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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for som e crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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February 28th Saturday
After shopping at Aldi in Wangaratta we packed up left the caravan park in Wangaratta and head fifteen minutes out the road to Oxley. We are in the free camp beside the river.

Oxley is a town in Victoria, located on Snow Road, 13 kilometers (8 mi) south-east of Wangaratta, in the Rural City of Wangaratta. At the 2011 census, Oxley had a population of 594.

Oxley derives its name from the Oxley Plains, which were named in 1824 by the explorers Hume and Hovell after John Oxley, the Surveyor-General of New South Wales. Oxley Post Office opened on 1 January 1870. An earlier office named Oxley became Milawa. The township served as the administrative centre of Oxley Shire until 1936.

Oxley Free Camp tonight so far it really good here.

Well we are back on Solar power, in the free camp tonight so hope it last to morning then I get back in the solar power business.

It been a really hot day here in Oxley on the side of the van in the shade it was 38c

We had happy hour in the camp tonight with five people, it was good to meet people and have a chat.

Have a look around tomorrow.

February 27th Friday
We went for a drive today and it ended up being a really big drive Wangaratta to Howlong where we looked at a free camp on the Murray right beside the Murray River under big old gum trees the whole area was big gum trees and tall grass, no thank you.

We had lunch at the Howlong Bakery it was ok liked it. Then we drove to the free camp near Beechworth the council have put up "no camping" signs it is closed. Not a good day so we drove to Oxley only 15km's from Wangaratta "The perfect spot" so we are moving out there in the morning, right on the Ovens River. The crazy part is we drove 200km's and found what we are looking for 15km's from where we started.

Here a bit more data on fuel today with no caravan we used 10lt per 100km's now from Wangaratta to Koroit with the caravan on and using the cruise control ON the Mercedes Benz I used 14lts per 100km's.

Koroit to Wangaratta I left the cruise control OFF and used my right foot all the way (with the caravan on) it is 440km's each way, I used 18lt's per 100km's the numbers all add up to dollars.

Here one other thing I did last month I fill with Unleaded 91 two tanks then use Premium 95 for two tanks there was no different and it felt the same driving, it just cost more.


Here something John in Gippsland sent me it worth a look I checked it out it will be on sale in Australia by next Christmas. Click Here


So we move away from the caravan park tomorrow at $27 a night to free came $0 for a few nights.

Hello Kylie Troy and the gang.


February 26th Thursday
We are in Wangaratta did a few jobs around town and have a bit to do tomorrow, not sure what we will do tomorrow morning. Went for a drive around the town today and took a few pictures for the website.

This is a old picture we took when we lived here.

There are some nice buildings in Wangaratta.

Another great building in Wangaratta

The walkway across the Ovens River.

Just over the bridge you will find the Caravan and Camping Show on this weekend here in Wangaratta, see how we go for time I may go have a look.

Feel Wangaratta has a hard time ahead of it we drove down the main street today and seen fourteen empty shops that not good for the town. You have to wonder Bunning's came to town the Target and Spotlight a big Cole's and Woolworth's it all add pressure on the small traders.

Met some people here at the caravan park from Melbourne tonight had a good chat.

Looks like a few hot days ahead.


February 25th Wednesday (Happy Birthday Belinda in White Cliffs)
We were not happy with the park at Rochester it need a big cleanup I say it the worst park we have stayed at, it could be the best park in the state if it was looked after. It new and modern it just dirty the BBQ area was a real mess.

We drove Rochester to Wangaratta via Shepparton this park in Wangaratta is one of the best we have stayed in it is very clean and well looked after a really nice park cost $30.00 a night.

There are three parks in Wangaratta it not the Big4 and it not the one right in town it almost across the road from the Ford Dealer in town. "Wangaratta Caravan and Tourist Park"

We have a spot without grass the reason why, it has a nice big shade tree like this spot.

Around 30m from our camp is some old friends of ours we always come see them over the fence. We turned up at feeding time.

We are booked in here Wednesday and Thursday night. Saturday going to be the hot day this week 36c plus in the area. A bit on White Cliffs they are looking at 35c to 42c the next week. It will drop to 24c and that at night, now you know why we all go away for the summer.

Sort a few things out here over the next few days then we plan to get back on the road.

