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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for som e crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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September 30th Wednesday
That was a big trip to Broken Hill yesterday we are still getting over the drive, while we were in Broken Hill we went to the Emu Display at the Broken Hill Tourist Centre.

Not a great pictures, it was taken with my phone.

Emu (the man made version)

It well done and man made in Broken Hill

The display was worth the trip into town, there were a lot of people at the centre when we were there they also have a good coffee shop. (if you can afford it).

We went out this morning for a morning tea Katrina Birthday, a big day for her.

Katrina a local nurse and a good one (she only has 3 candles so she must be 3yr's old today)

We had a good time with local people, this is the lady that looks after my sugar levels so I was only given a very little bit of cake, Kat it was a bit small...

This afternoon we installed the television in the new lounge room so no more television in the bedroom, to tell the truth I am not a big watcher of television maybe the football.

Top temperature today was 28c and it is getting hotter outside, the underground still holding at 21c all day and all night.

I get back into the new kitchen tomorrow morning and try get it cleaned up to paint on an undercoat.


Hello to Miss Muffy in Albury.


September 29th Tuesday (Happy Birthday Adrian)
Will keep "Three Dots" short tonight we were up at 6am and on the road at 6:45am. We did all that we needed to do in Broken Hill picked up our on-line order at Woolworth's Supermarket (online shopping works well.) Time we got to the supermarket in the past and did a big shop it took around two hours, today our order was ready and took twenty minutes.

The return trip was 600km's a perfect trip, the Art is at the show that opens Thursday Night in Broken Hill.

Ok come on get off the road, two Kangaroo's giving me a hard time today.

Stopped and took a picture we took a new dirt road short cut just to break up the day.

Who do you lot belong too we only seen one small home on the dirt road we are about 150km's North East of Broken Hill at this point.

The road was ok it did cut about 33km's off our trip home but it is a slow track with a number of grids across the road. it is 33km shorter but took 20min's longer (just good fun) the roads good for 40 to 50kph. Love the sky in the picture.

A good day the first time we have done a return trip on the same day to Broken Hill it a long way.

We did what we needed to do in Broken Hill. The only thing I was not able to find was a tube for the little wheel on my cement mixer, yep we have a flat tyre on the cement mixer, guess it from going to fast tyre size 4.00 - 8 that all that's on the tyre.

Susan and Erin are back home in Albury after a few days in Melbourne staying with Peter and Joi.

Back to cleaning up around the house and kitchen tomorrow. The kitchen ready to paint just have to see what the weather does. Next weekend we are looking at 37c here at home they are saying.

Hello to Adrian (on his birthday) hi Dianne.


September 28th Monday
Summer is coming by the end of this week we will all know summer is here last October was one of the hottest months of last year and this year is shaping up to be the same.

Susan and Erin are staying with Peter and Joi in Melbourne, Peter sent me an email today.


Susan and Erin have come to the big smoke for a few days.

They asked how to get to see Joi at North Balwyn, and I said to her to catch the 48 tram and gave her the places to watch for and where to get off.

She texted me to say she was safely on the 48 tram.

A little later I texted her to see how she was going?

Problem was that she didn't’t realise that trams went both ways and she had ended up at the other end of the tram route.

She had to then travel back in the other direction and finally reached Joi to book her trip to London.

London is much bigger than Melbourne so just pray she gets the idea that public transport runs in 2 directions.

Sorry Susan I had to put it on 3Dots


Census Night 9th August 2016
The Australian Bureau of Statistics is preparing to count close to 10 million dwellings and approximately 24 million people in Australia on Census night.

The 2016 Census will be Australia’s first Census where more than two thirds of Australia’s population (more than 15 million people) are expected to complete the Census online in August 2016.

New delivery and collection procedures will make it easier to complete the Census online. In the lead up to 9 August, households will receive a letter from the ABS, addressed ‘To the Resident’, including a unique login and instructions on how to complete the Census online.

At the last census in 2011 White Cliffs had 103 people.


I was working in the kitchen today and every time I walked outside the flies tried to carry me off we are going to Broken Hill tomorrow I be looking for fly traps.

Almost filled the trailer with another load for the tip, I take it on Wednesday when we get back.

We are taking Carol paintings into Broken Hill for the "Broken Hill Art Festival" tomorrow it's a big deal being asked to put your art in the show at Broken Hill. It has to be in by Friday morning the show on for about two week in October.

Trip with a twist we are going in and back home on the same day a total of around 600km's we plan to do a bit of shopping and head back home mid afternoon. If we leave here at 6:30am it about three hours drive with a short break 9:30am our time. That is 9am Broken Hill time, it works on South Australian time zone. (yes we do get sick of switching time zones, I know it is only 30min's we always try to time it for 9am).

Flying doctor came in today to pick up a visitor to the town who became ill this morning and they did a fly out to Adelaide. If your sick you go to Broken Hill, if your really sick they fly to Adelaide in South Australia.

The Mercedes is full of fuel and had a check over and ready to roll early in the morning, all in the name of Art.

See you sometime tomorrow

Hello Susan and Erin (you can give Peter a kick in butt for that.)


September 27th Sunday
I was up at 7am packing the trailer for the Gem Festival and Car Boot Sale. And that was my day till 5pm tonight. Here some picture's from the weekend.

