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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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July 31st Sunday
The last day of the month and one more month of winter left this year, we will be in Albury Wodonga by the 16th August and we will stay around to the day after Father's Day, then head back to White Cliffs.

First we went to Sunday Coffee with 12 other locals, we stayed about two hours at the Underground Motel today.

Back home I worked on the walls inside the underground home then we did the big job of the day removing everything was taken out of the caravan. Last Christmas we brought a 240 volt air conditioner and used it in the caravan but it had no fixed position.

Today I started to fix it in place. I had to fix it in place and lift it up 100mm that why it has a timber box built under the air conditioner we now need to fit a exhaust hose for the hot air it will go right through the food box to the outside. It has to be in place by this time next week we are leaving White Cliffs on the 8th heading to Albury Wodonga it is 1100kms and we are going to take 8 day's a small road trip.

That was our day, hope you had fun it was a nice day with blue sky 18c in the shade and 24c in the sun.

And that's July.



July 30th Saturday
We had 12 people at the White Cliffs Underground Motel last night for a meal we all had a great time but I sure have eaten to much and thank you to Vicki for the Birthday Cake, I must say you lot my Birthday is OVER no more please.

People sent me pictures today (gee there are some shocking cameras out there) but thanks for the pictures.


A few of the people there last night. The party over, yes it's over but thanks for coming and thanks to the Motel who helped make it a good night.

You never guess that all went back for coffee and cake at 10am this morning. But we sure need better camera's you lot. (I never tested my sugar level last night.)

Back home I worked on that wall I am almost at the top maybe tomorrow but more like Monday.

This picture was sent to me by Scott who was in Albury for the weekend that a Poke'mon sitting on Joyce's shoulder.

Scott also sent this picture of five year old Joyce (My Granddaughter) she having a day out on the town with her Aunty, Uncle and Grandmother.

Tomorrow is the last day of the month.

Hello to Desire in Queensland hope you have a better week next week.



July 29th Friday
Another busy day in White Cliffs first job was that never ending wall that I am working on. Almost there about 400mm to go to the top I am on my 8th bag of cement all used on the current wall.

Then the wall came to a stop, Peter came around to work on the caravan. When you walked around inside the caravan up the front it moved around up and down.

Peter added two wind up legs to the front of the caravan, great job it worked perfectly in every way. Peter is now retired, he was a fitter and turner.

That's peter working under the caravan, you can see the new wind down legs fitted to the front of the caravan, a great job. So now we have four legs two on the front two on the back. Peter did some more work under the van while he was there.

Tonight around a dozen people are taking me out for my birthday, that never ending birthday. We are having dinner at the underground motel. More on that tomorrows 3Dots...

Had a talk to Joi in Melbourne and Muffy in Albury today.

Hello Susan in Albury.

Scott said it's cold in Wangaratta.

Dinner in 1/2hr so we better get moving.



July 28th Thursday
What can you say it was a great day in White Cliffs 17c, no wind and a total blue sky all day, they say tomorrow will be the same.

What did we do, first I did the wall inside the underground home you seen the pictures last night on 3Dots I am now up another 150mm and about 600mm from the top, I be glad to get there.

My next job was mix up around 10lt's of weed killer and spray weeds for about two hours with a 1lt pump can. I did about 25% of the weed so if we have low wind tomorrow I get back in the spraying.

The kangaroos all eat in the one area I did not spray that area and will not.

Carol worked on her art and has craft in the morning, I have had lots of people email me about the wall I am working on and I take all your comments on board.

Had a long phone with Doug in Queensland last night we had a really good chat.

Peter in White Cliffs sent me this picture he took about 8wk's ago Wallace's Hut, Fall Creek ( bet by now it will be under snow.)

Do you want a project home near Cobar, just needs a little work and a good cleanup, over 100yrs' old you never know what you will find. Thanks Ann for the picture.

Monday week we are heading south to Albury Wodonga we will be away about a month.

Hello to Doug in Queensland and thanks for the phone call last night.


Almost the end of the month.


Tomorrow a number of locals are taking me out for my Birthday.. Will this Birthday ever stop, STOP no more I am getting to old for the social life in White Cliffs.



July 27th Wednesday
A Special Day for Carol and I, around 9am I started work on the never ending wall. Tonight I show you where we are up to but this story goes back to 2009 we had a one in a 100 year storm. We were not home at the time when White Cliffs was hit by 196mm of rain in 30hr's and it made many underground homes unlivable some have never been repaired.

They say it was the biggest rain fall in White Cliffs. In 2010 I did a quick repair using Bond Crete and paint as you can see in the left picture. The right picture was taken today, for weeks I have been building the wall up with hard cement about 120mm a day. You can see where I am up to tonight, this wall is built to never fall down. From bottom to top is around 1800mm right now we are up to the 1100mm mark, we are looking at next Monday if all goes well. We will then render the wall and paint it white.

Looking into the sun, if you look hard below the sun you will see the Flying Doctor leaving White Cliffs, they were here for doctor's day.

The same plane leaving tonight on his way back to Broken Hill. This plane drops off in White Cliffs about 9:30am then fly's north to Queensland, it returns here about 4pm to pickup the doctors.

We are having a lot of trouble with weeds, so I called in some help "Called a Kangaroo Lawn Mower" last year model, eat little roo, eat.

Muffy is back in Albury for a few days, then it is back to Melbourne next week.

The train Muffy was on had some problem on the way to Melbourne from Sydney. It hit a tree that fell on the railway track. It's going back to Sydney for repairs.

