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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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May 31st Saturday
End of another month and the start of winter in Australia.

It started today in White Cliffs with a top 12c the coldest day this year in the outback it was raining and is still raining, it was light rain all day and we also had a very cold wind.

Inside the underground it is a warm 22c today.

I got a new auction website up and running for a VW auction in the Albury Wodonga area on the 21st of June, you can see the website at if your into VW cars it worth a look.

The Ford Transit van all ready and clean for the trip down south on Tuesday morning this coming week. we plan to return the big trailer to Hay on the way.

Just a note the big trailer is for sale $6000 the asking price, if you like to know more just send me an email and I put you in contact with the owner.

I am running very low on data space this month that means no pictures tonight we used up a lot of data during the "White Cliffs Music Festival" and setting up the "VW Auction". Our data pack starts again on 2nd June Tuesday.

We have everything ready to build the new kitchen out front as soon as we return from Wangaratta around the first of August. It all cut and ready to build anything else we need we will buy in Wangaratta.

Tomorrow we have a dinner at the Sporting Club, with the locals. Hope you liked the bit yesterday on the "White Cliffs Solar Power Station."


May 30th Friday
I have been asked about the White Cliffs Solar power station, is it still running the answer is No... It still there I look at it everyday if about 300m from home so I went for a walk with the camera.

White Cliffs Solar Power Station


It a bit over growen with grass now


About the power station


The power station been built a number of times there is talk of rebuilding it one more time.

Some good reading

It all still sitting there today.


You may find this a bit of a joke, it is now but at the time it almost burn my butt, the power station was just sitting there and the sun just got in the right place and my place lit up like the sun. It almost cooked me I asked and they have lifted them up out of the way.

We head south on Tuesday morning.

May 28th Wednesday
Another big day in White Cliffs our nurse for 38yrs retired so it was party time Maureen started work in 1976 at the White Cliffs Hospital.

Maureen in black next to Bert who put a six ton rock in the Hospital garden (at right) Belinda new head nurse at White Cliffs.

I am sure you can read this, like Dick said in a 1000yr's the rock will still be there.

We spent most of today getting our tax paper work together for the tax lady next week.

Talk tomorrow.


May 27th Tuesday
Another very windy day in downtown White Cliffs and about 3mm of rain but we sure had a big storm this morning the storm passed right in front of the underground home Carol and I sat outside and watched it pass by. The lighting about 4km's away you could see it hitting the ground and a lot of it. (and before someone tells me lighting goes up.)

The weather man saying the wind will drop tonight and we will have a nice cool day tomorrow.

I make another tile tomorrow using what is called Opal dirt that my last test I was going to do it today but just to much wind. The score sheet for tile making I have made three, only one worked the other two fell apart, one test to go tomorrow we hope. The second tile we built has passed all the tests so far.

What Opal dirt when a Opal miner digs a mine shaft looking for Opal he pulls out dirt, what we call Opal dirt. And within 5km's of home there are 80,000 holes with Opal dirt on top so I will not run out if it works.

We head to Wangaratta next Tuesday morning for seven weeks.


May 26th Monday - Happy Birthday Doug
It Monday again and a very windy Monday we have had 40 to 50kmh wind all day from the North.

Last night we had a meal at the White Cliffs Social Club so sixty people turned up for the Sunday night meal. With all the wind today we could not do much around the house.

I sat down today and started turning our 3Dots website into a book just for Carol and I to keep and pass around the family to read. Some family member do not own a computer. It started in October 13 and we have it completed to mid January 2014. We want to turn 3Dots into a family book.

The White Cliffs Golf Course, I have been asked for pictures. To start with it green for the first time, in it normal state it dry not a blade of grass hot and covered in rocks. You can hit the ball it hits a rock and ends up a 100m behind you.

A broom may help you tee off

Grass everywhere that not normal I have never seen a lawn mower in White Cliffs

The greens well not so green, in the background the solar power station

Have a close look Kangaroo and Emu tracks and the odd Lizard track they play golf as well.

There has been only one "Hole in One" late last year, Pikey.

Home made "Tile" version four fell in a heap one more test to go I do it tomorrow, the second tile we did worked well but its a plan looking tile.


