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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for som e crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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May 31st Sunday
And it is the end of May, next comes June this year is going so fast it unreal, I feel a lot better today but stayed home, we did not go out for coffee did not go to the club tonight just stayed home in the warm and I feeling a lot better.

The rain fell last night non-stop but we only got 21mm here for the three days it stopped today around 11:30am the sun came out and within an hour it was blue sky. It was 18c in the shade and the ground started to dry out.

After lunch I started working in the new bedroom in the underground section, I have already done some work in here this is another big project. The good part is it's inside the underground and warm 23c in here all the time. Let me warn you this is a building site.

After you dig the room this is what the walls roof and floor look like. This also the rock you find Opal stone in.

As I said it is work in progress, to start the roof is13ft high and all rock.

These room are not just dug and a lot of guess work to start with you are only looking at 35% the size of this bedroom, the room is a big dome that way the roof pushes in, the more stress to hold it up. Then you need a strong floor this is already installed it is all local rock (cost nothing pick it up outside) the floor a bit uneven but good enough.

The rock in the floor is 6 to 8in (150 to 200mm) thick dropped on a sand base and filled in with cement the floor alone would come in at 5000kg and it all came down that stairway in the picture (a car is about 1400kg) so it not going to move.

There are stress section that hold it all up, they would hold the roof up if you did nothing but above this room there is 40,000kg of rock. Around the stress section's we add rock or cement blocks to the stress points. In the picture you will see a cement block and a rock wall that I was worked on today. Here the rules you build it to last 100yrs in the end you will not see any rock or cement blocks they are all covered with cement and plaster.

Not everyone like sleeping under tonne's of rock that why the third bedroom will be built next to the kitchen outside (not this year).

The first bedroom that we use now is built really strong, 45tons of cement and I am not joking it is 28ft underground.


That the first time you have seen underground I have a lounge room ready to paint and it built strong, some cement walls are 600mm thick.


Hello Joyce (my granddaughter) Tahlia and Chase the grandkids.



May 30th Saturday
How would you class today, a non-event I still have a heavy cold and it been raining all day for a total of 3mm so far.

We have now had rain for 48hrs a total of 10mm to date and no water in the underground home, just keeping our fingers crossed that all the work up tops paid off.

Most local people are keeping off the roads today due to mud, bright red mud, the Mercedes has its car cover on and it just sat there all day.

If you read yesterday 3Dots you know about the Cameron’s Corner Store, 25 yr. Anniversary this is one of the hottest, dry est places on Earth and the 25 Anniversary is a wash out, rain and mud fell on the store. They need the rain really bad that way, so I don't think the locals will mind sitting at the bar of the Cameron’s Corner Store.

Adrian and Dianne try to buy us an new oven at Aldi in Albury today they were there when the store open and missed out. Aldi had 4 in stock for a city of 70,000 people.

Al and Di (who own ALDI) your going to do a lot better than that.

Adrian and Dianne thanks for your time.

Tomorrow I going to try do some work cold or no cold


May 29th Friday
What happens when you live in a underground home that's 23c all the time and outside it's 12c wet and you walk in and out, you get one hell of a cold and that's what I have. We all know what it's like.

We have not had a lot of rain, most of it was overnight around 16mm here at home walk outside and it's mud and more mud. Just another job put in a few cement paths to the car other areas. You drive down to the shop and it's mud and more mud so the best thing is stay home and stay inside. We have not had a drop of water inside from up top so all that work up top may have paid off.

The craft group (Carol part of the group) are having Art lessons from a well knowen local artist, it's going on over a number of weeks and some of the art works are really good, when finished I try get some pictures for 3Dots.

Friday May 29, 10.00am  White Cliffs Sporting Club
Craft .  Art Class with Robin Taylor
Limited materials available for purchase
Bring whatever art supplies you have, a container for water, palettes (polystyrene meat trays, ice cream container lids or similar)
or just join the ladies as they sew, knit & natters.
Bring a plate of morning tea
Gold coin donation.

Saturday, May 30 & Sunday, May 31, 2015  Cameron’s Corner, 25 yr. Anniversary of the Cameron’s Corner Store. This may seem to be a long way away 300km's but out here it like driving to the supermarket. The Cameron Corner Store is to our north, look at a map of Australia and you will see where New South Wales, South Australia, and Queensland meet at Cameron Corner.

Inside the store notice the money pinned to the roof for the flying doctor service you can buy almost anything our here. At times this place is the hottest place on earth.

I was talking to John and Glenda in Gippsland today so hello from White Cliffs.


Have a good weekend.

May 28th Thursday
The phone rang at 8:30am we need some help with the big morning tea, so down we went and stayed to late afternoon.

The biggest morning tea was under way right on 10pm.

The raffle is under way almost every one wins a prize, and the seller was Carol. We won a good size Teddy Bear. So now I have someone to go to bed with.

