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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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June 30th Thursday
That wall, hooray it's built after 25days work a lot of rock and cement a lot of dirt and sand yep it's built at last.

It started life like this dirt and rock, a million years ago it was under the sea, part of the great inland sea in Australia.

Here it is today built and drying over the next two day before we seal it with water proofing then high gloss white paint.

That took me all day...

The rest of today it is over to Peter in Melbourne it a girl weekend away Joyce, Kylie and Susan are going to Melbourne tomorrow and back on Monday Joyce is 5yr's old and this will be her first train ride her first Zoo trip and a heap more first. She will meet up with Peter and Joi (if she up to it) in melbourne.

Uncle Peter took time out and did a "Itinerary for Joyce" for the weekend0, it's a big weekend when your five years old.


Joyce’s big weekend.

This weekend Joyce will be traveling with her mother and old Auntie Susan to visit Melbourne.

She will be traveling to Melbourne on the famous Pumpkin Train
When she arrives in Melbourne she is going to check into her hotel for the weekend.
The Famous Pumpkin House Hotel
She is so excited about visiting some of the Famous things in Melbourne.
She will visit the aquarium to see the Famous Pumpkin fish

She is going to visit the Zoo to see the Famous Pumpkin animals

The highlight of the visit is to see Disney on Ice with the Famous Pumpkin Cinderella coach
She is staying close to the Vic Markets so seeing the vegetable section with all the pumpkins will be a highlight
MunchkinBaby BearWe Be LittleBaby BooCinderella
At the Ice slide she is looking forward to the food trucks especially this one.
Pumpkin Patch - Food

Joyce will be so exhausted she will have to put her little head on the Pumpkin pillow to have a rest.

Well after this fun filled weekend she might be totally pumpkined out and having nightmares about pumpkins


Well done Peter, I know Joyce is over the moon about her first big city trip and meeting up with you and Joi over the weekend. It sure going to be a fun weekend for all.

The Hello for today has to go to Peter and Joi after all that work above.

I am going out to the the creek about 10km's out of town to get some more sand, I take the camera with me it a really quite spot just to sit by the creek (almost no water) the other day I had goats and kangaroos near where I was digging.

Tomorrow 1st July, five month's to we leave for the summer.



June 29th Wednesday
End of the business year tomorrow and end of the tax year June 30th we have nothing to do this year other than say hello to my tax lady and say Merry Christmas and leave.

Back working on that wall I did quite a bit of render work today. With a bit of luck I will finisher the render work tomorrow then let it dry paint it with BondCreat and paint. All good so far, took this picture with my phone camera.

Microsoft have put out a new smart phone called a Microsoft 950XL I renew my phone in November and from what I have read this will be my replacement smart phone with a 20mp camera. The phone I am using now has a 8mp camera. Between now and November who knows what will come on the market.

I am getting my sand 10km's south of town to render the wall above, next time I go out I am going to take my good camera and metal detector with me it is a beautiful place to sit by the road side.

I talked to Joi today she is home in Melbourne.

Hello to Doug in Queensland, what's happing in the train world.

A big Three Dots last night and a short one tonight, tomorrow I am hoping for good weather, we could do with some Global Warming up here.



June 28th Tuesday
Today was a bit cool but we had blue sky all day long. We then went for a drive about 10km's out of town looking in a local creek for sand to finish the wall I have been building.

Step 1. Dig it out. This is what you start with after you dig out a room. If you keep the rock in place and seal it up it will stay there.

Step 2: you make up a mix of cement and water to seal the wall (the hat are there to show you the size of the area) any holes or cracks are filled with cement and sand as in the picture.

Step 3. you fill the wall with cement and rock to a thickness of around 50mm (2") this is the hard bit it can take two week to build what you see here to a height of 2400mm (8ft)

Step 4. you hand render the wall with a mix of sand and cement you are looking at a 2m (6ft) square. Did this step on the wall today it will turn white when dry in two days.

Step 5: This is where you start painting the wall this has under coat only. We then clean up the wall with an other coat of render or we paint on a coat of high gloss white paint and the wall in finished.

As I said at the start if you hold the rock in place it will stay there for years, if you see a crack in the wall fill it with gap filler and paint it, if you stop the air getting behind the wall it will not give you any trouble.

I have been working on these walls inside for three months non-stop now.

This all started when I received an email as how to build an underground room, you run power behind the cement and add a cement wall. The other question is how much does it cost, there are a lot of if's and but's here. I talk about this room it took me around 2mth's to dig the room and remove the dirt, the next step is to do the walls and roof as above. Add power and lighting the floor a 6m x 4m bedroom cost about $3000 to build which is not a lot. But your own time is not in this cost, a room from start to finish takes 5 to 7mth's working on your own.

What you need is a lot of cement, gravel, rocks, sand and paint. Rock and sand is free around the local area. Gravel cost $200 a 5m truck load, cement comes from Broken Hill you need about $600 worth of cement to build a good size room.

What else: Fixed another light on the Mercedes Benz all I need now are two parking light globes from Scott and it's all fixed.

Peter said he thinks Joi will be home tomorrow, then it just take time.

Carol working on her art for the White Cliffs Art Festival in September, it on for three days in September.


Tomorrow it be back to the wall but first I need to go and get some more sand that I need.