May 24th Saturday
Not a lot happing we did make a new style of tile today this will be version four in the home made tile making business, The last one worked out well but lacked colour on top some we made one today adding a bit of red stone that we picked up out the road. It drying now and we maybe able to turn it over tomorrow sometime.

The big news in White Cliffs is mid year "Home and Away" is coming to town to make a few episodes of Home and Away. They are going to use a number of sites in White Cliffs including the area above and behind our underground home. I am told they are looking for fifty old cars, don't know why sounds like another big bang.

There are a lot of people staying at the caravan park in town, we are having warm weather blue sky, and 27 to 30c every day summer time, problem is it almost winter time.

Getting towards the end of the month and we are running low on internet data I have one gig left that has to last ten days.

Send us an email, so we know someone reading the site.


May 23rd Friday
"The Big Breakfast" for Cancer held at the White Cliffs Hospital yesterday raised $1300.00 for Cancer a top effort.

Carol went to craft this morning with around 20 local lady's I called to pick up Carol and what a noise, they all seem to be enjoying them self.

We went for a drive in the afternoon to the east of White Cliffs towards Paroo National Park we went out around 20km's.

How made floor tiles, I have made three tiles and have it looking good we need to work on the top of the tile adding a bit of colour. We picked up some really red soil out the road today and will jive it another go tomorrow.

We head south to Wangaratta in 11days to baby sit a house.

May 22nd Thursday
Another big day in White Cliffs "The Big Breakfast" for Cancer held at the White Cliffs Hospital what a great turn out I say over 200 people and the Target was $1000 I try find out how close they got to their target.

It was a great day, "The Big Breakfast" for Cancer a heap of food and around 250 people.

This afternoon I did a computer repair here in White Cliffs for the couple who live next door. The first computer repair in six months.

Tomorrow we are planning to lay new tiles in the shower tomorrow.


May 20th Tuesday
Happy Birthday Scott
Finished cutting the panels for the kitchen, all done and stacked up ready to wash down and build the kitchen.

The kitchen wall and roof are all ready put up. I decided to build it when we get back from babysitting the house in Wangaratta. No point in starting to put it up and not completing the job before we go.

So I try get it all ready before we head south in two week. Back to fixing rock walls tomorrow.

May 19th Monday
We had a really big weekend and I have felt bushed all day I was never a party person but we did have a good weekend.

Had morning tea at the hospital today, one person said I am leaving town I cannot stand the social life in White Cliffs. Next Thursday we are planning to attend the Big Morning Tea for cancer.

I did a bit more work on me home made floor tile I made three and the first two ended up in the bin. Number three is looking a lot better it made using Opal Dirt this time and cement.

When you touch the top of the tile it feels like glass. This is as it looks out of the jig what happens now is we coat the top with three coats of gel coat, it should look good. Each tile is 500 x 500mm square and cost about 95c to make.

All comments are welcome I love to hear from you I know nothing about making floor tiles.

Why make them we need about 2000sqF (over the next year) and the tile shop in say Albury is a 2200km return trip. A tile in Albury say $40m is $95m in Broken Hill, ok I put up with the price but I load 100sqF in a trailer and a few will get broken and it will take a heap of trips, it all just out of the question.

At around $4sqM made here I give it a go (and no driving), I can make 20 tile moulds for around $30 then make 20 a day say 100 tiles a week, say 200sqF a week. Comments welcome please.

That today I let you know how we get on.


May 18th Sunday
Wow this is a big weekend in White Cliffs the town is full you could rent out a dog box on the back of a Holden Ute.

After being out late last night at a six hour show at the local hall we were back there at 8am for the breakfast show and at 11:30am we went church and more music the best service I have ever been to and the church was packed other than the front row, no one sits in the front row???.

Below there are some pictures and video's (remember video are large files).

A local girl show she can match it with the best.

The crowd cleared the floor and started to dance, Saturday night had around 250 people in the hall.

Ted Egan tells a tale at the breakfast show.

Blue Grass Band at Church in White Cliffs, a really good service.

Short Videos taken on my Nokia phone.

