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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for som e crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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March 31st Tuesday
We left Wangaratta at 7:45am drove via Benalla, Shepparton then Swan Hill to Euston on the Murray River

Euston is a small town on the banks of the Murray River, southern New South Wales, Australia in Balranald Shire. The twin town of Robinvale is on the other side of the river in the state of Victoria.

Euston belongs to the traditional lands of the Tati Tati Aboriginal people.

At the 2011 census, Euston had a population of 795 people. Until the irrigation development at Robinvale Euston was the main town in the area. A Post Office opened on 1 May 1852. It closed in 1853, then reopened in 1856.

In 1876 the settlement at Euston was described in the following terms:

Euston is a crossing-place for sheep and cattle. There is a Custom-house officer here, though I should judge that his avocations were not of an extremely onerous nature, and the township also possesses a post and telegraph office. If the building can be taken as a type of the township, Euston has not a long life before it. The walls appear as if rent apart by an earthquake. The hotels and about a dozen houses constitute the remainder of the township.

Euston and Robinvale are home to a large Italian population from the southern province of Calabria in Italy

Euston has the Euston Sports and Recreation Club and the Euston Pub.

The town used to field an Australian Rules football team competing in the Millewa Football League, however were forced to merge with Robinvale due to lack of players in part caused by the establishment of Robinvale rugby league club.

Euston is a gateway to the Murray River and Sunraysia district, known for its fishing, including the Murray cod and other native species, now threatened by the European carp.

The caravan park from the river.

Murray River at Euston it looks good.

Tomorrow we head to Broken Hill and do some shopping, then head home, tomorrow night I may or may not have internet, we may stop the night at a road side stop between Broken Hill and White Cliffs. I don't want to get home late at night it is better to get home around midday so we have time to unpack the caravan.

We went to the Euston Club for a meal tonight, it's a nice club Click Here

Tomorrow we head north, we take the day as it comes.

It is about 680km's home, may sit out one more night.

March 30th Monday
Can not say a lot about today it was a day of going doctor to doctor, we left Wodonga around 8:30am picked up the Caravan from Adrian and Dianne place in Lavington then drove to Wangaratta.

We are heading back to White Cliffs tomorrow morning and will return to Wangaratta late April as required by the doctor.

So we will be home around two and half weeks.

Not an easy day, there is always tomorrow.

Very short report tonight tomorrow night will be a lot better.


March 29th Sunday
An easy day today, we went for a drive out to the Hume Weir Shop for lunch (and an ice cream, just a little one).

Afterwards we went and seen Kylie and Joyce, Troy was asleep he is on nightshift where he works.

Went to Nouriel Park, (not sure of the spelling) there was a lot of people using the park, that good to see.

I took some pictures of the old Mann's of Wodonga site in Wodonga Doug, Bill and I worked at "Mann's Of Wodonga" for a number of years. Doug and Bill now live in  Queensland and read 3Dots...

Looking down High Street towards Albury I am standing on the old railway line.

Then back to Carmen and Damon place in Wodonga. Tomorrow morning we move on, pickup the caravan from Adrian place and head to see the doctor in Wangaratta. We will then decide where to go, We both hope White Cliffs after all we left on the 18th November 2014.

Hello Bill and Doug in Queensland.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.


March 28th Saturday
We have just updated the White Cliffs Website

A day to vote in the New South Wales election so I walked into the Albury High School for the first time in fifty two years, yes my old school.

The first question was " do you live in Albury?" No White Cliffs, "that part of Sydney", no it's fifteen hundred kilometres west of Sydney three hundred kilometres north of Broken Hill.
This guy a real twit, "that be Queensland you don't need to vote."

It's in New South Wales and I wish to vote who do I see. I hope you're not a school teacher. "I am, see that guy over there, he said.

Walked over and gave him my name and address, White Cliffs he said " North West of New South Wales." thank goodness you know where it is are you a school teacher?. "Yes I am."

Which teacher would you want for our grandkids?.

After voting I went to the auction at the Albury Show Grounds ran into a old friend he asked where do you live now

White Cliffs,
That above Broken Hill he said.
Are you a school teacher I asked.
Hell no I cart Grey Water he said

I know a guy you can swap jobs with? (I told him the story.)

