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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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September 30th Friday

Up at 6am and on the road at 6:50am heading for Wilcannia and our first fuel stop for the day.

Fuel (Unleaded) that is in White Cliffs $1.74lt a 100kms away at Wilcannia it is $1.20lt, a saving of .54lt... The Proton Carol car has a 60lt tank. Yes it adds up to a lot of money

The little car sat on 110kph all day and used 7lts per 100kms.

We were in Broken Hill by 10am, that is 9:30am Broken Hill time. Going to the Bank, Chemist, Cheap as chips, Home hardware, Big W and Woolworth's Supermarket. Then head for home via Wilcannia and a fuel top up, and home by 5pm.

As I said 7lts per 100kms, speed 110kph all day (the speed limit)... 605km return today Carol little car is great to drive...

Four month's ago there was no water in the Darling River at Wilcannia today the same river at the top of the river. It is over 50ft deep at this point in the river. Look at it today.


Taken tonight at sunset it was like this for about 3min's then nothing. A White Cliffs Sunset.

My brother Adrian had his birthday yesterday and one of his granddaughters came by to sing him Happy Birthday, (I was unable to ask her mum or dad so I leave her name out.)


Thanks for the train emails, I am not sure if there is a mini train track in Shepparton. Doug help...

Question for Doug they are not mini trains what the right name.

AFL Football tomorrow and we have been ask to the White Cliffs Hotel for the football on television.


Have a good weekend.



September 29th Thursday (Adrian's Birthday in Albury Happy Birthday old boy.)

We ended up with only 4.2mm of rain last night but wind all night up to 80kph and it is still blowing all day today. I know that you had a lot more rain down south, it's back to winter up here in White Cliffs.

We only lost power for a short time last night unlike South Australia.


Trains From Doug

We have an ongoing project to replace some of our worn out rail, we do a 6 metre length at a time. The original rail had superelevation (outside rail higher than inside rail on curves) built in, but was not working as intended so we are gradually replacing it with all same size rail. At the same time we are using new 25 x 12 mm steel in place of 10 mm thickness for extra strength. When originally built it was made with recycled steel (already rusty) which came from a local disused private track. Each 6m section has about 180 welds. Like any volunteer group it’s hard to round up enough old blokes to get the job done! Only 1 of our members actually lives in Nambour, most (like me) are at least 30+ km away.

A few pics from our local Disabled School’s days.

The driver of the double-header is the new owner of 42206 (coupled up with my 42211) at the Brisbane track last month. The loco’s are twins built by the same builder 18 years ago.

Some other pics are from last Tuesday when a couple of us cut the grass in prep for tomorrow’s public train rides day. I spent about 5 hours on the tractor mower! Hard work!!

There ya go! Cheers, Doug.




Doug thanks for the input I get mail about how much people enjoy the mini trains as one person called them, thanks.

Some other news: Daylight Saving starts this Sunday, Daylight Saving Time begins at 2am on the first Sunday in October, when clocks are put forward one hour. It ends at 2am (which is 3am Daylight Saving Time) on the first Sunday in April, when clocks are put back one hour.

Joyce a real computer kid went to the Cinema for the first time today. Picture taken by Kylie during the picture without a flash. The bag of Popcorn is as big as Joyce. (Poor Joyce her life recorded on 3Dots.)

Tomorrow we are making a trip to Broken Hill and return home the same day, 600km's return. We need food the main reason. While in Broken Hill we will be buying what we need to upgrade the caravan this year it is the roof of the caravan that is getting a rebuild.

I worked inside the underground home today, the plan was to work on the caravan in October and we are going to stick to our plan. But is has not been a good year working on the house we just lost a heap of time.

Tomorrow we are taking Carol car for a run, so "Pot" (number plate) is going to have a day on the road and let off some steam.

Susan 15yrs at Target Albury today, she back at work tomorrow, call in to see her.



September 28th Wednesday

Living in White Cliffs was a lot better today, talked to a number of people and all seem happy with promise from Kevin Humphries that the land lease error in White Cliffs will be fixed.

Tomorrow I have to see the doctor about my sugar levels and diabetes.

Susan went to work today at Target Albury and walked into her own party.

Tomorrow she has been at Target Albury for 15yr's (Susan is my daughter) I know a lot of people have worked 15yr's in one place. Susan started at 16yr's and only had one job. The staff put on a party today, so if your near Target Albury tomorrow drop in and say hello. (Just been told it is her day off tomorrow.) send me an email I send it on

This was taken early in the month (Father's Day, Susan. How to upset your daughter put this picture on 3Dots.) I think she is looking forward to the next 15yr's.

