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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

Please take the time to eMail us we love hearing from friends and family

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August 31st Wednesday
Last day of the month.

We had a big day, in fact it was the hardest day for weeks. But we all have days like this.

We packed up in Wodonga and the next stop was Rice in Wodonga, they are the people who make the vinyl side covers for trucks. We have all seen trucks with Coles, Woolworth's and many others written on the side. It's all written on White Vinyl, we brought a white vinyl off cut 10.5m long and 1500mm wide.
The caravan has a popup roof and the vinyl roof need replacing and that what we are planning to replace back in White Cliffs with the  new vinyl the popup roof on the caravan. We have enough vinyl to do the job twice.

The Kenwood Radio fitted the other day in Albury is working fine.

Tonight we are in a free camp well near free it's in Walla Walla it cost $10 night with power, hot shower, toilets, television we even have a phone tower next door. And so close to Albury Wodonga around 32kms north of Albury.

The Walla Walla sports ground where we are staying the next few nights.

Joi having treatment mid September for more cancers. Been a bad year for Joi and Peter. I hear Muffy will return to Albury for a while.

Be back in Albury for Father's Day on Sunday.

Tomorrow we will look around Walla Walla and see what we can find.

Spring tomorrow


August 30th Tuesday
Our times up Damon,Carmen and family are back home and we gave them back their home, and we gave them back a monster dog.

The family taken on the ship during the trip. What a great family picture to hang on the wall.

So it is back to work and the kids are back to school tomorrow so we are moving on tomorrow as well, a day early. So tomorrow we are back on the road to Walla Walla till the end of the weekend (Father's Day) . It will be good to travel again.

From Rhonda (a very good friend we met on the road about three years ago) We are going to try meat up again this year. You may remember we met up in Parkes for the Elvis Festival.

Yay back on the road again!!  After writing my caravan off in February and doing five housesit's since then till last Wednesday I'm finally cruising the highways again in my new to me Jayco poptop..

Left Brisbane this morning and made it to Bulahdelah after nine hrs drive. 650 kl.. Tired but happy with how the van towed. Lucky to get a spot very full.. Tomorrow I'll head to my daughters in Sydney. lt does feel great to be on the road again.

I agree there something about travel Carol and I like life on the road, the people a lot of them we meet over and over, we all seem to follow the same roads in many state's. Thanks Rhonda, (if you want someone to look after your home while you are away contact me I put you on to Rhonda.)

We took a load out to the caravan at Adrian and Dianna place today then came back to Wodonga.

And I went and brought a new can opener, the one we had for five years has decided to stop working.


Tomorrow afternoon "On the Road Again" 32km's not far but a start.



August 29th Monday
I had a good day and a bad day, the bad day was trouble with diabetes it went high, if you know about diabetes it was almost 19..

We went down and got some dog food for the monster dog that was the first job for the day from Pet Stock in Wodonga. Note the rubber post in the car park, well it's not there any more you tie your dog to the post and go shopping. Well the dogs have eaten the rubber post. If your looking for it, you will find it next to Repco.

Next stop was the Art Shop in Dean Street Albury the art lady needed to go shopping.

After cleaning up at home I took the car over to and had the car radio fitted this afternoon it is all done and working really well. We can now play a music CD.

While at the Car Radio fitter in East Albury I seen this a big oil drum turned into a table and some 20lt oil drums turned into seats. I sat down and read the paper while they fitted the radio to the Mercedes Benz. As they said it cost a can of black paint.

Yes that's a toilet dump point, Wiki Camps is a website they ask me to add a picture on the new dump point at the Albury Railway station. I did that today took the picture and added it to Wiki Camps website. If you go camping get yourself a copy of Wiki Camps from the online store. If you cannot find it contact me. It cost about $5...

Joi been back in hospital, I think they are going to build a new hospital in Melbourne and call it "Joi Place"...

Happy Birthday Damon for today, the ship gets back into Sydney tomorrow Morning around 7am and they are driving home tomorrow. And our job will be done in Wodonga, Thursday we plan to pickup the caravan and head off to Walla Walla to next Monday (it is 32kms North of Albury Wodonga)... Monday we head to Wangaratta for a night. Tuesday next week we head to White Cliffs via Mildura and Broken Hill, it may take six days to get home.

That's it for tonight my sugar down to 12 I try get it down to 6 and 7 this week.


Rain on the way they say



August 28th Sunday
To answer an email the dog is standing on the ground and he is 7ft standing, see yesterday for picture. He is big, he been quite the last two day but looks fine.

Today I went out, Carol had some of her old friends over for the day. Seen John and Glenda in Albury for about two hours (John and Glenda the coffee was really good) I then went to McDonald's in East Albury for a $3.00 meal it is good value Burger, chips and a drink. I am not a big McDonald's visitor, it a small meal, a Big Mac is to big for me.

Next stop was Troy and Kylie Joyce was there but I think she still trying to work out who I am, but to be fair I do not see her that much. We seen her at school last Friday afternoon. Kylie I liked your coffee better than the SS&A Club last week.

