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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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April 30th Saturday
We had a big cleanup in our food room this morning we took everything out of the small underground room. Refrigerator, Freezer and shelving and gave it a big clean out. We had some rock fall on one wall maybe half a bucket while we were away over Christmas.
It's all clean and put back in place it looks a lot better than before.

Water, yesterday we had 18mm of rain in White Cliffs the first good rain for six months.
Our water tank 600lt and today it has 500lt of water in the tank today. That's a lot of tea and coffee. We are really happy with the water quality.

Susan sent us a picture from Rome, that's a really good picture.

Kylie and Joyce sent us a picture of the Ettamogah Pub just north of Albury. Joyce was not allow in the Pub but loved the kids playground.

Good picture Kylie...

From Doug in Queensland (this train is on my wish list.)

From Doug (who a real train lover and miniature train builder.)

Hi Rex,
You might be interested in these pics taken in the last few days. Carl is the son of Ed, our club Secretary. He (Carl) is a Queensland Rail train driver & is the regular relief driver for the 'Gulflander' tourist train. When not playing for the tourists at Croydon/Normanton he drives all the passenger trains, including the 'Tilt Train', on the main line north/south out of Bundaberg.

Cheers, Doug.......

Just for the record Carol and I went on the "Tilt Train" a few years back, I loved it. The "Gulflander" on my list Doug, thanks for the story and pictures.

3 Dots was a multi effort tonight good to see, we have coffee in the morning.

Have fun tomorrow is May 1st.



April 29th Friday

Bad day but a great day we had 16mm of rain in White Cliffs well that was at the airport 2kms from home. A goat has eaten my rain gauge, yep a plastic rain gauge. No thermometer here the goats have eaten that as well.

As you read last night we woke in Broken Hill this morning and we had a really busy day.

Cheap as Chips one of my favorite shops, next was my bank, that's on going. I had $130 sent to me that belong to Scott.
I sent it to Scott account, he never received it, my bank said they sent it to Scott bank. And you guessed it Scott bank said they never seen it.

Took 2hrs today it's crazy to think two big banks can misplace money. I have a life time to fight this one.

Made a trip to the hospital more on that soon.

Next was Woolworth's to pick up are internet food order they were given to us in 19 bags in a trolley which we loaded in the car and drove home to White Cliffs.

We had light rain for 300kms the roads have been very hot for the last 6mths and today the had steam coming off the road.

We are back in White Cliffs and on unpacking the groceries we have 19 bags, 16 bags with our name 3 with another person name.

We rang Woolworth's supermarket about the mix up and they have given us a credit for the missing items. And said to keep the three bags that belong to the other person.

Not good for us we are missing a lot of items.

As I said a bad day but a great day it rained it was dark when we got back home, I will check the water tank tomorrow.

Time for a hot drink.



April 28th Thursday

Well we are in Broken Hill tonight staying in a motel. The health service picks up the bill, if a doctor wants something done like a X-ray or scan and it cannot be done in White Cliffs they send you to Broken Hill or Adelaide and pay the motel and 18c km. But be warned it takes 6 to 8mths to get paid.

A trip White Cliffs to Broken Hill return is 600kms. We took Pot (Carol car) for a drive today, for the record it used 7.3lts per 100km today sitting on the speed limit out here is 110kph.

Broken Hill Post Office around the corner from the motel

The normal view here is water, today not a drop to be seen.

After we see the hospital we pickup a grocery order from Woolworth's and head for home via Wilcannia

No rain as yet, we are still hoping it will fall on White Cliffs.

Had a meal at the Broken Hill club tonight, it is a nice club and we are members of the club.

We talk with Joi today, treatment is on going at this stage.

Susan on her way to Rome today, what a great trip she having.



April 27th Wednesday

I was up at 6am this morning work on the roof, giving it a clean most of it with the air hose blowing of and stones, dirt and dust. This will catch the water to fill the water tank that you seen in yesterdays report on three dots.

Job done and all clean even the gutter is spotless.

After I cleaned the roof down I just sat up top and took in the view to the north towards Queensland the dust you see is from cars on the dirt road. People have a million dollar view, we call this our million cent view. One thing it does shop is the hill we live on. Our land to the north ends at the dirt hump you see on the front of the landing. It's then about 50ft to the land below as you can see in the picture. This is real outback land.

We went and seen the flying doctor today in White Cliffs, they want us to visit Broken Hill to check up on some things that happen last year. We rang to make an appointment, come in tomorrow. Ok we will be there. Before everyone starts ringing we are all good.

So we will be in Broken Hill tomorrow night and back here Friday, Just hope we get some rain in the tank while we are away.

You can guess where Susan is today or was yesterday, I think she is holding up the tower.

Hope it cools down soon it is quite hot working in the sun, I had a hat on working on the roof but still got a bit of sunburn.

I take the computer with me to Broken Hill.



April 26th Tuesday
The weekend is over thank goodness, it was a big weekend in White Cliffs. Today I was up at 7am to try beat the heat and work on the water tank.

We have a small 600lt water tank, and we may get a drop of rain at the end of the week (Just a maybe).

I found two drums at Mitre 12 as we call it, that 's Tony place.

Set the drum up out side next to the new kitchen, it took all day to install it, but it's all done. The water from the roof will drain into the gutter we installed last year and into the tank 600lt's of rain water, one day.

I washed and cleaned the water tank inside, then covered the inlet with fine wire mesh so only water will get into the tank. I only want the water for cooking and drinking, need a bit of help do I need to do anything like test water?. I have never used tank water to drink before all comments welcome.

The catchment area on the roof is 75sqM. We are planning to put down a cement base under the drums this year and paint the drums white.

And that was the end of the day for me as it was quite hot outside in the sun.

The only thing left is to clean the roof off with the air hose, and clean out the gutter ready for rain at the end of the week.

Tomorrow the Flying Doctor coming to White Cliffs so I have to have a checkup.

I gave a local Graham a hand to fit new tyres to his loader he building up to use as a fork lift. big wide wheel. He was working on it last week and got bit by a Red back spider on the hand he not bad now but was quite sick last week.

That it for the day.



April 25th Monday
ANZAC Day across the Australia and parts of the World and it happened in White Cliffs and it was big.

The CBD was closed off today for the March.

We do not have a band playing it all comes from a CD player

The White Cliffs Public School march for ANZAC Day.

Around 300 people packed the street.

Local Nevi Young was at the service he is 99yr's old next month.

This picture tell the story of ANZAC in White Cliffs today.

The White Cliffs Hotel put on a free lunch for the 300 people and it was packed at midday and it was a great meal, Graham and Maxina thank you for the meal.

Send by Susan from Cinque Terre, Italia where she is tonight.

We are staying home tonight it has been a big weekend in town Carl family are starting to make there way home. It was good to see them in White Cliffs.

I have to get out my list of jobs to do tonight and workout what we do tomorrow.

Hello Joi and Peter hope your feeling better.



April 24th Sunday
Today started this time last night and it's not about me it about a good old friend, Carl and family these days he around 85yrs he an old Opal miner he a tough old man. I always say he will never die he will rust away.

Carl family today at the cemetery Carl in the center (about 90% of the family are here.)

The White Cliffs Rodeo is on 2km's from town I took this from the car there was a lot of people inside.

Joyce helped Scott do a letter box drop for his business in Wangaratta over the weekend.


I just gets dots up tonight we had a big day.

It very late we all had a meal at the Sporting Club tonight.


April 23rd Saturday
Start of a big weekend for Carol and I in White Cliffs first today was a trip to the Rubbish Tip. It not something we normally talk about but I. Must say a really big change the area much bigger than it was we now have a small general rubbish area. We have a White Goods area, an area for old cars, an area for rocks and cement and many more oil, batteries, what can one say well done.

POT has come home, while we were away the last five months POT sat in a shed at Vicki place she has a small lockup and that's where it sat.

I loader up a set of jumper leads a tow rope this morning and drove 300m to Vicki. Put the key in and after five months it started first time.
So POT is back home looking good after a wash. To start with I married POT Carol brought it new in 1999. Why keep it one would ask, it now a backup car it runs perfect. Living 300kms from town and we had trouble with the Mercedes Benz we can drive the Proton anywhere. Out here you need two cars and it is the perfect backup.

POT is home...

