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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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November 30th Wednesday

Last day of Spring tomorrow it be Summer Time.

This is a good Caravan Park it is tidy and very clean there be about 20 people living here in the Caravan Park. This morning everyone left, the people next to us left, the people next to them, that left us on the lawn section, all alone.

It is a nice park if you stop in Kerang it's worth a stop we are well setup here till around next Tuesday morning, we need to be in Wangaratta on the 11th December. Carol has a school reunion dinner on the 12th December.

I also get my new super phone on the 12th from Wangaratta. If you wish to know about the phone have a look here. Click Here


Joyce has been doing well at school of late, she was given two awards yesterday at school I let you read the awards.

Well done Joyce I am sure mum will file them away...


We went into Kerang today, there maybe a hour, what do you think of this, they have a Coles service station, but they do not have a Coles Supermarket.

Here the twist, we have a big Woolworth's Supermarket but we have no Woolworth's Service Station. Can I say it 1+1=0

Have fun tomorrow 1st December Summer is here.



November 29th Tuesday

We went into the CDB of Kerang today for a look around town, Carol had her hair cut in town then we had a quite walk around the main street.

This article is about the Australian town Kerang Victoria
Kerang is located in Shire of Gannawarra Kerang
Coordinates 35°43′0″S 143°55′0″Coordinates: 35°43′0″S 143°55′0″E
Population 3,872 (2011 census)
Postcode 3579
Elevation 78 m (256 ft)
Location 277 km (172 mi) from Melbourne
129 km (80 mi) from Bendigo
60 km (37 mi) from Swan Hill
State electorate(s) Murray Plains
Federal Division(s) Mallee

Location of Kerang in Victoria
Kerang is a rural town on the Loddon River in northern Victoria in Australia. It is the commercial centre to an irrigation district based on livestock, horticulture, lucerne and grain. It is located 279 kilometres (173 mi) north-west of Melbourne on the Murray Valley Highway a few kilometres north of its intersection with the Loddon Valley Highway, elevation 78 metres (256 ft). At the 2011 census, Kerang had a population of 3,872. Kerang is believed to be an Aboriginal word for Cockatoo.

The Wemba-Wemba Aborigines are thought to have been the area's first occupants. Thomas Mitchell was the first European to visit the area, in 1836. Squatters began to settle in the area in 1845 and in 1848 Richard Beyes opened a public house at a river crossing near the future town site. This was followed by a saddler and a church. In 1857 Woodford Patchell built a bridge upriver from the settlement which drew traffic from the earlier settlement. He built a store, house and hotel that became the center of what was to become Kerang. Patchell was the first farmer in the state to use irrigation and experimented with oats, barley, maize, millet, tobacco, beet, cotton and sugarcane. The Post Office opened on 29 July 1858. An earlier Kerang office, quite distant, was renamed Wedderburn on the same day.

Kerang was declared a shire in 1871; at the time the settlement's population was 109. The arrival of the railway from Bendigo in 1884 and the construction of a tramway to Koondrook in 1888 led to expansion; by 1891 the population had increased to over a thousand. The spread of Patchell's irrigation ideas improved local productivity and the town continued to expand.

Burke and Wills
Main article: Burke and Wills expedition
The Burke and Wills expedition passed through Kerang on their journey to cross Australia from Melbourne to the Gulf of Carpentaria. On Sunday, 2 September 1860 the expedition camped at Booth & Holloway's Tragowel Station to the south of Kerang. On Tuesday, 4 September 1860 they passed through Kerang, crossed the Loddon and camped at Mr. Fenton's Reedy Creek Run, making Camp XIII, (their thirteenth camp since leaving Melbourne).


Back at the caravan park we watched television then sat around with the air cooler as it was 33c and a lot hotter in the sun.

Lot of buildings like this in Kerang, the shops are not cheap in town but it is a country town.


Muffy is at home with arm in plaster for Christmas, Paul in Wangaratta is still in hospital.


Scott is back at work after a weekend away in Sydney


Have fun...



November 28th Monday
The best laid plans can go wrong, we were going to the Pheasant Farm North West of Swan Hill we rang up and after 50yr's they sold it ten days ago. So camping at the Pheasant Farm had to be called off.

So we went to the next step in the trip today (plan B) Kerang around 45km's East of Swan Hill.

We are now in Kerang on the Murray Valley Highway.

We are the little blue dot near the bottom of the picture above.

We are in a Kui Park and got a good price $25 with power. We have television every thing we need.

Like Carol said we could live here a few people do as you can see in the picture above.

This afternoon in Kerang, there are a lot of retail space in town (no empty shops) in the street's.

We will go into town tomorrow and have a look around town.


Just up the road about 30km's you find Murrabit and this weekend we have the Murrabit Country Market it is the biggest market in Victoria 300+ stalls. Free entry and open 8:30am to 1pm, we are looking forward to Saturday.


At this stage I am told Muffy will be home tonight with her arm in plaster.


You often here me talking about Faye and John in Wangaratta they read 3Dots. John's brother Paul had a fall and is in hospital we know Paul well hope you get better soon.


We will have a think about it overnight but we may stay here for a week, we are around 320km's from Albury.


Carol had a good birthday yesterday her phone rang all day people from Albury, Wodonga, Wangaratta, Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland, West Australia and heaps from White Cliffs. She has a lot of friends in her life.


Hope all you sick people get better soon.