The ladies cover the food to keep the fly's away.

About 2pm the rain started to fall in White Cliffs but it was almost nothing.

Over the day, people came and went leaving money and buying tickets in the draw. The girls counted it at the end of the day $1400.00 that not bad out of around 100 people.

We were really happy at the end of the day.


What a great day in White Cliffs.


This news is not so good, someone or some group killed off April 2015, they hacked our 3Dots website on the internet.

What can I say other than, have a think about what you did by deleting April 2015, we have no security, it like breaking into a home and the front door is unlocked. Your not smart, and kids in preschool could have done what you did. Your only missing the stuff between your ear's


Thanks to all the ladies, great job.



May 27th Wednesday
We woke to rain this morning on the roof 1mm and that was it but it made the ground wet and very soft around home don't walk outside in good shoes. So we had a big clean up in the underground it looking good tonight all neat and tidy.

Gas, the LPG gas bottle ran out today so I hooked up a full one. In White Cliffs a 9kg LPG gas bottle cost $48.00 in Broken Hill it cost $25.00, the hot water service is using a 9kg bottle every 3wk's (that's $8.33 week for all hot water.) we have three 9kg gas bottles.

Next Thursday (that's Thursday next week) we go to Broken Hill the hearing aid being fitted, ummm just have to wait and see. So two gas bottles to fill, Adrian fitted two gas bottle fittings to the trailer that we tow they work well.

The bird last night, no one told me about the bird from yesterdays three dots?.

As we spoke about on Monday it a big day in White Cliffs tomorrow we have the Big Breakfast on at the Hospital landing I take some picture's of the day.

Wrong, it the biggest morning tea, and we only have one problem they say it will rain.

Peter a local, how do you talk about Peter if you put something in the local tip Peter clean's it out and takes it home. I needed a little bit of metal and asked Peter yesterday, today he turned up with what I needed at my door, good service.

I sat down and did a plan for the new bedroom that I start building Friday, it's going to look a million dollar's the grand plan has been put into action.

The cement work I did up top worked well this morning but it was only 1mm looking at the weather on my computer it going to get a good workout tomorrow.

I have a old water tank out front a 1000lt's with a 50mm rust hold, how do I fix it.


Hello Susan and Muffy in Albury.


Tomorrow is party time at the hospital.


May 26th Tuesday
A big day on top of the underground home and after seven days it's finished I lay cement 25m long and around 1.5 to 2m wide with a very small GMC cement mixer.

I am down well passed the last room underground that a lot of work for one person. As you can see at this end I made the water flow out the center I look at it after a big rain.

While working up top a little bird has been keeping an eye on me all week like he sat on the wheel barrow, on the mixer when it was going, on the ground near me and it has a wonderful turn it's almost singing.

Question time what sort of bird is it? that my question it seems to like being around here, I think it likes my water drum that I am using to mix cement. Please send an email.

Where to next, I need to get some sand around town and start working inside the underground I been working inside every now and then so I have done a bit of work but tomorrow we get into it full time (full time is about five hours a day). We need cement, sand, Geo fabric, Bondcreat the cement I get from the local shop the sand I have to go find tomorrow I have Geo fabric and Bondcreat on hand in the small shed. Tomorrow maybe a day finding what I need, working underground a whole new World (it's dark).

Who dug all the room downstairs, well that story started around 1840 to 1860 when miners dug the underground rooms looking for Opal I came along in 1995 digging shafts and joining the mine shafts and removing 1000s of tons of rocks that a long story it took me around five years, right now it's a mess but tomorrow we turn it into real home.

The hard work done years ago when I was much younger and fitter, so let's go do it.

I was asked about the kitchen why did I stop work on it. We I ran out of timber and I need flooring I need paint so I moved onto area's that I can do. Next month in June we will make a trip south to get what we need. By the end of June we will be back working on the kitchen.

It was warm working in the sun today the temperature was 23c in the shade near 30c in the sun, we may get a drop of rain Thursday.


Hello John and Glenda in Gippsland.


May 25th Monday
Well a slow start to the day I went to the General Store for three bags of cement and dropped around to see a friend but he was not home I left working up on the roof till after lunch. I worked a short two hour day up there I go backup early in the morning and get some cement work done.

This week in White Cliffs
Thursday 28th May 10am to 2pm at the White Cliffs Hospital landing.

Come and join local people on the landing and help beat Cancer This Thursday.

Read all about it on the White Cliffs Website Click_Here while there check out Randel Dates it shows you what is on in White Cliffs.

They are putting on a large raffle for the "Big Morning Tea" and Carol and I have put up a good size prize on the day, Just doing our bit for the special day.

Outback road worker:
Remember yesterday I had a story about the "Outback Road Workers" well it came to town today (and I did not have a camera) they are here cleaning up the roads. How this for a line up a grader towing a caravan, towing a water tank, towing a fuel tank all in a line that's a grader and three trailers in a line. Towing speed around 20kph he pulled up at the council depot tonight.


