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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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October 31st Monday

The last day of October, in less than a month we will be on the road being Grey Haired Nomad's

A lot been happing in the last 24hrs, Joyce entered a necklace made of lollies and fishing line into the "Under 8yr's" old cooking competition at the "Albury Show." She found out that she won First Prize and Champion under 8yr's. She won a certificate, ribbon and $5.00...

Champion Under 8yr's well done.

While we are talking about Troy, Kylie and Joyce, the cement truck turned up this morning to lay cement around the new pool, no more work on the pool for a few days to let the cement set's hard.


For Carol and I it was all about installing the Air Conditioner in place inside the caravan.

We strapped the aid conditioner in place (we need to find a white strap) we can remove the strap and clean and service the cooler (we need to get at the back of it to clean it.)

Here the hard part fitting the 150mm hose to the back of the air conditioner so it can pump the hot air outside the caravan. We are ready to clean and paint the old food box, we lost a lot of room in the food box but that not a problem as we never used all of it anyway.

Bit of sanding to do and paint work but here the hot air outlet in the front of the caravan behind the spare wheel. The flap blows open on it's own.

My dream setup, Doug in Queensland sent me this today a "Boat A Home" yep a boat and a caravan all in one Doug said you need $140,000 for this setup. ( I need to win Lotto first.) for the record it towing weight is 2500kg

I do a little bit on the caravan tomorrow morning early not a lot as it is Melbourne Cup dinner at the White Cliffs Hotel, it is a really big ladies day in White Cliffs they all get dressed up on Melbourne Cup Day for "Fashion On The Opal Field"

It is one of the biggest day of the year in town.


Adrian and Dianna are back home after a trip down Geelong way.


Hello to Troy and Kylie.

Doug thanks for the picture.



October 30th Sunday
Went to the Underground Motel for morning tea with a big group of people, we had 19 for coffee this morning.

Only part of the group there this morning, as I said we had 19 locals. Taken with my phone.

We left today around midday, when home and started work on the caravan. Started a new job day and that is installing the air conditioner. It's a big job as I need to run a 6" hose out the front of the caravan, we are about 50% doing this job.


I had a picture sent to me taken of Smith's Hill where we live, the big place on the left with the shade cloth is the Underground Motel, Take a line from the water tanks to the right and you see part of our place. If you look on the hill that is the old White Cliffs Air Port, now look at the top you will see the new air port that is used by the Flying Doctor.

You will see a big shed just on top of the water tanks that is where we put Carol car when we go away each year out of the sun.

You have to remember our homes go in under the hill.

..I was asked in a email how much dust you get in an underground home, you said you read 3dots so here is a picture inside a completed underground home. As you can see no dust here at all, this hallway is 30ft underground.


Sunday night we are going to the Sporting club tonight for a meal.


Hello Kay hope you like the picture of the underground home.



October 29th Saturday
We went out to the Underground Motel this morning for coffee I was a good boy and kept away from the cake.

Adrian and Dianna went to Bannockburn and setup their stall selling Jewelry and other items, Bannockburn is just west of Geelong in Victoria. It like a small show in the town and runs for the weekend. They all dress in war outfits, no real guns.

It sure looks like a fun weekend. I may put this weekend on my wish list.


This afternoon we were back in the caravan working on my new seat with under storage for the camping washing machine, water, linen.

It is all built and ready for painting, it's my new seat, all we need do is paint it all white. It will look good when it all cleaned up.

I had to stop work later in the day, sorry it is so hard to read 43c in the sun our hottest day this summer.

That was in the sun this is in the shade, 32c no wonder I needed a shower.


The plan is to do all the work in the caravan then paint it where required, and that is most of it, the date to go away this summer is the 21st to the 23rd November.

They are saying rain here tomorrow, that may help cool the place down. Tomorrow I will start installing the air conditioner in the caravan, and start sealing the Toilet shower floor.

A few more people moved away this weekend for the summer, Carol had a hair cut, I went to the Pub for a lemon drink.


Susan now has NBN Internet, and Muffy has a VOIP phone that works over the Internet using the NBN... I talked to Muffy this morning it was really clear.


Hello to Sue and David in Gippsland.



October 28th Friday
Back working in the Caravan today we are tying to find a place for everything we take on our trip.

A place for the ice box, a place for the manual washing machine, a place for water 30lt's of drinking water, a linen box next to the toilet shower. This is work in progress, it will have a seat that I can sit on, more on this over the weekend.

Ok all, what this there are a number of them around today, good of it to stand still for a picture I took this with the Microsoft Phone from about 2" or 50mm the timber it is sitting on is 3" or 75mm at 2" it is very small.

Troy and Kylie pool came flying in this morning it landed behind the shed. All good they say, swimming in about three weeks.


Member for Barwon, Kevin Humphries MP

Has announced that nine recipients in the Barwon Electorate will share $33,050.00 through the Country Arts Support Program. The program, which supports short-term locally initiated projects, will assist the following organisations to complete their projects:

 White Cliffs Music Festival Inc: $4,975 to engage a five piece bluegrass band who will conduct workshops at the White Cliffs Music Festival in 2017. The workshops will engage with various instruments including mandolin, fiddle, guitar, banjo and upright bass.


White Cliffs Music Festival in 2017 looks like being a big deal in town.

Desire thank you for the email today hop you have a good weekend in Queensland.


Coffee at 10am tomorrow I am told.



October 27th Thursday Happy Birthday Joi hope you enjoy your 21st Birthday.

Up early and at it for Carol and I working on the Caravan and by late afternoon "Job Done" yes the new Vinyl is all installed in the caravan. Tomorrow we will start on a few other job in the caravan, the top took three full days work, I was thinking it be a ten day job.

Bill said he give me a 98% for the job, (ok where did I loose the 2%, your drill slipped and you put a pin hole in it 1%, the back windows not straight 1%.) Gee life tuff in White Cliffs. I rang and got five prices to have the roof installed $3500 to $4000.00 we did the job for $144

Next job's in the caravan are out new seat and our roof lining, and the last job is moving the outlet for the air conditioner. We then pack the caravan and head off for the summer.