The Mercedes Benz seems to be ok now the broken hose is fixed. Tomorrow afternoon I am having the radio replaced. When we owner the Ford Transit our "old" kids gave us a new car radio for Christmas a few years back. When the Ford Transit was sold we removed the Radio, CD player and tomorrow we are fitting it in the Mercedes Benz. Right now the Mercedes Benz has a 2001 Mercedes Cassette Player which is next to useless these days.

I have two things left to do on the Mercedes Benz, one is fit a new light bar that we have sitting in the shed in White Cliffs. We will do it when we get time.

The other thing I need to do is fix some stitching in the left hand seat it has a small split that is going to get bigger, I need to find someone to do a repair job. If you can help with a name please email me.

Last stop today was the Supermarket in Thurgoona for bread it's a nice supermarket.

I am going to try see Aub in the next few day.

Hello to John and Glenda.

Almost the end of Winter (three days to go.)



August 27th Saturday
The auction at Holbrook is over, the really big tractor sold for $50,000 I was thing 40 to 70,000 that's life not sure who the buyer was.

Had a text message from Damon and family they are just turning for home and will be here in three days, the ship will be in Sydney on Tuesday morning and they will head home that day should see them late afternoon on Tuesday.

I will never own a big dog like this it is hard work as you know a bin is 4ft high that is a 6ft gate that's a 7ft dog. He can put his head on the 7ft metal fence next door, it is a Great Dane and it is standing on the ground. It is only 11mth's old what he going to be like at 3yr's old.

Muffy still in Melbourne looking after Joi, just came home from the Supermarket. (she won't like this) Peter sent me the picture. Peter it's your fault...

What else, we went to Aldi Supermarket and Repco in Wodonga, another place I had a look at today was Kelly Mitre 10 in Wodonga. Have a look sometime that is a good shop and parts on it are better than Bunning. They sell a lot of items that Bunning's do not sell.

Susan said she is feeling better, that's good.

Scott is up with his mother this weekend.

You all have a good weekend.



August 26th Friday
It's Friday again, we had a big day it was a full on day, we left at 8am Carol had her hair cut at Wodonga Plaza, we have a new look. I be in trouble when she reads this.

Next we pulled up across from the Albury Police Station and went shopping and had coffee at the Beechworth Bakery in the Myer building, we give their coffee a 4 out 10 and we know our coffee. Then it was out to the Thurgoona Public School to Joyce's Class do assemble for the year.

Thurgoona Public School Kindergarden K2 12km's East of Albury.

Joyce second from the left with pony tail

A big group in Kindergarten this year (some are in older classes)

Yep the one on the left.

In the end today they hold up the Australian Flag. (well done kids)

The close up pictures were taken from the back of the room a long way away with no flash light, next year we are going to look at a new camera.

We had lunch at the SS&A Club in Albury, then back to Wodonga to check on the Monster Dog that we are looking after.

I filled with unleaded fuel today 1.12.9, in White Cliffs it is selling 1.70.9 (that's a discount of 58c) yes I think it's a rip off to.

Talk to Joi today on the phone she be back at hospital Monday morning early where they will work out the next step in her treatment. She has the weekend off enjoy it.

We looked at washing machine's today the one we have now is using 165lt's of water per wash we need to find a better model we found a few in Wodonga that use 60lt's per wash. Love your comment on water saving washing.

Went up to the shop about 300m from home tonight and ran into a Police check point, looking at my licence "where is White Cliffs" well we ended up having a long chat, he returned my licence and said have a good night tested me for nothing tonight.

The big auction is on tomorrow in Holbrook hope it goes well it was my website, hope it works for them.

Hello to Kylie your eye is looking a lot better this week, Susan hope your feeling better and getting over the flu.

Looking forward to the weekend.



August 25th Thursday
We left Wodonga around 8:15am and headed for Wangaratta our first stop was the Wangaratta Woolen Mills to buy curtain fabric for White Cliffs and the Caravan refit, the curtains in the caravan have been there some 5yr's and we need to replace them.

If you have not been to the "The Factory Outlet" at Bruck Woolen Mill you should go, good top class fabric for $1 to 3$m off the roll it is 1400mm wide it is good stuff heaps to pick from at $1m

Spotlight was the next stop on the list where we found the thread we need in White Cliffs and few other bits plus some new towels that we needed.

I went and seen Scott at his place and had a look at his NBN internet link. It sure is quick the 3Dots website takes about 2sec to load.

Next we went and seen Leigh a friend of Carol at her place she is just above the flood level in Wangaratta by about 3m should be safe from the water.

I walked about 40m from the house and there is a lot of flood water hanging around as you can see in the picture above.

The same area, I was told it was under water last week, so the water is dropping.

It was a good day, we met up with Faye and John (Carol sister) thanks for the coffee and biscuit's it was good talking to John today I enjoyed our chat.

Hello to "B" Carol said thanks for the chat on the phone (B is Belinda a nurse in White Cliffs and good friend.)

And the real good news is the Mercedes Benz went perfect, based on today we have fixed all the water and oil leaks the trip today was 170km's in total and I checked it over when I got back home and all was good.

Susan hope you are feeling better.


Tomorrow the last day of the week, the weekend is almost here.