More tomorrow night.



November 27th Sunday Happy Birthday Carol
Carol had her birthday today and we went to Swan Hill where we are staying the night at the caravan park.

I took Carol out for her birthday and we had a good time, first stop was the Swan Hill Historical Village then we went out for lunch and then we went shopping.

You can drive around town in an old car.

The Blacksmith and wood turning was good to see.

Wood turning, you can buy what is made.

We went to the General Store (I got some lollies)

Music in the street it was good fun.

Good picture, another way to get around town.

The old time Chemist Shop

Hair Cut cost 10 pence (but you had to have 10 penny's)

I really like this picture we took today, we may print this one.


We had a really good day, Carol can now go on a pen..... I am told she not old enough to go on a pen.... well that what Carol saying.

We then went down town for a birthday meal it was really good. Hope you enjoy the pictures today all taken at the Pioneer Park in Swan Hill we had a great day.

Well that was today, not sure if we will have a phone cell tomorrow we are going out of town to a Pheasant Farm.


Hope we have a phone cell.

(late news Muffy has had a fall in Albury, more tomorrow.)



November 26th Saturday
We left New South Wales crossing in to Victoria around 8:30am driving due South to Manangatang we were thinking of stopping, what a dump it is near enough to a ghost town, I hope one day someone will fix it but right the best thing you can do is drive out of it.

Next was Piangil, yep keep driving. Next was Tooleybuc it was good and worth the visit the caravan park a bit of a mess and asking $30.00 a night, keep driving.


Wood Wood on the Murray River 10km's down the road yep that will do for tonight so we booked into the local caravan park cost $25.00 for a powered site.

Here the Wood Wood caravan park and General Store, I think it is the only shop in town but is closes at 2pm each day. Work that out.

Inside the Wood Wood general store, if you stay here make sure you have Areogard spray.


Kylie has her new pool ready to swim in the builder has handed it over to the family.
It is looking good Troy and Kylie I like the lock on the gate to keep Joyce out.

Pool cover for winter, I am glad you like your robot cleaner.

We are here in Wood Wood one night tomorrow we go to Swan Hill (it's Carol Birthday so we have to do something special tomorrow I have a plan.)

We would now be around 400km's from Albury and two weeks to get there.


Had a talk with Adrian and Dianne in Lavington today so I must say Hello to you to.


Tomorrow it's on the road again.



November 25th Friday
We are on the road again Mildura to Euston, Robinvale area on the Murray river we drove around 85km's today it was a good trip

There are a few pictures here taken in Robinvale they are all taken from the car by Carol there is a very big Vietnamese population in Robinvale there are a lot of Vietnamese Retail shops in town.

As I said all picture's taken from the car we were unable to find a place to park the car and caravan in the CBD.

We are going to try have a walk around in the morning.

Most of the writing on some shops is Vietnamese (not my thing we are in Australia)


That little blue dot at the top of Lake Benanee is where we are tonight some 25km's East of Robinvale in a free camp we here with five other campers. Lake Benanee flows to Dry Lake down a creek to the Murray River. But right now the water coming from the Murray River to here and the lakes are full.

Here we are tonight all setup for the night with solar power, water, toilet and shower gas cooking and a million dollar view and it is all for Free, how good is that.

We are only staying a night and move on tomorrow night. Just a quite night without television. Tomorrow we are moving down towards Swan Hill, but not in Swan Hill we are staying in small towns this trip.


Had a talk to John and Glenda in Albury today on the phone, and thank you to Faye for helping Carol with her Crochet work today. With your help all I hear now is 1, 2, 3... as she counts the stitches.


Kylie had the pool and yard all cleaned up today she going to send us some pictures.


Have fun all, we are.



November 24th Thursday.

We decided this will be our last day in Mildura we will move tomorrow towards Euston area about 90km's East of here and 90km's closer to Wangaratta, Albury and Wodonga.

Tomorrow night we are planning to "free camp" at a camp just off the Sturt Highway just East of Euston, we are setup to free camp with Solar Power, water, phones, toilet and shower we can easy stay out for 7 to 14days we are only planning to stay out 1 or 2 night.

The Grand Hotel Mildura, looks great at night a great looking building.

T&G clock tower (picture from the Internet) in the CBD of Mildura we were in the main shopping area most of the afternoon. All the shops are ready for Christmas but no shopper's in the street or in the shop's.

In an Mildura lane way (I am not sure what they do here but they are still doing it.) a really old Australian outback toilet.

A Internet picture taken in Mildura.

We come to Mildura maybe twice a year I like it you can get a motel here $88.00 a night. You should come here if you are tripping around, a caravan site cost from $20.00 to $35.00 powered a night.


Scott when you get back next Monday have a good rest your booked out next Tuesday, Wednesday and I am about to start on Thursday.


Have fun people, don't work to hard I won't.




November 23rd Wednesday

It was a very cool 20c in Mildura today (I know we are never happy) I did a bit more work on cleaning the car but not a lot. We went up the road and sat by the river for quite a while. Across the river the water is going off into the trees, it be near 2km's wide at this point.

The river is closed now due to flood waters the ducks in the picture kept out of the fast flowing water the swimming beach here at Gol Gol is under water.

Looking the other way towards Mildura is much the same story. Flood water in Mildura it is starting to creep up the hill towards the CBD. I do not think it will make it as it is 20ft below the to roadway.

