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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

Please take the time to eMail us we love hearing from friends and family

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December 30th Friday and 31s Saturday
The last day of the year and after a computer problem which has now been fixed, we went shopping this morning for a few hours then we back home and met up with Scott he drove up from Wangaratta to hell me install a new reversing camera on the back of the Mercedes Benz and the back of the caravan.

So after four years we can now see backwards, thank goodness.

There are a lot of Op-Shops in town in fact three are side by side.

They are very business shops, this weekend there are 30,000 people in town. The town only has 4000 people the rest of the year.

Pet shop in town doing a good business.

A number of the shops are quite old.

I like this a boat on the Murray River with a mask and an Australian Flag.

Well that's it and thanks to Scott for getting us going today.

Hello to you all and have a Happy New Year and may 2017 be better than last year.

Happy New Year.


December 29th Thursday

Still in the free camp in Tocumwal and all is good apart from a shocker of a night last night it was so hot in the caravan last night we had a fan but it was just a very hot night.

The dog went past in his rubber boat again today.

The pink swan went past again today but a lot closer.

I had a bit of fun with my new camera, the picture above is a common Fly. Just took this with the new camera it's not bad you can see the eye.

We are going to Cobram in the morning for a look and a bit of shopping, new year is not far away now and we have been asked to a New Year's Eve party on the river this Saturday night.

Tomorrow we will look at Cobram.



December 28th Wednesday
We are in Tocumwal right on the Murray River it's about 3m from the caravan, we got here about 2pm today.

We are in a free camp it has a toilet and shower but we will use our own shower.

Adrian and Dianne lent us their Honda Generator I have it running now. Note the big locks just to make sure no one try's to remove it.

Murray river from the caravan.

Our camp tonight on the river.

People swimming down the Murray River

A pink swan goes by our camp.

Well that's just a quick over view of where we are, it's a free camp, across the river there is a camp that cost $5 a head but it is near full. Maybe after new year.

Were here...



December 27th Tuesday
Life is getting back to normal well as near normal as it can get, We went and seen Muffy, Susan and John.

Next was a stop at Jaycar to buy parts needed by a friend staying at Tocumwal...

I went to take a picture of Susan at her home today, she behind and holding up the animal, "Hello to Miss Susan" you need to do something about your white hair.

My new camera has a few things I never try ed, so today I gave them ago.

Should make a good print.

The same picture added to the fun page, the kids on the wall at the London Gallery.

It's a trick picture but it may make a good print.

Color pencil drawing (trick picture).

I took this picture at the Lake Hume shop a few days ago.

How this for a Black and White drawing taken at White Cliffs "Emu" it is a trick picture.

The last trick is Joyce on a wall in France. (she never left Australia).

Don't believe what you see on a computer screen they a all fakes, it been good fun and I have a lot more tricks inside the new phone that you have not seen. There's a good reason, I do not know how to use them yet.

We are going out for tea tonight, then we be packing ready to head of tomorrow 156km's to a Murray River Camp. So tomorrow night we will do three dots in Tocumwal.

Tomorrow Morning it's "On The Road Again"


See you then.



December 26th Monday Boxing Day

It's Boxing day and it's been a hot one it started cooling down late afternoon here in Wodonga. I do not think we are going to see much rain in the local area.

Be the first to look at a New Auction Sale Website that I am setting up for Garvin and Adrian I worked on it this afternoon for about 5hr's Click Here We will add the address and date in the next 48hr's but it will be in January and in the Albury Wodonga area.

We went shopping in the CBD of Albury but gave up there was no parking in the Albury so we went to Lavington it was near empty. Next we went and seen Adrian and Dianne at home and were there when Joi and Peter left for Melbourne. It was good timing.

Tomorrow we are going to do some shopping in the area and on Wednesday we will travel to Tocumwal on the Murray River meeting up with Di and Graham who we met and did a bit of traveling with three years ago. Nice people and I am looking forward to new year with them.

We have had a number of calls from people who live in White Cliffs everyone is keeping an eye on our home in White Cliffs. We had around 15 emails from people who live in White Cliffs over Christmas.

I will today say hello to all our readers in White Cliffs.


I have to repack the car tomorrow as Adrian and Dianne have lent us for January their Honda Generator I am looking forward to using it and decide it we should buy one. You may remember our time at Edi near Wangaratta we had four days of cloud cover and ran out of power, free camping with no power was no fun.


More tomorrow night.