Send us an email if you read 3Dots, (just need to know someone is out there from time to time.)

eMail Rex and Carol


Hello Troy, Kylie and Joyce, in Thurgoona east of Albury Wodonga.



June 27th Monday
No rain thank goodness' the sun came out and we had a top of 13c. Not hot but better than yesterday that's for sure.

Where has this yean gone Friday is the 1st of July and we start the second half of the year we head off for summer mid to the end of November. In five months we will be packing the caravan and heading south for Christmas.

This year we be in Albury for Christmas then around the area to Kylie 40th Birthday end of January. Then along the South Victorian coast to South Australia for about three month's.

Had no trouble with the Mercedes Benz for two years in the last month I have fixed a number of things nothing big all little things. Today it was light globes in the front the low beam was out on the left and the high beam on the right.
We had spares' here at home that I used today so we now have two high beam and two low beam. I also fitted two new fog light globes.
Then no parking lights both right and left are blown globes. No spares' here so I  rang Scott in Wangaratta for help he will post me two this week.
I work on it a bit more tomorrow just checking out the wiring just to make sure we don't have a short. 

With all the rain we now have a million weeds and they are growing 50mm a day. There's an old saying about the outback, grow what you like "Just Add Water".
Well God gave us the water and the ground gave us the weeds. If this keeps up I start a lawn mower business. But tomorrow I am planning to attack, using weed killer I never said I was a greene.

I took a picture part way down the driveway to show how green it is here right now, last year we were hoping for a flower year but it never happened maybe this year.
In 2011 we had a flower year every square foot in the outback had a flower, maybe this year it will happen.

I am on the lookout for sand to finish my wall inside it not easy finding sand around White Cliffs it has clays in the sand and hopeless on walls it dry's and cracks in a few months.

Hello Joi hear your about to go home from Hospital.

Tomorrow I hope the sun shines.



June 26th Sunday
What can you say about today other than wet and wild just had a look at 7pm tonight Albury and Wangaratta both 5c and White Cliffs 6c... It started to rain about noon today and in 7hr's we had only 1.6mm here at home.

The other thing that had trouble today was the local Internet, we never seen the sun today in fact we never seen blue sky all day.

We need some sunshine I have a heap of weed to get rid of outside.

Heater, we turned a heater on in the front room where we have a window to the outside it where the television located. It got down to 20c today so it would not flow on to the the rest of the underground home I put the heater on for the first time this year, the kitchen and bedroom are 23c right now.

The auction site for Garvin and Adrian in August passed 1000 hits some time last night, have a look if you like Click Here it is a big auction just north of Albury Wodonga.

I had some pictures but with the speed of the Internet tonight I put them up tomorrow night.


Big Hello to Susan in Albury.


June 25th Saturday
Had a talk to Joi on the phone today she saying all is good and she happy, I must say she sounding a lot better than Muffy on the phone she has a cold from the Melbourne weather.

Otto Picture (a good friend) That's about $40,000 in his hand.

The Broken Hill website has done an update on White Cliffs and setup a link to our own website at the bottom of the page. Click Here

I worked on that wall in the sitting room, it getting there it is all built and covered with about 20mm of hard cement to hold it in place. Next step is to render the wall with a mix of find sand and cement mixed four parts sand one part cement.

The hard part is getting the sand around here I go for a drive tomorrow afternoon and see what I can find around town and out on the Opal mining area.

Otto who took the picture above has closed his galley do to illness he a nice person who always there to help without being asked.

Otto sure takes a good picture this was setup in his underground home here in White Cliffs but is now closed. Otto maybe one day when you feel better you can start it up again.

If you read yesterday 3Dots, you know the main Adelaide to Sydney road is in open and close mode at the bridge that crosses the Darling River in Wilcannia. I support what they are doing.

Tomorrow we are going to Red Earth coffee shop for coffee.


Keep it up Joi your now over the hill and speeding down the other side.


They say rain tomorrow, (it better not we have had enough.)



June 24th Friday
One of those days right now at 6pm tonight it is 11c in White Cliffs, 6c in Albury Wodonga, 6c in Wangaratta and 21c in Brisbane, that be right.

The cold wind was good for one thing it did start to dry the mud out in town the cement mixer may start again tomorrow.

Quite a number of times you will have read on Three Dots about Wilcannia, we get a petrol there, the chemist is there. But there is one thing that is not there "water" the Darling River is dry and has stopped flowing. And a lot of local people who have lived in the area for 60,000 years are quite upset about it.

I must say that I support them it is a shocking state of affairs that the government has sold all the water to the point there is no water left in the river.

The main road from Sydney to Adelaide, the Barrier Highway runs down the main street of Wilcannia. The main bridge across the river is at Wilcannia and the locals have closed the bridge, They close it for 30min they open it for 30min then close it again, they want water.

A group of Wilcannia residents will continue their peaceful blockade of the town’s main bridge today and tomorrow to highlight “mismanagement” of Darling River. (pictures from internet)

Yesterday marked the beginning of the protest, which involves residents occupying the bridge crossing the Darling River for up to 30 minutes at a time.    

Organiser Murray Butcher said that about 30 adults and children took part in two demonstrations on the bridge yesterday.  This is one of Australia biggest river, look at it now. Broken Hill is near out of water they are going to build a pipe line from the Murray River to Broken Hill 300km's that will cost millions of dollars.

