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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for som e crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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December 31st Thursday
Today we stayed around Temora went shopping for a car tyre pump just in case we need one.

Bit of sad news the gentlemen who lives next to us in White Cliffs passed away, he has been sick for a while but it still very sad for White Cliffs we had little contact with the family the last 2yrs due to his illness they lived near Adelaide South Australia.

Went to the Post Office today to post Joyce a gift for her birthday next week the 6th January. It was closed, for a Government Holiday it is closed Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Joyce you gift maybe late this year.

It been near 40c here today, White Cliffs a really dry heat here it is steaming heat.

And another year rolls along.

I must say thank you to my spell check crew, daughter's Kylie and Susan they grade my spelling A to Z most of the time I get a "Z" (I never passed a spelling test in my life.)

Hello Faye and John in Wangaratta.

You all have a great 2016, we need a good year.


December 30th Wednesday
Today we went for a drive to Ariah Park 35km's from Temora it is the oddest of town's I have never been to one like it before. In 2011 it had 268 people today 2015 it has 500 people but they do not live in home's they live in shop's

Ariah Park is a small town in the Riverina region of New South Wales, Australia, 35 kilometres (22 mi) west of Temora and 65 kilometres (40 mi) south of West Wyalong. The town is within the Temora Shire near Burley Griffin Way. On Census night 2011, Ariah Park had a population of 268 people. The town is listed by the National Trust as a Conservation Area.

This is the main street. Note the parking bays under the trees.

The town's name came from resident Sam Harrison who purchased a portion of the Wellman Estate and then named that portion Ariah Park.

Tourist information make reference to the town being known for its 'wowsers, bowsers and peppercorn trees'. A wowser is an Australian word describing a "mealy-mouthed hypocrite, a pious prude, one who condemns or seeks to curtail the pleasures of others or who works to have his or her own rigid morality enforced on all who prefers not to consume alcohol". A bowser refers to the everyday machine used to pump petrol or diesel into a vehicle, of which many antique examples can be seen on the main street.

The peppercorn tree is a common variety of which many specimens populate the main street.

Ariah Park Hotel is still in business, but in town what you see is not what you get?

There are around 50 shops in town, most are now homes. The shop front stays and the windows are fully dressed as you can see. Behind the door is a home, not a shop. There are about five shops in town.

The settlement was first established in 1850. Ariah Park was connected to the Main Southern railway line via Temora in 1906. The village was gazetted the year after this connection and flourished at the expense of the nearby settlement of Broken Dam. Ariah Park Post Office had opened earlier on 26 August 1903. The peppercorn trees were planted in 1916 and railway silos built in 1919.

The district produces sheep and wheat. New South Wales Government Railways launched its first bulk-wheat loading operation in the town in 1916.

Every shop in town is full but they only have 5 or 6 shops. All the rest are homes with shop fronts.

We are now back in Temora Caravan Park that was a good fun day. There is a caravan park at Ariah Park it is $12 a night.

Hello to Sue and David in Gippsland, Tony and Belinda in White Cliffs.

Joi and Peter hope you have a better day.

Tomorrow another day.


December 29th Tuesday
Temora, spent the morning reading a Silicon Chip Magazine. We then went down town for lunch and a coffee and a walk around the streets. The town was really busy the hardest thing was finding a parking spot.

I got a few things at the hardware shop, the town has a top cheap shop it not a $2 shop it is more a $7 shop I have never seen a better cheap shop.

The weather sitting on 30c most of the day really nice day with a blue sky.

Kylie, Scott, Susan and Muffy gave me a camping table for Christmas it working well.

Temora is a town in the north-east of the Riverina area of New South Wales, 418 kilometres (260 mi) south-west of the state capital, Sydney. At the 2011 census the urban population of Temora was 3,874. The name "Temora" is derived from a Celtic term, which means "an eminence commanding a wide view."

Paleface Adlios park in the CBD of Temora

The CBD today.

Temora has been reported as being the friendliest town in New South Wales, following a series of mentions in the Sydney Morning Herald's Column 8, which organised a bus trip to the town for Sydney readers in 2005.

