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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for som e crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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June 30th Tuesday
The last day of the business year and I must say it was the same as any other day now I am retired from business.

Carol went to art at 10am this morning, home it was full steam ahead in the second bedroom underground and it is around 90% completed at the end of the day. I used the Scott process to seal the walls.

A few years ago Scott worked out how to seal a underground room, it use to take around five days then Scott came up with a plan how to spray cement, we had a old 10lt paint sprayer the spray gun was broken.

Here a picture when new as a paint sprayer they are next to hopeless so Scott turned it into a cement spray you cut the orange hose off and block it off, then cut the paint gun off, to you only have a black hose left. You then fill the paint drum with 9lt of water. Add a half shovel of cement from a bag of general builders cement and mix it with a drill and paint mixer.

Hook up a air hose from your air compressor and hang on it will pump out all the water and cement mix in 90sec you spray and seal the walls in a room in 30min's. It works a dream sealing a room.

The upside is it works like a dream, now for the downside it is the worst and dirty est job you will ever do. If you have a wetsuit put it on it like working in a car wash.

You need to do three coats to get a solid cement base over three day.

We then spray a white undercoat and two top coates.

Tomorrow is flying doctor day in town and for us the school fete at the White Cliffs Public School. It a big day in town a bit like show day, happens once a year all money to the school.

The school has one teacher and around 10 kids this year.

Sue and David have a good trip. So hello to David and Sue.

I get a half day off work tomorrow for show day, so I am told.


June 29th Monday
Start of a new week and I am back working in the second bedroom, getting there slowly it a lot of work on your own. I take some pictures later on in the week.

The coffee shop is it a whole in the ground, yes you could say that so I took some pictures when we were there yesterday.

As you can see it underground but it no hole you can by top class Opal here.

It a really nice place as for a coffee shop it is five star.

The locals are in for coffee and a chat.

A few minutes after taking this picture about 15 people walked in the girls did a great job.

So that the Red Earth Opal and Coffee shop here in White Cliffs, the other place we hang out is the White Cliffs Underground Motel.

We have a pet at the back door a rabbit has made a hole in the side of the hill, if it gives us no trouble we will let it be. We have a few down the front of the yard but this is the first time we have had one so close to the house.

The White Cliffs School Fete is on this Wednesday, and the big deal is the cake baking competition and they have four judges, yes Carol a judge this year, there are some great cooks in town.

Hello Joi and Peter, hear you are having a visitor at the end of the week.

Susan is heading our way around mid July I think the room will be ready, think so.


June 28th Sunday
Don't know what happen last night Telstra Internet went off the air and we had no way of uploading 3Dots to the website, when we got up this morning it was all up and working, thanks Scott for your help.

This Tuesday will officially be a bit longer than usual on Tuesday, June 30, 2015, because an extra second, or “leap” second, will be added to time.
“Earth’s rotation is gradually slowing down a bit, so leap seconds are a way to account for that,” said Daniel MacMillan of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.
Strictly speaking, a day lasts 86,400 seconds. That is the case, according to the time standard that people use in their daily lives – Coordinated Universal Time, or UTC. UTC is “atomic time” – the duration of one second is based on extremely predictable electromagnetic transitions in atoms of cesium. These transitions are so reliable that the cesium clock is accurate to one second in 1,400,000 years. Yep I am sure we all understand all that.

The first wall we built with the bigger Opal Dirt was not so good to many holes in the cement wall, I am still using Opal Dirt but a lot smaller rock and it was perfect the wall has no holes and it is strong and that what we are looking for.

We are happy with this section when you see smooth look you have a strong wall.

The wall I have been working on downstairs in the second bedroom.

Rhonda thank's for the pictures taken at the free camp near Cobar New South Wales

Rhonda next time we have the caravan on we will try this camp out. (I left the foot out)

Kylie sent me a picture for my 3Dots website, it a joke. Remember the old cassette player.

Off to the coffee shop this morning, meet up with friends for a chat.

Hello Adrian and Dianne, Scott thanks for the help last night.


June 27th Saturday
Telstra mobile data in Wilcannia & White cliffs are down until further notice - Scotty


June 26th Friday
It's Friday and I have to ask what happen to this week it went so fast. It was a very cool day in White Cliffs with a top of 14c but we had a blue sky all day it was cool but nice in the Sun.

Remember this from two weeks ago, the test using Opal dirt to build cement walls. We had a week of rain then we went south for another week, today I filled the boxing that I will remove in the morning and see how it looks. The first wall I did was not good the rocks were to big and not strong.

The wall I did today felt good I used a smaller rock and it looked good when filling the boxing today, know more tomorrow when we remove the boxing.

I then moved inside to the second bedroom and worked on the walls it going to take a lot of work over the next few days but it will be strong.

Sue thanks for the email and enjoy your trip to Queensland, don't forget to send us a picture for the website.

Doug, in Queensland sent me a picture, Doug is into building little trains the size you see running around a park on a Sunday. I love to build on here but we are talking big money these day.

To all the people in Queensland have a good weekend.


June 25th Thursday
We are home in White Cliffs as of 6:30pm tonight it damp and cold outside 9c inside good 23c no water inside it just as we left it a week ago.