Video 1 for the day click here

Video 2 for the day click here

Video 3 for the day click here

O' it almost 6pm got to go we have a Jazz Jam session, see you all tomorrow.


May 17th Saturday
It 11pm and we just go home after a great meal and night at the White Cliffs Hall we went at 4pm they were just warming up we had and only a few people then by 5pm we had 250 people and the hall was full.

Video 1 30sec click here. Note they are video large files (turn sound up)

Video 2 30sec click here.

It is a bit late to put much on today I have taken quite a bit of video and a lot of pictures most video are 30sec to 60sec.

We have a 8am breakfast "Poet Breakfast" to start the day. Then a church service and a full on jam session tomorrow night.

I try put more on tomorrow afternoon.


May 16th Friday
We are at the White Cliffs Music Festival will do a update late tonight.

Well it now late at night and we just got home after a great night in White Cliffs around 350 people packed the main street of town for the music festival day one.

I just show you all the pictures.

The whole White Cliffs school.

A White Cliffs local sings on the steps of the local pub (great singer)

Food by the local P&C

A local (well she lives 200kms north)

The best dressed car, there can only be one winner and she knows it

I have never seen this before you buy a hot air balloon for $10 (they sold 60) you light the card inside it fills with hot air and floats up to somewhere around 1500ft in the air, you "Make A Wish" or money goes to the "Starlight Foundation".

All the spots in this picture are $10 hot air balloons or lanterns it a hard picture to take I took about twenty this was the only good one. When the flame stops it cools in the air and slowly falls. The paper is so fine it falls to earth and is washed away to nothing in two weeks.

We will be late tomorrow night as we are going to the concert and meal at the hall for the Music Festival.


May 15th Thursday
The White Cliffs Music Festival starts tomorrow morning for three day, all ready the sound of music is ringing across the town. I went to the shop today and they were playing in the main street.

The area where they start meeting tomorrow.

Flags fly down the main street of White Cliffs.

So far the caravan park is about 50% full, We met up with Dot and Trev traveling on the road and we met them again to at the caravan park and are planning a get together over the weekend.

Made a nice loaf of bread today here at home today it worked out well 600g bread mix, 420ml water, 1 1/2 yeast and cooked it in the bread mix for 3hrs. If you have your own bread mix let me know.

B glad to hear you are out of hospital, the flying doctor took you in now you have to walk home.

Should be a good weekend.


May 14th Wednesday
We just got back from Broken Hill did quite a bit of shopping the morning then headed off home not an easy trip we had a big wind from the north.

A great night outside tonight a full moon and it is so bright the moon looks so big and when you walk outside the ground is lit up like day.

The budget it not good I don't like Labor, now I have cross off the Lib's I know it time to pull the belt in but 70 to retire. I worked really hard all my life, 65 in July is enough for me ask any 69, 70 year old can they work another year.

To me Australia is a country it not a balance sheet.

May 13th Tuesday
We left White Cliffs around 8am driving to Broken Hill 288km's west, we stopped half way for a coffee break at a road side stop. We were in Broken Hill around 10:30am local time filled the little trailer with 17 bags of cement a total of 340kg.

Next stop was McDonald's for lunch then a visit to Woolworth's for dry food, tomorrow we will get Frozen and Dairy then back home. We also went to the chemist shop.

A few days ago a friend of ours from White Cliffs was flown to Broken Hill hospital by the Royal Flying Doctor Service we went and seen her today for an hour I think she be there a bit longer.

As you drive into Broken Hill on your right you see the really big building I later found out it the new NBN or National Broadband Network for Broken Hill. The picture is from the Internet.

Part of the old BHP Broken Hill mine. The mine down the road is still working today. That where most of the people in Broken Hill work, underground under the city.

We are staying at the Lake view Caravan Park tonight a bit of shopping tonight then back to White Cliffs tomorrow.


May 12th Monday
Just a beautiful day in White Cliffs around 22c blue sky and tonight we have a bright moon outside.

Did nothing special I gave the Ford Van a really big clean out today as we are going shopping in Broken Hill early tomorrow morning. We will stay the night at the caravan park.