Nice day in White Cliffs around 25c here at home, but it is quite cool here tonight 18c here right now. Told you it was a cool night.


Hello Tahlia and Chase in Wodonga

May 24th Sunday
Back on top of the roof laying cement this morning in the cold, it was only 15c and it was really cold then I found out Wangaratta was -2.5c Scott, Faye and John I feel for you but I did feel better after that. Our top today was only 19c which is cold for White Cliffs, walking into the underground where it was 23c felt good. If you lock the house up it stays at 23c if you open the doors up it drops to 19c.

Tonight we went to the White Cliffs sporting club for a meal and it was packed around 150 people there tonight we had a hot soup, roast dinner for $10 a head plus a free endless cup of tea or coffee.

The cement I am laying up top around 30m long and 2m wide I have completed around 24m with 6m to go, maybe two day work left. I then move back down to the kitchen and start on the walls.

It a week old news story but worth a read. ABC News - Monday, 18 May 2015

Outback four-wheel driving is a difficult business. So imagine how tough the workers who build and maintain outback Australia’s dirt roads are. Ann Jones meets the men who brave 40 degree nights, snakes and dingoes to keep the centre of the country. Click_Here and read more on the ABC website.

This road is looked after by the outback road crews, The Cobb Highway we travel this road when going to Albury Wodonga and Wangaratta it is 145km's of dirt ok but not great.

They also look after the roads around White Cliffs.


Start of a new week, and a bit more cement to lay.



May 23rd Saturday
This morning we went down to the coffee shop and that was the end of the morning after a long chat it was lunch time.

Back home it was back up top of the underground laying cement, but first it was a case of who done it, who jumped in the wet cement last night.

Looking at the hands and feet, I am sure he said "Not Guilty" and the one at the back said he did it. It stood up and was bigger than me. It took a half hour to fix the cement work.

I have completed about 50% of the cement work up on the roof, I will get back into it tomorrow morning, must say I still getting sore at night at the end of last year I was really fit then the five months away I got soft.


One last thing to add to the website please. FLU VACCINES have arrived. If you require a Fluvax please present to the clinic on Doctor’s day. FREE: For anyone over 65 years, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and adults with a Chronic disease.

Katrina Wilkinson Nurse Practitioner | White Cliffs Health Service. all I can say is Katrina your on holidays as of last night, go girl have a good time Rex.


Not a lot today I wonder which Kangaroo will get in the cement tonight.



May 22nd Friday
The weekend here and am planning to work the next today up top of the underground. There is a pathway up there and it dirt and when it rains we had water inside the underground home, and we do not want that.

I covered the walk way with plastic sheet and we had 15mm or rain in 12hr's this week and not a drop inside so I am going to cover the pathway up top with cement in the hope the water runs away faster.

I am standing on top of the house at this point if you were to walk to the left you would have to climb down on top of the new kitchen to the right is up the hill the floor of the underground is 28ft below, think that's about 8 to 9m below.

As you can see the water runs down the hill down this pathway and into the earth then inside the underground (maybe 3 or 4 cups full). So the plan is run the water away over cement.

How does it get inside "old tree root's" over the years maybe a 100yr's trees past away on top the dead tree roots rots away leaving a tunnel in the earth to the underground below, it that simple. Cover the holes and the problem goes away.

Who use's the walk way, me to turn the mains water tap on and off maybe three of four time a year. But it is used every night and every morning by Kangaroo's maybe six a day come down the track and go home at sun up.

Tonight we are going out for a meal at the Underground Motel there is about ten of us going tonight.

Where do we get the rocks look at the top of the picture that small hill is all rocks by the 1000s...

Carol went to craft today they were doing art this week, it looks good so far.


Hello Adrian and Dianne in Lavington.


May 21st Thursday
The day started about 3:30am we had a big thunder storm that dropped 6mm of rain in 30min's on White Cliffs and a total of 13mm to 9am this morning. The rain comes from the North (Queensland way) it hits the front of the house it was like a war zone outside thunder and lighting non-stop for 30min's.

We had a rock up on the bank it been sitting there for over 20yr's well the dirt washed out around the 70kg rock and it fell down apart from the noise it be easy to cleanup in the next few days.

The town was very quite today a few locals hooked up their caravans and headed north and a spot fishing.

The dirt roads are a bit of a mud pot today they be ok by late tomorrow a lot of the dirt roads are closed for one or two days by council.

As for the new kitchen it had no water leaks and the new gutter out front worked well, pity we have not had time to install the small water tank.

The water catchments on this roof is 8m by 8m a total of 64sqM so 1mm of rain is 64lt in the tank, 13mm last night 13x64=832lt's of water in the tank.

We only use the rain water for Cooking, Tea and Coffee we use the town water for the bathroom and laundry.