The Darling has nothing to do with White Cliffs we collect local water here.

Stop big business upstream drawing water to grow cotton leave the water in the Darling River.


I am told Joi doing ok in hospital in Melbourne, Peter and Muffy are looking after her.

Glenda thank you for the old time pictures you sent they made my day, thank you.


It's Friday and the weekend is here, I hope it does not rain we have had enough this month.


The Hello to day is to Glenda in Albury.

Have a good weekend.


June 23rd Thursday
Big day for Joi in Melbourne, had no news just have to wait and listen.

Another lost day and at 3:30pm it is a cold 15c and a 50kph wind from the South I walked up top with the camera and no wildlife to be seen. They were most likely looking at me walking around with the camera saying "silly old buggar".

We are still getting light rain and had 4mm overnight, as you can see looking at the Mercedes Benz with the local mud it is better to stay off the roads.

I know we need to wash the car again but I wait for better weather. This happened after 2km's...

Why do they do it up the back of our place (not on our land they are on crown land) three old cars. The owner passed away early this year, so no owner and on crown land, who own them. This time last year the old Holden had a grill and badges, now all missing. It had one good headlight and as you can see it's been kicked in and left mudguard bent, one windscreen broken You have to ask why.

The other two cars have been stripped as well, an old Holden and a Ford Falcon.

Susan went down to Wangaratta today to see Scott and buy a new phone, hope you had a good trip in the Honda it is a nice looking car.

Found some DDR3 ram on Ebay for Carol computer today from China they are almost giving it away. So I brought it online.

I was reading about a major retailer today, they buy's in bulk from China then cry's that people buy online and do not support them buying in there store. I know...


Hello Peter and Joi hope all goes well.


I want to cement and hope this rain goes away.



June 22nd Wednesday
Happy Birthday Chase in Wodonga

A far better day in White Cliffs today, the sun came out but we still had a very cold wind and a lot of mud in the area the local roads are really bad. Carol went to art today, I took her in the Mercedes Benz the the Proton would have not made it in the mud.

I am hope that I can get back to work tomorrow there is no way I could mix cement and use a wheel barrow outside today. Have lost ten days work now due to the weather.

Talk to Joi in Melbourne today, it the big day tomorrow.

Seen on the news tonight Target is going to stop selling toys and pet care, I am not sure know where they are heading they seem to have lot there way in the retail world.

I need some pictures for three dots so please send me some via email.

One of our nurse's moves away this week, she was married about three weeks ago and moving on.


Hello to Sue and David in Gippsland.


That's it from here for today.


June 21st Tuesday
The shortest day of the year, summer is coming, As we said last night we made a trip to Broken Hill and back to White a total 617km's return. We left on sun up at 7am.

I have taken a number of sunsets but today it is sunrise looking East, we have a view to the East and all the way around to the West an unbroken view.

The trip today was for medical reason's x-ray at the hospital, we then had about three hours shopping and turned for home getting here about 5pm. For the record we took the Proton today 617km's at a 110kph all the way, fuel was 7.1lph not bad at that speed.

We had rain all the way home, very light most of the time and some people just we by me doing 130 to 160kph on a wet road.

Back home and it is time to unpack the car and sort things out.

By the way that is the first time I have driven into Broken Hill and back home in the same day. I think that's my limit for a day. About the same as a trip from Albury to Sydney.

It be early to bed, it is raining outside right now.



June 20th Monday
Trip to Broken Hill tomorrow, the doctor wants some x-rays done so we are going in and out the same day well that's the plan. It's a 600km return trip. Going to take the Proton for a drive it needs a good run.

Gave the Proton a big going over today, check it out, oil, water the lot. The only problem found was the tyre pressures all low around 20psi (should be 34psi) all fixed now.

Blue sky in White Cliffs: We woke to a blue sky and a very wet ground this morning. A lot of underground homes had water problems over the weekend some worse than others. We had about a bucket of water for the weekend.

Taken last year in May 2015.

Last year you may remember we put cement down up on the roof up to the rock wall. That fixed about 95% of our water problems, the water running down the hill hitting the back of the rock wall above and soaking into the ground. Then into the house underground home below, it only happens after about four days rain. It is a small problem we need to fix and the best way to fix the problem is plastic and cement up top on the roof behind the wall in the picture. I add it to the list, I may have to talk to Peter a friend up here for some help on this job.

As we are going to Broken Hill tomorrow I went to the rubbish tip, a bad move, never again after rain about 8in of mud the Benz even locked itself in 4wd I stopped short of the tip and walked over to the tip hole.

A warm sunny 21c in the sun and a very cold wind.

Hello to Troy n Kylie in Albury.


June 19th Sunday
We have had 30hrs of non-stop rain here in White Cliffs and it is still raining as I write Three Dots tonight.

We are sure not going to have a water problem in White Cliffs this year the main dam just outside of town is near full the creek in town flowing the water tanks around town at full. The big tanks at the White Cliffs hall are full, there are three tanks around 40,000lt's... they collect water off the roof of the hall.

