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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for som e crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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November 30th Monday
Shocking day in Mildura today around 39c and a hot wind from the north all day. The caravan was very hot so we went shopping and had dinner out tonight at the Mildura SS&A Club just to get out of the heat.

We had a wild looking sky late today and as I write Three Dots tonight we are getting a few drops of rain. We had it all today heat, wind, rain, dust.

For the record we fitted a new Deep Cycle Battery for the caravan it's a 100amp hour, hooked to a 600watt inverter. The battery sits in the back of the Mercedes Benz.

No news on Joi so we hope all is well.

We get the wheels aligned in the morning on the Mercedes Benz here in Mildura.

The last thing to fix on the Mercedes Benz is the windscreen, we are fitting a new one, I rang up over the weekend and they say it will be here by Wednesday midday.

We finished our Christmas shopping today we got about 50% online this year.

That about it for the day.


November 29th Sunday
We were all up at 7am today Carmen Damon and the kids packed up and left for Albury Wodonga at 10am. (They are back home already)

So we went shopping at the Mildura Plaza were I found some new shoes and clothes that I badly needed.

We had lunch at the plaza, after a bit of shopping we came back to the caravan park for the rest of the day.

I spent a good part of the day cleaning out the Mercedes Benz. We sorted it out making room for the new Deep Cycle Battery in the back to tomorrow morning. If it all goes' to plan it should work well.

All picture's taken from the caravan park today, just across the river from our caravan.

A great way to travel on the Murray River a house boat.

Like this house boat "Less Stress" sleeps up to ten people.

There are 100s of house boats on the river in the Mildura area.


They are saying near 40c in Mildura tomorrow afternoon, sounds like we are living in White Cliffs, if is that hot we may go Christmas Shopping and eat out at the local club just to keep cool.

Damon and Carmen thank you for making the trip to Mildura for Carol Birthday, she loved being with the kids the last few days.

Hello to the people in White Cliffs who are reading Three Dots.


November 28th Saturday
The perfect day in Mildura, cool win from the south all day and a perfect night. The river looks great, if there is a downside it is the crazy people doing burn outs beside the river.

We went shopping in town nothing special just having a look around town.

I booked the Mercedes Benz in for a wheel aliment on Tuesday morning, need to get it fixed as we have new tyres on the front of the Benz.
Also rang about having the windscreen replaced on Monday, that's a insurance job.
About this time last year I talked to a Mercedes Benz ML320 owner he said a rear glass window cost $1500 so I paid the extra for glass insurance this year.

This be the first time I have spent money on the Mercedes Benz apart from a normal service.

Carol and granddaughter

Our camping setup for the weekend

The granddaughter with their new dog

Mildura main bridge over the Murray River

Grandkids on the jumping castle at the caravan.

It late so will not say much more Carmen and Damon go back home to Wodonga tomorrow morning.


Hello John and Glenda.


November 27th Friday (Carol Birthday)
Been a long day, we left Topar about 7:30am driving 75kms into Broken Hill for breakfast and coffee.

Filled with fuel in Broken Hill we set off driving South to Mildura 300kms away. What a shocking trip a 40kph head wind all the way to Mildura, we used 20lt per 100kms towing the caravan.

The normal amount of fuel used is 12 to 14lts per 100kms.

Mildura, we are staying in the caravan park on the Murray River across the river from Mildura.

Carol birthday, and did she get a surprise camped next to us was Carol daughter Carmen, Damon and the grandkids we are camped side by side. They drove from Wodonga to Mildura to be with Carol this weekend.

We are here for a week.

Damon, Carmen setup next to our caravan.

Taken from the caravan the Murray River.

Another picture of the Murray River late tonight

The caravan is working fine, after all the trouble we had all is good, no hot wheels all good.

Muffy staying down with Joi in Melbourne till things are sorted out

Where going to look around town tomorrow.

Day two of our trip and all is good.


November 26th Thursday
"On The Road Again" yes we hit road again becoming Grey Haired Nomads, it was a very hard day in a way packing the car and caravan that a lot of work.

We have about half as much this year to cut down on weight and save fuel. Like we are carrying 20lt's of water last year we towed 70lts. We have decided to cut back on food and shop three or four times a week.

Tonight we have setup camp at the Little Topar fuel stop there is a free camp next to the service station.

Little Topar is 220km's from Home in White Cliffs and 70km's East of Broken Hill. What's here, nothing only a service station (truck stop) most of the trucks that travel this road are running Sydney to Perth or Adelaide Brisbane.

Little Topar truck stop.

Caravan and Mercedes Benz looking a lot better.

This is a good free camping spot, tables, water and toilet plus you have the truck stop to buy food as well.

