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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

Please take the time to eMail us we love hearing from friends and family

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May 31st Tuesday
Left Wodonga at 8:20am driving to Canberra we are staying at Gold Creek just off the Yass Road near Canberra. we are staying at the Gold Creek Tourist Resort

The Gold Creek Tourist Resort is situated in the heart of Gold Creek Village, just off the Barton Highway and 14 km north of the city centre.

The Tourist Resort has run as a family business since it’s opening in 1998 and we are still dedicated to providing the same service that we have built our reputation on. The Tourist Resort has 65 units. If you are a keen golfer inquire about our packages.

2 minute walk Gold Creek Country Club provides state-of-the-art facilities accommodating golfers of all levels. An 18 hole, par 72 course, a first-class driving range and three practice holes are available for all players. Gungahlin Lakes Golf Club the course features attractive lakes and ponds with challenging water carries across fairways and to greens
The Motel has function facilities and rooms to suit just about every occasion, both social and business. We can cater for any occasion Weddings, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries and Engagements, Staff Parties Christmas Parties and Conferences.

Guests are sure to enjoy Lassiters on O’Hanlon, Come on out with the family or friends for a`la carte dinner nightly from 5.30pm Monday – Friday or enjoy a cocktail, mocktail or coffee in our bar.

Plenty of good reasons to make Gold Creek Tourist Resort your accommodation next time you travel to Canberra.

We're located alongside some of the best dining, attractions, golf courses and shopping to be enjoyed in the Canberra Region… just a short walk from the front door are

- The Cockington Green Miniature Village
- Canberra Reptile Zoo
- Canberra Walk-in Aviary
- The National Dinosaur Museum
- Country Craft Shops and Fashion
- Cafes and Restaurants
- Aarwun Gallery
- Gungahlin Lakes, Golf, Gaming and Dining
- Gold Creek Country Club, golf, tennis courts, gymnasium and dining

And just up the road, in Murrumbateman, there's an extensive selection of vineyards that feature the best in the Region's cool climate wines.
Don’t go past the Gold Creek Tourist Resort Gold Creek Village, any day anytime any age.

Nice area to stay, we will leave after the service tomorrow and head towards home in White Cliffs.

We will go home via Harden, West Wyalong, Lake Cargelligo, Mount Hope, Cobar, Willcannia and White Cliffs 1003km's tomorrow night we will stay in Harden or West Wyalong thursday night in Cobar.

We are going out for a meal at a club in Canberra tonight.

Susan back at work at Target Albury.

Adrian and Dianne head towards home tomorrow.

And the end of another month and the start of winter, why would you ever want to live in Canberra it is cold.

I be glad to get home in the underground home 23c I was told today.



May 30th Monday
We were up at 8am, how do you live here it's cold. We went to Albury shopping for new shoes, jumper I never warmed up all day. And it will not get and better in Canberra tomorrow that's a really cold place.

This picture was taken by Susan on a flight from Sydney to Albury last week, your Nikon did a good job to stop the propeller or near stop it, good picture.

Dianne and Adrian will not be far away as the dogs run around the beach at Ulladulla on the New South Wales Coast today, salt water for the first time.

I really like this camper van it has a good size motor a lot of the new campers have very small motors and work hard in the hill, this model was built like a tank. Thanks for the picture's you sent, hope you enjoy your trip away.

Tomorrow we head for Canberra then head towards White Cliffs on Sunday afternoon we should be home around lunch time Friday. Canberra to White Cliffs 1005km's, I think it will be Forbes Wednesday night and Cobar on Thursday night.

The Biggest Morning Tea in next Saturday so please add a few dollars to the total CLICK_HERE even it you give $2, $5, $10 it all add's up on the day next Saturday 4th June is the last day. Cancer is not a White Cliffs problem it is a World Problem. 100% of money goes to the Cancer Council.

Hello to Adrian and Dianne (have a good trip).

More tomorrow night.



May 29th Sunday
It was a family day in Albury Wodonga today I seen Troy, Kylie and Joyce at their house in Thurgoona. Yvonne came out she is buying Kylie car now that Troy finished work.

Joyce following in her mothers foot steps a total computer nut. She five and doing what I was doing at 15yrs of age.

Next was a trip past Adrian and Dianne place just a drive by it all looked good from the road.

Then into Albury to see John and Glenda in Wilson Street, we had a chat for about an hour and half.

Then it was time to do some shopping at Bunning's in Wodonga. If I read right they are closing Bunning's in Albury and in Wodonga and building a new one out near the Albury Airport. If that happens Wodonga will be the big looses. I shop at Bunning's because they have all other hardware shops out of business and I feel that's not good for Australia.

Back at Damon and Carmen place a number of people dropped in to see Carmen.

We will do some more shopping tomorrow then head back to Canberra on Tuesday.

Hello to Troy and Kylie in Thurgoona



May 27th and 28th Saturday
Last night the the big drive from White Cliffs hit me I would never make a truck driver, I fell asleep and that was it to 7:30am this morning.

Today was a day at the football first it was Chase at Soccer in Wodonga, they play about 15min's a side.

That 4yr old chase about to kick the ball on the far side. They had a win.

Chase father has moved from Soccer to Australia Rules football playing for Thurgoona.

Today Thurgoona played Wodonga in Wodonga, Thurgoona 177 Def Wodonga 6 points, I say no more all pictures taken with my phone. That's the first time I have been to the football for 50yrs.

Adrian sent me this picture from Berry just below Sydney, "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" an old movie do you remember it now. What a great car that's as good as it get's, I love it. Thanks for the picture.

We also went and seen Joyce at Susan place in Albury, Susan was telling me about her trip and showed me a few of the 3000 picture's she took while overseas.

What a great picture of Joyce taken by Susan. Think I print this one for our underground home in White Cliffs. She sure growing up she be 6 in January, (I think) we had a big chat today.

Hello to all in Melbourne town. I am going to see Kylie and Troy tomorrow.

Early Tuesday morning we will head back to Canberra, Wednesday afternoon we start our trip back to White Cliffs. If all is well be back there on Friday afternoon.

Saturday we have the "Biggest Morning Tea" then on Sunday don't call me.



May 26th Thursday
Stopped at last we are in Wodonga for the next five days. We drove Canberra to Albury Wodonga with Damon and the two grand kids in the back seat of the Mercedes.