Temora was named by John Donald McCansh. In September 1880 he told the Warwick Argus: “I took up the country for a sheep run in 1847, my sole companion being Valentine Lawler, who was then lessee of a station (“Nimbi”) on Cunningham Creek. We could not ascertain the native name of the place as there were no blacks about, and rather than give it an English name, I called it ‘Temora’, the native name of a property near which I lived some years previously in another part of the Colony. I gave the station the name specially because it was aboriginal and I liked it. I did not know at that time, nor for years afterwards, that Temora was a name in Ossian’s poems.” Significantly, neither the ‘Wiradjuri Dictionary’ (2010) nor the ‘Macquarie Dictionary of Aboriginal Words’ (2006) list ‘temora’ or any words similar to it.

December 28th Monday
We left "The Rock" around 10am driving 133kms to Temora via Wagga Wagga.

Our address for the next week is the Temora Caravan Park. We went up town for a look about 2:30pm but like every where else it is a public holiday and most business's are closed today.

We had a quick drink at the local McDonald's, there are a lot of shops in the main street and very few empty shops.

Temora today a public holiday.

As I said a public holiday in the CBD of Temora

Temora Post Office (just to make sure I get the spelling right

As you can see it is a very clean town

Our camp for a week right on the end of the row near the main gate.

We have a electric BBQ across the road from our camp.

Almost all the sites are taken in the caravan park

I find out more tomorrow about the local area.

We have a powered camp site so we are able run our air conditioner in the caravan.

A came site is $100 a week that around $14 a night for a powered site two adults.


Hello to Bill and Doug in Queensland hope you have had a good Christmas.



December 27th Sunday
We left Carmen and Damon place around 9:30am and picked the caravan up from Adrian and Dianna place and headed to the Aldi Supermarket in Wagga Road Lavington.

Tonight we are in The Rock some 98kms north of Albury. All is good with the car and caravan.

The Rock

CBD in The Rock

Setup for one night

Football Oval taken from the caravan door.

The Rock is a town, with a population of 860, in the Riverina region of southern New South Wales, Australia, in Lockhart Shire. It is 32 kilometres (20 mi) south-west of Wagga Wagga on the Olympic Highway.

The town is named after the hill called 'Kengal' meaning lion of the plains; called Yerong in the local indigenous language. The reserve that includes The Rock Hill is an attraction in the area for bush-walking, rock-climbing, and observation of wildlife. It is also an Aboriginal sacred site, called Kengal.

We are in a Free Camp tonight right beside The Rock Football Ground we are running on Solar Power for the first time this year. Using the new battery we brought in Mildura a few weeks ago.

We are the only people in the camp tonight. We will stay one night and move off tomorrow morning to the north past Wagga Wagga.

Hello to Sue and David in Gippsland hope you had a good Christmas Day.

December 26th Saturday
Boxing Day, Scott picked me up in his car and we drove to Melbourne for the day seeing Joi and Peter at their place.

Scott and I shared the driving both way, we sure had a lot of rain on the way down it was fine for the return trip.

Joi sure not perfect I really feel she be alright but there's a long road ahead, from what I hear she has good people looking after her. Everyday we talk to her and spread the good news around everyday.

Tomorrow will be all about packing, more like repackaging the caravan and heading north towards "The Rock." We have only planning a short trip tomorrow and plan to stop tomorrow night in a Free Camp at The Rock.

This will be the first trip with the 14" wheels fitted to the caravan it looking a lot better.

This year's trip in part:
Part one was White Cliffs to Albury
Part two Albury to Albury via Parkes, Grafton.
Part three Albury, Colac, Portland, White Cliffs

We have ten days to travel 450kms to Parkes'. So it should be an easy trip north.

Hello to John and Glenda in Thurgoona.

Three Dots will get back on track tomorrow.


December 25th Friday (Christmas Day)
at last Christmas Day, the best day on the year the family get's together on this special day. The kids love this day that for sure.

It is very late so I put the pictures up and fix the rest tomorrow.

In Wodonga at Carol daughter's place

Carmen and Damon thanks for having us.

Chris and Jenny thank you for having us for Christmas Lunch

Last night and Muffy and Susan place in Albury.