Hello Muffy and Susan.


February 24th Tuesday (Happy 16th Birthday Tammy)
Stayed at the Top Tourist Caravan Park in Bendigo $34 last night, all I say is give it a miss.

Tonight we are at Rochester, North of Bendigo and West of Shepparton. Small town one Supermarket and a Mitre 10 hardware store lot of small shop's.

If this building could talk it would have some story's to tell.

Our camp tonight at the "Rochester Caravan Park."

We over look the River "What the name of the river." I do not know, sure someone will tell me.


The area around the Campaspe River was known as Yalooka, and for thousands of years was home to the Pinpandoor, the local tribe of Aboriginees.

(There the river name is the Campaspe River)

Rochester (via Rowechester) was named after Dr John Pearson Rowe, who had a hotel here before the township was gazetted in 1855. The Post Office opened on 11 May 1863 and the town was reached by the railway line from Bendigo (connecting it to Melbourne) in 1864.

The town is famous as the birthplace in 1904 of Australian racing and endurance cyclist, Sir Hubert Opperman, affectionately known as Oppy. There is a museum dedicated to Oppy in Moore street, and a statue of him winning the 24-hour Bol D'Or race in Paris in 1928. On his 90th birthday Oppy donated one of his trusty Malvern Star bicycles to the museum.

The town today

Agriculture plays an important part in the economy of Rochester. Primary agriculture includes dairy, tomatoes, cattle and sheep. There are also some grain and seed farms. The Devondale (dairy processing) factory is a large employer, and there are several other smaller industries.

It has a co-educational public Secondary College with 470 pupils in 2004.

Golfers play at the Campaspe Golf Club on the Northern Highway,or at the course of the Rochester Golf Club on Black Culvert Road.

The town has its own railway station

We will stay here tonight and move to Wangaratta in the morning we have nothing special to do tomorrow. And we need to be in Wangaratta on Thursday afternoon.

Hello Birthday Girl (Happy Birthday) Tammy


February 23rd Monday
We we left Koroit around 10am and drove to Bendigo that quite a drive with a caravan on the back.

We went past a lot of small places on the way here Mortlake, Derrinallum, Lismore, Cape Clear, Ballarat, Creswick, Daylesford to Ballarat to Bendigo.


Bendigo CBD it is a busy place.

Pictures from the internet it a great looking town.

We now need to be Wangaratta by 4:30pm Thursday this week so it will be only be a overnight stop in Bendigo this trip. We are not sure where to tomorrow but we will find somewhere to be.

Tonight we are in the Top Tourist park in Bendigo it just of but nothing special for the money just over $30 for the night, a place like Koroit is $24 yet it walks over this place.

Well we broke the back of the trip so we can go on from here, after all we are around four days from Wangaratta.


February 22nd Sunday
Right now it just after 2am and the power just came back on it been blowing a 50kph wind we pulled the awning down on the caravan at 1am as the wind blowing quite hard it coming from the north east.

We went into Warrnambool on Sunday just after lunch to a local music festival they played 50s and 60s music. It's a heap of locals who gets together once a month. It cost $8 and free tea and coffee.

Here is a 20 second video taken yesterday. Click Here

Then last night six of us went to a local bush pub out of town we had a great meal (but not good for my sugar levels) it was a good night.

The bush pub around 25kms from Warrnambool

Today we move on towards Wangaratta but we don't need to be there till Thursday so it be a slow trip. So the next three nights are a bit of a road trip.

We heading back towards Ballarat today but have no big plans at the stage.

Hello Rhonda in Colac, and hope Joi and Fred are ok. (When in Colac we were parked next to Joi and Fred, well a gum tree fell on there car in Colac over the weekend, not good.)


February 21st Saturday
A hot day in Koroit we had a 37c in town today nothing like Queensland, some people had 400mm plus of rain on the old scale that is 16" that's unreal. What did we have today, nothing not a thing.

Where do you go on a hot, for a drive in a car with the air turned on first stop was the main street of Koroit.

It a long way from the main street of Melbourne, this is Koroit.

Looking the other way midday Saturday.

The home in Koroit are quite old as you can see in the picture above.