The last picture is my stand at the car boot sale, I did really well over the weekend I had a number in my head to make for the weekend I made the number four times over.

Don't forget Adrian and Garvin have an auction at Table Top in October. There is a link on Scott's website.

A great weekend in White Cliffs weather wise the only problem was the flies.

The show had a big shot in the arm late in the afternoon a big bus from Sydney, 56 people pulled up and they all got out and hit the stalls at the Gem Festival, they enjoyed it and so did the gem sellers. One moving a Opal Ring worth $4700.00 in cash (that would sure make your day).

Thank you to all the people who sent emails about our 10,000 hits to the website.

Tonight we have the Gem Festival at the sporting club cost $15 head.


Tomorrow I cleanup after the weekend.


September 26th Saturday
Each Friday, I say Carol went to craft today well today a local sent me a picture of the local craft group at the Red Earth Cafe.

Craft is a big group in White Cliffs 11 ladies yesterday, that is 20% of the ladies in White Cliffs. They meet every Friday Morning.

Today I received an email from Doug in Queensland he was number 10,000 hit on three dots, I told him he won a Ice cream cone, we will post it to Queensland. Doug a nice guy we have been friends for years.

The Gem Festival and Car Boot sale was on today the hall full inside with Opal dealers while outside the car boot sale was on.

Bill a good friend had a site next to me today everything cost a can of beer.

My site at the sale full of junk but we made good money today had a good day.

Selling stones from around Australia.

Travel in style and for a living they buy and sell Opal stones, that's a big rig.


September 25th Friday
The weekend is here and we had a great day in White Cliffs the sky so clear, tonight the sunset and nothing happen it just went out of sight with no fuss at all.

The "Three Dots Website" was just 15 hits from 10,000 tonight it's a mark I never expected to see on the Three Dots it was setup for Family and friends. We had and still have a small wireless internet data pack (at the time it was 5gig a month in White Cliffs, we now have 8gig a month) and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we had no data left on our account and a lot of people missed out. So I built Three Dots website and hooked it to Scott Website and the rest is history as they say.

We never told anybody about three dots and we got away with it for about a year then Google found it and listed it as a website. People from around the World came and read three dots, 2,542 different people read dots as we call it in Australia 63 from US down to 1 from Romania. I know a person is England reads it about three times a week.

We have never tracked people on dots the best I can tell is 1 person in Finland read dots we do not know who that person is, the internet has no colour people could be black, white or any colour who cares.

I started my first website "Albury BBS" in December 1985 and apart from that house fire in 1995 I have never been without a website.

The biggest website was "Duncombe Home 1985" it had one million hits I then converted it to "" (now Scott Duncombe Computers) The counter went back to zero in 2005, it now has 553,400 hits as at tonight. We look after Scott page, three dots and

Tomorrow is the start of a big weekend in White Cliffs the Gem Festival and the Car Boot Sale I have the trailer all loaded ready to roll at 7:30am tomorrow morning it cost me $10 for a site selling junk. Everything over the weekend cost a gold coin all profit to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

So as you use the site check the counter are you number 10,000?

Hello to Susan and Kylie who check my spelling on 3Dots each night, thank you.


September 24th Thursday
Thursday, in White Cliffs and it was a cool 19c and that wind is still blowing at about 35kph most of the day.

The website came in handy today we received an email from down Melbourne way that they were looking for a local person to pass on detail of a death of an old workmate. We found the person in about an hour and passed on a copy of the email.

Susan and Joyce went to the Henty Field Day today from the email they had fun, and they seem to enjoy a shocking lunch.

You girls are shockers, hope you had a big walk after this meal.

Seem's you two like the old stuff at Henty.

That's a really big motor, thanks for the pictures.


Next Weekend
It's going to be big

White Cliffs
Gem Fest & Car Boot Sale

Saturday, 26 & Sunday, 27 September 2015

9am - 5pm

Come and experience the uniqueness of the opal fields. Stroll through Doug and Annette’s art garden, view a dugout, take a mine tour, stay underground, go for a spec on the field. Do something different and visit White Cliffs.

The kids will have fun with our friends from the Mobile Outback Toy Library holding activities like painting, art, play dough, storytelling. There are 2 playgrounds, a gem pit, mini golf and a sit down lunch party for all the children.

The local business owners, miners, jewellery makers, wood workers, artists and creative people will be displaying their wares.

Come and join us, we would love you to experience our lifestyle.

A table at this event will cost $20 per day inside and $10 per day outside (extra tables $5.00 each). Trader $200.00.

Contact Name: Jane Stevenson

Phone: 0438 790 510


What did I do today most of it was filling out forms to keep the government happy all to do with super, all good in the end.

I am still packing the trailer ready for the car boot sale over the weekend the big day is Saturday I think about Sunday.

It is quite cool inside tonight 21c not to bad I guess, we had a Kangaroo jump on top of our air shaft last night gee they make a noise. I have to put that on my list of jobs to do, not sure how we keep them off the top. The air shaft above the bedroom where we sleep we are 28ft below the top at this point.

Hello to Susan and Joyce tonight and thanks for the pictures.


September 23rd Wednesday
We have been cleaning up all week I took another load to the tip today, I also did a tip run for some older people in town. The trailer is three parts full with goods to sell at the Boot Sale on the weekend.