Being a wet day not a lot happen apart from a trip to the shop. One think we did see today was a really big Kangaroo around 7ft high maybe just over, and fat he living up on the roof. We have about five Kangaroo's on the roof for years but nothing as big as this one.

We had no water inside the underground home today, which is good.

Hello, Troy and Kylie in Thurgoona near Albury.



May 20th Wednesday (Scott Birthday)
What can we say other than it is Scott Birthday
. He 32yr's today, your turning into an old man Happy Birthday Scott.

Today was a bit of a mixture in White Cliffs, Carol seen the doctor for a checkup and it is all good news.

Next was a meeting at the White Cliffs hall, we went along it was just crazy there is a ambulance at the hospital but we no longer have a driver. Local people have been driving it for years and years. Red tape say's we cannot do it the old way and have to train a drive who has passed all the test and training. I say keep the old way and then bring in the new way.

This month a person was sick at the White Cliffs Hospital the Flying Doctor came from Broken Hill. The patient had to wait, an ambulances was sent from Wilcannia to White Cliffs 100km's they loaded the patient and drove them to the White Cliffs airport about 2km's away. The ambulances then returned to Wilcannia a 200km round trip, our tax money at work.

The White Cliffs ambulances sat outside with no driver because of red tape I don't know what you think, to me it just crazy.

At the meeting today I know of two people who put their hand up and willing to drive.

Had trouble with my computer last night someone sent me a rubbish file not good thanks to Scott it is all fixed.

I went outside tonight and took a picture of the sky looking to the west of White Cliffs, not a great picture but not to bad.

You see the sunset in the West and just above it the Moon and above it to the right the Space Station (I think it is). Picture taken from the front door at home tonight.

It cooled down tonight to 17c and we are looking at 16c tomorrow, it was 23c late today.


Hello Scott have a good Birthday.


May 19th Tuesday
It looked a lot like rain today but no rain, it did try once for about 10sec just enough to dirty the car.

After two day work I have the gutter up on the new kitchen that a really big job on your own. I have some down pipe thanks to a local, Guess what it cost a cup of coffee, I am sure White Cliffs deals in coffee.

We are getting close to painting the outside of the kitchen then we finish off the wall then look at fitting the veranda. Note the new gutter is installed when the paint work done it look ok.

Here a video on White Cliffs on You Tube


Wilcannia musician heads to White Cliffs Music Festival, I Just found this on the ABC website Leroy Johnson, played last Saturday night at the festival I could listen to him all night. CLICK HERE

Leroy Johnson in White Cliffs at the weekend.


Well we just lost power here in town for the second time today so I upload what I have done.


Good Night All


May 18th Monday
Worked a full day today after a very big weekend in White Cliffs, today I installed the outside gutter along the front of the home. This section was 8.5m long and took me all day all have left is to fit ends on the gutters, cut a hole and feed it into the small tank that we have here.

I just seen the Flying Doctor land at the airport that not good news for someone, it means someone is sick and being flown out to Broken Hill Hospital or to Adelaide. Yes we are in New South Wales but closer to Adelaide than Sydney. In fact we are closer to Adelaide than we are to Albury Wodonga.

Picture taken in Broken Hill. This plane fly's to White Cliffs and is here right now.

This is the best service in Australia RFDS has the best doctors, Dr Mike is the perfect doctor I know him well he never seems to stop work. Carol doing well now and Mike talks to her by phone, sometimes email he flying into White Cliffs Wednesday to check on local people. There are many other people at RFDS and they are best. And it's all free, I have given money to the Flaying Doctor I am working on something in my mind it will not make a million but I hope to make a few dollars.

White Cliffs 25c today low wind and no rain.


Hello to Peter and Joi in Melbourne.


May 17th Sunday
The last day of the White Cliffs Music Festival we were up at 7am dressed and off to the Poet's Breakfast at the town hall, we were sure in need of sleep and so was the rest of town around 150 people were there for breakfast today.

The Poet's were from the general public, did they turn it on for the general public. (I have no name so I put up some pictures.)

And the winner.

This is 50% of the people there for breakfast. It was great fun being there.

After breakfast it was off to church in White Cliffs they only hold one service a year in town and today was the day.

Inside the White Cliffs Church

Outside the very old church built of rock.

We all went to the Coffee Shop after church, it was good, a nice lot of people. Then it was off to the car boot sale in town.

They called a car boot sale about ten trailers turned up and a lot of buyers.

The last event is tonight at the White Cliffs Soc al Club. I put that on the net tomorrow.

It will be back to the real World tomorrow working on the house.


May 16th Saturday
Around 200 people packed the hall tonight for the White Cliffs Music Festival. and it was a really good night we enjoyed it.
It already after 11pm and we just came home.

Leroy Johnson & Co on stage to open the show.

Dan and Bobby Hayes Band (they are a good band)

Phil Manning top act of the night.

