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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for som e crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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January 31st Sunday

Well end of another month and the start of a new one but right now I wish it would cool down, 39c here today.

Tomorrow we move to Broom Head and into a caravan park with power for our air conditioner everyone has been telling us how good the caravan park is.

Across the river from our camp is an island so we crossed the one and only bridge today and drove the 35kms around the island 95% of the island is Sugar Cane crops

That the island across the river and the bridge we crossed.

One thing we did see tonight right at the end of sunset is bats, yes 100,000 bats took to the sky flying over our camp. We just sat outside under cover and watched them fly over.

I did try take the bats tonight but not enough light.

We move out to Brooms Head for 7days and if it's not hot we will return here for 3days before heading south

Tim and Suzy in Wangaratta.

Tonight it is so hot here by the river.


January 30th Saturday
A very hot day in MaClean, it was very wet we had two thunder storms one was really big we were outside putting stuff out of the weather and we got soaking wet.

We went for a drive to Yamba today that's a real busy place.

Yamba beach today.

Yamba beach

We took this picture back in McClean

Taken from the caravan to night of the river they are two Dolphin swimming in the river.

Not a good day weather wise in fact the heat got to me today I am ok now but for a while it was bad.

I keep it short tonight. Need a cold drink.


January 29th Friday Happy Birthday Kylie
We left Glen Innes today around 10am and headed for the coast it was a slow trip all up and down big hills all the way. A picture tell a 1000 words

The road ok and we had a good trip

Down we went for 17km locked in 2nd gear and air brakes on and caravan on the back. We did it slow but we did it easy for the 17km top to bottom.

Half we had a stop and a cup of coffee for about half hour it was hot.

How this for a view from halfway down the mountain

And here we are for three nights in McClean on the back of the Clarence River, we are camping at the McClean Showgrounds it cost $10 a night with NO power we are running on Solar power tonight. This is a million dollar view to wake up to tomorrow morning. It is salt water at this point.

And it is raining right now.

Hello to Kylie and have a happy birthday hope you like your gift.

We are only a short drive to Yamba we will go there tomorrow for a look.

Our plan is to stay around here about two week and we are planning to meet up with Doug from Queensland here at the end of next week.

This is as high as we go in about two week we head south back to Wangaratta mid March.



January 28th Thursday
WASH OUT, yes the rain came during the night and it sure came down so we stayed where we are undercover in Glen Innes today and we may stay here tomorrow. I don't think it is safe driving down the Great Dividing Range on a cold day and maybe black ice.

So we went for a walk around the Showgrounds so people need to come look at this place.

The people who run the Albury Showgrounds need to visit Glen Innes.


The sun came out around 5pm after a day of rain.




What a show garden for a beautiful showgrounds.

Hello Adrian and Dianna in Lavington just outside Albury.

Tomorrow we will look at the sky and decide if we move on.


January 27th Wednesday
The original owners of Glen Innes and surrounding areas are the Ngarabal people. The Ngarabal name of the township of Glen Innes is Gindaaydjin, meaning "plenty of big round stones on clear plains". The arrival of European settlers saw the significant disruption of the life of Ngarabal people, with widespread loss of life through massacres, disease and poisoning. Many Ngarabal people continue to live in the Glen Innes area, still practicing many aspects of their traditional culture and way of life.

In about 1838 Archibald Boyd registered the first run in the Glen Innes district. Two stockmen known as "the Beardies" because of their long beards took Boyd to this area to establish his run. ‘The Beardies’ later introduced other squatters to the best runs in the area to become known as the Land of the Beardies or Beardie Plains.

Furracabad Station was suggested by John James Galloway as an alternative to Wellingrove for a new town. However Furracabad Station was sold in the 1840s depression and passed to Major Archibald Clunes Innes, then to the Bank of Australasia, then to John Major, who sold it to Archibald Mosman. The name Glen Innes is believed to be bestowed by Mosman in honour of Innes. Glen Innes was gazetted as a town in 1852 and the first lots were sold in 1854. The post office was established in August 1854 and the court in 1858 when they replaced the Wellingrove offices. In 1866 the population was about 350, with a telegraph station, lands office, police barracks, courthouse, post office and two hotels. There was still no coach service at this time, but in the 1870s a road was constructed to Grafton.

Tin was first discovered at Emmaville in 1872 and Glen Innes became the centre of a mining bonanza during the late 19th century. In 1875 the population had swelled to about 1,500 and the town had a two teacher school, three churches, five hotels, two weekly newspapers, seven stores and a variety of societies and associations. On 19 August 1884 the new Main North railway from Sydney opened.

The arrival of the rail service and the expansion of mining contributed a new prosperity in the town, which is reflected in some of the beautiful buildings there.