For those that know Carl 99%, of the family are here in town we had Wade and his wife here at our place this afternoon. And we did have coffee.

I take some pictures tonight and tomorrow.

I got a nice thank you for advertising the Opera on the White Cliffs Website that I run.

Dear Rex,

Thank you very much for your help with The Mikado, particularly with your assistance with advertising the event. It was a fantastic night. The hall was full, people were in costume and the atmosphere was incredible. Definitely a memorable White Cliffs night!

The White Cliffs Sporting Club Inc. is committed to offering inclusive events to its members, the people of White Cliffs and the surrounding areas. The army of volunteers who worked to make it happen, the sponsorship, the community effort including hosting the cast and crew, plus the enthusiasm of Co-opera for all things White Cliffs, made this introduction to opera such a great success.

The club appreciates your support.


Randel Claire Greene
White Cliffs Sporting Club Inc.

That's it for tonight a lot more over the weekend from White Cliffs.


April 22nd Friday
Friday and the start of a really big weekend Carl family are here or coming here there's between 15 and 20 people coming to Carl place for the weekend.

That air shaft it's been a big job but I had help from a close friend today Stephen gave me a hand, to tell the truth he did the hard work and I gave him a hand. Thank Stephen.

Below are pictures of the old and the new. The old cover was there when we brought the place 21yrs ago. If the rebuild lasts that long I be happy, after all I be 88yrs old by then.

The old air shaft.

The new version under the metal is a fly screen to keep bugs out.

Saturday night a big night for Carl family so I spent a good part of the afternoon cleaning our BBQ for Saturday night I have known Carl family for 38yrs and the reason I came to White Cliffs in the first place. My first trip here was 1993, we brought the land in 1995.

Here a picture taken from the front door looking east that's the moon in the sky. Not a good picture it was near total dark.

Hello to the guys in Queensland hope you all have a good weekend.

Here's our weekend.
- Saturday night Carl place
- Sunday morning group coffee Motel
- Sunday afternoon service, Rosemary
- Sunday night dinner Sporting Club
- Monday morning ANZAC service
- Monday ANZAC lunch at Hotel

And people say nothing happens in the Outback.


Joi, you won a battle now to win the war.


April 21st Thursday

Thursday and the long weekend is getting closer. Today it was a very warm 33c in White Cliffs I took that from the internet the goats have eaten my thermonter that was hanging on the wall outside the underground home. I am not joking they pulled it off the wall and chewed into fifty prices on the ground.

At the back of the underground home there's a air shaft that lets the hot air out it's about 28ft high (9m).

It has been up there 21yrs the rain cover is roofing iron and laser light. The laser lit is shot and need replacing to stop a water leak.

Today was taken up making a new replacement for the broken section on the roof.

A picture tells a 1000 words.

Building the new section today.

The next step is to take it all up top of the house and install it.

That was the end of my day, a lot cutting and shaping the steel section.

Carol did some art for the September art show in White Cliffs. Her art is getting better every year.

Hello Tim and Suzy in Wangaratta.

April 20th Wednesday
The are back, Baggier Moth's we had them in the same tree last year they spin a bag in the tree and lay over 100,000 eggs that's sure a lot. If they hatch they will march around the area and eat everything. So I cut the limb out of the tree and put it in the trailer taking it to the tip.

If they get inside your house they will rip it apart, making a real mess. Well not this year I have been for a walk around the block and all good.

A close up of the same bag they are building the bag bigger to lay more eggs. You can see a moth on the right hand side of the bag.

I was down town today and seen this Albino (White) Kangaroo I walked over to get a picture and it stood on it's tail, it's way of telling me to keep away or I was going to get smack in the ear. I have only seen two white kangaroo's

We have a lot of small Kangaroo's around the house some grey and a lot of red's.

We have a full weekend in White Cliffs this long weekend, a lot of you will know Carl who is a good friend and lives in White Cliffs. I lived next door to Chris (Carl daughter) and Stephen in Thurgoona for many years.

Around 1993 Carl wife Rosemary passed away (the reason I first came to White Cliffs) well this weekend after over 20yr's the family are laying her ashes to rest. Carl has a very big family and they will all be here for the 'Laying of Ashes' at the White Cliffs cemetery

We are have a big get together on the weekend.

(sorry about my spelling tonight. Sue I need David here tonight.)

Most people are back in White Cliffs for the Winter, 130 over the summer and now around 500 plus. The caravan park is full, the hotel full and the Underground Motel full around 1200 in town this long weekend.

Plus the White Cliffs Rodeo (151st year) is on out the road 2km's from town another 1100 people it is another big weekend.

Have a good day, we will.



April 19th Tuesday
The website is now getting between 90 to 105 visitors a week and I have had a three emails asking about White Cliffs where is it how many live there.

If you read three dots all the time I may be repeating myself.

White Cliffs is in New South Wales in the North West, Outback New South Wales. We are around 300kms North West of Broken Hill. A trip to the Supermarket is a 600km round trip.

Around 130 people live here full time, most people go away over summer to beat the heat. Summer is between 40 and 48c.

Some of the Underground Homes

Inside the Underground Motel

Some of the 80,000 holes dug by miners looking for Opal Stone

There is a heap of Wild Life in the area.

Over the winter we can have 30,000 to 40,000 visitors in winter the temperature is 15 to 25c

Most people live in Underground Homes a underground home is 23c all year we have no heating and no cooling. It is hard to tell the story of White Cliffs in a few words "The Never Ending Story".

The town has it's own website click here.

Hello to Adrian and Dianne in Albury.


April 18th Monday
We have cleaned up inside the house and I have started cleaning up outside on the landing, getting rid of the weeds and poo. I cannot believe the amount of poo from Kangaroo, Goat, rabbit, Emu.

The Goats made a mess of the trees eating everything they could reach.

We still have one goat sleeping outside the house I tried to hunt it away from the doorway. When we went to bed it came back.

Last year we planted a Jacaranda tree it was in a 3" pot. We also gave it a wire cage to keep the Kangaroo's away. It did well in it's wire jail. The flowers are called Inca Plant it is a wild plant out this way and does not need water to grow.

As you can see it is a really dry time of year in White Cliffs we can do with some rain. We have had no rain this month, and this a wet month.

That's about it from White Cliffs for tonight.

Hello John and Glenda in Albury.


April 17th Sunday
Well another day cleaning and doing a few repairs. We had water leaking in three places just drips.we are away five months and the water is turned off the pipes get hot and we get a few leaks when we turn the water back on.
All the leaks are now fixed and the water is back on, all good now.

We went to the Underground Motel for coffee with the gang, it was good to see all our friends. The Underground Motel has been sold Richard and his family are moving away on the 1st June.

The buyer is a business called 'Cash Card' you will have seen there Cash ATM in shop's around Australia they have 6000 ATM around the country.

If you look hard you will see my pet Kangaroo, but he will have nothing to do with me I have been crossed off his Christmas List.

I been cleaning up out here I have a long way to go.

I was using the rake outside all afternoon and still have a lot of raking to do. It's looking better but we had a mess when we returned

The White Cliffs Sporting club are putting on a roast dinner tonight with desert $30.00 a double. Most of the town will be there.

Susan in France tonight.

Hello Sue and David in Gippsland.



April 16th Saturday
The big news in White Cliffs is Water that what we are all talking about I was told today. ABC News broke the story yesterday Friday.

Water in White Cliffs

Finding drinkable groundwater near the town of White Cliffs, which only has an estimated five months' water supply remaining, is unlikely, the local council says.

The Central Darling Shire has appointed Deniliquin-based company Watson Drilling to investigate whether bores can be sunk nearby to supply the opal-mining town.

But the shire said it may have to turn to water carting if there was not enough rain to fill above-ground tanks, or if potable bore water could not be source in the next five months.

Read the full story about White Cliffs water on the ABC Website


Susan sent us a picture from London of Big Ben Clock she has now moved on to Paris.

Muffy back home in Albury.

We have been cleaning up inside the underground home today, we had a bit of a mess when we returned yesterday we had a crack in the skylight on the air shaft. We will have to replace the cover in the next week, I did not expect that one.

Inside the underground looking a lot better tonight.


Hello to Joi and Peter in Melbourne.