Adrian and Dianna hope you have a good weekend down Geelong way.

Troy and Kylie in Thurgoona had a big day today the new Swimming pool came and they have started work on the install of the pool. I am told it will take a month to fit out.

Not a bad size pool (I was told they lifted it into the back yard today.)

We will be back in the caravan tomorrow morning early.

Tomorrow, Friday and the start of a warm weekend. Today in White Cliffs it was 30c in the shade and 36c in the sun. They are talking rain on Sunday in town.


Tonight we are going out to a Birthday Party for a local lady.

Hello to Joi have a fun birthday in Melbourne.


October 26th Wednesday
Well up at 6am and on the road by 7am to Broken Hill, we took the Mercedes Benz 600kms sitting on the speed limit of 110kph and we used 12lph in fuel. Broken Hill fuel price $1.25, Wilcannia $1.23 and White Cliffs $1.73lt all unleaded...

Very light traffic on the road it was a easy drive. Back home 6:15pm tonight and now we have food, heaps of food, Carol said we can have a party tonight. We will leave White Cliffs for the summer in about 4wks, so that will be out last trip into Broken Hill for food.

Broken Hill all pictures taken in the Main Street of town.

It was a bit dark in Broken Hill, no rain and 24c. The weather in White Cliffs was 31c at home.

Looking the other way Broken Hill has a big main street, a Cole's Plaza and a Woolworth's Plaza with Big-W...
A lot of local shop's and I did not see any empty shop's in town.

Back home after a big day, so it good night from us. Tomorrow we will be up early working on the caravan.

Have a good night



October 25th Tuesday

25th of October and 8wk's to Christmas, (sorry, I had to tell you the good news)

We were up early working on the caravan, and we kept at it till noon. We are ahead of our time line by a day now but still have a long way to go.

A long way to go but and we still need to trim around the top and bottom, it's looking good inside and outside. Tomorrow we are away in Broken Hill so I be back on the job Thursday morning. They are saying rain on Sunday so we have to Sunday to seal it up, by mid afternoon on Sunday.


Cancer Awareness Fly-Around Community Education Event

White Cliffs, Yunta, Packsaddle, Wilcannia, Tilpa, Louth, Ivanhoe and Tibooburra residents are invited to join us and Cancer Council NSW for an informal chat about the four most common cancers in NSW.

From Monday 24 October-Thursday 27 October, residents can join us at free fly-around clinics in the their local communities.

Country music singer and breast cancer survivor Catherine Britt will share her story at the clinics and residents who attend will be able to chat to a range of health professionals and support staff, including a Cancer Council NSW representative who can let people know about support and services available to them.

A doctor, breast care nurse, drug and alcohol worker and oncologist will also be at the clinics.

Light refreshments will be provided and for more information, residents are encouraged to contact Jacinta Cullen by calling 0439 731 256 or by emailing

Clinic dates, times and locations are listed below.

24 October clinics will be held at:

Yunta District Hall from 9:30am-12pm Australian Central Standard Time (ACST)
Packsaddle Roadhouse from 4:30pm-7pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (AEDST)

25 October clinics will be held at:
White Cliffs Sporting Club from 4pm-6:30pm AEDST

Carol and I went along to Cancer Awareness put on by the Royal Flying Doctor Service this afternoon there were around forty people at the awareness meeting it was well done, it sure made me aware of a lot of things in regard to cancer and what to check and look for.

Bill in Queensland sent me some pictures:

Pic one, Macksville, NSW.

Pic two, Nambucca, taken from golf club restaurant. Right on the,water.

Bill thanks for the pictures, we will see how the caravan goes, we may come for a drive next winter they tell me that is the best time to visit Queensland.


Tomorrow we will be in Broken Hill by 9:30am (Broken Hill time) to do a bit of shopping then drive back home to White Cliffs. A 600km round trip (about the same as Albury to Geelong). We are taking the Mercedes Benz for a drive tomorrow.


Hello to Desire in Queensland hope your new job a winner.


Talk to Muffy today in Albury...



October 24th Monday
Joyce went to the "Wodonga Children Fair" with Susan and her mother Kylie and looking at the pictures they had a lot of fun last Sunday. Joyce and Susan went on their first Camel Ride, Joyce had some face painting.

Joyce having fun


Susan and Joyce on a Camel


They sure look like they had fun. What else can I say a picture tells a 1000 words they say.




Well we have started, after removing the old vinyl top from the caravan (that took about an hour) we started installing our home made version. And so far it is all going to plan we are fixing the top first and after it's all in place we will fix the bottom in place. I said ten working days to do the job, this is only day one, it takes three people to fix in place. Bill, Carol and I today and Bill is coming back tomorrow at 8am, today we worked 8am to noon, then we called in the old age union and they said stop work.

Only the front and one side are in place, we had three people drop by to check on progress, so far it's good, very happy.


This afternoon had a local John, come around to pickup his computer I did it as a love job for the old guy it was a mess last week and would not start, with Scott's help it is up and running the first computer I have fixed this year. The problem is worth mentioning John has a very small data pack, Microsoft Windows starting doing updates so he turned his computer off during an update and stuffed the computer and it would not restart. If your doing up dates turn it off, don't just pull the plug out.


Tomorrow it is back to the caravan.


Hello to all, have a good night.



October 23rd Sunday
We went out with friends this morning for breakfast and coffee, coming home for lunch, this afternoon it was all about working on the caravan getting it ready for tomorrow morning. Bill and I are going to start at 8am removing the old vinyl roof and starting on the new one I say a good ten days work.

By Wednesday we will know what we need in Broken Hill for the caravan as we are planning a trip into town to buy food and a few odds and ends for the caravan.

Someone has to do it, run a grader over all the dirt roads in Outback New South Wales and that Sam's job he a contract worker and been doing it for years.