The centre of the town retains some of its federation buildings and the owners have painted these buildings in the traditional colours. Many of these buildings have been placed on the Register of the National Estate.

The town boasts a railway station that was once part of the Main North Line. These days the line is closed at this point so the station is not in use. The buildings have been reused.

That's a bit on Glen Innis, hope you enjoyed it.

We had a $15.30 win on Tuesday night lotto we were looking for a million but $15.30 will have to do.

In the text above they talked about Emmaville we went for a drive there today. Below are some pictures of the area.

Taken out the windscreen of the car.

All the hills in the area are covered in rock as you can see in the picture.

Here is the old town of Emmaville, 4000 people once lived in the area, now about 100 people live here.

Carol wanted this tree to use in a painting Emmaville

The Emmaville Post Office it's old and well looked after.

That was our last day in Glen Innes tomorrow morning we head east to a free camp about 100km's away for one night then we head to Grafton the next day Friday. We will see salt water by the weekend at Yanba. And I must say for two people from outback White Cliffs it be good to see waves and a beach.

Tomorrow night I hope we have a phone cell, we will be at Jackadgery on the Gwydir Highway if we have wifi tomorrow night well and good, if not we will see you the next night.

Hello to Susan, Kylie, Troy and Joyce in the Albury area. Hi Jack a lot of wild life up this way.

Tomorrow a new town.


January 26th Tuesday (Australia Day).
We all know it is Australia Day and the people of Glen Innes turned it on in the town hall in the main street and what a show it was. Starting at 11am it went to 3pm, we enjoyed Australia Day in Glen Innes.

The cake in the town hall is saying it all.

By 11am every seat was filled in the Town Hall

They sure added to the Australia Day in the Town Hall.

The Glen Innes Pipe Band played in the hall.

Here is a 25sec Video of the Pipe Band playing in the hall for Australia Day. CLICK_HERE.

It was a good day, to around 3:30pm then the thunder rolled in we had 20mm of rain in 30min's a number of street were closed due to flooding.

Hello to Scott in Wangaratta.

That was today right now it is 15c and raining in Glen Innes

That was Australia Day.

Hayley was named White Cliffs "Australia of the year." Well done Hayley.


January 25th Monday
This morning we packed up in Guyra and headed to Glen Innes where we booked into the Glen Innes Showgrounds $20 a night for a powered site. And we were lucky to get a site undercover and within an hour we had a big thunder storm.

Our setup tonight undercover at the Glen Innes Showgrounds.

Glen Innes has a lot of old buildings, old Australia like this need to be looked after.

The Post Office is a nice building to look at.

I am unsure what this building is used for, I guess a TAFE style building. It's a modern style building.

Glen Innes Town Hall and tomorrow morning they are closing of the street for Australia Day and that's where we are going in the morning. Australia Day starts at 11am in Glen Innes and it all about food this year. The street meals are paid for by Woolworth's tomorrow.

I seen a Big Mac and a KFC, Coles and Woolworth's there is no Bunning's, Big W or K-Mart in town.

It's not a very big shopping area in Glen Innes one main street about 1km long.

All good with the car and caravan.

Hello to Faye and John in Wangaratta.

Still raining outside tonight and 14c right now. They are talking about rain all week we may just sit here under cover till it fine's up.

Australia Day tomorrow, I have my Australia Hat to wear at the town hall tomorrow.


January 24th Sunday
We left Armidale and drove a 35km's north to Guyra, only a short trip today we are in a free camp next to Mother of Ducks Lagoon. Guyra is a town situated midway between Armidale and Glen Innes on the Northern Tablelands in the New England region of New South Wales, Australia. It is the seat of Guyra Shire and at the 2011 census, it had a population of 1,947.

The New England Highway is the main transport link to Guyra. The Northern Railway tracks still pass through the town, but this line is now disused north of Armidale.

Guyra is located to one side of the Mother of Ducks Lagoon which is contained within the crater of an extinct volcano. The Mother of Ducks Lagoon Nature Reserve has been placed on the Register of the National Estate. The golf course, picnic areas and a walkway to a viewing platform are situated on the shores of the lagoon.

All rivers on the eastern side of the railway line that runs through the town flow towards the Pacific Ocean, while those west of the railway line run west, ultimately to join the Murray River. To think the water beside us here will run past Albury, somewhere that way.

The reason we are here Guyra Lamb and Potato Festival is to the 26th Australia Day

The market area in Guyra is about a 900m long (that's a long walk)

People and more people it like being back in Parkes at the Elvis Festival.

A lot of older people and younger people it's about 50 - 50% mix.

It a bit over the top price wise for food a good meal will cost around $40

The free camp in Guyra tonight we will only stay the one night.