Seen Muffy and had a cup of tea, then went to Bunnings to check on the price of floorboards to use at White Cliffs in the new kitchen.

Need comment timber flooring does any one have it? Is it good or bad, love a bit of feedback. The new kitchen area is 42SqM...

The type of board we are looking at comments welcome

At Carmen and Damon place tonight and tomorrow night, Monday morning we pickup the caravan from Adrian and Dianne place and head to Wangaratta.

Hope I can see Joyce tomorrow sometime.

Hello Susan and Scott in Wangaratta tonight, they off to the Melbourne Motor Show tomorrow.

Goodnight all.


March 27th Friday
In Wodonga at Carol daughters place, they went to the Albury Gold Cup we looked after the grandkids for the afternoon. Must say we are getting to old for this type of work kids were a bit wild at times.

I went to Bunning's this morning and brought a Wagner Spray Gun to use at White Cliffs it an airless type and built to spray a fence, should be ok to paint the rock walls inside the underground home. Starting to get my brain back in gear for White Cliffs, if you read 3Dots you will know that my smart phone fell apart in December. When we left White Cliffs in November I had a large list of what we planned to do in White Cliffs and what we needed.

We lost the lot when the old phone fell apart so we start again. We need a spray gun and some white paint. When we get back home in the next ten days we will work out a new list.

If you buy a new phone as I did, buy one that has an SD Memory Card everything I do on the new phone is saved to the SD card if we have phone trouble in the years to come it all backed up on a memory card.

Wodonga and the new area called White Box Rise

It been an real eye opener the new area White Box Rise there are hundreds of new homes in that area and the CBD has had a big upgrade new streets and no railway new shops like Repco it looks good.

Tomorrow another day in Albury Wodonga.

Adrian has a auction at the Albury Showgrounds tomorrow morning.


March 26th Thursday
We left Woomargama free camp about 8am, dropping the caravan off at Adrian place in Lavington at 9am. We dropped in and seen Muffy on the way to Wangaratta where we spent most of the day waiting for doctors.

Tonight we are in Wodonga at Carmen and Damon's place we plan to stay here for the next four night's.

Doug sent me a picture from Queensland, sunset at Kings Beach, Caloundra looking EAST ! ! Strange cloud formation!. Good picture (RexD)


From John in Gippsland

A couple of added things about your trip yesterday.

The road from Jingellic to Woomargama was built during the great depression to give men jobs. It was built by hand and was one of the trigger programs to help bring the country out of depression.

One of the properties broken up to the Fairburn boys was to David Fairburn, a long time member of parliament for the Liberals, he was the Member for Farrar.

Grandfather, Mum’s father’ used to carry their wool to the railway at Albury.

The house owned by Darlings, was vacated by the family to allow Prince Charles and Dianna to stay there while they were in the district. (John)


Now I add my little bit Old Mr Darling came to live in Yarrawonga while we lived there, he came to my computer class at the age of 90 plus. He was a really nice person. (RexD)


Hello Adrian and Dianne in Lavington

March 25th Wednesday
On the road again we left Jingellic around 11am driving down to Holbrook 56km's away and when I say down I mean down one short hill was near 45deg decline.

We had lunch in Holbrook at the submarine in the main street they have a cafe there that has some nice meals.

This ship is part of Australia but it is not going anywhere now, it now docked in Holbrook full time.

Tonight we are back in Woomargama free camp just north of Albury we stayed a night here on the way up, it a neat and tidy free camp.

Camping Woomargama free camp just north of Albury.

Bit of reading about the local area.

Woomargama once it was on the Hume Highway today it is has been by-passed with the new freeway, the small town still going.

The car going to get a break, in the morning we are dropping the caravan off at Adrian place in Lavington we are then driving to Wangaratta, Carol having more test then back to Wodonga and the grandkids for the weekend.

What can you say other than "Thank You" the people of Woomargama gave us flowers for stopping in their small town and staying the night.

Hello Joi and Peter in Melbourne.


March 24th Tuesday
A very quite day in Jingellic today we had 2mm of rain overnight and it bee very cloudy all day. The Solar Cell been changing slowly most of the day. The sun came out late in the day that helped put a bit of power in the battery for tonight.

We went for a drive to Tintaldra about 25kms from Jingellic it a small town one shop, one pub, it has a sort of caravan park it nothing special. The town on the Murray River there is a bridge there that crosses the Murray River.