Hello to everyone on 3Dots hope you have a great week.



July 26th Tuesday
We woke up in Broken Hill, after a bit of a problem in the motel room at 3am the small refrigerator stopped working and we had a dripping noise that drove us mad the ice inside was melting and dripping on the floor of the refrigerator. I open the door a water came out on the floor I used a bath towel on the floor and one inside the refrigerator and after an hour went back to sleep.

Our free cooked breakfast came at 8am (South Australia time) and we pointed out the problem.

We went to Big-W shopping then headed for home the first stage was 200km's to Willcannia where we filled with fuel it cost 1.29lt we used 11.5Lph then drove the 100km to White Cliffs and home.

I said last year it was going to happen but it never happen. The great Australian Outback dry, dust, nothing can live, nothing grows. Just add water and this is what happens green grass flowers and the wild outback is a live.

Not a great picture but this is what you are looking at in their millions right across the outback of Australia.

The road from Willcannia to White Cliffs you just sit on 110kph for 100km's we never seen another car today, you can see the white flowers on the right they are only one type of flower. If we get a good year you will over 1000 type's of flowers I have only seen it once in 21yr's coming to White Cliffs.

The Mercedes Benz the right color to sit in the white flowers.

Hello Tony and Belinda in White Cliffs.

Tomorrow it be back to work on the walls inside the underground home.

It's that time of the year we need to do some work on the old caravan we just do a bit each year I need to do some welding and I need some help so I asked Peter a retired fitter and turner to give me some help for a day of two.

My birthday is over "No I am told" a group of locals want to take me out for a meal. I told them my birthday over, and was told, not quite.

Another thing I need to do is get out the weed killer and do some work, just need to wait for the wind to drop.

Once again for the record Unleaded Fuel Willcannia 1.29 Broken Hill 1.25 White Cliffs 1.70lt I have fuel left for about 550km's



July 25th Monday (Happy Birthday Rex)
Yes Happy Birthday Rex another and another year older, it started at the White Cliffs Sporting Club last night half the town was there and sang me "Happy Birthday" and the other half of the town rang me today.

We were up at 6am this morning and on our way to Broken Hill to register the Mercedes Benz and all went well they found a very small leak in the power steering of the car it did not stop the car getting a 10 out 10 report so it's all paid and I can drive it for the next 12mth's.

I spoke to Bill in Queensland and he put me on the right track to fix the seal it will be perfect. Tonight we are in Broken Hill at the motel ($100 with a free cooked breakfast for 2). Thanks to my family for the gifts and support. And thanks to my friends for all the comments, thank you.

Tonight we went out for a meal at the Broken Hill Club then back to the motel, it really cold outside. We have had a busy day in town but we are almost ready to go back to White Cliffs about 11am in the morning.

It's 8pm in new South Wales and 7:30 in Broken Hill.

There are two shopping plaza in Broken Hill wa shopped at the Woolworth's one today. It has about 15 shop Big W, and a heap more.

.Peter got Muffy at the Hospital in Melbourne today, Joi was there for treatment. Muffy will now cross me off the Christmas list.

Broken Hill is worth a good look there is a lot to see. It has a very big main street, good shopping and some big shopping plaza's.

Back home tomorrow to White Cliffs, another 300km's

Have a good day.



July 24th Sunday
When are we going to get some Global Warming it was 16c here and a 40kph wind all day did you see the people that started Global Warming are now talking about Global Cooling they are getting their money real easy. If they say it going to get hot and also say it is going to get cold, I am sure they were all trained by the weather man.

Coffee was at the Underground Motel this morning it was good and took up all morning. Back home I finished work on the car for the trip to Broken Hill tomorrow. I then did about two hours work on the cement wall inside the underground, we are about 60% complete at the end of the day.

Ran out of LP gas today, just had a look on 3Dots we fitted the last bottle on the 5th May this year so it lasted 80days and cost $133.00 (45kg bottle) that is $1.66 a day for hot water in the kitchen sink and the bathroom. As I have said many times we have no heating or cooling in the underground home it is always 23c...

Big day tomorrow we are driving into Broken Hill for the car rego and it's my birthday see how we go doing three dots on the move, we are back home on Tuesday afternoon.

I take some pictures in Broken Hill tomorrow.

Tonight we are off to the White Cliffs Sporting Club for a meal.

Thanks must go to Kylie and Susan they are doing my spell checks, thank you.



July 23rd Saturday
We went out with friends this morning, yes we had coffee and small cake not good for my diabetes I am still a bit high.

Back home I did a bit more work on that never ending wall I am fixing. I can do about 100mm a day and that takes about an hour work. I am building the wall 1900mm high, 1300mm wide and it's a half circle so boxing is out of the question.

Then while in dirty clothes I took the new pressure washer and cleaned the Mercedes Benz under the car and the motor. All looking good, tomorrow I wash the car outside then take it into Broken Hill for the yearly registration check on Monday morning.

I washed the Proton, Carol will be happy.

Peter sent me a picture of Muffy eating breakfast in Melbourne this morning, Muffy would kill me if I put her picture on the Internet. So I edit the picture to keep her happy.

Sorry Peter I am not that game, I be crossed off the "Christmas List" for life.

"Why do you have two cars?" That a question that was put to me there's only two of you and Carol almost never drives. Fair question but think about where we live the nearest auto service shop is Broken Hill a 600km return trip or for the Mercedes Benz it is Mildura a 1000km return trip.