The town has closed down due to rain, the coffee shop Red Earth is closed, the Underground Motel closed and the Sunday meal at the Sporting Club tonight has been cancelled. The plan is keep people off the roads 90% of the roads are red dirt and with the rain they have turned to red mud. It's like red honey it will stick to your tyre like glue.

The shire council has said all roads North, East and West are closed. Road South is a sealed road to Wilcannia is open but has water crossing the road. It will be closed overnight and they will review conditions Monday morning.

Big light on and rain.

So we are home in the underground, it been four days of rain and we have two small leaks one in our food room and one in the lounge room. Drip rate is around four drips a minute, we can handle that.

The phone been running hot one person has a drip of water over there bed. Everyone seems to have a leak somewhere.

I was talking to Adrian on the phone when we had thumping on the roof near the air shaft and really odd noise. We went outside to find four Kangaroos and fifteen sheep on the roof near the air shaft. Don't know who owns the sheep.

Tuff life walking around in the rain tonight

The camera I fixed is still going as you can see, we may have had a win.


And it is still raining.

As I say "Tomorrow another Day" a dry one we hope.



June 18th Saturday
Not a good day in White Cliffs, it is cold 18c with a light cold wind we even had fog this morning (a record two days in a row.)

You could do nothing at all outside was 75mm of red mud the roads are like driving in a car rally it not a problem if you drive slowly. A few young guy are ripping up the roads but that happens where every you live these day.

Six of us went to the Underground Motel for a coffee and the new people sure need practice in how to make a coffee. Tomorrow they know there alive when a big group of locals turn up for coffee, Sunday sometimes we get over 20 people.

Vote, we filled our postal vote forms today and mailed them back, we are now in Parkes for voting it covers over 50% of New South Wales and we have no where to vote on polling day. All we can do is send in a postal voting form that's not right we have over 500 people in White Cliffs right now and no where to vote. We would have to travel a 600km round trip to Broken Hill and back.

And wait to you see the form to fill in, it is about one metre long I new no one below the line it sure not easy to vote.

Hi Rex , Caloundra Beach fest which is a very big car show . There were 585 cars on display some even came from as far as Townsville . They say they hope to get 800 next year ! Lots to see some beautiful old classics there so nice when they are in as new original condition. Bill.






Thanks Bill, they look good, with 585 cars to look at it would fill in a day for any car fan. Bill runs a auto parts shop in Queensland and a long time reader of Three Dots. Bill and I worked together in Wodonga many years ago. Send me the address of where your business for Three Dots.


After that today we have to say Hello to Bill and Marg in Queensland.


Will the rain stop tomorrow, we hope yes.



June 17th Friday
We had a wet 24hr's in White Cliffs a total of 15.4mm of rain. We had used 80lt's out of the rain water tank, in the last 24hr's we collected 1078lt's off the roof so a 1000lt's came out the over flow pipe.

Every where you go in town you are met with water and mud, red mud. I know it be fun to drive in. The Mercedes Benz has a automatic shift to Four Wheel Drive it locked itself in a few time today.

The food truck came in today from Mildura bringing us meat, fruit, vegetables and our food order from Woolworth's Mildura, and the truck was packed with boxes. it is a great service.

As you can see below we copy some of the text tonight from the White Cliffs website, hope you enjoy reading it.

Joi operation has been put off to next Thursday, where all with you. Your sure the talk of the family.

Troy and Kylie should be happy with little Joyce she received a School Merit Certificate to in front of the school today, well done Joyce.



Drought and other 'acts of God' have made many outback farmers cranky and depressed over the last decade.

That is why Uniting Church minister David Shrimpton, otherwise known as "the flying padre", spends his days flying to remote sheep and cattle stations in far west New South Wales to deliver the 'good news' or just to lend an ear over a hot cup of tea.

More from ABC Rural Click Here


Mushroom found on Smiths Hill this morning by Janett and Pikey, I am told it's a first for Smiths Hill. They had not seen them here before


Hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent on a pipeline from the Murray River to Broken Hill, in New South Wales' far west, to fix its water supply problems, the State Government says.

The city faces the prospect of running out of water in April next year, and the promised pipeline means it would no longer have to rely on the nearby Menindee Lakes for its water supply
More Details Click Here


Four councils near the lower Darling River region in far west New South Wales and Victoria have pledged to lobby federal and state governments to return the river system to good health.

ABC News: Representatives from the Wentworth, Central Darling and Broken Hill councils in NSW and Victoria's Mildura council agreed on Tuesday to organised meetings with authorities to discuss the river's plight.
Click_Here for more details.


Have a good weekend it looks like it be a wet on in a few places.

Our voting forms came today.



June 16th Thursday
A wet night in White Cliffs right now it is raining quite heavy. We had a nice day it starting raining about 6:30pm tonight.

I went up top and check it out today and not much more I can do, most of the time we are ok with a day or two rain it is when we get rain for four or five days that we have a problem. If the rain comes from the north we seem to have more of a problem.

We went to the Underground Motel this afternoon to say thanks to the old owners and we met the new people as well, yep we had a coffee. They made a good coffee even if it did take about 20min's to made it. Who care how long it took.

Picture from the Internet of the White Cliffs Underground Motel, it is on Smiths Hill they are on the South side of the Smiths Hill, we are right behind them on the North side of the same hill. The rooms are under the air shafts on the side of the hill.