Where to from here, tomorrow Wednesday we hit the road and travel back towards Wangaratta tomorrow morning. Carol needs to be in Wangaratta Thursday, early afternoon.

That about it  for today, there are thirteen caravans and motor home in the free camp tonight. plus three motor bikes. The Murray River came up around 150mm in the past 24hr's.

Adrian and Garvin have a Auction this weekend at the Albury Showgrounds.

Hello to the people in White Cliffs who read 3Dots


March 23rd Monday
We left for Tumbarumba at 8am 42kms away we had breakfast at the Bakery in the main street.

Tumbarumba is a small town in New South Wales, Australia, about 480 kilometres southwest of the state capital, Sydney. Tumbarumba is located on the periphery of the Riverina and South West Slopes regions at the western edge of the Snowy Mountains. The 2011 census showed the population of the town to 1455 people, a decline from 1,487 people living there in 2006. Tumbarumba Shire is administered from offices located in Tumbarumba. Locals refer to the town as 'Tumba'. To the south and east, the highest peak of the Snowy Mountains.

The main street of Tumba it is a nice looking town we went to a number of shop.

Looking the other way in the main street of Tumba. Most shops are neat tidy but old inside the one outstanding shop we went in to was the IGA Supermarket that a great shop well laid ed out.

What do you think of the weather man 10 to 20mm of rain at lunch time today 1 to 5mm of rain by 3pm <1mm of rain. They should sack those people utter hopeless.

Going to have a look around the local are tomorrow.

I said hello to Troy and Kylie last night, alright hello Joyce and the boy.


March 22nd Sunday
Last night we went to the Jingellic Show and had a really good time the band was rock, heavy metal rock band, it AC-DC style we will never come back near a free camp next to a hotel on a weekend every again. Noise was unreal to 6am non stop music now I know why we live in an underground home.

Last night we had 36 caravans and Motor Homes in the Free Camp, and I put a picture on three dots.

Almost the same picture tonight 30 people moved out to and 3 moved in all that noise has left, thank goodness.

I took this picture of the Murray River tonight at 6pm nice picture.

I took the picture of the Murray River turned around and the sun was setting and breaking thru the trees. I am not sure if it is a good picture or a bad one. Our car and caravan with the Jingellic Hotel in the background.

I am not sure of the spelling but we are going for a drive tomorrow morning to Tumberumber, try again Tumbarumba that looks better I have a look tomorrow morning.

Tell me about the picture above is it good or bad?...

Hello Troy and Kylie.


March 21st Saturday
Another day in Jingellic a very noise day right below the Jingellic Hotel and next to the Murray River. Still working on Solar Power but the sun was out today so we are happy with that.

Free camping is here to stay 35 caravans and camper vans are here right now.

Looking to the south I think we can put up the full sign. (Every one of these people are free camping.)

That our car and caravan on the hill you can see the Jingellic Hotel and that a wild place to be.

Tonight we are going to the Jingellic Show for a BBQ meal and a band that is playing the band is camping right next to us tonight.

Here for the show in Jingellic is the first car to win the "Big Race" the Armstrong 500 was held at Phillip Island and D37 was the winner in 1960, and we were there. It is now know as the Bathurst 1000 and is run every year.

Well time to go out.

Tomorrow another day in Jingellic.


March 20th Friday
We hit the road this morning and we went 10km's from Walwa to Jingellic we are now in the free camp just below the Jingellic Hotel.

Walking up the stairs here is the back of the hotel.

Turn around and this is what you see our van (lady talking to Carol) and the Murray River, I am writing this at 8:30pm and it is packed there are 33 caravan and motor homes here tonight.

There are around 200 people in the hotel when I walked up there tonight.

I took a bucket of water from the river and washed the car today this placed is packed tonight the park would have 70 people and there people everywhere you have to wonder if we will get any sleep tonight.

The Jingellic show on this weekend we have been told, the showgrounds are about 200m down the road. We were also told of a local wedding in town tomorrow.

Just in case you do not know the town of Jingellic is at the top of the hume weir the best road here is the drive to Holbrook then take the Jingellic road.

We are back on solar power so have to see how we go.

Hello to Mr Scott in Wangaratta.