If one car has a problem you need the other car as a backup. And the Proton the perfect backup car it worth very little, these days around $2000 it perfect and cost us almost nothing to run in White Cliffs you can run it a 1000km's for a $100. Two cars, it is a matter of safety in the outback. A lot of people out here have two cars.

I do not know enough to make a comment but the White Cliffs Hospital is closed this weekend, somebody wants them to work 24hr's a day 7days a week... the system seems to failed and a local person call for help (being sick) and a Royal Flying Doctor Service plane was sent out from Broken Hill. That's not good and we have a few fired up local people. "We are going to write a letter asking "Why".

We know what people will be talking about at coffee in the morning.

That's it for today.

Hello Peter, thanks for the picture...

Been cold here, 16c blue sky today, they say a cold 7c tonight and 16c tomorrow.



July 22nd Friday
Blue sky most of the day in White Cliffs only one problem winds blowing from the North West at over 70kph it even very hard to walk outside today. The good news was we had no rain so I did manage to get some cement work done inside the underground home.

In a underground home most people paint the floors after a lot of preparation work. BondCrete it is magic stuff to work with, it seals cement and adds a hard gloss I am using it 100% with no water mix. I intend to add three coats to the floor. A 4lt drum cost $52 in Broken Hill. (told $46 in Albury).

Carol gave me a haircut today a number one, not much left up top have to make sure I wear what outside in the sun.

I wanted to give her a hair cut, but she just walked away. There are people cutting ladies hair in White Cliffs.

We went out to the White Cliffs hotel for lunch a toasted sandwich and a soft drink around $7 ea. Then up to the White Cliffs Underground Motel for coffee. (We were told the pub has been sold after 41yr's with the same owner.)

I am told it is raining in Albury and Wangaratta and across Gippsland. I was talking to Joi today she said it's wet in Melbourne. Joi has more treatment starting Monday in Melbourne.

We have been asked out Saturday morning for coffee with friends and we have been asked out Sunday for Coffee and Biscuits.

Monday it off to Broken Hill to register the Mercedes Benz and stay a night in town. Carol said she needs a retail fix.

August around the 8th we are going to hook up the caravan and head South to Albury Wodonga. Carol daughter and family are going on a holiday and we are baby sitting their house for about two weeks. We planning on a slow trip maybe four weeks.

Carol went to Craft today, they had a big group of around 15 people.

From Doug in Queensland (Mini Railway, he a bit pissed off and I would feel the same.)

We had about $8,000 worth of concrete laid last week. It got graffitied the next day. Busy time for us until end of August. Then we have more track to be built or replaced. Bill, the generator we got from you is great & gets well used during the track-work days. New supply of track steel for that job in my Coaster, just fits.

Our fantastic Air Force at work. RAAF C17 Globemaster aircraft on low level formation training flight, over my balcony recently. Love it ! 2 x F/A 18 Super Hornet fighters a couple of days later. They were too quick for me!

Did I mention the ongoing graffiti removal task ! Did I mention the ongoing broken bottle glass & needles removal task caused by the local drunk/drugged vandal youths ! ! Did I mention that the Justice Department wanted us old blokes to supervise the baddies as they ‘worked’ to clean up their own vandalism when processed through the youth justice system (we definitely said ‘NO’ to that one) ! ! ! Am I/we pissed off at all the shit we have to put up with?.........whatever makes you think that !

Just had the thought......wonder if we could get the RAAF Hornet pilots to get the vandals in their gunsights. They’d be more than up to the challenge.


I guess there is drugs in White Cliffs but I have not seen it.


Hello Doug thanks for the email.


Have a good weekend and try keep dry no matter where you live.



July 21st Thursday (Susan Birthday)
Yes it is Susan's Birthday and she is one year older than she was this time last year. Happy Birthday Dear Daughter.

Today we never seen much at all fog all day long I have never seen fog in White Cliffs for a full day. I guess it has happen before. I worked on the walls inside the underground home till about 1pm.

After lunch I went out to the mining area, meeting up with some friends they have a mine and look for Opal and live next door to their Opal Mine. Very neat and tidy living, thank you for the coffee.

Went home late afternoon and came across a few pictures.

What a monster just sitting there, don't know why maybe it's broken, Maybe the owner just got to old to use it. There's always a reason why so much money is just sitting there.

Still out on the Opal fields some people live hard. Anyone can take out a mining lease 50m x 50m and I was told today it cost $200 a year.

A lot of people pay the $200 a year and stay in a caravan for six months then move away for the summer months. No power out here (they run solar).. no power bill, no water bill, no rates nothing to pay for $200 a year. The people who live out here just love it.. and they come back every year.

It's late so I stop there ... Check out the White Cliffs Website some good news there. Click Here



July 20th Wednesday
Well it did rain last night 3mm in total but it was a shocker of a day we had fog to around to 2pm this afternoon. I went outside and started to fill the trailer up with rubbish that I picked up around the house.

This picture was taken around 12 noon but no rain recorded today.

Then at around 4pm the sun came out and by 5:30pm the sky was a blaze as the sun set in the west around 5:45pm.

A very lazy day in White Cliffs with a lot of trucks in town they have driven up the sealed road from the south and unable to go any where do to wet roads they all ended up in the White Cliffs Hotel. I went to the hotel this afternoon for a drink (soft drink only) and stayed about an hour.

That steel frame I looked at yesterday is now mine, it going to be my tool shed. So I have to do some planning because it will be around 800kg so once in place it will stay there.

