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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for som e crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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October 31st Saturday
End of the month, tomorrow is November, we had no rain but is sure was a very hot day 38c outside in the shade and 48c in the sun late today it was two hot to work outside so I sat down and worked what we will do to the caravan to start with it needs a paint and make some seating inside.

Just before we took the caravan into Broken Hill I started fixing up the front of the van well it still like that so I am going to build in some seating here next week.

The caravan needs paint, seating and a place to store food while on the road that's next week.

I start around 6am Monday morning and work in the cool of the day.

Adrian and Dianne hope you have a good time in Wangaratta.

Tomorrow the start of a new month.

Happy Halloween tonight.


October 30th Friday
Back home in White Cliffs tonight it will be good to sleep in our own bed, we went shopping in Broken Hill this morning and picked up the caravan around lunch time.

The caravan looks a lot better and rides a lot better, now the work starts at home painting and fitting out inside the caravan.

But we did have a big problem on the way home a wheel bearing was red hot after 200km's not good it had grease in the new bearing but not much I repacked the wheel bearing by the side of the road that cost me an hour. I be making a phone call on Monday.

The van feels good to tow behind the Mercedes Benz, it looks good under the caravan.

Back in White Cliffs and the little kids and the big kids are out on the street for Halloween we found them at the local store across from the pub. So we went to Pub for a meal and a lemon squash. It was a good fun night.

That it for tonight we had a really hard day.

More tomorrow.


October 29th Thursday
Well we are in Broken Hill tonight, tomorrow we pickup our food order from Woolworth's then the caravan and head back home.

Joyce has crazy hair day at school, red green and blue.


The creeks in the outback are dry, no water to be seen.


This creek is about 10km's from White Cliffs some years back it was over the 2m mark and we could not get out of White Cliffs. Look at it today not a drop to be seen. Chinamans Creek it on the sealed road to the south of the town.

They are saying it will rain sometime in the next seven days, I hope they are right the wild life is walking around looking for water. The water in the town water supply is good for now they say we have a new filter system in White Cliffs that's putting out a good quality water.

Broken Hill:
We are in Broken Hill, had a good trip just wish that someone would build a good motel in Broken Hill the room prices are over the top and the rooms are shocking. I have stayed in every motel in Broken Hill.

All good we pickup the caravan tomorrow, then head home to White Cliffs.

Back in White Cliffs late tomorrow.


October 28th Wednesday
Took another load to the tip today the last one, tomorrow we head into Broken Hill and pickup the caravan on Friday morning as planned, it will be good to have it back home in White Cliffs.

Last night we went out to dinner and a birthday party for a local Vicky she said she turn 21yrs, yep ok 21 it is.

Took this picture some time ago, Emu near the White Cliffs Hotel, wonder what she been drinking.

From Erica underground home to town is about 1km walk

Above White Cliffs this month (I am sure someone will tell me the type of bird it is.) maybe wrong my guess "a Falcon".

We had rubber valve caps on the Mercedes Benz wheels, the birds eat the rubber caps and push the valve in and let the air out, guess the air cools them down. I saw metal valve caps on eBay four of them for $7.00 they came today and are fitted. Mercedes Benz metal valve caps, let's see how long they last.

I told you this weeks all about pictures that I had on file, thanks to the people that sent me email's saying they like the pictures, thank you for taking the time to write.

So it is Broken Hill tomorrow night.

Relay For Life - Susan made around $130.00 this year.

Filled the tank in the Mercedes Benz today 170.9lt Unleaded 91 (that a problem living in the outback.)

We have been planning our time away over the summer break in the caravan.

Have a good day where ever you are.


October 27th Tuesday Happy Birthday Joi in Melbourne.
Yes Joi is 21yr's old AGAIN I know a lady never tells her age.

The caravan ready to pickup right on time they said the 28th October and it's ready to roll they said today, well done.

The tool shed all packed and clean, ready to work on the caravan next weekend.

Few more picture's that people sent me.

From Doug trip in Queensland, before trains, there was horses! Maryborough Qld

Nice Custom Car in Queensland...engine;- Mazda rotary.

We are going our for a meal tonight with a group of local people at the Underground Motel, should be a good night.

The big Hello tonight goes to Joi and Peter in Melbourne, send us picture's of your trip for three dots.

They saying rain later in the week.


October 26th Monday
I am stuffed tonight up at 7am working by 7:30am cleaning out the tool shed after building the new kitchen it was a big mess so I took everything outside today.

Put 25% in the trailer ready for a run to the tip.

And re-stacked the tool shed, still have a bit to do, It will be finished tomorrow.

I want to sort it out and be ready for the return of the caravan.

The caravan, I rang up today to check on the progress and was told job done. They just have to check tracking and aliment and adjust the breaks.

We will be in Broken Hill at the end of this week and bring it back to White Cliffs.

From Doug, New mural below my Caloundra unit. All local/historical subjects.

From Doug's trip in Queensland, Interesting bloke I met during my trip, first name Allan, previously from Albury.

In Albury Joyce and Susan over the weekend. "Who Won"

Troy, the Proton running perfect, this picture is 10km's south of White Cliffs. We had an oil leak and Troy pulled the motor down and fixed it for us, running like a new car.

Hello to Troy and Kylie in Thurgoona just out of Albury.

Tomorrow I finish off the tool shed, Carol has Art tomorrow.

John back home in Gippsland, John and Glenda hope you had a good trip to Albury.

October 25th Sunday
We spent the morning at the White Cliffs Underground Motel drinking tea and coffee and talking about the problems of the World.

Bill in Queensland made a quick trip on business to Sydney he sent me this picture he took while in Sydney, Bill took this picture from the back of a taxi cab, a good picture.

Doug sent me some pictures he took in Emerald Qld, The Railway Station is a very nice building.