Speed limit out here is 110kph the next fuel stop for trucks heading east in Cobar 480kms so most stop here.

Hello to Muffy, Joi and Peter in Melbourne.


November 25th Wednesday
Gee; it was a really hot day, 40c today in White Cliffs we were up at 5:30am packing the caravan and we stopped by 10am just to hot.

Then at 10:30am we were asked out for Coffee and found they had put on a morning tea for Carol and her birthday on Friday.

Carol's Birthday Cake today at coffee

Bill and Jenny gave Carol a card and a gift, a 1/2 dozen eggs.

It was a good day, we had a lot of fun.

Tomorrow around lunch we will head off on our summer holiday for about three month's, maybe four month's and maybe five month's.

We will be happy to get away and have some sleep.

Tomorrow night we will be somewhere on the road, I hope we have a Internet connection and can do Three Dots.

Back to packing the van.


November 24th Tuesday
Good day in White Cliffs 33c max in the shade today, we are looking at a shocker tomorrow they are saying 41c in the shade with wind from the north, cooling to 26c on Thursday.

We were both up at 5:30am this morning to work on the caravan and start packing it with what we need for the trip away starting Thursday.

Carol Birthday on Friday and I am hoping to be in Mildura on the Murray River for her Birthday, she has a big surprise waiting in Mildura. More about that on Friday night, we will be in Mildura for a week.

I am starting to lockup everything saw's, tool and trailer.

I put the trailer in the rock garden and locked it to tree with a chain and good size lock. The tree had a bad time this year that really big wind storm about 6wk's ago gave it a hard time.

Today was all about painting the inside of the caravan I repainted the shower and fitted an new toilet. It is looking good inside the caravan all clean and tidy. I have nothing left to work with inside the van so I do some little jobs as we travel around.

I am told Joi and Peter are back in Melbourne they left Perth this morning and arrived late afternoon our time.

Tomorrow we will get up real early to beat the heat of the day and get the caravan packed, we will leave midday Thursday.

We will be in a free camp on Thursday night I think we will have the Internet to do Three Dots but I am not sure.

Hello Joi and Peter hope things will get better. Bet your glad to be home in Melbourne.


And a big hello to Troy Joyce and Kylie in Thurgoona.


November 23rd Monday
Nice day 32c in White Cliffs but hot in the sun around 41c most of the day, Up at 5:30am and at work on the outside of the caravan I gave it a big birthday. It took me 12hr's to finish the outside of the old caravan.

That the outside for now tomorrow I paint and clean up inside the caravan in the morning and start packing the caravan tomorrow afternoon.

Fit the gas bottle on Thursday morning, note the new coupling on the front, new hand break, new spare tyre.

The wheels are cleaned up, the whole van been repainted. All new suspension under the caravan.

As I said the outside took 12hr's today I finished painting the last wheel at 6pm tonight, all the work inside finished just need some paint work and I do that tomorrow morning.

We will be ready to roll out of town at midday Thursday.

If you look at the picture below (yesterday) you will see the grey stripe, wheels, and trim on the caravan is the same colour as the bumpers on the Mercedes Benz.

Have had no news on joi today, send an email if you know anything.

Bill have a good week away in the north part of Queensland.


November 22nd Sunday
It was around 10pm last night when the power came back on in White Cliffs. It is not easy living in an underground home in the dark, no light down here at night. We have battery powered LED lighting as a backup.

The caravan has returned to White Cliffs at last and it looks good and towed well all the way home from Broken Hill. Hope it is as good when loaded and on our summer break at the end of the week.

It has a nice level ride as you can see in the picture above they rebuilt under the van once again new everything even new tyres, even the spare tyre. the trouble was the brake cable, they did it wrong and they said it was their fault, before anyone ask it cost nothing for the extra repairs.

It cost us petrol to and from Broken Hill, happy with that.

Carol picture: About 40m from our home in White Cliffs, this Kangaroo is 6ft to 7ft high, I think it is the biggest Kangaroo we have seen it would have to be almost 300kg. We took this picture yesterday at Sunrise as we left for Broken Hill.

Emu's crossed the main road so we had to come to a stop, so we took this picture there was a lot of wildlife on the road yesterday.

I had the caravan on and had to adjust the mirrors, so this old guy did it for me. Carol took this picture with the side window up.

Linda George, cutting and setting Opal, Linda lives in White Cliff full time and opens her shop 1hr a day, 11am to midday.

This is some of Linda's work, there is a lot more in the showroom.

Have a look at Linda Webpage, Click_Here

Today I was up at 6am working inside the caravan, doing some timber work. It is looking good inside, 10:30am we went to the Underground Motel for a coffee with the local people. Had a good size group there today.