Sent to me by Barbara and Russ in Yarrawonga Victoria.

THE YEAR IS 1915 England and USA

This will boggle your mind!
The year is 1915 “One hundred years ago”. What a difference a century makes!

Here are some statistics for the Year 1915:

The average life expectancy for men was 47 years.

Fuel for cars was sold in chemists only.

Only 14 percent of the homes had a bath.

Only 8 percent of the homes had a telephone.

The maximum speed limit in most cities was 10 mph.

The tallest structure in the world was the Eiffel Tower.

The average British wage in 1915 was £15 per year!

A competent accountant could expect to earn £800 per year.

A dentist £900 per year.

A vet between £600 and £900 per year.

And, a mechanical engineer about £2000 per year.

More than 95 percent of all births took place at home

Ninety percent of all Doctors had no university education!

Instead, they attended so-called medical schools, many of which were condemned in the press AND the government as "substandard."

Sugar cost two pence a pound.

Eggs were 10 pence a dozen.

Coffee was five pence a pound.

Most women only washed their hair once a month, and, used Borax or egg yolks for shampoo.

Canada passed a law that prohibited poor people from entering into their country for any reason.

The Five leading causes of death were:

1. Pneumonia and influenza

2. Tuberculosis

3. Diarrhea

4. Heart disease

5. Stroke

The American flag had 45 stars.

The population of Las Vegas, Nevada was only 30.

Crossword puzzles, canned beer, and iced tea hadn't been invented yet.

There was neither a Mother's Day nor a Father's Day.

Two out of every 10 adults couldn't read or write and, only 6 percent of all British pupils went to university.

Marijuana, heroin, and morphine were all available over the counter at local corner chemists.

Back then chemists said, "Heroin clears the complexion, gives buoyancy to the mind, regulates the stomach, bowels, and is, in fact, a perfect guardian of health!" (Shocking?)

Eighteen percent of households had at least one full-time servant or domestic help...

There were about 230 reported murders in the ENTIRE U.S.A.! In 2014 this figure had risen to 14,249.

Thanks for the input:

Like I said we move off tomorrow to Glen Innes we hope to stay at the Showgrounds we have had good reports and people are rating it a 4/5, that's not bad.

Hello to Bill in Queensland your getting nice cool weather.


January 23rd Saturday
We had a great day in Armidale today apart from two big rain storms, The council put on a bus today with driver and a young 70yr old to tell us all about Armidale. Guess what we were the only two to turn us for the $5 head tour that was to take two hours.

Here our private bus for the day we left at 10am and got back just after 3pm we even stopped for lunch and by the end of the day we had been everywhere and have two new friends. The tour is free but we did put money in the box in the bus after all we had a fantastic day.

There are some big church's in Armidale.

I took this picture outside the church and where invited inside for a tour, a nice building.

The New England Regional Art Museum it was good. (I took a lot of pictures.)

Inside the New England Regional Art Museum they building this when we were there. They render it with cement and plaster.

This is art inside The New England Regional Art Museum. This is what you do with all you old stuff.

It's art I might give it a go one day in White Cliffs.

We had a good day and tomorrow we move 35km's north to Guyra and the "Lamb and Potato 30th Festival." There is a free camp across the road from the festival I hope we can find a camping spot tomorrow.

So another new town tomorrow.

Hello to my daughter Susan in Albury.

If you get up this way have a look around Armidale.



January 22nd Friday
Up early we drove from Bendemeer to a new camp at Big4 in Armidale New South Wales a nice easy trip with the caravan on the back. It was a very hot day in the area it's been hot for days and we are starting to feel it.

Joyce beat the heat in Albury with an ice block. She off to school in about a week.

We went shopping here today at Centro Plaza it is a Woolworth's Big-W shopping area.

K-Mart, Target, Coles Supermarket in Armidale.

This is what I call a house not sure who lives here.

We are setup at the caravan park here in Armidale the park cost $28.00 a night power and water.

This has to be the smallest caravan I have seen it is parked next to us tonight Chris the owner said it is 9ft inside she lives on the road full time. There are 1000s of people living on the road full time in caravans and camper trailers.

Hello to Bill and Jenny in White Cliffs they are great people to know.

Deer, yes right next to the caravan park we have a Deer Farm I try get some pictures.

Sitting in the caravan at night I have been working on a website for Adrian and Garvin a auction at the Albury Showgrounds on the 6th February CLICK_HERE

More on Armidale tomorrow.



January 21st Thursday
It all about the Tamworth Music Festival in Tamworth New South Wales, yes today was all about country music, we are still staying in Bendemeer but drove 40km's back to Tamworth for the day.