Carmen is staying in Canberra with her brother Adam. She will return in the next day or two.

Think tonight Carol head spinning with two kids.

I have already been told I washed up a plate in the sink, Chase a four year old told me you don't do that it goes here, the dish washer.
I told him this is how we did it in the old days.

Tomorrow I go see Joyce, and she tell me how to use a computer, right Joyce I am getting to old for a computer's.

I am getting to old for this, so I leave it to Carol when dads at work.

We were driving Canberra to Albury and pulled up at McDonald's Gundagai and met up with Adrian and Dianne driving from Albury towards Sydney and the coast. We had about a 45min chat then went on our way, they had the big camper.

Dianne, and dogs rounding up the sheep

Albury Wodonga (found on the net) I take my own pictures tomorrow.

It was a very wet trip, and they don't slow down I backed it off to 90kph but it felt a lot safer. Car after car went past at 110, 120 and faster in the rain.

Time to stop, 1500kms in three days.

Talk to Joi today hello to Joi, Peter and Muffy. In Melbourne town.

Tomorrow is another day.



May 25th Wednesday
We drove from Forbes to Canberra 277km's this morning it's a slow trip the road is a very bumpy road.

Friday off here in Canberra it now set down for next Wednesday. So we have a few days to spare, we decided to travel to Albury in the morning and travel back to Canberra next Tuesday morning. It's a hard time for Carol kids and that the only reason we are here.

Mid afternoon next Wednesday we will head towards White Cliffs, we should get back on Friday week.

So it Albury Wodonga in the morning five days, it will be good to see my family while in town.

The only thing that getting a hard time is the Mercedes Benz the trip here was 1005km's White Cliffs to Canberra and I think it is 370km's to Albury but not sure on that.

That' where we are and where we are going.



May 23rd and 24th Tuesday
Three dots is on hold for two or three days, A family member on Carol side of the family passed away last night in Canberra we left White Cliffs at 7:45am this morning heading for Canberra, to night we are in Forbes NSW at a motel 728km's from White Cliffs and 277km's above Canberra.

Three dots will happen in a mini version for two of three days.


Since opal was first discovered at White Cliffs in 1872 people from all over the world, from all walks of life, have flocked to the isolated, far west New South Wales town, in search of the precious stone.
Almost 150 years later there are some modern conveniences, but with limited water and power, the town still has the feel of frontier living.
That lifestyle is the real pull for many people, like Ray O'Leary who left a city job and city lifestyle to move to White Cliffs eight years ago, and has not looked back.


That's a hard way to live.


May 22nd Sunday
Up at 6:30am we were on our way to the Poet's Breakfast at the White Cliffs Community Hall, we all had a good time there were about 120 people at the Poet's Breakfast. Now the bad news my good camera stopped working and if I had to make a guess I say the auto focus motor has burned up it has taken 5100 pictures. So I am down to the Nokia (Microsoft) phone, it's ok.

After the Poet's breakfast we went to church at the only church in town, it was great the service taken by Bishop Rod Gillion and a band of about 30 people it was not a normal service. I took some video on my phone MP4 video hope you can see it on your computer. The guy with the phone not real good with video.

The first video taken inside the service. CLICK_HERE

The second video taken outside after the service, the Bishop band we will call them. CLICK_HERE

The church is made of local rock picked up off the ground, Bishop Rod Gillion in the door war. The church holds 50 people I counted 105 people there today. A lot standing inside and outside, staff from the ABC Broken Hill where there.


I guess they all pack up and leave town in the next few day.

Susan will be in Sydney tomorrow morning.



May 21st Saturday
Last night was a big night in White Cliffs around 200 plus people sat in the main street and had a really good time. It was a free night for the start of the Music Festival, an old local Bill Finney was the act of the night.

I took this picture in the dark of ex-local 88yr old Bill Finney, he may 88yr's old but he is a top act.

This morning Carol and I went to the Underground Motel for coffee and Bill walked in and we had a chat for two hours. Bill build his own underground home in White Cliffs 25yr's ago it was a big home and stands four story high, well not high it was down in the ground. He now lives in Mildura and is building his own house boat on the Murray River.

Not much to look at but that is our water meter box at the back of our block as I said not much to look at but we had no water today. Call Tony who works at the Council he pulled the meter out and found it blocked with a tree root like fine hair. The good news is it was on the council side of the meter, all cleaned out and we have heaps of water. Thanks Tony I know your wife reads dots.

A nice Sunset tonight the best one we have had for a long time, taken from the house tonight.

Open day at the fire station in Albury Scott took Joyce for look, not sure if she liked being up in the Fire Engine.

Carol running Cancer "Big Morning Tea" this year and someone put her into the ABC and today they came to White Cliffs and did a screen test, for a show on White Cliffs called "Back Road's" it went well until they put us both in the act. They are coming back to film at the end of August early September.

Susan still in Singapore they are back home on Tuesday morning in Albury. She can see 3Dots in Singapore.

Tomorrow morning we are going the Poets' Breakfast at 8am it was a good show last year. At 11:30am there is a church service at St Marys Church White Cliffs, you will not get lost there is only one church in White Cliffs. The service is taken by Bishop Rod Gillion, there are a lot here for the service.

We went down town today the town is very busy indeed.

More tomorrow night, for the record the 3Dots website is about to hit 15,000 hits it was not that long age we talked about 10,000

Adrian hope you get over the cold.



May 20th Friday (Scott's Birthday)
Went around the underground fixing any fine cracks the ones I fix today were the size of a hair.

Then it was help setup the hall for tomorrow night we set up two hundred seats in the hall along with twenty tables.

That took care of the afternoon, tonight we have a street party in town and live show at the White Cliffs Hotel tonight around 6pm.

The caravan park is packed there are about six row's just like this. All here for the music festival that starts tonight.


Susan is in Singapore for the next three days, she sent me this picture last night that's shocking living like a movie star.

Peter had his eyes done hope all went well Pete.

Time to go to the opening of the music festival.

More tomorrow night.



May 19th Thursday
I stuffed up, the Biggest Morning Tea is on June 4th, not far away (I put August 4th) anyway it's all fixed now.

As I said all fixed.


We have a new display at the Park and Wildlife office here in White Cliffs and they did a great job.

White Cliffs Office of the National Parks and Wildlife. If you want to see more you will have to visit White Cliffs.