Christmas Party Susan, Kylie and Joyce.

We have grown a lot in the past year.

It was a really good night in Albury.

Seeing Joi tomorrow in Melbourne


December 24th Thursday (1 Day to Christmas)
Tomorrow is Christmas but we already know that, something you may not know it is also a full moon Christmas Night.

We worked at Adrian and Dianna place on the caravan most of the day just making sure it is perfect for our trip.

We have the new 14" wheels on the caravan and it looks ok.

This is a new add on today we made room for two spares on the "A" Frame bar of the caravan I will wash, clean and paint the wheel one day soon. That pipe about 900mm long is to hold the television antenna.

We are ready to hook up on sunday 27th and head north, for a few months. We have tried to tick all the boxes with the caravan.

We are staying with Carmen and Damon in Wodonga, Carol grandson was playing outside on the roof of the toy house tonight, he a good kid.

I also went and seen Kylie and Joyce in Thurgoona today, Troy was at work. Joyce is off to big school next year in Thurgoona she a big girl now I am told.


Some 35 people sent Carol and I Christmas Greetings today via SMS and a lot via eMail, a few from overseas.

This one from France.

Hello Rex and Carol,

We hope you're all right !
We saw the photos, your home is really amazing ! You're a great builder!

We would like to wish you a merry Christmas!
Here we are getting ready for the Christmas festivities. We will cooking kangaroo meat with australian wine! ( we miss Australia so much !)
For the dessert we cook the traditional festive log!

We wish you an happy end of year !

Have a good day !
Bye !

Sandrine & Laury

Le Mercredi 26 août 2015 14h34, Rex Duncombe <> a écrit :


We met Sandrine and Laury while camping in Colac (free camp) last year they have seen most parts of Australia.

Have a good Christmas.



December 23rd Wednesday (2 Day to Christmas)
It was a big day for us today Adrian and I fitted 14in rims to the caravan today and we are going to fix up a few bolts tomorrow morning, it will get the caravan a inch feather off the ground.

This is the Hume Weir Caravan Park, we are not staying there just went for lunch today. Caravan park at the weir is looking good.

Next stop apart from shopping was the Altmeier farm just outside of Albury, I lived next door to them in Thurgoona many years ago. In fact I remember the day they were born, Carol and the girls had a lot of fun. Now I know I am getting old.

The Altmeier farm just outside of Albury today, there some nice land out there.

This is not Queensland it is Susan and Muffy place in East Albury it looking good for this time of year.

Carol and I did a lot today, our shopping finished for this Christmas, at last.

I going to see Joyce tomorrow and cuts some bolts at Adrian place for the caravan.


Christmas Day on Friday I am looking forward to Christmas and seeing the family, Boxing Day Scott and I are going to see Joi and Peter in Melbourne.

Then Sunday we will hook up the caravan and head north for about ten weeks.


Good day today.


December 22nd Tuesday (3 Days to Christmas)
Well we left Eskdale around 10am and drove to Lavington dropping the caravan off at Adrian and Dianna place.
So far all good we are staying in Wodonga with Carol daughter and her family.

Carol looked after the grandkids the afternoon and the new dog.

We are the new kid on the block, nice dog. Great Dane he has a lot of growing to do.


Adrian sent me a picture he took of last night sunset. The smoke from the Victoria Fire turned the sky a pink colour.

Christmas is almost here, Wednesday Thursday and it is here.

Boxing day Scott and I are doing a return trip to Melbourne and back. Going to say hello to Joi and Peter and back to Albury Wodonga.

The 27th we will head north in the caravan, we are planning a slow trip do a few kilometres each day.

Cleaning the Mercedes Benz glad you like it I had 12 comments, about 3 comments said you can come clean my car. And Bev I am not cleaning your house.

One person asked what did I use, it's call "Wet Look" easy to use.

A bit of last minute shopping tomorrow, one or two things and we are finished for this year.



December 21st Monday (4 Days to Christmas)
Our last day in Eskdale Victoria, we will come back here, it's quite, and worth the visit. We started to pack up tonight, in the morning a breakfast and pack up takes about 1 1/2hr. We have had no television in Eskdale like a lot of other small towns (White Cliffs) the only television is satellite television.