There is a lot of people in Tamworth but I feel there were more at the Elvis Festival in Parkes ten days ago. This Peel Street Tamworth today.

Peel Street Tamworth today

This is Peter from White Cliffs he a good friend of our's he sings in White Cliffs quite a lot he was singing at the White Cliffs Music Festival and got an invite to sing at Tamworth this year.

There are over 400 street singers in the street at Tamworth (go Peter, hope you win.)

Tonight we are back in Bendemeer and Tomorrow we move on to Armidale, we are looking forward to this stop the last time I was here was 1988 in winter and it felt like the coldest place on earth. Carol said she has not been to Armidale. It a new city for us, a number of people have told us what to do in town. We plan to meet up with people we don't know in Armidale but more on that later.

Hello to Damon and Carmen in Wodonga and the grand kids.

Tomorrow a new city, have fun we are.


January 20th Wednesday
We left Wallabadah around 10am this morning it a nice free camp and we will return there one day when passing this way.

We stopped at Bendemeer some 40km's past Tamworth booking into the caravan park for two nights at $22.00 night we need power for the air conditioner today and tomorrow night. It 41c here right now outside.

The local pub.

Well it was a butcher it's closed now but not a bad picture.

Old local church, it looks like a church from outback USA the style you see in the movies.

To tell the truth there is not a lot in Bendemeer one general store and not much more. Why stop here it is 40km's back to Tamworth Music Festival tomorrow and Tamworth has a Aldi and a Bunning's that we need.

We are going to spend a day at the country music festival then head north towards Uralla and Armidale on Friday we are looking forward to Armidale.

Time for tea I am told so it's Tamworth tomorrow.

Hello Sue and David in Gippsland.


January 19th Tuesday
All good today in Wallabadah NSW, but it was a very hot today this will be our last day here tomorrow morning we are moving up past Tamworth. We are moving into a caravan park for power and we are able to run the air conditioner. The weather man is say it will be in the high 30c here the rest of the week. I need power, as I am also working on a website for Adrian this week, and Carol wants the tennis.

The solar cell does a good job but that a bit much for a 80w Solar cell.

This is the little stream we are camped on the last three days, it's good here I like it and will return.

Adrian sent me a picture taken from Ebden on the Hume Weir just outside of Albury. You can see the back of the Hume Dam in the picture. Thanks for the picture.

We made a trip back to Quirindi today (16km's) to visit the supermarket, it not a bad town but it is not cheap.

Filled up with fuel up here today 117.9c lt ready for tomorrow morning.

Hello to Adrian and Dianna in Lavington.

New town tomorrow


January 18th Monday
Still in Wallabadah but it is starting to get hot and the weather man saying it's going to get hotter as the week goes on. Today we went to Quirindi a good size town some 16km's west of us it has a good IGA Supermarket.

Quirindi as you can see in the pictures it quite a good size town.

If we need any food all anything else it worth a drive to Quirindi from where we are.

A bit of news has filter through to us that Carl Brunnenmeyer in White Cliffs has rolled his car and trailer south of White Cliffs. I am told Carl is ok but his car and trailer are a mess.

We started the story yesterday Rhonda sent a picture about Ben Hall bush ranger, how he ended up in Forbes.

Ben Hall was born at Breza on the Liverpool Plains in north-central New South Wales in 1837, the son of two convict transportees to Van Dieman's Land, his mother chosen by his father whilst she was at the Female Convict Factory at Parramatta. Hall's father had become a freeholder and a successful farmer, working as an overseer on a property in the Lachlan district. Ben Hall spent his youth working with horses and cattle, developing expertise and great skills. He took a lease on a property in Sandy Creek, adjacent to Wheogo station, with his wife Bridget Walsh.

Ben Hall was said to have taken up bush ranging at the age of 22, in 1861, after two wrongful arrests and 'to meet the man who ruined his happiness' when his wife ran away with a former policeman. After a wrongful arrest, on suspicion of being an accomplice of bush ranger Frank Gardiner, he spent four or five weeks in the lockup until he was released due to lack of evidence. A second arrest when he was mustering his horses also foundered due to lack of evidence.

When Hall returned to Wheogo, after the second wrongful arrest, he was devastated to find that his house had been burned down and his stock lay dead, perished in the yards for lack of water - the slip rails had not been dropped by the arresting officers. This shocked the other settlers who remained sympathetic.

Not long after that, Hall joined up with Frank Gardiner and his gang who robbed from Yass to the Wedden Ranges. As Australian-born men, they had excellent knowledge of the country and were known as great horse riders.