Kerry Ellen from Dubbo, what a strong voice this lady has.

Hamilton County Bluegrass Band, we were told they be good and they were fantastic.

I will not talk much tonight as it so late, I just get it on the Internet.


May 15th Friday
The town is packed, the pub full the underground hotel full and the caravan park full and today the first day of the "White Cliffs Music Festival". And what a start to the week at the White Cliffs Hotel Motel.

They closed off the main street and there be five times the amount of people you see here.

The town BBQ was on hand making food for the big crowd, just for the record it is a old Mini Van converted into a BBQ van note the back doors open. It is towed to the site as it has no motor, in the front seats are Gas Bottles.

Locals sitting around having a chat

Royden Donohue is a top act he sure had the crowd up and enjoying the night.

Tomorrow we do it again in White Cliffs, and it will be a late night we will go an hour early as it is in the town hall, it holds around 300 people and there was 600 there tonight.

May 14th Thursday
We wake up this morning in Broken Hill, have a breakfast at McDonald's in Broken Hill then head off for a hearing test, yep I am getting hearing aids in three weeks so it be back to Broken Hill for a fitting.

Went shopping for food at Coles supermarket then a coffee before filling with fuel and heading back to White Cliffs.

The trip back we took the short cut across the dirt road to home it cuts 36kms off the trip, the road was great I sat on 80kph across the dirt it was in great condition. Just outside White Cliffs an Eagle took off flying right in front of me at 100kph, bank on the windscreen near the roof a shocking sound. The car fine the bird flew off but looked a bit sick, he was soon out of site, don't know how he or she got on I do not think it be good news it was hard hit.

Starts tomorrow Friday "The White Cliffs Music Festival" it is going to be a big week end it starts at 5pm tomorrow night with a street party.


Program for 2015 
Friday evening 15th:
Walk Up Concert: the streets will be closed off for music and get-together in the CBD with the P&C sausage sizzle outside the White Cliffs Outback Store. Official Opening of the Festival. Lots of local artists and bring your own chair.
Street Party with Royden Donohue
Sponsored by Graham and Maxina Wellings of the White Cliffs Hotel Motel, this is to be held at the CBD after the Walk Up Concert, commencing at approx 8:00 p.m. Party-time begins. Come and dance your hearts out to the fabulous music of Royden Donohue.
Saturday 16th :
Workshops 10:00 a.m.  till  2.30 p.m. mostly at the National Parks meeting room, St Mary's Church and Public Hall.
Each workshop - gold coin donation
10:00am: Fundamentals of writing lyrics and music. Paul Trenwith and Phil Manning. National Parks Meeting Room. Tea and Coffee making facilities.
11:00 Getting the best out of your instrument. Keith Lugton.
11.30: Harmony Singing  - World Music - Public Hall.
12 noon: Pick an instrument. Banjo, mandolin, guitar & bass. Hamilton County Bluegrass Band members. National Parks.
2:00pm: 'A How To' on Bush Poetry;  National Parks meeting room.
2:45: Beginners Ukelele - jam session - instruments available for loan. St Mary's.
Saturday evening concert: 3.30pm till late at the hall 
The line-up includes:
Leroy & Anthony Johnson
Bob and Dan Hayes
Kerry Ellen
Phil Manning
Hamilton County Bluegrass Band
There will be a break for tea where the famous lamb and mint jelly rolls and the baked potatoes will be available. Soft drinks will be also be on sale in the front foyer throughout the night. Tea and coffee available from the supper-room.  Raffle tickets on sale at the door.
Sunday arvo
Car boot sale  - Tiger O'Reilly Oval.
Lantern Spectacular 
Tiger O'Reilly Oval. Fundraiser for 'The Starlight Foundation'. Lanterns will be available for sale, or make your own prior to the Festival. Lanterns will be on sale from Robyn at the Stubby House or from the White Cliffs Outback Store or Enid at the door following the Poet's Breakfast for $10:00 each.
Program for Sunday 17th:
8.00am:   Poets' Breakfast with John McCaskell.
11.30am: Church Service
1.00pm:   Light lunch, White Cliffs Hall
1:30pm:   Car Boot Sale
6:00pm:   Wishing Lanterns in aid of The Starlight Foundation.
7:00pm:   Sporting Club. Bar and kitchen open.

This is a big weekend for White Cliffs I was told today the Caravan Park is packed real good for the town.

3Dots will go to air every day over the weekend but maybe late some nights and the shows do not finish till late.

It is going to be a really big weekend in town.


May 13th Wednesday
What a cold day in this area but looking at BOM it was a lot colder in Wangaratta, Albury Wodonga not sure about Gippsland.

A good day to stay in bed but no such luck, we left White Cliffs and hit the road to Broken Hill. We drove 93km's turn right then another 200km to Broken Hill, yes we turn one corner.

Broken Hill is on South Australian time so we put our clocks back 30min's.