Port Fairy was the next stop on a hot day it was nice in Port Fairy we had a cool wind blowing inland from the sea.

Port Fairy water way.

Thanks to all the people in Queensland for writing to me about the weather it was good reading.

We had a big happy hour tonight in the caravan park we met a lot of new people from South Australia, Melbourne and Gippsland. One lot had been on the road for 14mth's and have 4mth's to get back to Melbourne.

Hello Doug and Bill in Queensland.


February 20th Friday
We are having some funny weather here the last two nights the sea mist rolled in over the caravan park around 9pm, last night it was so thick like fog and it was like light rain and the same thing is happing tonight.

Right now we are having dinner in the came we are having some nice food simple food but really nice. There are ten

of us sitting chatting together.

Due to family requirements next week we will return to Wangaratta for a few day we leave here on Monday morning around 10am.

Tonight we will keep it short and go back to the party in the park.

Tomorrow another day.


February 19th Thursday
Nice weather today in Koroit and in Warrnambool, we went into Warrnambool just after lunch filled up with fuel made a trip to Aldi and the Meatbarn, that a great shop.

In the CBD of Warrnambool.

The CBD is made up of six street all the big shops are there.

It was hard finding a parking spot.

We decided to go back tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night the lady's in the park are having a party night each person is bring a dish. And Sunday night we are going to a sing-a-long in Koroit I watch my singing not good.

Read about Warrnambool Click Here

If you have not been to Warrnambool it worth the trip it has the sea, all the good shop a lot to see, old buildings and good food.

Hello Adrian and Dianna


February 18th Wednesday
We are still in Koroit Caravan Park, we went for a drive to Port Fairy today (It has been voted the most livable town in Australia, it good but I question that comment. It sure a nice looking place, here are a few picture along the water way.

Port Fairy water way.

Nice boat love to own a boat like this.

This would be a great place to live

The main beach at Port Fairy

It only a small light house and sits on the point at Port Fairy

Here is a link to the Port Fairy Website worth a look Click Here

On the top of the hill near Koroit there is Tower Hill it is an old Volcano today we drove do a narrow one way road down into the Volcano I can remember driving do there as a kid my father would have been driving in those days.

Driving up the Volcano at Tower Hill

Here a website to read about Tower Hill Click Here

Tomorrow a shopping day in Warrnambool, we need food and they have a Aldi supermarket. Warrnambool is nice place there is a lot to see.

The 3Dots website turned over 6000 hits today.


Hello Sue and David, thanks for the phone call.


February 17th Tuesday
We went for a drive into Warrnambool with Di and Graham we stopped at the Meat Barn, it worth a trip.

Inside the Meatbarn I have never seen so much meat in one shop and it is sold at a very low price.

Trees and parks this is a really nice place.

Bay at the main beach in town

If you look on top of the hill you will see a local walkway.

The walkway out to the island.

Where we had lunch looking out to sea.

It is nice looking at to sea just wish it was a bit warmer 13c today was a bit cool to sit by the rocks.

The word Warrnambool originates from the local Indigenous Australians name for a nearby volcanic cone. It is interpreted to mean many things including land between two rivers, two swamps or ample water.

A popular legend is that the first Europeans to discover Warrnambool were Cristóvão de Mendonça and his crew who surveyed the coastline nearby and were marooned near the site of the present town as early as the 16th century, based on the unverified reports of local whaler's discovery of the wreck of a mahogany ship. The ship's provenance has been variously attributed to France, China, Spain and Portugal. There is no physical evidence to suggest that it ever existed.

The Lady Nelson under Lieutenant James Grant sailed along the coast in December 1800 and named several features, followed by Matthew Flinders in the Investigator and French explorer Nicholas Baudin, who recorded coastal landmarks, in 1802. The area was frequented by whalers early in the 19th century.

The first settlers arrived in the 1840s in the Lady Bay area, which was a natural harbour. The town was surveyed in 1846 and established soon after, the Post Office opening on 1 January 1849.

During the Victorian Gold Rush, Warrnambool became an important port and grew quickly in the 1850s, benefiting from the private ownership of nearby Port Fairy. It was gazetted as a municipality in 1855, and became a borough in 1863. Warrnambool was declared a town in 1883, and a city in 1918. Post Offices opened at Warrnambool South in 1937 (closed 1973), Warrnambool East in 1946, and Warrnambool North in 1947 (closed 1975).