Right now we have some big storms outside so I am going to unplug my computer.

A big bang of thunder, I felt that underground.


Thanks more tomorrow.



June 15th Wednesday
Last night "Three Dots" was real late I did dots then the Wireless Tower in White Cliffs went on strike and stopped around 7:30pm I woke up at 4:30am and it was working so I did a update then. I can get NBN here now via a dish on the roof, but still in thinking mode about that.

The reason being that I cannot take the NBN with me when we go in the caravan, most years we are away 5mth's of the year and we take the Wireless with us. We would have to pay for the NBN even if we are away from White Cliffs. I do some more thinking about NBN.

I am now working on two walls inside the underground they are being covered with cement, then render mix of sand and cement. I need some more gravel to cement with I could go out with the trailer and get some but 5qM would take about ten loads using the little trailer. Next week Leon going to drop me a load $200 5qM, one truck load.

Our good camera that stop working I was thinking what the hell I take it apart it was not working anyway. Well three hours later and WD40 (that's a no, no in a camera) I found the problem the lens was locking up when you zoom and a fuse was dropping out. A long story short "it's working" well I think it is the pictures below were taken with it tonight, time will tell.

The Mercedes Benz is not being kind to me of late, not a big problem the left headlight globe went out I get one in Broken Hill next week. I found a number of blow globes like parking lights out as well.

It is looking like rain in the sky but no rain as yet. I went up on top of the roof with the air hose and blew away fine stones, dust and Kangaroo poo. I did now want it washing into our water tank if it does rain. We have a wire mesh filter for water going into the tank and a fine wire filter on water coming out of the tank.

Talking about water, "Water Restrictions Lifted in White Cliffs."

ABC News: The search for an alternative water supply for the town of White Cliffs, in far-west New South Wales, has proven disappointing, with no drinkable groundwater discovered.

The Central Darling Shire contracted an organisation to sink two test bores to investigate whether the water was high-enough quality to potentially supply the opal-mining town.

More details Click Here

So it looks like the town back to thinking about way to collect water.

Taken tonight out front with the repaired camera, it looks good I think.

If you seen this in the sky you have to think rain, well so far not a drop. See how the camera going this time next week.

In the sun outside today it was a warm 26c (in the sun) and blue sky most on the day.

The White Cliffs Motel has sold, Richard and family move out at 10am tomorrow and drive out of town, the new owners take over at 10am tomorrow. Hope they know how to make a cup of coffee.

Hope this is not true, but have been told they are looking for backpackers to work at the motel. Time will tell.


Hello Richard have a good time down south.



June 14th Tuesday
(did three dots last night then found I had no Internet to upload it to the Three Dots server, I am doing this at 4:30am Wednesday morning, all good now.)

Another hard day working in White Cliffs I am still working on the wall in the sitting room and started a new wall in the hallway near the front door leading into the underground. We should be able to complete the underground in three month, plus do a lot outside near the new kitchen.

Next week we are getting a load of cement gravel dropped off they want $200 for 5qM of gravel. But more on that later.

Mike a three dots reader sent us three outback pictures for "Three Dots."

Outback north of Broken Hill, nice picture.

I know where this one is Silverton just North of Broken Hill they made Mad Max here so years ago.

Hope I am right the old church at Lighting Ridge, North of New South Wales. Mike thank you the pictures hope I gave them the right title, The first one was a bit of a guess.

To keep you happy I washed the car today so it is nice and clean now (on the outside) the battery in the car fine it started first hit this morning, I did take it for a drive 20km's out of town and back.

Joi going into Hospital next Monday.

All good in White Cliffs 23c outside in the shade today and they are talking 23c again tomorrow, still 24c inside the underground we have not used a heater or cooler this year.


Mike thanks for the pictures.


If you have pictures or news send them in for others to look at on "Three Dots."



June 13th Monday
Monday and a holiday for the Queen's Birthday weekend have a think about this do retired people have a public holiday?...

It was sure the 13th I was going to do heaps today but it did not work out that way I did a major service on the Mercedes Benz today new filters all installed new oil installed new coolant. Then a problem I found a leaking water hose, it is a fine hose with a 3mm hole and it is dripping at the end. Have to think about how to fix this one. I have a good range of basic tools here in White Cliffs need a piece of fine tubing to fix it, a job yet to be worked out.

Then I had trouble starting the car a flat battery, it the coolest day we have had this year 5c this morning we hit 21c mid afternoon. I put the battery charger on for three hour and it started fine. I took it for a 10km drive.

I have to see how it goes tomorrow morning, the battery is 3yr's old and came with the car.

Then I went and helped a 80yr lady with her computer, it was not working Ummm, problem found the power plug pulled out of the wall, how many times have we seen that problem. I said just a power reset problem all fixed.

I did have to have a coffee and a cake I need to work hard to keep my weight under control. Just for the record when I came to White Cliffs full time four years ago I was 96kg I am now 80kg. Two things I work harder and no take away food shop. No KFC, McDonald's only home cooked food and coffee.

We took this picture of the car at Christmas time when it was clean after all the driving and mud it sure does not look like that today. But we have not been able to use tap water to wash a car. Tonight I read water restrictions have been lifted in White Cliffs. In the next day of two I wash the car.