April 15th Friday
WE ARE HOME yes we are back in White Cliffs after lunch today we picked up our biggest grocery order ever. It was ready at 8:30am this morning.

We stopped for a coffee on the road between Broken Hill and White Cliffs.

When we got home inside we had a lot of dust in two room the rest are all ok. We have a hole in a air shaft cover that has to be fixed. Outside you cannot believe how much POO it out there it everywhere sheep, kangaroo, emu but almost all of it belongs to goats, yep big goats.

Big goat's with big horns I have hunted them off three times, what a mess a big mess to clean up. I put a radio on outside and they have stayed away so far.

The run down on the trip we were away 142 days that's 20wk's 2 days.

Camping fees total $2293.00 - $16.15per day - 142 days in total.

The car 11,842km's - 1683lt's of fuel - 14.2lts per 100km's - avg cost per lt $1.31 - $2204.73 total cost of petrol. (15.52 day for fuel.)

It's been a big day, good night.



April 14th Thursday
We are in Broken Hill 300kms north of Mildura, once you leave Wentworth on the New South Wales side you have 260kms without a turn and all you pass is the odd Emu, Goats and a few Kangaroos.
No turns just hot and dry red sand I had the air conditioner on and off to try save fuel.

We were passed by a few mining trucks on the way, a mining truck is big it a truck with three or four big trailers on the back called super trucks they are twice as long as a BW truck.
I went on line and found some pictures of super trucks that now run on the roads around Broken Hill. They run from Western New South Wales to Broken Hill. Some run to Darwin.
If you are passed by a super truck slow down and pull to the left and let it go.

Here a super truck with 86 wheels.

This one quite common on the road.

These are the trucks that were running into Broken Hill today. They run about 90kph

Well after 142 days tomorrow we get home back in White Cliffs we left in November 2015 and back home tomorrow 15th April 2016. And in about 7mths we do it again.

More on that tomorrow from White Cliffs.

I spoke to a good friend in White Cliffs and we were told the coffee cups are clean on the table and ready for Carol n Rex.

No news from Susan, tomorrow she off to Paris.



April 13th Wednesday
Still in Red Cliffs, Mildura we had a big day shopping for White Cliffs timber, paint, and many small items that we needed. We made this list before we left last year.

The paint is for the new lounge room at home we almost had it ready to paint, Carol is the one with the color chart.

I swapped the 9kg gas bottle over today we will need it when we return to White Cliffs for the hot water service.

Susan sent me a picture "British Museum in London" on her first full day in London they went to the Museum. Go girl have fun in London.

Our friends Di and Graham sent us a picture of their camp in Warrnambool Victoria.

Our camp in Red Cliffs a nice camp with green grass (they have a water bore pumping water.) We did repack the Mercedes Benz to that took two hours work. We have made a lot of room in the back of the benz for food we pickup in Broken Hill on Friday morning.

The park a long way from full it is about 20% full tonight.

This show the way to the ladies toilet and showers

The way to the men's toilet, shower.

We leave here in the morning and head for Broken Hill (and we have already been asked out for coffee in Broken Hill tomorrow afternoon.)

There is a big water problem in Broken Hill we will take our own water with us and use our own shower in the caravan. We have our own bottle drinking water in the caravan.

We are told the water in White Cliffs has been tested and is good to drink.

Our big grocery order (really big order) was sent off to Woolworth's Supermarket in Broken Hill last night over the internet. We pickup the order 8am on Friday morning load it in the car and drive home to White Cliffs 300km's away. We will pack the frozen on ice in the cool box on the back seat.

So tomorrow we move north 300km's to Broken Hill.



April 12th Tuesday

Diabetes is something that I have had for 27yr's and every now and them I have trouble with it. Today was one of those days to put it nice I felt life sh!! most of the day.

We did go shopping "Cheap as Chips", Bunning's, Chemist Warehouse, BCF.

But most of the day was a wipe out.

Tomorrow another day and I do hope it a better one.

Had an email from Susan in London she happy and doing ok.

We are going to walk around to the British museum and have a look. That's all we have planned so far for today. (I love to go with you, Dad.)


April 11th Monday
I guess you can say we are in Mildura, we are around 9km's South on the Calder Highway at Red Cliffs Caravan Park. The parks on the Murray River are full due to school holidays. This is a nice clean park it cost $28 night with power and water a lot of green grass.

We are the Blue Dot tonight.

We are 597kms from White Cliffs tonight. We will do some shopping in Mildura for our building in White Cliffs this is the last Bunning's Hardware we pass.

Red Cliffs Post Office

We were going to free camp on the way home. That has changed we will now stop at the Broken Hill park. We need the power to get the refrigerator cold. We are putting in a online order at Woolworth's Broken Hill we pick it up Thursday and head for home.

This will be our biggest shop for the year it is a very big shop.

Susan on her way to London, she gets there about 1am our time.

Glad you liked the pictures last night.

More tomorrow from Mildura.



April 10th Sunday
Very late tonight we have been talking to the people in the Caravan next door.
We never started the car today it was a social day.

Camp kitchen here at the caravan park.

I went for a walk beside the lake today I set out to take good pictures, hope you like them.

If you look hard you will see the Mercedes Benz.

Hope you like the three pictures above.


Tomorrow we move on to Mildura for two nights. After that we head for home.

Susan on her way to the other side of the World she left Australia today.


April 9th Saturday
We had a very quite day in Hopetoun Victoria today we went up town to the local supermarket and a short walk around town.

Thank you for all the email's the indigenous art I have no problem with indigenous people I wish they tell us more about their life. Around us is a lot of art, but what does it mean they have a story to tell.

I have not seen a indigenous person in Hopetoun.

The website passed a big milestone last night a 101 unique users in seven days the first time three dots has broken 100 in 7 days. Most of you can say I was one of those users, thank you. We do not know who use's 3Dots, at the end of the day, you are a number and I say that in a nice way.

Our camp here by the lake

Taken in town early today.

Adrian hope you having a good time at the fair.

Susan fly's out of Australia tomorrow morning, have a good time.

We move on Monday morning this time next week we will be back home in White Cliffs. Maybe next Friday, we have already been asked out for coffee next Sunday week.

Tomorrow another day.


April 8th Friday
We are still in Hopetoun Western Victoria here a bit of information about the town. Today we went out for coffee, I know its bad for me.

Coordinates 35°43′S 142°21′E
Population 589 (2006 census)
Postcode 3396
Shire of Yarriambiack
State electorate Mildura
Federal Division Mallee

Hopetoun is a town which serves as the major service centre for the Southern Mallee area of Victoria, Australia. Hopetoun is situated 400 kilometres north-west of Melbourne on the Henty Highway in the Shire of Yarriambiack. At the 2006 census, Hopetoun had a population of 589.

This right behind our caravan.

So is this.

Ok I leave, I was thinking about someone pointing a bone at me.

The park camp kitchen.

These are cabins for rent I love to see inside.

The town was named after the 7th Earl of Hopetoun, Victorian Governor from 1889 to 1895 and later the first Governor-General of Australia. The Post Office opened on 12 September 1891 when the township was established.

During the early 2009 Australian heat wave, the town experienced several days of intense heat, with a peak of 48.8 °C (119.8 °F). The reading was the highest temperature nationwide during the event, and also broke the record for highest temperature in Victoria.

The town has one hotel, a newsagent, post office, chemist/pharmacist, hairdressers, service station, two primary schools (one state, one Catholic) and a high school which caters for surrounding townships. It also has a fast food cafe called the Bon Bon and an Op Shop. Hopetoun Airport serves the town.

It's a nice place we decided to stay here for the weekend and move on Monday morning.

Put this on you list of places to visit.

Susan have a great trip to the other side of the World.

Joi, Peter and Muffy have a good weekend in Melbourne.

Today was all about the park we are staying in (cost $20 night with power and water). All good here life hard.

Will it happen tonight 100 people in seven day, Unique People


April 7th Thursday
As I said to a few people today, it been a hard day we drove 42km's to Hopetoun from Brim, and it just gets better and better. When you talk about the far west of Victoria you think about dust and heat, sure it is really dry but some of it is just perfect. You find a perfect spot in Brim then you find Hopetoun and it's even better.

Hopetoun, it's a beautiful spot to camp. We are the blue dot on the lake.

I take some more pictures tomorrow.