Tomorrow I get some cement from the shop and do a bit of work on those walls inside the Underground Home I am getting there. Now lost 21 days due to rain we only had 3mm last night but outside the mud is like honey it sticks to your shoes the wheel barrow tyre, if I came inside with that much mud Carol would get upset.

That's about it we need the sun for about five hours and all will be dry.

Hope you stayed dry today where ever you are.

Tomorrow another day.



July 19th Tuesday
A bit of a mixed day the weather man said 10 to 20mm of rain today, well maybe it is still coming then maybe again he got it wrong again that will be about the 20th time this year. We will see tonight I think we will get rain.

I went up top of the house and cleaned out all the water ways and built one new one to divert water to the side off the underground home. That took all morning to do but it is looking good up there now, when you live in a underground home you do not want water laying around on top of the roof.

This afternoon was a bit different I was talking to a older lady she wants to clean up around her underground home. Last year her husband passed away and she has trouble moving around, I must say there is a lot to do and out of my scope. Some pictures below.

And this is about 10% of it, the second picture that may be my new tool shed, just maybe, I'm am thinking about it. 4.7m long 2m high by 2m wide, muuu it's all steel and I need a tool shed, it's a good start.

There is a lot of steel to get rid of and about ten old cars and trucks, so I said I will talk to some of the local guys and see what we can do.

Back home at our place I started to cleanup outside, toss what I don't want in the tip.

Carol went to art today with a number of local people.

I paid the rego on the caravan for a year.

We had a good time at the Underground Motel last night the food was tops, we went to a birthday party.

Hello Troy and Kylie in Albury. (Joyce went back to school).


That's my day, weather warm 24c today lot of cloud up high in the sky.



July 18th Monday
They say it is going to rain, muuu we have a very blue sky and it is 24c here today, I did two loads on the walls inside the underground today seen it is going to rain I did twice as much work I have lost a lot of time due to rain this year.

I did one load around 8:30am and one about 2pm this afternoon,

Five 4m-len of timber they are 8" x 4" $25 the lot so I paid the man took my trailer down I sure I can use them somewhere.

Mail problems again I got the rego papers for the caravan today, it's due tomorrow. They were sent a month ago. not good.

We are going out tonight to the motel for a local birthday party, so almost time to go.

My pressure cleaner came today I try it out tomorrow.

More tomorrow night.



July 17th Sunday
We went for coffee around 10am this morning, we had lunch then headed west out of White Cliffs to "Whip Stick Station" we seen about 1% of the station it is just so big we planned a trip to a spot on a creek, now this is real outback we left the main road (which is dirt) and slowly went cross country in the Mercedes Bend to a creek I found on Google Earth using the computer.

I put the spot in the GPS and after leaving the road we just went really slow to the spot we had marked.

Not much water in the creek they say it moves underground from one hole to the next.

Sitting on the hill one Mercedes all by itself.

This is as far as I go without backup, the 4WD worked perfect (it only came on once for about five seconds) we did not try cross the creek as I had no backup vehicle with me.

Some part of the creek looking down stream were very dry if you dig down here about 15" you find water.

Then you turn around looking up stream you find water holes. You could stay here for a month and not see a sole.

Nice picture, water is flowing underground and came out under my feet, note how clear it is at about a foot deep you can see the bottom, it is just so clean.

If you think you are alone, you better think again this guy is over 7ft high we are about 30ft apart and that's how it is staying.

I am sure you will agree this guy is on the Australian Penny, wish I had better light (he was jumping about 25ft each hop) by the way we seen hundreds of Kangaroo's today.

Some old buggar with a metal detector I looked for about an hour, nothing not a beep, not a sound but I did find a crystal about the size of 5c and that's about all it is worth.

You have a lot of pictures tonight, the land owner's gave us the go ahead to drive around their land, Morris and Anney, thank you.

But there was one thing out here and they own the outback, FLY'S (And we did forget the Areogard.)


Back to work tomorrow morning in the real world.



July 16th Saturday
Gee, you lot are hard on me, just joking. Seems my spelling was not up to scratch last night, Kylie did send me an email and I fixed it today. About five people told me about my spelling last night, as I have said many times I have never passed a spelling test in my life. This is true I had to repeat Kindergarten and I am not joking. Maybe one day I write my life story and you maybe surprised why they made me repeat and it was not my spelling.

If I do write my book I will make one other claim "I am Australia's first computer programmer 1963" and I have a number of people who can support this. I am not sure whether it's worth writing a book or not. Comments welcome.

In saying that my son Scott is way better than I ever was, it's nice to be able to say the smartest computer person you know is your own son. When it comes to corporate programming I must give that to Andrew Russell in Canberra.

Today has nothing to do with computers, we went to the Underground Motel for coffee and cake we had a good time to noon. Then we met up with the meat man who had our meat, fruit and Vegetable, and Woolworth's order from Mildura. Yes we have a good stock of food tonight, the refrigerator and the freezer is full to the top.

Did a bit more work on my cement walls, I have lost about 20 days with bad weather this year so I am going to do a bit more on weekends to try catch up on what I planned this year.

We have no big shops here so we use ebay a lot for shopping, I paid for a JET Pressure washer late last week it will turn up in about 10days I just need to be able to clean the cars better than I am doing now. Main problem is red dust in the doors and windows, if it is not dust it's mud. For the record the washer is 3,100psi cost $119 with free freight to White Cliffs and it is new, it's nothing special but should do the job.

All good here a very nice day in the sun.

Tomorrow we are planning a trip to Whipstick Station just to take pictures.

Dianne had a Popup shop at Myer Albury today, Hope you had a good day.