Tomorrow night is the start of the White Cliffs Music Festival, I can only see on problem a hall that fits a maximum of 200 people and we have around 1000 people in town already. We will have to stack the people five high. Friday night will be in the street.

Well my job is to setup chairs tomorrow in the hall for Saturday Night show. I been looking around town for chairs.

Church Service St Marys Church at 11.30 a.m.
Gospel singing lead by Broken Hill Community Voices
Service by the Reverend Helen Ferguson,
Bishop Rob Gillion
supported by Peter Chapman.

The first service in White Cliffs this year, and we have a Bishop (Bishop Rod Gillion) the church will be packed. I was talking to one couple from the NSW coast and the only reason they came was the Sunday Service.

We put out posters all around town today for the Biggest Morning Tea.

Susan is in Singapore she landed early this morning.

Hello Sue and David in Gippsland.

That Garden "More on it next week." a labour of love.



May 18th Wednesday
Did a bit of work on the rock wall then my sugar dropped to 3.3 and I felt shocking so I washed up my tool then sat outside with the computer and did a design for the area from the kitchen to the underground home, that took the rest of the day.

A lady came out from Broken Hill to work with the local art group, Carol went along and spent the day there they all seem to have fun.

Scott been looking into the NBN here in White Cliffs, it's good I have been told I talk to them tomorrow on the phone.

We had a good sunset tonight:

Not bad for this time of year. Taken from our block here in White Cliffs tonight. If you look hard you will see a rain storm on the left hand side of the picture, but no rain here.

Susan has left London and is flying to Singapore tonight our time she will get there 7:30am tomorrow morning our time. She is there for four days and departs late on the 22nd May, back home Tuesday next week. A few days home then back to work at Target Albury.

As you read yesterday the Music Festival is on this weekend in White Cliffs, the town is booked out there are only un powered site's left at the caravan park.

We have had the calendar out today doing some planning we have a house sitting job for family in August in Wodonga, just need to do some planning.

Time for a coffee, need one.



May 17th Tuesday
Back working on the rock wall around five hours it is getting there rock by rock, my guess is another weeks work.

As of yesterday Monday White Cliffs has NBN high speed Internet. Click_Here as you all know we are having a lot of trouble with our Internet here in White Cliffs last year it was shut down for a week. I have to ask why we are digging up Australia when five satellites would cover Australia. People will say cable is faster it will load a page in 1sec satellite takes 2sec what are you going to do with the second you saved.

This weekend is the White Cliffs Music Festival it starts on Friday for the day. I and a chair and table setup person over the weekend it's a easy job for this old man. I start Friday 1pm setting up the hall.

"Not long now"
White Cliffs Music Festival
May 20th - 22nd 2016

Kids Face Painting
Walk Up Concert 5.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.
Local & Visitor Talent.
Hosted by Keith Lugton.

Sausage Sizzle 6.00 p.m. all proceeds from sausage sizzle going to the "Underground Arts Festival"
or book a table for dinner at either the Underground Motel.
Bookings to be made prior to 3.00 p.m.

Friday Street Party Sponsored by White Cliffs Hotel Motel 8.00pm.
White Cliffs Hotel (out front on the verandah.)
Streets closed to traffic for the concert. And it is Free, welcome one and all.
GEORGIE BLORE (during Chris’s breaks)
Please note Hotel is open very late for a cool beverage.

Workshops 9:30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. Mostly at the National Parks Meeting Room, St Mary’s Church and Public Hall. Gold coin donation.

Saturdays Concerts 3:00 p.m. and 7.30pm White Cliffs Community Hall Adults $25 child $5 does not include dinner.
From 3.00 p.m.
LEROY JOHNSON, welcome to country.

Dinner Break; Camp Oven Stew. (all proceeds from dinner going to White Cliffs Public School P&C)

From 7.30 p.m.
Please note Hotel is open very late for a cool beverage.

Poets’ Breakfast Commencing at 8:00 a.m. White Cliffs Community Hall.
Adults $15.00 Children (under 12) $5.00 includes breakfast.
KEITH GALL (winner of the 2015 Bluey’s Bullshit Award for Tallest Tales but True).

This segment is held in memory of the Bush Larrikin, Bluey Stuchbery whose yarns had us in tears over the years.

Church Service St Marys Church at 11.30 a.m.
Gospel singing lead by Broken Hill Community Voices
Service by the Reverend Helen Ferguson,
Bishop Rob Gillion
supported by Peter Chapman.

6:00p.m. Self-catered campfire and jam session, come sing-along at the caravan park.

6:00 p.m. Dinner and bar at the White Cliffs Sporting Club.


Susan having her last day in London she fly's out on 18th London time, have a good trip home with a stop over on the way. Yesterday Susan went to Harry Potter World in London.

If you a Harry Potter fan you be able to tell me what this is, I am sure I will be told. (I been told Hogwarts)

All the people in town are getting behind Carol and the Biggest Morning Tea on August 4th, it is getting bigger and bigger every day.

Hello Joi and Peter and good to hear the monster will come out soon.



May 16th Monday
Had an email from Peter Joi is still in hospital tonight in Melbourne.

Monday and back to work at the underground home in White Cliffs, first thing was a trip to the tip, I stopped at a few homes on the way and picket up rubbish.

Back home we did some washing of my dirty work clothes, we have a good washing machine but we use the hand wash out of the caravan, we do not want to put cement power and dirt in the good washing machine. The washing machine we use camping does a really good job.

Then it was back to the rock wall, we have a old room that we use for a shower and a laundry are it has a natural rock wall that drops rocks. I built up a new wall 1800mm using cement I now need to fill the end in with rocks picked up down the driveway.

I took this picture of my work today you can see above the wall the natural rock that drops the odd rock.

This is how it will all look when finished this bit is ready to paint, it will get a coat of water proofing then under coat and a top coat of white gloss paint. Why gloss paint, it reflect the light better and easy to remove dust.

Ten years ago a good old friend Carl who lives here did the biggest rock job above our underground home to run water off the roof he was about 75yr's old at the time building my brick walls is hard work doing what Carl did on his own was unreal. This man is so tuff he will never die we say he will just rust away.

I could never lift so of these rocks much more than stack them up. He used 50 bags of cement.

The old man "Rock Man" still lives in White Cliffs he is over 85 now and slowing down a bit. And he a really nice person.