August 24th Wednesday
Up early we went shopping in town, for those with a good memory you may remember the old Ford Transit Van that we broke in Wangaratta about 2yr's ago. We ended up selling it for a $1000 but we did remover the Radio / Stereo unit when we sold it. I made a booking to have it installed in the Mercedes Benz on Monday afternoon next week.

Then we went out to the caravan at Adrian and Dianne place in Lavington and picked up a few things we need.

Next stop was Bunning's in Wodonga where I brought a new pair of Rossi Boots to wear with steel caps my old shoes that I work in have fell apart. The new boot are a lot warmer than shoes, here in Albury Wodonga I am still feeling cold. Guess it that we are use to the warmer weather in White Cliffs.

Took this picture in Wodonga around 500m from where we are living.

Taken about 1km for home today, now you need to look real close the white ring is an eye, now look for a horse that some person has cut from the tree, just a bit of fun.

Joi on to the next part of her treatment, your winning girl.

Tomorrow we are making a trip to Wangaratta to see family and friends, and give the car a good run I fixed the water hose today that they told me about yesterday I give it a good run to Wangaratta and return to Wodonga.

Talked to friends in White Cliffs today on the phone all seems to be good.


Big auction sale on Saturday in Holbrook. Talking about website's the White Cliffs website is about to turn over 20,000 hits it is the biggest website in the West of New South Wales.


I take some pictures in Wangaratta tomorrow when we are there.

Hello to Susan hope you feel better soon, that rotten flu no fun.


August 23rd Tuesday
I had some slack days over the last week but today was full on, up at 6:30am I had the Mercedes Benz at the repairer by 8am. They fixed the problems in the car and I picked it up at 4:30pm today all fixed they tell me. Cost $237.00 a fair price for what they did.

They did tell me I need to look at a water hose soon.

Adrian and I went for a drive to Holbrook, the big auction is on Saturday Click Here it will be a big auction, I will not go Saturday there is a lot there that I would like, but we have no trailer only the caravan and it will not fit.

This is real monster, it may be sold oversea's so I had a look today.

It's all for sale on Saturday I built the website for a friend it looks good for an old man. There be over a 1000 item's for sale Saturday.

We had lunch at Holbrook today and a look at a few local shop's while in town, it was a good day I really enjoyed the day out.

I spent the afternoon with Susan and Yvonne, Susan was having a big, "off day" she has a really bad cold. I hope she feels better tomorrow.

I took this picture at a shop in the main street of Holbrook they are good looking Bird Boxes.


Joi, I think it is the last day tomorrow for this round of treatment. Hello to Joi and Peter in Melbourne. And my 21yr old sister.


Back, house sitting (plus dog sitting) in Wodonga tonight about nine days to go.


All good I am a bit happier now the car is fixed.



August 22nd Monday
Big day for Muffy it is her birthday she in Melbourne with Joi and Peter, Joi is still have treatment in Melbourne.

A new week and the car gave me a hard time today, the good news is it is booked in tomorrow for repairs the problem is there's a pressure hose from the power steering pump to the rack and pinion steering under the car and the hose is leaking big time. It is booked in tomorrow morning and may take 24hr's to fix.

Seem the kids are having a good time on the ship they get back to Australia on the 30th of the month.

Carol and I are looking after a monster of a dog, where doing ok but roll on the end of the month when mum and dad come home and look after the Dog.

There is a very big auction sale on in Holbrook this weekend. I did the website and it has been viewed thousands of times.

Have a look at the Auction click here.

We had some sad news today Mike from the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Broken Hill is leaving in December he has taken a position in Adelaide South Australia. He is the best doctor I have ever had. He a good doctor and never let's go and looks under every rock till he finds the problem.
How many doctors do you know give you their private email address, you can email him any time.

Tomorrow I am dropping the car off and going to Holbrook with Adrian to look at the auction I am looking forward to the day.

I take my camera along for a few pictures that I can use on three dots.

Done next to nothing while in Wodonga the past week I been talking with Doug in Queensland and I am looking at a HO scale of my old street in Albury, it a lost street they pulled it apart to build the new freeway through Albury. I may start with a HO scale of our old house and Doug said today go on from there. The store of street time forgot, I may need a lot of help with this one, it just be a hobby.

I take some pictures tomorrow for three dots.

Happy Birthday Muffy.



August 21st Sunday

From Bill in Queensland:

Hi REX , We get a lot of car enthusiasts come in to our store , today this car came in it has been owned by same family for several generations. The engine and drive train has been done and it runs nice but nothing else, as you can see has been done since it was new . I asked if the police ever pull them up for a road worthy he said oh no they love it ! 
I often take pics of cars that come into work and have a pic file just for "autooone cars " which I replay on small tablet in shop.

Thanks Bill a 1933 Chevrolet that's a bit of class from the old day.

Where did we go today, no where it was just to wet and two cold for White Cliffs people.

I had a talk on the phone today to Susan in Albury and Scott in Wangaratta.

We updated the White Cliffs website today Click Here.

Just hope it stops raining so I can clean up outside, the garden and mow lawns.

I also want to see Aub and John before we go home.


Tomorrow a day without rain, I hope.



August 20th Saturday
Damon, Carmen and grandkids who house and dog we are looking after. Sent us a text message this is the first text I have had from a ship.