I have a lot of pictures to put on three dots, people have sent me quite a few. So I put a few on three dots this week.

Thank you for taking the time.

It was a hot 36c in White Cliffs today, I want to clean up my tool shed so I have to get up early to beat the heat and do some work, by midday you have to stop work just to hot in the tin shed.

Made a run around town to collect rubbish bags and toss them in the tip late today. We took the Proton car for a 20km drive and the fan belt fine, we ran the air cooler all the time and all is fine, another job done.

A hot day but a good day in White Cliffs.


October 24th Saturday
It was
a warm day in White Cliffs around 33c but quite hot in the sun, had an old problem back today a noisy fan belt in the Proton we fitted a new one about two months ago. When we turned the air conditioner on in the car the belt made a lot of noise.

So we put it up on the blocks today I found the belt was quite loose, I wound the adjustment up and it felt a lot better. I took it for a drive around town and we had no noise at all, back home I gave it a wash outside and cleaned it inside as well.

One thing I did see on the land next to our place today was a 6" brown snake I went for a shovel, taking about 30sec it was nowhere to be seen. Had a good look around our place but found nothing at all. There nothing left to hide under at our place but quite a bit of junk in the house next door.

The people did a lot of work on the underground home next door about three years ago then left after a few months and never came back. I was told one of them had a cancer but that only hear say, I have never met the male owner, but I did fix a computer for his wife some years ago.

Susan, doing Relay For Life in Albury today it started at 9am this morning and ends at 9am Sunday morning.

Susan put some picture's on Instagram today (one above) the start of the Relay for Life in Albury looks like a lot of people and they seem to be well setup looking at the number of tents.

Susan has a total of $120.10 at the time of writing three dots tonight she looking for $150.00, one unknown person put in $50.00 thank you.

It all be over at 9am tomorrow Sunday, you can still give for Cancer by clicking the link above tonight.

So tonight Hello is to Susan hope you read three dots sometime.

Tomorrow we will go out for tea and coffee and the motel, and do some work at home in the afternoon.

We hope to pick up the caravan in Broken Hill on Thursday afternoon the 28th October.


October 23rd Friday
Wonderful day in White Cliffs, we had a phone call, tea and coffee on at the Underground Motel at 10:30am, ok we will be there.

Donna, who we have known for many years did the ring around, the good looking one sitting at the end of the table (no not me the other end of the table) we had a good chat for about two hours, all White Cliffs locals.

This afternoon I worked rebuilding the wall the Lizard pushed over.

Here the wall I stacked up the rocks some months ago who trashed it after all my work.

ME, I DID IT, are you going to call the cops, well I should (I went outside the other day and guess who pushed the wall over to find the ants Mr Lizard.

Today I rebuilt the wall using cement, so you ant eating bulldozer "go for it". This is at the top of the driveway, when we get time I turn the corner and go up the hill with the rock wall it would look a lot better.

The weekend is here and we look like having some weather in the low 30s with no rain. Had Ron Foord over to see what we have been doing and a chat, and he made a comment how clean the place was outside and he liked the steel rack I built using the old ladder. I met Ron on my first trip to White Cliffs in 1993, we had not seen each other for a long time.

Have a good weekend.

Don't forget Susan Relay for Life click up top of the page, it's on this weekend.

Harvey get better soon.

Hello to Stephen and Chris in Albury.


October 22nd Thursday

Relay For Life, It is on this weekend in Albury read about it above come on give a few dollars I think the World is close to fixing cancer, so support Susan this weekend in Albury just click above.

Great day in White Cliffs 26c, a cool wind, really nice day, I am starting to seal up around floor level in the new kitchen.

The cool room panels I built the new kitchen out of. I am filling them in with gap filler at floor level to keep the ants and anything else out on the room.

I built a gas bottle stand today for the little gas bottles 9kg size. It is outside the underground, I do not wish to leave a big gas bottle full of gas laying around outside when we go away for the summer break. So I made a stand for a 9kg today it will keep us going to the 1st December.

What else did we do I went up top above the underground and extended the earth wall across the top of the underground home. This is the wall that Susan and built when she was in White Cliffs in July this year.

The earth wall is 150 to 200mm high.

The rain water will run off the roof across the top of the underground to the west and not over the living area.

While I was up top today working I took this picture looking north towards Queensland it a great view from up here that is outback Australia. If you look to the left over the old solar power station that is looking towards Alice Springs. The clean yard looking good from up here.

Tomorrow I try to fix the rock wall that I built and the Lizard took apart looking for ants, I will fix him/her this time I build it using cement.

Sounds like John and Glenda are having a good time in Albury this week, have a good trip home.

And thanks to Kylie for the list of must see places in NSW we will see a few this year.


Hello Bill and Doug in Queensland.


October 21st Wednesday
Having a bad day just not feeling the best, I think it all the wind that blowing outside, feel like glue in my eyes when I wake up. Tomorrow another day, we had friends drop by late morning for a chat and coffee.

This afternoon I worked outside building up a small earth wall around the trees outside to catch and hold water while we are away over summer.

We built a nice rock wall around our garden and a Lizard has ripped it apart to get at ants at the back of the wall, it was around 3m long and he/she pushed every rock over. The only way to fix the problem is build the wall using cement, another job for the list.

Today's the 21st and we pick up the caravan on the 28th in Broken Hill (they say it will be ready).

The house is starting to look good outside as we finish the big clean up.

Free Camp at Uralla New South Wales

Hello to Rhonda who in Uralla near Armidale, thank you for the picture.


October 20th Tuesday
No rain at our place, think we are going to miss out this time. Carol had Art today she was saying the numbers are dropping off as the local people start to leave White Cliffs for the summer break, it just to hot and windy in town this time of year.

The underground section of the underground home was 24c today one above normal, we have no heating or cooling.