Ben Hall took over as leader of the gang after a robbery at Eugowra, when Frank Gardiner absconded to a new life in the north.
Over a few short years, he committed over 600 robberies but he never killed anyone, and this contributed to his image as a popular folk hero. In 1863 the whole gang bailed up the entire town of Canowindra, shepherding everybody into Robinson's Hotel and instructed them to eat or drink all they wished - at the gang's expense. The 'party' lasted for three days until the 14 dray drivers warned Hall that the river was rising and that they needed to leave before they were stranded.

There were plenty of sympathisers who offered them safe hiding places and who in turn were often rewarded with a share of the goods. Ben Hall was also seen as a 'Robin Hood' figure, stealing from the rich and redistributing the booty to his supports, family and friends.

Ben Hall's hiding place was betrayed to police by an accomplice who was safeguarding Hall's escape money. Troopers arrived at Ben Hall's camp before dawn, but waited until sunrise until they could identify him. When the plain clothes but armed men emerged from the bush, Hall ran in the opposite direction before being shot in the shoulder and back.

Hall called out to this friend Billy Dargin, an Aboriginal tracker who was close by (trying to take him alive), 'I am dying! I am dying! Shoot me dead', Hall having previously vowed 'They'll never hang Ben Hall'. The other troopers opened fire after he hit the ground. The police report stated that 30 bullets were found in his body.

They rolled him in a blanket, and led him through the streets of Forbes to show the prize they had. After three days he was buried in Forbes cemetery.

The Streets of Forbes, John McGuire (attrib.), 1865

Ben Hall Grave today in Forbes, Thanks Rhonda for your time.

Here we are at the end of another day, to the people of White Cliffs thanks for looking are our good friend Carl.

We may leave here on Wednesday and move into a caravan park with power so we can run our air conditioner.


January 17th Sunday
A nice quite day sitting by the stream in Wallabadah to the north of New South Wales a few moved out today and a heap moved in, tonight we have some 30 van's parked at the $5.00 (free camp).

Rhonda sent this picture from Forbes there a lot of history at Forbes, thank you for the picture. I have to go and Google Ben Hall and work out why he ended up in Forbes.

Joyce, Kylie and Scott had an outing on the Ice Ring in Albury this morning, Scott not bad on ice. Thank you for the pictures. Joyce seems to having a lot of fun.

Right next to the caravan park we have the "First Fleet Memorial Gardens" in Wallabadah there is more information here that in Botany Bay Sydney.

It covers the 1st and 2nd Fleet and it only covers convicts to New South Wales, as you can see in the pictures there are caravan parked in the background, where we are staying.

If you have family in the first or second that came to New South Wales their name will be here. I am told a lot of Family Reunions are held here.

The main town in the area is Quirindi some 16km's away from where we are camped. Tomorrow we are going for a drive just to have a look.

Still working on Solar Power, we got a new battery in Mildura when we started out it is working a dream we have lighting, television, phone's and computers. This morning it was at 85% full and 100% after an hour of sunlight.

Tomorrow a new town for Carol and I



January 16th Saturday
We went shopping at Aldi early then back at the caravan we packed up and hit the road heading due north on the New England Highway. After a 110km's we pulled over at a very small town Wallabadah have a look at the map, we are the little blue dot that you see on the may. What's here not a lot a General Store, BP Fuel, Pub and a $5 a night free camp where we are.

here we are right next to the stream.

A free BBQ for campers.

Taken at the door of the caravan a really nice spot.

A bit small for us a kid's play ground in the caravan park.

There is a park next to the caravan park I go have a look tomorrow you can see it behind the play ground.

We only drove 107km's today, we are 55km's below Tamworth and are planning a trip into Tamworth next Wednesday, we will need food by then, The Tamworth County and Western show on in the street and it is going to be a hot day.

We are all setup, and running on Solar Power.

Hello to all the people in White Cliffs


January 15th Friday
Have had a few people say the red I use for the date is hard to read so I try a new colour, please send me an email I like to know what you think the old red or the new red.

We are still in Muswellbrook NSW, and still camped undercover in the betting ring at the showgrounds we leave here tomorrow head north about 105kms and hope to stay at a free camp, well almost free it cost $5 a night (no power) we will be using solar power.

The local Marketplace shopping centre in Muswellbrook

We have had a few pictures sent to us via email.

Scott sent me this picture of the "Cumberoona" on Lake Mulwala Yarrawonga, thanks Scott

Thanks Rhonda for this picture taken at the free camp in Forbes NSW that a nice outlook to wake up to each morning.

Same lake in Forbes you can see the caravans across the lake.

Rhonda I have added Forbes to our bucket list it look good in the pictures, we drove past Forbes heading for Parkes.

Not a lot from us today we had 24hr's of heavy rain (58mm) in Muswellbrook and spent most of the day in the caravan watching television.