The trailer all good nothing got wet that I know of, we left Mildura around 8:30am driving the 300km's to Broken Hill. We went shopping in Broken Hill at Coles for frozen food and a few last minutes item. Filled with fuel and swap two 9kg LPG gas bottles that we require in White Cliffs for hot water.

We then left town and headed home via Wilcannia today we drove 288km's and the total for the week was 2688km's a long way 375lt's of fuel (14 Lph) 12 per hundred going down with a empty trailer, and 15 per hundred coming home with a full trailer.

This is a very big setup you pass it on the road from Broken Hill heading towards Sydney, I was told NBN but I am not so sure.

This picture was taken about 10km's south of White Cliffs on the way home tonight (Carol picture)

Our first banner ad on the top of the page Susan Relay for Life this year, read the add at the top of the page. This is not a scam it's real and is 2015 Relay for Life.

Susan is coming to White Cliffs in July, Just hope I can finish the bedroom.

Hello to Sue and David in Gippsland hope you get some nice weather soon.


June 24th Wednesday
Up early in Wodonga and picked the trailer up from Adrian and Dianne place in Lavington and it was raining hard at the time. Once we drove passed Wangaratta the rain had stopped for the day, thank goodness.

We stopped and looked around Shepparton for half hour then drove north Swan Hill and then onto Mildura where we stopped for the night.

As you can see we have tools in the bottom of the trailer, timber on top of the cage, and on top of the timber we have a new bed for White Cliffs. The bed is wrapped in the orange and blue plastic. It is not a tidy load but so far it has worked well.

The Land Newspaper has a item this week of a family in White Cliffs. Click Here

In Mildura so we are 580km's from home, tomorrow it off to Broken Hill a bit of shopping then home to White Cliffs.

The sun setting at 5:30pm so we need to be on the road from Broken Hill by 2:30pm new south wales time. Broken Hill is south australian time.

For the record the Mercedes Benz is sucking up the fuel with the heavy load 16lph that a lot of fuel.

Thanks to Faye and John, Damon and Carmen for looking after us the last four days and Adrian and Dianne in Lavington.

Tomorrow Broken Hill and home.


June 23rd Tuesday
We went shopping and that took most of today first was Freedom Furniture in Albury where we had a look it much the same as Mildura.

We then went to the Good Guys to look at stoves for the new kitchen it much the same as Mildura as well.

Picked the trailer up from Adrian and Dianna place in Lavington then went to Bunning's where we loaded on eight sheet of 9mm MDF board for use in the new kitchen in White Cliffs. While in Wodonga we checked out Bing Lee for an oven, Carol found one she likes, just need to check out a few things power wise.

Back at Adrian place we loaded the new queen bed on the trailer and wrapped it in plastic for the trip home. If it rains I am sure we will be ok, we have a good size load for the trip home.

We went and seen Kylie, Troy, Jack and Joyce in Thurgoona Joyce is sure growing up real fast now.

Joyce at school, with a big grin.

Off to big school next year in Thurgoona, it was good to see her today.

Tomorrow we head for home with the trailer on I feel it is going to be a very slow trip this time.

Thanks to Adrian and Dianna.


June 22nd Monday (Chase Birthday)
I could not get over how cold it was today in Wangaratta it was bitter cold in the street a bitter winters day.

I went and spent the morning with Scott he updated my computer software which really good. It needed a bit of work and I did not have the equipment in White Cliffs to do the job.

Carol went out with her sister's for coffee this morning in Wangaratta while I was with Scott.

We then hooked up the trailer and headed for Albury Wodonga dropping the trailer off at Adrian place in Lavington. We then went to Damon and Carmen place.

It was a birthday for Carol Grandson Chase, son of Damon and Carmen in Wodonga and tonight we all went out for a meal and four year old Birthday Party in Wodonga.

The birthday cake, an Ice Cream Cake Tahlia, Chase, Jasper. Every kid loves an Ice cream cake.

Two grandmothers Carol and Jenny, Lacey, Chase and Tahlia at Chase 4th Birthday Party.

Tomorrow we need to go shopping for the new kitchen in White Cliffs, we need about 8 sheet's of 9mm MDF board (1200 x 2400mm) and we need to load the new bed on the trailer for the second bedroom in White Cliffs. It is going to be a slow trip home to White Cliffs.

We had a good night out tonight, a lot of fun with the kids.

Have a good night all.

June 21st Sunday
What can you say when you wake up and it is -3c other than "It's Cold" and for people that live in White Cliffs it was a really cold day.

While I had a empty trailer I we around to Scott place here in Wangaratta where we cleaned up outside taking three loads to the Wangaratta rubbish tip Scott, Susan, Yvonne and I did the job in about five hours.

Carol went out for lunch with some old school friends in Wangaratta.

I have been asked by the White Cliffs social club who are putting up a new sign in town advertising the social club, if they can put our website on the sign. Sounds good to me I can see no reason why I would say no.

Thank you to Faye and John for having us last night and tonight it been good.

Tomorrow around lunch we move on to Albury Wodonga and staying two nights in Wodonga. Tomorrow Chase Birthday a big four old tomorrow morning.

I go shopping at Bunning's Wodonga Tuesday and load our new bed for the second bedroom in White Cliffs.