If you are a "Back to the Future" fan tomorrow is a really big day. It was 1989 when Emmett "Doc" Brown brought us to a world we all wanted to explore, with its hover boards, quick-drying, quick-fitting clothes and other cool inventions that didn't seem preposterous at the time.

Hell if a 1980s sports car, the DeLorean DMC-12 to be precise, could take Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) back in time why couldn't 2015 look like a cross between an '80s nightclub and a Star Trek set?

It also seemed so far away. For the people who do not know in the last movie Doc Brown fly's into the future he sets his time clock to 21st October 2015 and fly's into the future, so he should land here tomorrow. Read More Click_Here

I had some questions about the carpet on the bottom of the door. You put the rubber back in towards the door and the carpet side out, place the screws about 100mm apart (no more) yes it rubs on the ground but wears down in a week.

We need some rain here this is the wettest month of the year and so far no rain.


Hello Kylie and Troy and thanks for all the details on "Back to the Future" movie.

Have fun tomorrow.


October 19th Monday
A new week in the outback and it was very hot day here today, 38c for a short time, the day started fixing the front right door lock on the Mercedes Benz it would not lock. I took off the door trim and found the problem "Dust" so I cleaned the all the parts in the door with the air hose and it is all working fine now, that was a cheap fix.

At the club last night I was told a neat trick to seal the bottom of a door way. Take a rubber back carpet tile and screw it to the bottom of a door. It stops the hot air coming in under the door and heating up the underground section of the home.

It is used to stop the hot air outside coming in under the door. Rubber backed carpet tile.

I do not know what you call this plant but they started popping up all around the place in the pass week.

Looking to the North towards the Queensland border about 10min's ago that's rain and we need it here badly the area is very hot and dry maybe tonight or tomorrow it will be our turn.

I am told Joyce cleaned up her room big time, good girl Joyce I come home at Christmas and have a look.

If someone sends you a USB stick in the mail do not put it in your computer, say again DO NOT put it in your computer if it is a power chip it will burn up and destroy your computer and you cannot fix it, even if says it from your mother put it in the rubbish bin. It a new scam to burn up computers.

Thanks Bill for the emails


Hello to Adrian and Dianne in Albury.


October 18th Sunday
A social day in a very hot White Cliffs, 36c so far here at home today, we went out with a group this morning we all had a good time and decided to all have lunch at the Sporting Club tonight.

It is the internet so no names.

Local people we have coffee with almost every week.

Smile CB or you will break the camera

Old friends from way back.

The two above will be able to see their picture on three dots.

I am sure you all know that we have trouble with the Internet in White Cliffs from time to time, well I spoken to Telstra, here is their answer.

Your issue (Mobile data fault number 0000000000) has been investigated and returned. Our Network Engineers have said" Cust location is served by site WCLC at White Cliffs. Performance of the site is within specs. Traffic is slightly high during peak hours (night time) but is still within acceptable levels. No upgrade planned for the site at this stage." If you would like to discuss the fault, please call us on 0000 and say "mobile fault"

I have removed all the numbers as a matter of security, and having no internet is nothing but a dream.

We are getting a few Lizards around they all have legs, and you cannot get anywhere near them they run off if you get close to them. They cannot get inside the house (we hope). We have done a lot of work to seal up the house from the inside you cannot see light. So far this year we have not had a problem inside. Most of the time you see the same Lizard for one or two days then they are off some other place. If it got legs we are happy.


Hello Stephen and Chris in Albury.



October 17th Saturday
Today was all about working at the Sporting Club a local old timer passed away after living in White Cliffs for many. It was a big service and they all came back to the Sporting Club for a light meal. A small group of six did all the cooking and put on a light meal at midday, That's where Carol and I fitted in I am not much of a cook but I am good at washing up.

As days go we had a good day meeting and talking to a lot of people we know. Two of the guest today were Chris and Stephen Altmeier from Albury who came to the service, I lived next door to them many years ago in Thurgoona just outside of Albury.

Tomorrow we are going out for a cup of coffee at the underground motel here in White Cliffs it was good to chat about old times.

It was a hot day we had 37c here at home we all looked to the sky.
Will it rain?
Looks like rain?
It going to rain?
It now 8:30pm and no rain, not a drop.

That how today went no blue sky and no rain,

Tonight Chris and Stephen came over to our underground home for a look at the new kitchen and we had a chat, it was really good to see them.

So tomorrow it is coffee and then we are going to give our bedroom a big cleanup sort out what to keep and what to toss out.

Hello to John and Glenda in Gippsland have a good trip.


October 16th Friday
We are back home in White Cliffs, we had a good time shopping and purchased what we needed the only let down was the Broken Hill Art Festival in the main street, today was the last day and for some reason the Art Festival closed a day early, to make way for painters to paint the building inside so we saw nothing. I think we can call that really bad planning, not good.

So we picked up the food from Woolworth's and headed for home we always try come home a different way there are a number of dirt roads to the north.

The road towards White Cliffs from Broken Hill. Taken from inside the car at about 100kph the speed limit on this road was 110kph, you always have to back it off a bit out here due to wildlife in the area.

On a dirt short cut today to the north from the main road. The main road as we call it runs from Sydney to Perth via Broken Hill. At this point we are around 220km's north east of Broken Hill. The road here is open to the public but does cross private properties.

Need to fix some trim in the Mercedes Benz only a small job the fabric they put on the front door pillars has got so hot in the sun up here you can see it is starting to fall off. It was 47c outside on the road today. The air cooler on inside it was fine around 26c, you sure need a hat outside in the sun.

Tomorrow, we are working at the White Cliffs Sporting Club a local lady passed away and the town is holding a service at the Cemetery (we new her, but only met once or twice) and after at the Sporting Club, we are helping with the food.