Tomorrow we head north.

Hello to John, Faye and Scott in Wangaratta.


January 14th Thursday
Sandy Hollow was a bit of a hole, we went there because it was a "Top Tourist Park" and they are always good, you can give that one a miss. This morning we packed up early and drove to Muswellbrook it not a bad town but very hot all day 41c we went for a drive around the area to keep cool.

Just rocks but worth a picture you have to wonder how they got this way.

Taken from the car everywhere you drive around here your going up hill or down hill.

We have never had this before, we are at the Muswellbrook Show Grounds tonight and Ron the caretaker gave us a site underground. We are parked in the betting ring that the TAB betting windows you see in the picture.

Then right on sunset tonight we had a thunder storm and a heap of rain Click_Here it sure came down here but as we were under cover in the betting ring we never felt a drop. By the way a night here is $20 with power.

Apart from that we are all good here.

Tomorrow another day.


January 13th Wednesday
That ended up being our biggest day. We left Peak Hill between Parkes and Dubbo, driving to Dubbo our plan was stay there but it seems they have had a lot of security problems at the caravan parks so we set out to drive on to Dunedoo some 90kms.

When we made it to Dunedoo the caravan park was a shocking place 43c long dry grass and gum trees with signs "Tree may fall at any time without warning" so we left driving towards Denman. Tonight we are at Sandy Hollow 14kms from Denman at a Top Tourist Caravan Park. Today we ended up driving 355kms.

We now need to re-plan this part of our trip.

Why come to Denman that story that started some eleven years ago, I was living and working in Hay New South Wales working for Rivtec Engineering drawing plans on a computer. I did all their drawings for the new Hay Hospital.

They were asked to submit plans for the Denman Hospital I did all the drawing and they built the hospital in Denman, I never left Hay myself at the time and never seen the building till today. The entry is 100% my own design.

It took 11yr's to see it today Chris you did a good job of building it.

That why I wanted to visit Denman.

Chris from Rivtec will read this and grin.

So tonight we will look at the may and do a re-plan of our trip, we are on track but a week early.

Have fun enjoy life.


January 12th Tuesday
We made it to Peak Hill around 10:30am from Parkes there are a lot of caravan's on the road today all heading north.

We left Rhonda in Parkes as she was heading west today the three of us had fun at the Elvis Festival last week and hope we can meet up again soon.

Peak Hill is a town in Parkes Shire in the Central West of New South Wales, Australia. At the 2011 census, Peak Hill had a population of 755 people.

It is on the Newell Highway and the Dubbo to Parkes railway line, completed to Peak Hill in 1910. The first public wheat silo built in Australia was constructed at Peak Hill in 1918 after government surveys indicated the district had great potential as a wheat producing region.

Peak Hill has a Catholic primary school St Joseph's, and a public central school.

Peak Hill has three motels, one hotel and two caravan parks. It also has a post office, RSL club, bowling club, golf club, cafes, antique shops, newsagency, butcher shop, art gallery, book shop, hairdressers and beauty salons. There is a Showgrounds that has harness races and an annual agricultural show.

Peak Hill offers many tourist attractions such as the open cut gold mine, flora and fauna reserve nature walk, Bogan Weir, Australia's first upright wheat silo, heritage listed hospital, arts and crafts, Big Fish fossil hut, and a unique street facade which takes visitors back in time.

Peak Hill Post Office opened on 7 November 1889.

The local community operates a volunteer-run radio station: PeakHillFM89.5. The station provides a round-the-clock service of classic hits seven days per week.

Peak Hill styles itself as 'The Town With a Heart of Gold'. To reflect its proximity to the goldmine, and lends its facilities as a base for tourists of Wiradjuri Country.

We made it to Peak Hill 50km's from Parkes, where in no rush.


This is the Peak Hill Gold Mine (we drove out and had a look but this picture I found on the net a lot better than mine.)


Peak Hill main street today it's a small town.


Main Street (nice Hotel)


This reverse parking is something I have not done for many years.


O'No Elvis is here in Peak Hill

We are only here for one night, tomorrow we drive into Dubbo for a night, security is a problem in Dubbo I have to look for a safe caravan park.

Had a talk to Joi and Peter today on the phone, week 6 for Joi 6 to go she said. Muffy on her way to Melbourne on the train as I write Three Dots tonight.

Hello Tony and Belinda in White Cliffs.


January 11th Monday
The 3Dots website is now getting over a 100's plus reader each week.

Parkes was originally founded in 1853 as the settlement Currajong, named for the abundance of kurrajong trees in the local area by the settlers, but was then known as Bushman's (from the local mine named Bushman's Lead).