Note the campers around the lake. We are in the powered area of the lake we needed to run our big refrigerator and TV over the weekend (the football) you have hot showers. The powered sites are is about 300m long the rest of the lake is FREE camping no power.

The phone cell tower is about 40m behind the caravan. and it's about 40m high. We have six bars on my phone. The TV perfect (even Home and Away) Brim was great no TV.

We will visit the town tomorrow.

A lot more tomorrow.

Have a great trip Susan.



April 6th Wednesday
Our last day in Brim tomorrow we move on about 40kms to Hopetoun, Brim is a really nice bush camp and worth a two night stay.

Brim is a small town in the Wimmera region of Victoria, Australia. The town is located 359 kilometres north west of the state capital, Melbourne on the Henty Highway. It is on the banks of the Yarriambiack Creek. It is in the Shire of Yarriambiack local government area. At the 2011 census, Brim had a population of 261.

The area was first settled by Europeans in 1846 when the Brim station was established on the banks of the Yarriambiack Creek. When the town was surveyed in 1890, it was laid out over part of the station cemetery. One grave, that of James Simson, is still in good condition on the side of the road now called Simson Street. The station homestead, Willowbank, was built about 1870, and is still standing. There are also stables and other outbuildings from this era.

The Post Office opened on 3 October 1890. The railway arrived in 1893 on the line from Murtoa to Hopetoun.

The railway station is no longer standing, but there are large grain silos on the railway station site. The railway tracks were converted to standard gauge in 1995 to allow large trains carrying mineral sands from Hopetoun to Hamilton.


The camp is great and at $10 a night it worth a stop. As I said last night no Television No Home and away and No MKR it's fantastic...

All the pictures below are taken here in the bush camp this afternoon.

Our camp in Brim

Toilet Shower block

BBQ Area

Local Lake

Kids playground

Bush camp.


Hopetoun tomorrow for a few day I have never been there I am told it has a good caravan park with power, toilets, showers, phone and television (that keep Carol happy).

On the Road Again.



April 5th Tuesday
There a reason we came to Brim and that is art. We will stay a few nights in Brim they have a nice park built by the Loins Club.

We are only 20kms from where we stayed last night in Warracknabeal in fact we will return to there to shop. The park here is $10.00 a night with power, toilet's and showers. Brim is only missing one thing and that is television but we can live without that.

Guido van Helten has turned the tiny town of Brim, with a population of about 100, into a tourist destination overnight, and social media is cluttered with photos of his work.

People are in awe of the four characters, standing 30 metres tall, on the iconic Australian structures.

But they want answers.

"Who are these people?" "Are they Brim locals?" "What are their stories?"

They are questions repeated over and over again on social media, so ABC Rural tracked the characters down.

You will not, however, find the real stories of those people here, because Guido van Helten requested the mystery be maintained.

"I don't want this to be about individual people specifically," he said.

"It's about this place, it's about the community and, on a broader scale, the whole Wimmera region.

"If you leave the anonymity to these people and people see whoever they want to see, they can have their own connection to the work."

What do you see? Mona Lisa moments in Brim

It's a tall order, asking a journalist to keep a secret, but ABC Rural soon discovered the magic of experiencing the same artwork through different eyes.

The constant stream of visitors — from Queensland, New South Wales and right across Victoria — shared detailed and often conflicting stories of these Brim silo characters.

Read the full story here click here.

We are sure in the dry outback of Western Victoria.

It's a nice place in a way.

Hello Joi thinking of you.


April 4th Monday
We moved onto Warracknabeal today and Brim tomorrow morning. Nice day around 28c here right now.

It is a nice caravan park Warracknabeal I have to recommend it, a clean park about 2km's from the CBD cost $25 A night with power each site base it's own toilet and shower.

The sheep are not real.

Tomorrow we move 20kms to Brim, a small town to the north of here there is something very Special about Brim. And it's all about Art.
Brim caravan park is only $10 with power toilet and shower five nights $50. And the park at Brim is rated at 4 out 5 that's good.

We need to return to Warracknabeal to shop but that's ok.

840kms from home now, no rush maybe next week.

Must be getting old, drove from the caravan park today to the main street of Warracknabeal with the tail gate up on the Mercedes Benz, oops don't think we lost anything during the 2km trip. Cannot believe I did that.

On the road again.


April 3rd Sunday
End of daylight saving last night.

Very late tonight so I add the pictures and get it up on the website

This is across the road from the caravan park, I took this for little Chase in Wodonga.

We had lunch down by the river.

Yes he did catch a fish.

The Grampians to day from 30km's away.

Sorry for being so late, tomorrow We are on the road again.


April 2nd Saturday
To night we are pulled up at Horsham Caravan Park in fact we have the last powered camp site. The place is full this weekend.

We came to Horsham about 10yrs ago it is a 1000% better the river use to be a dirty creek now it is a Park Land and being used. We are here for two night we may stay three.

In Horsham the week end there is a Country Music Festival and that why the caravan park is full. We are more into Elvis Presley music.

I had to put this picture in tonight

White Cliffs of Dover England. STAFF from B&Q Dover and surrounding stores in the South East set out en mass yesterday to give the white cliffs their annual makeover.

The iconic white chalk cliffs require yearly maintenance and retouching to retain their brilliance and yesterday a team of 60 colleagues got started on the mammoth 10 day task.

The cliffs reach up to 300ft in height and stretch for 10 miles, creating a canvas of monumental proportions. It'll take 12,000 litre's of Colours Exterior White Gloss paint, 700 rollers, 250 brushes and a team of 60 working in sections for 10 days to complete the important redecoration work.

Painters from B&Q Dover will spend a combined total of 6,000 hours on the annual restoration, which entails stomach-churning heights and meticulous attention to detail. B&Q are still on the lookout for extra manpower to complete the job and are currently advertising for further help, stating that applicants would need to 'enjoy working at height' and be 'unfazed by huge tasks'.

Today in England is April 1st.

The Opera is on in White Cliffs as I write this.

All good in Horsham.



April 1st Friday
It been a number of years but I remember it like yesterday I was in Fiji staying at the Fijian Holiday Resort they have a golf course and I had never played golf. So I got up at 6am and decided to play a round of golf.

I was about to tee off when a voice said "Can I join you Ron the name." We played A round of golf he showed me how to hold a golf club how to play. We talked and solved the problem of the world that day.

All the time thinking I know this guy.

As we parted that day I said have you been to Australia I seen you somewhere.
On television Ronnie Corbett "The Two Ronnie's"

RIP Ronnie Corbett he was a nice person.


We drove to Hamilton today just for a look, Hamilton is a city in western Victoria, Australia, at the intersection of the Glenelg Highway (from Ballarat to Mount Gambier) and the Henty Highway (from Portland to Horsham). The Hamilton Highway connects it to Geelong.

Hamilton is in the federal Division of Wannon, and is in the Southern Grampians local government area.

Hamilton used to claim to be the "Wool Capital of the World", based on its strong historical links to sheep grazing which continue today. These days, the town uses the "Greater Hamilton: one place, many possibilities" tagline, recognising the good schools, highly skilled workforce and rich natural beauty of the region.

Picture's taken in Hamilton

Hamilton was built near the border of three traditional indigenous tribal territories: the Gunditjmara land that stretches south to the coast, the Tjapwurong land to the north east and the Bunganditj territory to the west. People who lived in these areas tended to be settled rather than nomadic. The region is fertile and well-watered, leading to an abundance of wildlife, and no need to travel far for food. Physical remains such as the weirs and fish traps found in Lake Condah to the south of Hamilton, as well as accounts of early white settlers support local indigenous oral histories of well-established settlements in the area. It worth a re-visit we will add that to the list, great shopping area.

White Cliffs have a look tomorrow a big day in White Cliffs the Opera on Click_Here

Tomorrow we move north towards, well we are not sure somewhere to the north. Around 150km's north of here.

Talked to Joi today she was just leaving hospital at the time. (will call her over the weekend).

Tomorrow "On The Road Again."



March 31st Thursday
We left Koroit around 9:30am and turned north towards home for the first time. We found a nice place about 90kms north called Dunkeld. We were thinking this will do for two nights so we booked into the caravan park for two nights $25 night with power.

Dunkeld a very small town a general store a few food shops a hardware shop, police station that's it.

