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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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February 29th Monday
Today we went for a drive to Singleton it is near where we are staying. Singleton is a town on the banks of the Hunter River in New South Wales, Australia. Singleton is 197 kilometres north-north-west of Sydney, and 80 kilometres northwest of Newcastle. At the 2011 census, Singleton had a population of 13,961 with a wider local government area population of 22,694.

Singleton's main urban area includes the town centre, Singleton Heights, Dunolly, Darlington, The Retreat, Wattle ponds and Hunterview. Surrounding rural villages include Broke, Camberwell, Jerrys Plains, Goorangoola/Greenlands and Belford.

Shopping in Singleton.

More shopping, just outside the coffee shop.

The main street looking north today.

Looking South, Singleton not bad I found it easyier to move around than Maitland.

Singleton is located on the north-eastern part of the geological structure known as the Sydney basin, which borders the New England region. The town is located at the junction of the New England Highway and Putty Road. The Golden Highway bypasses the town to the south. Singleton is also served by local and long-distance rail services. Singleton railway station is located at the southern end of the town centre. There are also bus services, both intercity and local.

Tomorrow we head into Newcastle and have two new tyres fitted to the Mercedes Benz and look around the city.

Well I found this guy (maybe a girl) in the men's shower tonight at the caravan park, Rhonda into green frogs did you send it???

Here's a mix up for you.

I am outside cooking tea, Carol is inside the caravan.
"Rex your tea ready"
I yelled out, "still cooking it."
Came back "it's on the table come and get it"
I call out "Hang On"
A lady comes out of the cabin next door to find me cooking, her husband name is Rex, And Carol came out what's going on she never said a word. The other Rex turned up a real mix up, we are good friends now.

Hello to Sue and David in Gippsland.

Tomorrow is another day.


February 28th Sunday
Maitland is a city in the Lower Hunter Valley of New South Wales, Australia and the seat of Maitland City Council, situated on the Hunter River approximately 166 kilometres by road north of Sydney and 35 km north-west of Newcastle. It is on the New England Highway about 17 km from its start at Hexham.

At the 2011 census it had approximately 70,000 inhabitants, spread over an area of 390.2 square kilometres with most of the population located in a strip along the New England Highway between the suburbs of Rutherford and Metford respectively. The city centre is located on the right bank of the Hunter River, protected from potential flooding by a levee.

Surrounding areas include the cities of Cessnock and Singleton local government areas.

Originally Maitland consisted of three separate towns which arose roughly all around the same time. West Maitland, now just Maitland, was a privately founded town which grew because of its proximity to the river and which today is the commercial centre of the city. The other areas were East Maitland, which was established by the colonial New South Wales government, and Morpeth, another private town founded by Lieutenant Close, a Peninsular War veteran. Each town functioned as if they were separate municipalities.
The name, Maitland, was reported in 1885 to have had its name taken 'from Sir George Maitland, ... Under Secretary for the Colonies, and M.P. for the Borough of Whitchurch, in Hampshire, England'.
The present city was proclaimed in 1945 with the amalgamation of the three local government areas. The city's boundaries have been increased by incorporating parts of other local government areas since then (most notably Kearsley Shire which from 1946 to 1949 was the only local government area in Australia's history to have a Communist majority of councillors).
West Maitland was founded in 1820 close to the tidal reach of the Hunter River where vessels with a shallow draft could navigate. Nearby Morpeth served as the head of navigation for larger ships (later, steamships), and goods would be transhipped upriver to West Maitland on barges and smaller vessels. Originally the route river route between Morpeth and West Maitland was 26 kilometres (16 mi), today after various floods and river course changes this has reduced to just 9 kilometres.

Maitland was therefore the point at which goods were unloaded for, and distributed to, the prosperous river land of the Hunter Valley. Accordingly, there were large warehouses (some of which still exist) built, which faced onto the main High Street and backed onto the Hunter River. For almost 20 years until the Victorian gold rush, Maitland was the second largest town in Australia. The arrival of the railway from Newcastle in the 1850s, coupled with the increasing silting of the river and larger ships spelt the end of the traditional river traffic.
The first electricity connected in the area was to Maitland Town Hall in 1922, to the Hall's front light.