Head for home on Wednesday morning and do it again in the other direction.

Scott hope you like your clean backyard now mow the lawns. It looking good.


June 20th Saturday
We are in Wangaratta, and all is good, staying John and Faye that was a big drive for this old man 1160km's in two days a truck driver does that every day but this old boy. Yes there are shorter ways to come home but the roads are closed due to rain.

So we came home via Broken Hill, Mildura, Swan Hill, Echuca, Shepparton to Wangaratta.

We had a really good trip having lunch in Echuca with Rhonda, nice lady and enjoy talking with her today. We had lunch at the Beechworth Bakery in Echuca a good way to spend an hour and half.

Next week we go back home and it looks like we go back the way we came.

Tomorrow I help Scott at his place lift a few things and do a run to the tip.


Tonight that it for the day just need a bed, goodnight all.


June 19th Friday
We had a good trip today just locked the Mercedes Benz on 110kph (speed limit out this way) and let it go, checked the trailer about every 100km's all good.

We left White Cliffs at 7:30am I think we were the only people out of bed at the time.

Stopped for a coffee and a bite to eat at Broken Hill and fuel at south Broken Hill, then headed south to Wentworth on the Murray river.

We then drove into Mildura city and it is a big city, it's about the size of Albury Wodonga.

Centro Shopping plaza in Mildura you need a day to shop here, House Boat on the Murray River.

Leave the plaza behind this is the CBD area in Mildura.

Bit more of the CBD this is a nice place it worth a week to have a good look around.

While away over the summer 2014 - 2015 we met up with a lady at Colac in Victoria, Carol and Rhonda spent a lot of time talking and they have kept in contact every week this year. Tomorrow we are going to meet up for lunch along the road to Wangaratta.

We found the Good Guys in Mildura and had a look for a oven we need LPG in White Cliffs they not cheap but we found one that Carol likes, we will have another look in Albury Wodonga and Wangaratta before we buy one.

Well that was day one of the trip south, a good day, 580km's

Tomorrow we meet up with Rhonda for lunch then drive onto Wangaratta.

Have a good weekend. Hope you like the pictures of Mildura.


June 18th Thursday
The Wild Wacky Woman show is over and everyone seem to have a lot of fun.

Around lunchtime we had the last of the rain it was a very big storm it lasted around twenty minutes then the sun came out in minutes we had blue sky.

The trailer ready to roll in the morning, I checked the Mercedes Benz it's ready, checked the oil, coolant, water clean the air filter it ready to roll around 8am tomorrow morning. First stop is Broken Hill then Mildura on the Murray River for the night, it a trip of about 585km's to Mildura.

While Carol was at Wild Wacky Woman I worked inside the new bedroom underground about three or four days work then the paint sprayer comes out of it's box.

Susan be here in about four weeks she should have a new bedroom to sleep in. Well that's the plan at this stage.

Tomorrow we will do three dots from the Mildura area.

Hello to all the people living in rain tonight we know how you feel. Global Warming it comes and go's in the outback of New South Wales.

Have fun, I will take some pictures tomorrow.

June 17th Wednesday
Tomorrow in White Cliffs is that crazy day on the year, they all had fun last year so it going to be bigger and better this year.

With a name like this "Wild Wacky Wonderful Women", on all day tomorrow I guess all men eat at the shop or the pub tomorrow, well that what I was told today. The women in town have all booked in for the day. It is a free day put on by Department of Primary Industries and the Australia Government.

It was quite a cool day in White Cliffs today the sort of day will it rain it may rain that how it was all day, wonder what happen to Global Warming muuu.

With weather like this around all day it hard to decide on working outside laying cement.

It still 23c inside tonight but only 13c outside, I checked the trailer today we are heading south to Wangaratta, Albury Wodonga. Leaving here on Friday morning heading for Mildura via Broken Hill. This it the long way to Albury, the dirt road via Hay is closed, the Cobar to Hillston Rd has water across the road in a number of places. So to be safe we go via Broken Hill, Mildura, Swan Hill to Wangaratta it is a two day trip.

Today I worked on getting the car and trailer ready, Sunday I am going to help Scott in Wangaratta and stay with Faye, John and Harvey. Head to Albury on Monday afternoon staying with Carmen and Damon (it Chase birthday) Buy what I need for the new kitchen and load the new bed on the trailer, head for home on Wednesday morning.

Hope the weather better when we get back home and I can get some work done.


Hello Muffy and Susan in Albury


And a big hello to all "Wild Wacky Wonderful Women"


June 16th Tuesday
What a shocking day in White Cliffs it's the hottest place in New South Wales and today it is was wettest place in New South Wales the rain started on Sunday and so far we have had 51mm that a lot of rain for this area.

The General Store today, the road up to our place was a mud pie, the Mercedes Benz locked itself in 4WD on the way home just after lunch. It is only the second time it been in 4WD mode, (Mode I sound like a computer man.)

Had a big talk on the phone today to Berger Jet Dry paint people about doing the floor in the underground section of the home. We now know what has to be done inside it a bit of work but building an underground home is all about work.

I get what I need when in Albury next weekend.