Hello Bill, Doug and Desire in Queensland.

Back to my rock wall tomorrow just do a bit each day.



May 15th Sunday
An easy day in White Cliffs did next to nothing, its Sunday. Went to the Underground Motel for morning meeting up with dozen people for coffee stayed till lunch time.

Back home I talked to my family on the phone and worked on a few things for the "Big Morning Tea" it will be a really good day. August 4th.

The last word on the bread.

That's a lot better Kylie in fact that's a really good loaf of bread better than the last one. Thanks for the emails yesterday on how to do it.

I made a 650g loaf this afternoon after reading what was sent to Kylie mine came out real good.

Just part of the group at the White Cliffs Sporting Club tonight there were just over 50 people tonight a few down on normal. This was before the meal, resting and having a chat.

It was a good meal tonight three course meal $15... good night.

Susan in London, said she was off to walk around Hyde Park, London today. She likes the big city life something new every day.

That's it for tonight have a good sleep.


May 14th Saturday
We have a busy night on 3Dots tonight, From yesterday Kylie and her bread, thank you for the three emails,
First Comment "Your way short of water it's dry and burning."
Next comment "That's a hard way to make bread buy bread mix at the supermarket."
Last comment "Try 400ml water, 3tbsp oil, 1 1/2 tsp salt, 3tbsp sugar, 5 cups plain flour, 3 tbsp Milk Powder and 1.5tsp Yeast.

From Susan (Staying in London) Bath United Kingdom (thanks for the picture)

The food truck turned up from Mildura today it was packed and it's a new truck, we loaded into our Mercedes Benz meat, fruit, and a online order from Woolworth's in Mildura you pay normal price plus $10 freight. I must say a smart rig inside and out. Great service, it saved us a trip to Broken Hill and a night in Motel. We will go into Broken Hill just before the White Cliffs Cancer Big Morning Tea.

Dianne and Adrian had a stand at the Albury Grammar School Fair in Albury today, thanks for the picture. If you see the "seemyshop2" stand walk up and say I read 3Dots.

And this is what I made for Carol to print out and put up around White Cliffs for the "Biggest Morning Tea" It's on in White Cliffs Saturday August 4th at 10am there are a lot of people helping on the day with food and free labour. We have been told a bus load of people are coming out from Broken Hill for the day. I made the A4 size poster with what we had and with what I could find on the Internet.

Log onto the White Cliffs website and make a donation or leave a comment
White Cliffs is a small town so to have a good day we need to seek support from the rest of Australia.

This year for Joi, Carol


It not Friday the 13th so I can get back to work (read yesterday) and I loved your comments Ha Ha.


Sunday tomorrow and a day off work.



May 13th Friday
Remember Friday 13th last year the wheel came off the caravan, well today it got worse. More on that soon.

From Susan who is in London (not sure of the spelling) Stonehenge, she said this is as close as you get now they have a fence around it.

The girls from Target Albury are having a great trip and will be back in Australia at the end of the month what are you doing when you get home I asked, the answer Sleep.

Now Kylie and her bread maker.

Kylie sent us her bread mix as above. Then sent me the picture below.

Yep, the bread with a question what did I do wrong, muuu I do not know (I told her I was putting it on three dots. I been making our own bread for five years and had nothing like this. If I had to make a guess a total lack of water I use 400ml each mix.
I am sure Kylie would like some comment. We use a pre mixed bread mix, 400ml water, 600g bread mix, 2t yeast. That's it for us and cook on light 3h:24min's on the light setting. A 5kg bag of bread mix cost $10 and makes 8 loves, I think it's a $1.25 a loaf.

We make all our own bread, in White Cliffs bread comes in on a Wednesday and cost around $6, on Thursday morning they freeze the bread and that's all you can buy the rest of the week. So we make our own.

I told you early in the week the butcher coming tomorrow from Mildura, they also sell fruit and vegetables and this is the big winner if you place an order online at Woolworth's Mildura they pickup your order and bring it to White Cliffs for $10 that's a great service.
They have a truck with cool room and freezer. It saves us a trip to Broken Hill we now go in once a month.

Tomorrow what we call "Food Day".

Friday 13th, I am glade it is over. What happen, I said yesterday I was going to fix some fine cracks in the walls. And for a number of years I have used on of those little 1lt plastic spray bottle you but them at any hardware shop about $8... I fill it will 200ml of white paint and 800ml of water and give it a big shake.
You pump up the green pump and add pressure then spray the wall white. At the end of last year I sprayed some paint around washed it out and forgot about it. It sat in the sun all summer (have you guessed what happen today) I filled it up with white paint then pumped it up picked it up and a big bang it split open and cover me with paint from my hair to my shoes. "Stop laughing you lot" I washed down the cement then spent two hours getting clean myself. Friday 13th, the next one I am not getting out of bed.

It's my fault the plastic sitting in the sun for five months broke down the plastic and soon as I put it under pressure it broke.

So today I am saying hello Rex hope you have a better day tomorrow.


May 12th Thursday
We had a good day in White Cliffs blue sky and 20c outside inside the temperature 24c one above normal for the underground home. I went around the home today fixing and cracks in the paint work, if you own a underground home it will get the odd crack. You need to fix them if left for say two years the cracks go in a circle and a rock or rocks will fall out I check every two months. As we have been away for five month I am finding more than normal. When I say a crack if it is wider than a matchstick we need to fix it.

I also put in a layer of rock on me new wall the section left to go is 800mm high and 3m long it will take a few days yet.

Joi is having a bad time in Melbourne tonight and I must say we are a bit stressed about what's we are hearing.

Hello to Joi, Peter and Muffy.

Tomorrow is another day, in fact it's Friday and the start of the weekend.


May 11th Wednesday
At 4:30am Susan in London sent me some pictures that she took in London yesterday, In the park near her Hotel.


They went to M&M in London it is four stores high all about M&M's (seem's it never did get in the bowl.)

This is a Google Street view of Susan Hotel in London, that's a big hotel and it's only a short walk to the shops in London CBD. She still has two weeks to go, then she returns to Australia via Singapore.

Susan said she is reading Three Dots in London.

How good is this the ladies at the White Cliffs Hospital have been building a garden with very little help well done it looking a lot better.