We sleep in the Ford Van, some of you may remember the big high roof computer van I used in Yarrawonga, Mulwala and Wangaratta area. It now has two single beds, kitchen with gas stove, sink, Microwave, Refrigerator, set of draws. It also has a toilet, television and a heap of storage, lot of work but it looking good.

Tony, lent me a small trailer to pickup some cement while in Broken Hill. Also fixed the back door of the under ground Carol said it was sticking, all fixed now.

Last night a number of small planes stayed in White Cliffs for the night they call it a "Fly In" 12 to 15 planes took off this morning around 10am heading for Broken Hill...

Tomorrow Broken Hill for a day and a night.

Got to be home for the White Cliffs Music Festival at the weekend.


May 11th Sunday
Missed the last two days still have diabetic problems, if you understand blood sugar I am running between 2.5 and 17.9 (all help and comments welcome) I go see the Flying Doctor when they are in town.

Talking about the Flying Doctor a local lady became ill in White Cliffs last night late and the Flying Doctor landed in 25min's picked her up and took her to Broken Hill Hospital the medical service here is fantastic.

I am trying to find a way to make some money for the flying doctor service, what they do is a free service. It not just local people if you have a problem in the outback they will help you out.

When in Wangaratta about six weeks ago John and Faye gave us a small tomato plant, will it grow in White Cliffs over winter, have a look below taken today.

Not perfect, but it a start it is twice the height.

We had 22c here at home today blue sky all day and total sunshine, we are not returning the big trailer to Hay as planned Chris and Sue are away right now. By the way the big trailer is for sale I am told, if you want a really big trailer around 8 to 9m for $6000 let me know and I put you onto the owners.

We have an area outside underground that we walked away from it had a big rock in the roof (a bit like a grub in your apple) you just walk away.

Well the rock fell out of the roof broke up on the floor, that great news the room has now been classed as safe. It will now sit there for three years and we will look at it again if all good we can make it part of the house.

The plan this week is a visit to Broken Hill for cement and hardware, food and Carol wants a retail fix. At this stage we will go in Tuesday back Wednesday or Thursday.

Mothers Day, The computer sure had a good workout today the family called using Skype and I must say it was really good.

I get back into work tomorrow, next week is a big weekend in White Cliffs with the music festival.


May 8th Thursday
Been cutting up roof panels for the kitchen today that heavy work on your own may have a slack day tomorrow my body starting to get a bit sore with all the lifting.

Kitchen roof panels just need to be washed.

I walk down the drive way today and checked it my rocks are growing I want to clear part of this area maybe try grow something I us the rocks to build a workshop.

How green is this for the outback a few weeks ago it was just dirt, the rain come and the weed pops up. You can grow what you like here "Just add water"

I know there weeds but they have a nice flower.

Next week we will return the trailer to Hay and at the end of next week we have the "White Cliffs Music Festival". Click Here


May 7th Wednesday
Went for a walk on top of the underground home today with the camera and took a few pictures. Hope you enjoy the "Land of rocks" as we call it, Outback Australia.

As you can see we do have trees on our land above the underground home and something else you see is rocks 1000s of rocks after the house is built we may build a rock garden up here.

You turn around and this is what you see the front of home as it is now. If you look down you will see the cement work where the new kitchen will sit, the driveway to town in the background. The big trailer sitting there behind the trailer there is a 50 to 60ft drop so don't drive out that way. This picture is taken looking North towards the Queensland border. We are 1140kms to the Albury area on sealed roads, 1040km to Sydney and 810km to Adelaide.

This is a Panorama picture from on top of home left is west and right is east middle is north as I said yesterday our land is 8000sqM.

When you take a look from the roof of home it a great view (just think 40 million years ago it was all water.) From up top you see a great sunrise and you can see a great sunset.

Have been fixing a rock wall to stop small rocks falling, you will see the area on the right of the picture, the job is 80% completed did a heap today but more on this another day.

Had a eMail asking about rates, around $180 a year. A top home cost around $150,000 a very big home sold here for $500,000 but that was a one off sale big kitchen six bedrooms.

Hope you enjoyed a trip around the roof. Send us a eMail sometime. You will see eMail Rex and Carol at top left.