As for water leaks the rooms we fixed up top are good, no leaks so far but we had a leak around the area where we put the new doorway, a lot of the local people are having trouble tonight two people rang me and asked how we are getting on tonight. One with a small problem the other had a bad problem a leak on their main bed in the bedroom.

Carol was a pissed off today we had a leak above a food cupboard easy fix put a bucket up there all fixed, Carol open the door and you can guess the rest.

All the farmer are happy and rubbing hands together tonight, I know we need rain but it can stop now for a while.

Not sure what this means click here


Hello Troy and Kylie.


June 15th Monday
Well no working outside today, 20mm of rain last night and it is like walking in mud pie outside so it was all about working inside today, I must say it was nice and warm.

The new door way fitted and finished (needs painting), this is in the entry to the underground. Why have two doors outside the underground right now it is 15c, between the two door (they 3m apart) it is 16c, on the inside behind the new door you see it is 23c the two doors are an airlock to the outside from the cold outside in winter and the heat of summer. The door fitted and it working 100% I am not a builder, a long way from it.

It is 7:15pm and dark, and between the two doors it is pitch black no light, have to add that to the job list.

What all this about you may ask, I had a number of local people drop by yesterday and we talked about carpet on the floor and I was told by every one that a big NO do now put carpet in an underground home, we have all done it years ago spent a heap of money and we have all pulled it up and tossed it in the rubbish tip. One day no matter how good your underground is it will leak and small areas of the carpet will get soaked with red mud. Paint the floor and use mats.

We just had 20mm of rain and not a leak not a drop of water, Belinda said their place was fine then they had 90mm in three hours of rain the carpet had to be pulled up and put in the tip. Vicky had much the same story so she did some art work on her floor, so we are now in thinking mode.

So late today I took some very fine sand and cement and started to repair the floor in the new lounge fill in any cracks or pits in the cement, tomorrow I put a thick undercoat over the floor in the morning. It is a bit out of the box and I love a comment.

For a wet day I got a lot done inside but I did nothing that I planned to do.

Tomorrow I get back into some items on my job list.


Hello to Belinda and Vicki in White Cliffs and thank you for the advice.


June 14th Sunday
A nice day in White Cliffs blue sky but they say it will rain tonight, in fact the weather man said 90% on 10 to 20mm today muuu.

We went out for coffee this morning at the Red Earth Cafe, it was really busy.

The wall, it is ok but we can do a lot better, I need to cement render the wall, the Opal dirt I used was to much rock and had a lack of sand.

As you can see the wall has a lot of pits in the cement work so I have to render it.

The rock I used yesterday in the background it has a lot of rock. In the foreground is a fine Opal Dirt there is a big heap of it on top of the underground home.

Here the big heap on top, so tomorrow (if it not raining) I use this dirt as it has only small rocks. I sure it will do a better job. The wall I build yesterday is very strong I am sure the Opal Dirt will work in the end just need to find the right mix.

Tomorrow Monday I build the wall, if it raining I work inside the underground the hands are a bit better today, still sore but better.

Adrian and Dianna have a new queen bed for us in Albury (thanks for that) they got it yesterday we will pick it up next weekend when in Wangaratta Albury Wodonga. The bed is for the second bedroom that I am now working on.

If it rains just hope we get no leaks.


June 13th Saturday
Had trouble sending up 3Dots last night (Friday) it was ready to upload to the Internet at 7:30pm but the Internet into the US was down for two hours.

Worked outside today on that little wall built out of Opal Dirt.

If left unchecked the wall just falls away and after 7yrs it looks like this.

The same area today after I moved all that rock. I layed the first section of wall today in the form timber.

It is call form timber you can buy it at Bunning's then you drill a 12mm holes and space the timber with plastic tubing and bolt it all up as you see in the picture.

Look close at you can see the nuts and bolts. Fill it with cement and leave it overnight to dry before removing the form timber.

In the foreground is normal gravel it cost $200.00 a load, in the background is a pile of Opal Dirt, it is free. The wall built today was built using Opal Dirt. Tomorrow we can remove the form timber and see what happen.

I take some pictures in the morning after I remove the form timber, and put on three dots.

Have a question just paid the power bill for three month's our bill here was $129.00 how does that compare with your three month account. Will not put your name on 3Dots just your town or area.

Tonight is Pizza Night at the Underground Motel $25.00 all you can eat, tea coffee and desert.

We have made up a table of ten for tonight.


June 12th Friday
This came today for the White Cliffs website from the Flying Doctor Service.


What does vitality look like and why is it important? It is the power to live or grow. It is also the capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence. Sleep is necessary for vitality.
Did you know you can loose weight just by sleeping better?  
There is mounting medical evidence that if you do not get good sleep then certain hormones that reduce your appetite are not produced. Fatigue can also make us crave for a sugar fix to give us energy and  really we just  need peaceful sleep.
Studies have also found a link between insufficient sleep and some serious health problems, including heart disease, heart attack, diabetes and obesity. Here’s the catch 22; if you are overweight and you may not get good quality sleep this can lead to sleep disorders, yet the sleep disorder could play a part in you being overweight. 
Sleep is vital to help our memory. During sleep our brains go through our impressions of the day in a process vital to memory formulation. Our mood is also improved if we are not tired when everything becomes an effort.