In August 1873, Henry Parkes (later Sir Henry) visited the area and in December 1873 the town was officially renamed Parkes in his honour . (Sir Henry Parkes is recoganised in Australia as having played an instrumental role in Australia becoming a unified and federated country.) In March 1885, Parkes was proclaimed a town.

Bushman's Lead Post Office opened on 1 August 1872 and was renamed Parkes in 1873. The railway from Molong to Parkes to Forbes, was officially opened on 18 December 1893.

Parkes attracted significant attention during the gold rush of the 1870s onwards, and even to this day modern mining companies still have sites in the region.

In 1939, Parkes became a sister city with Coventry in the United Kingdom. This was in honour of the fact Sir Henry Parkes was born in Coventry.

I took this picture this morning in the main street of Parkes at 10am this morning NO PEOPLE.

The new information centre in Parkes it going to be a nice building.

Parkes Radio Telescope 25km's north of Parkes.

Carol and I next to Rhonda and her little van, this morning they left in there 100s most of the caravans that left today are heading to Tamworth Country and Western week.

I took this picture last week look at it today taken from our caravan.

It is a very hot day in Parkes around 40c and the air cooler really working hard, but looking at the net it will be like this to Friday.

Doug is talking about coming down from Queensland to meet up with us on the east coast for a few day I am looking forward to our meeting.

Hello Joi and Peter in Melbourne.


January 10th Sunday
It's OVER yes Elvis is all over for 2016

Here is the round up for the last 24hr's in Parkes, we went to the main park in town for the Church Service at 9am today, it was a lot of Elvis singing. it was packed well over 10,000 people in the park.

Some pictures of the last 24hrs

Fun in the street.

Part of fun in the street

A big group on this truck

Another Elvis this guy Elvis new how to turn it on.

Fun in the street for all age's


I took this for John in Thurgoona, (a sad ending note the bonnet up on the XU1 about 30m past us a big bang and oil over the road. They pushed it away and the fire truck cleaned up the mess.)

The last two video's and the end of Elvis in Parkes I leave to the Elvis Winner "Jack Gatto" he was good, really good I enjoyed his show last night. All the other's were 6 out 10 Jack was a 10/10 and put on a show for 3hr's last night. At the end of the show he gave a boy with a with problem's his large belt and a girl in a wheel chair his rings.

Jack Gatto Video 1 Click_Here

Jack Gatto Video 2 Click_Here

We leave Parkes on Tuesday heading north to Peak Hill only 50km's away.

Tomorrow is all about Parkes.


January 9th Saturday
We were up at 6am and sitting in the main street by 7am with our chairs the Street Parade was on at 10am. We are going out in one hour to a concert at 8:30pm but need to be there by 5pm they are now saying 50,000 in town this weekend.

The winning Miss Elvis

One of a 100 Elvis in town

The Winning Elvis who we are going to tonight

Elvis every where in all sizes.

That's it for today "We have to go see Elvis"


January 8th Friday Happy Birthday John P and Paislie and Elvis yes it is his Birthday.
Elvis is still in control of Parkes, it is full speed ahead, we went out this morning and had lunch at the RSL club. Today we pictures and video's.

There is a concert on in the park in the open and it is free, and they are here in there 1000s.

This is in the same park as the open air concert

Food and more food stalls the head of the NSW police is in town. they are now saying 50,000 visitors to town and today a large number of police are walking the streets. I have not seen any trouble at all in town.

People in the park this morning.

Video 1 Click_Here

Video 2 Click_Here

Video 3 Click_Here

Video 4 Click_Here

Some of the video's are taken in the main street of Parkes as we walked back to the car.

Hello to our friends in Western Australia hope you are safe from the fires.

Elvis finishes on Sunday.



January 7th Thursday
We did the Elvis thing from 9:30am to 7pm non-stop I have decided this is very hard work going from place to place.

Here is Rhonda and Carol at the street market at the garden's in town, the girls went to Bingo I walked along the main street.

Elvis (Alan Wright) at one of the hotels in town.
Ok here is a video about 6m in size of Alan and his girl who does the dancing. Click_Here for the 30sec video.

At the end of the main street in town. In the area of the market.

Hello to Marg and Toby in Thurgoona, just outside of Albury.

We are going to slow down a bit tomorrow today was hard work.



January 6th Wednesday (Happy Birthday Joyce)

Joyce is five years old today and off to big school this coming year. Picture by Kylie.

Today we went to Bingo at the Service Club that was my last game of Bingo they call to fast for my brain Carol going back tomorrow.

This afternoon we went to the hotel for a Elvis sing-a-long it was packed.

The Elvis is right up in the back corner.

At the same show note the lady with the dog.