Finished at last it so clean ladies you can use it for a mirror, inside and outside.

Eskdale right on the edge of town free information and a place to eat.

A local walking track but not today you have a lot of bush to walk around.

From Doug in Queensland

Hi Rex, Sent 2 pics earlier direct from my phone. Not sure if they are clear enough to publish but thought you might like to see where I & a few thousand other locals went this (Saturday) evening.

You reckon the Eskdale pub was packed tonight, you should have been here! That amphitheatre is just along the road (10 minutes walk) from my unit, as you can see in the pic it was a sea of LED candles tonight! A great place for concerts, Anzac Day ceremonies, Caloundra Music Festival held there for a week every October, etc.

I think the Council says it holds 6000 people, but the precinct probably holds over 8000 I think. Adjacent to Kings Beach which is where they had the 8’x5’ trailer to launch the fireworks tonight. 26c, fine, a gentle breeze, clear sky, a really nice Christmas concert presented by one of the local churches on contract to the Council.

A bit different to the weather down your way!

Many years ago I had my kayak in the creek just about where you now are ! !

Give Joi & Peter my best wishes. Tell Adrian & John I said g’day as well.

Have a good Christmas.

Cheers, Doug.

Thanks Doug Have a good Christmas, we head into Albury Wodonga tomorrow morning. We will come back next year.


December 20th (5 Days to Christmas)
There in not a lot to report today apart from a trip to the local hotel to check on the fire situation we stayed home and listen to the radio.

We all know it's been a shocking day and a really bad day for fires in the area. There is a lot of smoke in the area the smoke from the Barnawaratha fire is going over our area.

Eskdale, that's smoke coming over the hill the fire is about 45km's away at this point.

I been talking to Albury Wodonga and I know it really bad in there.

The picture above turn out quite odd, and it was taken on my phone from the Eskdale Hotel we went there to get out of the heat.

Doug in Queensland sent me some pictures I put them on tomorrow night.

Christmas Week.


December 19th (6 Days to Christmas)
We went and had lunch with the locals, a BBQ lunch put on by the local Girl Guide Group. It was good to talk to locals who live in the area.

Eskdale is a small town near the major regional centre of Albury-Wodonga, in Victoria's north. It is situated in the Mitta Valley, near the river's confluence with the Little Snowy Creek, amongst the foothills of Mount Bogong, Eskdale and the surrounding area had a population of 436.

Tonight we went to the Eskdale Hotel for a meal it was good food. We were there at 6:30pm then by 7:30pm the locals had packed out the hotel.

Out front of the local hotel

Town from the Hotel car park.

Special picture, Joyce started her own garden this year, her first Tomato today. When your 4yr's old it is special. (5yr's old next month).


They are saying heat tomorrow and heavy rain, we will just have to wait and see.

Spoke to Joi this morning, Muffy back home Monday.

And the inside of the Mercedes Benz looks like new. It looks like a new Benz tonight tomorrow early I start on the outside.

Looking like a wet week in the Albury Wodonga Wangaratta area.

More tomorrow.


December 18th (1 week to Christmas)
One week to Christmas then onto the start of a New Year I did a bit of work on the car (part done) then we decided to go for a drive over the hills and ended up at Tallangatta then back around the hill to Eskdale about a 60km drive that was it for the day.

Carol took this picture just north of Eskdale from the car.

There are a few bends in the road but it is a good road to drive on, you can drive this road all the way to Omeo then down to the South East Coast.

I have been ask about the Church in yesterdays Three Dots, this is the only other picture we have (read yesterday if you do not know what we are talking about.)

Tomorrow we are going to a BBQ lunch in town and out to the hotel tomorrow night.


Just like living in White Cliffs all we need is a Coffee Shop.


Keep Cool.


December 17th Thursday (8 Days to Christmas)
Tomorrow is a week to Christmas Day, today we went for a drive along the Omeo Highway. about 40km's into the bush, Adrian and I went fishing in this area we were about 18yr's old at the time.

This is "Lighting Bridge", today it is a a large free camping area.