Right now in White Cliffs we have no rain, but we have 70kph winds it sure going to be a wild night, a real wild night.

Back to work, today I went up top of the house and fixed some cracks (small one's) the first time I have worked on the house for two months.

Carol went to art today after all she now a professional artist.

The wind just topped 80kph, it wild outside.

I know a lot of people like Doug and the train pictures, he sent me some new one's I try get them on tomorrow night.

Have fun all.



September 27th Tuesday

Just came home it is 8:30pm Tuesday night, last night (Monday) late we had an email telling us that Kevin Humphries Nsw MP will be in town at 5:30pm today to talk to the town of White Cliffs.

The letter that we received canceling our lease was a government error it should not have been sent in the first place. Our lease was cancelled in the high court Canberra but it will be replaced at the government cost.

So we do not own our land yet but will get a new lease. Two month's of stress.

Kevin also said White Cliffs will get a new $5.5M water treatment plant in the next 18mth's the money has been set aside by the Nsw Government.

Sent in by Doug, Sunrise this morning take from his home in Queensland.

Thank you all for the emails.



September 26th Monday

The Art Festival over and the town back to normal as normal as this town ever is. I spent most of the day spraying weed's, had enough weed killer to mix up 20lt's and that was all I had I used Zero weed killer today.

We are going into Broken Hill and return on Friday (we need food) so we will do an online order at Woolworth's Broken Hill and pickup on Friday. I will also go buy a small drum of weed killer in town while we are there.

We have had no new from the Government on what's happing here with the land so we are not doing and work on the house other that the weeds. The only reason I am doing that is to get rid of and place snakes can hide, we have seen no snake's so far this year.

My Granddaughter went to a Lego Display in Thurgoona just out of Albury and told me how much she enjoyed the display.

Lego sure nothing like it use to be you have to wonder what the White guys are doing shooting the Black guys (I have no comment, not a word.)

Not a lot else today other than I went to the pub and had a lemon squash, and all the talk was about land lease.

Tomorrow another day I hope to do some work on the caravan. Tuesday art day in White Cliffs so we know where Carol will be, she had a good weekend selling three paintings.



September 25th Sunday

Last night we had a good time at the concert the local people were great they put on a great show the act from down south was a bit out of place in White Cliffs, it was a good night.

The ladies had their Art House open over the weekend and they had a lot of fun. Here some pictures from the The Art House and outside The Art House.

Outside The Art House over the weekend.

I told the ladies I was going to call this pictures "Bum's"

Inside The Art House.

Home made Hat's for sale $30

Some of the ladies dressed for the day in the 1800s

There some good art in here from local people, love the birds by Shirley

The Art House has a Work Room, Office, Store Room and a Showroom. It cost the ladies a $1 a day to use.

You seen this picture yesterday the Emu on the end was Carol's art and today she sold the Emu, over the weekend 5 paintings were sold, 3 were Carol so she sure the talk of the town today.

The third painting sold today.

I did talk to Joi in Melbourne today she home resting it will take sometime. You beat it that's really good news.

We had coffee at the underground motel today.



September 24th Saturday

Today and tonight are big in town the locals have a play on tonight which should be good. It set around 1840s Cobb & Co had a coach robbed just outside White Cliffs by a man on a Push Bike Bicycle... 
The Police catch him and the storytelling goes on...

About 20% of the town are in the play, should be a lot of fun it's all part of the Art Festival.

The rain up here is great we are getting rain every week but the weeds are out of control and they say it will rain again today. It's a woodier style of weed. Like a tree more than a weed about 12" high.

Apart from the garden we have done nothing on the house till this land lease is sorted out there is a good chance we will lose the lot.

All land in western nsw is own by government. 

They canceled the lease in the High Court Canberra (550 of them) in the name of land right's. It is unbelievable what is going on. A underground home complete on a 99yr lease was selling around $150,000 to $900,000 it depends on the size.  

Today with no lease $0 it's not worth a cent. You would think a 99yr Government lease would be like money in the bank after all you can always trust the government.

So the art festival this weekend is a good break from all the stress in town in  a way it's party time.


The art festival today under a grey sky but no big rain.

The entry to the hall today.

One of the rooms in the hall.