I got a christmas gift today for myself a new camping chair it is a nice size I am sitting in it now doing the website 3Dots.

The rebuilt caravan, the new chair see that little stool that's my old seat. We had rain last night, one small leak inside right up front (about a cup full) so not a big problem but I will need to fix it on a warm day.

I am told we should move on this friday, we will decide Friday Morning we are about 600km's for Albury area and have two weeks to get there so no rush.

All the family been quite this week.

Have been talking to Dick in White Cliffs a local person we all know has been sick for some time and we are told she is now very sick.

One of the reason we are looking at moving on is the water out of the tap here I say the town filter must be under water as the water is turning brown.

Tomorrow another day.



November 22nd Tuesday
After a hot 42c yesterday Monday we had a top of 20c today Tuesday, it was great, we went for a drive around the local area.

Next was a visit to Woodsie's Gem Shop in Mildura it is fantastic if you ever come to Mildura you must see it. We seen 1000s of cut gems all for sale. They sell $40 to $1400 most of the good stones selling for less than $200...

The cave style building has a cave roof we felt at home. So put Woodsie's Gem Shop Mildura on your list to visit.

Carol said she lives in a cave now she found a caveman.

Just one of the 100 or so glass case's in the display room.

Some of the prices are as low as $30

This is just one of ten row's of glasses cases in the cave.

There are a lot cave style roof.

You will also find a Coffee Shop and Snack Bar.

This place is a must see in Mildura.

Late afternoon we went Christmas Shopping in the South Mildura it was a cool day. After a number of shop we went back to the caravan and made a coffee.

The Murray River is just going higher and higher you cannot even see the river, it is more than 1200m wide. The house boats are in a bit of trouble they are moving them every hour of the day and night.

Scott is going to Eve (Computer Show) in Sydney this week have a good trip.

We are due to move out of Mildura on Friday but may stay here for the weekend, (don't say anything, it Carol Birthday Sunday.)



November 21st Monday

I am trying to do 3Dots tonight but the power keeps going off and I have no wireless modem, sometimes this is really hard work I keep sending it up as I write it.

We spent the morning at home and went to the shop's mid afternoon, it was 42c then the wind and the storms came in and killed the power off and on. We went to the Mildura Plaza I had a look at DVD players at JB Hifi the power went off as we were watching a DVD last night and when it came on our DVD would not work. Time to look at a new one.

We did some Christmas Shopping today at the Mildura Plaza, the caravan park we talked about last night is closed and you have to say about time the Murray River is said to peak tomorrow afternoon the vans were 3ft below the water line held back by sand bags.

I am not sure what the river is like at Albury, maybe someone will email me.

Pictures I have some but no point try to put them on the Internet, if I am putting up a picture and the power goes off I may have trouble with the website.

I call it quits today and try do a better job tomorrow.

Having trouble here tonight, trouble who that make you think of. Hello Joyce...



November 20th Sunday


The Dye Hard Fun Run is an approximate 5km fun run for all the family. Participants may chose to walk or run through our course while getting covered in coloured powder.

We blow it in the air, spray or squirt it from bottles to create a rainbow of colour for you to walk, jog or stroll through.

There will be multiple Colour Zones throughout the approx 5km course. At the finish, get ready with your FREE colour sachet to join in the group colour throws, or purchase extra and let the party start!

Susan you are a big mess, you look like you have not had a shower for a year.

Are you going to keep the shirt?

The Murray River at Mildura is a big problem across the river you can see the Caravan Park that we always stay at the only thing keeping the water out of the park is a four foot wall of sand bags. We went out of town to a new park (why take the risk) the paddle boats pull up here. Not today, you walk down the ramp to board the boat.

Taken from the top of the ramp looking back they are laying in sand bags as you can see in the picture above.

The normal width is the bridge you see above, think the caravan park needs to be closed that's not good.


We did very little today just to hot at 38c and they say 41c tomorrow that's not good the air conditioner working it little heart out holding it at 27c most of the day. We went down the river for a look and that was our day. Tuesday they are saying 23c we are looking forward to that.


Carol said we may go to the shopping mall tomorrow afternoon to beat the heat.


After the pictures above I have to say hello to Susan.

Hope for a cooler day Tuesday.



November 19th Saturday

A slack day for Carol and I today in Mildura we went into the CBD area of Mildura. At 10am today I must say one thing "where are all the people"

This is a shopping mall in the main shopping area of town.

Anyone care for a game of chess, there was a band in the mall area.

The Mall area is good shopping it must be (Carol went shopping)

I like this one it full of old free book's you can take one or you can drop off five and take five (and before anyone ask you cannot lock the cool door you can open from the inside or outside.

Scott sent me a picture yesterday from Yarrawonga.

Water playground in Yarrawonga Friday this week.

It not a great picture I just took it near dark at 8:32pm tonight, try to get the sunset in the background, did not work out.

Hello to Tim and Sue in Wangaratta, thanks for the email.



November 18th Friday
We are in Mildura and it is still hot 37c here today. Between Broken Hill and Wentworth on the Silver City Highway we did find a hot wheel on the caravan so we pulled over and jacked up the left caravan wheel. Took out the cotter pin and let the wheel bearing off a 1/8th of a turn and it cool down and all good for the next 250km's.

Troy and Kylie pool in Thurgoona is ready to use (I like that it has a key lock gate) the little robot cleaner is out and doing it job today.