Below from Damon phone at sea:

(How's it all going there?
We are into day 2 at sea. We lost an hour but they promised to return it!
These people aren't happy until we have eaten excessively. I can exchange SMS and calls. I forgot to say I am on an international plan. Just didn't realise they had "cellular at sea")

Thanks for the text, as I said in a return text the war between the cat and the dog in still on.

The rest of the news we went out and seen Adrian and Dianna at their place. Julie was there and made great pancakes, I was really good and only had one today, They were good Julie I  going to make a return trip.

Carol still working on her art project for the White Cliffs art festival it is on the end of September.

Weather news, cold, very cold wet and windy, now I remember why we went to White Cliffs they had 20c at dry and a sunny day. I know old Bill will sent me a text tell me how good the weather is.

I have to make a call on Monday to the Birthday Girl in Melbourne. More on Monday.

Put on 3Dots the other night about having my car repaired on Tuesday. Rang RACV I am a full member top of the tree $190 plus a year. They were no help and will do nothing to help. Why do we bother dealing with these people.

Tomorrow, just hope it's a better day.

Time for the football.



August 19th Friday
What can we say about today other than "Not Much of a Day" rain and more rain. It is still raining in Wodonga right now. They had 1.4mm of rain in White Cliffs so the water tank will be back near full, 1.4mm will put around 90lt's of water in the tank.

We did not go out for long it was just to cold outside. We did make a trip to Arnold's fruit and meat as it is now called in Wodonga.

I have been asked about Instagram, yes I do use it on my Windows phone. My Instagram account is (rexwdun) so if you are a Instagram user please let me know you user name so I can follow you. How do you setup Instagram on your smart phone. Go to the Store on your phone and download Instagram onto your smart phone. Start the program and setup a account (it's all free) then upload your pictures to your account.

Everyone else can see your pictures.

This is my Instagram page on line

If you are thinking about Instagram please let me know, it is nothing like Facebook nothing at all it's all about pictures.


Adrian and Dianne are back home from there overseas trip, glad to see them home.

Scott, people liked your pictures yesterday, as they have liked Doug's train pictures.


Hope it is fine tomorrow morning.

Have a good weekend.



August 18th Thursday
We are home alone, at 7am the family left and are now aboard the ship in Sydney and sail at 7:30pm tonight. A big home and even bigger dog to look after and just Carol and I for two weeks, if it rains I am staying in bed haha.

I went out to Adrian's and cleaned up the caravan this morning then went and had a coffee with Susan at her place (Susan only drinks water) we went to lunch together it was her day off work. Back in Wodonga Carol and I went for a drive. First stop was the supermarket in Wodonga Plaza we then went to a place in West Wodonga. We are looking to replace the Popup Roof on the caravan this is the section made of white vinyl. I think we found what we are looking for I was happy with what I seen, just need to work out how much we need.

Carol did art this morning she is getting ready for the White Cliffs Art Festival.

Scott was working in Yarrawonga today and sent me some pictures to use on 3Dots tonight.

Yarrawonga Weir on the Murray River. It is right in town, Carol and I lived there for a few year's.

Another picture of the dam in Yarrawonga Mulwala area.


It was in Albury now it is sailing on the Murray River at Yarrawonga Mulwala the Old Paddle Steamer PS Cumberoona I took this from Instagram.

A handy picture showing the price list for the PS Cumberoona and how to book.

Hello to Bill in Queensland thanks for the email's

Scott thanks for the pictures you sent (and if you have pictures please send them in, please.)

Well tomorrow another day in Wodonga, nothing planned but we will find something to do that's for sure.


See Susan mowed her lawn's the place looks good.



August 17th Wednesday
When we woke up in Wodonga this morning it was raining but it did not last to long. It was nice in the sun, we went shopping in Albury Carol wanted some art supply's she will be doing a painting for the White Cliffs Art Festival next month.

The Mercedes Benz o'no not the Benz had a oil leak driving from Dubbo to Albury Wodonga I took it in today we have a leak in  the power steering a hose from the power steering pump to the steering rack under the car and needs to be replaced.

The parts will come from Sydney and they will be fitted next Tuesday morning. All under control (we hope). We can drive the car but need to top up the power steering oil tank.

The Dog, after Chase who is carrying a plastic hot dog when dog stands up he over 6ft tall

Tahlia and the playground

We take over looking after the house tomorrow and the dog yep that's a big dog. Damon, Carmen, Tahlia and Chase are off on their cruise.

Have a good trip.

Tomorrow if it is not raining I clean up the caravan ready for the trip home.

Kylie sent me this picture of Joyce taken today. Joyce you look a lot older than five. I come see you at the weekend.

Hello to Joi, Peter and Muffy this round of treatment is almost over. I ring you soon.


August 16th Tuesday
Well Coolamon to Wodonga today around 170kms we took our time having lunch in Henty on the way at Dale Store on the main highway.

In Albury we dropped the caravan at Adrian and Dianna place in Lavington. We were there for quite sometime packing suit case to take with us to Wodonga.

The caravan in dry dock for about two weeks.

I go back tomorrow and put the popup top down in case it rains.

They tell me it's a good day in Albury Wodonga, we are freezing. I have a suggestion "move to White Cliffs" and drink coffee.