We then went and fixed two computer's in town, have not done a repair for a long time. They are both working now.

Tonight we are going to the Sporting Club for a meal and say good by and Merry Christmas to all the people we see and eat with most Sunday nights.

Hello to Tony and Belinda in White Cliffs good to see you back safe and sound.

Good weather in White Cliffs this weekend they say it will start to warm up Wednesday.


November 21st Saturday
We have just returned from Broken Hill with the caravan all good no problems.

We have no power in White Cliffs and my computer low on power.

Good night more tomorrow.


November 20th Friday
We are not going to say it was hot I just say it was 44c and it is still 40c at 8:30pm I say no more and that was in the shade.

It has been two years, yes we started three dots on this day in 2013, two years ago.

This was one of the first pictures on three dots we had just started building the kitchen.

Not quite there but very close, it needs the timber floor a lot of paint, bit of plumbing and power and we will be ready to move in. It down to the trimming work now all the heavy work done, I had to stop in September this year with back trouble. I had trouble walking at times I am doing well the break will do me good. I took this picture late tonight at sunset.

We came back 1st of May this year and I worked on the kitchen four months, then I had to slow down, I get back into it next year.

After tests and scans the doctor said my back fine the problem the doctor saying is some old bastard who 66 thinks he a 20yrs old and working to hard. I am on light duty he saying for life. I go on light duty after I build my house.

Last month I had these two pictures on three dots, I was asked about buying Opal in White Cliffs, yes there are five Opal shop's in White Cliffs with set and unset Opal stones. No two Opal's are the same.

Talk to Joi on the phone today she still in Perth Hospital with a few problems, but hopes to return to Melbourne Hospital next week.

The caravan, I am told it is ready to pick up tomorrow in Broken Hill, they took it for a 100km test drive this afternoon and say it good come and get it.

So Carol and I will hit the road around 6:30am tomorrow, 300km's to Broken Hill a quick trip to the Supermarket a coffee, pick the van and head back to White Cliffs. We plan to leave White Cliffs by 12noon next Thursday heading for Mildura via Broken Hill.

Bill going to keep an eye on our underground home while we are away.


I say Hello to Peter and Joi get better soon, still think you should come to White Cliffs next year for your holiday.

Have a drink, to the next two years of three dots.


November 19th Thursday
Not a lot you can say about today other than hot, it was 43c in the shade at our place today.

We have been planning our trip for the next four months, surely the caravan will be fixed this time, 3rd time lucky.

We plan to be out of White Cliffs by lunch time next Thursday we will stop over one night and arrive in Mildura midday on Friday Carol birthday (a big surprise awaits her on the Friday).

While in Mildura we have a few things to do like a new battery to power the caravan lighting at night.

Also need to replace the windscreen in the Mercedes Benz it's covered under insurance I paid the extra for glass insurance this year, that was a good move.

Also need a wheel alignment on the Mercedes Benz I will do that in Mildura as well, looking like we will be in Mildura a week.

We are going into Broken Hill on Saturday to pick up the caravan and back home on the same day.

It is now 7:30pm and it is still 41c here at home, a bad night outside. Inside right now it is 25c it is 24c inside most of the time.

I hope to talk to Joi tomorrow on the phone and see how she is going in Perth.

Hello to Adrian and Dianne in Lavington, north of Albury. It time you two took that camper on a trip for a few days.

We are looking forward to Saturday and some cooler weather.


And thank you to all the people who liked yesterday story on Opal. Thank you for the comments.


November 18th Wednesday
It was a very hot day in White Cliffs, we had a 40c at home outside in the shade I checked out in the sun it was 58c. They are talking Thursday and Friday being a lot hotter, inside the underground it was 24c most of the afternoon. We stayed inside.

John and Glenda have moved from Gippsland back to Albury Wodonga living in the Thurgoona area, I have seen Thurgoona hotter than White Cliffs mid summer.

Joi, having a few problems in Perth WA, you be ok girl.

The caravan, they have all the required parts needed to fix it I was told today we can pick it up on Saturday morning (this weekend) in Broken Hill and go from there. If the caravan all ok we will pack it up back in White Cliffs and head south a few day early.

We are looking at Thursday 26th November around midday, leaving White Cliffs. We will drive via Broken Hill to Mildura staying at the caravan park on the Murray River. Once it hits temperature's like 42c to 45c it time to drive away from White Cliffs. The people who stay here over summer stay underground in the cool and almost never come outside.

I had an email about Opal what does it look like coming out of the ground, first I have some text written by a local Opal Miner.