Adrian and Dianne sent me some pictures from their stand at the Henty Field Day they looking like they had a big day.

Henty Field Day today.

Adrian and Dianne stand today at the Henty Field Day.

It was a cooler day in White Cliffs around 17c and a cool wind all day, I did some more work in the kitchen later today.

Joyce, is going to school next year in Thurgoona just out of Albury and she working on her numbers at home today she 4yr's old. The good thing is she wants to go to school next year.

Dick Wagner, a friend did a radio show on ABC Radio last Sunday morning around 5:30am a lot of us missed the show. The interview ran for 21min all on White Cliffs the segment called "A Spot on the Map" click the link below.


Spot on the Map
White Cliffs, NSW

Sunday, September 20, 2015
by Rod Quinn, Dick Wagner

Audio Related Audio:

Spot on the Map - White Cliffs, NSW
Rod Quinn, Dick Wagner

The small town of White Cliffs in NSW is famed for being the birthplace of Australian cricketer, Bill O'Reilly. Opal Miner, Dick Wagner, speaks to Rod Quinn about why White Cliffs is a popular tourist destination, attracting tens of thousands of people each year, Click below and listen to the 21min interview.



Doug sent me an email today her back home in Queensland, don't forget to send us all a picture or two.

Almost there the 3Dots website is at 9,933 hits my guess is about friday or over the weekend we will hit the magic 10,000 and the website grows up.

Hello Sue and David in Gippsland.


September 22nd Tuesday
A very cool day in White Cliffs only 20c and winds to 50kph making it a cool day, a blue sky all day long.

This picture was taken at sunset tonight note the blue sky not a cloud to be seen.

I took the picture of the sunset turn around and a Kangaroo was looking at me from the top of the house look for the ears on the hill. Taken in very low light.

All the local people like the steel rack I built yesterday using a broken ladder I went around and cleaned up the yard a bit more filling the trailer. Will make a trip to the tip in the morning then do a old people tip run.

Once the trailer is empty I start loading it for the car boot sale at the weekend, the plan is to get rid of some junk and maybe make a dollar for our pocket's.

Been doing Christmas Shopping online this year happy with what we have so far there is just no shops in this area, last year we left the shopping till we went away in the caravan and it was hard work getting the shopping done.

Carol went to Art today, they seem to have fun from what I hear, (think Art one big party, ladies only I think.)

What's next; tomorrow pack the trailer for the boot sale, and keep working on cleaning out the kitchen.

Hope that wind drops tomorrow I keep losing my hat in the wind, one thing the wind is good for the flies stay away.

Hello Doug have a good week.

Don't forget to check out the Auction coming up in Table Top in October. Click_Here

Also check out the White Cliffs website it's worth a look. Click_Here


September 21st Monday
A very warm day here at home 25c in the shade, and the flies are sending me crazy when working outside in the sun. I found a can of Areogard in the shed what a life saver.

Today I built a steel rack out front using an old ladder and it worked a dream, at a auction I was after a 9ft ladder to use here in White Cliffs. At the auction they sold the 9ft ladder and a broken ladder in the same lot, that is how I ended up with a broken ladder.

In White Cliffs we use everything we can get our hands on, look at the a broken ladder in now a steel rack.

It was a extension ladder that I pulled apart and cemented into the ground. I then cleaned the yard up putting all the steel in one place off the ground away from snakes this time of year. A free steel rack.

You can see where it was broken but it is fine as a steel storage rack.

It the best thing I have done to clean up the yard. It cost half a bag of cement about $4.50 the shed in the background belongs to the person next door who I have never met, they spent a heap of money and never came back.

This afternoon I was back working in the kitchen cleaning that up a really big job, as we clean up we put what we want to sell at the boot sale next weekend in the trailer.

Putting an aluminum ladder in cement I am told the cement will eat away the aluminum in 30yr's yep maybe forty I am 66yr's old think about it.

Carol doing her art, getting ready for the art show in Broken Hill we have to take the art into Broken Hill Wednesday next week. Carol said thank you to all for the comments about her picture last week.

That about it for the today.


September 20th Sunday
We were up early and cleaned up inside the house after our party last night, we had a good night. We all met at the Red Earth Cafe for tea and coffee at 10:30am this morning it ended up a big group of people around the tables this morning.

It could only happen in White Cliffs, a local lady asked me to look at her computer system one problem the whole system was setup in German text, after an hour I walked away just to hard for me.

This afternoon we went out for coffee at Tony and Belinda place then a drive out of town to the north across Glen Hope station we drove about 30km's to the north

Look hard at the bottom of the picture you will see a Kangaroo beside the dirt road there is a lot of wild life to the north, if you keep going you end up in Queensland.

On the road north of White Cliffs we came across a large area with flowers.

All Australian wild flowers (they are a round yellow balls)

Wild flower about 1m high.

Business in a box, it turned up in town they lifted it off a truck filled it with Diesel Fuel and it is in business selling Diesel only. You ring iOR open an account, put your card in fill your car or truck then the money out of your account.

You people know as much about it as I do, no staff. I just looked up the website Click_Here

This coming weekend the "Gem Festival and Car Boot sale" is on in White Cliffs so it a good week to have a big cleanup at home I load the trailer and head off to the boot sale next weekend, and try sell it. Then go home via the tip on Sunday afternoon.