Belmore Bridge
The first bridge to link West Maitland with what is now the suburb of Lorn was opened in 1869 and named in honour of the then Governor of New South Wales, the 4th Earl of Belmore. Although the bridge proved vital to the city's development, the floods of 1893, 1913 and 1930 began to heighten the need for a new bridge that could withstand periodic flooding. A second Belmore Bridge, designed to withstand the impact of debris during floods, was built adjacent to the 1869 bridge in 1964. The new bridge, which redirected traffic away from St. Andrews Street to a new intersection at the Maitland Court House, is one of the city's three main river crossings.

Main articles: 1955 Hunter Valley floods and June 2007 Hunter Region and Central Coast storms

Prior to settlement, but biggest on record. Reports of floodwaters being as high as 24.4 m (80 ft).

Settlers report finding driftwood in trees 18.9 m (62 ft) above the normal river level.

Seven killed, floodwaters peak at 8.9 m (29 ft).

Floodwaters peak at 8.9 m (29 ft).

Floodwaters peak at 9.2 m (30 ft).

Extensive flooding destroys homes in Louth Park and Victoria Street. Nine killed.

Floodwaters inundate central Maitland. Homes are lost on Mount Pleasant Street and in Horseshoe Bend.

Floodwaters inundate Maitland.

Floodwaters inundate Maitland.

Floodwaters invade lower High Street, Maitland.

Flooding in Maitland.

Flooding in Maitland.

Twenty five killed, 2,180 homes invaded by water.

Biggest flood on record since 1955.

Minor flooding in the Maitland district.

Floodwaters invade suburbs of Maitland; central Maitland escapes flooding.

Superstorm hits the Hunter, flash-flooding in Maitland.

Maitland's proximity to the Hunter River has resulted in a succession of floods since European settlement. Over 200 floods have occurred on the Hunter River since settlement, 13 of those higher than the river's normal peak limit of 10.7 metres (35.1 ft). Of these 13, all have had a direct effect on the city of Maitland.[8]

Between 1830 and 1834 Maitland experienced five floods. The 1832 flood was severe with water reaching about 8.84 m (29 ft) and killing seven people. The 1834 flood water reached the same height. In the winter of 1857 the Hunter River rose again to record heights, reaching 9.2 m (30 ft). Flooding continued for the next 30 years with the floods of the 1890s being the most disastrous. Much of the riverbank collapsed and many people were left without homes or personal possessions.

However, the 1940s and 1950s saw an increase in rainfall and the river rose again and again. In February 1955, Maitland and the Hunter Valley experienced its most severe flood in recorded history. The 1955 Hunter Valley floods, also commonly known as "The Maitland Flood", was the first Australian natural disaster to be broadcast by the media on an international scale. This flood is considered to be one of Australia’s worst floods. The waters reached 12.5 m (41 ft) and caused catastrophic damage. The volume of flood water was approximately 3,750,000 megalitres (8.2×1011 imp gal) and the cost of damage, in today’s currency, would have been over A$2 billion. Seven thousand buildings and homes were damaged and the flood claimed the lives of 14 people.

Maitland on a Sunday

In early June 2007 an intense low pressure system which caused devastating storms to hit the city of Newcastle and the Central Coast also caused major flooding throughout the lower Hunter Region including the Maitland area. During the flooding on 11 June 2007 the Hunter River was expected to reach a peak of 11.3 m (37.1 ft) at Maitland's Belmore Bridge and break levee banks. Some 4000 residents of the suburb of Lorn were evacuated before the floodwaters became stable at 10.7 m (35.1 ft) and did not invade central Matiland. Other areas did not escape with waters inundating homes in Branxton, Louth Park and Raymond Terrace. The flood has been compared to the devastating 1955 Hunter Valley floods.

From 20 to 22 April 2015, heavy rainfall in the Hunter, Central Coast and Sydney regions of New South Wales resulted in flash flooding and extended power outages to over 200,000 homes. Maitland was badly affected and the flood gates at Maitland railway station reinforced with sandbags to prevent flooding in central Maitland. Four people died as a result of the storms and a further four died in traffic related incidents. The towns of Dungog and Gillieston Heights, the homes of the four flood victims, were also badly affected, becoming isolated.

Carol and I think everyone in Maitland needs to buy a boat. If we get heavy rain we may leave but it the same story all the way down the New South Wales coast rain and floods.

We sat around the caravan park most of the day doing next to nothing today we will go for a drive tomorrow around town.

Hello to John and Glenda in Albury hope you enjoying the house.


Joyce out walking with her mother and father.