December 25th Sunday 0 Sleeps, it is Christmas

It was a very big day in Albury Wodonga we were up at 6:30am (not that I wanted to) the kids drag me out of bed kicking and screaming.

It's 6:30am and only the kids look like they are awake all the gifts under the tree.

Chase has a new motor bike for Christmas.

Tahlia in her new Christmas Dress then there was more and more.

John and Jack eye off the food in Albury last night.

Left to right last night, Susan, Joyce, Troy, Yvonne and Adrian.

Carol and Muffy thinking about what they will eat.

After missing last year and a full year fighting that rotten "C" Joi and Peter made it to the Christmas Party in Albury last night. That to me was the best part of the night.

Well I better upload Sunday as it is now Monday morning.

Hope you all had a good Christmas

And it only 364 Sleeps to Christmas.



December 24th Saturday 1Sleep to Christmas

3Dots Christmas Night will happen after the Christmas Party.

Think we are ready for Christmas day, we will find out tomorrow.

We left our caravan at Adrian place yesterday, he sent me this email today saying Rex and Carol are having a party (he giving me a hard time as I am a non-drinker. Haha very funny Adrian.

We went for a drive to Lake Hume Resort today, it is looking great (still love your Ice Cream).

Taken from the shop looking over the water of Lake Hume today.

Garden at the shop of Lake Hume Resort it is looking good.

If you get time over Christmas go visit the shop and have a look around outside. There is some great stuff around the Shop.

All that is left to say is Merry Christmas.


Yes Merry Christmas to all 3Dots Reader it been good fun this Christmas.


It's a big hello to all 3Dot readers.



December 23rd Friday 2 Sleeps to Christmas

We are in Albury Wodonga at last it took 38 day White Cliffs to Albury, yes you are right we could have walk the 1240km's. But we had a good time, seen a lot and met a lot of people on the way, we are in Wodonga for Christmas then moving on.

Two of the grandkids in Wodonga today they were sure glade to see us, it's been a long time. I go see Joyce probably be tomorrow.

Albury picture from the Internet there is not much room left in East Albury when you look at this picture.

I know someone going to tell me "The Albury Art Centre" Talking about Art Carol was asked to put some pictures in the Gallery at the White Cliffs Underground Motel and she sold one today. She is really happy about her art.

From Kylie today, "And we are finished. Just need to wait a few days for the sealant to dry before we use the pool." Well done Troy and Kylie it is looking good.

Kylie your 40th at the end of next month guess we are having a BBQ and pool party.

I have to go see John and Glenda they now live in Wodonga.


Scott kept busy right up to Christmas this year he should be happy about that.

Susan been busy this week at Target she tells me.

Two more sleeps and Santa will visit all the home's of good boys and girls in the World (I am told he will not land here.)


Tomorrow is another day.




December 22nd Thursday 3 Sleeps to Christmas

White Cliffs is turning it on for Christmas

Sunday, December 25 CHRISTMAS DAY 12.30pm White Cliffs Underground Motel Christmas Lunch Feast $60 per person for a 3 course meal.

Sunday, December 25  CHRISTMAS DAY  1pm  White Cliffs Community Hall Christmas Lunch Bring a plate to share Don’t spend Christmas Day alone!   ALL WELCOME


It's our last night in Walla Walla and tomorrow morning we move to Albury Wodonga that's a slow trip from White Cliffs we left on the 17th November to travel 1140kms to Albury. I think we can class that as a slow trip but a good trip.

Walla Walla $10.00 night with power or $50 a week.

Taken at Myer Albury Dianne and Julie, Santa and a real reindeer, That a good picture. (Adrian sent me the picture.)


After tea I will pack up outside the caravan pack everything away.

There are a number of people camped here tonight six caravans, most are here for one night they are heading north to Sydney or south to Melbourne.

I hear Kylie having a BBQ at her place for her 40th birthday at the end of January.

We will stay in Wodonga for Christmas leaving on the 28th for Tocumwal on the Murray River.

Work in progress, we have a gravity feed shower and we just got a new water pump for the toilet shower in the caravan we are adding after Christmas a pressure pump to the shower and adding a hand basin. The old caravan going up market.

More tomorrow from Albury Wodonga.

Hello to Susan, you be glad to see Christmas.




December 21st Wednesday 4 Sleeps to Christmas

Today was what you call a rest day, we never even started the car, we did clean up inside the caravan and wrap all those gifts to put under the tree.