Hello Joi and Peter in Melbourne.

We had a really good weekend.


September 19th Saturday
Today was all about tonight I started the day cleaning up inside the house and outside taking a trailer load to the tip. It was our turn to put on the party for the month and we had a really great night everyone seemed to have fun. The last time we had a party here was Susan's Birthday in July that was a good night.

Food we had so much food I better take an extra tablet tonight to keep my sugar levels down every one came with one or two plates of food. A great night at our place tonight.

We are all going for tea and coffee in the morning.

I think we will be eating left over's for a few days.

Need to put a light fitting up at roof height in the kitchen, Tony said he come by Monday night after work and give me a lift, that be one more job out of the way.

Back to work now the party over, a good night.

We're almost there 10,000 hits on three dots we have about a 100 to go. They say a website comes of age if it makes the big 10 if it's less than 10,000 it a baby site so it a big step the big 10 we should make it next week sometime. Who would ever think we make it when we started in December 2013.

My first website was 1985 on a BBS system, and we were on the internet the day it started in Australia (apart from two month's when the house burn down in 1995) we have been on air for 30yr's come December.

For Carol and I it has been a big day, time to clean up again.

Hello to John and Faye in Wangaratta North Melbourne win again tonight they be happy about that.


September 18th Friday
It Friday at last and for Carol and I it has been a very busy week, Monday and Tuesday working on the caravan and Wednesday and Thursday in Broken Hill and today it is Friday and it is all over.

Carol went to craft today and I started a very big clean up outside the kitchen tomorrow I start inside the kitchen almost two years of mess so it time for that big cleanup.

One of the best pictures in my collection of Joyce, she 4 going on 24yr's old this year, and a computer nut in every way. I been in computers 50yr's and Joyce tell me how to do it, I would never know to push a space bar to add a space between word.

Not a lot you can say about a big clean up, tomorrow night we are having a bit of party at our place and it is for no reason bring a plate and come along. There only be around half a dozen people coming.

That's White Cliffs.


September 17th Thursday
We are back in White Cliffs as of late tonight and all is good the caravan is in Broken Hill we are going to have a look in two week.

Woolworth's online order worked well we picked it up about 2:30pm, had no problems all was good it was ready and took about 15min's

It feels like a lifetime 17th September 2013 we moved to White Cliffs full time from Wangaratta that was two years ago. It feels like 10yrs ago with the amount of work that's happed here at home.

I came to White Cliffs in 1993, brought the land in 1995. It was a holiday home till we move here in 2013.

That's when I really started to turn it into a top underground home the plan was in my head for years. I am really hopeful by this time next year we will complete the building and all the outside work in 2017.

We are about a month behind where I planned to be this year. Most of the problem for that is supply of material getting timber and fittings here is hard work.

People say you need a bigger trailer but the bigger the trailer the more weight you load on it. And I feel that's what broke the old Ford Transit Van, we loaded the trailer then we loaded the back of the van. Big loads some around 2000kg and hundreds of kilometres just overworked it.

I am looking after the Mercedes Benz it's the best car I have owned and limit the load to around 400kg but you have to make more trips.

The crazy part is I have never felt fitter in my life all the hard work has been great for my health. I came here two years ago at 96kg I am now 81kg. I have new diet plan, I call it White Cliffs.

On the way home we took the dirt short cut but it starting to break up a bit (it cuts 32km's off the trip into Broken Hill.) They have not had the rain that we have had here in White Cliffs.

With the caravan in Broken Hill I will be back in the kitchen full time now starting tomorrow morning I hope. The only problem we had on the Benz was a flat tyre in Broken Hill took it into the tyre place where they removed a nail and fixed it, all good now.

We had a really good trip.


September 16th Wednesday
We are in Broken Hill tonight at the Sturt Motel across the road from the caravan park, in fact the caravan park own the motel.

The caravan had no problems at all it towed the 300km's at 80kph perfect from White Cliffs to Broken Hill it was a good speed I kept the speed down to be on the safe side. At that speed out here on the open road the trucks just around us, they sit on 100 to 110kph.

Our caravan sure need some repairs it still tows perfect but the left side is 3" below the right, the rubbers under the caravan are shot on both sides but on the left they are bad. We agree to let them install a 2015 setup under the van. We are looking at a month, they are working out the new spring setup then building it under the van. I told them we will come see them in two weeks, just to answer any questions they may have.

The main street of Broken Hill today that the Post Office clock it is about the size of Dean Street Albury, in fact Broken Hill is about the size of Albury without Wodonga.

Love this building so today we went inside for a look, have a look how high and how long this building is. Look again it is only one room wide have a close look, after walking inside we found out it was the old town hall and we also found out it is now used to display local items and next month it will be home to Carol art works, it's a small world.

Broken Hill has four free to air TV stations, three AM Radio stations and eight FM Radio stations it has a hotel on almost every corner. It is also the home of BHP mines right beside the town. It is "Australia First Heritage City" the whole city has a Heritage Listing.

If you every get the time visit Broken Hill it easy to spend a week here there is a lot to see.