More pictures tomorrow


February 27th Saturday
This morning we woke to music and singing from the Salvation Army. The camp we stayed in last night was owned and run by the Salvation Army and it was a bit of a dump.
The power was good, the water was brown out of the tap I am glad we had our own water to use in our own shower.
How good it could be a very pretty place to be right on the water it is a very nice place to visit.
This morning we packed up and left the Salvation Army to play music and sing along. We drove towards Newcastle turning west to Maitland where we booked into the caravan park getting the last site at the park it's $30 night or $140 a week so we booked in for a week, leaving next Saturday morning.

Our camp tonight in Maitland.


We are well setup tonight in Maitland we cooked and had tea outside tonight

I do not think Carol or I have every been to Maitland so it is a new City for us, it is a very big city and the water clean.

We have a train line at the back of the caravan park so hope we can sleep tonight.

Hello to all in Albury Wodonga.

Tomorrow we will just chill out.



February 26th Friday
As I said last night "On the road again" we went south around 150kms stopping for one night at Tahlee on Port Stephen just above Newcastle tonight. We drove down highway number one today.

The park here a bit different it on Port Stephen we are about 10m from the salt water.

We are in the blue circle tonight Tahlee right on the water.

Taken with my camera phone it turned out a good picture.

The Port was all about wind today.

We are only 10m from the water tonight they say they only get small waves, hope they are right.

Here a video we took this afternoon Click_Here

All good we are only here for a night and move on tomorrow towards Newcastle.



February 25th Thursday
Harrington Beach stretches from Harrington village to the picturesque fishing village of Crowdy Head, and is part of the Harrington Beach State Park.

This quiet beach location between the two villages is ideal for relaxing strolls and fishing opportunities. Harrington break wall is a very popular spot for fishing, walking, and taking in the views of the ocean. There is a fish cleaning facility conveniently located at the beginning of the break wall.

I had an email about the church, here the picture inside.

Harrington the old part of town

The big wall and walkway

Some of the locals.

the old town I liked it.

Near the church today next to the IGA.

The Harrington Lagoon is located off the beach area; it is a safe swimming spot for families and is very popular during the warmer months. Car parking is available at the lagoon area off Crowdy Road.

A rainforest walk through to Harrington Lagoon is accessible from Crowdy Street, with parking facilities.

4WD vehicle access to Harrington Beach is just north of the Harrington Beach Holiday Park. Vehicles on Beach Permits are available at Ritchies Bait and Tackle.



We mover away from Harrington around 9am tomorrow morning and head South towards Newcastle area. We will stop out of Newcastle, inland maybe 20 to 30kms.

It's about a 200km drive tomorrow so we will pack up awnings tonight and television antenna ready to move out in the morning.

The closer you get to Sydney the harder it is to find a caravan park. We have no interest in going to Sydney. The plan is to drive around Sydney using the M7 and Hume freeway on Sunday week in the afternoon. By this time tomorrow we will be about 170kms from Sydney and 9days to do it. We have time to look at the area north on Sydney both on the coast and inland.

Hello to Tony and Belinda in White Cliffs (Happy Birthday B)

"Tomorrow It's on the road again"



February 24th Wednesday
The name Taree is derived from "tareebit" the local native Biripi word meaning tree by the river, or more specifically, the Sandpaper Fig.

Taree was laid out as a private town in 1854 by Henry Flett, the son-in-law of William Wynter who had originally settled the area in 1831. 100 acres (40 ha) had been set aside for the private township and 40 lots were initially sold. Taree was declared a municipality on 26 March 1885 and the first municipal council was elected by the residents. In 1844, the government of New South Wales had established Wingham at the head of navigation of the Manning River as its administrative centre which hindered Taree becoming the major centre of the region.

This changed, however, when the North Coast railway line was connected to Taree in 1913. Although connected to the railway, sea transport continued to dominate along the North Coast until the 1930s. This changed when the Martin Bridge replaced the ferry across the Manning River in 1940.

Taree bridge over the Manning River

Just a nice building in town the Court House.

Manning River.

I took this picture from the Net to show the river and Taree (my jet still in White Cliffs).

The oldest surviving building in Taree is the old St Paul's Presbyterian Church, built in 1869 in the Victorian Gothic Revival style, next door to the current building, in Albert Street.

We have been shopping in Taree finding what we need to stop a water leak in the caravan. It was very small and was fixed this afternoon.

We had a lazy day today I cleaned out the Mercedes Benz I was going to polish it but just a bit hot. We are around 30c today nothing like White Cliffs and Albury Wodonga who are both in the 40c.

Taree alright it has good shopping but has had more flooding than any other city in NSW. Don't think I move here, on the other hand Harrington (where we are staying) is really nice and only 25min from Taree and the big shop.