Whilst visiting White Cliffs ponder for a moment and realise, that millions of years ago, the ground on which you are standing now was under the sea! Swimming around here back in the Cretaceous period were Plesiosaurs and Ichthyosaurs.The Plesiosaurs were 3 to 12 metres tall with long necks and small heads. The Ichthyosaurs were similar in size but were more fish like. These opalised fossil reptiles have been found here at White Cliffs.

Other fossils that can be found here include Crinoids, also called Sea Lilies, that are related to the Starfish and Sea Urchin; Belemnites, that are very similar to the modern Squid; various Brachiopods, Bivalve shells and Gastropods, the snail like animal with the coiled shell, are also to be found here opalised as well as various Plants and Cycads… and not to forget…THE DINOSAURS!

Types of Cut Opal


A solid is a natural stone that is completely whole opal. Solid opal stones are found thick enough to cut as is. The suggested minimum width to cut solids is approximately 3 mm; this still allows a jeweller to work, without damaging the stone and gives durability for wearing.


A doublet is a thin piece of opal that ranges in width from 2mm to 1/4mm, the opal piece is pre-shaped & roughly ground then the opal is glued to a backing of “potch” or glass. Black pigment is used in the glue so the stone will change from it’s original colour e.g. light blue, light green to dark blue, dark green. The opal is then cut & polished and can be used in jewellery or sold as a single stone. Buying a doublet means that you can purchase beautiful opal for a price, which is a third to a half, less than buying a solid of the same quality.


A triplet is a thinner piece of opal that ranges in width from 1/4mm to the width of paper. The opal is rough ground and glued to a “potch” or glass backing. Then a clear quartz cap is glued to the top of the opal, after the glue has dried the cutting process is complete. This type of stone is made when the opal found is too thin to cut as solids or doublets. This process can produce impressive stones at a lower price.

All coloured opal is “precious” no matter the width and opal “strikes” are few and far between, so miners make the best of what they find!

This is Opal as it is removed from the ground, it may take you many years to collect this much Opal then again you may find it in one day if you are really lucky. Cut and polished each stone here is worth around $600 some up to $10,000... Nice if you can find it.

This is Opal cut and polished ready to mount and sell. This is top grade Opal ready to make jewelry.

Yes we live in an Opal mine from what we can find out it was dug around 1860 to 1870 we are turning the underground diggings in to a underground home. Have we found Opal "Yes we have" not a lot, we are building a home first Opal is tossed in a jar if we find it, we have about thirty Opal stone (that's good once's) maybe one day in years to come I sell some. (when I am old and grey).

Do we have an Opal Mine here at the house, yes we do it's out back and thirty feet underground. Right now it is closed off with a timber door maybe one day I have a go just to keep fit in my old age.

Mining is hard work yet some of the local miners are in their 80s and 90s yes 90yr's plus and still mining for Opal.

We have been asked for a picture of Joyce Place Mat, ok I see what we can do.

So hello to John and Glenda welcome back to Thurgoona, for the record our mother Ellen was born in Thurgoona 1916 - 1992. And she met our father Jack in Thurgoona (he fell off a motor bike and Ellen patched him up at the time) Jack was born 1903 - 1986. But that is another story.


November 17th Tuesday
Who can believe it is the 17th November, that is five weeks to Christmas. Did you hear that coffee is good for you, says Monash Health Clinic it helps you Liver. Just think of all the coffee we drink in White Cliffs. I was told this afternoon all the people in White Cliffs have good livers.

We talk to Joi and Peter in Perth Hospital today on the phone, she said she felt a bit better and looking forward to getting out of hospital.

Found this little guy by the road side here in town the lizard about 15in long he stopped and looked at the Mercedes Benz you could almost hear him, you come near me in that tin can I rip apart. So I drove off.

This was taken about 3:30pm in the shade today, almost 36c. It was burning in the sun around 45c.

They are saying Thursday and Friday 43c in the shade now that is getting hot even for White Cliffs and a good reason to live underground. Inside it topped at 24c and that is 1c above normal for the underground section of the home. Remember we have no heating or cooling in White Cliffs.

Tomorrow morning we will ring up about the caravan and get a return date for the third time.

As you may or may not know I am the Public Officer for the Sporting Club so a good part of today was taken doing paper work and returns for the Sporting Club. They had to be sent to the Office of Fair Trading.

It is hot and no rain on the radar for White Cliffs.

Joyce sent me a place mat she made at school, I had to ask what the drawing of "Popup (me) inside his underground home." it is sitting on my computer desk. Thanks Joyce.

Tomorrow I get up early to beat the heat and clean out the back of the Mercedes Benz ready for our trip away. We are getting the house ready to leave when we get the caravan back I need it here for about four days to work on it then move out for the summer.


Hello Joi get better soon.