Tomorrow we will pack up the caravan ready to move out on Friday morning to Albury Wodonga.

I have some items I been going to put on:

Joyce got a school award and just did her last day at Kindergarden the other day, next year she mover to Year One in the big school.

This windmill is at King Valley, it is where Carol was born, they have pulled down the old home but the Windmill still stands and is still turning. She tells me that it will make a good painting for our home at White Cliffs.

Been asked where do we find the caravan parks, there is only one work "WikiCamps" it will run on almost all smart phones, you will fine it in the Store on your Smart phone. It cost about $7 and it is a one time cost.

As I said it was a slow day. We are looking forward to Christmas in Albury Wodonga I am looking forward to spending time with Joyce it has been a while.


Hello to all the grandkids in Albury Wodonga.




December 20th Tuesday 5 sleeps to Christmas

We went into Jindera to the supermarket then back to Walla Walla, the rain came and the thunder then lighting and 1mm rain. So after the rain came sunshine and blue sky so back to cleaning the car.

In the afternoon I went for a walk around town with the new camera phone.

The 25 Pounder gun in the park on the main street of Walla Walla

The ANZAC at Walla if you look hard you will see the caravan in the background.

Took a picture of this old home in the main street of Walla

I bet this has a story of it's own why such a small home on such a big block.

The Walla Walla Hotel, across from the hotel the story of this part of of town.


Five sleeps to Christmas we are moving out of Walla on Friday Morning, we are staying across in Wodonga with Carmen and Damon and the kids. Leaving the caravan with Adrian and Dianne for a few days.

Hello to Vicky, Belinda and Tony in White Cliffs.

It's going to be a hot Christmas.




December 19th Monday 6 sleeps to Christmas

We stayed home in Walla Walla today.

Walla Walla is a town in Greater Hume Shire Council in New South Wales, Australia. It is about 39 kilometres (24 mi) north of Albury-Wodonga and 130 kilometres (81 mi) south of Wagga Wagga.

Walla Walla had a population of 581 people in 2006 and has the largest Lutheran church in New South Wales.

Walla Walla has an elevation of 196 metres (643 ft) above sea level. In summer Walla Walla has an average high of 31 °C (88 °F) and a low of 13 °C (55 °F) during winter it has a high of 12 °C (54 °F) and a low of 2 °C (36 °F), although maximum temperatures can reach the mid-40s °C (mid-110s °F) and the area often experiences frosts during winter.

It is the home of the Walla Walla Football Club which is a club within the Hume Football League. Walla Walla has many other sports available such as netball, tennis, lawn bowls, croquet, cricket and a local swimming pool.

Walla Walla is also the home of St Paul's College, the only Lutheran secondary school in NSW. The school offers an equine program, with many students keeping horses in the adjacent equine centre, as well as agricultural studies. Boarding students are drawn from communities within the Greater Hume Shire, the Riverina, North Eastern Victoria and further afield from the cities if Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.


The Walla Walla area was home to the Wiradjuri aboriginals who inhabited this area for many thousands of years prior to European settlement.

The explorers Hume and Hovell passed through the area in late 1824 noting its potential for grazing livestock. Squatters first arrived in 1834 and four stations, including "Round Hill" and "Walla Walla" were established by 1845. During the 1860s the bushranger Dan "Mad Dog" Morgan frequented the area holding up the Round Hill Station at nearby Morven. He also established a lookout at a granite outcrop 6 km north of Walla Walla adjacent to the Walla Walla Station and Billabong Creek.

Walla Walla was established in 1869 when 56 settlers of German extraction moved from their home in the Barossa Valley of South Australia in the search for farming land. At that time South Australian farmland was in short supply and the New South Wales government was releasing tracts of fertile land at relatively cheap prices. In all, 56 people made the trek in 14 covered wagons and 2 spring carts, leaving their hometown of Ebenezer in October 1868. This group was led by Father Klemke and it comprised the families of Michael Wenke, Andreas Mickan and Andreas Lieschke; as well as two Klemke families, the Fischer, Terlich and Hennersdorf families and two single men in Ferdinand Schmidt and Wilhelm Luhrs. Ethnically, most of these families belonged to a minority group known as Wends or Sorbs and some had only recently emigrated from the North Eastern German States. Although these settlers first named the township Ebenezer after their hometown in South Australia, its name was changed to Walla Walla (Aboriginal for "place of many rocks") because another township with the same name existed in New South Wales.This was neither the first nor the last trek by German South Australians to the Riverina with other settlements established nearby at Jindera, Bethel, Gerogery, Wallendool (Alma Park), Dudal-Cooma (Pleasant Hills), Mangoplah, Edgehill and Henty.