Nothing much happen in town today, Peter a good friend who does a bit of Opal Mining hit it good today out the Opal fields at 17 to 20ft under ground. Well done Peter a shoe box of Opal is a really good find and pay the bill for this year.

Two years ago while on the road camping we met a couple from France, schools teachers they still keep in contact with us. Thanks for the email and pictures.

Tomorrow I do it all over again.



June 12th Sunday
The morning was out for coffee at the Red Earth Cafe. There was a lot of people there this morning in our group there were fifteen people.

It was a cold 15c in White Cliffs today the wind was 45kph from the East all day we get warm winds from the North of North West.

Next stop was the local Opal Shop Susan wanted a silver key ring, I have it for you.

Not a great picture there are a lot of Emu and Kangaroo's on the move the last two nights, keep away from the Emu's they are a crazy bird. Picture with the phone camera.

Tonight we are off the the Sporting Club for a meal tonight.

Dick a local went to Melbourne over a 1000km's each way from White Cliffs two weeks ago his mother was sick, a few days later he came back home his mother was ok. The next day he lost his brother in law in Melbourne and while in transit to Melbourne he lost his mother we are told age 98yr's. Poor old Dick it not been a good ten days.

Hello John and Glenda in Albury


More tomorrow it be back to work.



June 11th Saturday
The weekend is here and we went over to the Underground Motel for coffee with friends this morning back home I mixed up a load of cement then did a bit more work on that wall, it takes me about two hours work. Then I have to stop the rocks fall off the wet cement, I say about three of four days and I be at the top.

Have put a lot of time into a auction website for Garvin and Adrian we still have more pictures to add in the next week.

Click Here to see the website. When I get more items I will add them to the website.

Carol and I have been asked out tonight a local is having a family reunion and we have been asked to attend. Nothing to do with our family we have been asked as friends of local family members, nice to be asked.

My phone bill was up $17 this month not bad, Susan was away overseas and we did sent a lot of SMS text between us.

I made up a banner ad for the White Cliffs website the other website in town has shut down our website is the only one left in town Click_Here you will see Opal Showroom I have been asked to support local business as the business website has closed. That's fine by us.


Hope you all have a good weekend, Bill in Queensland gave me a call this morning, enjoyed our chat.


June 10th Friday
A good part on the day was at the house next door they had a big sale it was a monster of a sale all the way. Well over a 1000 items for sale and by the end of the day they had sold a good 60% of the items, the sale is on for two days Friday and Saturday.

It was in the shed out of the shed and very well laid out.

You have spent hours just looking.

Here is my lot of goodies 30 glass bricks, a door handel.

And this treasure, it is a 12v caravan cooler you fill it with cold water or ice and plug it into 12volts. Look at the picture above it sucks the air in and across the ice then out into the caravan. We only need it when we are free camping and have no power for our bigger air conditioner you put it at the end of the beds.

New, tire down straps as I said new and still in plastic packs there 20 of them.

Glass bricks 30 of them they may end up in the wall of the shed, each the size of two house bricks.

Now it cost me $10 the lot, we went back later and got a set of draws, and a near new glass top coffee table it was a very cheap sale.

We have been asked out for a meal tomorrow night, so we will do dots when I can.


Hello Carmen and Damon and kids in Wodonga

The weekend is here a long weekend they tell me.


June 9th Thursday
Back working on that rock wall again today I am slowly getting there I have four wall to go inside the underground and that it.

We had a very cold wind all day 18c and 50kph wind outside. Inside it is the normal 24c, near perfect temperature.

Early start tomorrow morning, Pikey next door has a garage sale on starting at 7am for two days they are having a big clean out he tells me. I am looking for some pipe fittings, taps power points it all small stuff that we need.

I did pickup a bit of steel today that I need for the caravan almost all the new caravans have four stabilizer legs two on the front and two on the back, I am putting a steal bar and fitting two stabilizer's on the front of the caravan.

A big problem today, Carol computer stopped working it kept locking up, running Windows 7. So a good part of the day was fixing it. It is working all ok tonight it maybe just a bit slow, think we need some more computer ram, I look on ebay and see what I can find.

Been looking at camera's to buy do we buy Canon or Nikon, all comments welcome.


Hello to the guys in Queensland Opps' guys and girl in Queensland seen our last nurse has moved to Queensland.


As I say tomorrow another day.



June 8th Wednesday
The Biggest Morning Tea will not stop growing, Carol received more money today and added to the total from the weekend.

The total for the "Biggest Morning Tea" is now:
Cash....... $1094.05
Internet... $..140.00


The meat hub sent out there order form for delivery on Friday 17th June to White Cliffs from Mildura they now come on a Friday. We can also place an online order with Woolworth's for pickup by the Meat Hub

The meat hub food van comes to White Cliffs once a month. June will be there third trip to White Cliffs.

It save's Carol and I a trip to Broken Hill seen they will bring our Woolworth's online order for $10.00 it saves us the 300km trip into Broken Hill a night in the Motel $105.00 and the 300km back home.