The drive into Broken Hill and back was 596km's, the good news is the caravan is on track for a October 28th pick-up in Broken Hill. Back here I do some work inside and outside then hit the road around 1st December for around four months.


October 15th Thursday
After a 300km drive today we are in Broken Hill, we had one stop on the way to check out if a local from White Cliffs was ok, he was fine but we had a chat. Trip was three hours driving the car went fine no problems at all.

In Broken we checked on the caravan at the repairer and all is good they say for our October 28th pickup date, they are saying it will be ready on the day.

This is a picture of a picture in Broken Hill, I just like it.

Just out of Broken Hill Rock Art or Rock Sculpture seems to me like a lot of hard work.

Ok they call it art ok no comment from me.

Tomorrow we go see Carol's art at the Broken Hill Art Festival before we go shopping at Woolworth's for food wonderful food then we head home to White Cliffs.

Saturday, we are helping out at the Sporting Club a local lady passed away and the town is holding a service at the Cemetery and after at the club, we are doing our bit and helping out with cooking food.

Tonight we are at the motel in town, we need a bit more than a day in town this trip.

Tomorrow Friday and the start of the weekend.


October 14th Wednesday
A good day in White Cliffs 33c blue sky, tonight not so good the local Internet is shocking the Telstra service out here over the last three months has been shocking around midnight last night last night we lost the the lot no phone and no internet service. They do not care and do nothing at all.

Off to Broken Hill tomorrow morning and return on Friday afternoon, tomorrow I try update three dots from Broken Hill

I keep it short and hope I can get it online.


October 13th Tuesday
Nice day in White Cliffs 30c and a really blue sky, it was really bright blue. Do not know if that good or bad news weather wise.

Went looking for rubbish around the house and filled the trailer once more I will make another run to the rubbish tip tomorrow. Finding a lot of cardboard as we unpack boxes also a lot of timber off cuts around from building the new kitchen.

The Mercedes Benz had a big check over and clean today Oil, Water the lot then a big wash outside and clean inside. I give it a really big clean over Christmas when we are away, talking about being away Carol and I sat down today and started planning our summer trip away, still a bit to work out but the first draft is down on paper.

Remember this picture from Yesterday here is the answer (so I am told) almost everyone sent the same answer.

The Phasmatodea (sometimes called Phasmida or Phasmatoptera) are an order of insects, whose members are variously known as stick insects (in Europe and Australasia), stick-bugs or walking sticks (in the United States and Canada), phasmids, ghost insects and leaf insects (generally the family Phylliidae). The group's name is derived from the Ancient Greek φάσμα phasma, meaning an apparition or phantom, referring to the resemblance of many species to sticks or leaves. Their natural camouflage makes them difficult for predators to detect, but many species have a secondary line of defence in the form of startle displays, spines or toxic secretions. The genus Phobaeticus includes the world's longest insects.

Taken tonight at sunset just below our house a baby kangaroo just sitting looking at me, when he hops away he travels at hundred miles per hour.

Picture taken from on the roof looking down the floor of the underground home is 30ft below me at this point. The yard starting to look cleaner and the trailer ready for the tip. Your looking north west there nothing out there for 200km's

To start with it is a Lizard (has four legs) called a Stumpy he/she will not hurt you. I seen it walk in from the east it stopped for a picture and left our place to the west. It is about 350mm long if you stand in front of me I just walk right over you, they seem to know where they are going they walk a straight line from point A to point B and never turn. I am sure it said I been doing this for 40million years now get out of my way. After summer it will walk back the same track, must have a built-in GPS.

A local said there is a lot of snakes in Melbourne that why there's not many in White Cliffs this year.


Tomorrow I try finish the front yard and pack the car for a trip to Broken Hill on Thursday morning and the Art Festival.

Hello Sue and David in Gippsland.


October 12th Monday
It's Monday, Back working in the kitchen I only have the Craft Room left to clean up I do that tomorrow morning we are cleaning it right up the floor the lot.

That's the craft room at the far end, it starting to look clean at last. After painting and laying the timber floor the kitchen hutch will slide into that wall opening, out of the way.

Looking the other way from the craft room doorway.

Her the new light box installed over the sink. Should make it easy to wash up.

Found on the outside wall of the kitchen, not sure what they call it a stick something, please tell me if you know what he/she is, about 150mm (6") long it just sat in the one place all day.

It looking like we will have around 20 people in Albury for the Christmas party this year. Here hoping we have the caravan back, they are saying the 28th October.

Spoke to Rhonda tonight she has marked off her bucket list working at the Bathurst Car race, never again she said, you work from sun up to sun down.

Scott is very busy this week fixing computers. I think this week will be his biggest ever, he is 85% booked out and it is only Monday.

Tomorrow I cleanup the craft room and work out what I need to buy when in Broken Hill this Thursday and Friday.

Hello Adrian and Dianne in Lavington.


October 11th Sunday
It was a good Sunday in White Cliffs, we all went to the Red Earth Cafe for morning tea and had a good time it was a really good morning.

Back home was all about the Bathurst Car Race, Craig won the 1000km race. His biggest fan Rhonda said he won because she gave him a lucky pat on the bum. (I have no comment).

Tonight we went to the White Cliffs Sporting Club for a great meal, a good night.

Note the new chairs and table's

Note new paint work on the walls.

Note the new carpet on the floor and bar.

Not a big night at the club the hot weather is driving people south to cooler weather, the lady's behind the new bar at the club. There doing the club up it has been painted and new carpet installed along with new chairs and some new tables.

And guess what happen tonight "It Rained in White Cliffs" yes we had heavy rain for about 10min's that's it for a while.

We are going into Broken Hill on Thursday and back home on Friday afternoon the last day of the Broken Hill Art Festival is on Friday and I like to see Carol art on display.