The are adding 24" to the side fence of the pool area then are then going to work outside the pool area, it looking good I like it.

In Mildura and shops and more shops just shops everywhere.

More shops

White Cliffs only has one shop.

And this is the back blocks of town tomorrow we are thinking of going to the CBD area of town. This is now bigger than Albury Wodonga in retail space.

We are staying at Kui Parks Trentham Cliffs 12km's from Mildura. We are Kui Parks members and only pay $20 night for a powered site, we booked in for a week $140.00 with power and tank water, hot showers and trees. Yet we are having a week off and leave here next Friday morning.

Scott sent me some picture's today I put them up tomorrow.

The caravan going well with it's new layout, not a problem that we can see. We are now day 3 for the trip and 660km's via road from White Cliffs. Looking forward to a week here.


Hello to Scott in Wangaratta thanks for the pictures, I be in Wangaratta on the 11th December and think I buy the new Microsoft Phone/Camera 950XL 7" screen I been doing a lot of home work and it walks over Apple and Android models on the market.


Slow down tomorrow.

Better fix yesterdays bad spelling, thanks for letting me know.



November 17th Thursday
Thank you for putting up with me yesterday I did not feel real good last night, today we stayed in Broken Hill.

At the Woolworth's Plaza in Broken Hill, Christmas is coming.

The story today is all about yesterday trip and talks I have been having with Bob in Victoria a short time in White Cliffs. Bob went and found the Meteor that hit just out of White Cliffs that happen a long time ago well before White Cliffs was there.

There's a story of a Meteor just out side of Wilcannia 100km's South of White Cliffs. On the way to Broken Hill yesterday we stopped over where I think it hit well maybe hit the Earth. Have a look below and tell me what you think.

Here the story in 1890 from the Wagga Wagga Advertiser, it hard to read but it was written in 1890

This is a picture taken from Google Earth as the area looks in 2016

Carol took these pictures of the area yesterday. All comments welcome please.


Tomorrow we are moving south to Mildura, we are planning to stay just out of Mildura on the East Side of town.

Day 3 and we move south.

Hello David and Sue in Gippsland thanks for the email.



November 16th Wednesday
The three words are "On The Road Again" Opps' four words yes we are on the road and tonight we are at the Top Park in Broken Hill. We hooked up up caravan and left around 1pm. First stop was at the BP in Wilcannia for fuel then a 200km drive to Broken Hill.

To tell the truth I felt shocking today my sugar level went high, and stuffed if I know why 17.3 when I pulled up and checked it.

The mobile phone service is have problems in White Cliffs and Broken Hill they had a big storm here at the weekend and broke part of the phone tower.

We are staying here for two nights Wednesday and Thursday night. For the record it is $32 a night her in broken Hill.

I take some pictures tomorrow.


Hello to all at the White Cliffs Underground Motel.

Yep on the road again for the next five months.



November 15th Tuesday

Hi Rex, Just took these final picture's of the rock pool from right side, they turned out better than previous picture's so thought I would share them with you we leave tomorrow.

Rocks, you see are not visible when tide is in , I swam across the back wall to what is called the white house on other side, turned out to be a long way I made it a one way trip and walked back to rock pool for another little swim. Latest pics, Bill.

Thanks Bill have a good trip back home, the pictures make us wish we were in Queensland.


The caravan we have work all day fitting fly screens, we did a lot today and still hope leave White Cliffs tomorrow some time.

New curtains in all windows today, the 55lt ice box, that new box for the manual washing machine and a bigger linen box.

I get rid of the pegs on the toilet shower. Note the new vinyl and the new ceiling new beds


We still have a lot of packing to do it looking ok for a van now 30yr's old, apart from the outside wall every part of the old caravan has been replaced from the floor to the roof, I am going back out to work on it tonight I think we will get away tomorrow.

Thank you for all the nice comment on yesterday 3Dot, glad you liked it.

Hello to my daughter Susan, and my sister Muffy in Albury.

And maybe tomorrow I say those three word's.



November 14th Monday Super Moon Day...

There will be to part's to 3Dots tonight part one is now and Part Two later tonight after the Super Moon comes up in the East, I put part two on tonight.

Bill sent us some pictures from Bargara Queensland. Thanks Bill.

Other pics of Bargara only a few shops there but it's a pretty place, I was up at 5.15am for long beach walk and in the water at 6am for 2hrs. Hope your day has been fun, Bill.

This,was first year on remembrance day held at this spot I liked what it said on the plaque. Still so many old diggers around, a lot of people don't know what they've done for Australia When I worked in hotel bar years ago I met quite a lot of these diggers.

We have started packing the caravan and heading away maybe Wednesday this week, Finished the toilet shower today and fitted new LED lights to the rear of the caravan. Tomorrow is a full day of packing and getting ready to move out on Wednesday about lunch time.

Time to go get my camera ready for the "Super Moon" tonight it does look like a clear night in White Cliffs for the moon.


Hello to Faye and John in Wangaratta thank you for the email about the car.


Part Two Super Moon

The first two pictures of the super moon from White Cliffs it is just above a tree that is about a 100m from our place. It's quite cold outside to night. I try again in about an hour.

Wish it was my picture, no it is from the "International Space Station" taken tonight of the Super Moon. My Fuji Camera cost $240.00 the one on the Space Station cost $15,000,000,000 (15 Billion) it takes a picture a bit better than mine.