March 19th Thursday
We are still at the Walwa Caravan Park and to tell you the truth today we did almost nothing we sat around the caravan watching the water run by.

The Murray River at the Walwa Riverside Caravan Park.

I did a few repairs to the shower in the caravan filled a few very small holes in the floor, all fixed now and painted. It looking like new.

We were saying how hot is was here 30c, then we read White Cliffs 42c just happy to be here.

We cleaned up inside the caravan today it looking good.

Tomorrow we are planning to move to a free camp about 10km's away it cost $27 a night to stay here, nice but the price a bit over the top.

Hello Belinda in White Cliffs have a good trip away.


March 18th Wednesday
We woke up at the Woomargama free camp just north of Albury it a nice place I took a few pictures this morning as we were getting ready to leave. I took these pictures for Three Dots because Woomargama is so close to "Albury Wodonga" a nice Sunday drive there a nice playground, clean almost new BBQ's to cook lunch and clean toilets.

The kids playground and a covered BBQ area on the other side nice green grass.

Toilets and rubbish bins and as you can see a area to park and camp for the night.

Our van packed up and ready to roll the area is sealed for parking and free camping it a quite area with very little traffic. The caravan parked back right side, the owners have been on the road for 20yr's this year that is their home we talk to 100s of people who live on the road full time. People living in free camps across Australia every night is in the 10s of thousands and that is not overstating the number. That is a whole new story.

We drove from Woomargama to Walwa about 70km's and booked into the Walwa Riverside Caravan Park for the two nights $27 a night with power. I charge the batteries fill with water Carol wants to do some washing tomorrow.

This is the Walwa General Store and Newsagent.

The caravan park is right on the Murray River we are about 5m from the river tonight and 2m above the river I take some pictures tomorrow. Walwa not far from Albury maybe an hour drive.

It nice having power we have television, lights and computers that will not be going flat. One thing I am going to do when we return to White Cliffs is sort out our power we need bigger solar cells and bigger and better batteries we also need a good backup 12v power system a DC to DC power system. We all know that we use power every day so when you travel for four to five months a year as we do you need a top system that is easy to work with.

Hello to Muffy and Susan in Albury Wodonga


March 17th Tuesday
Not a good day I lost a good friend Rod a person we called a good friend who passed away at the weekend we met 20yr's ago, I met Rod he fixed a tyre for me.
Last year he came over with his crane and lifted the roof on the new kitchen it was on 3 Dots at the time. Rod we do not know what happen or why it happen, Rod I was happy to call you a good friend.

Today we went shopping in Wangaratta then mid afternoon we left Oxley and drove north via Albury Wodonga to a new free camp in Woomargama north of Albury and south of Holbrook about 2kms off the Hume Freeway.

If you live in Albury Wodonga come for a drive, a good size playground, BBQ's, toilets right in town and green grass this is a nice spot.

A number people have asked about Windows 10 to start with what happen to Windows 9 it was a non-event they built Windows 9 but then Microsoft brought Nokia and wanted a system that worked on a desktop computer, laptop computer, X Box and a Windows phone (Nokia) so nine was dropped and replaced with ten.

What is ten, as above its one system that work and looks the same on a desktop, laptop, X Box and Windows Phone. It big into OneDrive, we already have OneDrive but it going to get better.

Lets say you have a Windows phone and take a picture of Big Ben in London at 10:00am at 10:01am your picture will be on OneDrive at 10:02am you can print the picture in Albury Wodonga from OneDrive. Windows 10 is about giving people power. We can have people in ten country of the world we all talk and be seen on the one screen as if we were sitting at the one table.

It does heaps more, the best person to talk with is Scott, he far more up to date than I.

March 16th Monday
We will be around the local area for the next ten to fourteen day, then if all is well we will head off home to White Cliffs. We spent most of today waiting on doctors.

Time to go fishing I got a fishing rod for Christmas so I plan to try it out someplace on the Murray River as far as I know I do not require a fishing licence if I hold a pension card.

I know almost nothing about fishing so I may have to Google it in the next few days.

In the computer World I was reading last night about new Windows 10 that will be released later this year. It looking good but it looks to do a lot and looks to be quite complex.

The White Cliffs Music Festival Click Here

We have ten days to fill in at least so, as I always say to tomorrow another day.

We will move on to somewhere. I take some pictures tomorrow.