Don't forget Susan Relay For Life coming up.

I was asked about Golf in White Cliffs, Yes White Cliffs has golf ummm I take some pictures it be hard to put the Golf Course in words.

Have a good week.

October 10th Saturday
A little cooler today only 34c, I have half the kitchen cleaned up ready to paint.

This end is all cleaned up ready to paint I work on the other end tomorrow afternoon.

Rhonda sent me a picture from Bathurst, that be right getting a picture with Craig. Let that man go he need some sleep for tomorrow.

Doug took this picture near his home in Queensland PO Liner pulled up for the day.

Rod a local doing some work today at the White Cliffs Sporting Club we now have projector that plugs into a computer system and displays onto a big screen. Did my little bit worked on the computer system for the club.


What's on in White Cliffs to the end of the year.

Dates for your diary
Check out the weekly & monthly events further down the page!

The Next 7 days

2nd Saturday, Fire Brigade training?

Sundays, 4 pm White Cliffs Hotel/Motel
Euchre—All welcome

Sundays White Cliffs Sporting Club
8 am Golf
6 pm Bar open
7 pm Roast dinner —volunteers needed to help serve & clean up

Monday, October 12 to Thursday, October 15 On-line
Festival of the Rural Woman

Mondays, 3-5pm Table tennis at the Hall - players welcome.
Contact Jurgen Hecht.

Tuesdays Wilcannia Clinic 08 8083 8777
Primary Mental Health & Other Drugs (PMHAOD) —Peter Crossing & Shannon Oates

Tuesday, October 13, 7pm White Cliffs Sporting Club
Committee meeting
Members welcome

Wednesday, October 14, 1pm White Cliffs Sporting Club
Art Group

Thursday, October 14 5pm Wilcannia Town Hall
Sacred Ground, Sacred Minds - part of Mental Health Month 2015
Featuring: Wilcannia Wings Dance Troupe
& Guest Comedian Sean Choolburra
Sean is an aboriginal performer—a didgeridoo player, singer, dancer, actor, songwriter and one of the fastest rising comedians in the land
Health Dinner Provided.

Thursdays 7.30pm Indoor bowls at the Hall– —
Gold coin donation, bring a plate.
Contact: Ron Dowton
all welcome

Friday, October 16, 10am The Winter Palace (Randel & Rod’s place)
Come & join the ladies as they sew, knit and natter.

Fridays, 3-5pm Table tennis at the Hall - players welcome.
Contact Jurgen Hecht.

Fridays 6pm Locals dinner at the Store. Bookings preferred.
Visitors always welcome.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Saturday, October 17 White Cliffs Sporting Club
Sheila Young’s memorial

Saturday, October 17 7pm White Cliffs Community Hall
Proceeds to the White Cliffs Public School P & C
Sausage sizzle available
BYO drinks & nibbles
Tickets $20 (under 18 free)

Sunday, October 18 3pm White Cliffs Caravan Park
White Cliffs Community Association AGM
Everyone is welcome

Tuesday, October 20 Wilcannia
Women’s and Men’s Sexual Health Clinic

Tuesday, October 20, 7.30 pm—White Cliffs Community Hall
White Cliffs Miners Association.
President: Ron Dowton 08 8091 6711,
Vice President Brad Atkins 08 8091 6635,
Secretary Jane Stevenson 0429 631 605.

Tuesday, October 20 Tibooburra
RFDS Dermatology Clinic—Ian McCrossin
Please confirm with clinic

Wednesday, October 21 White Cliffs Clinic & Hall
RFDS Healthy Start Fly Around Clinic

Wednesday, October 21 White Cliffs Clinic
RFDS—Mike Langren

Wednesday, October 21 Wanaaring
RFDS Dermatology Clinic—Ian McCrossin
Please confirm with clinic

Thursday, October 22 7am White Cliffs Underground Motel
RFDS morning walk—Around the scenic walk
Join the Royal Flying Doctor Service for a morning walk to kick-start your day. Get a group together or come by yourself.
All fitness levels welcome
Tea & coffee or bacon & eggs after the walk.
Part of the RFDS Healthy Start Fly Around Clinic

October 23 to November 6 Wilcannia
Wilcannia Artists Exhibition

Tuesday, October 27 Wilcannia Clinic

4th Wednesday—Central Darling Shire Council Meeting 9am

Wednesday, October 28 Wilcannia Clinic

Wednesday, October 28 & Thursday, October 29 Cobar Golf Club
Rangelands Carbon Conference
free conference—
Conference dinner—$53
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Fiona Harris, or

Thursday, October 29 White Cliffs Clinic
RFDS Michael Langren

Friday, October 30
Reclaim The Night
Don’t let another loved one be lost to domestic violence.

First week in each month
Free Spirit Healing Clinic
contact: Donna Lee Wynen

1st Monday White Cliffs Historical Vehicles Club

1st Tuesday of each month, 11.40am 2WEB Bourke
White Cliffs on the Bush Telegraph
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Tuesday, November 3 Wilcannia
Women’s and Men’s Sexual Health Clinic

Tuesday, November 17 Wilcannia
Women’s and Men’s Sexual Health Clinic

2nd Saturday, Fire Brigade training.

Monday, November 23 & Tuesday, November 24 White Cliffs Sporting Club
Mental Health First Aid Course with Marie Kelly
sponsored by the White Cliffs Clinic, Rural Adversity Mental Health Program & the White Cliffs Sporting Club
Enquiries—White Cliffs Clinic

Wednesday, November 25
White Ribbon Day
Don’t let another loved one be lost to domestic violence.