In White Cliffs the moon is so bright it is like day time, the perfect night to see it.

That's all folks, tomorrow another day.



November 13th Sunday
Remember the moon tomorrow night the last time it was this close to Earth I was not born, tomorrow night is the night.

Went for coffee at the Underground Motel for the last time this year, by the end of next week we are going to be on the road. The big job today was the Mercedes Benz back together some pictures below.

Job done took four hours work this afternoon, we could not have done it without the Internet. The old belt broke and fell off some putting the new belt back was harder than a jigsaw puzzle. As you can see above it goes around seven pulleys. A search on Google found this drive belt map nothing like our old cars maybe two pulleys. As you can see above it all fixed and all good.
I must say it a bit of a bugg.. of a job just no room to move in the front of that car for such a complex belt layout.
Like this bit I read you need to do it in a clean room, ha working outside in outback New South Wales in a 50kph wind, I don't think it is their idea of a clean room.


That was our day so back to the caravan tomorrow morning just hope the wind drops tonight it's been blowing for three weeks non-stop.

I just got some pictures from Bill I put them up tomorrow night, thanks.


Hello to Bob and Shayne thanks for the email today, great to hear from you.


Time to go out to the White Cliffs Sporting Club for our Sunday meal, it's where you go for a chat with the locals but there are not many left in town most have moved away for the summer. Maybe forty left in town by the end of November.



November 12th Saturday
Up at 6am and on the road to Broken Hill by 7am 300km and one corner to turn sitting on a 110kph in the little Proton.

Nothing much to see out here just flat bush, their hard to see on the right side of the road Emu's very small.

Coffee Shop next to Coles Supermarket today, (good bit of fun).

What we went for the parts to fix the Mercedes Benz, $220.00 not bad when you are talking Mercedes Benz. See yesterday pictures.

We drove in and went to Repco, Coles and back home 600km's seven hours.


Bill sent me some pictures from Bundaberg Queensland today, gee some guys have all the luck sitting by the pool, it's all right we know how hard you work.

As I said Bill, life looks hard in Queensland, Sleeping and Swimming.


Hello to John in Albury, Happy Birthday it's only add's one year.


Tomorrow I try put the Mercedes Benz back together (I hope, it would be nice if I knew what I am doing.)

Coffee in the morning if I get out of bed in time.


Good night all.



November 11th Friday
I started off in the caravan fixing a window and a few small things, outside the caravan I started fitting in lights to the rear of the caravan. Carol was at craft it was 10:50am I was to pick here up from craft and go the 11am service down town, we did not make it the Mercedes Benz went bang in a big way and smoke every where. I drove home as I as about a 100m away at the time, lifted the bonnet with one hand and a hose in the other.

Here what happen a picture tells a 1000 words.

Note the drive belt pulley is broken in two parts.

Here the same pulley after I removed it. Should be one part.

This is what left of a large drive belt it was ripped apart in 15sec, what a mess all I could do was pull out the front of the car and remove the broken pulley and untangle the rubber belt. The belt was perfect two days ago when I checked it.

I rang Repco in Broken Hill the only place we can ring in the area, they are getting parts overnight from Sydney and will have them in Broken Hill by 11am tomorrow. So Carol and I are going to Broken Hill around 7am tomorrow and return the same day 600km,s round trip. That's the best we can do, the Proton (Carol Car) ready to go in the morning.

That's why we keep the old Proton, without it we be in bigger trouble.


Doug reply about the cost of a train.

For Sale 5g Australia ... Description: QR C17 Brown Bomber. Done under 200km since completion in 2013.

Click Here

Hi Rex, Since you ask,

That is a good website for anyone interested in buying a miniature loco. SMEX means Scale Model EXchange.
Prices range from a few thousand to ‘how deep are your pockets’! Similar to my diesel go for around $10,000 depending on condition. A nice looking steamer sold at home for $30k a couple of weeks ago. Or spend up to 10 years or more to build your own.

In 9 years I've put 2,700 km on my loco, or approx. 300 km per year. Even on my train maintenance costs are high. I recently put about $750 worth of replacement batteries on board.
The train is now connected to the house batteries/solar system in the motor home. All 24 volts. All AGM Deep Cycle type. Might as well make use of the train batteries when they aren’t being used for the train. More than doubles the house batteries capacity to 225 Ah total.

The pair of V-Line Diesels in the pics ....Wayne built one of them 30 years ago, the other 2 years ago. Before you ask what happened in between......Family.....Then he retired!

Air-con working well, about 35 C outside at Bundaberg today with a Total Fire Ban for 2 days!

Cheers, Doug

For the people who asked there's your answer.


They are saying rain tonight, right now we have a lot of wind in the local area.


Hello Bill thanks for the email today and a big thank you for doing that.


Talk to you all when we get back from Broken Hill.



November 10th Thursday
Up early this morning, at 8:30am local Paul fixed my front right tire on the Mercedes Benz he found a very old style nail in the tyre. He did a good job, he just moved to White Cliffs with his wife about six month's ago from Broken Hill. In Broken Hill he was a tyre fitter, he setup in a shed next to his home. He had three tyres to repair today. He be about 40yr's old and living in a area we call "The Blocks" Paul also works at the White Cliffs Hotel, it cost $25 today to repair my tyre.