November 16th Monday
Up at 5:30am to try get some work done before the heat of the day, The caravan is getting fixed again, the problem is the break cable it is not installed correct, they said it's their fault and it will all be fixed. More on that later in the week.

The last say on Friday 13th, Carol took some pictures on the way home just south of White Cliffs.

Not a great picture but Emu's crossing the road, Yes we have a broken windscreen

Wild goats crossing the road, there are 1000s up here.

Where did you come from little Kangaroo. Carol almost missed you. (you better keep an eye out for David and Sue. Just joking)

A hard picture right into the sun (I had slowed to 65kph at this stage, to much wildlife)

Not a good picture, that's a big Eagle sitting by the roadside. I get the windscreen replaced in Mildura the first week in December.

Three Kangaroo's crossing the road it was a very slow drive home the last 100km's

I cut away a lot of plants (ground cover) around the house today we have nothing left growing on the ground, when we come back in 2016 I plant some more tree's around the house but nothing at ground level.

Made a frame for some of Carol art work, she doing very well with her art.

Also started cleaning up outside putting tools away, putting locks on the shed. Getting ready to go away the Caravan will be the only thing left to do when it returns. I have four to five days work when it returns.

Joi still having test in Perth, she a good person and she will be ok.


November 15th Sunday
A very quiet day in White Cliffs, we had a very slack Sunday. This morning we went to the White Cliffs Underground Motel for tea and coffee.

I think we should suggest to Joi and Peter come here next year when they do a tour, White Cliffs for a Holiday and stay in Australia. I took some picture for them today while at the motel.

The Motel with the Underground Bar, 1000s of people stay at the Underground Motel every year.

You can swim in the Motel swimming pool all day if you like it warm water heated by the sun.

The outside area of the Motel where we all had coffee this morning.

There are around thirty rooms in the motel the evening meal is good as the Motel has its own Chef on staff.

Tomorrow I will ring up about the caravan and work out the next step, see if I can once again get a pickup date.

I am told Joi is a little better today in Perth Hospital, it is such a long way away all you can do is hope Joi and Peter are going to ok.

This afternoon I watched the cricket on television, New Zealand and Australia.


Hello to the guys in Queensland.


November 14th Saturday
Another hard day in White Cliffs Snake Proofing the back door it took me 13hr's today starting 6:30am. I took the door off and rebuilt the whole door frame we are happy with in now. A lot of work went into making sure nothing comes in under or over the door.

Joi I am told is still undergoing more tests in Perth Hospital, may take a bit of time to get better.

The caravan is back at the repairer in Broken Hill I ask them to text me when it was safely locked away. After the wheel fell off as they took it back to Broken Hill around 6pm, they repaired it and got back at 1am this morning.

Text read, "The caravan safe in the yard in Broken Hill we found the problem will start repairs Monday and call you." I am glad the wheel came off on them and not me.

Earlier on when we blew a tyre due to a hot wheel (almost red hot) I just pulled it up on the road knowing if I took it off the road the dry grass would have set a fire going. In the way of the outback everyone stops to help. We had nine cars and about a dozen people jack the van and change the wheel in 5min's.

Then another six cars stopped and checked to make sure we were all right. To tell the truth I never did anything at all other than take some pictures. The road east bound was blocked I even had my tyres checked. The way of the Outback.

Time for a shower.


November 13th Friday

The day from hell, we picked up the caravan at 3pm and left Broken Hill. Some 80km's near the Topar service station the caravan tyre went bang the wheel bearing was so hot you could not touch the wheel.
We called the people in Broken Hill after all they just fixed the wheels to drive to Topar and pick it up, they did. We drove home with no caravan, back to White Cliffs.

I went up top to turn the water on Carol unlocked the door to the underground and was met by a 12" brown snake. She took to it with a broom killing the snake.

The day from hell not over as they took the caravan back towards Broken Hill 50kms out they tell me a wheel came off the caravan. A wheel they just fixed, now they have a really big problem.

As at 11pm they were still working on the wheel by the roadside.

Joi is in hospital in Perth, no other news

Time for a coffee.


November 12th Thursday
We left White Cliffs at 7:30am with the caravan on the back, it was 3 1/2hr drive to Broken Hill, The first job was to drop off the caravan and have the brakes checked and repaired if needed.

We went shopping in Broken Hill, and booked into a motel for the night. This is a new motel for us in Broken Hill, and it is a good room and it is clean.

Then the rain came and it sure did rain I let the pictures tell the story.

The main street and that is the Police Station across the road.

The street awash with rain water, this is the main street of Broken Hill.

Pacific National train pulls into Broken Hill, in the background BHP Mines here they mine Gold, Silver, Lead and Zinc.

Lunch was at "The Musicians Club" Broken Hill we are full members of the club we dine here almost every trip to town.