Hello Adrian and Dianne in Lavington.

March 15th Sunday
Ran out of computer power last night so 3Dots is about 12hrs late today.

Today was a bit of a non event, we packed up in Oxley and headed to Stanley 10kms from Beechworth to a new camp it read real good. Well it was a disaster just one toilet for men's and ladies one shower. No power but you could run power from the toilet area across a dirt track.
We seen one tap for everyone to use now here the good new they have double the price in the last week to $20 a night, we drove back to the free camp in Oxley where we started.

The girls sent me some pictures yesterday of my granddaughter Joyce

Joyce having fun at the park in Albury

You have to wonder what she thinking about.

Not a great day but there's always tomorrow.


Hello Joyce


March 14th Saturday
We left Bunyip at 8am this morning did you know between sunset and sunrise 17 train pass thru Bunyip. I must be getting old.
No one to pay, we setup camp in Bunyip yesterday at 4pm it cost $15 night we know that we left at 8am, no one came to see us, never seen anyone, so we left there's no box to put money in. That's a first.

We drove towards Melbourne up the Melba Highway to Yea, around the back to Bonnie Doon then Benalla tonight we are back in Oxley same place we went to ten days ago.

Been told about a $10.00 camp at Stanley out of Beechworth it has power toilets and showers. In Wangaratta you can pay $210 a week. Stanley with one free night $60 where would you go. Hope it is as good as they say.

Not sure how long we will be in the area, Carol see the doctor on Monday afternoon then we will decide.

Ok get a move on he said I flap my wings and add some real power.

Hope to have power tomorrow night

So tomorrow another day.

March 13th Friday
Friday the 13th Black Friday that for sure we headed south across Gippsland then up to see John and Glenda for about an hour.

Glenda thank you for the coffee, cake and biscuits I have to take an extra tablet tonight, no just joking it was very nice, thank you.

Tonight we are in Bunyip east of Melbourne it not a free camp it a $15 camp with power and a toilet and lots of green grass.

Here we are tonight at Bunyip, across the road from the railway station. There are four of us here tonight.

I am not sure why Bunyip is here from what I can find out they all work in the city and travel on the train. It has two pubs, an IGA Supermarket and a few small shops.

The train station across from the van park, it quite noise here right now I guess they wake us up in the morning, toot another train that three in 10min.

Friday the 13th and tonight we found a broken jar of coffee in the panty the first broken item in four month's what a mess.

Hello John and Glenda and thanks for looking after us.


March 12th Thursday
We left Orbost and our great camp site on the Snowy River. I love to build a house there (above ground) we drove to Lakes Entrance for morning tea and stayed a while exploring the main street. It is a busy place.

I know where all the boats went.

We had coffee on one of the boats.

You have seen about 10% of the boats in town they go on for miles.

After Lakes Entrance we went to Stratford where we pulled up at the local caravan park $27.00 a night for a powered site. The park ok, the toilets and showers are perfect old but so clean, that all we want.

Stratford is a town on the Avon River in Victoria, Australia, 232 kilometres (144 mi) east of Melbourne on the Princes Highway in Shire of Wellington. At the 2006 census, Stratford had a population of 1950. The town services the local regional community and travellers on the Princes Highway. Stratford's principal industries are dairying, sheep, cattle and horse breeding and vegetable crops. The town has numerous coffee shops and cafes, a cellar door for a local winery, Design Gallery, model railway shop, a pub, parks and playgrounds for car travellers to break their journey.
On the Avon River by Stratford
The origin of the town's name is unclear. Many[who?] believe it derives from Stratford-upon-Avon in England, William Shakespeare's birthplace, a view which is lent credence by the fact that it is located by the river Avon. Locals have embraced the connection with Shakespeare and a Shakespeare on the River Festival has been a successful annual event since 1989, incorporating works of Shakespeare and modern Australian plays. In 1998 the town formally became a member of the Stratford Sister Cities program to promote friendship and cultural exchange between participating countries.

The River Avon has a local reputation as a source for river polished gemstones, particularly agate, and for rapidly rising during increased rainfall upstream.

Three kilometres south-east of Stratford is a 56-hectare (140-acre) park called Knob Reserve (formerly known as the "Forest of Arden"), part of the Gunai/Kurnai Bataluk Cultural Trail, which winds its way through East Gippsland, highlighting the places of cultural significance to the first inhabitants. There are picnic facilities and an annual country music festival is held at Knob Reserve.