He camps by the road side or on an outback station. How he tow's his business may not be legal but that's how it been for years, a grader, a trailer with water tank gas bottle and fuel, caravan, and Toyota. Top speed he said is 20kph, the police they just drive past he said, sometimes they stop and give me a beer. A lot of people pull up and give me a beer. There is no where else in New South Wales you could drive around like this. He said I never go backwards, he always get a toot of the horn when someone drives by.

That's it for today, tonight we are off to the White Cliffs Sporting Club for a meal, Almost everyone in town will go tonight. A three course meal cost $15.00 a head tonight, it's a good meal and a big meal.

Hello to Sue and David in Gippsland...


Have fun we will.



October 22nd Saturday
We spent all morning at the Underground Motel talking and drinking coffee, and as a special treat this morning we were given raisin toast, anyone think we spent half our time there...

Back home I worked about two hours cleaning up the front yard around the new kitchen it is looking good. The trouble is I am only 10% the way to cleaning up I still have 90% to go. It was a very cold wind today around 19c top for the day, they say 21c tomorrow Sunday.

Then it was back to the old job working on the caravan I am working on some timber work inside the caravan today.

We have moved the Ice Cooler out of the Mercedes Benz into the caravan. It was in the back of the Benz and every time we used it when we were free camping I had to run outside and get the butter, milk I did up to ten trips a day. So we moved it inside (it just sits there) it's easy to pickup and put in the back of the Benz or the Proton if we need to move it.

The rest of it, the white box will be used for linen, the other section will be used to store the washing machine and fresh water, drinking and cooking water. Then on top of it all will be a lift up seat made of pine. You will be able to lift the seat and remove the Linen, Water or the Washing Machine. We are trying to find a home for every item. Carol is going to make new curtains, Monday we start on fitting the new vinyl top.

We met today a couple from Queensland who are staying at the caravan park in White Cliffs, nice people they are here about a week.

Tomorrow we are meeting up with some friends then I be back home working on the caravan

Have fun, we will.

Hello to my sister Muffy in Albury.



October 21st Friday
Did some work on the caravan this morning and started to clean up out front on the house I going to need a brush cutter. The weed have been a big problem this year I sprayed all the weed about three weeks ago and they are just starting to fall over. Next good day I do it again with "Round Up" need a day with no rain and very low wind.

It's 7pm and tonight around 6pm there was a very big bang like a heap of rock falling, we checked our place and all good here. It came from the East, well that what it sounded like to me I called a few friends and we went door to door checking on the well being of everyone near by. I think it came from next door (East side) the owner passed away early this year, no one lives there and no one has a key that we know of. We do have a SES in town that will check the area.

It sure shook our place, it could have been an Earth Quake, but only a few people on this hill felt it. We may find out one day.

Royal Flying Doctor Service

Cancer Awareness Fly-Around
Community Education Event

White Cliffs Sporting Club from 4pm-6:30pm AEDST

White Cliffs, Yunta, Packsaddle, Wilcannia, Tilpa, Louth, Ivanhoe and Tibooburra residents are invited to join us and Cancer Council NSW for an informal chat about the four most common cancers in NSW.

From Monday 24 October-Thursday 27 October, residents can join us at free fly-around clinics in the their local communities.

Country music singer and breast cancer survivor Catherine Britt will share her story at the clinics and residents who attend will be able to chat to a range of health professionals and support staff, including a Cancer Council NSW representative who can let people know about support and services available to them.

A doctor, breast care nurse, drug and alcohol worker and oncologist will also be at the clinics.

Light refreshments will be provided and for more information, residents are encouraged to contact Jacinta Cullen by calling 0439 731 256 or by emailing

Clinic dates, times and locations are listed below.

24 October clinics will be held at:

Yunta District Hall from 9:30am-12pm Australian Central Standard Time (ACST)
Packsaddle Roadhouse from 4:30pm-7pm Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (AEDST)

Tuesday 25 October clinics will be held at:

Wilcannia Community Hall from 9:30am-12pm AEDST
White Cliffs Sporting Club from 4pm-6:30pm AEDST


26 October clinics will be held at:

Tilpa Community Centre from 9:30am-12pm AEDST
Ivanhoe RSL Club from 4pm-6:30pm AEDST
27 October clinics will be held at:

Tibooburra Two Storey Hotel from 4pm-6:30pm AEDST

Jacinta Cullen
Community Engagement Officer


It the week end and we are told it will be windy here, if the weather good we will start on the roof of the Caravan on Monday.

Coffee at the Underground Motel tomorrow, next Wednesday we are planning a trip into Broken Hill for the day.



October 20th Thursday
3Dots has just past 18,000 hit's it was not that long ago we talked about 10,000 hits, it's only a hobby fun site that grown and grown.

A few of us have been talking about how to handle the problem we are having with Native Title. They have assure us that we will get a whole new lease, but can we trust the government can we trust them?.

A few of us decided to help each other a lot more and use what we have, in other words spend near nothing till we get a lease. Use what we have, just take Carol and I we have tiles, timber, paint, cement and lot of other things in small lot. We also have a million tons of Iron Stone Rock that we can build with.

We could do nothing till we get a lease (they say in 2018) remember they said 12 to 18mth's till we will get a new lease. So we are going to use what we have available, and spend very little money.

One of my friends a Beaded Dragon Lizard. We talk but we are having trouble being friends, like come near me and I rip your arms off. And if you drive a car near me I stand on my back legs and rip the tyres off it. I cannot get within 10ft of him (well I think it's a him but it could be a her). He is about 14in's long and eats anything it can get hold of. We are in a love hate relationship, I love talking to him and he hates me.

But you take a good picture.


At 4pm we had 31c here at home in the shade and 37c in the sun, no rain and a blue sky, inside the underground we have 22c day and night that is 1c below normal.

Been a lot of talk about the meteorite crater that's only about 6km's from our home. (read 3Dots yesterday.)


Hello to Troy, Kylie and Joyce.