Joi is still in hospital on the ship, they get in to Perth 6am tomorrow Friday (that is 9am EDST) or Sydney time. She will be first off the ship and taken to Perth Hospital.

I am really late tonight so that's it for today.


November 11th Wednesday

Peter sent me an email from the ship, Joi still in hospital, Just had lunch and went to the cabin to get a magazine for Joi and the cabin is flooded, makes you want to cry.

They are sucking up the water now and going to replace the carpet, I must have kicked a black cat apart from Buffi. four cabins are flood. (Buffi is Joi and Peter's cat in Melbourne). They are counting the hours to Perth where Joi will be taken a Perth Hospital.

We have the caravan hooked up and ready for tomorrow trip to Broken Hill and have the new brakes replaced, we are also getting two tyres replaced on the Mercedes Benz while in Broken Hill.

We went down town to check the mail, (no mail) and found the biggest group of Emu's we have ever seen I took some pictures on the phone. (the phone takes a shocking picture).

One big Emu, Dad and a heap of kids. Mum, she taken off with some other guy

They just left a local water hole (to the left) this little guy at the back was saying "are we there yet"

They are walking along a dry creek bed (heading east)

The day after we get home I hope to paint the old caravan inside and outside. It all clean and read to paint right now (just need some paint) we will buy it in Broken Hill tomorrow or Friday.

Peter not far to go now just down the west coast of Australia. When you wake up tomorrow just one day left.

You may like to look at this Scott went to the PAX (computer show) in Melbourne last week. Have a look at the video, they put him in a glass cube. Click_Here

Hope you have a better day tomorrow Peter and Joi.


Tomorrow dots from Broken Hill.


November 10th Tuesday
Not a good night almost no sleep my sister Joi is aboard a ship that is heading for Perth, it will get there on Friday, she is very sick the best of luck Joi and Peter talk to you soon.

I was up and working in the caravan at 6am sunrise in White Cliffs we have done all the timber work in the caravan just need to do some sanding and buy a can of paint in Broken Hill at the end of the week.

Seating for two a food box with storage under for fry pans and saucepans.

Sand, paint and add food.

The seats lift up to store item under the seats.

The charging table for phones, computers, lamps and what we need to charge. It the size of a large laptop computer. The white box is for linen, the wall behind the linen box is the toilet, shower.

The kitchen sink, gas stove, microwave, refrigerator and more. It is looking good for such a old caravan. Two single beds in the back. We are still looking at leaving White Cliffs 1st December.

Carol went to art today, I went a long to fix computers for the local ladies. All the computers in White Cliffs are so old, most of them are Windows XP a few windows 8. I have not seen a Windows 10 in White Cliffs.

I am still using Window 8 on my computer here at home, may get a new computer next year.

Tomorrow I am going to work on the outside of the caravan giving it a big cleanup and paint starting tomorrow.

Thursday we are taking the caravan into Broken Hill to have the brakes repaired, we will be back home on Friday afternoon.

That about it from here, hello to Joi and Peter hope you have better news tomorrow.


November 9th Monday
It was a very warm 34c today with a 35kph hot wind I am glad I got up at 6am to beat the heat of the day. Tomorrow they are saying 35c, wind with no rain much the same as today, just that little bit hotter.

Thirty four people came along to the White Cliffs Sporting Club on Sunday night for a Snake Awareness talk by Katrina and what a great talk it was.
"what to do if bitten by a snake"

I must say that I got a lot out of the night and would help out now I understand a lot more about what to do.

Katrina made a Power Point presentation for the night.

One little local lady said she had a snake bite, and was looked after by Katrina on the night, I wonder how she slept last night thinking about Snakes and Spiders.

The night had just completed and Katrina had a call out a local had taken sick on Smith's Hill. The staff at the local hospital work so hard, I know they get paid for it as people have told me in the past, but I feel money is a long way down the list and looking after the local people and visitors to the town comes first.

The Flying Doctor came in around 11pm and took the person to Broken Hill or to Adelaide for treatment.

After Katrina left in a rush last night Carol took over looking after the local kids and their Snake Bites most bites where to the head.

I think the work on the inside of the caravan will be finished tomorrow I worked on it for 10hr's today the front section has been rebuilt. I took it apart and replaced a rotten piece of timber, fitted a new floor in that section of the caravan. We also moved the food pantry it was on the left side near the door and food is heavy, all the weight was on the left side of the caravan. We have made a food box and placed in the centre front right over the draw bar of the caravan. I take some pictures tomorrow when I have completed the timber work.

The committee of the Sporting Club thank me for all my work cleaning up outside the sporting Club over the pass seven days.


Susan, Kylie and Troy thank you for checking my spelling.