Back in the caravan at home by 9:30am and painted a clear hard coat in the shower I try my spelling, "Clear Polyurethane" they tell me it dry's really hard. I should be able to put the shower top tomorrow and fix a few small things up to seal the top and keep the water out.

Carol started on the new curtains today we got the fabric from Bruck Mill in Wangaratta last time we were there. All new curtains in the caravan this year. We are looking good to leave early (it was going to be the 21st) it maybe the 15th or 16th mid next week. All the big projects are finished and we only have little things left on my job list.

What else, we started cleaning out the back boot area of the Mercedes Benz getting rid of all the items we do not wish to take with us. Late tonight I took a heap of rubbish to the tip about 3km's from home (we have a free tip) They are saying rain tomorrow and the road to the tip will be closed.

Kevin thanks for the email about Doug and his train's as for your comment how much do the cost, I think the answer is around $25,000 to build (comment Doug, please.) I am not sure where you live Kevin. It's a big investment in a hobby to run on a Sunday, But I sure like to have one.


We just added a section to the White Cliffs website about the land lease in White Cliffs like it or not it's all part of the history here in White Cliffs.

I have been told by Western Lands they will send up dates for people to read every 4 to 5mth's if you like to read the first letter Click Here.


That about it for today, we will pack the caravan over the weekend.


November 9th Wednesday
Worked about 10hr's in the caravan today and for half of it, it was very hot. The first job was to clean up the paint work, that out of the way I refitted all the lights and power. After three hours I plugged the power back in and all good. The first thing I started was the air conditioner it was 38c in the caravan at the time after 30min's it was down to 27c a drop of 11c that's not bad.

Today we did heaps on the caravan, about for hours more work and it will be all done inside the caravan, it is now looking clean and tidy.

I get the tire fixed on the Mercedes Benz at 8:30am in the morning.

Last night we had 8mm of rain, we had the lot thunder, lighting and hail.

Talk to Peter and Joi in Melbourne last night.

The Flying Doctor Service came in today.


Doug sent me some train pictures for 3Dots hope you enjoy them.









Hi Rex, just a few more pictures for you. Bianca driving my 42211 & Corben, her son driving red loco on first two.

Small scale hand made on display at Caloundra, but all 3 locos are live steam, gas fired. Some at home, including track replacement, Caloundra display day.

Some at Maryborough last Sunday, one of their member’s driving my loco, their passenger carriages are low. If they look like steamers.......they are!

Bianca cooks our sausage sizzle for us, then gets to do some train driving. She also specialises in yummy home cooked cup cakes, she is a cooking teacher!

Doug, Queensland.


Running late tonight so I stop there.



November 8th Tuesday
A busy day in White Cliffs today, over the weekend we had some trouble out on the Opal Mining area of town. To car loads of non-white people came into town and setup camp in the mining area of town. That's fine but they loaded two 4wd full of what ever they could pick up, they also broke into shed's and home's out on the Opal Fields stealing what they could.
A number of the shed's broken into were owned by a number of retired Police Officers who rounded up some locals and recovered the stolen items, Pictures were taken and a group of locals reported what had happen to Wilcannia Police.
The non-white's did not come from Wilcannia and are a group that move from place to place, Police have been given the number plate, of one car the other car did not have a number plate.
Their reason for taken the goods "This area has been given to the non-white people by the High Court of Australia, and we own it and every thing that's on it," not the right thing to say in White Cliffs.
Police from Wilcannia where in White Cliffs today talking to local people. They have not found the cars or the non-white people at this time.


The caravan here are a few picture's

Looking to the back of the van.

Looking to the front (it looks a lot better than it used to.)

We will finish the painting tomorrow and start on the trimmings.

That box it will hold the manual washing machine, drinking water and linen box next to the shower wall. The top of the box comes down and I have a new seat.

We will refit the power and the lights tomorrow, well start fitting them, that's a lot of work. Fit seat covers and box covers.


Here is something that may help other, that's if you have trouble with snakes.

I was told about this four months ago and decided to give it a go. Snakes are a problem in the local area, as they are in many area's even Albury Wodonga. I must say when I was told I was thinking another snake stories' there are a lot of stories' around town.
Just toss a blue plastic tarp on the ground and in one corner something like a sand sieve and toss a brick or two in it as in the picture. The wind blows the tarp (even in light wind) it flicks up and down then side to side, makes a noise, the snake's see it and think it's a big blue snake and keeps away.
Does it work well after four months we have not seen a snake on our land (touch wood) we need some more testing time but dancing blue monster gets a big tick so far.

Please if you try this please let me know, I like to know who using it and if it works. The house on our left had two snake's this year, on the right side two, the house next to them four this year including one it the kitchen. If you have a lot of land you may need more than one, not sure if it works on lawn we don't have any.


Hello to Sue and David in Gippsland...


We are still planning to leave on the 21st November I will add "at the latest" we hope to be packing the caravan and car by next Sunday.



November 7th Monday
Start of a new week, we were up at 6am and working in the caravan you be happy to hear the roof of the Caravan is completed. We started painting today inside the caravan.


Skiing, it seems some of the locals are saying NO to Skiing using a car bonnet. What they do is attach a Ski Rope to an upside down car bonnet stand using a short rope and get towed around the streets.
As they go past the local hotel they toss 1/2lt fuel on the road and the sparks set it off in a ball of frame. It could only happen in White Cliffs.