I forgot how noisy it is in a house with kids and a big dog. I must be getting old.

Our job starts on Thursday Damon and Carmen and kids head off on there cruise ship to the islands for about two weeks.

We looking after the house and the dog.

Tomorrow could be a hard day.



August 15th Monday
Coolamon is a town in the Riverina region of south-west New South Wales, Australia. Coolamon is 40 kilometres (25 mi) north-west of Wagga Wagga and 506 kilometres (314 mi) south-west of Sydney via the Hume and Sturt Highways. The town is situated on the railway line between Junee and Narrandera. Coolamon had a population of 1,589 at the 2011 census and is 290 metres (950 ft) above sea level. It is the administrative and service centre for the local government area which bears its name—Coolamon Shire.

The original land where Coolamon now stands, prior to European settlement, was occupied by the Kamilaroi and/or Wiradjuri Aborigines.

A property "Coleman" was first settled there by a Mr J. Atkinson in 1848. The town was surveyed prior to the coming of the railway in 1881.

Cowabbie Post Office opened on 1 May 1881 and was renamed Ganmain on 1 July and Coolamon on 1 November of that year.

We went to Newsagents and the Bakery and had a walk down the main street. A lot of the shops are closed Monday and Tuesday they open Wednesday to Sunday it was very busy yesterday when we came into town. It's a bit like Beechworth Victoria, busy over the weekend.

We will return here at $10 night for a powered site. That's $70 a week some camps on the coast are $70 night. Port Fairy is $95 a night, we don't go there.

While we are in Albury Wodonga I get some work done on the Mercedes Benz. 

We leave here tomorrow morning and head to Albury Wodonga. What are we doing there, looking after a house and a big dog, Damon and Carmen (Carol daughter) and grandkids are going on a cruise and we are house sitting for them.

We plan to stay around for Fathers day then head back home to White Cliffs.

Tomorrow it is "On The Road Again"



August 14th Sunday
Forbes was just to cold last night 0c, so we headed south to Coolamon (north west of Wagga Wagga) we are 180kms from Albury Wodonga tonight. 

The Coolamon caravan park is $10 a night and that with power. It is $10 with or without power. We are planning on staying here two nights that's Sunday and Monday night. 

Power tonight, we can hook up the fan heater and be warm, I am looking forward to that.

The toilets and showers are near new, clean they just need to get out a lawn mower. I will point out that two weeks ago it was almost all under water.

Next to the caravan park there is a Foodland Supermarket. We may add this to our return list in the near future.

The police station just up the road which is good.

Rhonda sent us a few pictures of her trip to Fraser Island below thank for the pictures.

It makes you want to go to Fraser Island. Thanks for the pictures.

Tomorrow we will have a good look around town.

Hello to Cree in White Cliffs.

Had a text from Adrian and Dianna they have a police guards around there resort.

My team Geelong win by four points in a very hard game.

Tomorrow another day.



August 13th Saturday
On the road, we left Dubbo Big4 caravan park at 8:30am and headed for Forbes 150kms south. Forbes has a free camp on a local stream and that's where we are this afternoon there are six others here in camper vans tonight.
We went up town at lunch time walked around a few shops including Target Country, Woolworth's and a few local shops, we had lunch at the local bowl's Club. Very good food Chinese, best I  have had for a long time.

Our camp in Forbes tonight.

We are on Solar Power today and tonight we have the television hooked up for tonight. No heater to night so we will see how we go, it maybe early to bed.

Joi in Melbourne has the weekend off treatment then back for five days next week.

Kylie said her face is feeling better after her big fall.

Bill in Queensland said he better and back at work after a week with the flu.

Scott feeling better he said after a week of not feeling great. Scott now has NBN on at home via cable.

Carol and I are great no problems at all, it's all that coffee in White Cliffs.

As you can see we have the phone tower across the road from our caravan so five bars on the phone.

The free camp filling up we now have ten campers here besides Carol and I.

Have a good weekend.



August 12th Friday
Our last day in Dubbo, and we had a big look around the CBD of Dubbo, we did the Malls and the main streets walking and stopping and more walking there are some good shops in town but there are a few shockers. I walked into one cheap shop and it was a shocking mess one staff member in the whole shop what a mess, I walked out buying nothing.

We had lunch at the Dubbo Bowls Club over the river it was perfect in every way great food and even better staff.

One of the main streets in the CBD of Dubbo this morning

Still in the CBD of Dubbo

The Dubbo council are doing their bit, painting the seats in the CBD they are doing a lot in the main street.

I had to take this the Census, PAUSE and it you did it online PAUSE PAUSE PAUSE.

I live in White Cliffs and have not seen this before Domino's on a Push bike, I took this for Kylie an old Pizza girl.

The auction website that I did for Garvin Azzi in Holbrook on the 27th will pass 3000 hits this weekend that's bit for an auction site in the country.

Scott now have NBN as of today, Scott don't stuff up it will happen a 100 times faster now. Just Joking.

Have a good weekend we leave Dubbo in the Morning heading towards Forbes for a night or two.


Hello Faye and John have a good trip North to Queensland.


Tomorrow "On the road again"



August 11th Thursday
Only one thing today the Dubbo Zoo from 9am to 4pm from the time the Zoo open to the time it closed a good day it cost $32 a head on a pension card. Just wish the grandkids where with us.