So how can we help improve our sleep?
 Go to bed at the same time each day
 Get up at the same time each day
 Get regular exercise 
 Go outside into the sunlight each day-the sun adjusts your body clock
 Make your bedroom as peaceful as possible
 Don’t watch TV in bed
 Only use your bed for sleep and sex
 Make sure niggly pain is not waking you up
 Take a warm bath or shower before bed
 Don’t have any “heavy” family discussions before bed
 If you like a light on in the house try for a light with a low voltage bulb that will give off a softer light. Lights stimulate our brains to keep us awake. 
 Limit you tea/coffee in the evenings if it has caffeine in it.
 Don’t go to bed hungry or too full
 Don’t smoke
 Get up if you can’t sleep and do something boring. Only have a soft light on for whatever you are doing. 

Some useful web sites are Beyond Blue  and the Black Dog Institute   Also there are many free apps that have guided meditations for stress relief and music for relaxation to suit a variety of tastes. 

Glynis Thorp  Mental Health Project Officer Royal Flying Doctor Service South

I will not make any comment, Rex

The rest of today was all about moving rock outside and putting in the boxing for our small wall to keep the rocks from falling, the main reason is to try out the Opal Dirt as a wall. I will fill the mold with cement tomorrow morning then I know if I can use it for other jobs.

I take some pictures tomorrow as they say a pictures worth a thousand words. Moved about two cubic meters of rock today that will keep me fit.

Cannot work inside with rock my fingers are red and very sore, you put up the rock then you press wet cement between the rocks with your fingers (I have gloves on) tips of my fingers are red. I was told today to wear cotton gloves under my cement working gloves, will give it a go over the weekend.

You may remember this picture from the other day.

The rock wall on the east side of the house when it rains it washes away the mud and the rocks fall down I am going to build a 600ml wall using the dirt that has fallen down. The dirt that has fell down is called Opal Dirt. Yes we have found Opal's in the wall but only very small stuff.

Take some pictures tomorrow of what we are doing, Carol had craft with the local ladies today.

Adrian has an auction on at the Albury Showgrounds.


June 11th Thursday
Hooray, the wall in the second bedroom is build and it going nowhere I worked it out at around five tons. What next I have to make it look better render the wall and paint it.

We also did a lot of rendering in the new lounge room we are so close to  finishing that room.

I am going to give the render work a rest tomorrow, have been wearing gloves but the cement lime starting to get into my hands tonight they are quite sore, cement burn they call it. (am using cream tonight)

As I said a few days ago I am going to build a wall using cement and Opal dirt, tomorrow maybe a good day to set it up.

Scott was working in Yarrawonga on the Murray River and sent us some pictures for 3Dots.

Lake Mulwala Yarrawonga today, no water they have drained the lake to do work in the area.

That not water it is mud, no swimming this winter.

I ran out of printer ink today we have had the printer two years, don't print much these days.

Carol did some painting today (art work,) she getting good at it, the last one she did was good I liked it. We decided to have it framed for our own use here at home.

Hello to Scott and thanks for the pictures you sent us today.


June 10th Wednesday
We are getting very close to painting the lounge room in the underground section of the home. We need to splash a bit of cement render around the room tomorrow I say by the weekend we will start painting the room fix a power point it almost there.

In the second bedroom that big rock wall will be completed tomorrow I almost made it today but I needed to let the cement dry a bit overnight then I finish the last little bit. I be glad to see the end of that job. Still a lot more work to do in the room but this is the end of the big job.

This is a wall we rocked up in the new lounge room the area you are looking at is about 5ft long 3ft high ready to paint.

We had Peter and Brenda around this afternoon for Tea and Coffee they are really nice people, Peter is working his own Opal mine out on the Westfield area.

Carol went out this morning for tea and coffee at the Red Earth Cafe with some of the local ladies I am told she be home tomorrow but at craft and coffee on friday the social life in White Cliffs is hard to understand.

Scott sent some mail up from Wangaratta to White Cliffs it took 11 days. It's wednesday the weekend papers are for sale at the General Store today, yep you read Sunday on Wednesday. On Sunday you read Thursday paper.

Fruit and Veg came in today from Adelaide and the meat man comes this Saturday at midday from Red Cliff near Mildura.

Work this out why is unleaded and premium unleaded the same price $1.67lt...

Had a good day in the underground, hello Sue and David in Traralgon Victoria.

June 9th Tuesday
Worked on that big wall in the second bedroom again today I gave it a really big go today I should make the top tomorrow I am about 300mm from the top (1ft) maybe tomorrow will be the day.

I was asked why don't I finish one thing then move on, well that would works if you had a Bunning's down the road, the nearest Bunning's is Mildura 580km's (1160 return) away so you need to have more than one project at any time. I have five projects going this year.

Project 1
The Kitchen, we need 9mm MDF Board I can do small things but the kitchen at a near stop. I was unable to buy 9mm board in Broken Hill last week, mid month I go to Albury and get it there.