Met a man at the White Cliffs hotel today he was telling me his father owned the hotel in the White Cliffs 1947 to 1975 it was then sold to Graham who just sold it last month to Seagull.

I had read about the pub in a item written many years ago. I read the pub burn down in the late 50s, yes that was my fault I burned the pub down with my sister.

How did you do that, well we were playing with fire crackers letting them off. So dad could not here the bang we let them off under a mattress, the mattress went up in flames that night and down came the hotel.

It was rebuild a year later. In 69yrs it had two owner's.


Get ready to mark November 14 in your stargazing calendar — astronomers say this is the day the Moon will be at its closest point to Earth in 70 years. The event, known as the supermoon, occurs when a full or new moon passes closer to earth in its... Click Here

ABC News - Sunday, 6 November 2016

The weather was in one word HOT that's all anyone could say today 35c in the shade and 46c in the sun today we worked on the caravan to 12 noon.


Ran out of LP Gas in the big bottle (45kg) today so I fitted the (9kg) gas bottle from the caravan it will last to we leave. I can always swap it in Broken Hill 9kg cost $25 in Broken Hill ($40.00) in White Cliffs we were home 6-1/2 months this year (Late April to Mid Nov) and LP gas cost $266 for two (45kg) bottle's sounds ok to me the biggest user was hot water in the house.


Hello to the guys in Western Australia from White Cliffs. It was good to hear from you today.



November 6th Sunday
Very little work today it Sunday and a day off in White Cliffs we had a big group for Coffee at the motel this morning in fact half the town was there, the motel even laid on some food for us today thanks people.

Back home I built up the last panel for the caravan roof we will fit it in the morning, then the roof be finished for now in the caravan.


You may think daylight saving a new invention read this from the USA News. This weekend, when American clocks turn back an hour at Nov. 6 at 2:00 a.m. Eastern Time, the move will bring an end to the period of Daylight Saving Time, that marked precisely a century since the first such policy went into effect. 

Daylight Saving Time (DST) had its beginning in Australia during World War I. The Commonwealth used its wartime powers to require all Australian states and territories to put into place DST. 1917 was officially the first year DST was used across the country. It was in force between 1 January and 25 March (late summer in Australia). It was discontinued after the war, but World War II saw its return for three consecutive summers. It began with a late summer start on 1 January 1942 followed by a full summer (September - March) later that year.

Tasmania may be our smallest state, but they had great influence on why we have DST in Australia today. The Tasmanian state government implemented Daylight Savings in the summer of 1967 to save power which saved water. A severe drought in the state made it imperative that DST be used to help the situation. As it turned out, they liked having DST in Tasmania so much so that they have continued it ever since. Because it was such a success, the Tasmanian state government pushed to get Daylight Saving Time used Australia-wide.

Washed the two cars today the Mercedes Benz sure need a clean I worked on it for some time today but I still have a lot more to go. I need to have a tyre looked at on the Mercedes Benz it has a very slow leak there is a guy in White Cliffs I am told, so I give him a go.


Doug sent me this from Urangan Harvey Bay Queensland, you have to love it. You have to say a little odd it looks like it turns with the wind. good one.

Peter send me a picture of Joi in focus please, she looks great.

I have a lot to put on three dots in the next week.

We are planning to leave in the next two week 21st is the Target Date.

Hello to Peter and Joi hope we see you at Christmas Time.



November 5th Saturday

Up at 7am and back in the caravan we put up number 3 of 4 panels the last panel will go up on Monday, well that is the plan.

Yes one to go we have been pulling away and replacing and old timber that is no good this is the last bit and we are looking at getting it done.

Here the new roof lining and the new poptop white vinyl, I also painted the third coat of paint in the toilet shower. Next we add two coats clear waterproof hard coat and it will be ready to use.


Christmas Party tonight at the Underground Motel.

Scott having fun in Melbourne this weekend.

Doug on holidays in Queensland.

Bill on holidays in Queensland.

Kylie said it freezing in Albury Wodonga, Joyce ask her mother "What's a Muppet" muuu does that mean if you know what a Muppet is your getting old.

Three Dots 18300 plus hit's we may have 20,000 hit's by Christmas.

Time to go out see you all tomorrow.



November 4th Friday

It's the weekend, Coffee in the morning and Christmas Party tomorrow night at the Underground Motel and we have been invited, why so early well a lot of people go away for the summer and there will be few left by Christmas time.


We were up at 7am working on the caravan, we got up the 2 of 4 panels in the roof and by midday that was the end of work it was just to hot 44c in the caravan 42c in the sun. I did get the panel ready that we will put up early in the morning.


The year is set to close with the biggest moon that most people alive will ever have seen. The satellite is set to get closer – an so brighter and bigger – than it has for almost 70 years on 14 November. A supermoon happens because of the strange... click below for more

The Independent - November 2016
Click Here


Hi rex, here is one of those stick insects ,they are often a brown colour so they blend with branches ,have also seen them in green to match the leaves they grow really big don't see them move much they move slow. From Bill in Queensland. Picture taken on the Sunshine Coast. Thanks for the picture.

Still looking for comments on my 4 leg bug, see it in yesterday 3Dots.


Dear Rex,

Thank you for your donation of $ 5.00 to the Wikimedia Foundation. The Wikimedia Foundation is the non-profit organization that supports Wikipedia and other free knowledge projects. Our mission is to build the most accessible and comprehensive source of free knowledge in the world.