Walla Walla Post Office opened on 1 February 1878.

The Walla Walla Hotel was opened in the early 20th century by Mr Fredrick Voss, the original publican.

We took some local pictures while out for a drive around town.


I have had this picture for a while now who is send us an email and tell me.


Hello to John and Glenda hope you like your new home in Wodonga.

Tomorrow is another day not long to Christmas.




December 18th Sunday 7 sleeps to Christmas

We went into the supermarket this afternoon and came back home to Walla Walla. Just looking forward to a sleepy week in Walla.

Gave the car a big clean inside but it's sill dirty on the outside maybe tomorrow morning it will get a clean.

Right now we have our own private toilet shower there's only two people left in the park and five toilets. So I went over and gave our toilet / shower a big clean.


Three Dots'
3Dots just marked it's third year it started in December 2013 to keep our family and friends up to date with what we are doing in White Cliffs and our travels around the States of Australia.

We are almost at 20,000 hits on the Website. Who reads it, family, friends and people from overseas backpackers wanting to see Australia around 15% of readers are from overseas.

December also marks another mile stone, 31yrs of Website's, my first website page went to air in December 1985 using my BBS service. The BBS system was the first version of the Internet. In 1985 it was called “Duncombe Home Page” today it's call “3Dots” it takes about 8hrs a week to keep online.

My first computer program was written for Albury Woolen Mill in 1963 and they paid me. A few old computer guys say that made me Australia first digital computer programmer, no one else can beat 1963.

At the end of the war and in the 50s the Australian Government started recording data on tape, Claire Buswell ran that Government program. He passed away about 2008.

He said his system was a recorder and not a computer as we know today.

It was funny in a way I ran into a 30yr old who said he was a programmer for the RTA in Victoria, I would not know about all that computer stuff.

Next year it be 54yr’s and what do I program today, 3Dots it's good fun.

Walla Walla (from Internet) this is about 300m from where we are camped.


And this is where we are going tonight "Carols By Candlelight" at the Walla Sports Ground, we are camped at the Sports Ground.

So tonight we are going to "Carols By Candlelight" at 6:30pm. We have to walk 40m so I guess we can leave at 6:30pm.

This time next week we will have the family christmas party the best night of the year.

We will stay here to Friday morning, then mover into Albury Wodonga.


Have a good night.



December 17th Saturday 8 sleeps to Christmas

What Happen Last Night:

We ran out of power, total cloud cover blocked out the sun for two days at Edi North Ease Victoria, the computer went flat after a few minutes.

No Sun means no Solar Power.


It was a bad night, we had to use touch lights. This morning we got up and it was cloud, no sun so we packed up and drove 147kms North to Walla Walla 30kms north of Albury. We stayed here in July this year 2016 it cost $10.00 a night, with toilet, shower, 240v power, and a nice mowed lawn. We will be here for six night and it cost $50 that's the best price in Australia.

Walla Walla tonight and we have power. They have really cleaned this park up.

The Walla Walla Sporting Oval right next to our camp.

Next to the camping ground you will find the local swimming pool. At the front on the swimming pool you will find the main street of Walla Walla.

Thanks to Scott for trying to help out last night but when you have no power there's not much you can do with a computer.

(Edi was a nice spot but we need a backup power supply to say at a place such as Edi. This morning on the out with the caravan on the back we went to the Farmer's Market at Moyhu stocked up on Fruit and Vegetables.)

I was a bit stress out last night, a computer without power is useless.

So now go down the page and read yesterday.



December 16th Friday 9 sleeps to Christmas

We went into Wangaratta today for food to get over the weekend that was good but no sun means no power. We have had a 100% cloud cover all day.

No rain here today but it felt like rain all day, White Cliffs has had 50mm of rain in the last 30hrs. I really hope we had no water leaks inside the home up there. We get 180mm a year so 50mm in a day is a lot.

We are staying here till Tuesday morning then move towards Albury Wodonga maybe Chiltern all somewhere nearby.

The main road from Wangaratta to King Valley runs around the hill about 100m above our camp it by ok at 80kph and the cars seem to slow but the motor cycle just power around at near full power. No wonder people get killed.

That's today time to clean out the ice box.

The park here is starting to fill up.