The white bird is Carol art.

I love the rabbit.

The Emu Carol's

The butterfly art is Carol and it sold early in day.


The matches were good.

Good Emu art.


Carol is over the moon she has sold two paintings today her first two art sales. Her first painting is on the wall at Kylie place in Thurgoona. I never stop her now. One of her art works was brought by an artist, wow...

Tonight the concert is on that should be a lot of fun.


More tomorrow.



September 23rd Friday

The weekend is here and the Art Festival starts tonight in White Cliffs and the big night is tomorrow night we are going to that. As a comment tomorrow night is $35 head for the night, but it will be a good night.

I am feeling a lot better today the first time in a month of being sick I did spray the weeds well about a 1/4 of the weeds.

Here is my weed problem last year this was clean being sick did not help but I make a start today on the problem.


Like I have said many times the land out here can feed the World just add water and grow heaps of food.

Spraying the weeds and I looked down and almost turn white with shock laying in the grass a lizard thinking it was a snake I sure took off backwards (the eye is near centre near the bottom of the screen). It is harmless and the local kids pick them up, not me I just walk away. Seen two of them today.

Scott got a big computer job in Wangaratta today so he will have a good weekend. He also has a good size job in Melbourne next week. Well done.

3Dots reader, Desire, started a new job in Queensland this week, you will be ok girl your a good nurse. Best of luck.


Tonight AFL football Sydney (Carol) plays Geelong (Rex) Go the Cats.

Have a good weekend.



September 22nd Thursday

Tonight we are not going to talk about land, it kept me awake most of the night.

I have a few pictures tonight some sent to me others taken here in White Cliffs. Starting tomorrow the White Cliffs Art Festival.

A picture sent to me by John in Albury taken at the Henty Field Day. "What a monster just what we need here on a wet day.

My outdoor thermometer the last one you may remember was eaten by a wild Goat. Here is my new one made of wood, it been there one day and a bug is eating the wood. What do you do???

This is where Carol lives "The Art House" where all the White Cliffs Art Buffs meet almost every day.

Same place the Art House, love the new sign girls. They meet there for a dollar a day for about 4hr's a day maybe three days a week.

It starts tomorrow, Friday for three days, there is a lot of art here from Cobar, Mildura and Broken Hill.

The local people made these.

I am told this is art I am not sure how you pick the best mask.

Mask in the main street all made by local people.

You have got to love the eyes, if this is a mask you need a big head, it's good.

You have to it to local Shirley she did a great job, this was the top of a very old water tank covered in rust and she turned it into art and put it up in the main street, I am not sure if she will sell it at the art festival this weekend or take it home.

I had a talk with Joi in Melbourne today (Joi you can have the week and weekend off).

The big night is Saturday and Sunday morning here in White Cliffs.

Hope you all enjoy the pictures.



September 21st Wednesday

Well I  will not say this was one of our better days. We had a call from The "Lands Department" to see how we are after our lease was cancelled in the High Court by the government to keep sweet with the **** fellows. 

We were told almost nothing. I asked when will we get a new lease, they have no set date. 

But we will by the end of September get an email from the government in regard to the lease. In other words they have nothing to tell us.

We are the first Australian to have their lease cancelled so it can be handed to a group of people. If the government want's the land "buy it".

We did not start this, we did nothing wrong, not a thing. The Government of Australia let this happen.

They are going to stall us again saying they will visit White Cliffs in October to talk about our land. We do not know this for sure, but the letter coming out at the end of the month will say this.

I am not saying any more tonight.


I am told Joi is home from Hospital her health is more important then anything. She has had a big fight this year and she is winning.




September 20th Tuesday
We had 20c here today and a lot of wind, a real lot of wind. then around 5pm it started to rain in White Cliffs they had a lot more in Broken Hill around 35mm and it is heading South East towards Wangaratta, Albury Wodonga.

The ABC are in town and to tell the truth we will be happy to see them go home.

Susan and her mother went from Albury to the Henty Field Day in Henty today and sent me some pictures for 3Dots.

Thanks Susan, I have to wonder how much some of that cost. When I lived in that area I always went to Henty I think it is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but if you are going, check.

Thanks Susan.

We are still waiting to here about our home, we were told but the end of the month. Life here has sort of stopped for now.

Carol was back at art, this coming weekend is the big weekend. The ladies have put a lot of work in to the weekend. It start's on Friday night.