Then tonight we had the Elvis Trots Meeting at the Show Grounds where we are staying. There were just 1000s of people here tonight.

Lining up for food at the Trots just look at the car park cars and caravans ice cream van and a line up for food.

The track and racing on the tracks, number was the winner.

9PM and home from the trots, we had to walk 100m to the caravan, it was good fun, did we win, NO we did not, so we will not talk about the betting.

Tomorrow we do it all over again.

Hello to Tim and Sue in Wangaratta. hope you are having fun.

I only have one thing, no more "Jail House Rock."


January 5th Tuesday (I get in early for tomorrow "Happy Birthday Joyce, 5yr's")
In Parkes and it is all about Elvis, there is only one word in town Elvis.

No... we are not having an Elvis Wedding (it was raining at the time.)

Elvis Central in the main street, every shop has an Elvis display.

A whole shop all on Elvis

This is a large shop 100% Elvis it has three checkouts.

This Elvis will cost you $400 about 3ft high

A real Elvis and for free (by the way 15 Elvis in town for the week.)

We had a $6.00 breakfast today Egg and Bacon in a roll cup of coffee for $6.00 that's cheaper than Mac ka. All cooked be the CFA and all money to the CFA they are here every day 7am to 9am.

The Elvis show starts tomorrow.


Hello Adrian and Dianna in Lavington.


January 4th Monday
Well we ended the day in Parkes at the Show Grounds the plan was stop for one night on the road and get here tomorrow.

Then we had a number of phone calls that the show grounds was filling so we headed for Parkes. There was a line up of caravans at the gate, we had a booking and had paid a $60.00 deposit.

They were putting people anywhere they fit today it has 600 plus caravan around the grounds about 1500 people. We did ok we have a site right on the fence next to the street.

All the caravan park's in town are full they are saying 6000 people in town for the Elvis Presley festival.

We are here to next Tuesday morning 8 nights. The show grounds is $20.00 night with power, if you stay 7 nights you get the 8th night free.

More tomorrow night after we have time to look around Parkes.

From 7am to 9am in the morning you can buy a $7 breakfast.


January 3rd Sunday
How true, How True it is.

Dianna and Graham sent me this and how true it is (we are meeting up with Di and Graham at Easter time.)

A nice day in Temora a lot cooler than the last few days, no rain.

A good part of the day was at War Birds Temora air display.

If your on a pension it will cost you $11.00 for the day there is a lot to read at Temora War Bird Display.

How good is this. All the planes in Temora are ready to fly, this is taken in the workshop.

A fully working Canberra bomber, ready to fly.

Taken under very low red light Focker fighter.

People who know about planes could tell this story far better than I, Temora has been a flying base for over a hundred years 1914.

That's Temora our week is up and tomorrow we move on, by the end of this trip this year we will have lived on the road for one year in the last three years. This week has been up there with the best of them.

Hello Rhonda, it will be good to catch up this week in Parkes, Carol and Rhonda together at Parkes Elvis Festival. (They talk to each other about once a week on the phone) Rhonda been living in caravan parks and free camps for a number of years traveling around Australia.

Elvis Festival "It's Party Time" (so they tell me)


January 2nd Saturday
Just as I started 3Dots we had a big bang of thunder so I have unplugged my computer so 3Dots is on battery tonight.

We always talked about the big building in Temora so today we went for a drive around with the camera, you have to remember this is a small town.

Not a bad size home.

Court House.

Church I let you work out who owns the church's

Council office's

CoE church Temora

Westpac Temora

Not hard to work this one out.

Not sure who it is but it is a nice building.

I am on Battery so I keep it short a big storm hit Wangaratta today and now it is heading this way. We need some rain just a little will do not like Wangaratta 19mm in one hour today.

Hello to Kylie and Troy in Thurgoona.

The 3Dots website is growing in numbers, thanks to everyone.


January 1st Friday 2016
We had a very warm day, as the rest of Australia had, we went for a drive around the Temora area and found a few new areas we even found a local lake.

How does this look on a very hot day.

We have never seen green grass like this for about 8mth's

We are about 5km's north of Temora CDB

Note it has signs saying NO CAMPING so do not unhook you caravan.


Back at the caravan park you can see it is near full this weekend we are down the far end you can see the Mercedes Benz on the grass. We would be happy to return here.

Again at the caravan park, there are free BBQ clean toilet and shower's.

We did the washing this morning, and it was all dry in a very short time.

I started the new year by going for a walk, I start off low and will work my way up, I did 3500 steps today I have to work up to 5000 steps a day.

I must say I fell asleep last night at 11:30pm when we woke this morning it was 2016 (I know we were a bit slack)

Hello to Scott in Wangaratta have a good new year.


Three Dots...