Hello to Vicki in White Cliffs (who rang today) good to hear from you.

Our last day tomorrow in Harrington Friday we head South towards Newcastle. We will not stay in Newcastle it classed as a high risk city I look for somewhere 20 to 40kms out of the city.

All good here.

February 23rd Tuesday
We went for a big drive today just over 200kms (without Caravan) to the Forster-Tuncurry area. Forster was a real surprise it's full of high rise living much like the Gold Coast.
Forster is a coastal town in the Mid North Coast region of New South Wales, Australia, in the Great Lakes Council LGA, about 308 km (191 mi) north-north-east of Sydney. It is immediately adjacent to its twin, Tuncurry, which is the smaller of the two towns. The usual local pronunciation of the name is "Foster".

Taken from the beach

Someone getting a new kitchen

Wonder what it cost for a week here.

Turn around and here the local beach

Looking the other way that a swimming pool at the end.

You have seen all the pictures I meant to take now here is one I did not mean to take.

I let you work it out it's not that hard.

At the 2011 census, the Forster-Tuncurry area had a population of 18,904 people, while the permanent population of Forster alone was 13,116.

Forster is named after William Forster, who was briefly Premier of New South Wales and who later served as Agent-General in London.
The first post office in Forster opened on 1 October 1872, with John Wyllie Breckenridge as postmaster at a salary of £10 a year.

Because of its close proximity to Sydney, just under 4 hours drive, Forster-Tuncurry has established itself as a popular summer holiday destination; in the hotter months the population increases considerably.

The school holidays in the colder months also bring a considerable number of holidaymaker's. Forster-Tuncurry is predominantly a family holiday location with large lakes and white sandy beaches. Notable nearby attractions the Bicentennial Trail, Cape Hawke, and Booti Booti National Park.

The most popular beaches are Forster Main Beach and One Mile Beach, serviced by Forster and Cape Hawke Surf Lifesaving Clubs respectively. Pebbly Beach is popular with local surfers

We are home in Harrington Caravan Park at the end of a very big day, must be getting old I feel stuffed.

Our week in Harrington is up at the end of this week we leave on Friday morning and head south towards Newcastle. Next Tuesday we have the Mercedes Benz booked in at Newcastle to replace two tyres.

As a point of interest we turned over 7,000kms today on this year's trip the best fuel is 10.8lt per 100kms and the worst is 19.4lt per 100kms from Parkes towards Armidale a lot of big hills with the caravan on.

Hello to Tim and Suzy Wangaratta and kids (dogs) love them.

Tomorrow I may clean and repack the car.

"Grey Nomads wander, but they are never lost"



February 22nd Monday
Today we are in Crowdy Head around 10km's from home it is a very small place with a nice lookout two shops that I've seen but they were busy with meals drinks and Ice Creams. We had a coffee, no comments please.

Taken from the lookout. That's a nice beach.

Remember the waterfall the other days it's on that big mountain.

We were told it is a good place to Whale watch in season around August.

The very old lighthouse built in 1861 is getting a big face lift by a local youth group. Have a look at there car paint work all done by hand with a spray can even the tyres are painted. The outside of the Lighthouse looks good so far. They are working on the inside right now, it's all had a clean and ready to paint. We only looked from the doorway and it did look good.

We are planning a drive along the coast to the south tomorrow about 200km's without the caravan.

Hello to Faye and John in Wangaratta, almost birthday time.


"The World is a book, and those who do no travel only read one page."


All good here on the coast.


Tomorrow another day.


February 21st Sunday
The old town of Harrington is still here but they are building a new town down the road about 2km's and we like it there must be about 200 new homes in the area maybe more a lot built on the water.

It is about 2km's from the caravan park, but it still has a age old problem the weather we took 48mm in the last 24hr's and we found a leak in the caravan that I can fix tomorrow when I go to the hardware shop in Taree.

This is all about the new Harrington and it is all new.

The main road into the Village

Village car park it is outstanding

That the Chemist shop

A really big IGA Supermarket

A church for anyone to use, inside it is just perfect

A place to get you hair cut and the side of the Chemist

Medical centre two doctors.

Here a place to live and setup a shop.

Bakery and a Coffee Shop (got to have a coffee shop)

And around the back a bottle shop and hotel, on the right that's a Library


I feel the pictures tell the story and there is more to be added they say, a house block is around $270,000 on the river. If you want to live in a nice area all new it's worth a look.