Talk more tomorrow, and glade you like the train's.



October 19th Wednesday
Doctors day in White Cliffs, and that where I spent the morning at the Hospital having my diabetes reviewed. I am happy to freely talk about it as a lot people have the same problem as I do. There is no logic to diabetes. For those that do not know you test your blood sugar level and you need to be between 5.5 and 6.5 with 5.7 being the perfect number.

I am type 2 and live on tablets and have done for 27yr's, I try keep under 10, under 8 is even better. Last long term test back in June this year I was running at 11.5 that's not good. Today long term test was 7.5 I am still listed as type 2.

There no logic, for about a week I was running around 11, then last Sunday night I went to the White Cliffs Sporting Club for a meal, full roast dinner then cake and ice cream. Carol said that will put your sugar up. My test on Monday morning was a 7.1 (you eat the wrong food and you go down) there's logic somewhere.

Seen my numbers were so good I stay type 2... We are going to review it in 5mth's...


Doug sent this to me last month:

Hi Rex, Some pictures and basic information for 3dots readers.

Mini trains, miniature trains, model trains, live steam locomotives, miniature locomotives, ride-on railway, miniature railway........whatever.......all acceptable!

Model railway generally refers to smaller gauges, 45 mm or less of the garden or table-top variety.

There are 2 tracks at Shepparton;- Kidstown & Emerald Bank. Also Echuca, Wodonga, Euroa, Wagga Wagga, Holbrook, Yanco, etc. For a full Club list look on the magazine website.

There are about 87 club tracks in Australia. Most are in public parks & most provide train rides to the public at least one day a month.

Next question? Cheers, Doug.


Meteorite Crater in Outback NSW.

This story is 2008 but it showing it's head in town, people want to look at the area and land holders say No.

A RETIRED geologist searching on Google Earth for a place to mine opals may have discovered something much bigger: a meteorite crater in outback NSW.

Mike Fry was using the Google site last month to survey terrain when he saw an unusual structure in the red dust.

"The circular nature of this thing struck me," Mr Fry said. "It was so distinctive, I was gobsmacked."

Mr Fry, who earned a degree in geology from the University of New Mexico before coming to Australia 44 years ago to mine opals and gold, drove 11 hours to the site, about 10 kilometres north-east of White Cliffs, to take a closer look.

More Click Here

It can only happen in White Cliffs.


Back to work tomorrow on the caravan.



October 18th Tuesday
I have the vinyl top of the caravan ready to install so today was all about cleaning out the caravan putting that vinyl top in place will be a big job. We need room to move around inside the caravan. Tomorrow I finish moving stuff out.

Tomorrow I need to see the doctor about my diabetes, he be in town to talk with me and others.

How good is your Ambulance service Carol and some local lady's were at art today and almost ready to pack up and go home when one of the ladies took ill. The Art House is across the road from the White Cliffs Hospital. The lady had a stroke, they hit the red button and the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Broken Hill took to the sky, landing in White Cliffs 20min's later. The lady was in Broken Hill Hospital an hour later.

Then all the phones around White Cliffs started to ring and they are still ringing (white Cliffs run's on news). You can hear the flying doctor taking off over our place.

She was being treated in White Cliffs Hospital by local staff right away, 25min's later by the Flying Doctor Staff. If you had to have a stroke across the road from the hospital is not a bad place to have it.

When she ready someone will drive into Broken Hill and pick her up, that's life here.


Had a talk to Susan and Muffy today on the phone today.


Went to White Cliffs Hotel for a lemon squash today just needed sometime off work, getting old.


Hello to all in Queensland Bill, Doug and Desire, don't work to hard.



October 17th Monday
Back working on the caravan roof today and we have it ready to install, the windows are made and working, that took a week, what a rotten job. The next step is two clean everything out of the caravan and I mean everything out so we can move around and install the new vinyl pop top, that will take a while.

Scott setup a new wireless Internet at the Painters Island Caravan Park today that takes a lot of work he really happy with how well it is working.

People who stay at the caravan park can now log into the Internet at the caravan park in Wangaratta. That's a plus for the park.

We had a good night out at the White Cliffs Sporting Club last night a great meal was had by all. A lot of people have moved away from White Cliffs for the summer. We will stay here to November before we leaving for the summer.

It that time of the year again, snakes, we seen a 4ft King Brown on the road today about 400m from home, he was heading away from our home, (be a good snake keep going.)

I had some comments about the Native Title Rights in 3Dots last night most cannot understand what all the fuss is about, money that's my answer. I need some time to answer your questions.

We had a talk with Joi in Melbourne today all good she tells us on the phone.


Hello to Faye and John in Wangaratta.



October 16th Sunday
Sorry to be late I went out the the sporting club in town for dinner, great night with lots of friends.

Scott sent me a picture he has cleaned up his workshop, looks great you found the carpet on the bench top. It look good.



Native Title Rights,

I said a few days ago I would do my view on Native Title Rights, a number of people asked me what are Native Title Rights.

The Native Title Rights and interests held by particular Indigenous people will depend on both their traditional laws and customs.

Native title rights and interests include rights to:

- Walk across or camp on the area

- Access the area for traditional purposes, like camping or to do ceremonies

- Visit and protect important places and sites

- Hunt, fish and gather food or traditional resources like water, wood and ochre

- Teach law and custom on country.

That's it, that is "Native Title Rights" Indigenous people want to be part of every title and lease so they can perform the items above. Under Native Title Rights they do not own the land.

The point is this if a group of young white people turn up on my place drinking beer they will be told to move on.
If a group of young Indigenous people turn up on my place drinking beer they will be told to move on. But I cannot make them I have to call Police.

If a person said to me can I camp the night on your land Indigenous or White I roll out a power lead and a bucket of water. That's how it is in Australia. I don't care if they are black or white. I don't need Native Title Rights to do the right thing.