Tomorrow we pick a few things for White Cliffs then pickup our online order from Woolworth's Supermarket in town then head home it only 300km's.


Hello to Sue and David in Gippsland.

(Had an email from overseas, asking about the town Gippsland to start with it is not a town or city it is an area in Victoria, it is the area to the east of Melbourne.)


September 15th Tuesday
Blue sky all day in White Cliffs and 24c in the shade, a wonderful day in town had a Diabetic check up today at the White Cliffs Hospital and I am happy to say all is good. I keep my sugar levels under control better in White Cliffs than anywhere else we have lived. No KFC, McDonald's and so on, take away food a big trap.

This afternoon I went all over the Mercedes Benz Oil, water the lot I needed nothing guess that's good. The caravan is hooked up to the Benz ready to drive away tomorrow morning to Broken Hill via Wilcannia it is sealed road all the way.

Not sure what you are paying for ULP down south and up north I paid $1.71lt here today, put $30 in the tank I fill it in Wilcannia it about $1.54lt, Broken Hill about the same, well it was last month.

The good news is Carol was asked to put her paintings in the Broken Hill Arts Festival next month, that a really big Art Festival. Broken Hill is the art capital of Australia, there are some forty gallery in Broken Hill.

I went downstairs with the camera tonight, this is just one of four picked for the art festival. Let me what you think I pass all comments to Carol. (she does not know I put this on 3Dots)

The first painting she did found it to Kylie's place in Thurgoona. I like the picture above she not happy with it.

So I guess sometime in October we will make a trip to Broken Hill to check out the art.

I will take the rest of them at the Art Festival in Broken Hill next month, by the way all art is priced and for sale.

My art I draw stick people on paddle pop sticks, that's my art style.

We go into Broken Hill Wednesday and back home late Thursday.

Hello John and Glenda in Gippsland.


September 14th Monday
This morning was all about the caravan I gave it a big clean out removing everything inside the van, it is empty and it is clean I gave it a big dust and even washed the floor. Tomorrow I give it a a oil and grease hook it up to the Mercedes Benz ready to leave for Broken Hill Wednesday morning.

As I have said a few time on three dots, I have been going down to White Cliffs Sporting and Social Club and cleaning and weeding. Today Dick came and seen me at home, Dick is president of the Social Club to say the committee has been spurred on by what I have done and decided to bring in a tractor with a blade and cleanup the last section, what we call the roadside section (that a big area say around 400sqM) I am not going to do anything inside but outside it been a mess for 20yr's and now they are going to do something.

It's a good club with good people who give all their time free of charge it looks good inside but out side they just walked past and never seen the weeds and long grass.

Seen better sunsets but it's not to bad, looking west about 1/2hr ago. (that's a dumb comment the sun always sets in the west.)

This afternoon I worked in the kitchen but it been slow work the last few day. Today we had 31c at home the weather man is saying tomorrow Tuesday will be cooler. I have a large sheet of timber to go in the kitchen right up at roof height about the 9ft mark, today I had a win and worked out how to do it, that the last big sheet inside, hope to have it done by next weekend.

Wednesday we head to Broken Hill with the caravan for it's big refit under the van. We will stay one night at the motel do some shopping, pickup our food order at Woolworth's (we did our first online order)...

One more thing Kylie my daughter sent me this sometime ago, it is all the wind around the world I been watching it for about a week, weather wise it is spot on.


Have fun with it and I see you all tomorrow.


September 13th Sunday
It was tea and coffee all morning at the Red Earth Cafe, we enjoyed the chat with locals and we also talked with visitors from Sydney who are in White Cliffs for two nights staying at the caravan park.

In the afternoon I fitted a rubber mat to the back of the Mercedes Benz.

The car needs a big clean out inside summer is here and we have a lot of dust. We are hoping the rubber matting will cut down the noise in the back when we buy food in Broken Hill.

End of next week I plan to take everything out of the back and put back only what we need.

Apart form the matting I watched the AFL football on television it was an easy day.

Top today was 30c outside in the shade I guess about 37c in the sun, still doing ok inside 21c all day we are happy with the extra doorway we added this year, it is keeping the heat out.

Seen North Melbourne won the football I have to say a big hello to Faye and John in Wangaratta they are big fans of North Melbourne.

Not a lot to talk about today, and it off to the Sporting Club tonight for a meal.


September 12th Saturday
Today it was a warm 28c, a nice day if you stayed out of the sun, I worked on the local website this morning for a while then we both cleaned out the new lounge room and made it usable.

Till we return after Christmas we will leave the new lounge room as is, and just use it the room is around 6m x 4m in size and is ready to paint we will fit new curtains the colour's will be the same as bedroom 2 (where Susan stayed). Why not paint it. The paint odors upset's Carol so the plan is to sleep a few days in the caravan while we paint the room after Christmas.

I fixed the door lock on the caravan today a pin had broken in the handle and it would not lock, all fixed now, White Cliffs style I cut down a 6" nail, perfect for the job, it now lock and feel like new.

Fix the power window switch on the Mercedes Benz Carol be happy her window is working again.

The butcher came today from down south, we gave him an order last Wednesday and two big boxes came today. We have meat for a month cost $170 and top quality the butcher is now selling fruit and vegetables and ice cream, he had a big load on today for White Cliffs.