Stratford has a railway station on the Bairnsdale railway line, which was reopened for passenger use in 2004. The Howitt Bicycle Trail passes through Stratford.

Tomorrow we travel south then up to see John and Glenda well that's the plan.

Hello Joyce in Thurgoona.

March 11th Wednesday
We are saying a extra night in Orbost Marlo area the town need a coat of paint but the area worth a good look.

They really look after free campers there are six free camp along the Snowy River. We looked after the town by do our shopping here, filling the car with fuel.

Orbost is a town in the Shire of East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia, 375 kilometres (233 mi) east of Melbourne and 235 kilometres (146 mi) south of Canberra where the Princes Highway crosses the Snowy River. It is about 16 kilometres (10 mi) from the town of Marlo on the coast of Bass Strait. At the 2006 census, Orbost had a population of 2452. Orbost is the service centre for the primary industries of beef, dairy cattle, and sawmilling. More recently, tourism has become an important industry, being the major town close to several national parks, including the Snowy River National Park, Alpine National Park, Errinundra National Park, Croajingolong National Park and Cape Conran Coastal Park.

Peter Imlay established the Snowy River Station for grazing in 1842, and his brother the Newmerella run nearby. In 1845 the land was sold to Norman McLeod, who named the area after Orbost farm in the northwest of Isle of Skye, in Scotland.

Gold was discovered in the mid-1850s in the Bendoc area, in the mountains north of Orbost, which brought an influx of people to the district. By 1868 it was estimated that there was a population of 500 miners and squatters in the vicinity of Bendoc.

The Cameron family settled on the rich alluvial river flats in 1876, followed by many other selectors, many of them Scottish migrants. The Post Office opened on 1 December 1880 named Neumerella (sic) and was renamed Orbost in 1883. A Newmerella office opened in 1889 and closed in 1897, then reopened in 1921.[2] The township was proclaimed in 1890 and a bridge constructed across the Snowy River and a telegraph office established. Sawmills were established in the area and the first batch of sawn timber was cut at Orbost in 1882. By the late 1890s produce was regularly being exported to Melbourne via coastal trading vessels sailing up the Snowy River to Orbost. The railway from Melbourne arrived in 1916, allowing further agricultural settlement up the valley, and exploitation of native hardwood forests for timber and railway sleepers.

Tomorrow we move on heading west along South Gippsland highway we will be back in Wangaratta by Sunday afternoon.

Were we are now is a great spot if you go for a drive mark this as a must see area.

Hello Susan in Albury.


March 10th Tuesday
We left Merimbula around 9:30am driving south to Bega and then west to Cann River for lunch, you had to be in Cann River to believe it over a 100 caravan and campers in the street for lunch most heading east towards Sydney, we are heading towards Melbourne.

We drove into Orbost around 2pm where we went shopping then headed for a free camp out the Marlo road and that where we are tonight. Camping beside the Snowy River between Orbost  and Marlo.

The Snowy River runs into the see at Marlo, we have a fantastic spot right on the river and it is a free camp. Unlike Bega the Orbost council support free camping they mow the lawns they and each free camp has a small fishing jetty we are 3m above the river and 3m from the water a wonderful place to be.

The council says we can stay here three nights free.

Around 4km's down the road the Snowy River runs in the sea.

Will drive around the area tomorrow. We are back on Solar Power tonight.


March 9th Monday
We moved from Bega today that be a bad area to stay at 7am the shire is driving around the free camp with flashing lights and making a noise trying to tell the people to move on there are no signs that say "No Camping" they act like little kids.

We drove to Merimbula we were here by 10am it was a good easy trip, we are staying at the caravan park out of town.

See the blue dot bottom left that where we are camped tonight at a caravan park.

We had lunch here nice little spot and good food the Bar Beach Kiosk. (it only sells Coke)

It about the size of our caravan but three young girls fed 50 to 60 people.

It is a great little spot.

Here the view eating lunch.

Back at the caravan we were eating lunch and a red belly black snake crossed the lawn below and into the tree on the left.

Tomorrow we move towards Melbourne but that will take a few day. If you look at the picture above second car you can see the Black Mercedes Benz. We seen a black String Ray in the water, in fact we seen five of them.