Tomorrow a new town Port Fairy, I have been there before but never had a good look around.

Hello Lyn and Jeff in Riddles Creek


February 16th Monday
We moved camp today from Colac to Koroit in south west Victoria and we moved in to the Koroit Caravan Park, back in the real world we have power, we have really hot water showers we are here for a week. It cost $24 a night or $144 a week for a powered site.

We are all setup tonight with a neat and tidy camp site, we are now using a blue food quality water hose the old garden hose always had a rubber taste in the water. The new hose is really clean. A 20m hose is $24 at Aldi yesterday it meets AS2070 quality.

There is quite a bit of room in the park, we met up with Di and Graham today and we are together for a week, they travel on the road full time.

I take some more pictures tomorrow, the washing machine, no it does not run on power, well it does Rex power and is it any good, we are very happy with washer.

Right now it is 8c outside and the wind is like ice, light rain and we have the heater on in the caravan. And we have television tonight, wow things are looking up.

Hello Carmen and Damon in Wodonga Victoria.


February 15th Sunday
Our last day in Colac was a quite day talking to friends in the park it been a good day a top temperature of 36c later in the afternoon we had a storm and the temperature fell 10c in 20min's.

We did the washing today yes that is our caravan washing machine, no power needed just me to turn the handle it is a hand powered washing machine it holes a 1kg wash at a time. By the way you buy them at Aldi for $40.00 they do a good job (here a tip use Wool Wash) you turn the handel 80 times to a wash.

Here another tip, half fill with water a table spoon of wool wash fill with clothes and as you drive along the road they wash, no need to turn the handel.

Carol took this picture of tonight sunset across the Lake Colac taken only minutes ago.

Tomorrow we pack up and head off to Koroit 130km south west we will be staying in caravan park toilet's and hot showers, power we won't know ourselves and it be party time in the park every afternoon at 5pm.

We have been here for nine days and met a heap of new friends it been good a really good spot on Lake Colac.

We are meeting up with friends in Koroit Di and Graham we met 13 months ago and have kept in contact all year and decided to meet up in Koroit tomorrow this has been planned for month's.

So what can we say other than Hello Di n Graham.


February 14th Saturday
We had rain last night more like a waterfall 44mm of rain over night and no problems in the caravan, no water leaks.

We went about 10km's up the road to the salt lake they say you can drive on it, no thank you I keep earth under the wheels.

This is all salt no water to be seen that a lot of salt on the table, I know nothing about salt other that I have it on fish and chips.

We had some bird life about 20m from our van today.

I did not count the Pelican my guess a 100 plus.

The free came is beyond full looking west.

Looking east they are three rows deep tonight and still more coming in.

Our little spot right on the front row over looking the lake.

We went into Aldi at 8:30am this morning and picked up a 1kg manual washing machine we will give it a go tomorrow, so I am told if you look close in the picture above you can see it sitting on the ground near the table.

Hello Bill and Marg in Queensland better add the old man Hello Doug.


February 13th Friday
What can you say about the day it been wet all day, it been windy, lighting and thunder and it is still the same right now we are getting a lighting flash every 30 second and it's been that way for hours.

So not a lot happen today it was a good day to read and do nothing. The caravan been good I could not see any water leaks, I have fixed a few over the years.

I been reading about how to clean and whiten the popup vinyl roof on the caravan roof I believe there's always a way to do something I got something's to try from the Internet. It's not dirty I have cleaned it and washed it, the problem is a discoloring from the sun a slight browning. If any one has any comments they are welcome.

Still a lot of people in the caravan park tonight but not to many moving around in the rain.

We have decided to move on Monday morning to Koroit outside of Warrnambool and just inland from Port Fairy in Victoria.

This is one of the best free camps in Victoria where we are now.

Hello John an Glenda in Gippsland.


February 12th Thursday
We had a great day the sun came out and charged the solar battery fully it was a lot warmer but tonight looking cool.

As I said last night we have some pictures taken yesterday while on the Great Ocean Road and driving in the Otways.

Apollo Bay looking into town.

Apollo Bay one of the many beaches.