Thursday, November 26 White Cliffs Clinic
Ring the clinic on (08) 8091 6605 to make an appointment

Tuesday, December 1, Wilcannia
Women’s and Men’s Sexual Health Clinic

1st Monday of 2nd months White Cliffs Health Council (closed meeting)
Any queries, questions or issues can be raised with the Health Council members:
Bill Hoskins Dick Wagner Annette Turner
Bert Gale Vicky White Randel Greene

Tuesday, December 15 Wilcannia
Women’s and Men’s Sexual Health Clinic
Visiting medical officer only.

Tuesday, December 22 December Solstice


Saturday, April 2 White Cliffs Hall
The White Cliffs Sporting Club, SA Co-opera & SA G & S present
The Mikado
dress in theme!

May 20-May 22
White Cliffs Music Festival

White Cliffs Underground Art Festival

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Mondays & Fridays, 3-5pm Table tennis at the Hall - players welcome.
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Fridays, 10.30am In winter Craft at the Red Earth Cafe. Join the ladies as they sew, knit & natter.
Shirley Owen is offering some alpaca wool for the spinners. Contact her on if you would like her to bring some up for you.

Fridays 6pm Locals dinner at the Store. Bookings preferred.
Visitors always welcome.

White Cliffs Sporting Club facebook find us
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Sundays, 8 am Golf

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Sundays, 4 pm White Cliffs Hotel/Motel
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Sundays—10am Wilcannia St. John’s Catholic Church

White Cliffs Swimming Pool
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Season: November - March

Monthly Activities 2013:

1st Monday White Cliffs Historical Vehicles Club

1st Monday of 2nd month White Cliffs Health Council (closed meeting)
Any queries, questions or issues can be raised with the Health Council members:
Bill Hoskins Dick Wagner
Annette Turner Bert Gale
Vicky White Randel Greene

2nd Saturday, Fire Brigade training.

2nd Tuesday alternate months 5.30 pm National Parks Office. White Cliffs Tourist Association.
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Secretary: Louise Turner,
Treasurer: Honor Taylor

2nd Tuesday—alternate months to Tourist Association White Cliffs Sporting Club Committee meeting
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4th Wednesday—Central Darling Shire Council Meeting 9am
Council’s policy in regards to public access to Council Meetings states:
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• All matters raised by members of the public must be of relevance to an item within this agenda and/or relate to the policy making/strategic functions of Council i.e. operational matters are not matters addressed at Council Meeting.
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• All matters raised by members of the public will be recorded and actioned within one month of the meeting.
Note: Comments/Statements made at Council Meetings are not subject to Parliamentary Privilege

Helping White Cliffs Hear (FRRR Caring for Ageing Regional Australians funded)
The equipment, Listen 6 hearing system, is available for everyone to use. The boxes contain a transmitter, 6 personal receivers, 6 ear buds, 2 personal hearing loops, a conference microphone. & feedback forms It is very simple to use and should help those with hearing difficulties hear everything that goes on.
People with hearing aids will need to have the telecoil activated to use the personal hearing loop. Check for a “T” switch or ask your hearing service.
If you have a function where this would be useful please contact Dick Wagner at Southern Cross Opals or

Wednesday—every second & fourth week of the month Wilcannia Safe House Woore Street.
Far West Community Legal Centre
The Far West Community Legal Centre assists people who cannot afford the service of a private law firm and who are not eligible for legal aid.
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2nd Sunday of the month—3pm Wilcannia Hospital Conference Room
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Parish Office: PO Box 185, Broken Hill, NSW 2880
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Justine Tassone’s fresh meat, seafood, frozen product & fresh vegie delivery
Payment EFTPOS or Cash on Delivery.
For an order sheet email:
Phone: 03 50241242 Fax: 03 50241755 or Facebook

· Sheep & Horse Poo
The White Cliffs Primary School P & C is selling bags of sheep & horse poo to raise funds.
$10 a bag—collect from the school.



October 9th Friday
It's Friday night and the weekend is here a hot one for White Cliffs, it will be better down South, I will run the vacuum cleaner around the new kitchen tomorrow most of it has been cleaned up today.

What is it, well it started life as a Bonsai Tree, It is a japanese maple tree about five years ago I had this Maple tree I cut all the limbs off one side, the limbs on the other side facing up I covered it with potting mix. When we came to White Cliffs two years ago I gave it to my sister in Albury. My home made forest over the next few years we can shape it. Top job Muffy.

I have been asked a lot of questions so I try answer some tonight, do we get much dust like we had yesterday, "no, that was the first dust storm we have had for about four year's" yesterday was not to bad it the big wind that gives us a problem.

Relay for life when is it on? "24th October starting in Albury at 9:30am to 9:30am Sunday 25th they keep a team on the track for 24hr's" it is a great effort for Cancer.

Wireless NBN I hope we do get it here the Internet downtime in White Cliffs is really bad we are hoping to get NBN here next year.

How much does an Opal cost earrings or a necklace, "Around $90 to $250 for most Opal set and ready to wear. Opal and I am talking top line Opal around $300 to $5000" and have we found any. "Yes we have but not a lot, around $3000 worth."

The Television system is call Vast TV this may help you CLICK_HERE have a look and yes they set us up for free. Read the website it will give you more details.

When are we going away this year, it all goes well with the caravan the plan is 1st of December we hit the road for about four month's. Albury with the family for Christmas then Parkes New South Wales for the Elvis Festival,

Carol and I hope to meet up with Rhonda at Parkes for a week of old time music (50s, 60s and 70s). It is on 5th January for a week, the only place left to camp is the showgrounds, all the parks, hotels and motels are full. The showgrounds is a $120 for a week with power.

Yes you seen right in the picture, I do have a broken windscreen in the Mercedes Benz I do have glass insurance and will get it fix when we are down south. You will not find a windscreen for a Mercedes Benz 4wd in White Cliffs. I can get one in Mildura 600km's South.

That's it for today my brain will fall apart, Kylie and Susan proof read three dots, I sure need them tonight.