We have a good caravan park down the road.

All good here today but we did get a bit wet last night, I go into Taree Monday and get what I need to fix it up.

Muffy back home in Albury, White Cliffs has five days in a row over 40c, they need rain and so does Albury I am told.

The auction in Albury Wodonga yesterday went well in fact it was great the auction was packed.

Hello Muffy and Susan in Albury.



February 20th Saturday
A very wet day in Harrington a really big storm hit this afternoon, and that ended the day a very wet day 28mm for the day.

That Orange bit is our camp up the top of the screen

Just before the storm we went for a drive around town I took a a few pictures.

Down at the sea wall.

The same seawall from up on the hill, bet that took some building.

Looking back over the small town of Harrington. They are building a new town out the road.

That the open sea out there next stop the US.

The internet was off for some hour due to the storm we had some big bangs of thunder. All good now but it's getting late.

Hello John n Glenda


February 19th Friday
Well we are now at Harrington on the Manning River 300km's north of Sydney and about 30km's from Taree. I have been to a lot of Caravan Parks and this is close to if not the best caravan park we have stayed at. It is near new if it need any thing it is trees.

It is called the Colonial Holiday Park and Leisure Village it is a Top Tourist Park and we are Top Parks club members.

We are now in Harrington Nsw on the Manning River. That blue dot above is us for the next week.

Our setup tonight at the Colonial Holiday Park Harrington.

If you stay here show your pension card and stay a week it cost $18.80 night with a Top Tourist members card.

I take some more pictures tomorrow around the Harrington area.

It Friday night and the weekend all is good here, a nice place to be. Doug on his way to Queensland and Rhonda on her way to North NSW with no caravan it has been written off.

Muffy on her way back to Albury at the weekend and Joi still having treatment in Melbourne.

More pictures of the area tomorrow.


February 18th Thursday
Today was all about Ellenborough Fall TD8 Tourist Drive #8 to Ellenborough Fall from Wauchhope it took us all day to visit the falls and return to the park in Wauchope 80% of the trip was a shocker. The road turned to dirt then went up 3,000ft.

We were unable to turn around then we found out that we were on top, (no way I am going down that road) so we kept going to the falls and that was the best part of the day.

This is a good part of the road.

The road on top was better, but I was not going back down. Parts of the road were wet with no railing and a 1000ft drop over the side. We try look after the Mercedes Benz and we are a long way from home.

At the falls it was great, we stayed quite a while.

They are the second biggest falls in Australia. What a great site, guest what we found a coffee shop on the top.

We sat up the top and worked out a better way home and we found one 139km's via Taree it had only 10km's of dirt it was a long drive back but we home in one piece and so is the car so a 50km drive turned into a 200 plus drive.

John we found your waterfall.

Dots is really late today so I stop here and post it on the net.


February 17th Wednesday
Story of Wauchope: By 1828 a number of land grants had been made along the Hastings River. It was not until 1836 that the village of Wauchope first came into existence. In that year Captain Robert Andrew Wauchope (whose father dropped the 'ope' from the end of his name as a result of a family dispute) paid a deposit on 760 acres (3.1 km2) on King Creek.[2] He bought more property and built Wauch House.

Robert Wauch died in the Macleay area in 1866, and the Government Gazette published the deeds of his properties, specifying that they should be called Wauchope. When the post office opened in a nearby settlement in 1881, it was named Wauchope, although the Government Gazette misprinted the name Wanghope, an error that was not corrected until 1889.

Today we went Port Macquarie for a look at the light house and the beach. There's a bit of a story here Carol lived in Port Macquarie for six months forty plus years ago. Carol said she spent a lot of her time at the light house, today she went back

How this for a beach

It was a really good day we met with friends from White Cliffs. We went to the Chocolate Factory today I got one little bit for myself.

If the weather is good tomorrow we are planning a trip to Timbertown.

Doug and I talked today for about an hour, Doug heads towards home tomorrow. Have a good trip.

Have fun all, we will.



February 16th Tuesday
We left Kempsey Showgrounds and the Circus today as they just started to pull up the big tent.

We drove to Wauchope around 70kms South and setup camp at the Wauchope Showgrounds $20 a night power and water included. Good trip with the caravan, no problems at all.

Petrol here is $1.22lt Scott said it's under a $1 in Albury Wodonga.

One thing here we are right under the Telstra Phone Tower and I mean right under the tower it is 10m from the caravan.

Here the back of the caravan and the Telstra phone tower, yes we have five bars on the phone tonight and the 4G Wireless has six bars alight tonight. We will be here a few days.