Driving from Apollo Bay to Colac a 70km drive in the Otways this was best part of the day if you every get time drive the Otways.

Another part of the Otways it is a slow winding road but very little traffic. We were doing about 60kph most of the trip.

Today was a quite drive into town the Home Hardware, Aldi and IGA for ice to fill the ice box with ice, it last 7 to 9 days in the box.

The free camp is stacked again tonight, we have two 22yr old girls next to us from Germany they are sisters driving around australia. How this on the other side we have a Joy and Fred, we got talking today they are from Wagga Wagga and so is Carol mother you guess it right they are related in a round about way, it a small way.

Hello Peter and Joi in Melbourne.


February 11th Wednesday
We were up early and on the road about 8am we headed towards Geelong for about 35kms then turned south towards Lorne and the Great Ocean Road where after almost three months on the road we seen the Ocean at last. Lorne was good a very big sea mist. More on that later.

Lorne was good we enjoyed the walk around town the caravan park is packed even at $70.00 a night for a campsite. But it was worth the trip.

Then off to Apollo Bay a shocking road and a 1000 cars and buses the Ocean at a Apollo Bay was tops but a shocking town Japanese I have some good friends who are Japanese but this was a joke. The fish and chips shop had a line 35 long all Japanese we walked from shop to shop and seen one Australia who we spoke to "he said come back after 3pm they have moved on by then.

The locals stay home from 11am to 3:30pm just two many people.

Lorne main street.

Main beach at Lorne salt water at last.

Here a video to watch Click Here

It was good to see the Ocean but we did not enjoy the day just to many people and to many cars and buses. It's time we gave the Great Ocean Road a miss. It packed with people who do not talk English and the road a shocker.

Back in Colac and we have very high winds around 100kph, we took our awning down and helped some others do the same. Total cloud cover so we did not get much into the solar system today. Tonight we are very low on power we had almost no sun today.

Looking like rain here tonight and tomorrow morning it a really cold wind, tomorrow they say 22c...

The Great Ocean Road I put some pictures on tonight and more tomorrow just really low on power and we need that for lighting.

The free camp here at Colac tonight is packed we have over 40 caravan's and mobile homes here tonight the camping area is 500m long and it is full. There's a camper every 10 to 15m here tonight.

Hi Tony in England who reads 3dots, (why you say next year he is coming to Australia for 3mths and reads 3Dots.)

February 10th Tuesday
A wonderful day in Colac heaps of sunshine we went to town where Carol had a hair cut and the lady did a really good cut.

I went for a walk along the main street up one side and down the other side. It is a very busy street, I enjoyed the walk not that I brought anything just window shopping.
We went out for lunch in the main street and made a visit to Woolworth's Supermarket for a bag of ice.

We are having trouble with the power window in the left-hand side of the Mercedes Benz we need to replace the switch but that easyier said than done, the are not easy to find around Colac.

This afternoon we started cleaning up the car getting rid of what we don't need.
The caravan needs a bit of colour so we are going to add two stripes each side we seen a van that we liked so we took a picture and going to paint ours in the same style.

Taken from the caravan at 9pm tonight looking west.

Tomorrow we are planning a drive along part of the Great Ocean Road then back to Colac. We are 70kms from the Ocean he in Colac.

So tomorrow night we should have pictures of the south coast of Victoria.

I am looking forward to seeing the Ocean after all we do come from White Cliffs.

Hello Belinda and Tony in White Cliffs.


February 9th Monday
A windy night and a wonderful day in Colac, we did the washing in the caravan then headed into Colac for a look along the main street.

As you can see not to many people around on Monday the local information centre was a big help telling us where to go. We found Supercheap auto in town I needed a light globe for the Mercedes Benz then Woolworth Supermarket.

After we went around 20km's to the top of "Red Rock" it part of the Red Rock Volcano system. It is worth seeing.

Right up top you look down into the Volcano well it was here 4500 years ago. The water you see is Lake Colac we are camped on the other side of the lake 20km's away. Read a lot more on the Red Rock Area Click Here

We found the Colac Gardens quite nice you can drive your car around the gardens.

We both loved the yellow tree in the gardens. We are going to pack a lunch and come back here for a meal.

The picture was taken by Carol from the door of our caravan it a million dollar view.