Took some pictures around the house today looking from the front door up the hill above the underground house. That's outback scrub land up there.

Been cleaning up the driveway an hour here an hour there it starting to look ok for a outback driveway that is.

On top of the hill above the house my tree as I call it, that tree and I came about the same time it was a little tree in the main walkway up top I moved it and up it went higher and higher every three months it changes colour.

For the record we were 21c inside today and 28c outside

Hello Joi and Peter in Melbourne.

Tomorrow morning we having tea and coffee at the cafe.

September 11th Friday
Looking like summer is just around the corner we had 25c here today and it is going to get hotter if the weather man right.

Next Monday a 30c, we are looking at 28c tomorrow you sure need a hat on when walking in the sun.

I painted the undercoat inside the caravan, did two coats today, I need to get some top coat paint when in town sometime. I will clean everything out of the caravan tomorrow and try get it ready for the trip into Broken Hill next Wednesday morning.

Did some more work in the kitchen this afternoon so I could start painting I just have so much to clean out before I can do that.

Tonight I went back to September 2014 and found a picture of the kitchen when you look back one year I have done quite a bit.

Here the kitchen in September 2014.

Here it September 2015 (last year we left here 18th November and returned May 10th almost 6mth's) so we worked on it 5mth's this year.

Think we will stay here this year to December then head south for Christmas with the family, we plan to return a lot earlier next year so I can get some more work done.

We cleaned up the new lounge room tonight and hope by tomorrow night we can sit in there and watch television. But more on that tomorrow night.

Broken Hill Woolworth's will now pick an order so we will give it a try next week by doing the order online and picking it up next Thursday when we are in there, I know it been in Albury for a while but it is new up this way. Coles Broken Hill will not pick a customer order, do we need to know any special tricks if so please email us

We have three job's over the weekend, get the caravan ready for Broken Hill, get the new lounge room in order, clean out the kitchen and go out for tea and coffee, that's four.

So have a good weekend hope it fine weather for you, time to watch the football.

September 10th Thursday
Over the last few days the caravan has taken up all my time, I had some wood rot in the front of the caravan so I pulled out all cupboards and tossed them in the tip, water had leaked in and made a big mess a real big mess.

As you can see above damp wood and wood rot so over the last two days I cut out all the bad timber and replaced it with new timber. It is all glued and screwed in place I added some metal to take any movement out of the timber.

Job done this is how it looks tonight, ready to paint tomorrow morning the water came in around the window frame that you can see in the picture. It is stronger than it every was.

This is my mobile work shop in White Cliffs I am in bad need of a good size shed. it will happen one day. The chair that the staff tea room.

Now the big problem the caravan has lost it spring and we need to fix the suspension under the caravan so next week we are taking the van into Broken Hill and have everything under the caravan replaced with the 2015 version.

We did think about a new van but $35,000 to $60,000 a joke plus I like my old caravan for $1500 it be all fixed with new parts, over the last few years we have fitted a toilet and shower new beds, new floor it is old but we like it and we own it.

Early this year Adrian fitted a new kitchen in the caravan, that made living easy. I am told when we get it back it will be 200mm higher than it is now. And for the record all work is being done by a Precision Engineering Broken Hill and they will look after the registration update to the paper work for us.

That's about it, late today I did an hours work on the garden at the local sporting club it's looking good I take some pictures next time I am down there.

Thank you to Bill in Queensland for your help today with the caravan suspension it's always good to know that people are looking out for this crazy old man in White Cliffs.

That another story every time I do something people email me with a better way, that's good.

Hello Rhonda in Geelong, well that were she is this week, Rhonda has lived on the road in a caravan for 12yr's a really nice lady, Carol and I met her last year in Colac Victoria, we are good friends. I wish Rhonda would write her story.

Good night all.


September 9th Wednesday
That never ending story, a number of people asked do we have power, why is power so cheap.
To start off our mains power is the same as any other part of Australia we have a power box up on the hill at the back of our property it is normal 240v power.

Four homes use this power box.

As for why is power so cheap, it's not we pay much the same as Albury Wodonga we just do not use power. Parts of the home are up to 9m underground and it is dark, very dark if the power goes off you can hold your hand in front of your eyes you see nothing not a thing.

We have lighting on 24hrs a day they are three 5w LED lights on 24hrs a day they cost $11.00 a year to leave on for 24hrs a day.

Underground homes have long hallways they are lit using 10w PIR lights you walk in the hallway the lights turn on they are normally used outside most people up here use them inside as well.

10w PIR lights

While you are in the hallway they stay on once you leave the hallway they turn off. They light a hallway like daylight they cost around $20.00 each but last a long time in fact I have never replace one.

The big saving is heating and cooling, we do not need them an underground home is always 23c summer and winter. If you open the doors in winter you can cool it to 19c.

In summer you close doors to keep the home cool.

Most days here in summer are low 30c to high 40c it is hard to keep heat out, you open a door just to walk in or out the heat comes in, that's why we travel in the summer.

The new kitchen, being on the front of the underground home will need heating and cooling.

What we do have here, is a heap of sunlight, so most lighting in the new kitchen will be solar lighting. And the heat in summer is why the kitchen is built from cool room panels.

This is a never ending story, where to in the future, we will use the sun for solar that is stand alone power not on the power grid. We will add black water tank in the sun to heat water but that another story.