Hello to Dianne and Adrian, the dogs, the cat, the birds.



July 15th Friday (Hi Tony Happy Birthday)
Another nice day in White Cliffs and I have been working on the walls in the underground one more ready to paint. One is giving me a hard time I only got up 500mm in four days so that going to be a slow wall.

You have to read this

Australian travel advice and warnings issued by foreign governments

Australian destinations frequently feature in international lists of most desirable travel spots — but is it a safe place for visitors?

It is the one country the Department of Foreign Affairs does not issue travel advice for but according to travel advice foreign governments issue to its citizenry, a trip to Australia is certainly not without risk.

Read some of the general security and travel tips other countries have issued for Australia.

Venomous platypus and blood poisoning from kangaroos
Read on the ABC Website Click Here

Have you ever tried to get near a wild kangaroo, it is hard to get closer than 20m to a wild roo, and I bet you cannot get within 30m of a Platypus we went up in the hills south of Canberra and sat on the river for three days, we seen two Platypus but they would not come near us.

Went for a short drive in the Proton to keep the battery charged and saw Emus and more Emu's some days you see nothing then some days you see a hundred. This is on the road heading south from town we only went south about 10km's (all pictures by Carol.)

It's the weekend and time for coffee, tomorrow at the motel. We have been asked out on Monday night to a Birthday Party, this will be a long weekend.

I try fit in a bit of work on the walls I am building over the weekend.

Hello to everyone have a good weekend.

Had a talk to Joi and Muffy today, it's all happening for Joi.

The Supermarket and meat order come at midday tomorrow.



July 14th Thursday
Back working on the walls today, that took up all day for me, I posted off Susan Birthday Gift today it has a week to get there 21st July.

Also made a booking for the 25th July in Broken Hill to have my Mercedes Benz checked for registration it is due on August 2nd. This year the Mercedes will pass a rego check all ok I just need to give it a good clean inside and out. We also need to clean under the car.

At the weekend I hope to visit Whipstick Station with my camera I was talking to the owners today and given the ok to go where we like and take pictures.

The cement mixer working perfect after it big repair job last weekend.

What else:
We put a order into Woolworth's in Mildura the "Meat Hub" are picking it up and bringing it to White Cliffs this Saturday with our meat order. A Woolworth's order cost $10.00 in freight Mildura to White Cliffs, it save's Carol and I a trip into Broken Hill and return.

Joi start's treatment on the 25th July.

Scott's been busy with a number of virus files finding there way into computers over the last month, it's bad for the people but good for business.

They are saying Sunday 20c, Monday 23c, Tuesday 22c should get some work done, if the weather stays good.

Carol computer was going real slow so I added a bigger ram chip, that fixed it and it is now flying.

A Picture of Doug (from Queensland) and I last year on the New South Wales Coast, we had a good time. Doug sent me some details on radio control last night, thanks for that. Carol took the picture.

All good here looking forward to a good weekend.

Hello Doug in Queensland.

(just for the record 3Dots is about to pass 16,000 hits tonight.)


July 13th Wednesday
I started work on a new wall this morning this one will take a few days I am working on three wall at the same time doing a bit on each wall. I lost five days work with a broken cement mixer that set me back, today we were back working on the walls.

As you can see in the small pictures above I have a bit of work ahead of me here, the dark colour is wet cement that I did today. I get back into it tomorrow morning.

We both had an eye check at the hospital here in White Cliffs today. The service was done by the Royal Flying Doctor Service as a service to the people of White Cliffs our eye report came back good I am happy about that.

Kylie went to the Hume Weir just outside Albury Wodonga and took the pictures above I really like the last one above makes a really good picture. Thanks Kylie they are really good pictures.

Carol has been at Art the last two day they are getting ready for the White Cliffs Art Festival that will be held in September, this is a really big show for White Cliffs. It is held every second year a lot of people come from Broken Hill and Cobar for the Art Festival.

Hello to Joi and Peter in Melbourne hope you are keeping warm.

And a big thank you to the people of the Flying Doctor Service for your help today.



July 12th Tuesday
It's been a cold day across South East Australia and no better in White Cliffs the very cold wind blew all day and is still blowing as I write this tonight. Today the temperature dropped inside the underground home from 23c to 21c the coldest it been this year. I covered the air shaft it is 28ft high and was letting the hot air out. I covered it with two black garage bags, the plan is to keep the hot air inside. We will remove them the next warm day.

Dianne and Adrian were driving on Gap Rd Albury North at 5:40pm tonight and found them self in snow as you can see in the picture above. (Thanks for the picture.) for the record they are in a Ford Transit Van.

As you can see it is fixed the old (21yrs) cement mixer is working 100% and it's so quite without dirt it is hard to hear it running (Thanks Ron) this mixer has done an unreal amount of work, tonight it is better than new.

Susan took these pictures for three dots at the Albury Botanic Gardens.

When Albury Mayor, Alderman William Jones opened the city's Botanic Gardens with the planting of an English elm tree in 1887, he created an icon that has stood the test of time. 

For over 130 years, the Albury Botanic Gardens has graced the western end of Albury's central business district.  

The gardens are extremely popular with horticultural enthusiasts and garden lovers, many traveling from around the country to explore the 1,000 plus native and exotic plant species. School children also take advantage of this botanical delight to learn about plants and the local environment. 

From a conservation point of view, work continues on regeneration and replacement of species that have reached the end of their life span, in particular the elm trees in Elm Avenue. 