Carol can now cross this off her bucket list feeding Giraffe at the Zoo.

Ok now take your camera and get lost.

It was a really good day in Dubbo we are here tonight and tomorrow we move south on Saturday.

Had a text from Adrian and Dianne, all good.

Talk to Joi in Melbourne she still having treatment this week and next week.

Hello to Brenda and Peter in White Cliffs.

Not many words tonight a lot of pictures.

We are going to Dubbo City tomorrow.



August 10th Wednesday
We took our time today driving Nyngan to Dubbo 160km's the Riverside Park in Nyngan was quite good I stay there again.

Dubbo has a history worth reading. Evidence of habitation by Indigenous Australians dates back approximately 40,000 years.

The explorer and surveyor John Oxley (1784–1828, born, Yorkshire, England) was the first European to report on the area now known as Dubbo in 1818. The first permanent European settler in the area was English born Robert Dulhunty, described as one of the wealthiest citizens in the Australian colony at the time.

There are records of squatters being given permission to set up large sheep and cattle stations in the area in 1824 but these were not maintained. Dulhunty occupied a property, known as Dubbo station (established in 1828), from the early 1830s on a squatting basis. With the passing of the Squatting Act in 1836 he took out a licence on the property.

Dulhunty showed an affinity with Indigenous Australians, his party included some 40 Aborigines and he favored using Aboriginal names for properties, including Dubbo.

Dubbo is now thought to be a mispronunciation of the local Wiradjuri word "Thubbo" but because of a lack of precise records from Dulhunty at the time and an incomplete knowledge of the Wiradjuri language today there is some conjecture over the word's meaning. A popular current theory is the word means "red earth", consistent with the local landscape. It is also possible that Thubbo or Tubbo is Wiradjuri for "head covering" – a theory put forward to support this name is that the shape of Dulhunty's house may have looked like a hat to the local people.

Dubbo War Memorial
Dundullimal Homestead is a farmhouse from that period, built around 1840 by John Maugham on his 26,000-acre (11,000 ha) sheep station. The building is one of the oldest homesteads still standing in western NSW and today is open to visitors.

In 1846, due to the number of settlers in the area, the government decided to establish a courthouse, police station and lock-up in the Dubbo area. A constables residence was completed in 1847 and a wooden slab construction courthouse and lock-up in early 1848. By this time, the settlement had only four buildings; the constables residence, courthouse and lock-up, a store and an inn.

Dubbo Gardens.

From the car, she looks cold.

Due to the lack of title for the land, in 1848 the storekeeper, Jean Emile Serisier, organised a petition asking for a land sale of town allotments. The plan was presented to the colony's Surveyor General in May 1849 by surveyor G. Boyle White. The settlement was gazetted as a village in November 1849 with the first land sales taking place in 1850. Population growth was slow until the Victorian gold rush of the 1860s brought an increase in north-south trade. In 1857 Schloeffel's populated dubbo. The first bank was opened in 1867. Steady population growth saw the town proclaimed a municipality in 1872, when its population was 850. The railway extension of the main western railway from Wellington to Dubbo was formally opened on 1 February 1881. By 1897, Dubbo had a general store, Carrier Arms, a slab courthouse, a gaol and a police hut. The final section of the Molong to Dubbo railway opened in late May 1925.

Dubbo was officially proclaimed a city in 1966.

Tomorrow we go to the Dubbo Zoo we have come all this way for Carol to feed a Giraffe and that happens at 10:10am in the morning I am told. The Dubbo Zoo has a number of Giraffe and 300 other animals. It opens at 9am we have already booked for Giraffe feeding (Carol feeding I am just the camera man tomorrow)

We are staying three night's in Dubbo and moving out on Saturday morning heading South.

Kylie said she can see but is very sore after her big fall yesterday.


Carol has a bucket list and the Zoo tomorrow has been on the list for four years.


His Excellency the Governor New South Wales Mr David Hurley and Mrs Linda Hurley visit White Cliffs today.
Click Here


Census form, I am the first computer programmer in Australia and I filled in the Census using the paper form we all new the computer version was going to crash, another government joke.

Zoo Tomorrow.


Joi hope all is well.



August 9th Tuesday
My daughter Kylie had  big fall in Thurgoona today and she was taken to hospital for treatment. She sure going to have a big black eye in the morning. What happen I was told she was walking to the letter box.

Adrian and Dianna are away working.

Had a small win on Monday night Lotto $33.50 well it is better than nothing.

Carol and I  got up at 7:30am then driving 205kms into Cobar New South Wales on the way we stopped beside the road and had a coffee for morning tea.
In Cobar we filled with fuel at the Shell $1.20lt then went to the Supermarket to stock up on food.
Just outside Cobar on the road to Nyngan we stopped and had a cooked lunch, very enjoyable.

Next 170kms to Nyngan where we looked around the free camps. Then decided that it may not be safe to camp by the road so we booked into the River Side Caravan Park Nyngan.

It is only early August and the Spring trees are out already

Caravan Park in Nyngan tonight

One of the locals drops in for a free feed

I think this local know when to drop by for a feed and a pat from Carol

Tonight we have mains power, hot shower, all the mod cons water heater.

