends well.


Don't forget to look at last month it in the left frame.