I think this truck driver a bit lost with his load a Woolworth's truck in White Cliffs today, have a look at the size of the fuel tanks 600lt's each side 1200lt's.

I am still working on our rock wall did a bit more today.

Muffy back in Melbourne with Joi and Peter.

Desire made it to Queensland she sent us an email today.

Hello to all in Queensland.

Check out the White Cliffs website, we set it up with the Cancer Council today. Click_Here

We started to putting up posters for the Cancer Council "Big Morning Tea" on June 4th.


May 10th Tuesday
Worked in the old bathroom today I started rocking up a wall it will take a few days to build with local rock when the room finished I take some pictures. When rocking a wall you can only do about 300mm a day, you let the cement dry then do the next 300mm otherwise the rock falls due to wet cement.

Joyce won a meat tray a few days back today she won a colouring competition at Bunning's Albury. Now she can help Mum and Dad in the garden. She proud of herself I am told, I think you should try your luck at Lotto.

Susan back in London today, what are you doing, the washing and sleep she said.

The Cancer Council took up the rest of the day, I put $30 on today and that almost sent me crazy.

The forth box down has to be ticketed, if it is not ticked you will go no where.

You can leave a comment at any time. Click_Here

I think Muffy is heading off to Melbourne tomorrow.


Carol went to art in town today, she working on a Emu right now and it is looking good.

Tomorrow I do some more rocking in the bathroom. The meat people come this weekend from Mildura we put in a order today. One other service they have that we are trying this weekend, we place an order at Woolworth's in Mildura and pay online. The meat people pickup our Woolworth's order and bring it to White Cliffs for a $10 fee, Mildura is 600km's south of here.


That's today in White Cliffs.


May 9th Monday
What a shocking night and we had, a noise from up top of the underground.

Remember two weeks ago we made a new cover for the air shaft, well a bit of plastic came down the hill in the strong wind and hit the spinner and as it went around in the wind at about 100kph it made a shocking noise.

It was to wet to walk up in the dark so we put up with the noise. This morning I found the plastic at first light and cut it away and all is good no noise. We had some big rain but the big problem was the wind it was really strong up top above the house.

The rain stopped about 8am but we had wind all day from the north.

The rest of the day, White Cliffs was not holding a "Australia's Biggest Morning Tea"

Not the year for that to happen for Carol and I.

Carol has decided to run the Biggest Morning Tea in White Cliffs on the 4th June at the White Cliffs Hall in the CBD she will get a lot of local support.

What will I do "What I am told" All 100% of money will go to the Cancer Council Australia, this is Carol to do.

With the help of the Cancer Council we have setup a website today and we plan to market it all over Australia.

Carol website (Post a Message of Support to the people of White Cliffs and Carol.) Click_Here

White Cliffs is a small town but they will pull together on the 4th of June. It is run by Carol with the help of everyone in White Cliffs, Carol has been on the phone a good part of the day.

And that was our day.

Hello to Joi and Peter.



May 8th Sunday
You can do nothing in White Cliffs this weekend we had 22mm of rain and the town loved it. The ground is a mud pot you walk outside and you get red mud, it's really bad tonight.

We went out to the Underground Motel last night and back there this morning for coffee the reason was Desire who has been working at the White Cliffs Hospital a great lady. About ten of us took her out for tea last night.

Desire is moving from the outback where she worked 24hr's a day 7 days a week to Queensland just above Brisbane where Bill and Doug live. Desire is the best nurse I have ever come across she has been working here with Belinda I felt if I did get sick I be in the best hands. Hope you have a great life in Queensland.

Desire is a Three Dots reader. Picture taken at the White Cliffs Underground motel.

I been working on a new auction website for Adrian and Garvin in Albury, the auction will be in Holbrook in July.

I hear Muffy home in Albury for a few days.

Carol had a number of calls today for Mother's Day, we were going out tonight but called it off due to the bad weather.

Tonight we are a bit stressed about a big storm is coming down from the north it looks like a bad one. I feel it will cross nsw then into vic.

It could be a good night but it maybe a bad one, time will tell.


May 7th Saturday
Did almost nothing, the question has been there all day, will it rain will it not rain, so far we have had nothing the weather BOM said 10 to 20mm a 90% change of rain. I still feel it will rain tonight looking at the radar.

Doug and Carl are still playing trains and sent me an email.

Worked a charter yesterday (Carl) to Critters Camp and return. Critters Camp is 16 miles from Normanton, and an actual QR railway station, although I don't recommend you try getting a ticket there from your local QR railway station.
Doug and Carl.

Had a bit of news on the train last week.

Yes this is a railway station "Critters Camp" run by Queensland Rail. You have to wonder who looking after the Queensland Budget.

We are off to the Underground Motel tonight for a meal (no phone cell there) we live on Smiths Hill looking over the town. The Underground Motel is right behind us in fact if we kept digging we would end up in the motel.

Ok that it for now, the town needs a big rain fall, will it happen ummm maybe.


May 6th Friday

Now we have sheep 8 of them it was around 7am we I heard the cry of sheep out side up in our rock garden. Unreal this year we had goats, kangaroo's, emu now sheep they are eating trees.

We are told the big rain is coming so a lot of today was taken up getting ready for rain.

My walkway to the top of the underground home. I cleaned it all up today.

Remember this we laid the cement last year, the plan is to get the water off the roof of the underground home as fast as you can. I worked up here for three hours today.

Looking the other way if the water falls we run it down the hill fast.

Feather up the hill Susan and I (last year) put in a number of channel to divert the water off the roof, today I cleaned the out ready for the weekend. The buildings you see are next door.

The sheep were the start of the day, this is the end of the day looking west around 5:50pm tonight.


I was talking to John and Glenda in Albury today we had a good chat.

Hello to John and Glenda.

Susan is in Germany tonight she put a picture on Instagram today, looks good.

I have to service the Mercedes Benz next week I try after the weekend.

Scott going to Albury to see Joyce, make sure you send a picture.

When we go into town we cross a creek (that has no water) if we do have a really big rain we may be stuck on the this side with no way to town, for a few days. It alright the Underground Motel Coffee Shop our side. We have been asked out tomorrow night for a meal at the Underground Motel.

All good here.

May 5th Thursday
Today we were going to start rocking a wall inside but that never happened we have been warned that we are going to get big rain storms over the weekend so we cleaned up outside they are saying rain from 40 to maybe 100mm of rain, and my water tank almost full now.