Greg from Howlong heads home tomorrow


Hello to Doug in Queensland, Greg said to say hello.


Tomorrow there is a Farmers Market up the road.


The weekend is here.



December 15th Thursday 10 sleeps to Christmas
December 14th Wednesday 11 sleeps to Christmas

Last night was really hard work the local Internet was on for 3min's then off for 20min's in the end I gave up and rang Telstra about the bad Internet Cell they call and said it should be fix late this morning so I put the two day together.

First we moved from Glenrowen to Edi south of Wangaratta (Edi Cutting) that what the locals call it.

Edi is part of the King Valley and Carol was born and lived about 5km's up the road from where we are camped.

The sign up the road say God's Country and it is this was taken from the Caravan today and it's all here for Free yes this is a free camp run by Parks and Wildlife.

There is a clean toilet about a 100m away on the left and about ten other people staying in the free camp the caravan next to us belongs to Greg Sargent for Albury, now of Howlong we have been friends for 50yr's, YA's Hockey and Ham Radio.

This is our camp at Edi Cutting right next to the King River.

It is hard to imagine an Australian summer without bush flies.

But within a decade, at least in the southern states, this could be reality if hopes held in a French insect live up to expectations.

Dung beetles, which feed on cow pats — a lush breeding ground for flies — have significantly reduce blowfly numbers during South Australia's summer. Read More Click Here

We are having a lot of trouble with the Internet here tonight

. That Blue Dot is us...

Then all hell broke loose today Carol stepped on top of a brown snake, the snake went one was Carol went the other she was sure stressed out big time we had to ring her sister and daughter to charm her down. I say no more.

The King River right next to the caravan, Super clean water.

Hello to Sue and David in Gippsland.

Greg be here tomorrow so we are going to go shopping and stock up for the weekend.

The sun just starting to set behind the hill, we are on Solar Power and cooking with Gas. It's a great life.



December 13th Tuesday 12sleeps to Christmas

To start with we did not move it was just to hot 39c at Glenrowan we had a air conditioner and power so we stayed here for today we will move tomorrow morning.

I was looking to trying out the new Camera Phone at a Cafe in Glenrowan and a spider came walking by.


Then a fly was walking by and zap the spider took down the fly. Taken inside without a flash light.

Taken at the Caravan Park Office (bit of fun.)

The Caravan Park swimming pool what do you think.

Camp Kitchen and the Caravan Park Games room.


All pictures taken with the new Camera, so far so good but still setting up.


It was to hot to do any thing today they are saying 28c tomorrow.


Did some work on the White Cliffs website today Click Here

We have started packing to move tomorrow morning.


Hello to Adrian and Dianne



December 12th 13 sleeps to Christmas

Out last day staying in Glenrowan, tomorrow we are moving out the road towards Edi free camp on the King River for a few day.

As for what we did today about five hours of it was taken buying and setting up the new Microsoft Phone yes we now own one, but they do take a lot of setting up, to tell the truth, we have not made a phone call on the phone yet we had to get a new Sim Card today we have the same number that we have had for 17yr's.

It going to take some setting up but we will have it all running in a day or two.

Here in Glenrowan "Ned Kelly" he was larger than life and still is.

It is worth a look Glenrowan they have done a lot of work in town.

Carol went to her school reunion dinner at lunch here in Wangaratta I went shopping and had lunch at McDonald's. The Glenrowan Caravan Park has been good and we will return next time we are in the area.

While we are out Edi way I plan to give the Mercedes Benz a really big clean up.

Well back to setting up my new phone.

Hope I have the Internet at Edi... The weather tomorrow they are say 38c that's hot we will decide if we move tomorrow or move on Wednesday.

I try find out about Peter tomorrow.



December 11th Sunday 14 sleeps to Christmas

We ended up having a very busy day with family and friends in Wangaratta we went and seen Tim and Sue and my friends "The Doodles" it you were reading 3Dots in 2014 you will know the Doodles.

Katie Doodle Dog a good friend.

Dusty Doodle Dog they belong to Tim and Sue.

I am very late tonight with 3Dots we had our yearly meeting with Tim and Sue, really nice people.

Do you remember we did a house sitting job for Tim and Sue but that house sit sure had a twist to it.


Had a big talk to Doug in Queensland tonight, we had a good old chat.


As far as I know Peter is still in Hospital.


Went around to Scott's place today for a chat.

Tomorrow, Carol has her school reunion and I hope to get my new phone.