Right now I am sitting underground and it is 22c inside with no heating or cooling.

The caravan rebuild I talk about that tomorrow.

Hello to Adam in Canberra.


September 8th Tuesday
Well we are all getting older, I need to fix something. Today I received an email from Doug.

Wrong........That is one of the rare shots of me driving my train.

Doug I know more about your train's than I know about you.

Just to fill you all in Doug and Bill live in Queensland and I in White Cliffs when we lived in the Albury Wodonga area and we all worked at "Mann's of Wodonga" in Wodonga but I must say we were all much younger in those days. I am taking a guess it was 40yr's ago in the 70s feels like yesterday.

Doug you will have to call into Bill Auto Shop and take a picture when he not looking. Doug and Bill moved to Queensland and ended up living in the same town. I new Doug mother and father and also met Bill family many years ago.

The caravan is in need of repairs the rubber need to be replaced in the suspension so we are having springs fitted in place of rubbers. So next Wednesday (next week) we are taking it to Broken Hill for repairs, it be in Broken Hill for a few weeks. Today we started to give it a really big clean out inside I do some running repairs tomorrow.

We had ten drops of rain today that was it for the week Carol was rushing around getting the washing off the line, then it stopped raining.

Carol has art tomorrow afternoon they moved it from Monday to Wednesday for this week only.

Joyce on a bigger bike, she having fun.

That it for today, as I say tomorrow another day.

September 7th Monday
The start of a warm week in White Cliffs sunny every day and next weekend they are talking about 30c in town I never been to the White Cliffs swimming pool but I may try it this year.

I've starting cleaning out the back underground room we need somewhere to store the stuff used to build the new kitchen as we need to empty the kitchen ready for painting, later this underground room will be a real "Man's Cave" it is around 30ft underground.

Cleaning it up going to be a really big job, what we had in the house in Wangaratta that we have not used here in White Cliffs is stored here in this room, is it a junk room, not quite but close.

The sporting club outside had a heap of weeds even around the front door looking at it yesterday the club outside needs a big cleanup. Today I cleaned up the entry it took an hour and half but looks a million dollars tonight. They were saying last night it needs a person that meets health and safety requirements. What a heap of rubbish the job's done, the tooth fairy must have done it.

Thanks to Susan and Scott for the Father's day gift that came in the post today, thank you.

The big back door on the Mercedes Benz would not stay up the gas lifters had failed, I sent away and got a new set they came today. Fitted them and it back working A1.

Doug sent me some train pictures from his trip to North Queensland that a hobby I like to be in but not for a few years.

You can see this man love's his trains

There's always people willing to have a ride.

Do you know a train can cost over $20,000.00 to build.

I know that's Doug train (he is not the driver)

Maybe one day a train will run in White Cliffs

Have to tell you something that happen at the cricket yesterday, a 7yr old girl hit the ball right at my face I put my hand up took the perfect catch, she walked over and hit me with a cricket bat, all in fun ummm.

That about it for today, Hello Doug thanks for the pictures.


September 6th Sunday
Yesterday was a non-event we had no Internet all day in White Cliffs I tried it this morning and all seems to be working, well it is for now so I try update today's three dots when I get back home later today.

We had coffee at Red Earth for Father's Day after that we had BBQ lunch at the White Cliffs Sporting Club.

A lot of people just sat around the club drinking. We had fun on the cricket field here are a few picture taken on the day.

This is one family all the kids born in White Cliffs Brad a Jack-a-roo on a station just out of town.

We all know this lady she was looking after the kids.

I played cricket, and made 5 run then run out.

Dick got his hand under the ball after a nick off the bat "Out"

The batsman calls "No" it hit the ground, note the old power station in the background.

Carol and Sharles hit six runs this one just missed the wickets.

We are off to the Father Day Dinner at the club tonight.

Time to go.

September 5th Saturday 

There will be no Updates for today as White Cliffs Telstra 3G/4G data is broken, Again

September 4th Friday
Worked in the kitchen all day today, a lot of the day was laying down power cables, the final part of the job will be done by electrician. I think we can start painting sometime next week. It may take me a day or two to clean out the kitchen so we can paint it.

Here is what it looks like tonight apart from a big mess I am going all ok.

We are getting there, what's left to do well the roof trim at roof height on the right. If you look close that where the power leaves the kitchen to the outside. I need to trim along top on the left side as well. should get it done over the weekend.

The pantry ready for shelving, that where the two doors are, the opening in the middle is for electrical goods such as fry pan, slow cooker, food processor it will hold nine items at any time.

At roof height that has to be trimmed with timber.

Looking the other way the door at the far ends leads into the craft room where the lady of the house can work. Finish the trimming paint add flooring, water pipes and power. We then add a dishwasher, wine cooler for my soft drinks. Also in the underground we a ten draw kitchen centre island bench and breakfast bar.

I have been asked about power by four people, have been going to do a story on power for sometime. I did start doing it tonight, should have it up on three dots tomorrow.