This is a free camp called the Walnuts, good free camping.

This is a nice area.

Granite Flat there is not much there now.

This is one for Adrian and I we spent many weekends camping and fishing at the West Branch Creek.

Mitta Mitta where we had lunch today.

The Dartmouth Dam the main wall.

All the pictures today were taken by Carol.

We are now back in Eskdale and home after a big drive today it was really good fun. Almost no one being seen today maybe five cars.

Joi had treatment today in Melbourne today we are thinking of you every day.

We will leave here on Tuesday morning when we will head to Albury Wodonga for Christmas.


December 16th Wednesday (9 Days to Christmas)
Beautiful morning and a very warm afternoon in Eskdale today, I fixed a water hose in the Caravan this morning. Nothing wrong but it had been there for many years and needed replacing.

Carol cleaned out inside the caravan today giving in a big wash down, we are all clean tonight.

Then the big job of the day we fitted our home made fly screen to the caravan out the side. When we got the caravan some years ago it had a number of fly screens inside.
We joined them together by hand sowing then added a big zipper at the top. In principle we finished it, just need some hooks and tape.

The caravan park entry with the Little Snowy Creek.

You can fish in the river.

The IGA Supermarket, Murray Goulburn Hardware and Fuel

The Caravan Park Eskdale. 90km's from Albury (60km's over the gap)

The only job that never happen was cleaning the car, maybe Friday for that one. Tomorrow we are going out for a drive to Mitta Mitta about 20kms up the road and look around that area.

You should add Eskdale to your bucket list for a night or two.

All today's pictures where taken in or around the Caravan Park.

We all have more heat to come


December 15th Tuesday (10 Days to Christmas)
Hello from downtown Eskdale Victoria we are here and all setup I say around 80kms from Wodonga via Tallangatta.

We left Wangaratta around 11:30am after coffee with Carol family.

Went and had a look at Chiltern on the way and had lunch at the Chiltern Bakery.

Then to Eskdale via Wodonga it not a bad drive a bit twisted in places.

Eskdale a very clean town, is has a Cafe, IGA Supermarket a good Hardware shop and a very neat Caravan Park beside the IGA Supermarket.

Eskdale Caravan Park today lot of big shade trees.

I do more on the town in the next few day. Right beside the Caravan Park in the Little Snowy River. Good for fishing I was told today.

We are here for a week, it's time to slow the trip down and do things like clean the car.

Where Albury Wodonga and Wangaratta looking at 42c, we are looking at 37c and maybe sit in a cold river.

If you find it to hot comes for drive up here this weekend.



December 14th Monday (11 Days to Christmas)
It was a good day in Wangaratta today first thing I went to the Telstra Shop and fixed up the phone account, all good now.

Carol went out with the local Wangaratta girls that she went to school with they all seem to have a good time. We they all seemed quite happy this afternoon.

Scott and I went to the Vine Hotel for lunch, it was good to get together today I enjoyed it.

And tonight we went out and seen Tim and Sue here in Wangaratta, you will know them around 18mt's ago we looked after the house and the two dog Katie and Dusty.

Do you remember these two monsters, great pair of dogs. They are good fun.

Tim and Sue thank you for inviting us tonight.


Tomorrow we got to Eskdale for one week then Albury for Christmas, Eskdale could be good fun, I may go fishing in the river.


It very late so more tomorrow.


December 13th Sunday (12 Days to Christmas)
A very slow day in Wangaratta, today we did not do to much at all.

Had an email from Doug in Queensland,

Hi Rex, Hint of the day......... If your plastic step you have (as we all do) for the step up to the van is sometimes too high for the van door to open over it, but you still need a smaller step, like if it’s on a concrete slab.......go to Target & get one of their aerobic exercise steps which are about half the height (adjustable 100/150 high), normally $20 at Kmart/Target/BigW but they were on special the other day at Target for 20% off.

I look around for one, Carol has trouble getting into the caravan sometimes, very good.

I Like the camp here in Wangaratta it's neat and tidy.

Nice pool at the caravan park.