Project 2
The second bedroom (underground) building a large rock wall around 9ft high to add structure to the bedroom it a big wall. I work on the wall about six days a week. The rocks are around 15kg (40lbs)  each, you lay in a thick row of cement then lift the rock in position after about ten rock which is only one row I have to stop for a day till it dry's. You cannot risk a 15kg rock falling so it's slow and safe.

Project 3
The lounge room I have the room about 85% completed it's been re-rocked to the roof all the hard work in this room is finished. But a lot of trimming to finish off.

Project 4
The underground food room this is a small room underground it is made in such a way as to stand a mass of problems part built using fly screen this is where we will keep bulk food cans, sugar, bread mix, refrigerator and freezer in this food room.

Project 5
Hallway, this is a big job when you walk out of the underground the hallway will link the underground to the new kitchen. It all build using cement walls 100mm (4") thick. You may say it be quicker to use timber, yes quicker to build but we would have to travel to buy timber. In the long run cement is quicker.

There the five projects for this year, the biggest one is the kitchen and that's the main project but it's also the most costly project we need oven, cook top, range hood, and flooring around $2500. The rest of the projects are cement, rock and a lot of hard work.

I set the five projects at the end of last year and I am not sure if I can finish them but that my target this year. We are pity much on target so far, seen the kitchen on hold I am pushing hard on number 2, the underground bedroom. Reason my daughter Susan is coming up in five weeks she was going to stay in the caravan but I think she will have a nice new bedroom.

I am taking a sidetrack in the next few day I have a heap of Opal dirt outside and outback of the underground around hundred cubic meters there. They say it is not good for cement work but he the guy selling me gravel at $200.00 for a five cubic meter load.

Need a wall to hold back rock on the east wall picture attached so I  am going to build a 600mm wall using Opal dirt and if happy I will use the Opal dirt to build the hallway, that would save me around $400 alone.

Someone will ask, the little blue door, is where we keep the LP Gas bottles. This wall on the east side of the block falls away each time it rains, it around 15ft high and that is Opal Dirt. To pull out a rock easy to knock down a cement mixer full you need a jack hammer.

Gravel has been one of the big cost, Opal dirt would save us a lot of money (we have heaps here for free). Building the wall to hold back the rock is needed but it more of a test using Opal dirt.

I did use Opal dirt up on the roof last month remember that walk way 25m long and 1.5m wide that was all Opal dirt.

What is Opal Dirt when you dig a room underground you remove soil that was once part of the great inland sea, it's a mix of mud, rock and salt the mud is as hard as cement till it get wet. We did a room we have heaps of this soil they call it Opal Dirt I made step three years ago out of Opal dirt they are fine, let's give it a go.

Carol went to art today they have quite a big group and some of the art work is great.


Hello to all our friends in White Cliffs.


June 8th Monday (Queen's Birthday)
They tell me it was a holiday, well not here the same as any other day, the first job today was to fit a new LP Gas bottle to the hot water service. The last gas bottle lasted 25days this one lasted 13days the cold nights over the last two weeks it been down to 3c some nights. Had a lot of trouble relighting the gas hot water it was a real pain and took 45min's...

Today was a wonderful day in White Cliffs the sun shined all day and a blue sky not a cloud in site.

Unloaded the trailer of 15bags of cement 300kg and stored it all under cover just in case we get a spot of rain. I made up a real fine sand mix using a sieve and filled a bucket of really fine sand taken from Opal dirt in the underground, tomorrow I try it on the rock wall, we are looking for a really fine finish.

Found a problem on the trailer a broken 1/2in bolt in the tow ball holder. It has two bolts (thank goodness) went and seen old Karl on the other hill and he found me a new bolt at his place. The trailer all fixed and working 100% now ready for a trip to Albury Wangaratta in 11days time.

Next it was back inside the underground laying another run of rock on the wall that we have been building for almost two weeks, still a few days to go. Back filled behind the rock wall with Opal dirt so far it's looking good.

Next was outside in the garden, (well it not a garden yet) we have to build a cement wall to keep the rocks back it's been a problem for years so it about time I fixed it.

Here our garden well future garden, it what I do after work, working in the garden it a matter of controlling the weeds and salt bush. You can see the driveway going down the hill.

The driveway winds it way down the hill and it 1.5km's into town. Our driveway we named it "Saltbush Court" one day we will put a sign up down the bottom of the hill.

Adrian and Garvin have a auction on at the Albury Showgrounds next Saturday morning, sounds like a good one.


Hello Miss Muffy and Miss Susan in Albury Wodonga.


June 7th Sunday
Up early this morning and at work we have been working in number of areas for a few months the kitchen on hold till we get some timber in Albury Wodonga mid month.

The new bedroom underground is about a three weeks away, we are still building that rock wall.

The other room we are working on is the lounge room we have been working on that at night and it should be completed this time next weekend.

When I say complete "not the floors" we need to sort out the floors. We are still two minds what to do with the floors.

We also have a small room underground it's a food room, in the room we have a refrigerator and freezer. We need to sort this room out this year.

We keep telling ourselves one day it all come together.


We had friends up today to help move a wall unit to another room they said it's unreal how much work been done.


Tonight we had dinner at the White Cliffs Sporting Club.

Tomorrow another day.

June 6th Saturday
Up at 7am South Australia time, where going to cross this motel off our list the walls are paper thin not a good place to sleep.