We will stay around the area tomorrow, Carol having a hair cut then we have a look around the area.

A late update to today Adrian sent me a picture.

Sent by Adrian, Di Muffy and Susan at the Hume Weir today.

Hello Gang have a good time.


February 8th Sunday
Today started late last night, a local fireman came around "there is big wind coming pack away what you can" was nice of him to warn us. And he was right, we had 120kph wind for about fifteen minutes then it was quite; nothing no wind only a beautiful rainbow in the north sky.

At 5am this morning it sounded like a train the wind was back around 60kph and total cloud cover a good day to stay in bed.

Well we did get out of bed at 8am and we went into Colac where I took a few pictures for you to view.

The main street of Colac.

As you can see it has a big main street.

It is a very big town shopping wise.

Park in the main street of Colac.

Still in the main street.

We are only 70km's from The "Great Ocean Road" here in Colac and only 70km's from Geelong. So we are planning to stay here and go for a drive to the Ocean sometime this week.

The sun came out today and charged our solar battery fully we even had the TV going tonight.

I have been talking to people who live on the road full time I am writing a story about what they tell me, I will put it on 3Dots when ready.

Hello John and Glenda in Gippsland.

Here is an extra, a video of last night big rainbow (not it is 3m file) Click Here


February 7th Saturday
We moved came today to a free camp right on Lake Colac we have a top spot up a rise about 20m from the water a million dollar view.

We are 10kms from Colac CBD it is a really big town it maybe a city I am not sure. There is a big Target, Aldi, Cole's, Woolworth's all the big players are here. We have the best view in town right on the lake.

I take some pictures when in town tomorrow almost total cloud cover today so not good for charging battery but we are trying hard.

On the way here we went to Cape Clear and Rokewook very small towns on the way to Colac.

There are around 40 van, caravans, mobile homes they all here. We have around 100 people here tonight. All in a free camp, I wonder how many are at the caravan park in town at $35 night.

Colac free camp looking west.

Looking east at Colac Free Camp tonight

Hello Carmen Damon and the kids.

Sorry we are out of power

February 6th Friday
It was a lot warmer today and I think that it was that way all over South East Australia. We got to 33c here in Smythesdale and the same in Ballarat. I cannot say I love Ballarat it hard to get around we went to the Garden's in town and Mount Helen I  enjoyed that drive up the mountain with it views of Ballarat.

Next was a a local Chemist to stock up tablets for the next month. Then a Aldi in Ballarat to stock up on food. Do you know how Aldi got it's name and this is true. Al and Di started it and still own it today, it was called Al and Di Supermarket they dropped the "and" "supermarket" and it became Aldi as we know it today a true story.

The top of Mount Helen it is a long way up but to many trees to get a good view.

The road up and down is very narrow and it is a "One Way" road up one side and down the other.

Tomorrow we are heading for a free camp 130kms south of here at Colac on the lake I cannot say I love this area of Victoria the free camp ok, the town a bit over the top a can of coke $4 the town has around 60 people the free camp tonight around 50 people.

Bill in Queensland thank you for your help with my window switch, we are having trouble with the front left window switch in the Mercedes Benz, Bill is helping us out.

So Hello Bill and Marg

We are bit low on power tonight so I keep it short.


February 5th Thursday
We left Ballan today and drove 70kms to the south of Ballarat stopping at Smythesdale 20kms south of Ballarat. Smythesdale Gardens camp is nice and a free camp with hot showers. If you use the showers you are asked to make a donation $5 to help cover cost of using the camp.

There are a lot of people here around 25 caravan and campers there's toilets and a large well mowed area.

Tomorrow we are going to look at Ballarat and do some shopping we like to visit the gardens they say they are World class.

Smythesdale it a very small town about the size of Chiltern in Victoria, a Post Office, a small supermarket and general store that's it.

Smythesdale Free Camp 20km's south of Ballarat.

Our setup at the free camp only be here two night's I think then we will move on.

Other end of the Free camp and there is more behind us. As you can see we are not on our own.

Susan sent me a picture of Joyce taken at the Hume Weir (the water getting low) I like the picture after all it my Grand Daughter.

Tomorrow we will look around Ballarat

Hello Joyce.