It's always good to drive around the CBD and check out the place a few of the old locals drinking in the street. So we booked into the caravan park for safety.

Never seen the sun today, hope it comes good in the next few day. We are off to Dubbo tomorrow morning and will stay three days (one day at the zoo)


Doug sent me some info on models thanks Doug.



August 8th Monday
"On The Road Again" yes we are on the road in the caravan for the next month. Up at 6:30am we packed the caravan with food the ice cooler with dairy and frozen meat.

We use ice bricks, at home in White Cliffs we use 1lt UHT milk, when we use the milk we wash out the carton and 3/4 fill with water and freeze. This morning we put the bricks in the 55lt ice cooler about ten of them they will keep the cooler at zero for about four days.

We left home around 11am driving to Wilcannia for fuel it is $1.70lt in White Cliffs and $1.29lt in Wilcannia. Tonight we are 55kms from Wilcannia and heading towards Cobar 205kms to the East tomorrow.

Playground for the Grandkids

You can see our camp for tonight and the phone tower. This is Outback look how green it is out here.

There is a great free camp on the way called the MacCullochs Range and that's where we are tonight. We are 160kms from White Cliffs  to the North West and 205kms to Cobar.

We are running on Solar Power to night have to wait and see if it last all night.

This is a nice spot and it has on big plus across the road is a big Telstra Phone Tower it's about 300m up the road.

Tomorrow we keep heading towards Dubbo and are planning on getting there on Wednesday afternoon. We are booked in three nights.

So hope you enjoy the pictures and where we are tonight.

"On The Road Again" we love it and tonight it's FREE.



August 7th Sunday
We had no Internet the last four hours in White Cliffs I checked it about 10min's ago and it was working so it be a short one tonight. We did Coffee at the Under Ground Motel at 10am this morning back home about midday.

The rest of the day was getting the car and caravan ready for our trip tomorrow, almost ready to go all we need do tomorrow is pack the food away then hit the road. That ended up a big job this afternoon I washed the Mercedes Benz and packed it.

The solar power hooked up on the roof of the car and all is ready I think.

We went to the White Cliffs Sporting Club tonight for a meal there were a lot of people at the club tonight about 70 in total.

Around 20 of them came from the "Overland Gas Pipe Line" that is being built 60km's North of White Cliffs I am told it will run from the South Australian Gas Fields to Sydney.

We had a good day in town today.

Hello Sue and David from Gippsland who are over on the South Coast today.

3Dots should be good over the next month I do my best to update 3Dots where ever we stop.

You all have a good week.



August 6th Saturday
Rio 2016: Olympic Games begin with spectacular party-like opening ceremony

A big day in Rio and the games are under way, we did watch it on TV to 10am then we went for coffee with friends there a good group of people.

After lunch we went for a drive to the east of White Cliffs (all dirt roads) to Polpah Station just for a drive we know the people who own the station.

Polpah Station the shearing Shed on the left the house on the right and a number of out buildings

If you a shearer you live here, note the word Polpah on the roof it there for the flying doctor service.


There are some 9000 sheep here and it's time for the shearer's to move in.

Polpah has it's own air field for light aircraft and the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Annette and Barry Turner, Polpah Station, White Cliffs.


Read their story Click Here


Tomorrow will be coffee then packing the caravan, we leave Monday.



August 5th Friday
I been telling you about the walls I have been working on, tonight I took some pictures as a bit of an update to the work in progress.

I had some paint left over after working in the caravan. Used it up on the wall this is the end result in the underground home.

Left picture: It that never ending wall it is up at last, the next step is to cover it with a fine sand and cement mix then paint it. The lounge room you see in the left picture all walls are ready to paint.

Right Picture: It is all ready to paint and will lead outside to the new kitchen, the door will keep the cold out in winter and heat out in summer.

On the other side of the doorway a small hall leading out side (this is work in progress) just needs a big cleanup and it will be ready to paint. I get back into this bit when we return in September.

So now you have seen what I have been working on the past month about a week cement work then a lot of paint, a lot of paint. (The paint mix is 25% Bondcrete and 75% High Gloss White British Paints.)

I painted the toilet shower in the caravan it is looking good it is the same mix of Bondcrete and Paint, the caravan ready to pack tomorrow afternoon for our trip down south. We will be ready to move on Monday morning.

Booked in at the Dubbo Caravan park for three days next week and also have tickets to the Dubbo Zoo next Thursday (we have a two day ticket to the Zoo) we will leave on the Saturday and take our time getting to Albury Wodonga.

In yesterdays 3Dots we talked about Shirley, well she turned up today with our Census Form she our Census Lady. It was good to see her she a good friend of Carol. So I filled out the paper version and will post it back Wednesday next.

No more cement work till we return in early September the weekend all about packing the car and caravan and cups of coffee with friends.

Talked to Joi today she has started her new treatment and has two weeks to go.

Carol had craft today with the ladies.

Coffee in the morning.

You all have a good weekend, we will.



August 4th Thursday
We got up early and I worked on that wall, the plan was to get to the top today but it never happened I am now working 6ft (1800mm) from the floor I have about 4" to the top, tomorrow maybe.