It was 32c here today it felt like 40c they are saying 25c here tomorrow.

Hello to Joi, Peter and Muffy, Try to ring but all out today. Hope the eye all ok Peter.

I take some more pictures tomorrow.


February 15th Monday
Warm day in Kempsey, yes we are at the Kempsey Showgrounds and so is the Circus they are putting up the big top tent.

They will lift the big top tomorrow.

The big cats.

There are about ten monkeys

The Circus ready to lift in the morning.

We went to the IGA Supermarket in Kempsey for a few small things we needed and a drive around town.

Kempsey has a few problems the Showgrounds has to locked at night and the outside fence has barbwire on top to keep us campers safe tonight.

Now think about this we are locked in with the Circus Lions, Monkeys, and about 100 Circus workers.

Tomorrow we move south again about 60kms towards Port Macquarie area we are going to see friends to west of Port Macquarie from White Cliffs.

More on where we end up tomorrow night.

It looks like Rhonda caravan going to be written off after her mishap last Friday. Rhonda sorry to hear that.

Adrian and Dianna are back home in Lavington.

Muffy be home at the weekend.

Hello to Bill in Queensland

We move south tomorrow.


February 14th Sunday
Today we drove to Crescent Head and South West Rocks, both are nice places and much bigger than I had imagined.

Crescent Head today

Carol at South West Rocks the water in this area so blue.

Looking to east next stop USA.

The beach at South West Rocks.

South West Rocks was packed almost impossible to find a parking space. We went to the South West Rocks light house. But stopped at the car park it was a big walk to the Light House itself.

Light House

Adrian and Dianne had a good trip to Bendigo this weekend.

Damon and Carmen had a good trip to Melbourne over the weekend.

Rhonda sitting it out in Dubbo she hopes to find out about her caravan in the next few days. Right now its a bit of a sad story.

Had no news about Joi in Melbourne this week hope all is well.

Had the solar battery in the Mercedes Benz on the charger most of the afternoon. The plan is to fit the Solar Cell on the roof of the Mercedes Benz I get a drill bit and try finish working on it in the next week.

All good here today.


February 13th Saturday
We went south today towards Kempsey, we stopped in Nambucca Heads most of the day I must say it a bit hard to drive around with the caravan on the back there are some really big hills in town.

All pictures taken in Nambucca Heads most from the car it a nice place other than the hill in town.

We are setup near Kempsey tonight and are planning to meet up with friends in the next few days from White Cliffs.

I am a bit late tonight so I put it up on the net as is tonight.


February 12th Friday

Tonight, is our 80th night on the road, since we left White Cliffs. Some nights are paid for some have been free in Free Camps the average night has been $15.50 there's been some great camps and there has been some shockers.

We rebuilt our solar cell at Brooms Head we will try it out today and tonight.
Carol only watched television last night for an hour "Home and Away" last night. We then turned the television off. We ran the fan all-night on solar without a problem.

Today we went to Bellinger a small town to our south we went to the supermarket then the Golf Club for lunch they had an $8 meal which was really good. The town is about 12kms from our free camp. We will stay one more night in this area then once again head South.

The Golf Club

The Police Station

Court House 1910

Main Street of town.

Main Street looking South

Doug has moved to Port Macquarie he needs 240v power he is not set up to free camp. We had a week together talking about old times it was good. We text each other last night.

This afternoon and tonight we are back in Thora on the river with the solar cell plugged in making power I hope. It's not hot here around 29c but very high humidity you feel wet moving around.

Having the shop next to the free camp very good I went and brought an ice cream this afternoon that should put my sugar levels up a bit. But I did like the ice cream.

Tomorrow we will head south to somewhere our two free days here is up in the morning.

Hello to Tony and Belinda in White Cliffs.

All good here tonight.



February 11th Thursday
Well we packed up and left Nana Glen this morning heading back to the main highway and Coffs Harbour this time we drove in one side and out the other, Coffs Harbour is a busy place put it this way I will not be moving there.

Right on the south side of Coffs Harbour we found the Butterfly House, Carol a Butterfly lover and I new I never get past it.

I like this one.

Not a bad picture.

There not much you can say about this Butterfly it wanted to call home.

We then drove onto Urunga and I had a chat with a council worker he told us about a free camp at Thora 20km's west and it's great we can stay here for two days free. it has a shop right next door. I say 50 people live in town and 100 live at the caravan park tonight.