Good night all.



December 10th Saturday 15 sleeps to Christmas

Well after 150kms today we are in the Wangaratta area via Violet Town. We are staying at the Glenrowan Caravan Park.

The park cost $25 a night for a power site with water and a great view of the Australian Alps.

We went into Wangaratta meeting up with Carol family for a chat I also went and said hello to Scott at his place.

We're finished, we're finished Christmas shopping we had a big list and we have ticked of the last one today. All I can say is what are we going to do with the rest of this year.

What else we went to Coles, K-Mart, Super Cheap, Repco. We had a big day.

That little blue dot is where we are tonight, not a great park but it is very neat and tidy.

The Australian Alps taken from the Caravan.

We have a neat setup here tonight, even plastic grass out side the door.

It is what you call a bush park, we will be happy here for a few day.

They be around ten caravans in the park tonight and a few tents.


I am told Peter is still in Hospital in Melbourne, Peter hope you can come home soon.


We are where we want to be Carol has a School reunion on Monday while Carol is at school I go to the Telstra Shop and pick up my new Microsoft Phone.




December 9th Friday 16 sleeps to Christmas.

Peter has been sick in Melbourne and was put in hospital last night, no news.

We were here last year, Green Lake near Elmore around 50km's north of Shepparton it is a really nice spot everyone seems to know about it.

It is a free camp you have a toilet block but we need to use our own shower. There are a lot of people here.

Looking to the South the people are about a 2km's long beside the lake.

Our setup right beside the water tonight.

We are about 3m from the water edge.

Tomorrow we will move South East 140km's to the Wangaratta area we will stay in the North East area for Christmas. We may move to a few camps in the Albury Wodonga and Wangaratta area.


Joyce had Silly Hair Day at school today, it is not silly Joyce you may start a new fashion.


I see General Motors have put a Holden badge on a Germany made car (it's an Opal and should not be sold here as a Holden.) I wonder how long it will last in the Australian Outback. From what I read it's a V6 and no V8 in 2017. It's not a Holden so take the badge off it, Holden's are made in Australia.

We move South tomorrow.

Peter hope you are fit and well soon.



December 8th Thursday 17 sleeps to Christmas

I fixed the day for 3Dots yesterday it was Wednesday, not Friday. I don't know where I got that from.

We are still in Lockington, and will leave tomorrow morning for Green Lake near Elmore.

I had this picture on yesterday and a number of people asked if the people on the water tank (the park shower) were dressed. HaHa what were you thinking.

Here a close up for you, as you can see they are dressed and playing netball.

The other side of the same tank (and they are all dressed) all in good fun.

Taken at the $15 caravan park at Lockington.

Also taken at the park a McCormick Deering tractor (you have to love the wheels) Over the back is a kids playground, the little shed out back is the BBQ area.

Susan, Scott and their mother had a big clean up at Susan place today and found a nice Blue Tongue Lizard which they moved on. (Scott sent in this picture)

We went into Echuca today I cannot say I love that place it is just full of people, very hard to get a parking spot, the Parking Meter are $1.30 an hour I will not rush back. Moving around is the problem. We had lunch at the Beechworth Bakery (Echuca version) the food was almost cold give it 5/10...

Back in Lockington we filled with fuel cost $1.20lt for Unleaded 91, went to the supermarket then back to the caravan.

We had a cool day with a bit of rain and a lot of wind in fact the wind was blowing all day and is still blowing at around 50kph.

As I said we move off tomorrow to a free camp we found last year at Green Lake near Elmore it is only 50km's south of here.


Have a good day all you people in the Wangaratta area see you at the weekend.



December 7th Wednesday 18 sleeps to Christmas

On the road again we ended up just 50kms down the road. We pulled up at Lockington 40kms South of Echuca we are now 180kms from Wangaratta. Tomorrow we are going in to Echuca for a look and do some Christmas Shopping we have almost finished our Christmas shopping at last.

Lockington is a town in northern Victoria, Australia in the Shire of Campaspe local government area, 198 kilometres north of the state capital, Melbourne. At the 2011 census, Lockington had a population of 778, however the welcome sign to the town says 408 which is more plausible given the small population.

The blue dot on the left hand side is where we are, Lockington tonight you can see Echuca Moama top right about 40km's away so we will go there tomorrow and have a look.