We did plan on doing some "free camping" next week but I see they are talking about 36c to 42c, we had a plan B and that was a week in Eskdale it has good reviews and power for our air conditioner.

Had a talk to Aub on the phone tonight.

All good hope you keep cool this week.

December 12th Saturday (13 Days to Christmas)
Well we got up early and packed up the caravan and hit the road leaving Heathcote around 8am driving to Seymour then on Violet Town to attend the big Christmas Market.

There were 1000s of people at the market, half of Melbourne was there today.

But I cannot say I liked it, a lot of people and that's fine but the stalls where selling a lot of junk well that's what I felt. That's just how I seen it.

A plastic cup of coffee $5.00, I maybe just getting old. In White Cliffs a mug twice the size $3.50... I told you I am just getting old.

Would we go back, I don't think so.

So we drove on to Wangaratta and setup in the caravan park all good here but no television we have stayed here a number of times and it's always been the same.

Hello to Scott, Faye, John and all the people we know in Wangaratta.

Had a talk to Belinda and Vicky in White Cliffs.


The caravan all setup now in Wangaratta it's looking good tonight maybe here few day just not sure.


December 11th Friday (14 Days to Christmas)
It's Friday and the weekend is near. We left Wycheproof at 8:30am driving to Charlton Victoria. A few years back I thing it was 2009 they had a really big flood so Carol and I took our business to Charlton and we fixed computers for two weeks free of charge. In two weeks we fixed 70 computers in Charlton.

Next it was Bridgewater on Loddon, the "Loddon River". We had coffee and a chat with locals before moving on towards Bendigo.

We did not stop in Bendigo we kept going to Heathcote, we book into the Heathcote Caravan Park $26 a night for a powered site.

Heathcote is a really dry place right now, not a blade of grass to be seen in town. So we will move on tomorrow towards the Hume Highway and Wangaratta.

Tomorrow we will move on towards Wangaratta we may even make it to Wangaratta, there is a big market on at Violet town.


We will just drift along and see where we end up. Just a bit of news we are two weeks and one day into our trip, and that 1,500km's today the trip will slow down from now on. The trip is as planned 1,500km's in 15days.


Joi home for the weekend and will be back in hospital next week.


Hello John and Glenda in Thurgoona New South Wales.



December 10th Thursday (15 Days to Christmas)

Our last night in Wycheproof in Western Victoria, we did go out for lunch otherwise we stayed in the caravan park cleaning up the car and caravan.

I fitted a new grey water outlet from the kitchen sink it be a lot easier fitting the drain hose now.

All the action today was in Albury, Joyce, Kylie and Susan went to the One Tonne Lego Display in town they had a lot of fun in Albury Wodonga.

Tomorrow we head off early towards Bendigo and on to Heathcote for a two night stop over.
We put a lot planning into each stop, like Carol has a hair appointment tomorrow afternoon in Heathcote we made that appointment yesterday.

So far we have had a very dry trip a lot of hot weather and dust. I am looking forward to getting past Bendigo tomorrow and hope we can get better weather.

Tomorrow another day.



December 9th Wednesday (16 days to Christmas)
Warracknabeal a 100kms from Wycheproof was where we went today, shopping and a look around town. Warracknabeal is bigger than Wycheproof it has two big supermarkets a very big chemist in town that we used for scripts.

Warracknabeal main street early today.

The town starting getting busy around 11am today.

It is a hour and half each way, it a highway but a very bumpy road I sat on 85kph, a shocking road. When it comes to road funding, one thing I say they are not spending it out here.

Joi starts treatment in Melbourne tomorrow, that's all I know.

Scott been really busy the last few week, he having a Christmas rush this year.

Our last day tomorrow in Wycheproof, do the washing and clean up the caravan. Friday we move to the other side of Bendigo and Sunday we will move to the Wangaratta area.

Been a good trip this year it is two weeks tomorrow, that we have been on the road.


December 8th Tuesday (17 days to Christmas)
Tuesday in Western Victoria its hot and dry, the air conditioner keeping us cool. They are saying tomorrow will be a lot cooler in the high 20c...

We went back down town this morning for coffee and a walk around town. We called off our drive out of town due to strong hot winds in the local area.