October 8th Thursday
What happened to Wednesday "three dots" easy answer we had no internet this time last night, it was out all over town.

Wednesday, went for a check-up at the Flying Doctor the report is all good. We had to go visit the local chemist shop in the afternoon 100km's south, in Wilcannia. A 200km's return trip to the chemist shop. We were back home mid-afternoon.

Today, well we finished cleaning up out the back in the man cave as we call it, Carol has her craft room, I have a man cave. I then started removing tools and boxes from the kitchen to the cave, I hope I can finish it tomorrow.

Late afternoon we got hit by a dry storm, thunder and lightning but no rain so far, just high winds and dust.

This in not rain it is dust and a lot of it, the wind is from the north so the dry dust storm is heading to the south.

The sun is behind the dust and turning the sky a light green. Looking west from home today.

Here at home it is all about cleaning out the new kitchen and doing the final trimming and sanding, it be ok, looking better every day. Today was 37c here at home and 34c tomorrow and the next, we may need a jumper.

Susan Duncombe Relay for Life, at the top of the page is getting closer and she need some support I go do my bit tonight and support her in "Relay for Life"

Hope you get some spring rain tomorrow, down south they say we will get wet but I am not so sure, it would be nice.

The caravan we are told will be ready to tow away on the 28th of the month, we pick it up in Broken Hill.

Hello to Faye, John and Harvey (the dog) in Wangaratta. and I must say thank you to Ivan in Wales who sent me a one line comment.

"I am 55yrs old and trying to write a website we's are taking hours. See you it every day; trying to work out yor style."

(Ivan it took 50yrs to workout my style, my code is not locked and your welcome to read it. I use HTML3 coding) RexD


October 7th Wednesday

No Update Tonight, Internet in White Cliffs has died again


October 6th Tuesday
What a day I worked for four hours on a computer at the "White Cliffs Sporting Club" fixing the computer they use at the club, a love job for the club. The good news is it's all fixed and it even work's, I have fixed a few computer's in my life. I wish that I knew as much as Scott.

It was nice sitting in the air condition at the club. Back home there was no way I could work outside the temperature was 37c the wind 60kph from the north.

I took a little video outside the front door today (you will not hear me talking due to the wind), CLICK_HERE I took it with my phone we stayed indoors.

Rhonda, a good friend of Carol and I and a three dots reader sent me two picture today, Rhonda a really nice lady and been living on the road in a caravan for many years. She owns her own home and rents it out, it is all about living on the road and seeing Australia.

This week she is working at the Bathurst 1000 car race, well done girl and thank you for sending us the pictures today.

Rhonda sent us the words "Made It" ten days ago she was in Queensland. Have a good weekend at the race track. Like the picture of your uniform.

A bit cooler down in Victoria tomorrow they say, the Elmore Field Day on I bet they are looking for cooler weather.

There is an auction on at Table Top this coming weekend just north of Albury Wodonga.


A big Hello to Rhonda in Bathurst and thanks for looking after three dots.


If the wind drops I get back outside working tomorrow.


October 5th Monday
Weather much the same as yesterday 38c, The first job today was to fix a broken water pipe, I don't have trouble with water but I did today, guess it has a bit to do with the hot weather. It is all fixed for now.

I did a rubbish run around the old ladies, next thing was to help Carol move things around to make more room, then it was back outside to tidy up that room in the far back of the underground. I finish that off tomorrow afternoon, it is already looking a lot better.

Red Earth Tea and Coffee Opal Shop:


A quick run around the coffee shop, it sure has some upmarket Opal for sale, have a look at this picture it is build underground and the dividing walls are made from straw bales and covered with cement render and paint.

I took these pictures on Sunday.

It's getting hotter and the numbers staying at the caravan park have started to drop off.

Tomorrow Carol has art I have to fix a broken computer at the Sporting Club, well try fix it they installed Windows 10 and stuffed it up don't be in a hurry to install Windows 10.

Scott had a bit of trouble with his car and people wanted $100s to fix it. So he looked up on the Internet how to reset the car computer took 20min's and all fixed. So many people out there try to get big money for small job's.

I wanted a tarp made up, asked how much, $1000 "No, to much for me" and started to walk out he said "make it $200 then" I just walk away I get it done somewhere else.

Not the way to do business.

That's about it for today

Hello to Frank in London thanks for the email that you read 3Dots.


October 4th Sunday
Another warm day in the outback, it was a good day to walk around but a bit hot to do and heavy work.

All picture were taken around the same time 3pm today. The first one in the sun a tad under 45c, the second taken in the shade 36c, and the last one inside the underground think we call it 21c we have not heating or cooling but a swimming pool would be nice.

Here is the "Back Area" (the video below) as we call it, or better still the "Junk Room" for now. This area is next to the underground home but not part of the home you enter the area from outside. When we moved here I put about ten trailer loads in here.

Every time we finish an area we come out here and find what we need, We took two trailer loads out of here last weekend for the car boot sale and sold it all. Why clean it out now, as you all know we build the kitchen and we need to clean it all out and this it the only place we have to store all my tools for now.

So clean this up, clean up the new kitchen and paint it, that if we have a cool day. In the man's cave it is 22c all year summer and winter.

Who lives there now "I do, I do, Mr Huey" and my job is to eat all the fly's or anything else that move's. I am a Gecko about 120mm long (4") I live in the dark (I have no eye lids) if you turn the light on, I run away and hide. Leave the door open let the fly's inside, tonight's supper. You can pick it up they do not bite. But don't pick them up when they get stressed they drop off their tail but grow a new one (that may take a year) When I move in the Man Cave Huey can stay he been here about 4yr's now.