Hello John and Glenda in Gippsland.

March 8th Sunday
Well we moved out of our riverside camp this morning and headed south to Bega, for lunch we went to the Bega Cheese Factory. Carol took my picture with the Devondale Milk cow.

The Bega Devondale Cow

Inside Bega Cheese

We are in a free camp with two other people for tonight. And will move on tomorrow a few more kilometers south. Where just moving a few kilometers each day, maybe 40 to 60km's over a whole day.

At this stage next summer we will do this trip again heading across Gippsland and north up the New South Wales coast towards Queensland.

We were going to be doing it this year but due to medical problems it will not happen.

Looking like we will stay in a caravan park tomorrow night then move south towards the New South Wales and Victoria border.

That's it for today, a bit low on power.

March 7th Saturday
We moved on this morning to the coast via Yass, Canberra, Batemans Bay then to Moruya on the New South Wales east coast. We found a free camp near a boat ramp where there is another camper set up. It's on the Clyde River and 200m from the beach and the mouth of the river.

That little Blue Dot on the map is us tonight, see how it looks.

Clyde River late today this is home for tonight.

Picture from the caravan tonight, nice view.

Free camp on a small hill with a great view.

One problem we are about 400m south of the Moruya speedway and tonight is race night so it maybe noisy here till around 11pm I'm told.

The name Moruya is derived from an Indigenous Australian word, mherroyah, meaning "home of the black swan". Black swans can still be seen in the lakes and rivers around Moruya, and the black swan is used locally as an emblem (nationally, the black swan is known as an emblem of Western Australia).

The area was the traditional home of two Indigenous Australian tribes: the Walbanga and the Brinja-Yuin. European settlement commenced in the 1820s following the extension of the limits of location in 1829. The coast from Batemans Bay to Mherroyah was surveyed in 1828 by Surveyor Thomas Florance. The first European settler was Francis Flanagan from Ireland who settled at Shannon View in 1829. John Hawdon from England established a property named Kiora in 1831 and a village named after the property grew.

The town centre was surveyed in 1850 and the town gazetted in 1851. Moruya was proclaimed a municipality in 1891. Local industries were timber getting, gold mining, dairying and quarrying for granite. The granite for the Sydney Harbour Bridge pylons was quarried in the area.

Quarrying for granite commenced in the district in the late 1850s by the brothers Joseph and John Flett Loutitt who were from the Orkney Islands. Their quarry on the south side of the river produced stone for many Sydney landmarks including the pillars of the General Post office in Martin Place, and the base of the Captain Cook statue in Hyde Park.

The Moruya Quarry, also known as the Government Quarry, opened in 1876 on the northern bank of the Moruya River. From 1925 to 1932, the Harbour Bridge works saw 250 stonemasons employed and relocated to Moruya by the contractor to produce 18,000 cubic metres of dimension stone for the bridge pylons, 173,000 blocks, and 200,000 yards of crushed stone that was used as aggregate for concrete. During the seven years of this work, a small town of about 70 houses grew up near the quarry called Granitetown; little remains of the town today. The Moruya Quarry is still operated by the New South Wales Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources. There was a third quarry west of the Moruya Quarry operated by the Ziegler family.

The first bridge across the Moruya River was erected in 1876 though frequent flooding saw new bridges erected in 1900 and 1945 and, most recently, in 1966.

During World War II Moruya aerodrome was used as an advanced operational base. A trawler was attacked offshore between Moruya and Batemans Bay by the Japanese in 1942. On 25 December 1944 the US liberty ship SS Robert J. Walker was torpedoed off Moruya by the German submarine U-862, sinking the next day between Moruya and Bega. Casualties were 2 dead and 67 survivors.

Traffic from Canberra to Batemans Bay was unreal, bumper to bumper we pulled over for lunch and got talking to some girls from Canberra.
They told us it was a long weekend in Canberra, Monday is Canberra Day and Tuesday Labor Day so they have a four day weekend.
I tell you there's no one left in Canberra, I was holding up traffic with the caravan on so I just pulled over and let 66 cars go by.

The plan is to travel down to Bega free camping then drive back towards Sydney over the next week.