Native Title Rights has a lot of unanswered questions I just point out one, "Walk across or camp on the area". Does this mean just day camp? or does the mean day and night?.
How much can I charge for them to camp on my land?
How long can they camp on my land? A day, a week, a year. Can I tell them where to camp?.
Is the person covered by insurance while he or she on my land.
Where does he or she go to the toilet and who cleans up. And the list goes on and on. And this only covers "Camp on the area" 

Indigenous land rights is about getting money from the government and sticking it into white people. It's wrong if they are born here they are Australia, I am born here I am Australia.

We need to stop this hate, we need to stop black and white it is not good for Australia, Native Title Rights is doing nothing for the normal Indigenous person and it's brewing hate in White Australia. (RexD)

That is Native Title Rights the good, the bad and the ugly.

It's late so I put this on the Internet.



October 15th Saturday
Hello all hope you are having a good weekend, we went out for coffee with Bill, Jenny and Vicky this morning at 10am. I came home and started to clean the Mercedes Benz inside it was a a mess but is looking good tonight. I still need to clean inside around the doorway, after giving it a clean I checked the water and oil and happy to say all good.

Had my first day off, working on the caravan we cleaned up inside the underground giving it a big clean. It is looking good tonight it hit 31c in the shade today 36c in the sun, blue sky with the odd wind.

Thanks for the emails about the book"Only in White Cliffs" all good I fix it up for you people on Monday and post. They made a 100 books I am told and half sold in the first day.

We have had two backpacker from Holland working at the underground motel they move south tomorrow morning and are working two weeks at the Ivanhoe Hotel, wow that will be a shock.

The last two backpackers at the hotel were younger and here for three months Heather and Tim, they came from England Scotland they are on there way home, now in Bali.

Heather went for a swim in a natural hot spring water pool and her blond hair turned green, she sent us a picture. Heather time for a hair cut.

Not a lot else today.

Hello to Glenda and John in Albury.



October 14th Friday

The book "Only in White Cliffs".. Is now on sale.

The book written by the people of White Cliffs and turned into a book by local Cree Marshall is 159 pages.

It's a real book we all had to write something under the title "Only in White Cliffs" it a great book, some funny some sad. A collection of stories, poems and anecdotes written by and about White Cliffs residents past and present.

It started with people saying "It could only happen in White Cliffs" I have said it, and it's a saying here for years.

Carol has items in the book and even has her picture. I have two page's in the book written by yours truly. 

Sales of the book are out of control at $20.00 
The book was printed by "Broken Hill Print" it not a book about White Cliffs it is a book about the people and all written by the people of White Cliffs.

If you want the book contact me $20.00 plus postage (you guess the postage, if there is a profit I put it in the Flying Doctor tin at the hospital)


What else:
We are still working on the new vinyl roof for the caravan we are work on the last window for the back of the caravan, I worked on it five hours today. Hope to finish the window over the weekend.

Have done a lot of work on the White Cliffs NSW website CLICK HERE and have a read.

Have a good weekend.



October 13th Thursday
We stayed at home today it was a cold 14c this morning and a top at home of 27c in the shade today, 33c in the sun, winds were around 33k most of the day. They are talking 25c tomorrow Friday.

I know that we need more light in the underground workshop, you cannot work outside in the open "Flies" by the thousand. The new vinyl top for the caravan this will be the new front window and what you are looking at is the inside. It upside down here on the table, you can see the zipper in the picture it is unzipped it will fold down inside the caravan. On the other side is a very fine fly screen that is the outside.

We have built four windows the first three failed and we tossed them away. This may not look perfect but it works. We have two windows to build one front and one in the back. What else can I say one down and one to go I start on the second one tomorrow.

Joyce 5yrs old: "Granddad," "yes Joyce" "my IPad battery only goes to 100% I need it to go to 200%," "Talk to your mother."


Taken from up top of the house, Panorama view taken late today from on top of the Underground Home looking from West to East it's not everyone cup of tea but a great view, you are looking North towards Queensland border. I am still having trouble with weeds I guess it is all the rain we have been having. Most of outback Australia is a light green a lot of weeds.

I have been asked over twenty times what is "Native Title" if you had of asked me three months ago I would have said I do not know but I am right up to date now. For the people that asked I am going to put it on 3Dots soon (it's crazy when you read it.)

Hello to Doug in Queensland, loved the email your sent.

Adrian said he has to put a new three way refrigerator in their camper van, wow they cost a mint to buy.

More tomorrow.



October 12th Wednesday
That head yesterday sure gave people a laugh from the emails. So I went for a drive to find out about the "Head" and have been told quite a bit. The head was not put there for the meeting yesterday, it has been there just over two weeks. It was part of the White Cliffs Art Festival.

This picture was on 3Dots September 22nd Thursday. Look at lowest mask and there it is. After the Art Festival they were put on the fence for people to pickup. No one picked up this mask and no one seem to notice it till after the meeting yesterday. It was on the fence across from the meeting yesterday. Like I was told today "People see what they want to see." At this stage the owner is not known so I guess someone will remove it soon.

That Mask...


The White Cliffs Hotel has a new owner, old owner Graham Wellings brought the Hotel in 1975 and walked away at 4pm today, a lot of people went down (including me) and gave him a big hand as he walked out the front door and sat down. Graham and Maxine are nice people and good friends, I do not know what it sold for but was on sale for $1,100,000 plus stock. The new owner from Broken Hill said call me "Seagull" (not sure what that means)


Joyce 5yr's old:

Troy: "Joyce can I have a glass of water"

Joyce: "Just a moment, (picking up her Ipad) I need to look at my dairy to see if I am free"

Troy: "Joyce get me a glass of water"

Joyce: "Alright I am free"

Kids in the year 2016...


We are still working on the caravan roof trying to fit the first window (1 of 2) the hard part is installing the zip around the window. We have made a new window for the "forth time" and try fit this one tomorrow morning. All our time is going into the caravan and hope to drive away for Christmas late November


That it for today, Hello to Sammi a 3Dots reader.

Sue and Tim thank you for the email.