Here the Video 90sec long taken today remember this was a dig, a new room with nothing done to it at all my guess is 2017 will be the build date for the "Mans Cave." (for Video 7meg) CLICK_HERE


We all had tea and coffee at the Red Earth Cafe this morning and "That Hat" was taken off Bill by a local nurse you seen this picture of Bill about a year ago. Where sorry Bill she looks better in it than you do.

I asked for a picture, for my website.

Been a hot day but a really good day.

Hello Sue and David in Gippsland you where here about a year ago.

Have fun people.


October 3rd Saturday
A good day to sit inside the underground and watch the AFL Grand Final after half time I walked away and watered the garden outside. Today it was a top of 36c here at home not a good day to play football in White Cliffs but I did see some of the kids kicking a ball around this morning.

I have been asked a number of times do we get television out here in outback New South Wales, in short YES we do.

In fact we get more channels then most people, we have a VAST Satellite Dish on the roof of the underground home and get around 300 channels.

What channels are available on VAST?

ABC and SBS are broadcasting standard definition channels ABC1, ABC2/ABC4, ABC3, SBS1, SBS2 and the high definition channels ABC News 24 and SBSHD. Southern Cross Media, Imparja TV, WIN and GWN are broadcasting digital commercial television channels in standard definition with programming from the 7, 9 and 10 networks and the high definition channels OneHD, 7Mate and 9GEM.

Local news content from regional broadcasters is available for all states and territories except WA on dedicated local news channels exclusive to VAST. We can watch Albury Wodonga News on Vast TV all the News services from around Australia are on Vast.

Many station are the same take SBS and ABC news we can watch the news from Darwin, Alice Springs, Queensland Mt Isa, South Australia, Sydney and Melbourne. I say we have around 120 channels to pick from the rest are all the same as the 120.

Vast Satellite Dish on the roof, ours is the same as this one it feed into a box inside the underground. If you have a pension card it is installed free by the Federal Government.

Westlink and a variety of radio services are also available on VAST we have almost no Radio service out here it all comes over the Television.

Tomorrow we have the start of Daylight Saving and we are going out for Tea and Coffee in the morning and we are going to do some cleaning up in the underground.

I take some pictures and post tomorrow.

Hello to Scott your home looks good all cleaned up, your mother did a good job, I know you helped.


October 2nd Friday
This has not been a good night for Three Dots first I lost the Internet around 7pm for an hour and half it just went off the air all around town.

So I typed it into my laptop computer almost finished and the power went off the battery was almost flat so I lost all my work. So this is Three Dots take two or is it three.

A few people on the other side of town where telling us they are having trouble with mice, we have not had any trouble at all. Just in case I spent most of the day filling and cementing any holes or cracks right across the front of the underground home. I cut timber and trimmed around the two doors, going inside I turned all the lights out and any where I seen light I filled it with filler.

Keeping mice out is one thing but a home that is well sealed keeps the hot air out and it keeps the cool air inside. We had 32c in the shade today outside and inside it is still 21 to 22c, tomorrow we are looking at 36c for three day, that will test the underground cooling.

That was a lot of work today but the hard work will pay off in the next few day.


Daylight saving begins in NSW on Sunday, 4 October 2015
when clocks go forward one hour at 2:00am.

For future summers, daylight saving in NSW begins at 2:00 am, Eastern Standard Time, on the first Sunday in October and ends at 3:00am Eastern Daylight Saving Time on the first Sunday in April.

A friend of ours rang tonight "do you want Chinese for tea," she was in Wilcannia 93km's away and took an order from us. Less than an hour later it was at our door, thanks Belinda for thinking of us tonight.

I keep it short tonight after all the trouble I have had.


Hello and thanks to Belinda for tea tonight.


October 1st Thursday (A New Month)
Another month and a step closer to Christmas I guess it is about 11wk's away, The caravan being fixed right now they asked if we can pick it up on the 28th October, it be ready to tow away, it will be good to have it back home.

From Bill (in Queensland)

Water picture, is small lake near us it has a park, playground etc and is at Alexandra headlands about 10 min walk from home for Marg and 15 for me.

It was hot outside today 29c in the shade and 22c inside the underground. It is going to get hot over the weekend here in White Cliffs.

Went for a walk down the front of the landing late today and as you can see I found a small Kangaroo at the bottom of the hill.

During the night we have a lot of Kangaroo's hopping around the house, they tip over chairs and small tables timber and poo every where.

I went down the front of the landing to take this picture that when I found the small Kangaroo, this is due north to the Queensland Border all dirt roads from White Cliffs to the North.

We have had a few people in White Cliffs looking to buy underground homes they are selling 80,000 to 230,000 that's about the going price most are Grey Hair Nomads a lot of people are now living here and using it as a base camp for traveling around in a caravan.

One couple we know sold a home in Sydney for 1.3 million and spent a 160,000 on a underground home in White Cliffs and 60,000 on a caravan that they tow away 6mth's of the year. and they still have a million plus in the bank. With the big prices in the city's they are moving inland and seeing Australia.

I read today on the Internet that a person on the Pension in Sydney after paying rent and bills will have $35.00 left for food. Why would you live there, you are far better off out here and traveling.

We are not for sale.

Bill thanks for the pictures, have a good weekend.

ll be home to Carol art works, it's a small world.

Broken Hill has four free to air TV stations, three AM Radio stations and eight FM Radio stations it has a hotel on almost every corner. It is also the home of BHP mines right beside the town. It is "Australia First Heritage City" the whole city has a Heritage Listing.

If you every get the time visit Broken Hill it easy to spend a week here there is a lot to see.

Tomorrow we pick a few things for White Cliffs then pickup our online order from Woolworth's Supermarket in town then head home it only 300km's.


Hello to Sue and David in Gippsland.

(Had an email from overseas, asking about the town Gippsland to start with it is not a town or city it is an area in Victoria, it is the area to the east of Melbourne.)


Three Dots...