First thing was my hearing aids then to a takeaway for breakfast I am happy with the hearing aids.

Next stop was Coles Broken Hill new shop, we did a big shop filling two trolley loads, we had one each. We filled the back of the Mercedes Benz and the ice box.

Home hardware was next to buy a few try things for a friend in White Cliffs.

Up the road from Home hardware we brought 15 bags of cement that's 300kg of cement at $8.50 bag, White Cliffs $13 bag. That saved $67.00 a good saving.

Coles express was next for fuel and swap the gas bottles on the front of the trailer. Two LP Gas in White Cliffs $96 in Broken Hill $50 saved $46...

Last stop was Repco Broken Hill for 2lts of break fluid for another friend in White Cliffs. We then drove out of town around 11am heading for Wilcannia.
Top up the fuel then head for home, getting here at 2:15pm.

Then after all the trouble of packing we unpacked the Mercedes and the ice box.

The road from Broken Hill to Wilcannia it is sealed all the way has a few bad bumps. The outback had a bit of rain the last month or so and it is starting to turn green as you can see in the picture. We did not take the short cut home across the dirt with 300kg in the trailer.

Last night the bird I am told a Falcon and late today I seen two more above the house.

Tomorrow it back to work in the underground.

Hello John and Glenda in Gippsland.


June 5th Friday
Well today was a big day but I don't have a lot to talk about.

We left White Cliffs at 7:30am driving 288kms to Broken Hill in about three hours. After a short walk along the main street I  went and had my new hearing aids fitter. Amazing what I can hear now I  had 35% hearing, now have 100% in my book.

Can hear television, a computer mouse makes a click, the car unreal I can hear the seat belt click McDonald's tonight it sounds like a war zone.

They fit behind the ears and are very small about the size of a 5c coin. Have a bit of reading to do about the aids.

Went to the Broken Hill Musicians Club for lunch, we are members, it a nice no fuss club that has $8 meals for members at lunch time.

We went looking for carpet for the underground home we were happy with one we found just need to measure the rooms and go from there.

The only shopping was a trip to the Reject Shop in town. There are two big centers in Broken Hill Coles and Woolworth's they are big. The main street is worth a good look.

Shopping for food in morning then back to White Cliffs, tonight we are in a Motel in Broken Hill.

Picture taken on top of our underground early this morning.

Need some help on the one what is it a Eagle, Falcon it's a really big bird. Like some help on this one please.

I was told about a short cut to Broken Hill a dirt road that cuts 36km's off the trip. It is 30km's of dirt road not bad you can do 80kph along it. Call the Dry Lakes Road it is dry weather only, we will use it again.


Hello all the people in Yarrawonga, thanks for the emails.

June 4th Thursday
Happy Birthday Troy, gee that's bad working on your birthday.

It been cold up here in White Cliffs the last week at night but nothing like living down south but cold for this far north. You need to remember that we are near the Queensland border.

I did so many things today a load to the tip, I played rubbish man for an old lady in town to tip. We picked up fifty rocks down the driveway and put them down stairs in the new bedroom we are building. That hard work moving rock around 15kg each, feel fitter for doing it.

Fixed the trailer ready for the trip to Broken Hill tomorrow morning early, put on the trailer two 9kg gas bottle's and put the Ice Box in the back of the Mercedes Benz.

Cleaned up an area where Carol has her clothes line. We need a bigger better line, this one is to small.

The Next 7 days in and around White Cliffs
Fridays, 3-5pm Table tennis at the Hall - players welcome. Contact Jurgen Hecht.  
Fridays  6 pm Locals dinner at the Store. Bookings preferred. Visitors always welcome
Sundays,  4 pm White Cliffs Hotel/Motel Euchre—All welcome
Sunday, June 7, 10am to 4pm 
Burke Park, Wilcannia Field and Fun Day
- Pip Hudson & his sheep dog demonstration
- Mog Davies—Horse handling
- Wool bale rolling competition
- 2015 Wilcannia Gift—3km for adults, 1 km for children under 12
- Photo Competition—cash prizes
- Raffle—trailer load of wood

This is a drug & alcohol free event.
For more information ring Bill Elliott 0429 915 467 or 08 80 915 467
Fiona @ the Westpac bank 0427 915982

Sunday, June 7, 4-7pm  White Cliffs Hotel/Motel or Facebook.

Sundays  White Cliffs Sporting Club
            8 am  Golf
            6 pm  Bar open—volunteers with RSA certificates needed 
            7 pm  Roast dinner —volunteers needed to help serve & clean up
                        ALL WELCOME

Monday, June 8 Queen’s Birthday Holiday

Mondays, 3-5pm Table tennis at the Hall - players welcome. 
            Contact Jurgen Hecht.  

Tuesdays, 10.00am  White Cliffs Sporting Club
            Art with Robin Taylor
            Limited materials available for purchase
            Bring whatever art supplies you have, a container for water, palettes (polystyrene meat trays, ice cream container lids or similar)
            Bring a plate of morning tea
            Gold coin donation


Tuesdays, Wilcannia Clinic 08 8083 8777
            Primary Mental Health & Other Drugs (PMHAOD)
Peter Crossing & Shannon Oates

Wednesday, June 10  1pm to 3pmWhite Cliffs Sporting Club
            Constitution and Governance Workshop
            Conducted by Fran Schonberg
            All Club members encouraged to participate.