Date…June 2016… ……………

Meat Order………………………………..
Address White Cliffs………………………………………………

BBQ Steak $14.99kg
Diced Steak $14.99kg
Beef Stir fry $14.99kg
Osso Bucco $10.99kg
Y-Bone Steak $13.99kg
Oyster Blade Steak $13.99kg
Premium Mince $13.99kg
Premium Scotch Fillet $32.99kg
T-Bone Steak $21.99kg
Beef Rissoles $11.99kg
Oxtail $12.99kg
Ox Tongue $11.99kg
Rib Eye Steak $24.99kg
Premium Rump Steak $21.99kg
Whole Grassfed Rumps $13.99kg
Whole Premium Rumps $15.99kg
Whole Grassfed Porterhouse Steak $21.99kg
Beef Schnitzel $13.99kg
Beef Sausages $8.99kg
5kg Bulk Sausages $40.00
Corned Silverside Pieces $10.99kg
Whole Corned Silversides (4 pack) $9.99kg
Rolled Beef Roasts $11.99kg
Rolled Corned Brisket $9.99kg
Hamburger Patties $9.99kg
Bolar Blade Roast $11.99kg
Chuck Steak $11.99kg
Blade Steak $11.99kg
Gravy Beef $10.99kg
Whole Eye Fillets $31.99kg
Premium Mince $12.50kg
Round Steak $12.99kg
Y-Bone Steak $12.99kg

BBQ Lamb Chops $13.99kg
Lamb Loin Chops $19.99kg
Lamb Chump Chops $15.99kg
Lamb Racks $5.50 each
Crumbed Chops $13.99kg
Crumbed Cutlets $2.50 each
Whole Legs of Lamb $10.99kg
Cut Legs of Lamb $12.99kg
Sides of Lamb $10.50kg
Side of Two Tooth Hogget $9.40kg
Boned Rolled Legs of Lamb $14.99kg
Marinated Lamb Chops $12.99kg
Lamb Shanks $8.99kg

Pork Spare Ribs $14.99kg
Pork Loin Chops $13.99kg
Pork Loin Steaks $17.99kg
Pork Shoulder Chops $10.99kg
Pork Cutlets $16.99kg
Pork Leg Roast $9.99kg
Boned Rolled Pork Leg $11.99kg
Pickled Pork $9.99kg
Rindless Bacon $13.99kg

Breasts $13.99kg
Leg Thigh Fillets $12.99kg
5kg Bulk Wings $30.00
5kg Marinated Wings $30.00
5kg Bulk Chicken Drumsticks $25.00
5kg Bulk Chicken Marylands $30.00
Chicken Schnitzel $12.99kg
Chicken Stirfry $13.99kg
Diced Chicken $13.99kg
Whole #16 Chickens $10.50 each
Chicken Wingdings $7.00kg
Chicken Necks $3.90kg

All prices include 1200km trip to White Cliffs from Mildura and return.

I had a talk with Joi in Melbourne today the next big day is the 20th June in her program for better health.

We worked on the the new rock wall in the sitting room most of the day, we are now past 60% complete and it is looking good.

Tomorrow we will get back to the rock wall the only way to finish the wall is keep at it.

Today it was cold and wet outside we had 0.8mm of rain and a max of 22c outside with wind. Inside a perfect 24c and warm with no heating. Our rain water tank is full 600lt... we only use it for Drinking and for cooking.

We are starting to plan our Christmas Trip away, yes we are planning to leave end of November early December. Albury Wodonga for Christmas then Wangaratta area in January 2017, Kylie 40th end of January, then to the south coast of Victoria moving into South Australia for around three months. five month's away in total.

We still have a lot of planning to do but we made a start today.

Tomorrow we do it all again.

June 7th Tuesday
Well done Carol!!! I knew you could do it Smiling face, that just awesome news ! (The Biggest Morning Tea).

I am back inside building walls today and if it is not wet tomorrow morning I do some more cement work on the inside of the underground home. Did my first full day work for the winter and it was bit hard on the feet they are a bit sore tonight.

Some days you just get the picture right, off my phone camera.

As you can see in the picture above a blue sky in White Cliffs today it was a cold 9c at 8am by 12 noon it wa 25c in the sun.

Had a talk to Muffy on the phone this morning, she is back in Albury this week and next week then she will return to Peter and Joi place in Melbourne. The 20th June is a big day for Joi, just another battle in the war.

Carol went to art today it a big day in White Cliffs.

The Biggest Morning Tea over they are now getting ready for the White Cliffs Art Festival it is on in September.

News around town is that the White Cliffs Hotel has been sold, that the news the current owner is out of town. We know the Underground Motel has been sold and the new owner takes over tomorrow.

Have put a lot of work into an auction that is run by Garvin and Adrian in August at Holbrook.

Tomorrow more cement work.



June 6th Monday
A very quite day in White Cliffs after another big weekend with the "The Biggest Morning Tea" have a look at yesterday June 5th for the total of the weekend. I was told we made more that Wilcannia and more that Broken Hill.

I cannot say I like having my picture taken but this was sent to my email box today. Carol and I with local Brenda after making $1184.05 Carol sure top of the tree in town. But the people of White Cliffs put so much into the weekend we could not have done it without them.

Today we went to Wilcannia and made a visit to the Chemist Shop, a 100km's each way. That took a good part of the day.

They have done up the Wilcannia Hospital it is well over a 100yr's old, look at the tree they say it is 300yr's old. The medical staff here are part of the Royal Flying Doctor Service. The local chemist is just around the corner.