October 11th Tuesday
All land on the West side of New South Wales is crown land own by the Federal Government. A small percentage of the land is free hold land and is owned by the people.

We had a 99yr Government lease agreement on our land (a government lease is as safe a money in the bank they say.)

An Australian Government lease was safe till the black fellows were awarded "Native Title" by the Australian Government the right to walk on any land owned by the Government. Most crown land was given to the black fellows or co-owned as they say.

They want it all, they have now decided they want White Cliffs and other areas if a lease does no have a native title agreement in it they can take it to the high court and have it cancelled. And that what happened to us and 70 other home's in White Cliffs.

With no lease we do not own nothing we cannot sell anything we can only live here as a guest of the Government. 

Who looks after the land for the Government "Western Lands" a government department that leases the land for 60% of New South Wales.

The black fellows come along and cancel your lease in the high court then says we claim the land under Native Title. If you want to live there you make a co-owned lease with us, the government and your self. The lease cost goes up as much as ten time ($200 a year to as much as $2000 a year) and guess who wants most of the money.

There are now three players in the game us the people who live here, Western Lands (the Government), the black fellows.

The only way out of this is for Western Lands to give us a new lease. But they have to make a agreement with the black's.

Remember right now we are here as a guest.

The meeting today, and remember the three players in the game us the people who live here, Western Lands (the Government), the black fellows. 
Today Western Lands want to hold a meeting with the people one on one and not a town meeting. Well that's their plan it's not the plan of the people they say they will crash the meeting with a 100 plus people and will not talk one on one and rip into Western Lands. This group is 70% of the town.

Western Lands are working with the black's to give us all a new lease, if they walk away from White Cliffs we will never get a new lease. We will loose out big time.

The other 30% look at it this way, the Lands Department are on our side they are making the agreement with the blacks and are paying the bill for all this as much as 7m so far.

In order to keep Western Lands we have to convince the 70% that Western Lands are our friends and if they walk away from us we end up with no new lease and nothing. 
The 30% came to me to push their case I said no way at first. Then after two days went back and said, yes. 
We must keep Western Lands, in the game as friends. They are not the problem and I must win over as many as 150 people that are boiling hot in the head.

Western Lands may well just walk away when a big group walks in and takes over their meeting, who knows.

If you think I am stressed you're right I  have not had any sleep. We have ask the Police to attend the meeting.

Why say yes I do it, if the 70% rip into Western Lands and they walk Carol and I have nothing. If I loose this game, I lost it myself. The next choose is a council worker, and if he lost, Carol and I have lost our home.

This whole thing is crazy we did nothing wrong not a thing. I have had to let 3Dots go the last few days I have just run out of time. 

I put this on 3Dots about 8am the meeting at 9am. I do part two tonight. Sorry about the spelling.

Remember this we are the first town to be attacked under Native Title it's a test for them they go after Canberra next.


We won, sort of I think the 30% put forward their point view. The 70% said that sounds good, we will go with your plan Western Lands said that's good we will stay with White Cliffs, we will work with the Native Title people for you and we will pay the bill for all new leases but it will take time 12 to 18mths...

What came out of the meeting.
* Stay on our land at no cost.
* Stay as a guest of Government till we get a new lease.
* Sign new lease in 12 to 18mths.
* Cannot sell till we get new lease. (not that we want to.)
* Three groups in new lease. (Us, Lands, Blacks)

The town is back as one, we were ready for a big public fight, nothing; it never happened.

The police came and had nothing to do, not a thing. 

We did get tea coffee and cake. And a happy town.


EMail last night from Kevin Humphries Parliament of NSW

White Cliffs leases
Kevin Humphries 10/10/2016
To: ''

Hello Rex

I refer to your recent call to Kevin Humphries, Member for Barwon’s office , regarding your lease in White Cliffs. I have found your email address on the White Cliffs website and I am sorry I have been un able to ring you but I had written your phone number incorrectly.

Kevin Humphries has met with Department Heads this morning. Kevin Humphries has been advised that Crown Lands and the Native Title division will be in White Cliffs tomorrow to meet with dugout owners. (I know you are already aware of this) About a third of the 70 plus of those whose licence's are affected, have contacted the hotline.

Crown Lands and the Native Title division will confirm that no one will be disadvantaged and no one will need to move. This issue has been triggered by the recent Native Title Declaration (Federal Court). Crown Lands, on behalf of the government will lead the negotiations in order to ensure licence security both now and into the future. They just need to agree on a methodology which will be explained at the meeting.

What can I say Kevin Humphries, thank you for your input.


I can only guess what this is but I know nothing, but a head (not real) was hanging on a fence across from the hall where today's meeting was held.

I had nothing to do with this and I know nothing. Don't know what it means other than it turned up today.

I need some sleep, good night.

"As They Say It Can Only Happen In White Cliffs."

Have fun, we will.


October 10th Monday
I have had a hard day mostly on the phone I am not sure how it will all work out we have a very divided town today and most of it is a lack of understanding, my job tomorrow is to win over people. A lot of work has been put into tomorrow meeting at 9am.

Tomorrow I hope to be able to write the full story on three dots, there is a change we will be told to get lost. We have asked for police to be on site, but if we get a change to talk we will win the people over.

I am sorry to say nothing else has happen in our life this has been a big problem that needs to be fixed. As I was writing this I got an email from Kevin Humphries office Member for Barwon's Regarding our lease in White Cliffs, I can read it out at tomorrow meeting.

We are to old for this crap, we had nothing to do with this it was all started as a land grab by the xxxx fellows they started this.



October 9th Sunday
I am sorry, three dots will be short tonight the reason is I told people that I would not go to the lands meeting Tuesday, I did not like what was going on and how a local group were acting. Now I am not so sure if this group win it will harm Carol and I and the town of White Cliffs.

I have put my point forward and a lot of people are getting behind what I am saying. It will help White Cliffs and it will help Carol and I and many others.

We are going out for a meal and a meeting, what do we have to loose, our home that's what we may not even get a change to talk on Tuesday and may have to push our way in.