The gardens currently attract around 300,000 people a year. With the assistance of the Friends of the Botanic Gardens, Albury City is implementing a range of improvements to not only keep people visiting, but also engage a whole new audience, in particular children through the creation of a children's garden.

When you walk in the small gate to the gardens at the corner of Dean Street and Wodonga Place you will find a Wishing Well build for the city by our father John (Jack) Duncombe, he ran his own business called "Duncombe Cement Works." Jack also worked on the building of the Hume Weir.

Right now at 7:45pm tonight it is 10c in White Cliffs, 7c in Albury/Wodonga, 5c in Wangaratta, 6c in Gippsland and 19c in Brisbane. (we know you should come live here) been told that a hundred times.


Hope to lay cement tomorrow.


Hello Muffy in Melbourne.



July 11th Monday
Monday the start of another week in downtown White Cliffs, we had a blue sky but is was still a very cold wind up at our place on the hill.

The other day Kylie did 3Dots and did a great job, but there was one other person Scott who did all the work loading the computer code on the Internet, you both did a good job.

Only last Thursday we did an order at the Chemist Warehouse Online in Sydney well it came today it was here in five days, that is good service.

I put this in last Thursday 3Dots, Seen we are not going into Broken Hill for about three week and I needed some tablets, I decided to try the Chemist Warehouse Online service. Last night I placed an order online and they say it was depatched today. Let us see how long it takes to get here.

We went out to Whipstick Station today in regard to a small computer job (I get paid in sand and gravel) that suit's me. I seen a number of Emu beside the road and Carol took some pictures, I am waiting for a good day and I go out with camera there are some nice pictures out there on a nice day.

It's back, yes Ron fixed the concrete mixer bearing (he made me a new one) tomorrow I will try put the mixer back together and get it working. He did a good job it fits like a glove, all we need is a fine day but we are told to be on the look out for big winds.

If you live in Victoria there is a good chance it will snow in the next few day, don't think it has ever snowed in White Cliffs ever.

If the weather good and the mixer gets going I should be able to mix some cement and get back to work in the underground.

Are you an Instagram user you will find us under "rexwdun" follow us and comment us you read it on 3Dots...

We did a bit of work on the White Cliffs website Click Here

It is cold outside and 22c inside the underground home.

Hello to Sue and David in Gippsland, you may need snow shoe's this week.



July 10th Sunday
Thanks to Kylie who stepped in last night when I had no internet problems here in White Cliffs, but Kylie Pokemon will we every for give you, Pokemon. You did a great job in the time you had, great job.

We went to Red Earth this morning for coffee it seem half the town now comes for coffee and cake and the noise.

I went out looking for Opal this afternoon and to my shock I found some, well I must tell the truth about $3.00 worth, I am told it the shovel fault and there is always tomorrow.

Opal miners have toilets around the Opal field.

My cement mixer still broken, so I went looking for Opal, The Opal stone up here trades like money at times.

An Opal miner living next to his Opal mine, free living all solar power. They say do not live on the Opal Fields but 100s of people do live out there and love in. They get up at 4am go down a ladder up to 80ft and work to 9am that their day.

Looking across the Opal field, there are 80,000 holds around here I mine on a old mining claim the guy who own's it is now 96yrs old and let's me did on his claim in the year's to come I may claim the land. It is 50m x 50m claim up to 80ft deep. The cost about $130.00 a year.

We had a fun day and it is looking like rain tonight out water tank is near full now.

Hello Kylie and thanks for last night.

Let's see what happens tomorrow.


July 9th Saturday
White Cliffs is without internet tonight so dad has rung to get me to put something up. Dad was warned that the highlight of my day was Pokemon hunting. Joyce, mum and I went for a walk around Horseshoe Lagoon to start our Pokemon hunt.

Overlooking the Lagoon.

The best Pokemon we caught for the day.

We then traveled up to Monument Hill where there was no Pokemon but a lovely view.

A photo taken off the internet of the monument.

Next stop Botanical Gardens, where it seems Pokemon hunters flock as there was about a dozen people wandering in circles keeping an eye on their phone for that missing pokemon.

Taken from the internet.

As nerdy as walking around staring at your phone for a virtual pet is, I must admit it makes exercise fun. We walked nearly 3kms and didn’t even notice as we were to busy finding the next pokemon.
You gotta catch them all after all.

-Written by Kylie

And tonight’s Hello would have to go to Dad and Carol since it isn’t often they are on the reading side.



July 8th Friday
Some days you just need to stay in bed and today was one of them, I went out and turned the cement mix on and bang it would not start. So I started taking it apart piece by piece, after an hour I came across the problem a bearing had fell apart after 13yr's.

This was a working cement mixer (I covered the electric motor in case it rain's) that sure stopped work for today and the weekend. But this is White Cliffs no way you can get a bearing here for a GMC cement mixer. So I went and seen a friend Ron, "No problem we will make one", he said come see me Monday.

White Cliffs style just build a replacement part.

So this afternoon we went for a drive out to the Opal Fields with the camera, it is a really cold day in White Cliffs around 12c today.

What you see here are three big blowers you keep away from them they are so noisy you can hear them running 5km's away. A person is digging in the ground maybe 40 to 60ft underground looking for Opal and the blower is like a big vacuum cleaner you feed the rock in down below and it get's lifted up and tossed out the top onto the heap. The will lift a 15lb rock up to 80ft.

This is a Self Tipper nothing like a blower it lifts a bucket say 40ft (you can see the bucket coming out of the hole at the bottom of the lifter) it go's to the top of the lifter dumps it load of rock then goes back down the hole.