A storm that big may cut us off from town for a few days, and the road into Broken Hill maybe also be cut as well. We went and got a new gas bottle in case we run out, it's a 45kg and cost $133 not sure what you pay in other places, maybe you can tell us.

I was talking to Susan at 7am this morning she is in Prague and is all ok and having a good time.

We were also talking to Joi and Muffy in Melbourne today what can we say 'things are moving along'

Dates for your Dairy just came out about what's on in White Cliffs. it is a big list but worth a read.

Dates for your diary
Check out the weekly & monthly events further down the page!

The Next 7 days

Saturday, May 7 White Cliffs Sporting Club
Leanne Kennewell’s funeral service
Contact Potters Funerals, Broken Hill

Sunday, May 8—Mother’s Day

Sundays, White Cliffs Sporting Club facebook find us
8 am Golf
6pm Bar open—volunteers with RSA certificates needed
7pm Dinner—volunteers needed to help serve & clean up
Golf—Any day, any time. $5 green fee (honesty system applies). Clubs available for hire—even left-handed.
Club rooms available for hire—catering available

Mondays, 3-5pm Table tennis at the Hall - players welcome.
Contact Jurgen Hecht.

Monday, May 9 3pm Menindee
Presentation for Central Darling Shire Waste2Art

Monday, May 9 5.30pm National Parks Office
White Cliffs Opal Fields Tourist Association
All welcome
Membership $10.
Chairperson: Shirley Meyer,
Secretary/Treasurer: Enid Black

Tuesdays, 11am White Cliffs Sporting Club
gold coin donation for use of rooms
All welcome

Wednesday 11 May, 10am - 12pm Wilcannia Community Hall
NCOSS Far West Consultation
NCOSS (NSW Council of Social Services), the peak body for social and community services, is touring the state to hear from members and local community organizations about their vision for a better NSW and how we can improve outcomes for people experiencing poverty and disadvantage.
This is your opportunity to highlight what you think are the most pressing issues the state faces and how these issues impact the Far West and to identify practical solutions to address them.
Morning tea provided)
RSVP: for catering

Wednesday, May 11 10am—2 pm Wilcannia Men’s Shed
Legal & Civil Law Clinic
For further information contact Nukes Mahajan (solicitor) on 02 9219 5091 0416 885 , 303, email or Ms. Sam Dauniika (Secretary) 02 9219 5795

Thursday, May 12 White Cliffs Clinic
RFDS—Mike Langren
Mental Health—Graham Archer

Thursdays 7.30pm Indoor bowls at the Hall– —
Gold coin donation, bring a plate.
Contact: Ron Dowton
all welcome

Fridays 10.30 am Red Earth Opal Café
Join the ladies as they sew, knit & natter.
Shirley Owen is offering some alpaca wool for the spinners. Contact her on if you would like her to bring some up for you

Fridays, 3-5pm Table tennis at the Hall - players welcome.
Contact Jurgen Hecht.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Saturday, May 14
Tri State Safaris 2 day Opal Dreaming Tour

Tuesday, May 17 at 7.30 pm—White Cliffs Miners Association meeting
President: Ron Dowton 08 8091 6711,
Vice President Brad Atkins 08 8091 6635,
Secretary/Treasurer Jane Stevenson 0438790510. .
Committee: Doug Brook, Dick Wagner, Jurgen Hecht, Graeme Dowton

Tuesday, May 17, Wednesday, May 18 & Thursday, May 19 White Cliffs Hall
Mining Workshop and Safety Awareness Course
Contact White Cliffs Miners Association Secretary/Treasurer Jane Stevenson 0438790510.

Wednesday, May 18 White Cliffs Clinic
RFDS—Victoria Bradley
Practice Nurse—Jacqueline Noble
Mental Health—Vikki Quartmain

.May 20-May 22
White Cliffs Music Festival
Festival Co-ordinator: Anne Baker:
The program includes…
Davidson Brothers from Bendigo;
The Chook Raffle Band with Grant Lurhs from Wagga Wagga;
The Black Shadows
Chris Newman from Melbourne
Euripi from Mudgee
Rod & Rhonda Owen from Gippsland
Plus workshops, Messy Church, Poet's Breakfast, Church at St Mary's

Monday, May 23 7.20 am AEST 2BH (Broken Hill radio)
What’s On At White Cliffs

Wednesday, May 25 White Cliffs Clinic
RFDS—Mike Langren
Mental Health—Graham Archer

4th Wednesday—Central Darling Shire Council Meeting 9am

1st Monday White Cliffs Historical Vehicles Club

1st Tuesday of each month, 11.40am 2WEB Bourke
White Cliffs on the Bush Telegraph
Check out Dick Wagner’s Radio spot
If you have something that you think Dick could include on these segments please contact him—we’d hate him to run out of ideas and news!

Monday, June 6—Public Holiday—Western Australia

Sunday, June 12 Wilcannia Field & Fun Day Celebrating 150 years

Monday, June 13—Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday (except WA)

Wednesday, June 15, 10am—2 pm Wilcannia Men’s Shed
Legal & Civil Law Clinic
For further information contact Mukesh Mahajan (solicitor) on 02 9219 5091 0416 885 , 303, email or Ms. Sam Dauniika (Secretary) 02 9219 5795

Friday, June 24—School term ends—Vic, Qld & NT

Thursday, June 16 (to be confirmed)
Wills and Guardianship Workshop
For more information: Far West Community Legal Centre Tel:08 80882020

June 28 10am to 2 pm Wilcannia
“Decisions, decisions…Supported Decision Making Workshop.”
For young people with disabilities to make choices and decisions in preparation for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The workshop will also build on the skills of parents, families, carers to support the young person they are caring for in making decisions for the life the young person wants to live.
The workshop is free of charge and lunch and morning tea will be provided.
Also in Broken Hill on June 29.
For more information contact

Friday, July 1 School term ends—NSW, ACT, Tas. & WA

Friday, July 8 School term ends—SA

Monday, July 11—School term begins—Vic, Qld

Wednesday, July 13 White Cliffs Clinic
Ophthalmology Clinic—Dr Richard Rawson & Bruce Rigby
Ivanhoe July 11, Tibooburra July 12, Yunta July 14, Menindee July 15

Wednesday, July 13, 10am—2 pm Wilcannia Men’s Shed
Legal & Civil Law Clinic
For further information contact Mukesh Mahajan (solicitor) on 02 9219 5091 0416 885 , 303, email or Ms. Sam Dauniika (Secretary) 02 9219 5795

Monday, July 18—School term begins—ACT, Tas., WA

Tuesday, July 19—School term begins—NSW

Monday, July 25—School term begins—SA & NT

Monday, August 1—Bank holiday NSW

Tuesday, August 9 Census night

Wednesday, August 10, 10am—2 pm Wilcannia Men’s Shed
Legal & Civil Law Clinic
For further information contact Mukesh Mahajan (solicitor) on 02 9219 5091 0416 885 , 303, email or Ms. Sam Dauniika (Secretary) 02 9219 5795

Sunday, September 4 Father’s Day

September 9, 10 & 11 Broken Hill
Broken Heel Festival (Life Outback is Never a Drag!)