As you can see there's not much out here this railway line is Sydney to Perth WA.

Not far from where we are staying tonight is the Pro Hart Gallery. How much would you pay for this Rolls.

I think this is the best building in Broken Hill "The Trades Hall" building you see it in a picture to see it in real life is fantastic.

We are in a motel in Broken Hill $115 night it a nice room we are happy here on such a cold night.

Went shopping around town, one was a glass shop we need some glass for the new kitchen, that stuff cost a lot of money, may make a call to Albury Wodonga.

We had a very busy afternoon in Broken Hill, have a hearing test tomorrow do a shop for food then home to White Cliffs.

Not a lot today it was all about driving and shopping.


Hello Doug in Queensland.


May 12th Tuesday
Well today was a backward day in the new kitchen, I worked the last two days on the roof inside the kitchen. I don't like what I did, it just looked wrong so I pulled it down. I  need a new design.

It was the first day I have stepped backwards.

So I had a shower then decided to talk with Lindsay. We now have a new plan, I get what we need in Broken Hill over Wednesday and Thursday.

Why see Lindsay, as you can see in the picture above he knows how to build an underground home. He has built five underground homes the one he is now working on is just great. The lady of the house comes up with the art and tile work, they are nice people and we had a coffee and cake as well.

Yes tomorrow we head off to Broken Hill to do some shopping for food and hardware for the house, we booked a motel in Broken Hill for one night. Back home late Thursday afternoon.

The main reason for the trip is a hearing test early Thursday morning, I have that old age problem having trouble hearing when we with a group of people in the same room.

It was my turn to do the old people rubbish run, we have no rubbish pickup in White Cliffs they put the rubbish in green plastic bags and put them in a bin. We picked the bags up and tossed them in the rubbish tip, one age lady users a walking frame so going to the tip out of the question.

The rubbish tip in White Cliffs is free and well control by the Central Darling Shire.

It is a 600kms return trip to Broken Hill and back to White Cliffs. We do the trip when required.

Thanks Lindsay and Cree for you help.

Broken Hill tomorrow night.

May 11th Monday
I worked all day in the kitchen today we stayed home all day, that a first for a long time.

While outside working today we were hit by a really big wind storm for about 15sec not long, but long enough to tip over cans of paint turn over chairs and tables.

We had unreal amount dust and dirt flying around the front landing.

Damage report a 4lt can of white paint (tipped over), a 2lt can of gloss clear sealer (all over the cement), three plastic buckets and some plastic pots.

We lost about $90.00 worth of goods paint etc.

How strong was the wind, sitting by the doorway to the new kitchen was a cement sitting rabbit it was made by my father many years ago the rabbit rolled over and over across the yard. Good news is it did not break, so the sitting rabbit lives to fight another day.

The Internet will end up on the junk heap unless business starts to have better control of their website's.

Today I called three motel in Broken Hill to book a motel for Wednesday night. Motel A, there website said $95 when I rang they said "that's an old price it's now $130 a night."

Motel B, the Internet said $85 I rang $115. Motel C,  said on there Website $90 I was told we cannot do it for $90 the best we can do is $120.

I wonder how the law views this type of advertising on the Internet, my 3Dots website is ten times the size of a Motel Website and I can change a price in 60sec. If they going to have a website they need to keep it up to date.

This is not just at Broken Hill I had the same problem in Mildura a few months ago.

Maybe I am getting old and grumpy.

Hello John and Faye in Wangaratta.

May 10th Sunday (Mothers Day)
No work today it was Mothers Day, and ended up being a big day, it started with Mothers Day at the Red Earth Cafe, Coffee and Cake. Then lunch at a friends place out on the Westfield Opal Mining area, gee life hard out there, no power, no water the large garden shed is the lounge room. Life hard but we met four very nice people and yes we had a coffee.

Here the wood stove it made from a gas bottle with cooking plate on top (do not try this unless you really know what you are doing welding an old gas bottle may not be good for your health.) Look close the door is an old brake drum from a car. These people are her to mine for Opal from Western Australia. I hope they find a million dollars worth.

Tonight it was mothers day at the White Cliffs Sporting Club you had to play a game of Mini Golf, tonight it was packed at the club. It cost $10 a head mini golf, roast dinner, desert, coffee, home made bread rolls, great meal the mothers got a gift box of sweets and a rose. It was a great night for mothers.

And that was today, most mothers in White Cliffs do not see their family on the day, we had a call from everyone today really good for Carol.

Mini Golf in White Cliffs tonight my score was 48 for the nine holes, I know that's bad but hay look at the rocks, just good fun. They set it up on the outer edge of the cricket ground, you better not take a slide here to catch the ball.

All the big kids thanks for ringing today it made Carol's day.

Back to work tomorrow.