May 6th Tuesday
Started the day off fixing rock walls I need to do more tomorrow morning I then started on cutting up wall panels to use in the building of the new kitchen area, done quite a bit but still have a lot of work ahead of us. We are doing a lot of work and the place is starting to look like a building site.

Some of the cut panels they are all white, just need a big wash down before we put them up. So far so good. I be cutting panel for about the next seven day. Why use refrigerator panels, heat we can get 48c in shade over summer they are the best way to build in outback. When you turn on the air conditioner the room will stay cool. There are a number of homes build using these panels in the local area.

Tonight at 6pm looking west from the front door a great view when the sun came up this morning we had a really red sky.

If you stand out front of the underground home you see from the east to the west without moving your feet, the house faces due north towards the Queensland border.

We made it to 20c today in the shade.


May 5th Monday
Been hard at work today started cutting the wall panels for the new kitchen that heavy work for this old man. We started turning our part of the Australian Outback into a garden chipping the weed and salt bush away today. The garden may take months of work maybe years we have 8,000sqM of land most of it rock and more rocks.

Last night we went to the White Cliffs social club for dinner it's always a really good night.

A wonderful day in White Cliffs blue sky all day with a temperature of 19c (just wish the fly's would go hide someplace.)

While in Broken Hill Saturday I took a picture of some great art on display. I love it, my style of art a lot of fun. If your a local you will find the display just outside the Woolworth's supermarket.

Good fun art.

The more you look at it the more you see.

I guess that's a BHP miner, some people have a great skill.

You are looking at three pictures but to tell the truth it is all one big painting about 20ft long and around 8ft tall. I do not know of the painter but he or her has a lot of skill.

We have a area out side that has some loose rocks so I do some work on that area tomorrow morning it not a big problem now but if we do nothing it will be in a year or two.

May 3rd Saturday
A cool day in the outback today around 15c. We did some last minute shopping at the Supermarket then the hardware shop for cement bags we need at home.

We then drove the 388km's to home we stopped at a road side stop for about 30mins about half way we made a coffee, home at 2:15pm. All is well at home nice and warm inside the underground 23c.

Tomorrow another day...

May 2nd Friday
Faye granddaughter Sammy had a baby boy yesterday that make Carol a great great aunt how old does she feel. Faye now a Great Grand Mother they both aged over night.

Broken Hill AgFair 2014 it was worth seeing the first two hours then the rain came about 5mm per hour after about five hours it was a total washout but we both had a great time and will come back.

From their website it a bit like Henty Field Day this is only part of Field Day Site.

It was raining out side so we went inside we found the Royal Flying Doctor Service selling a nice water proof jacket for $40.00 it was a really good buy and looks good, so I am told.

Carol getting her hair cut at AgFair and she looks good she found a hair dresser she likes in Broken Hill.

There is a lot of good stands at AgFair I seen a lot of new things on display just a pity about the rain.

Other things that we did, I am having a few alignment problems with the Ford Transit van so I had it looked at and the tires reversed (turn around). Went to the hardware shop in town.

Broken HIll in the rain, the water just runs down the road there are almost no water drains under Broken Hill most of the water runs down the road into a main drain. A lot of streets turn into rivers fifteen minutes later it all dry some of the gutters are two feet high now I know why.

Tonight we are at the caravan park in town and tomorrow we go food shopping then 288km's back home to White Cliffs.


May 1st Thursday
We left White Cliffs around 8am driving to Broken Hill to the shop as we say, it is some 288km's from home to the supermarket. On the way over we stopped for a coffee break about half way arrive in Broken Hill at 12 noon. Well not quite you see Broken Hill works on South Australian time (30min time shift) so we got here at 11:30am (SA time) the caravan park was full (we had made a booking).

and a bit more below

Great weekend for the caravan park they are all here fro the AgFair.

We went into the new shopping center in town the new Target store is the best Target in Australia it is super modern

This is the entry to the store.

Just inside the front door of Target Broken Hill

We are at the Lake View caravan park on the east side of Broken Hill. Tomorrow is the AgFair but tomorrow we are also looking at 20 to 30mm of rain on the red soil in the out back we will just have to wait and see.

It be 10c tonight and top of 15c tomorrow.

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