Wednesday, September 14, 10am—2 pm Wilcannia Men’s Shed
Legal & Civil Law Clinic
For further information contact Mukesh Mahajan (solicitor) on 02 9219 5091 0416 885 , 303, email or Ms. Sam Dauniika (Secretary) 02 9219 5795

Friday, September 16—school term ends—Vic, Qld

Friday, Saturday & Sunday September 16 to 18
White Cliffs Underground Art Festival

Friday, September 23—school term ends—NSW, ACT, Tas., WA

Friday, September 30—school term ends—SA, NT

Monday, October 3—school term begins—Vic

Monday, October 3—Labour Day holiday—ACT, NSW, Qld & SA

Tuesday, October 4—School term begins—Qld

Monday, October 10—school term begins—NSW, ACT, Tas., NT & WA

Wednesday, October 12, 10am—2 pm Wilcannia Men’s Shed
Legal & Civil Law Clinic
For further information contact Mukesh Mahajan (solicitor) on 02 9219 5091 0416 885 , 303, email or Ms. Sam Dauniika (Secretary) 02 9219 5795

Wednesday, October 19 White Cliffs Clinic
Dermatology Clinic—Dr Ian McCrossin
Wilcannia Oct 17, Tibooburra Oct 18, CBMC Oct 20 & 21
Patients will require a referral and must see the GP for a skin check prior to seeing the dermatologist

October 28-30 Broken Hill
2016 Rural Women’s Gathering
Rock, Rust, Stars & Dust

Tuesday, November 1—Melbourne Cup Day

Friday, November 11—Remembrance Day

Friday, December 9—school term ends—Qld

Wednesday, December 14, 10am—2 pm Wilcannia Men’s Shed
Legal & Civil Law Clinic
For further information contact Mukesh Mahajan (solicitor) on 02 9219 5091 0416 885 , 303, email or Ms. Sam Dauniika (Secretary) 02 9219 5795

Thursday, December 15—School term ends—WA

Friday, December 16—School term ends—NSW, ACT, SA, NT

Tuesday, December 20—School term ends—Vic

Tuesday, December 21—School term ends—Tas.

Tuesday, December 27—Christmas Day Public Holiday

Weekly Activities:

Mondays & Fridays, 3-5pm
Table tennis at the Hall - players welcome.
Contact Jurgen Hecht.

Thursdays 7.30pm
Indoor bowls at the Hall– all welcome—
Gold coin donation, bring a plate. Contact Ron Dowton

Fridays, 10.30am
In winter Craft at the Red Earth Cafe. Join the ladies as they sew, knit & natter.
Shirley Owen is offering some alpaca wool for the spinners. Contact her on if you would like her to bring some up for you.

Fridays 6pm
Locals dinner at the Store. Bookings preferred.
Visitors always welcome.

White Cliffs Sporting Club facebook find us
Golf—Any day, any time. $5 green fee (honesty system applies). Clubs available for hire—even left-handed.
Club rooms available for hire—catering available
Sundays, 8 am Golf
6pm Bar open—volunteers with RSA certificates needed
7pm Dinner—volunteers needed to help serve & clean up

Sundays, 4 pm White Cliffs Hotel/Motel
Euchre—All welcome

Sundays—10am Wilcannia St. John’s Catholic Church

White Cliffs Swimming Pool
run by the White Cliffs Swimming Pool Committee (s355 committee of the Central Darling Shire.)
Chairperson: Dick Wagner
For further information please contact Shire Services on 08 8083 8900.
Cost: Gold Coin Entry
Season: November - March

Monthly Activities:

1st Monday White Cliffs Historical Vehicles Club

1st Monday of 2nd month White Cliffs Health Council (closed meeting)
Any queries, questions or issues can be raised with the Health Council members:
Bill Hoskins Dick Wagner
Annette Turner Bert Gale
Vicky White Randel Greene
Ros Shannon

2nd Saturday, Fire Brigade training.

2nd Monday alternate months 5.30 pm National Parks Office. White Cliffs Tourist Association.
All welcome
Membership $10.
Chairperson: Shirley Meyer,
Secretary/Treasurer: Enid Black

2nd Tuesday—alternate months to Tourist Association White Cliffs Sporting Club Committee meeting
All correspondence to
President: Dick Wagner,
Vice-President/Treasurer: Hayley Atkins
Secretary: Randel Greene

3rd Tuesday in the month 7.30 pm—from April to October. White Cliffs Miners Association meetings.
President: Ron Dowton 08 8091 6711,
Vice President Brad Atkins 08 8091 6635,
Secretary/Treasurer Jane Stevenson 0438790510. .
Committee: Doug Brook, Dick Wagner, Jurgen Hecht, Graeme Dowton

4th Wednesday—Central Darling Shire Council Meeting 9am
Council’s policy in regards to public access to Council Meetings states:
• Each member of the public who wishes to address Council is to register with Management prior to the commencement of the meeting, listing their name and the general topic or topics they wish to raise. Those who register will have precedence.
• All matters raised by members of the public must be of relevance to an item within this agenda and/or relate to the policy making/strategic functions of Council i.e. operational matters are not matters addressed at Council Meeting.
• Each address will be limited to five (5) minutes at the discretion of the Chair.
• All matters raised by members of the public will be recorded and actioned within one month of the meeting.
Note: Comments/Statements made at Council Meetings are not subject to Parliamentary Privilege