We believe that knowledge is a fundamental human right. As humanity rushes into our digital future, we need open, accessible, public spaces to access knowledge online. Wikimedia is such a space. Wikipedia delivers free knowledge to people, by people, in hundreds of languages around our planet.

Over the course of a year, Wikipedia is edited and read by people on every continent, including Antarctica. Nearly half a billion people visit Wikipedia every month for everything from preserving cultural heritage, to improving cancer detection, to researching homework. They come to learn. They stay and discover.

Part of the eMail....

$5 not much, these days in fact it is next to nothing, but look at it this way Wikipedia has 40,000,000,000 users around the world each day. I use it maybe 20 time's a month to do research for 3Dots... If everyone gave $5 (I let you work that out) they would not have to ask for $5...

If you do not know about Wikipedia Click Here there is so much to read, I spend hours in Wikipedia.


Thank you all and have a good weekend, as I say we will.



November 3rd Thursday

Up at 6am and working on the caravan doing the roof it was to hard on my own so I call in Bill to help that not a easy job. To tell the truth it's a buggar of a job, Carol was to short to help with this job she did try.

The first panel is up so you can see the new and the old, still a lot of work do, this is 1 of 4 we have to put up. I cut the next panel it is ready to put in the morning. We had time but it was 41c in the sun and around 44c in the caravan. We have cut off the power so we could removed the lights in the caravan so we have no power for the air conditioner.

This has nothing to do with anything, I found it on the Internet it a map of Australia on top of the United States we are both around the same in size. Means nothing at all but I did find it interesting.

Ok what is it, how many legs do you see (I see only 4) there are some funny bugs around here that I have not seen before.

This is a picture I took last month note the six legs. I am not real smart when it comes to bugs but I think a spider has 8 legs, insect has 6 legs, animal 4 legs, human 2 legs. I know this is not quite true.

I love some comment on my 4 leg bug?

I get up really early tomorrow and try get the next panel up in the caravan.

Bill, in White Cliffs was telling me that he been getting up at 4:30am to beat the heat of the day. We are still looking at the 21st to the 23rd to leave White Cliffs.

Belinda our local nurse had a bad day she got out of bed went to the kitchen and found a 3ft snake, that not the way to start your day.

Hello to Tony and Belinda hope you have a better day tomorrow.


November 2nd Wednesday

I had a big day working on the caravan fitting the new ceiling to the roof of the pop-top caravan going to take a while it's a big job, I have cut out the first piece to go up and we will go for the big lift and fit first thing in the morning.

While working outside we had a couple of Big Lizard's walk past a male and female and I must say they need to find a bedroom.

I let them walk past but people do pick them up, they were around a million years ago if they run into a rock they just push them out of the way. They are as strong as a truck, I was once told they are the first BW truck. There skin is so hard a snake cannot bite them, some people call then stumpy tail lizard both about 250mm long.

I put a lot of time this afternoon into my Grandson Jack, he would have loved being here today he big in lizards and reptiles fan and that was what we did this afternoon.

Here an email I sent to Troy, Jack and Kylie today.

Troy, Jack and Kylie

Some months ago at your place I was talking to Jack and he was telling me about reptiles, I told him I had seen a building at the Armidale University called the University Of New England. (I had to book a time with a tutor,) and I spoke with them today and said there are two ways to get work in Herpetology (that's a new word for me) one a HSC then University. The other was was study Herpetology and he may wish to start with "Learning Cloud" then get a job in the area, he may start as a cage cleaner at 15 or 16 that's where most young people start and work their way up from there, the more you know the faster you go up: Click Here

Then years later go to a University like New England

The next step would be in Armidale Click Here

Herpetology is the study of reptiles and amphibians. The term is derived from Linneas’s classification in which he combined reptiles and amphibians into the one.

Most people who complete Herpetology in reptiles and amphibians end up working in a Zoo or Private Zoo.

The younger he start's the better, they say.

White Cliffs


Have a look at the links above you can study more than Herpetology in reptiles and amphibians. Just wish I was a bit younger, then most of us wish that.

It been a real reptile day today.


Back to work in the caravan tomorrow.



November 1st Tuesday Melbourne Cup Day

We got up early and worked on the caravan to 11am I started doing the roof, removing the old roof. I start on the fitting of the new roof tomorrow.

Big day in White Cliffs at the White Cliffs Motel, Melbourne Cup Day... and as I said many times before a picture tells a 1000 words.

Hayley was the big winner today she a friend of Carol, that hat, Carol lent it to Hayley. That was Carol winning hat last year.

I took the picture, and it's a winning picture (well I think it is) the little girl is winner Hayley daughter she 4yrs and know the name of everyone in town (even if she does call me Bex, that's close to Rex.)

Carol came second in best hat this year (she now has 3 red and 1 blue ribbon in 4yr's) that must be some sort of record.

You have to give it to Dick (in Red seated) he a great guy, and men's Champion today the two guys back left look good. The lady on the right end paid for the ribbons. The most unusual hat left, that's Melbourne Cup in White Cliffs.

We must say thank you to the Hotel who put on a free meal for the 200+ people there today. I did a head count and stopped at 200 plus a few around the place.


Hello to Brenda and Peter, 3Dots reader's from White Cliffs now down south someplace.

In around 20days to we leave town...






Three Dots...