Like this picture showing the Opal fields and a very old blower that no longer works out here on the Opal fields there are 80,000 holes (so don't walk backwards).

The road around the Opal Field, this is the main road.

Here are some really big mines in this area, they mine all day every day in this area. There are a number of family's mining as a group maybe for or five in the group.

They sell if to the Opal shops here in town or to a number of shops in city's. A good Opal is worth a lot of money.

Fossicker's Den in White Cliffs Click Here.

Linda George in White Cliffs Click Here

There are a number of others but they do not have website's.

Not a good day but we took time out to look around town.

Scott sent me some light globes for the Mercedes Benz "Express Post" they took nine days to get here.

Hello today to Scott and thanks for the help.

Have a good weekend.



July 7th Thursday
Susan had a early wake up call this morning outside her bedroom all these people in white suits turned up outside.

They got stuck into the trees around the house. We have them up in White Cliffs at time but they don't give us much trouble.

Kylie told me about a new street game, it's good if you want to go walking:

Not controlling our lives. Making us exercise more would be more like it. Click Here works on Apple and Android smart phones. Gee am I glad I have a Windows phone I cannot play the game.

Jaycar (have a bit of fun.)
Welcome to Jaycar's dedicated arduino page. Here you will find instructional information on creating your own projects. 

Getting started with microcontrollers used to be complex and expensive. Not any more! Arduino takes the pain out of creating microcontroller projects, with a variety of controller boards with different features and sizes plus a very simple to use free code editor that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac®. 

The code editor has an easy one-click “compile/upload” feature that uploads your programs via USB, so you don’t even need an ISP programmer. Just plug the microcontroller board into your computer using USB, launch the editor, and you’re ready to go. 
Free software, hundreds of examples, circuit diagrams, programs, all kinds of projects and tutorials are openly available on the Internet to support these interactive boards. Many sensors, modules and displays can be used. You can also combine an Arduino microcontroller board with servo motors, DC motors, gearboxes, speakers, LEDs, switches, cases and many other electronic parts in our catalogue to make your project. Click Here (Susan you may like this, Doug maybe add it to a train.


Dear Rex,
We're pleased to inform you that your order has now been dispatched and in transit with Australia Post. Click here to track your order. Please allow up to 24 hours for the status of your parcel to be updated.

We appreciate you shopping with us at Chemist Warehouse, and look forward to assisting you in future purchases.

The Chemist Warehouse Team

Seen we are not going into Broken Hill for about three week and I needed some tablets, I decided to try the Chemist Warehouse Online service. Last night I placed an order online and they say it was depatched today. Let us see how long it takes to get here.

That's about it for today did about four hours work on the wall today it is slow work I am getting up about 4" a day so it is really slow work. I be back at it tomorrow.


Hello Faye and John in Wangaratta (Keep warm)


That's it for the day.



July 6th Wednesday

Bit better day in White Cliffs it topped out at 15c but we still have that really cold wind when you go out side.

I was asked where did Susan, Kylie and Joyce stay in Melbourne, three days over the weekend you will find all the details below:

The Hotel is Pegasus Apartments. Their website is: Click Here..
We did the zoo package. Kylie.

Picture taken by the Melbourne Aquarium (at a cost) and sent to Kylie. In the picture from left to right Kylie, Joyce, Susan.

Had a talk to Joi today in Melbourne, she ready for her next step in her treatment in a week or two.

I started a new wall today inside the underground home it will take me around two weeks work. To tell the truth I started two walls inside the underground. You build up a cement wall about 150mm then it starts to fall over so you move onto the next wall.
Have to go buy some more cement tomorrow from the shop $12.50 a bag.

Doug in Queensland sent down some pictures to use on Three Dots some trains this size can cost over $20,000 to build... I love to build one but we have to build a home first.

Time to think about our meat order we have to put it in on Monday next the meat van will be here on the 16th July.

That's about it for the day, hello to John and Glenda in Albury.


July 5th Tuesday
Last night we had rain in White Cliffs then the cold wind came in and we have had a shocking day, just cold 9c most of the day.

I did some more work on a website for Adrian and Garvin in Holbrook next month to see the website for the Holbrook auction Click Here

They cleaned up the "Welcome To White Cliffs" sign you see the sign when you come from the North into White Cliffs.

Been asked about where I went yesterday I found this on Google Earth not that it's much help. White Cliffs is to the top right side of the page around 30km's away. The creek can be seen bottom left of the picture where the sand comes from. You can see Whipstick Station below, thanks Google.

What else happen, Carol went to art in a new home a small empty home in the main street of town that has not been used for some years. The girls gave it a big clean and used it for the first time today. We are going to give it a big clean up on the outside in the next week or two. (will take some pictures for 3Dots)

I have a section of wall (a new one) to repair and started off sealing what is there. That took my afternoon and tomorrow if we have a warmer day I start mixing cement for the job.

Thanks for the comments on Joyce and the Transformers yesterday, yes it was a good picture, had a request for details on the hotel they stayed in when in Melbourne. Maybe Kylie or Susan can sent us some details.

Got a few things on ebay today cannot say much (birthday gifts) and started looking for Christmas gifts there are no gift shops here to look at.

Hello to Doug, Bill and Desire in Queensland.


Hope tomorrow a warmer day.



July 4th Monday (Happy birthday to the USA it's the 4th of July.)
Joi will need more treatment but life is going in the right direction they have been told.

White Cliffs it is 10c and raining right now in the last half hour we had 1.4mm of rain I hope it clears over night. The grader was here repairing the roads today, then rain.