But it does have one big thing The Grampians yes it has one of Victoria biggest tourist attractions right at it's door.

Tomorrow we are planning a drive to Hamilton 30kms west of here that a good size city.

That was today,

Joi had treatment today had no news.


March 30th Wednesday
Bit later tonight we have packing up out side the caravan we pulled the fly screen down and the awning packed up the chairs and table.

It was a another cold day in Koroit they are saying tomorrow the sun will come out it going to warm up.

This has been our longest stop in one place 8days it is nice in Koroit we have been here three years in a row the first year $15 night last year $19 this year $25 night it is a council owned caravan park. But it is one of the best parks we stay in. The park has room for around forty campers there are six here tonight.

From the emails I have found out we are the last people to visit the Mickey Burke Hotel in Koroit it's a great building, I was driving past today so I took a picture below.

It a really nice building.

All I can say is "We are on the road again."

We are 1140kms from home and we are in no rush. It may take us around ten days we have a lot to see on the way. I am looking forward to Brim a small town on the way. If your into Art you will like Brim.

Have fun better weather ahead.

Hello Joi and Peter in Melbourne.



March 29th Tuesday
Koroit still cold we had some rain last night but not much. I drove up to the main street early afternoon and went for a walk along the main street, down one side and up the other side.

This is a old broken town many of the shops closed years ago overnight like the local automotive shop it closed in the 70s it still there full of new parts see the pictures I took today.

It still full of parts there must be a 1000 parts on the shelf.

For some reason around ten shop just closed and no one seems to know why. Most of the shops have homes above or behind them. People live in the homes today.

Milk Factory.

Where do they work, they travel to Warrnambool some to Portland but most work in Koroit itself at the Milk factory on the South side.

Koroit Main Street, book shop and newsagency still trading today.

Here tomorrow Wednesday, head off Thursday to the north and home. No rush home is 1100kms away.

Hello to Faye and John in Wangaratta.

Tomorrow we will start packing the caravan and have a early start Thursday.


March 28th Monday
Not a great day in fact it was a shocker , very cold most of today it was a very cool 13c it did get to 15c late in the day we never seen the sun.

Hope you had a better day wherever you are.

We drove into Warrnambool for a look and went for a look around the ocean area.

All taken in Warrnambool today, not a day for swimming but a good day for looking.

End of the Easter break some eleven campers moved out of the caravan park today there are six left. Di and Graham are still here with us the rest of our group have moved on.

Last night we all went out to Mickey Bourke hotel for a meal, gee it was a big meal, the last thing we feel like doing today is eating.

Doug in Queensland sent me a picture taken at the family day over Easter, have a look at the boy in the background (right side) he sure loves being there. Thanks Doug. (where's Doug behind the camera or in the suit.)

How easy it is to get into trouble, Easter time and we were given a bag of small Easter eggs. We sat the bag on a shelf above the sink.
Someone may have guess what happened a egg rolled out of the bag into the sink in the caravan. Blocking the sink and it would not come out. We tried hot water everything so we spent 3hrs getting the sink drain out removing the egg and putting it all back together.

Hoping for a warm day tomorrow.

Hello to Sue and David in Gippsland.


March 27th Sunday
Easter Sunday and we spent the day inside a Volcano at tower hill. The township of Koroit and the Caravan Park is at the base of Tower Hill Volcano.

Tower Hill is an inactive volcano on the south-West coast of Victoria, Australia. Within the crater, the explosion also formed a series of small cones (known as scoria cones) and spheres surrounded by a crater lake. Tower Hill volcano is roughly 4 km wide and 80 m high. It has a gradient altering between 10% to 80% at the higher points.

The family may remember this place we came here as kids, Dad was driving at the time.

The Koroitgundidj people long inhabited this region of Australia and have lived in the area of Tower Hill since before recorded history. The first confirmed sighting of Tower Hill by Europeans was by French explorers sailing with Captain Baudin aboard Géographe in 1802. Matthew Flinders sailed east along the southern coast of Australia and on 20 April 1802 in the ship's log referred to "Peaked Hill Position uncertain", which may refer to Tower Hill.

This reminded me of Hawaii

The group having lunch together today.

The Hill was painted by the artist Eugene von Guerard in 1855, who was the foremost landscape artist in the colonies at the time. The painting is now in the Warnambool art gallery.

Now part of the state park system as the Tower Hill State Game Reserve, it previously saw service as a pasture for stock animals, fields for crop growing, a stone quarrying, an unofficial motorcycle racing venue, a source of free timber, and a convenient community rubbish dump. By the middle of the last century the hills were almost completely denuded and virtually the only wildlife to be found were waterfowl that came to the crater lakes. The area has been reforested with native flora, and repopulated with native fauna over the past 40 years.

Emu's looking for food.

You need to look hard a Koala in the trees. Taken with my phone, not a great picture.

More than 300,000 native trees have been planted over the past two generations. This has created an environment capable of sustaining native animals such as koalas, emus, kangaroos, magpie geese, echidnas, possums, and water birds – all of which can be seen within the crater walls of Tower Hill.

Hello to Bill and Marg in Queensland thanks for the eMail not good you had to work.

Tonight we are our for dinner at the Koroit Hotel. Tomorrow some of the group go home we are here to next Thursday.

Next Thursday we turn north towards home in White Cliffs. It take a while to get there.



March 26th Saturday
We went into Warrnambool shopping this morning it was a very busy place.

Next stop was Port Fairy, nice place to spend some time.

Port Fairy is a coastal town in south-western Victoria, Australia. It lies on the Princes Highway in the Shire of Moyne, 28 kilometres west of Warrnambool and 290 kilometres west of Melbourne, at the point where the Moyne River enters the Southern Ocean.

Port Fairy main beach today, it was quite a cold day on the beach.

Looking the other way along the beach.

Looking up at the boat harbour, it was raining at the time.

Port Fairy a really nice place but don't buy coffee, in fact don't buy anything in Port Fairy it way over the top price wise.

In the early 19th century whalers and seal hunters used the coast in this region. The bay was named by the crew of the whaler The Fairy in 1828.

John Griffiths established a whaling station in 1835 and a store was opened in 1839. In 1843, James Atkinson, a Sydney solicitor, purchased land in the town by special survey. He drained the swamps, subdivided and leased the land, and built a harbour on the Moyne River. He named the town "Belfast" after his hometown in Ireland. The post office opened on 1 July 1837 before reverting to the original name on 20 July 1887.

Agriculture developed in the region, and Port Fairy became an important transport hub. By 1857 the town had a population of 2,190. In the mid-to-late 19th century, Port Fairy was one of Australia's largest ports, catering to the whaling industry.

A railway was extended to the town in 1890, but closed in 1977. It has been converted into the Port Fairy to Warrnambool Rail Trail.

Had a bit of rain last night and today maybe 5mm in 24hrs.

Hello to Bill and Jenny in White Cliffs have a good week end.

Scott sent me a picture of Joyce getting a face paint in Albury, Uncle Scott your a problem.

Muffy home in Albury today

Adrian and Dianne had a stand in Beechworth today.

All good in Koroit having a good weekend


March 25th Friday
Good Friday, and we did not do to much today I walked around the gardens next door they are very well looked after. I took a picture of one tree I liked the pictures below they tell the story.

I was told today the tree is 150yrs old.


We went for a drive around town the only shop that was open was IGA Supermarket in the main street. Almost no cars in the street but it is Good Friday.

There is a kid's playground at the Koroit Caravan Park.

On Sunday afternoon we hope to visit Tower Hill it's only about 1km from the caravan park, more about that over the weekend.

Hello to Doug in Queensland the solar system perfect.

Happy Easter.


March 24th Thursday
Happy Easter to all on 3Dots we are in Koroit Victoria and it is cold outside tonight, no air conditioner tonight we had to pull out the heater in the caravan.

All the gang are now at the Koroit Caravan Park Graham, Dianne from the north of New South Wales Vicki and George from South Australia and Carol and I make up the Easter Group. Should be a good Easter we have planned a few outings.

We are here till Thursday morning next week.

Koroit Gardens today.

The end where the caravan park is, that's our camp over there.

Koroit Caravan Park is at one end of the Koroit gardens it is a really nice park and super clean. It cost $25.00 a night to stay here that's two adults on a powered site with water.