Wednesday, June 10 Wilcannia Clinic 08 8083 8777
            Speech Therapist

Thursday, June 11  White Cliffs Clinic Tel (08) 8091 6605
            RFDS—John Wenham
            Mental Health—Graham Archer

Thursdays  7.30pm Indoor bowls at the Hall, all welcome
            Gold coin donation, bring a plate. 
     Contact:  Ron Dowton
All in the next week, but this is White Cliffs.

Tomorrow morning early it off to Broken Hill and the "hearing aid fitting". See how we go. Tomorrow night we are staying in Broken Hill and back home Saturday afternoon. Remember Broken Hill is on South Australia time 30min's behind New South Wales.

Hello Troy and Happy Birthday, from Rex and Carol.

June 3rd Wednesday
A cool day in White Cliffs today a top of 13c outside in the sun, inside it was a warm 22c. They say it will warm up on the weekend up in the low 20s.

The rock wall getting there rock by rock as they it going all the way to the roof, I was asked about the blocked up doorway. Well last year we decided this place was just to big how much space do two people need to live in.

The area underground is around a 30sq home we added 12sq outside in the new kitchen area a total 42sq, we decided it was just two big for us. So we cut the underground section in half by blocking this hallway. We can always remove the wall.

What's left 15sq underground and 12sq out front a total of 27sq home and I am sure we can live in that space.

What happens to the 15sq outback of the underground well, ummm I am thinking, I have always said it be a real underground "Man's Cave" for my "Coke Cola" collection that another story for another day. Karl Faber be glad to see that hole filled in.

Notice there's no rock left on the floor as in the last picture (Monday May 31st) I have used them all in the wall I am building.

Tomorrow I need to bring in more rock from outside I need about forty good size rocks that should do the job. Apart from the rocks I need to get the trailer ready for a trip to Broken early Friday morning we need cement about fifteen bags, $13 here and $8.00 in Broken Hill that save a bit $75.00 near pay for the petrol.

Seen a local Bill today, we had a chat for a while another nice bloke in town.

A visitor to town had a bad fall in the street and required the Flying Doctor Service to fly in and pick her up for a trip to the Broken Hill Hospital.

Broken Hill for us Friday morning 288km's we stay the night and back home on Saturday afternoon, with a hearing aid.


Troy it your day tomorrow Happy Birthday, I wonder what the kids have planned.


June 2nd Tuesday
Had a very big day working in the 2nd bedroom I am still working on that big rock wall it may take me another week, you can only put up around two rows of rock up a day, you have to wait for the cement to dry. Two rows is about 300mm of rock, I then add a mixture of cement and fine rock behind the wall I am building.

I picked the fine rock up outside in plastic buckets, mix cement and toss it behind the wall. Tossed in sixty buckets of rock today at 15kg of rock per bucket that's 900kg plus the rock wall. I am sure getting fitter this week.

Carol back at Art today with the ladies in town they are starting a new art group on Tuesday's The new White Cliffs Art Group had nine people today and I must say the painting Carol finished today looks good I like it.

A friend Pikey dropped by this afternoon for a cup of coffee and a chat we enjoyed that he a nice guy.

Booked a motel room in Broken Hill for Friday night (I am having hearing aids fitted Friday).

The only other news is the cold weather in town the temperature dropped to +2c last night. When I woke this morning at 7am it was 22c inside that is 1c below normal.

Living underground is good in the winter 2c outside and 22c and we do not own a heater in fact we had a fan on in the bedroom to move the air.

Wednesday tomorrow and midweek. Hello to Doug in Queensland, what life like up there.


June 1st Monday
Think we have said this before start of a new month, and winter comes to White Cliffs 13c top temperature today and a ice cold wind from the South with gust to 50kph and it going to stay this way for a few day we are looking at low overnight temperatures like 2 and 3c in White Cliffs the lowest in years.

I work down in bedroom two today building that big rock wall. I walked around outside picking up rocks in the trailer and then the big job carry them inside, a friend told me you do not work this hard in jail ha ha.

Carol had one of the craft ladies over at our place today showing her how to work with paper ribbon, Marlene been doing it for 30yr's and she really good at it. Marlene a old hairdresser and she also gave Carol a free hair cut.

Here the new skill to tell you the truth I don't even know what you call it all about working with ribbon.

Carol just walked by and said "don't put me on there" ummm no I will not, ha ha.

Went for a walk up top as a Kangaroo was coming down the new cement work "I said you have to pay to use the road" he dropped a load of poo and hopped passed me. Peter try that on a Melbourne Freeway.

Talking about Kangaroo's we are having a bit of trouble with the cold weather they are trying to move into the area between the underground home and the new kitchen. It about 3.5m wide and open both ends. In the finish it will be closed off with the outside bedroom. I hunt them away but they just come back guess it warmer there.


Tomorrow it back building the wall in the underground bedroom.


Hello to Peter and Joi (Is my sister still alive)


Well we just lost power here in town for the second time today so I upload what I have done.


Good Night All


Three Dots....