Only a 100km's to home as they say. Wilcannia and White Cliffs share the same postcode 2836, our post office is a sub post office of Wilcannia.

I was asked today does White Cliffs have a policeman, No we do not need one but we do have drop in's from Broken Hill and Wilcannia.

Hello to Barb and Russ in Yarrawonga.

Peter sent me an email about a scam email from AGL, "but it is not from them at all" it is a virus email do not open it, delete it.

I hope to do some cement work inside tomorrow morning the first for this season...



June 5th Sunday

The total for the "Biggest Morning Tea" is:
Cash....... $1044.05
Internet... $..140.00


There is nothing else to say other than "Thank You"

Carol and the people of White Cliffs.


We got up early and did a big clean up inside the house this morning and at 10:30 we went out to coffee at the Underground Motel that should have new owners, but no Richard still there so it was free coffee all round today.

Back home we were on a rest day for a few hours tonight we are off to the White Cliffs Sporting club to make money for the Cancer Council and add to our total which is growing by the day.

Had a friend come by this afternoon to look at his laptop computer he just brought a new 4G wireless modem. The old story a 2016 version modem and a 1999 laptop computer do not go together, the computer is just to old or the 2k16 modem is just to new.

We are about to head to the White Cliffs Sporting Club to try add to our total for the Cancer Council as of midnight it's all over for this year. We have made our target of $1000 so tonight is just icing on the cake as they say. The local website had it's biggest day ever yesterday 64 hits in one day for a town of 130 people.

When we get home we will count the money and I put the total on 3Dots.

It has been a very big weekend.



June 4th Saturday
White Cliffs was cold 15c (no rain) today and the day of the "The Biggest Morning Tea" and Carol's account now stands at $1040.00 and still counting. She has events planned at the White Cliffs Sporting Club tomorrow (Sunday) night.

Our prize table today all were donated.

Food and more food

And a lot more food from the locals.

People came and went and more came and went then more came.

That much food we sold off the food this cake went for $25.00 made by Vicki.

Then more people came I think 90% of the town turned up in the end.

Carol set a target of $1000.00 and has already past her Target, and still has Sunday night at the club to go.

The flying doctor came in last night to pickup a sick station hand, and then it made a return visit to pickup a local with broken bones.

Tonight our night to stop and watch the football on television it's been a hard two weeks.


Hello Joi and Peter in Melbourne.



June 3rd Friday
Well we are home in White Cliffs and all is good, I add more tonight we are down setting up the hall in the White Cliffs CBD for tomorrow morning. The Biggest Morning Tea for cancer research and to help those with cancer.

Today we drove 260km's Cobar to Wilcannia, turned one corner then 100km's Wilcannia to White Cliffs, had a bit of rain on the way but it gave us no problems.

I will update 3Dots when we get home later tonight.

Guess we can call this part two for the day, the White Cliffs hall all setup ready for "The Biggest Morning Tea" tomorrow at 10am most people we have met are coming to the morning tea tomorrow.

The cups are washed and ready, the table's and chairs are ready the hall has balloons hanging tomorrow a big day.

Carol target is $1000 for the day, so far we have $120 online. We have $880 to go.

Joi sent a nice text today from Melbourne, thank you.


Tomorrow another day.


June 2nd Thursday
After a night in Harden in a two star motel we left around 7:30am driving to Temora, West Wyalong, Lake Cargelligo where we stopped for around an hour have a coffee and a bite to eat. We then drove to Mount Hope then onto Cobar 525km's for the day.

Tonight we are in Cobar in a cabin at the caravan park.

It is clean and has a good bed.

Cobar Heritage Centre open to the public

Main street of Cobar

I am not sure how many pub's there are in town but I seen more than ten.

Part of the Cobar Gold Mine

We went to the supermarket the last supermarket before home, just picked up a few items for the Biggest Morning Tea on Saturday at the White Cliffs Hall.

Tomorrow we go home, we are now only 354km's from White Cliffs and we only have one corner on the way. We we get home we need to setup the hall for the biggest morning tea on Saturday Morning.

We need a good night sleep.


We tomorrow is another day on the road, the last day.



June 1st Wednesday

I did an item for 3Dots last night the 31st May and sent it up to the internet about 6pm, well it never got there I got up this morning around 8am and there it was. Normally takes 5sec for some reason last night it took about 12hr's, why your guess is a good as mine.

We had a service for Allan Smith in Canberra today he passed away at 62yr's far to young.

Tonight we are in Harden heading north towards home, White Cliffs. It's not a bad town nothing special. The weather a bit off up here looking like rain.

As I said not a bad town I think I put this on the list to return one day and stay a few days and look around the area.

The plan is Cobar tomorrow night and stay a night in the caravan park. then White Cliffs Friday.

Adrian will be home tonight in Albury I was talking to him today, they were in Yass at the time.

The Biggest Morning Tea in next Saturday so please add a few dollars to the total CLICK_HERE even it you give $2, $5, $10 it all add's up on the day next Saturday 4th June is the last day. Cancer is not a White Cliffs problem it is a World Problem. 100% of money goes to the Cancer Council.

The car going well it's had a hard time the last week, it's been running most of the time around 110kph and doing 11.5lph not bad for a heavy 4wd.

Tomorrow we move on.



Three Dots...