May 9th Saturday
Worked in the kitchen all day, the door now has a door handel the windows opens I water proof the roof from rain water (I hope) just have to wait till the next rain, it may rain again one day. Filled in the west wall to the roof, where getting there day by day.

The meat man came today at midday in his refrigerated van from Red Cliffs, near Mildura. I had a question "How much meat do you get for your money" I took a picture of the price list below.

Hope your can read this, we were given a very large roast with our $150 order today.

You also need to keep in mind the order came 600km's by road to White Cliffs his truck was near full today. You can buy what you like say you do not want 20 beef Rissoles you can swap it for Steak.

Carol said the Roast we got today is big enough for maybe four meals. The box today would have been around 20kg today.

Let me know what you think. We have enough for a month he be back on the 2nd Saturday in June.

Mothers Day tomorrow and there a big Mothers Day at the White Cliffs Sporting Club tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow there's morning tea and coffee at the Red Earth Cafe here in town.


Hello to Kylie, Scott and Susan in Albury and Wangaratta.


To all the mum's Happy Mother's Day


May 8th Friday
A big day in the new kitchen started at 8am to 4pm so much for being retired. It Friday so I took some pictures to put on 3Dots if you see I am doing something wrong please email me any comments. I am not a builder and I am the first person to say this is a case of "Doing my way and hope it does works."

While we were away over the Christmas break we had a 130kph wind from the North it hit the new kitchen head on. After the wind a friend came and had a look and see how the kitchen faired, he text us "Kitchen hit with 130kph wind, all perfect." I was happy to read that.

I took some pictures late today of the kitchen so far. We have a long way to go, but it looking better than last week.

Not great pictures took them in very low light tonight, what behind the door Carol craft room. It was my computer room, I have been told I can have the the little bit behind the door.

The front entry and the door to the craft room as I said picture taken late tonight.

Tomorrow the meat man comes from Red Cliffs near Mildura he comes to White Cliffs once a month you order meat packs $50, $100 or $150.00 we have a $150 pack coming tomorrow. Some people buy heaps I know one family that buys 2 of $150 and 1 of $100 packs our meat pack last a month.

Carol went to Friday Craft Group today with the ladies in town it a really big group gee they make a heap of noise, it like they are having a party.

Hello Rhonda in the Mildura are, Rhonda lives in her own caravan and on her 4th trip around Australia.

A week today the White Cliffs Music Festival
Click Here

Thanks for the emails about Herme story I see him at the weekend.

May 7th Thursday
Well we worked in the new kitchen today we did a lot small things tomorrow we hope to put a door on Carol craft room, (the room that was going to be my computer room, she took it.)

The car running fine after it home service, looks and running well when in Broken Hill next week I give it a big clean up at the car wash.

The ABC did a great story on Herme as we all know him, he runs the White Cliffs Hotel for Graham the owner who has now retired. Both Graham and Herme are really nice people.

Geoff Herrmann runs the outback hotel in White Cliffs, a popular drinking hole in the 'lunaresque' settlement in far west New South Wales, where people live under, rather than above, the ground.

But Geoff has not always been here, his career having followed a strange trajectory that began when he was a teenage runaway in rural Victoria, forced to lie just to get food in his belly.

Read his Story on ABC Rural.

Click Here


Tonight I fixed a Apple IPhone for Vicky another local took me a while to work out the Apple and get rid of a scam that popped up on her screen. We were invited to say for a meal so we did. Vicky your a great cook Carol and I enjoyed our meal and will invite you to the new kitchen in a month or two, maybe three.

Hope you enjoy Herme story on the ABC website.


Hello to Troy and Kylie in Thurgoona just out of Albury. (Kylie thanks for the help with the IPhone.)


May 6th Wednesday
We spent the morning at the White Cliffs Hospital where the doctor from the Flying Doctor Service did a heap of test on Carol and all is good.
Then it was my turn I am not sick just did the paper work for a hearing test in Broken Hill next Thursday morning.

After the doctor we went to the White Hotel for a drink, two lemon squash and a chat with a few locals. Back in late 70s the pub burn to the ground, seem two boys sons of the owner had fireworks in a bedroom. They put the fireworks between two mattresses and set them off in the bedroom, they started a fire and burn the place down.

Home mid afternoon we change the oil and filters in the Mercedes Benz we did a full service in White Cliffs it looks fine and running perfect the nearest Mercedes Benz dealer is in Adelaide 800km's away the only thing left is the spark plugs in the car. I feel that will have to be done by a Mercedes Benz dealer.

It driving perfect late today and feeling a lot better to drive.

That my bread tonight, just out of the bread maker it around 900g. It last about three days.

I been asked about our bread mix we buy premixed flour from Coles here the mix.

- Light spray with cooking oil.
- 400ml tap water.
- 600g premix flour.
- 1 1/2 teaspoons Yeast
- Bake in the Bread Maker 2 1/2hrs

That's it, Lizz you asked, if any one makes your own bread please send me your mix.