November 8th Sunday
Up at 6am and outside working in the caravan by 6:30am I kept at it till 10am. We are getting there, I was really happy with the amount of work I got done this morning, it was a great morning, cool light wind, and it was great listening to the birds singing in the trees.

At 10:30am we went out for coffee at the White Cliffs Underground Motel, it is quite in White Cliffs this time of year the motel only has a few guest's last night.
The motel owners joined us for tea and coffee, we had quite a big group in the end.

Tonight we are going to the White Cliffs Sporting Club for a meal and listen to the Royal Flying Doctor Service talk about Snakes and what to do if you get bitten. Ummm

The World is running out of snake antidope it is all made by one business in the World and they are not in Australia. I am also told it has a very short use by date. Many if not most hospital do not carry snake antidope. I have only seen one snake this year and it was not on our land, house next door. I feel it is a must that we attend tonight.

We are still on track to leave White Cliffs for the summer on the 1st December and are planning a return around the 5th April 2016.

While we are talking about date's the Three Dots website went air two years ago it had ten people a week reading it at the time. It now has around ninety people read it every week, anywhere from 70 to 110 people read three dots per week.

My first website went online the 7th December 1985, that 30yrs ago, getting old.

Time for dinner and our snake talk, I hate snakes.


November 7th Saturday
Back working in the caravan all day today, it was alright in the morning then the hot sun came in 31c in the shade 42c in the sun, I stayed out working to 3:30pm then gave up for the day, what we are doing in the caravan quite a big job I'm be about 25% completed at this stage.

The whole day was working on the caravan.

I am taking the caravan in on Thursday, and have the brakes fixed by someone that knows more than I do. While in Broken Hill I will fit new tyres to the front on the Mercedes Benz. We did 22,000km's in the Mercedes Benz in one year. It may not be as bad next year as we did four trips down south to bring furniture up that a total of 9,000km's that we will not be doing next year.

Tomorrow, Sunday night at the White Cliffs Sporting Club. The Royal Flying Doctor Service is going to tell us all about snakes and what to do if bitten.

Bill in Queensland sent me a picture his daughter took Maroochydore River in Queensland that a good picture for so late in the day.

For the past year I have kept a note when we change the 9kg LP Gas bottle, over winter a bottle last just on 15days, in summer it last 28day. In summer the water out of the cold tap is quite hot if you have a shower around 4pm you do not need hot water. I have to look at solar hot water up here maybe next year.

Tea and Coffee in the morning think we will have a few there tomorrow morning.

Doug thank you for the email about the caravan.


November 6th Friday
This morning I worked on the caravan looking at why the wheels were so hot on the way home last Friday. I found that the brakes were dragging after jacking up the wheel I found the bearing where all ok. The problem is the brakes when they come on they stay on and the wheels get hot there a spring inside the brake unit that should return the brake to the off position, it's not doing that. Next Thursday I take the caravan back into Broken Hill and get it fix.

Carol went to craft in White Cliffs this morning.

After lunch we drove to the Chemist Shop in Wilcannia 100km's South of White Cliffs, we took the Proton for a drive to give it a good run we came across a bit of wild life on the way home around 4pm today.

Here are a few pictures:

We are on the road to White Cliffs and on private property the wild horse's are in the bushland of the outback they are living in the wild. The fence is to keep them off the roadway.

As I said the road crosses private property there are a lot of black cattle on the roadside, slow down hit one and you have to pay for it and the repairs to your car.

A family of Emu's, dad and the kids, mum lays the eggs and walks away to find another male. The male sits on the eggs and looks after the chicks for most of their young life. The female she off having a party with some other guy that's life for a Emu in the outback.

No wildlife just a good picture of the roadway the speed limit here is 110kph, Carol took this picture we were doing around 110kph at the time. That tree on the left, that's as big as tree get out this way.

The road to White Cliffs is a really good road. As Sue and David from Gippsland will tell you there the odd Kangaroo on the road. You do not drive out here in the dark.

Back home after a 200km drive and taking time to do some shopping in Wilcannia all is good, White Cliffs to Wilcannia you turn one corner.

Tomorrow it back working on the caravan but this time inside the van.

All good up here 28c today blue sky.



November 5th Thursday
Worked on the inside of the caravan for a while then cleaned up the yard after the wind storm last night. We faired ok in the 111kph wind last night most of the rubbish I cleaned up today came in on the wind from some body else place, we did ok.

About 2:30pm I went down and cleaned up around the White Cliffs Sporting Club.

I cleaned up the front of the club giving it a big rake and a big sweep, they did a lot of work inside the club this year, new carpet, new seating, new paint job. It was a one man job today and it looked good after about 2 1/2hrs work.