History of Lockington
The area was originally named Pannoobamawm. When the railway arrived in 1915 the station was named Bamawm. It was soon decided to name the growing town after William Lockington, a prominent Jesuit priest in the early 20th century.
The Post Office opened on 2 May 1876 as Pannoobamawm and was renamed Lockington in 1921.

The main street of Lockington Hardware Shop and Supermarket

The local hotel up the road.

The Town Today
Lockington has one pub, a school, three churches and a small range of shops. The district features an extensive network of irrigation channels and these are said to feature the giant "Loch Ness yabby".
Together with its neighbouring township Bamawm, Lockington has an Australian Rules football team (Lockington Bamawm United) competing in the Heathcote District Football League which won consecutive premierships in 2011/2012, led by coach Kahl Oliver.
Golfers play at the course of the Lockington Golf Club on Middleton Road.

The Caravan park where we are staying today and tomorrow.

Our caravan setup for the next two nights

Here something for you, two bathrooms inside the water tank there is a heap of room it has a wall.

A BBQ and meeting area in the Caravan Park

A powered camp site cost $15 a night... Bins, toilets, showers, BBQ, power, water lawn and tables to sit at $15 what more can you ask for.

This trip home is on back roads, (but no dirt) via all the small towns like Lockington it has 350 people in the town.

Joi and Peter are back home hope you ended up having a good trip.



December 6th Tuesday 19 sleeps to Christmas

We left Kerang this morning and only 50km's down the road we came across Pyramid Hill a small town 86km's to the North of Bendigo, we pulled into the caravan park $15 a night with power and a nice shopping area.

We had lunch at the bakery in the CBD.

Pyramid Hill is a town in Victoria, Australia in the Shire of Loddon 254 kilometres north of Melbourne and 86 kilometres north of Bendigo. At the 2011 census, Pyramid Hill had a population of 419. The town has a railway station.

Here the hill the town is named after Pyramid Hill.

A close up of the hill it's all rock, big rocks.

The town is named after the nearby hill (above) that rises 180 metres above sea level. Originally the town was situated at the base of Pyramid Hill, but was relocated when the railway station was built.

Bakery and Post Office when I seen it on the map, I was thinking another small town in the wheat belt of Victoria. But it's worth a stop if your in the area.

IGA Supermarket, and I must say what a shocker, IGA needs to fix this one up.

What a great shop full of gift ware, we did some Christmas Shopping here. I must say I am not into Gift Shops but I did like this one.

Hardware shop in town we have good television and a good internet service in town.

It was the first plastic bag free area in Australia.

The Post Office opened on 17 November 1875. The railway arrived in 1884.

We will only stay one night in town and move on tomorrow south towards the Wangaratta area.

Hello to all the 3Dots readers 19,000 hits and heading for 20,000...



December 5th Monday 20 sleeps to Christmas

We had a good day in Kerang we started off by cleaning up in the caravan getting ready to move tomorrow morning towards Wangaratta we are still 300km's away.

At lunch time we went into Kerang for lunch we were told about this cafe in town and how good it was so our last full day we went for a meal.

I took this as we were leaving today it's local, neat, tidy and very clean small and full of local people. The food was good old home cooked meal's.

Next we had a look at some of the local parks, thick green grass everywhere you looked.

Something to note when the river gets high around the town they get everyone to start using was they pump it on everything in town lawns gardens wash the gutters and keep doing it till the water drops.


Tomorrow we are heading for Green Lake near Elmore 150km's South of Kerang, we will move to Wangaratta Area at the end of the week. Looking at the Caravan Parks in Wangaratta they have put their prices up. You are looking at $35 to $40 a night in Wangaratta that's to much we feel and are going to look at Glenrowen, (not sure of the spelling) they are asking $20.00 a night with power.

We always look at a week Wangaratta $280.00wk Glenrowen $140.00wk that's half price. Down on the South Coast of Victoria Port Fairy they want $735.00 week at Christmas, New Year.

If you have your own toilet and shower a place like Oxley, or Edi all in the Wangaratta area are "Free" camps and the are packed at Christmas time.


There are a number of free camps on the Hume Weir near Albury Wodonga. If you are looking for a "free camp" any where in Australia talk to me and I tell you how to find them.


Hear John and Glenda are on the move to Wodonga next week.



December 4th Sunday 21 sleeps to Christmas

Not a good day in Kerang, it started of quite hot up around 35c by lunch time. It was around lunch it started to rain my guess is we had 0.01mm of rain but it rained all afternoon.