Helping White Cliffs Hear (FRRR Caring for Ageing Regional Australians funded)
The equipment, Listen 6 hearing system, is available for everyone to use. The boxes contain a transmitter, 6 personal receivers, 6 ear buds, 2 personal hearing loops, a conference microphone. & feedback forms It is very simple to use and should help those with hearing difficulties hear everything that goes on.
People with hearing aids will need to have the telecoil activated to use the personal hearing loop. Check for a “T” switch or ask your hearing service.
If you have a function where this would be useful please contact Dick Wagner at Southern Cross Opals or

Wednesday—every second & fourth week of the month Wilcannia Safe House Woore Street.
Far West Community Legal Centre
The Far West Community Legal Centre assists people who cannot afford the service of a private law firm and who are not eligible for legal aid.
They offer free legal information and advice, community legal education and lobbying for changes to laws that are unfair.
Tel: 1800 300 036 or 08 8088 2020 Fax: 08 8088 2060 Email:

2nd Sunday of the month 11 am—St Mary’s Church, White Cliffs IF REQUESTED!
Church Service
Contact Mary Wilson 0408 858 718
Parish Office: PO Box 185, Broken Hill, NSW 2880
Tel: 08 8087 4402

2nd Sunday of the month—3pm Wilcannia Hospital Conference Room
Anglican Church Service
Contact Mary Wilson 0408 858 718
Parish Office: PO Box 185, Broken Hill, NSW 2880
Tel: 08 8087 4402

Warburton Discount Meats, Broken Hill monthly delivery
Contact Toni on 0484116493 (anytime) or

· Sheep & Horse Poo
The White Cliffs Primary School P & C is selling bags of sheep & horse poo to raise funds.
$10 a bag—collect from the school.

How that for a list.

More tomorrow have a good day.


May 4th Wednesday
The perfect day in White Cliffs, sunshine and around 23c most of the day. Like the rest of Australia we are told of rain late in the week.

We went out this morning to a Royal Flying Doctor meeting, I always try to support the flying doctor service they are one of a kind in this country and I am happy to help when asked.

This afternoon we sat down with our CAD (drawing program) and tried to work out the steps in finishing the new kitchen. We decided to make a trip to Albury Wodonga next month for some items we need. We need a Bunning's to fill the trailer.

Tomorrow we start a big job underground, in the bathroom we have built up a 1800mm cement wall we now need to fill it to the roof a bit at a time so it will take a few days. You do a bit then you need to let the cement dry then add a few more rocks.

Susan is in Prague for two days on her high speed trip.

For the last fifteen years I have been looking after a website for Murray Bank, well today I gave the log in and password to an Albury based business to look after I live to far away to service them in a business like manner. Scott did not want the programming work he said it's not his thing.

I look after the auction sites, 3 Dots and White Cliffs website, I have something else in mind but more later on the subject.

In a bit over two weeks we have the White Cliffs Music Festival.

Hello to Adrian and Dianne



May 3rd Tuesday
I had a hard day working outside the underground today try to get it back in order after five months away. Worked from 8:30 to 4:30 non-stop first I took a load of rubbish to the trip, weeds and general rubbish.

While we were away they had some really big winds because a lot of the rubbish I put in the tip today came from other places, people need to take more care where they put things I tossed out a really old sheet of iron that had found it's way onto our place. If someone was hit with that sheet in a big wind they could be killed.

Here the area I worked on all day I call it my rock garden, all clean and tidy I have a lot more to tidy up. Tomorrow I have a slack day we are going out in the morning.

One other thing I did today was collect 50 rocks that I will use later in the week to build a wall in the laundry more on that later in the week.

I had a big chat via email with Susan who was in Salzburg Austria this morning she had just returned from a visit to the Red Bull Hanger, here are some pictures below.

What a great building.

She said just one of a hundred pictures it all to do with the drink Red Bull above is head office to the World.

Scott very busy this week, good to see.

Carol went to art today with other local ladies. They all seem to have fun.

I am told building this crazy home will keep me young, my doctor said that.



May 2nd Monday
We needed to visit a chemist shop to have scripts filled that we needed so we went to the chemist shop in Wilcannia, 100km's south it only an hour drive each way. It was a good trip in the Proton, easy, no hills, in fact no corners, the speed limit on this road out here 110kph.

We took a few pictures on the way.

We came across three horse's they belong to no one out here and are wild. Last Friday we seen them over 50km's south beside the road they are about 30km's south of White Cliffs.

Not a good picture, but if you walk near them they will come after you.

On the way home we had to stop for a few locals, they are very young Emu's there were 11 in flock.


Joyce went with family to the Thurgoona Golf Club last night and guess who won a meat pack, and she sure happy about it, well done Joyce. Now you will have to help mum cook it.

Joi having a hard time in Melbourne with treatment, it is so hard you can do nothing from here.


I was asked about the kitchen it's time to paint and install the floor but nothing will happen to next month when we hope to make a trip to Albury and buy what we need.

We need a shed and do some work inside the underground, not one to sit around I start doing some rock work in the next few day, one thing we have here is rocks by the 1000s and people have been building with them for 200yr's. Really hard work so I do a little bit each day.

Hello to Peter and Muffy who are looking after Joi.


May 1st Sunday
An easy day in White Cliffs, after a wild wet and windy night, it was a good night to sleep below the ground. Outside it was cold, underground it was a warm 25c with no heating. After a very hot summer the earth here is very hot, it is 2c hotter this year and will not cool down to winter.

The 600lt water tank is full, and it is clean and taste very good.

We all had coffee at the Underground Motel this morning it is a nice place and a must see if you visit White Cliffs.

Back home I cleaned the rocks off our driveway, who puts the rocks on the driveway. The answer Kangaroos, I have seen a big Kangaroo maybe 300kg jump and roll a 30kg rock 10m behind the Kangaroo. We have a 130m of driveway leading away from our house down the hill.

I went out tonight to take a picture of the driveway but it was to dark so I took tonight sunset instead. The sunset just all right it the bright blue sky tonight.

An easy day a good weekend, (Geelong won.)

For those wondering what the structure was from Susan in last night “3 Dots”, it is the Trevi Fountain in Rome as featured in the movie “3 Coins in a Fountain”. It was completed in 1762, I’ve been there twice. ... John D

John thanks for the input and hello to John and Glenda.


Start of a new month.



Three Dots...