That's all I can say at this time but I will write the full story on three dots.



October 8th Saturday
A warm day in White Cliffs, 32c in the shade today 38c in the sun the hottest day we have had in a long time.

At 10am we had coffee with Bill and Jenny today, Bill going to give me a hand with the new roof on the caravan next Wednesday having two of us working on it will be a big help (even if it is just a day). As you know yesterday I was on the floor most of the day cutting the caravan vinyl with scissors. Today I got out of bed and I cannot walk, gee I have a sore bottom (bum) I am having trouble sitting down, I call it old age.

I have decided not to go to the lands meeting next Tuesday I am not happy about what is being talked about.

Down South is where all the news is along the Murray River.

The Hume Dam at Albury Wodonga it is 100% and they are letting the water go down River.

When you see the back of the Hume Dam and it looks like this (full to the top of the gates) the Murray River is in trouble. If I remember right at the back of the dam it is 140ft deep. (Yvonne thanks for the pictures.)

Wangaratta in trouble, the road out of town to Wodonga is closed, take note Scott closed. The water is held back by a man made levee bank at Wangaratta and has been for years. Last night it leaked under the man made wall into the town. They are trying to stop it today there is a lot of homes in that area, plus the Ford Dealer, Spotlight, Super Cheap, Office Works and a lot more.

And down south tomorrow 130kph winds, that not good.

Here in White Cliffs tomorrow they say 37c and 45kph winds that will dry the grass out around home.

Scott is doing a big job for the Wangaratta Caravan Park installing a wireless computer network, the job on hold as the park is under water. The park owners did the right thing and paid Scott in full for the job and equipment.

Sue and David in Gippsland the pictures came yesterday in the mail Friday the 7th... Thank you it was good to see the old shop, thank you, hope you and David read this.

The electric fan in the underground bedroom went up in a flash of smoke last night, the bedroom has no heating or cooling and is always 23c summer and winter but we find we need to move the air around in the room. We had an old fan outback we are now using it in the bedroom.

Tomorrow back to the caravan vinyl roof.



October 7th Friday
I have had a number of emails about the caravan saying the top looks good why replace it that's a lot work. Well your right about the lot of work I worked on cutting the new roof most of the day I cut the new roof vinyl 12.9m with a pair of scissors today that's a long way with scissors.

This was taken inside looking out (it needs to be replaced)

We kept the water out but it is stuffed as they say.

Here the new roll ready to fit, new, clean and a lot better than what was up there. Tomorrow we will start fitting the two windows.

I think it will take about three week on my own to install the new roof.

The tree it has had a lot of rain this year we planted it about 15mth's ago the new leaf has come up in the last three months, Jacaranda tree ( I love your comments on the tree, do I need to feed the tree??)

I started cleaning up the weeds outside around the area where we park the car's. I will need to buy a brush cutter to clean up the block.

They are now saying 37c on Sunday here in town sounds like a good day to wash the car.

The people are still talking about the land lease in town they are here on Tuesday by are not holding a public meeting with the town people, that's not good.

Adrian and Diane hope you make a million in Canberra tomorrow.

Have a great weekend we will.



October 6th Thursday
What a day, It started working in the caravan. Then I had a call from the hospital they wanted to talk to me about my diabetes. That took two hours doing tests at the request of the doctor (Flying Doctor Service) who is coming to see me about moving from type 2 to type 1...

The rest of the day was taken up with a town meeting that covered and talked about our land lease problems in White Cliffs.

I can say nothing at this time about the meeting with the Lands Department next Tuesday morning. But it not going ahead as planned.

Must say I  am not happy with what's going to happen Tuesday. I let you all know Tuesday night.

That sure stuff the rest of the day. 

Weather it was 29c today in town and they say 32c tomorrow Friday. The Weather Man said sunny.

A lady said it was ok to say weather man after all it takes a man to stuff up the weather forecast 90% of the time. Now that not fair comment.

Sunset in White Cliffs last night the best part of the day.

I hear Kylie and Troy are getting a pool installed for the summer. Joyce starts swimming classes Monday next.

I did hear Muffy coming home that's all I know.


Not a lot tonight but I assure you it going to be all in, over the next five days.


Tomorrow Friday and the weekend.



October 5th Wednesday

Well the fight back on for our land is back on you may remember the news below from Kevin Humphries


September 27th Tuesday

Just came home it is 8:30pm Tuesday night, last night (Monday) late we had an email telling us that Kevin Humphries Nsw MP will be in town at 5:30pm today to talk to the town of White Cliffs.

The letter that we received canceling our lease was a government error it should not have been sent in the first place. Our lease was cancelled in the high court Canberra but it will be replaced at the government cost.

So we do not own our land yet but will get a new lease. Two month's of stress.


We were told on the phone today the matter is on going and it has not been fix. We called Kevin Humphries Nsw MP Office and they had very little to say and would contact Kevin Humphries and keep him up to date.

The text below was sent to the White Cliffs Website today. (it is now on the


NSW Department of Industry | Lands

Dear Sir,
The Department will be holding a community information session on terminated licence's in White Cliffs.

The details are:
White Cliffs - Tuesday 11 October 2016
Time: 9:00am to 12:00pm & 2pm to 5pm
Address: White Cliffs Community Hall, Main Street, White Cliffs NSW 2836.

To register your interest for these sessions please email

The Department understands these times and locations will not be suitable for everyone. If you have any ongoing concerns or would like to speak to the Department about this letter please call us on 1300 886 235 (choose option 3, then option 2).



Read On:
These sessions will allow affected residents to speak directly with Lands staff about their licence status and receive information on the process moving forward. Residents are invited to attend between any of the times listed above - these are 'drop-in' sessions, not a meeting as such.


Kevin Humphries said it was an error and would be fixed...


The power went out in White Cliffs for two hours today it was a planned outage we were at the hospital picking up script from the flying doctor.