I must say thank you to all the people who sent emails and text mail to Carol congratulating her on winning the blue ribbon at the Melbourne Cup Dinner here in White Cliffs we have over thirty message from Family, friends, Three dots readers and a lot from local people.

I was asked when am I getting dressed up for Melbourne Cup, I did not think that I was that bad.

There is no way I could have beat a good friend of mine Macker (we have coffee together once a week) he went all out on the day.

Graham in the White Shirt, with his wife in the background own the White Cliffs Hotel (the hotel is for sale right now 1,000,000 that is for the hotel and motel.)

Tomorrow Carol has craft in the morning I work on the caravan, in the afternoon we are going to the Chemist Shop in Wilcannia it a 200km round trip back home.

The ground outside today was wet and soft mud from all the rain.

Hello to John and Glenda who are moving back to Albury Wodonga this month. The only problem with moving house is the packing.


November 4th Wednesday
Outside it is clean and near perfect then today we got hit again by 6.4mm of rain in five minutes, wind 111kph, 31c the town did not need the big wind again.

So tomorrow we clean up again I must say we are getting a bit sick of it.

The back of the White Cliffs Sporting Club, I started cleaning up the outside of the club about three months ago we put it on 3Dots at the time, the committee said thank you at the time. I said the back was a big mess far to big a job for me.

Yesterday a local with a Bobcat came in and did the job for me, some of the grass was four feet high. The job done I will now try to keep it clean with weed killer.

Tomorrow they are say fine and no rain, so I be back working in the caravan and cleaning up around the house.

This morning the town held a working bee at a home in town that lost part of it's roof in Sunday storm.

Tomorrow we do it all over.

Hello Bill and Doug in Queensland.


November 3rd Tuesday Melbourne Cup
Today was a day of fun at the White Cliffs Hotel almost every one in town came to the Melbourne Cup Dinner and we must say thank you to Graham and his wife who put on the dinner for everyone free of charge, must have been a good year at the hotel. (The hotel is for sale $1,000,000 if you want to buy it.)

Only part of the big crowd at the Melbourne Cup dinner.

And the winner of the Blue Sash this year Carol. She did look good today.

The boys in town said she look so good, she needed a bodyguard. A lot of people new Carol, now everyone know's Carol.

And that was the day, as for the Melbourne Cup we never won a cent, that's not true I found 50c on the ground.

A full day in White Cliffs we had a lot of fun.

Adrian and Dianne are back home and I hear that John and Glenda are moving house, no details yet.

Tomorrow another day.


November 2nd Monday
The day after the big storm and it official 130kph wind, a category three cyclone hit White Cliffs yesterday.

I had a big mess in the yard which is all cleaned up with help from locals.

Dick came by with his chain saw and fixed up our trees they even took all the cuttings and rubbish that had blowen onto our block to the tip. People where going from house to house cleaning up. This is the way it happens in the outback.

About two months ago I put on three dots about some new trees we got while in Broken Hill they are in great condition.

This is a White Cedar we planted from Broken Hill Nursery.

Next Sunday night at the White Cliffs Sporting Club. The Royal Flying Doctor Service is going to tell us all about snakes and what to do if bitten. Ok, I hate snakes I already know what to do when I see one, RUN the other way.

Tomorrow a big day in White Cliffs the Melbourne Cup dinner and "Fashion on the Opal Field" it is at the back of the White Cliffs Hotel at midday.

One problem they are saying 10 to 20mm of rain on cup day. We need the water so the cup day dinner may have to be moved to a later date.


A big hello and thank you to the people for the help today. That's how it goes in the outback I was told today, our place is clean today.



November 1st Sunday
What a day the 1st of November turned out to be, we went to Coffee at the Motel and half the town was there a really big group. and it was hot around 38c in the shade here at home we should have knowen something was going to happen and it did.

First we had a 120kph wind and dust a full dust store started to turn everything upside down outside a big storm.

Dust storm short video Click_Here

Then the wind stopped for about five minutes then the rain came with hail and 130kph wind and it hit hard.

Rain video Click_Here

An hour later we went outside, and what a mess.

My metal stand is a mess (if you read 3Dots you know we built it about two month's ago)

We do not have a lot of trees in my rock garden at the top of the driveway this on took a big hit I first seen this tree in 1995 so it has been standing for over 20yr's.

Not a great picture but the storm moves away to the south east, next stop Wangaratta, Albury Wodonga.

The yard will need a lot of cleaning up most of what on our landing is not our's it has come in from other homes in the area. We did a lot of cleaning up the last few week, so we do it again.

Tonight we are going out the White Cliffs Social Club for a meal and try and forget about today.

Have a safe night.


Three Dots...