Well the weekend is here and it is a big weekend in White Cliffs there is a Irish show on at the hall tomorrow night but we left that off our list. Sunday booked out for Father's Day. It starts with Father's Day coffee and scones at 10:30am then a Father's Day BBQ at 1pm then the Father's Day Cricket Match. Sunday night a big night at the White Cliffs Sporting Club three course meal finish's at 11pm that be a big day in town. The whole day 10:30am to 11pm including all meals with tea and coffee cost $20.00 a head.

We are all a long way away for family and I am sure we all miss family on father's and Mother's day so the town turns it on for all dad's this sunday.

Hello to Muffy (my sister) in Albury have a good weekend.

Susan hope you are feeling better, you sure had your share of the Flu this year.

Joyce have fun on your new bike, (hope you give daddy a big kiss for buying you a bike.)

September 3rd Thursday
A cool day in White Cliffs today we had a lot of wind last night and today, Carol woke me last night with a lot of noise outside the wind was blowing up to 75kph and the noise was a sheet of roofing iron hit the new kitchen (O'no not the kitchen) not sure where it came from guess I now own it till someone comes looking for it. The wind was from the west so it went over the Mercedes Benz and Carol Proton, there are no marks on the car's today glad I was not standing outside at the time.

Had a checkup with the flying doctor today for my sugar levels ummm not so good this time.

Father's Day this Sunday and we having a "Low Impact Cricket Match" on the Bill O'Reilly Oval at 1pm Sunday. I asked what was Low Impact and was told they use a ball that is soft and the size of a cricket ball. But we have a special bat to play with.

We have a special bat HaHa.

We have a Sausage Sizzle first then a cricket game on the oval, it a hard game first you have a soft ball then you may have fifty people in the field, batting order A to Z by Surname.

And it is BYO drinks.

I had our family tree on an old computer some years ago and lost it off our later computer. after months I fix the old computer today and got back a copy of the Family Tree Files. The old computer was a 2004 model, it is all fixed now. We have 3250 people on our Family Tree, the tree started with Carol and I and went from there, over many years.

Did about two hours work in the kitchen today.

The flower I asked about yesterday:

Hi Rex,
The flower in question looks very much like a Vinca. Same leaf and flower. Very hardy.

Had a look on the net today I think your right "Vinca" thanks for that.

Back working in the kitchen tomorrow.


Hello Joi and Peter in Melbourne. Have a good weekend


September 2nd Wednesday
We drove to Wilcannia today in Carol little car to give it a run, all good the little car went well doing a 100km's each way, the main reason was to visit the Chemist Shop in town.

We had a good trip having coffee at the Court House Cafe run be Indigenous Australian's the service was good the food great we enjoyed lunch.

Court House Cafe Wilcannia, very clean neat and tidy.

Across the road you see the Wilcannia Police Station a great old stone building that was hand built in the early 1800s

Across the road from the Police Station and next to the Court House Cafe (on the corner) is the old wool building, right behind the wool building is the Darling River where they loaded wool bales for the trip down to the Murray River. The buildings are stone, mud and cement, it took seven years to build. It is now empty and not used.

On the way back to White Cliffs we found Sturt Desert Pea (Swainsona formosa,) and the flower of South Australia we have not seen a Desert Pea for almost 10yr's in the Outback it is a real prize to see the Sturt Desert Pea and is always one of the first plants to come out in the year of a Great Outback Garden.

Sturt Desert Pea, today on the Opal Mines Way (1km North of the Dry Lakes Road) a real prize plant to find.

If you know what this plant is called please tell me the flower is about the size of a 50c coin.

I know it will have a special name, we call it a Afghan Hop, I know it is full of water and eaten by Camels (this bush is about 500mm high).

Today all about pictures they tell a 1000 words, as they say. A good day in Wilcannia the St Mary's Chemist Shop had what we needed, we also went to the Golf Club for a coffee meeting up with friends from White Cliffs.

We spent a good part of the day stopped by the roadside taking pictures.

Hello to all in Wangaratta and thank you for your emails.

The website is close to 9,500 hits that magic 10,000 will come sometime next month.


September 1st Tuesday
Spring is here, and we had a warm 20c day but tonight it looking like rain out the west they are saying 1 to 5mm of rain tomorrow but as always out here that rain is a maybe.

Looking to the west tonight not much of a sunset tonight.

I am not sure about there rain, for now it is just a maybe.

Susan not good in Albury she sure had trouble this year with the flu, get better soon.

The new fan belt on the Proton seem to have done the trick no noises in the motor any more. Carol drove her car today to art, all good she said. If the weather ok we will take the little car for a drive to Wilcannia tomorrow. We need to visit the chemist there, have a coffee and I want to take some picture of the old building's in town. A trip to the Chemist is a 100km,s each way.

The new kitchen getting there I put in a full day working there today, I do some pictures at the end of the week. We are almost ready to paint I say we will paint a undercoat on next week, we have to clean out the kitchen first.

The town has appointed a new "Public Officer" in White Cliffs to deal with all the legal item of the White Cliffs Sporting Club. Guess who got the job, me meaning Rex, so it my job to deal with people such as NSW Fair Trading, run the elections one a year.

Looking at the weather may tonight all who live in the south east may get wet tomorrow, the outback really green any more rain and we will need a lawn mower, bet we are the only people in white cliffs to own a lawn mower.

Thank you to all the people who like the bug picture as someone put it, look at yesterday.


Hello to Susan get better soon



Three Dots...