February 4th Wednesday
We woke up this morning to cold, wet a shocking day seen it is our last day here Carol did some washing and used the dryer to get it all dry.

Carol eReader stopped working last night it was a disaster she had used it every day for three years. I look at fixing it back in White Cliffs if I can three years ago it cost $220 well today it cost $78 both 7" eReader's it came from BigW in Ballarat.

Yes we went to Ballarat today around lunchtime it was only 40kms each way.

Here a few pictures we took today in Ballarat.

I have nothing to say about this picture Cookie Monster playing the bag pipes outside BigW in Ballarat, yep I took this from the car.

Inside the Myer - Target building in Ballarat it is a very old building.

On the street Susan the shop on the left is Target Ballarat.

This is the CBD of Ballarat it is a nice looking city as your can see.

Tomorrow we move away from Ballan where we have been for ten day, it is a nice little town the caravan park good we have me some nice people here. We are going to move to the other side of Ballarat around 20km's south.

We will know where it is when we get there.

Late today the sun came out, they say it will warm up tomorrow.

February 3rd Tuesday
Good news first Carol received the all clear from the doctor here in Ballan that's really good news.

The sun came out today the first time in a week, it was a beautiful warm day. 

After seeing the doctor Carol went to a local Patchwork shop I know a number of 3Dots reader's are into Patchwork so hear two pictures to view, Carol said what a shop.

The shop here in Ballan had a really big range of fabric. You are only seeing part of the shop it is three times this size.

We went to a fast food takeaway for lunch then the supermarket in Ballan.

The solar ran out of power last night so having the sun come out today was good timing.

Now Carol is ok we will move away from Ballan on Thursday this week we have been everywhere around Ballan so time to move on towards Ballarat.

Some good news people we met last year rang today and we are meeting up again on the 16th February down south in Victoria.

The old guy here happy his new computer is working now that it been charged.

Ok all, have a good day.

Hello Muffy and Susan in Albury.


February 2nd Monday
They say it will warm up in Ballan about Thursday well we are looking at moving on Thursday to the other side of Ballarat. We had a day off today after going to the supermarket we stayed in the caravan park doing nothing.

I was talking to an old 80+ year old he was saying he had a computer a new one but it did not work, "show it to me" it would not turn on a laptop. The power pack had not been unpacked and the battery was totally flat. He did not know he had to charge it, I must say age is a big problem for some older people.

I asked people in White Cliffs about the price of unleaded fuel. Answer was " It is a 1.39lt I wish it was 97.7 here in White Cliffs  " Thanks for the email, Rex.

The solar panels do not like the clouds it getting to 12.6 volts today 1 volt below a sunny day. 13.6 is a 100% that extra volt makes a bit different the volt giving us about 4hr extra lighting in the caravan.

Well that about it for today a lot of people ask about Carol, she feeling better and a lot better, she seeing the doctor in the morning. 

We planning to move on Thursday to the other side of Ballarat in fact only 20kms from Ballarat.

Seen we are low on power tonight, I add more tomorrow.

Have a good night.


February 1st Sunday
The start of a new month and it is really cold in Ballan Victoria outside at 7:30pm tonight it is 7c as they say that's life. Next week it will be to hot.

Today we went for a drive a loop as they say Ballan, Pykes Creek Reservoir, Greendale, Blackwood, Trentham, Daylesford and back to Ballan. A drive of around 110km's

Pykes Creek and it's fun park worth a look if your in the area. More on this later.

Trenthham, I was unable to find a parking spot in town it was packed.

Daylesford a lot of flash homes.

Let's got back to Pykes Creek we were driving to the lake behind a BMW (I new we were close to the lake) the BMW turned left so did I, in a gateway. Opps Private Property I did a u-turn right away the metal gate had closed, trapped inside I went for a drive it full of million dollar homes. We found a man walking his dog he walked to the gate and let us out, we found the lake about 1km down the road.

Peter in Melbourne sent us this picture, Fuel is down to 97.7 and he said it is now cheaper than milk, wonder how it will go in tea and coffee (I wonder what it is in White Cliffs. I try find out and let you know.)

Looks like a good night to go to bed it going to be cold here. They are saying in the low to mid 30s here next week summer is on it's way back.


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