Joyce had Easter hat day at school today she looked good in the picture Kylie and Troy sent me.

Kylie did her last shift at Woolworth's Supermarket to she staying home and looking after the family.

Hello to everyone on 3Dots have a Happy and safe Easter.


March 23rd Wednesday
We were up at 7:30am packing the caravan for the road trip today to Koroit on the coast (well 4kms from the coast) it was a 160km trip and we took our time, stopping for coffee it was an easy trip.

We are the blue dot for the next 8 nights.

We are back by the seaside, it always good to be by the seaside.

It started to rain early tonight, just light rain. Not good for pictures, we will some put more up tomorrow.

We have been asked what we will do "if we run out of water in White Cliffs."

Talked about that today we pack up the caravan and head to somewhere, White Cliffs has been low on water in the past but no one can remember it running out of water. Like I was told today (there's all ways a first time.) If we have no water we leave, it's not all about water it is the quality of the water.

As I said we are here for eight nights with friends, we all met in Koroit two years ago and we all said we meet back here at Easter 2016 and that's why we are here.

I take some pictures tomorrow (if it's not raining.)


Hello to all our friends here in Koroit.



March 22nd Tuesday
Very quite in Smythesdale today we went to the local supermarket for bread then back to the caravan where we stayed having a rest.

They building a pirate ship at the free camp where we are staying.

They said today it is work in progress, in the free camp.

This is our last night in Smythesdale you can only stay three nights free camping. Tomorrow we are heading for the caravan park in Koroit where we plan to stay eight nights.

So tomorrow it's "On The Road Again."

Rhonda, thank you for the email about water, White Cliffs is doing ok for now but Broken Hill is in a lot of trouble

Read about Broken Hill Click_Here.

Hello to George in Sydney.

Have fun, we will.


March 21st Monday
A very cool night in Smythesdale and a lot of fog around this morning the solar on the roof of the Mercedes Benz is working great but we will give it a big work out tonight Carol would like to watch television for about three hours.

Ballarat CBD

I also fixed the door catch on the caravan door today, the old one broke I fitted a new one.

We have tonight and tomorrow night in Smythesdale free camp that's our three night limit for free.

The Free Camp tonight (Max stay is 3 night.)

Then we head South for the last time to Koroit on the South coast we will be there with friends for 8 days...
We then turn north towards home in White Cliffs it may take 10days to get there, where in no rush.

Hello Sue and David in Gippsland.

A free day tomorrow may clean the car.



March 20th Sunday
We drove 100km's South today to a free camp at Smythesdale we are around 30km's south of Ballarat in Victoria.

The place we stayed at last night Mt Franklin we will go back there it's worth a second visit.

At Smythesdale today right next to the free camp a meet by the Ballarat 4WD club it is a 2km track of hills and mud where anyone with a 4WD can have a go.

They also have people sell wheels and tyres' cooking demonstration on how to cook in the bush. We went for a walk and we left the Mercedes Benz back at the camp. It was free to walk in.

Adrian sent me a picture from Geelong they had "Set Up Shop" at the fair there today. Picture of Dianne and customer.

Hello to Rhonda now in Queensland.

We will visit Ballarat tomorrow and stay here for three nights.


March 19th Saturday
Today we set off from Greens Lake Elmore Victoria driving around Bendigo to Castlemaine.

We had a reason going to Castlemaine, it all started in Canberra over a week ago and the reason was we went to the National Library. We were looking for a book written some years ago about Carol Family.

It was in the National Library Canberra we seen it, but were unable to copy it and it was out of print many years ago.

They did a search and told us there was one and only copy for sale at a book shop in Castlemaine, we rang the shop and they held it for us. Today we picked up the book $25.00

The shop has over a million books, it's unreal, all for sale I never seen a shop like it, if you want details please email me.

Tonight we 45kms south at Mount Franklin where the water comes for Mount Franklin mineral water. There is a FREE camp here.

Right now we are here and so are 300 other people, it's is packed a big school group and a church group plus a lot of campers like us.

And it is cold it is really cold.

We are the blue dot

Our camp tonight

We had total cloud cover all day so we are getting low on solar power, this will be our third night in a row on solar power.

We will come back here we both like it here and it's free.

Hello to Scott in Wangaratta.

Tomorrow we head southwest about 100km's (we think past Ballarat).


March 18th Friday
Another day besides Greens Lake Elmore last night we had 38mm of rain and very strong wind, really strong wind.

We did go for a short drive around 50km's today we drove Greens Lake to Rochester then Rochester to Elmore then the last leg Elmore to Greens Lake. It was a nice quite drive.

The solar worked perfectly last night we had the fan on most of the night the lights went we needed them. Putting the solar cell on top of the Mercedes Benz was a big plus.

Rochester today

Rochester main street.

Elmore Just a odd name.

Lot of old buildings in Elmore (Doug they sell train parts.)

Local Art Gallery in Elmore

Tomorrow we move south to somewhere no big plan may drive about 100 to 120kms then find a camp for the night.

Talk to Joi today what can one say other than treatment as required for next three months.

Muffy staying with Joi and Peter for now.

Adrian and Dianne having a wet and windy time on the coast.

And Susan getting ready for the big trip next month.

All good in White Cliffs I was talking to Bill today and told it's about time we came back.

Hello to the people in White Cliffs.

Tomorrow we are "On The Road Again".



March 17th Thursday
Left Wangaratta headed to Benalla where we stopped for morning tea and did some shopping at Aldi then off to Shepparton stopping for the night at Greens Lake near Elmore on the Midland Highway. I have a very weak Internet at Greens Lake.

It's not bad here a lot of water you can swim and fish in the lake.

Greens Lake is a FREE camp but no power we are running on solar power tonight I counted 48 camps around the lake tonight.

Our camp tonight beside the lake.

Greens Lake tonight there is a cool wind coming off the lake.

I am on Solar Power so that's it for today this is a big test for our roof top solar panel.

We will think about tomorrow but we may stay here and have a look around the local area.

Faye and John hope you had a good night last night, we did.

Hello to Peter, Joi and Muffy in Melbourne. Adrian and Dianne in Geelong.


Text us tonight our phone dropping in and out.



March 16th Wednesday
We left Albury and are in the caravan park in Wangaratta for the night, one night only, Three dots for today will be in two part. The main event for the day is Carol big sister Faye, big birthday bash that on tonight.

A big family get together tonight so I put the party pictures on tonight when we get home.

So I put this up and add to it late tonight

Birthday Girl tonight. Faye a really nice lady.

We must have a birthday cake.

Faye and granddaughter tonight at Faye party

Time for bed.

Tomorrow we head south towards Elmore.


March 15th Tuesday
It was a rest day today apart from noisy children I know I am getting old.

I did clean out the car today and repack the back of the Mercedes Benz. Apart from that we had coffee at the Wodonga Plaza.

The Solar cell seems to be working all ok the big test will be next weekend when we free camp. We now have 12.9v in the big battery in the back of the Benz as at sunset tonight.

I was asked a question about the solar does it charge the car battery?. No it does not, it only charges the caravan battery. It's in the car but has nothing to do with the car.

Tomorrow we pack up here and pickup the caravan from Adrian and Dianne place and head South to Wangaratta Caravan Park for one night. And Carol sister big birthday bash, should be a good night.

We then head south towards the Great Ocean Road area. It may take a week to get there we are in no rush.

All good here, sorry no pictures it was a rest day.

Susan only about three weeks to the big trip.

Hello to Joi, Peter and Muffy in Melbourne town.

Tomorrow it's "On The Road Again"


March 14th Monday
Another week, I went out to Adrian and Dianne place in Lavington and we install the 80w Solar Cell on the roof of the Mercedes Benz.

Why do it you may ask the 110amp hour battery is in the back of the Mercedes Benz I do not like sleeping with a battery in the caravan. The problem is if we went for a drive we were not charging the battery. Now as we drive around the solar cell on the roof will charge the battery and when we free camp we will have more power in the big battery. When we return to White Cliffs we will remove the solar cell from the roof.

Went past my old school today "Albury High School" that was a long time ago.

Have to work out if it's worth it, cement is $14.00 a bag in White Cliffs at Bunning's Wodonga today it was $5.00 a bag both bags were 20kg Geelong Cement. I have to work it our we can fit 400kg in the trailer (small trailer).