The caravan park is right on the Bellinger River the road is called the Waterfall Way. Bellinger is a large town about 10km east of here we will go there tomorrow.

Hello to John and Glenda, have your email.

All good tonight a bit warm here.


February 10th Wednesday
Our last day in Nana Glen so we went up town for lunch and a coffee, got to have our coffee. We head south tomorrow morning no place special, we will find somewhere we are looking for a free camp. Doug is moving off to see friends we are moving south real slow.

Doug gave me some pictures he took over the last week. All the pictures below are from Doug phone.

We know where he took this picture.

The beach at Coffs Harbour taken from the back seat.

At our Nana Glen park with the XPT train heading north to Queensland.

Doug and I having a chat we first met around 5yr's old at Murray Valley Coaches in Albury.

Do you know this person taken at Broom's Head.


Hello to Carmen and Damon in Wodonga, hope you are keeping cool.


Great day here, we move tomorrow.



February 9th Tuesday
Had a good night in Nana Glen around 8:30am we drove into Coffs Harbour gee that's a big city so much traffic it like driving in Melbourne on Monday morning.

First stop today was up on the lookout over looking Coffs Harbour

The lookout itself is worth a picture it moves around a lot, Carol said no way.

If you go to Coffs Harbour you have to visit the Big Banana, we had coffee.

Inside the Big Banana well just a little bit of it. It has a fun park now and you could stay all day.

Down at Coffs Harbour a lot of boats on the water,

No carol you cannot have the boat.

No Carol you cannot have it, I was told we need ten million.

Tonight we are back in Nana Glen and are planning to leave here on Thursday and head south it's going to be a slow trip towards Sydney. Carol said can we take the boat to Sydney, NO the answer

We had a good day we had lunch at the wharf next to the boat a very busy fish and chip shop, it was cheap $14 for the two of us with drinks, and we had a great meal. Doug went to Coles and we went to Aldi then home.

Hello Sue and David in Gippsland.

A rest day tomorrow, well that's the plan.



February 8th Monday
We have moved from Brooms Head to Nana Glen 30km's inland from Coffs Harbour we did not want to stay in Coffs due to it has a very high crime rate in fact Coffs has one of the highest crime rate of any city in New South Wales. Coffs Caravan parks are $40 to $70 a night one is asking $90 a night on the beach. Nana Glen is $15 a night with power and water.

On the map you will see Nana Glen, we are at the Nana Glen Equestrian Centre.

Our setup tonight with Doug's Bus in the background. We are the only people here.

Nice and green we have toilets and a hot shower, now that last building is on the Sydney to Brisbane railway line, we did have the XPT go by about 5pm tonight.

This is what we see from the caravan door tonight it,s all mowed.

How crazy is this you can light a fire if you like, the people here last night did light a fire and tossed their red hot ash right up on the base of the tree. Doug found the base of the tree red hot tonight, we put it out with water. Not real smart.

So tomorrow we are going into Coffs Harbour for the day, we are going to spend a full day in Coffs then return here.

Hello Rhonda hope you are having a good trip.

Had a good easy trip today all good.


February 7th Sunday
Our last day in Brooms Head and the sun comes out we went know where today just stayed in park we went walking on the beach.

Like this picture taken tonight we are on the hill about 15m from the caravan.

Getting ready to go Beach Fishing at Brooms Head Caravan Park.

We move on tomorrow but I be happy to return one day.

Doug camper bus next to our caravan. He still working on it but it looks good.

Tomorrow we turn south for the first time and head for Nana Glen around 130km's south of here and 30km's west of Coffs Harbour we are going to spend a day in Coffs and maybe three nights in Nana Glen. Coffs Caravan parks are $40 to $70 a night one is asking $90 a night on the beach. Nana Glen is $15 a night.

All good here and it's time to move south. We have five weeks to return to Albury-Wodonga and Wangaratta.

Hello to Vicky in White Cliffs hope Carol car being good.

Scott working in Albury tomorrow.


February 6th Saturday
Wild weather up and down the coast all day, a lot of wild wind rain and big waves all added up to a wild Saturday.

This is the story of today this is our dream beach covered in water.

This is today around midday on the rocks, not a good day to fish off the rocks.

Carol and Doug on the stairs to the beach.

The waves wash right up to the bottom of the stairs to the beach.

Nothing else for it a cup of coffee at "The Snack Shack" down by the beach. Coffee $4.00 a cup that's ok but meal prices are a bit over the top for a Beach Snack Shack.