Next job was outside on the caravan I took the wheels off and checked it all out, while I was there I filled the wheel bearings with grease. All back together and ready to roll next Monday morning. I checked the caravan for water leaks, found one in the front above the door. I started to fix the small crack with BondCrete but it takes so long to dry in this weather, it was about 14c here today. It has been a really bad winter here.

I was hoping to paint inside the shower of the caravan today but it did not happen the glue I used yesterday was not dry.

This picture was taken 30th August 2014 almost two years go, A good friend Shirley got rid of the snake inside our home. Shirley is one gutsy lady she worked for Park and Wildlife in White Cliffs, two months ago due to government funding they closed the office in White Cliffs and Shirley moved to Broken Hill and retired. A day we will never forget.

Now that Parks and Wildlife have closed the biggest building in White Cliffs is just sitting there doing nothing so a number of people have asked "What do we do with it" the building is only five years old.

If you have any comments on the building please email 3Dots.


Joi is having treatment in Melbourne it been a hard year for Peter and Joi, Muffy has spent most of this year living in Melbourne.

Hello Joi thinking of you every day.

Hope we get a warmer day tomorrow



August 3rd Wednesday
Up early I worked on the walls again, the second of three walls will be finished this weekend, we are getting there.

Hay bales are being moved into White Cliffs to support the local farmers in the area, we have had a number of trucks coming up from down south loaded with free Hay.

Did some more work inside the shower of the caravan I should be able to paint the shower on Friday just need the filler to dry.


The rest of the day was working on the White Cliffs website a Howlong local Bernie Kokot is writing a story on White Cliffs, it is a good read. CLICK HERE enjoy.


August 2nd Tuesday
I am still looking for Global Warming we need it only 13c here today and we had rain all night 9mm in total here at home. What a shocker of a day the wind was 30 to 60kph all day. Went outside to get the ladder and I bet it was 0c I used the ladder inside to do some patch work very small job fixing hair line cracks.

Next Tuesday as we all know we have a Census and so far we have nothing in fact we have not been told it is even on in the outback. I read you get a $1800 fine if you do not fill it out, and you have to add your name and address this time.
Muffy told me a number to ring, we did "we have to many calls ring back later" and it hangs up I tried 10 times today over three hours and every time I was cut off.
Rang the local federal member in Dubbo and was told $1800 fine is a heap of rubbish, we know about the number under load and it will never answer.
As for using a computer we all know that it will crash the internet next Tuesday night so I am putting in for a paper form to fill out.

You will be given a number, but we are not sure when you will get it in White Cliffs. This should have been held on April 1st then we all know it will be a joke.

Trip down south starting next Monday, the trip still on to Albury Wodonga but how we get there has changed we are no longer going via Broken Hill, Mildura.

Down South Trip next Monday.
Mon -- White Cliffs 214kms Bulla Park
Tue --- Bulla Park 251kms Nyngan
Wed -- Nyngan 169kms Dubbo
Thu -- Dubbo (Zoo full day)
Fri ---- Dubbo (Shopping, looking around Dubbo)

Sat --- Dubbo 157kms Forbes 
Sun -- Forbes 151kms Temora
Mon - Temora 86kms Wagga Wagga
Tue -- Wagga Wagga 128kms Wodonga 

Three nights in Dubbo Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (and a trip to the Zoo.)

Some big gear moved in at the White Cliffs Opal mining area called the Westfield.

Muffy on her way back to Joi and Peter in Melbourne.


Hello John and Glenda in Albury (we will see you mid month).


August 1st Monday 2016
August is here and only one more month before the end of winter. Most of today was spent working on the caravan, getting it ready for our trip down south next Monday. I am doing a repaint on the shower in the caravan. Like most caravans it is a toilet/shower and works well in the old caravan, this is a shake down trip for the caravan before the big trip away over the summer months.

The plan for Christmas break is Albury Wodonga for Christmas, staying around that area to Kylie Birthday then across south Victoria towards Portland. Then we follow the coast into South Australia where we again follow the coast right around South Australia. Then back to White Cliffs about May 2017.

Had a picture sent to me today.

I do not know where or who took the picture of the Royal Flying Doctor Service plane. Not a bad picture.

Doug sent me this taken tonight at the end of his street in Queensland. Must be nice living in a street with a beach at the end of the street. If we want to walk to the beach it about 1200km,s east near Sydney. Thinking about it Adelaide is closer about 840km's west.

I was asked over the weekend if there is a place to go fishing, I said the shop they are cooked and ready to eat and cost as much as a fishing rod.

The weather man saying we will get 5 to 10mm of rain tonight, muuu maybe, rain out here a bit like picking the Lotto Numbers and then we may get 50mm in one hour.

Had a big cleanup in and around the caravan today and went to the tip it was already on fire when I got there. I tossed in some rubbish then a big bang, flame's 20ft high and as wide, I had to grab the car to stop falling over. Know nothing about what it was I just tossed my rubbish into the hole and left just in case there were more. It was in a hole about 10ft deep and I was standing about 8ft from the top of the hole at the time.

That was our day, we made a loaf of bread, filled the water tank in the kitchen in the underground.

Hello to Doug and thank you for the picture.


Have a good week.



Three Dots...