I been asked about my short television antenna. The television in White Cliffs now uses a satellite dish so I pulled the old 1.8m antenna apart and use it to make a short version.

Here a picture of the short antenna, home made version.

This is the Yo-Yos shop in town. I am not sure what to say, metal art.

A lot of work and all one of a kind.

Christmas at the local tyre business.

Cooler weather on the way, we are looking forward to that day.

Had a look at a local "Men's Shed" in town this afternoon, a few of us have been talking of starting a "Men's Shed" in White Cliffs. You sure need a big shed after what I seen today.


Hello to people in Victoria who read Three Dots.


December 7th Monday (18 days to Christmas)
Start of another week we are still in Wycheproof Western Victoria tonight and may stay to Thursday this week before moving closer to Wangaratta, Albury Wodonga.

Today we went to a local bird display in town it is in ANZAC park Wycheproof. We then went shopping well more window shopping.

Went to a local hotel for lunch note the Christmas Tree it made using wine bottles

This afternoon I did some work on the caravan building my own version of a television antenna and it's working a dream we have 110 channels all a perfect picture.

The old caravan not looking to bad this year, still have more to do.

The next project that I started today and right now is work in progress. I am fitting a new hose to the sink grey water drain. I have a grey water hose fitted to the sink but it is hard to fit the drain hose. The new one will be a five second job. All new parts that are replacing very old parts.

Tomorrow we are going for a drive to nearby towns.

Joi still in hospital in Melbourne.


December 6th Sunday (19 days to Christmas)
This morning at 8:30am we left Sea Lake driving 80kms South to Wycheproof a slow trip, we took our time arriving around 10am.

The caravan park not bad about 2.5 star very clean and a little bit of green grass to park on. A powered site for two adults is $15 night.

The town a lot better than Sea Lake more shops in CBD a bakery a cafe green grass in town and has around 700 people.

One really odd thing in Wycheproof is the railway line runs down the main street of the town. When you cross the main street you cross the railway line.

Standing on a railway line taking a picture not real smart, you may find something behind you. (Picture from the net.)

Just to hot walking around town it is around 40c so sit it out in the caravan with the air conditioner going.

Think we will stay here tonight and tomorrow night.

I took this picture standing on the railway line. Not many in town on a Sunday.

Hello to the people in White Cliffs they sure be living underground today they are looking at 42c... That's hot.

Had a number of call from White Cliffs today about how hot it is.


Talk soon.


December 5th Saturday (20 days to Christmas)
Not much shade here at the caravan park just a lot of heat. We have the new air conditioner working its little heart out. It is 38c outside now and 29c inside last night it got down to 21c.

Sea Lake, we went to the supermarket and the newsagency where I brought the local paper.

In Best Street the main street

Main Street of Sea Lake (lot of empty shops)

Lake Tyrrell (Salt Lakes)

That a lot of salt.

Salt for over 20km's

Pink Lake salt with 25mm of water.

We went for a drive 6kms to the salt lakes that's what we came to see and it's salt as far as you can see. Almost no water and if there is water it is about 1" (25mm) deep it gives a pink look to the salt.

Seen it is so hot we are going to the local hotel for a meal tonight just to hot to cook.

At 3pm we are 38c in Sea Lake, White Cliffs 39c, Albury 33c, Wangaratta 33c, Yarrawonga 34c.

Tomorrow we move on to Wycheproof about 100kms South East of here, hope the caravan park has a bit more shade.

Wycheproof is a town of about 700 people just a little bigger than Sea Lake.

Hello to Muffy staying with Joi and Peter in Melbourne just think she be a city girl soon.

Tomorrow Wycheproof.


December 4th Friday (21 days to Christmas)
We were just outside Mildura I went to wash a bugs off our nice new windscreen, no water.
When they fitted the new windscreen they had to remove the windscreen washer unit and they did not put it back right. After a phone call they met us and fix the problem an hour and half delay.

We got into Sea Lake (600 people) around 2pm and setup camp at the sporting club. There are three caravan here tonight it cost $20 a night for a powered site and it has a nice clean toilet, showers block very clean.