Went and seen John and Glenda today (thanks for the drink) like your new unit.

Bill in Queensland will be viewing 3Dots on his new computer tonight, good to hear the news Bill, have fun.

Adrian thanks for the help today. Also thank you to Doug who helped get this project started.

Tomorrow a rest day in Wodonga I am going to clean out the car.


March 13th Sunday
We spent the day with family Susan, Kylie, Troy and Joyce. We had a good day.

Not a good picture it was a bit dark. Joyce enjoyed eating the melon.

I hope to catch up with Scott in Wangaratta on Wednesday this week. I must say I am not feeling the best tonight.

Joi and Peter lost there cat in Melbourne today they are not having a good time in Melbourne this weekend.

I am going out to Adrian and Dianne in the morning to check out the caravan while we have a day off, need to check tyres, bearings and add grease where needed.


Hope tomorrow is a better day.



March 12th Saturday
Gundagai to Albury Wodonga today, that's a hard drive with the caravan so much of of the road is up hill the was working hard today well it seem to be working hard.

We dropped the caravan off at Adrian and Dianne place in Lavington. Thanks for the room over the next few day.

Tonight we are at Carol daughter's place in Wodonga, nice house. Damon, Carmen and the kids have gone camping for the weekend. Just think two TV's I don't have to watch MKR.

We will pickup the caravan on Wednesday morning and head south to Wangaratta for a family birthday party, staying one night in Wangaratta. I do hope the weather in Victoria better than in New South Wales. We will be back in White Cliffs sometime in April.

We all know how old our caravan is it's nothing special and there are a lot of vans around worth $80,000 and a lot more. Last night we had a man on his own sleeping in his Ford Falcon he would be over 70yr's old and he said I love to have a caravan like that, not this year but 2017 we may swap to a later model.

Taken with the phone, Wodonga Plaza today.

Hello to the people in White Cliffs hope it cools down soon. We will be home in about a month for coffee.

Not a lot today it was just a slow drive.



March 11th Friday
We left the Canberra area behind us this morning and headed South stopping at a free camp in Gundagai for the night. Nice spot two blocks from the main street, in fact I went for a walk to the shopping centre, a ten minute walk this afternoon.

It was a very wet today on the road and the Hume Freeway was quite busy, a lot of trucks.

The blue dot is the free camp, we have our own toilet and shower in the caravan.

If you are over 55yr's old you will remember this old bridge we once drove across it going South on the Hume Highway.

It was a big bridge many years ago.

Remember this, it is still there "The Dog on the Tucker Box"

The free camp tonight there are six camps setup here tonight.


Tomorrow we head for Albury Wodonga leaving the caravan at Adrian and Dianna place in Lavington. We will look after Carmen and Damon place in Wodonga while they are away for the long weekend.

Hello to Bill and Doug in Queensland have a good weekend in the sunshine state.

Albury Wodonga tomorrow.



March 10th Thursday
A big day we went into Canberra around 9:30am the first stop today was the Royal Australian Mint. If you ever come to Canberra put this on you places to visit there is a lot see at the mint and the prices are ok.
One thing I did do at the Mint today was make my own $2.00 coin and it has a date of 2016 there are no 2016 coins in the market as yet. Now the bad news it cost $3 to make, but it was a lot of fun.

No that's not money they are seats.

They are making money down there, coins by the bucket load.

The viewing area, but no free samples.

They show on the screen details about what they are doing.

Next stop was the Australian National Library in Canberra. That some building but no pictures so that was a bit of problem for a camera nut like me.

No pictures inside so the best I could do was take a picture in the restaurant But here is the link to their website CLICK_HERE

We joined the ANL and have a card that we can use online and have books posted to White Cliffs and return by mail. I found books on our family and books on White Cliffs that I like to view.

This afternoon we met up with Carol son for coffee he lives and works in Canberra. It was good to catch up Adam this afternoon.

Back at the caravan park late afternoon we started packing up the camp. Tomorrow we move out head south towards Albury. We will go half way tomorrow and the rest of the way on Saturday.

It been a good day in many ways a really good day.

Tomorrow it is "On the road again".



March 9th Wednesday
We stayed in Bungendore today and did not visit Canberra. We are now meeting up with Carol son Adam tomorrow Thursday.

There is quite a lot to see in the little town a lot to see. We had a quite day today, lunch in town.

Bungendore today around lunch time.

The Village Square we had lunch across the road, it is a nice little town.

There are a lot of one off shops here.

More and more shops it is very busy over the weekend, a lot are closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

I like working with wood and went and had a look today, they are dreaming the price they want we must be near Canberra.

Muffy in Melbourne with Joi. Adrian is in Gippsland with Chris. And we are in Bungendore seems no-one is home.

Hello to John and Glenda in Albury now of Wilson St.

Quite day we are off to Canberra tomorrow morning. And having coffee with Adam in the afternoon.


And Friday we pack up and head south about 200km towards Albury Wodonga.


Tomorrow another day.



March 8th Tuesday
Today we went to Canberra and the Australian War Memorial we looked around many of the new areas in the War Memorial.

The main reason for our visit was to track two people in Carol's family tree. And we found the record's for both men one from the First World War and one from the Second World War.

The family has had it wrong for almost 100yr's. The family had it as Cliff Bell was gassed and died in France. He did not, he returned to Australia, Adelaide in fact he was taken from hospital ship to Adelaide Hospital he later went to Sydney where he was discharged from the Army. He was born in Bright, where he went after being discharged, that's is work in progress. He joined the AIF in 1917 so it is almost 100yr's, we have all the Army paper work.

The Australian War Memorial is Australia's national memorial to the members of its armed forces and supporting organizations who have died or participated in wars involving the Commonwealth of Australia. The memorial includes an extensive national military museum. The Australian War Memorial was opened in 1941, and is widely regarded as one of the most significant memorials of its type in the world.

The Memorial is located in Australia's capital, Canberra. It is the north terminus of the city's ceremonial land axis, which stretches from Parliament House on Capital Hill along a line passing through the summit of the cone-shaped Mount Ainslie to the northeast. No continuous roadway links the two points, but there is a clear line of sight from the front balcony of Parliament House to the War Memorial, and from the front steps of the War Memorial back to Parliament House.

The Australian War Memorial consists of three parts: the Commemorative Area (shrine) including the Hall of Memory with the Tomb of the Unknown Australian Soldier, the Memorial's galleries (museum) and Research Centre (records). The Memorial also has an outdoor Sculpture Garden. The Memorial is currently open daily from 10am until 5pm, except on Christmas Day.

Outside the War Memorial in Canberra

Inside today, up to 40,000 visit each day.

Inside looking at the roof above the unknown solder.

The Tomb of The Unknown Solder

It was a sad day but a really good day, we go back to Canberra tomorrow.


March 7th Monday
Start of a new week, today we drove from Avon to Bungendore a small town some 37km's from the centre of Canberra. Today's trip was 179km's.

We are at the Bungendore Showgrounds, it ok for a showgrounds. By the way Lake George is now a dry lake, not a drop of water to be seen.

I have just been told you say it Bung-en-dora, we are the blue dot on the map. We rang around and all the parks in Canberra are full, so we went back to Wiki Camps and found Bungendore.

Taken from my chair sitting beside our caravan there fourteen campers setup here tonight. A powered site in Canberra is from $30 to $90 a night this is a great site a heap of room $20 with power.

Bungendore CBD today it is nothing special but neat and tidy.

Across the road you will find a bottle shop a IGA Supermarket and it is a good one. This is a neat little town.

Tomorrow we will drive into Canberra for a look around the Australian War Memorial, most of it was rebuilt about two years ago so we are looking forward to doing some family tree research...

Muffy going back to Melbourne to see Peter and Joi tomorrow and Susan got her tickets for the big trip away next month.

Joyce must have been a good girl last week, had no news.

Canberra tomorrow.


March 6th Sunday
We left "The Entrance" around 9:30am and headed back to the Pacific Highway turning south to Sydney on the M1 then M2 which turns in the M7 that turns into the M31 Hume Freeway.

That's a really long drive with a caravan on the back and the worst thing is there is no where to stop. No petrol till you hit the Hume Freeway. We had a heap of fuel so that was not a problem.