We made the best of a really bad day, we talked eat and sleep the rain came down 90% of the day and it's still raining.

Adrian said the auction in Albury went well, they were very happy with the number of bidders and said the building was packed. The website we did had 1002 hit's in ten day.

I am charging the solar battery with 240v power it almost fully charged ready for next week if we need to free camp.

We did some work on our Solar panel the last few days, all we need now is sunlight to try it out.

Hello to Susan in Albury, getting ready for the big trip away.

Our last day in Brooms Head tomorrow we move out on Monday, heading south this time.


February 5th Friday
Brooms Head was a lot cooler today but we sure had a lot of wind, we went into MaClean early this morning shopping it's nice.

We started the day with the awning but wind pulled the pegs out of the ground and it all fell in a heap.

I went up the hill to use a computer and took this picture it in the same area I took a picture yesterday.

Doug came today from Queensland and is camped next to us tonight. It's good to meet up tonight after around 25yr's I was told today.

How this for a great beach it a great view about 5km's from our camp. Look at the sky but no rain.

The auction on in Albury tomorrow morning it's a big auction and worth a visit if you live in Albury Wodonga.

Hello to Bill and Marg in Queensland.

Tomorrow a new day.


February 4th Thursday
We stayed in Brooms head today and just went for a drive around town, there is not a lot hear other than the sea but that good in the area.

I am sitting up on the hill today doing three dots I get a good Internet signal up here.

It not a bad view from up here.

Back in Caravan Park a real nice beach to look at.

Coffee shop on the beach

As far as the eye can see just one big beach.

It a nice area if your up this way come visit Brooms Head for a day or two. What it cost $156.00 a week powered site with a pension card.

Hope to see Doug tomorrow for a day or two he on his way from Queensland.

Hello to Damon and Carmen in Wodonga.

All good here a lot of wind today we may get rain.


February 3rd Wednesday
All good here at Brooms Head the internet our only problem it's just so slow I can not upload picture's we did do a drive to Yamba to get out of the heat, the car the coolest place to be.

In Yamba I walked around all the fishing boats and took some pictures for tonight. The problem with the internet is not my end, it is in the local area. The phone 4G system only has one bar on the phones.

Doug was held up driving south due to a big truck crash just above the Queensland border he will not get here till Friday, he can relax in Brooms Head.

Don't forget Adrian and Garvin have a auction in Albury this weekend.

And looking at the sky right we may get some rain soon.

That's it for tonight, power all good but the local Internet almost at a stop.


February 2nd Tuesday (Joyce at School)
Yes Joyce had her first day at school today, Thurgoona Public School and she told me she going back tomorrow.

If you could read this look it says "I not sure about this" Chase also went to school but unable to contact Mum today.

Carol and I went to Grafton today it is 60km South of where we are camped. It's a nice drive and a nice City.

This is the Art Gallery in Grafton I think it's old but new, some nice buildings. We shopped at Aldi and Woolworth's, Carol had her hair cut in the main shopping plaza. We went to the Chemist for tablets that I need to keep me going.

At the last free camp I had trouble with the solar cell's, we needed parts and I was unable to find them in Grafton but did find them in MaClean on the way home. Sometime in the next few day I try do a repair job on the solar cell.

The weather a lot better today, tonight the best and coolest night in a week.

Doug will be here Thursday we think, it been about 20yrs of talking but we will meet again soon, Doug a 3Dots reader from Queensland.


Hello to Joyce and Chase hope you had a good day at school.


February 1st Monday Happy Birthday Julie have a great time.
We are in Brooms Head, we only have to walk about 10m then down 20 wood steps and we are on the beach and we did dip our toes in the salt water.

We moved 23kms today from MaClean to Brooms Head and we have power, water and a hot shower.

Not a lot at Brooms Head a General Store a Chip and Coffee shop on the beach a lot of beach homes. Half of them for sale.

This is how the other half live.

As far as you like to walk beech.

Yes we dip our toe's in the water late afternoon there's nothing like the beach.

Happy Birthday to Julie in Albury have a good time.

Joyce is off to school tomorrow it will be her first day at Thurgoona School, a big day for the family.

This is the perfect place to just sit and do nothing. The caravan park about 10% full right now I away's get asked how much it cost, $156.00 for 7 Day on a seniors card with power and water hot shower all good. I rate the 7 1/2 out of 10...

Hello to Faye and John in Wangaratta.

We are doing a drive to Grafton shopping tomorrow as they have Aldi, and all the big shops.



Three Dots...