Sea Lake is a Wheat town the whole area is covered in Wheat and they are cutting the crop as I write Three Dots.

The town has two hotels, one supermarket and about five second hand shops, we are here two nights.

The car and caravan went well, the road from Mildura to Sea Lake is up and down small hills all the way. If your not going down your going up a hill.

We will have a look around the area tomorrow.

Hello Sue and David in Gippsland.

Have a good weekend.


December 3rd Thursday
Our last day in Mildura, we went for a short drive that ended up at the plaza for lunch.

The wind we had on Wednesday broke our television antenna, I did my best to fix it this afternoon without success just two many broken parts. I give a go tomorrow if I can find some parts.

As I said this is our last day in Mildura, tomorrow we move on two Sea Lake (just over 600people) about 160kms south east of Mildura we end up in about two weeks time in Wangaratta, Albury Wodonga via Bendigo then across to the Hume Highway via Seymour.

Had a Police car drive around the caravan park today scanning number plates, did not see him stop at all. We had no reason to worry.

Carol went for a walk with the camera this afternoon. Lots of bird life in the local area.

Picture taken across the Murray River from the caravan park today.

This looks like hard work on a warm day on the river.

Taken only about 40m from the caravan. Donald D Duck I am told.

And the lights are on for Christmas (the lights are all over one caravan) it looks good with Music and Christmas video running on the front.

Well that is it for Mildura next stop Sea Lake, never been there before looking at two or three day in the caravan park as it will be a hot weekend in the west of Victoria.

Joi is back in hospital in Melbourne.

We liked Mildura there is a lot to see and good shopping.

Hello Doug in Queensland.


December 2nd Wednesday
A lot better day in Mildura today around 25c light wind in fact this morning it was cold.

Carol, worked on her art most of the morning and it looks good. Most people who look at it seem to like it. I know Carol hates painting in the caravan park. Everyone walks past wants to have a look, and have a talk.

A paddle boat goes past every day I waited for it this morning, it goes downstream in the morning and returns about 3pm in the afternoon. (I like this picture taken with the phone, may print this for my computer room wall.)

Late morning we had a call, our new windscreen was in town can we come and fit it.

No windscreen

It took about one and half hours to remove the old windscreen and half hour to fit the new one. It so clean you cannot see the glass.

We went shopping at Bunning's hardware for nuts and bolts to keep the new air conditioner in place going along the road.

I spent the afternoon fitting the air conditioner in place and installing the outlet in the window of the caravan. It's looking good tonight.

Guess what it a very cool night and we do not need a air conditioner.

Washed the car so it looking good tonight.

Hello Susan in Albury.


December 1st Tuesday
The Mildura region is renowned for its big skies, rich earth and welcoming locals.

Experience respected wine and bountiful local produce that is chosen in the preparation of great food served up at quality restaurants and available at markets, eateries and cellar doors.

Discover breathtaking natural beauty, Mediterranean climate and fascinating local histories, stay overnight in comfortable accommodation at pubs, resorts, golf clubs and historic hotels.

All of this is located near the region's life source - the wide, ceaselessly flowing Murray River.

Well that's what they say in the travel booklet, let me tell you we had wind and more wind, dust today to the point I had to wash my eyes with water.

I had a wheel aliment today on the Mercedes Benz at Kmart Auto in Mildura it cost $69 and took two hours. I had to walk the streets for two hours.

We decided that we needed a small air conditioner in the caravan so we went for a drive and had a good look around town. 10,000btu at Bunning's and BigW were the same price. It in the van and we had it running today, it did cool later in the day.

Just outside of Mildura a large solar power station.

One of the main streets of Mildura

Still in the CBD of Mildura.

While I was walk around town today waiting for the car to be fixed a lady was hit on a crossing on a scooter it was tipped over. The driver go out of the white falcon checked with the lady, then drove away. I took this picture with my phone from about 50m away.

We did talk to Joi later in the day, she be back in hospital tomorrow morning for more test.

We still have a lot of wind tonight. We are still waiting on a windscreen for the car, hope it comes we leave here Friday.

(Fix yesterday, I said Mulwala it should have read Mildura.)


Three Dots...