The almost new generator did not start over $20,000 and it did not start, it had fuel but it had a flat battery. An hour later it was going nurse Belinda used her car and a set of jumper leads to fire it up. Being a nurse in the outback you need to know a lot more than just fixing people. Good job "B"...

News from Albury way...

Kylie took this at Woolshed Falls today it is near Beechworth...

Seen on the news today that Myreleford, Wangaratta are in trouble tonight and people will be moved from homes in the area.

We sure live in Stress Town, more tomorrow.


October 4th Tuesday

Started work on the caravan today and that lasted an hour the wind came back in at 60kph and that was the end of work for the day. I get back into it in the morning I hope, the weather man is saying we will get low speed winds tomorrow Wednesday.

We are told the lands department will be in town next Tuesday 11th to talk about our land lease.

Today was a total loss the wind stopped all work, I lost my hat in the wind it went down the road 200m then it got hooked on a salt bush.

Scott was working in Melbourne today he is on his way back home as I write this. Talking about Melbourne I talked with Joi and Muffy today all is in order and doctors are keeping a close eye on Joi, news is good.

Howlong from the air taken with a drone Camera by Border Aerial photography. View is with the drone over the flooding Murray River at "Redbanks", looking East with Albury on left in distant blue hills and Wodonga about centre of the image background. (Sent in by Bernie ex White Cliffs now lives in Howlong.)

Tomorrow we have no power from 9am to 12noon in White Cliffs. And it is a flying doctor day in town.

We have had a number of lizards around home the last day or two, nothing that will bite you, I must say I am happy to keep away and let them walk by.

Summer is coming this weekend they are talking 35c in town...

Blue sky today, I did hear you are getting rain down south and in Queensland.



October 3rd Monday

Muffy today
Peter (in Melbourne) 4:55 PM Keep this message at the top of your in box
To: Rex

I caught Muffy throwing out a packet of Tic Toc biscuits into the garbage this afternoon, she reckons she can't move them forward 1hr for daylight saving.

O' Peter that sick, Muffy there helping look after Joi till she fully recovers.


It's was a public holiday in White Cliffs so about a dozen of us went to the Underground Motel.


Back home we did some testing using vinyl that we are about to use on the caravan.

The problem with the old caravan is the vinyl popup roof it has been there for year's and starting to fall apart. If you look close the corners are taped up with white tape and it needs to be replaced. The cost of a replacement top is $3000 to $3500 the van not worth it so we are going to replace the ourself. We have what we need to do the job it cost $238...

We have everything we need new vinyl, metal stripping, glue and a big heat gun. This was only a test today using about a square foot of the new vinyl I used a big heat gun to melt vinyl and melt it together as in the picture above.

How strong is the join I tired to rip it apart, I tried two feet and two hands and never made a mark in the join. It worked perfect and it is water proof.

The end of September has passed and no news from the department of lands on our land lease that is to be renewed as most of you know we have been told the land lease will be renewed but we still have nothing in writing.

We have been told that the department of lands has book the hall in White Cliffs but we have not been told of a meeting at this time.

We are still a bit up in the air about what's going on.

Bernie sent me pictures taken at the Hume Weir near Albury, That's a lot of water and is sure to be a problem to the towns along the Murray River.


The wind, when will it stop last night we had 10mm of rain and 70kph winds most of the night. They are say it will stop on Wednesday this week and they are talking 35c mid next week.

All the winter people left town today heading home for the summer around 40% of people left town where they have lived the last six months. They are heading for every state in Australia and will return Easter 2017.



October 2nd Sunday

What a shocking day, we went out for coffee at 10am, came home and stayed inside the underground home, we are getting wind from the north at 70kph here at home on the hill I saw a sheet of iron fly across our landing into the house next door we stayed inside after that, it did not come from our place.

We are going to the White Cliffs Sporting Club for a meal tonight. hope the wind drop's at sunset, not a good day. So not a lot happen in town today, we are going to the club as a lot of people, this is the last weekend in White Cliffs. The winter people come to White Cliffs each year at Easter and move out the October long weekend. So it's good by to a lot of people at the club tonight, they come from every state of Australia looking for the big Opal Stone. One couple from down Geelong way hit it big the year mining at 30ft below the ground hit big Opal around $70,000 that makes for a good year and even better reason to return next year. Around 200 people come for the winter live in caravans and sheds.

In a way we are winter people leaving each year for the summer, we are here around seven months a year. But we live in home not a tin shed.

The wind outside seems to be getting stronger as I write this.

Tomorrow another day and I was told a public holiday.

Having trouble taking all this in, Day light saving, Public holidays... After all everyday a holiday in White Cliffs.



October 1st Saturday

Hi Rex, Some basic information for 3dots readers.

Mini trains, miniature trains, model trains, live steam locomotives, miniature locomotives, ride-on railway, miniature railway........whatever.......all acceptable!

Model railway generally refers to smaller gauges, 45 mm or less of the garden or table-top variety.

There are 2 tracks at Shepparton;- Kidstown & Emerald Bank. Also Echuca, Wodonga, Euroa, Wagga Wagga, Holbrook, Yanco, etc. For a full Club list look on the magazine website.

There are about 87 club tracks in Australia. Most are in public parks & most provide train rides to the public at least one day a month.

Next question?
Cheers, Doug.

(Doug sent more pictures, I put them up one day soon.)


Today we spent most of it at the underground motel seen it is the first of the month and it is World Coffee Day.

The ladies end of the table today Nurse Belinda, Vicki, Jenny and Carol in pink.

Nurse "B" and Vicki, in the Blue hat Tony, Nurse "B" better half here to control the girls. Local council worker, grader driver and will be looking after the new $5,500,000 water system in White Cliffs great guy.

Tomorrow remember it is daylight saving in most of Australia. The backward states it stays on normal time.

We had a great day the sky was blue all day and around 21c.

Tomorrow we decided to meet back at the Underground Motel for Coffee at 10am. (why you may ask because it is Sunday and start of daylight saving.)




Three Dots...