How to make a girl feel safe in Melbourne call in your friends to back you up, good picture. Susan, Kylie and Joyce took the midday train back to Albury Wodonga this afternoon. Back home to Dad sitting at home in front of the heater I hope, Joyce you just had a weekend that you will never forget.

Carol and I went out to a sheep and cattle station around 10:30am We had a great few hours and have been invited back anytime we like. We had our small trailer on the back of the Mercedes Benz and I was looking for sand. We were thinking that it would take this old man a few hours to load a trailer on his own.
Well, almost as well pulled up Morris (the owner) drives over with a large end on loader one big bucket full and the trailer was full and I mean full. Really nice people they made us coffee and we talked about saving the world.

It started to cloud over so we headed for home, have a look at the size of this Emu. (our trip home over dirt roads was at speed of 30kph with a very full trailer on the back.)

I asked could I come out with my camera your welcome we own the next three station about 100 miles then we will show you an old ghost Opal town Gemville, it is on our land just drive where you like with a camera that's fine. We had a good time today, did no work but had fun. Take note the green grass they have just had seven years of drought here. So the last few months are happy times.

Read more on Gemville Click Here.

I enjoy looking around and should be some good story's for three dots.


Hello Troy, their back home.



July 3rd Sunday
A very busy Sunday for Carol and I in White Cliffs, and a top day outside in the sun, we went to the Underground Motel today then we went out for lunch down town. We have lost another nurse in town she was married a few weeks back in NSW and moving up to be with here new husband, that fair enough.

The girls in Melbourne sent us two pictures of Melbourne.

The weather looks good for Melbourne, Susan took them from the top of the Eureka Sky Deck this morning. Susan great pictures, wonder how Kylie and Joyce liked being up that high. That is a really good view.

Out at the creek south of town the other day I found a rock, today I was told it is baby dinosaur poo, ten million years old, worth heaps.

I was told today, if anyone thinks it's not Poo, "prove it, that's our story and where sticking to it." The locals have put a price on it $200 (about 3 1/2in across)... Looking for a buyer.

I am looking forward to tomorrow I have been asking around town that we are looking for very fine sand, the other day I was told a station west of White Cliffs, talk to that guy, he owns it. Well tomorrow we are putting the trailer on and going for a drive. This is a large sheep and cattle station big enough to build a million homes, is that a big enough for you.

The camera will come along for the ride, a trailer load of find sand will make my job here at home just that bit easyier.

Hello, Doug thanks for the email I sent it onto Susan. (about the Melbourne zoo.)


The girls back home tomorrow.

More tomorrow night.



July 2nd Saturday
Great day in White Cliffs after a bad night for me my sugar levels dropped to 2.6 not a good night at all, have had a lot of trouble with sugar the last month.

We went to the underground motel for coffee this morning and we are going to the same place tomorrow morning for a chat. Then we are out for lunch tomorrow.

Girls weekend away my two daughters and my granddaughter went to Melbourne for a girls weekend away, Kylie, Susan and Joyce. The trip will be recorded in pictures Joyce will never have to wonder about her past.

Yvonne took this great picture as the train left Albury Wodonga in the rain early Friday morning.

Joyce sent a love heart to White Cliffs while on the train.

Joyce loves her room in the Melbourne Hotel (I think every kid love a room like this to sleep in)

At the same two bedroom apartment in Melbourne.

Kylie picture sent to White Cliffs from their room on the 15th floor. (looks like White Cliffs in the year 3000.)

Big kid at the Melbourne zoo, the elephant does not look happy.

Joyce know's how to ride an elephant, now that a happy animal.

Tonight an hour early, they are at Disney on Ice in the city.

Putting all those pictures in a website hard work, we look like having a another nice day in White Cliffs tomorrow around 15c in the shade and 22c in the sun we are told.

They are meeting up with Peter, Joi and Muffy in Melbourne over the weekend Joi hope you are feeling better.

It's 8:30pm I better get this up on the Internet.

Sorry about the spelling my checkers and at Disney on Ice tonight.



July 1st Friday 2016
An easy day in White Cliffs I took it easy cleaning the cars and going out the road to collect sand, my little creek is 10km's from White Cliffs.
The only thing out here are Kangaroos, Emu and goats it a very quite place to walk around.

The outback of Australia is very green and water in the creeks.

In this one and only spot, sand what I need for our render work inside the underground. As you can see it is all in one spot.

Have a look at this guy over 7ft tall, don't mess with me.

Here a 2016 model of a Kangaroo.

I never did a lot today at home the reason I spent a few hours out at the creek with our camera, the repaired camera worked well as you can see in tonight's pictures.

Kylie, Susan and Joyce are in Melbourne for the weekend I have some pictures that I will put up on 3Dots tomorrow night. Yvonne took a great picture as they were leaving Albury on the train. They are planning to meet up with Joi and Peter over the weekend.

We have been invited out to a sheep and cattle station to the west of White Cliffs I am looking forward to that next week. But more on that next week.

Blue sky, no rain and 24c in the sun the perfect day here today. Carol went to art at Red Earth today and we are having coffee tomorrow at the Underground Motel. Carol and I have been invited out for dinner on Sunday, And people say there nothing to do in White Cliffs.

The weekend is here and a big hello to our friends in Gippsland.

Three Dots hit another milestone tonight we had a 100 Unique People in seven day that a record I shake my head sometime's and think why it's a hobby site for me.

Kylie and Susan my spelling checker's are away as you read, so it's just me and my bad spelling tonight.



Three Dots...