Hello Mr Chase in Wodonga

March 6th Friday
We left Wangaratta today after seeing the doctor, and have to be back in nine days time in Wangaratta to see doctors then we will head north to White Cliffs.

We have ten day for a short trip north.

So around lunch time we headed north on Hume Freeway towards Canberra, tonight we are in Jugiong free camp.

We are heading towards Batemans Bay tomorrow then north towards Sydney town for a few day. We plan to stop well below Sydney then turn south towards Wangaratta next Friday.

Hope tomorrow a much better day


March 5th Thursday
Well we went to Albury today to see grandkids, we had a good day first stop was Bockmans in Hume Street to have the battery checked out it only holding 10% of power so it a 90% dead battery. So in the next few days we will look for a new 100aH battery.

We all went to the New Market Hotel for lunch, picture my daughter Kylie and granddaughter Joyce.

After lunch we went out to the hume weir for a look see and we met up with some of Carol old friends.

Every now and then you take a picture you like and this is one of them the Hume Weir at Albury Wodonga.

Back in Wodonga we went to the Target store and met up with more of friends. Next was Carol grandkids for a nice meal we stayed a few hour then drove back to Wangaratta and the caravan at the caravan park.

It was a good day the only one I missed see was Susan I could not fine a parking spot near Target.

Hello Susan.

White Cliffs Water in trouble click here

PS: Thanks John and Doug for the information on the battery.


March 4th Wednesday
We moved into the caravan park in Wangaratta today, and yes we have full power tonight my laptop computer is loving it.

Taken in Wangaratta at lunch today

We have seen this park under water a number of times today it looked great.

We hope to leave here on Friday afternoon, just have to wait and see. Tomorrow we are going to Albury to see the kids and grandkids.

The caravan battery I feel is past it use by date I charged it up yesterday to 13.6v and it read charged, we did not use it last night at all and at 7:30am this morning it was flat it was not plugged in and not used. I have it tested in Albury tomorrow.

Cole's seem to have lost the plot in Wangaratta unleaded fuel 125.9c you get 4c off making it 121.9c... Other service station are selling the same fuel 118.7c ummm I say no more.

This weekend is a long weekend in Victoria.

See some of you tomorrow in Albury Wodonga.


March 3rd Tuesday
Our last night in Oxley, Carol having test tomorrow and after Friday we will decide where to next.

We drove into Wangaratta mid afternoon and went shopping at Aldi all the normal tea, coffee etc.

I added a new camp area to Wiki Camps today 2kms from Oxley. Wiki Camps is where we find all the free camps that we use. Just Google Wiki Camps if your going to travel.

Tomorrow morning we will move into the caravan park back in Wangaratta it be better for Carol for the next two nights. I plug the charger in and top up the battery and go from there.

Across the creek today, Alpaca (Carol took the picture.)

We are hoping to visit the kids in Albury Wodonga on Thursday afternoon and see the grandkids.

Adrian been with Chris in Gippsland the last few days think he coming home tomorrow.

Hello Adrian and Dianne.

March 2nd Monday
Quite a warm night in Oxley, in fact it was a warm day in the low 30s...

Carol went into Wangaratta and had lunch with some old school friends today, they. Seem to enjoy themselves at a place called the Town Hall Cafe (The Pack)

Looks like my battery that we use for the caravan power may have a problem it was fine two weeks ago, it use to last around three days, now it is flat after about six hours.

On Wednesday night we will be in a caravan park so I change it up using 240v power. The last few day we have been using Solar to charge the battery, but we have had heaps of sunshine.

Fix a blown brake light globe in the Mercedes Benz, we check the lights every few days. How easy can it get, you open the back door push two plastic clips and the tail light falls out fit the globe and press it back in. Takes about 90sec to do the hold job.

Hello Joyce in Thurgoona are you keeping mum and dad under control.

Autumn is here. I look into this low power problem tomorrow.

March 1st Sunday

We just stayed around the local area today, talking to people in the caravan free camp even met some of the local people. We even found a school teacher from Carol old school in Wangaratta now retired they had a good old chat.
Oxley is getting into camping they are building a camp 2kms out of town, we drove out there today it will cost $10 a night have water, bins, showers. It not complete yet, I say 70% the campers will love it.

The general store in town.

The King Valley Cellar, local wine sales

Well I am low on power, so I fix things tomorrow



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