Carol did not have a great dad she felt sick all afternoon, she has had this before. and she still not great. I am sitting out side tonight in the cool weather doing 3Dots a few of us have had trouble of late I think we have to call it old age.

So no swimming today it was just to windy here this afternoon one tree had a lim fall in the park, there are some big gum tree's in the park I think some of them need to be cut back.

My nice clean car a real mess when it did rain today it rained mud, I may leave it to Tuesday then give it a good wash. I think our next stop on Tuesday afternoon will be Green Lake near Elmore it's about 130km's South of here and about 160km's from Wangaratta. Green Lake is a free camp.

Right now the sky is looking very dark so we may get some more rain. I did walk around the caravan today just making sure we get no water leaks.


Say hello to the 3Dot readers in Queensland I know your got really bad weather last night. Just hope you faired all ok.

Time to upload this to the Internet



December 3rd Saturday 22 sleeps to Christmas

Up early and off the the market in Murrabit , gee it is a really big market some 350 trader's there today so many in fact we never seen it all in the three hours we walked the market site.

Murrabit Country Market "It's Big" that all you can say open from 8am to 1pm the first Saturday of each month.

Heaps of food sites mainly run buy local service clubs.

Music to listen to all day if you wish to give your feet a rest.

The traders are packed in almost on top of each other, great place to Christmas Shop.

Apart from food you can buy almost anything you want. We will return to this market.

A lot of people shopping at the market today.

There are some really big traders here one selling white good. lots of tools and 4wd parts.

You can even buy a car battery here as in the picture above.

Like I said we did not see the total market it is just to big, Murrabit is 30km's north of Kerang near the Murray River.


Joi and Peter are in Tasmania this weekend and Peter had a fall and needed treatment at the hospital, that's all I know.


Scott is at the Telstra Wangaratta Christmas Party tonight, have fun.


It was 41c in White Cliffs today that is getting hot, Kerang is 40c tomorrow that's also hot. I may try out the pool tomorrow here at the caravan park.

We leave here on Tuesday morning heading towards Wangaratta 296km's to the south but are planning to take our time, do maybe a 100km's per day.

Hello to David and Sue in Gippsland.

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December 2nd Friday 23 Sleeps to Christmas.

Running late tonight we had a few people drop by for a talk which was nice of them.

And it was my turn to cook tea, Carol made tea I was just the cook. I often cook but for some reason Carol said she needs a picture.

Now here a story the dog belongs to the caravan park and it is a really nice dog. The tree has been sitting next to her kennel for some time in a pot.

The owner dug a hole in the park and planted the tree today, guess what the dog will not leave the plant I think she see it as her plant.

For the record here is the name of plant, we know it is loved by dogs. Well one dog.

Seen this is almost Joyce website this week she got another award today. Good girl I see you sometime in the next ten day, and you will have to show me all your awards.


Today I was cleaning the back of the car out and something dropped out of the tree above me on my head, a spider I grabbed it with my hand and it bit me the trouble spider is now dead, I had a sting for about 15min then it was all good. I washed the hand in White Vinegar.


Tomorrow we get up about 6:30am and are going to Murrabit Market I read it is the biggest market in Victoria. Everyone been telling us about it so tomorrow morning we will drive the 30km's North and have a look.


I am late so I will get the up on the net for you to read.




December 1st Thursday 24 Sleeps to Christmas

Yes it is December and I am told 24 sleeps to Christmas, we had a quite day and a drive around the local area. We are still in the same caravan park in Kerang maybe one in ten, you find a good caravan park.

Today we went for a drive around the "Kerang Wet Lands" even found a free camp but we did not stay there.

We did not see much bird life but it was 33c in the shade.

Great picture Loddon River near Kerang Victoria.

This is a free camp about 5km's from Kerang.

Toilet but no shower I keep this camp in mind I am sure we will pull in here one day.

Back in Kerang at the clock tower round-a-bout in the main street.

We may stay in this area to next Tuesday morning then move towards Wangaratta we need to be there around the 11th December.


Thanks for all the emails about my new phone some seven people sent me email's in the last 24hr's... Ok I answer one question I been asked about the Microsoft Phone.

To start with it was Nokia and they made phones for years, around 18mth's ago Microsoft took over Nokia and started building Microsoft Phones. The new phone is Windows 10 you can run Microsoft Office Word, Excel and so on all on a phone.


I cooked our meal on the Caravan Park BBQ tonight save heating up the caravan.


We have to do the washing tomorrow.





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