The car and caravan went well, it sure had a workout today. I sat on 85kph all day people just drove around us.

Where to now we will get to Albury next Saturday so we are thinking of going back to Canberra for a few days, we were there last year, that sounds like a good plan.

We have a few odd pictures.

The blue dot is where we are tonight Avon Caravan Park, it not a bad park if you up this way it is worth a day or two.

I found the Easter Bunny here at Avon.

Joyce got her first Merit Certificate at school this week, good girl.

Tonight we are at the Avon caravan park just off the Hume Freeway about 40kms South of Sydney.



March 5th Saturday
We left Maitland at 9:30am heading south on the Pacific Highway towards The Entrance Caravan Park across the road from the salt water. This is a very busy area and a lot of caravan park's and most of them are full it cost $30 to $80 a night.

The blue dot is Carol and I tonight across from the water.

Across the road from at the salt water looking back at the Caravan Park

Across the road from the park looking at "The Entrance"

You can see the caravan far right and the water on the left. The park not great the water is fantastic.


The Entrance is a very busy place at Christmas and Easter time. You have to remember it is just above Sydney and the area of Sydney and The Entrance has five million plus people 27% of people live in this area.
.0027% live in White Cliffs just joking.

Tomorrow we head south around Sydney on the M2, M7 then the M31 then a very slow trip towards Albury. We are in no rush we will take our time.

On the road again..


March 4th Friday

Well we had the car fixed today, and drove around Newcastle area for a last look we hit the road again tomorrow heading south.

Lemon Tree Passage

Home's with a great view at Lemon Tree Passage

Looking across the water to Newcastle


Ok remember this from yesterday, some of the emails are way off the mark and that's all I am going to say.

Read this below:

Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills was one of the most successful and enduring products to be manufactured and marketed in North America as part of the lucrative patent medicine industry, which thrived during most of the 19th and 20th centuries. Its manufacturer claimed the pills contained herbal ingredients that would help "cleanse the blood," as "impurity of the blood" was believed to be the cause of all disease.

The Root Pills were "recommended as a cure for biliousness, dyspepsia, constipation, sick headache, scofula, kidney disease, liver complaint, jaundice, piles, dysentery, colds, boils, malarial fever, flatulence, foul breath, eczema, gravel, worms, female complaints, rheumatism, neuralgia, la grippe, palpitation, and nervousness..."

Originally the formula was of course a closely guarded secret but by the 1930's it was revealed to be a concoction of "Aloes, Mandrake, Gambage, Jalap and Cayenne Pepper."


I was talking to Joi and Peter today on the phone. Muffy going south to help Joi next week.


Tomorrow "It's on the road again."



March 3rd Thursday
Today we just went for a drive around the local area Maitland, Paterson, Morpeth and East Maitland then the local shopping centre then back home to Maitland Caravan Park.

Paterson Post Office

Paterson CBD that's it.

On the track around today.

They tell me it been there near 100yr's No comment. (Adrian help me on this one).

Bridge across the Hunter River today. Think they need a new one.

It closed around 20yr's ago I was told (We did not visit the gaol).

One thing that did happen today a light on the dashboard came on. After checking we have a broken light switch. We made some phone calls and it is being replaced tomorrow morning. That will suit us fine, the job takes about 30min's we are told.

The 3 Dots website counter has hit 13,000 hits yesterday it is only a short time ago we were talking about 10,000 hits. We get around 90 unique people a week using 3Dots. Most people visit the website three to four times a week.

From the 1st to 10th April is NSW Seniors week, a week has 7days Seniors week takes 10days, who cares Seniors seem to do what they like.

Hello to Adrian and Dianna in Lavington.

Tomorrow another day.



March 2nd Wednesday
It is all about Newcastle today it is around 35km's east of the caravan park where we are staying. I cannot say that I loved Newcastle it is now a big city and quite dirty in parts in fact most of it is dirty, guess it has had a hard time in the pass.

In September 1797 Lieutenant John Shortland became the first European to explore the area. His discovery of the area was largely accidental; as he had been sent in search of a number of convicts who had seized HMS Cumberland as she was sailing from Sydney Cove. While returning, Lt. Shortland entered what he later described as "a very fine river", which he named after New South Wales' Governor John Hunter. He returned with reports of the deep-water port and the area's abundant coal. Over the next two years, coal mined from the area was the New South Wales colony's first export.

Newcastle gained a reputation as a "hellhole" as it was a place where the most dangerous convicts were sent to dig in the coal mines as harsh punishment for their crimes. By the start of the 19th century the mouth of the Hunter River was being visited by diverse groups of men, including coal diggers, timber-cutters, and more escaped convicts. Philip Gidley King, the Governor of New South Wales from 1800, decided on a more positive approach to exploit the now obvious natural resources of the Hunter Valley. In 1801, a convict camp called King's Town (named after Governor King) was established to mine coal and cut timber. In the same year, the first shipment of coal was dispatched to Sydney. This settlement closed less than a year later.

Christ Church Cathedral still dominates the skyline of Newcastle.
A settlement was again attempted in 1804, as a place of secondary punishment for unruly convicts. The settlement was named Coal River, also Kingstown and then renamed Newcastle, after England's famous coal port. The name first appeared by the commission issued by Governor King on 15 March 1804 to Lieutenant Charles Menzies of the marine detachment on HMS Calcutta, then at Port Jackson, appointing him superintendent of the new settlement. The new settlement, comprising convicts and a military guard, arrived at the Hunter River on 27 March 1804 in three ships: HMS Lady Nelson, the Resource and the James. The convicts were rebels from the 1804 Castle Hill convict rebellion. The link with Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, its namesake and also whence many of the 19th century coal miners came, is still obvious in some of the place-names – such as Jesmond, Hexham, Wickham, Wallsend and Gateshead. Morpeth, New South Wales is a similar distance north of Newcastle as Morpeth, Northumberland is north of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Under Captain James Wallis, commandant from 1815 to 1818, the convicts' conditions improved, and a building boom began. Captain Wallis laid out the streets of the town, built the first church of the site of the present Christ Church Anglican Cathedral, erected the old gaol on the seashore, and began work on the breakwater which now joins Nobbys Head to the mainland. The quality of these first buildings was poor, and only (a much reinforced) breakwater survives. During this period, in 1816, the oldest public school in Australia was built in East Newcastle.

Newcastle remained a penal settlement until 1822, when the settlement was opened up to farming. As a penal colony, the military rule was harsh, especially at Limeburners' Bay, on the inner side of Stockton peninsula. There, convicts were sent to burn oyster shells for making lime. Military rule in Newcastle ended in 1823. Prisoner numbers were reduced to 100 (most of these were employed on the building of the breakwater), and the remaining 900 were sent to Port Macquarie.

One of the few times we stopped and got out of the car in Newcastle.

We took most of out pictures from the car, just no where to park.

We turn right into Hunter Street the main street of Newcastle.

They are loading Coal on ships here.

There are a lot of big bridge's around Newcastle guess that is due to shipping.

We will have a look around the coast but keep out of the City, Some years ago there was a song about Hunter Street Newcastle, cannot remember the name.

Hello to Susan and Muffy in Albury.

We leave here on Saturday morning and head for Gosford then on Sunday we drive around Sydney on the freeway heading down Highway 31 towards Albury Wodonga and Wangaratta the following weekend.


March 1st Tuesday
We had new tyres fitted to the back of the Mercedes Benz, and found the Tyre Business was on the road to Port Stephens. We were going there tomorrow so we changed plans and went there today.

Port Stephens, an open youthful tide dominated drowned valley estuary, is a large natural harbour of approximately 134 square kilometres located in the Hunter Region of New South Wales, Australia.

Port Stephens lies within the Port Stephens-Great Lakes Marine Park and is situated about 160 kilometres north-east of Sydney. The harbour lies wholly within the local government area of Port Stephens; although its northern shoreline forms the boundary between the Port Stephens and Great Lakes local government areas.

According to the 2006 Census, more than 26,000 people lived within 3 km of its 113 km long shoreline and more than 32,000 lived within 10 km.

Nelson Bay is the main area on Port Stephen we had lunch there today it is very up market. Nelson Bay is all about food, people and boats.

The pictures will tell the story.

As you can see it all upmarket here.

Hello to Scott in Wangaratta.

All good here.



Three Dots...