Tomorrow it is back to the building of the kitchen.


May 5th Tuesday
First job today was fix a computer for Graham a local in White Cliffs, it all going it has been a while.

Next Sunday is Mothers Day and and a lot of mum's miss out on seeing the family on this special day, after all we are 1000km's from Sydney and 1100km's from Albury in fact we are only 800km's from Adelaide South Australia.

So the Sporting Club is turning it on at 5pm for all mothers in White Cliffs next Sunday.

Worked all afternoon in the new kitchen building a doorway in Carol craft room, she feeling better and having a checkup with the Flying Doctor Service tomorrow.

Bit of a wild day weather wise today we had 50kph wind from the north west, see Mildura to Albury had dust and 65kph wind. We are looking at 20c the next few day in White Cliffs.

John and Faye are back home in Wangaratta hope you had a good trip to Renmark in South Australia.

All is well in White Cliffs.


May 4th Monday (may the 4th be with you) Star wars Day
Susan had a big day, she sat for her test and passed, her car now has a green "P" plate for the next two years. She can now do 100kph, you know what that means Susan you use more fuel. Good girl drive safe.

Susan try out a new toy at the Melbourne Motor Show, Susan leave it there, I know, Dad suck it up I am almost 30yr's old.

I had a really big day in the new kitchen fitting it out inside it a really big job on my own I just keep at if day by day bit by bit. Tomorrow I have to fix a computer in town then I get back into the new kitchen.

Guess you know by now White Cliffs is a mining town, they still mine for Opal in White Cliffs today.

I had a picture sent to me taken from a plane over White Cliffs. There are a number of areas in White Cliffs "Smith Hill" where we live. Smith Hill is a speed hump in the outback. Other area's are Turley's Hill, The Blocks, The CBD and the mining area called the "West Field".

Here is the Westfield where the Opal mines are (this is a small part of it) it total there are 80,000 holes. They range from a 10ft to 100ft deep thanks for the picture. They started digging in the 1840s and are still digging today, the dream of a big Opal worth tens of thousands of dollars. For most it a dream for some the dream comes true.

You never walk backwards on the West Field, my guess is one day the ground will shake and it will all fall in. The West Field can be seen from Space.

The West Field is about 3km's from our place.


Welcome home to Sue in Gippsland hope you had a good trip to South Australia. David she back, just joking she a nice lady.


Hello Susan and Muffy in Albury.


May 3rd Sunday
Quite a warm day in White Cliffs today a but sore this morning think it was lifting the big timber sheets yesterday they heave on your own 8x4ft in size.

I was asked about the caravan park, yes we have one so as I was driving by today I took some pictures that tell the story.

What else, the shower a coin in the slot for a hot water shower it about $2 for 5min. The park today had about twenty campers it holds about fifty campers.

Sign at the entry of the White Cliffs Caravan Park

Powered site $20 for two adults.

The park today well part of it.

How this the local nurse said last night how your sugar, not good I forgot my tablets. Well at 8am this morning I received a text message, don't forget your tablets for the nurse.

Tonight we are out at the White Cliffs Sporting Club for a meal. You get a roast dinner with vegetables, bread roll, desert and coffee $10ea

Tomorrow it back to work.

May 2nd Saturday
Not a good day for working we were invited out for coffee and scones this morning at 10am at the Red Earth Cafe in White Cliffs, six of us had coffee and a two hour chat.

The Red Earth Opal shop and Cafe, that a Opal Pineapple in the picture around $50,000 worth, you have to like tea or coffee in White Cliffs.

We had a writer for "Caravan World Magazine" sit with us he is doing pictures and a story on White Cliffs for the Magazine he did a interview and took pictures of out table we all told him about our little town. He paid the bill for the whole table and left.

I did about three hours work in the new kitchen today installing a few sheets of Gyprock on the walls inside. We then had visitors this afternoon three locals came by for a look and a chat.

Let's go to the Underground Motel for a meal and coffee so we went out tonight a great night out. The social life of the town is going to kill me, and we are going to the White Social Club tomorrow night.

Had a talk to Adrian, John and Kylie on the phone today, tomorrow a work day.


Back home Carol asked "Do you want a coffee", No Thank You.


May 1st Friday
Start of a new month it's May, the year just flying by so fast Carol talking about shopping for Christmas unreal.

The good news of the day for us is Carol had a phone call and got the all clear. Good news.

Back in the new kitchen today and I started fitting out inside, worked on it all day and got quite a bit done today. I get back into it tomorrow morning it looks good so far.

I am using a mix of material MDF board, Gyprock and wall paneling we have it and need to use it someplace.

Carol went to Craft today with the local ladies it on every Friday morning.

Adrian and Dianne have just returned from a trip to China yesterday and they walked to the top of the Great Wall China, well done you two hope you had fun.

Not a lot today but we had some good news, Time for a cupper.