Joi is doing ok I was told today, time will tell. I know she will be ok.

Let's hope tomorrow is a fine day in White Cliffs.

(A few people said I should build a Coffee bike in White Cliffs.) See Bill's pictures yesterday.



September 19th Monday
Hello all a new week let's hope it is a better week, about our land take over nothing to the end of the month.

Bill from Queensland sent me some pictures taken in Europe, thanks Bill there good I like them.

I bet people ride the wrong bike home at times.

Coffee as you all know we love our coffee in White Cliffs.

Lunch in a three wheeler.

You would find Carol here, shopping.

Thanks Bill it is always good to see another part of the World. Thank You.

Joi is in Melbourne Hospital and having treatment as I write this. Peter thanks for keeping us up to date today. A big day for Joi.

I spent a few hours looking at what to do on the caravan today we want to rebuild the popup roof inside and out.

Still not feeling the best working outside today and not doing much I was stuffed in about two hours, try again tomorrow.

Talk tomorrow and thanks Bill.


September 18th Sunday
A cold wet day in White Cliffs, so not a lot happen today I watched the car race on TV.

Troy and Kylie sent me pictures of the Murray River at Albury Wodonga.

I was told they are closing roads in the Albury area.

The Murray River at Albury looks like it is getting wider by the day

If the river at Albury gets and higher you will be able to swim into the pool.

Joi back in Hospital in Melbourne tomorrow, Joi we are all thinking of you... Muffy back with Peter looking after Joi.


Tonight it is dinner at the club, I have been told it is ok to go out.

6pm off to the club we go, hope it is a better week this week and we get some answer's...

Troy thank you for the pictures.


September 17th Saturday
Sitting here tonight and not feeling so good, Belinda checked on me today which was good of her but I sure do not feel a 100%.

We had a nice day then the sky turned an odd colour no matter where you looked it is just starting to rain outside.

This is looking North towards Darwin, we are now getting light rain.

This is looking South towards Albury Wodonga and Gippsland (and Wangaratta more rain just what you need) we are getting a lot of wind tonight heading South.

In it's own way, it makes a good picture, taken out front looking over the top of the Underground Home.

The ABC are in town that is ABC Television they have four staff and in town for the next week.

I leave it at that Carol has been working hard on her Art getting ready for next week "White Cliffs Art Festival."

Have a good weekend.


September 16th Friday
The weekend gee I am glad it is here all I say about Native Title is "No News" in the eye of the law we are no longer the owners, we will talk next week.

Scott sent me some pictures taken in Wangaratta today, not good the water starting to roll in a lot more today he told me on the phone today.

If you live in Wangaratta area you will know this area, good pictures Scott send us a few more.

I still feeling like shi* tonight the whooping cough will not go away I was thinking it is some think kids get not an old man like me.

Kylie had test for Whooping cough, sorry Kylie.

Hello Joi and Peter I hate to tell you the trains are running tomorrow, no she a great lady.

I don't think we are doing much other than coffee over the weekend the way I feel. Our biggest problem is weeds I need to spray but every day or so we get rain, just have to wait and see.

(Bill can you resend the car polish email) I stuffed up.

Why I love White Cliffs, "people" most know I have been sick and they have been dropping by to say hello. After her work today Nurse Belinda came and seen me, and this afternoon Lenny a friend came by for a chat. Maybe it happens but cannot remember anyone dropping by in all the other places I have lived, thank you.

Just bad timing a business in Broken Hill that sells blinds said it be in White Cliffs next Tuesday (ar we don't own homes any more) is that bad timing.

If you get asked to reset you mail account "Delete It" another scam. If you have already fell for this contact Scott

To all, send me a picture over the weekend (and thanks Scott).



September 15th Thursday
The fight in White Cliffs goes on and we are told to keep cool to the end of the month, that's fine by me let's just fix it.

Out contract was cancelled because of Native Title and here are the main items being added as I been told.

A person can enter and cross our land.

Engage in cultural activities

Hunt, Fish

Camp but not permanently

Use water

Light a fire for domestic purposes

Access and maintain sites of significance


That's it, how crazy... It will happen to all of you over the coming year's, anybody can say I am here under Native Title and camp on your land, use your water light a fire, kill our kangaroos for food. Add this to a new lease and we may get a lease.

Thank's to John and Adrian today, about ten people called today.


A big Hello to Tim and Sue in Wangaratta.


Thank you all for the emails, but as it sits now we are living here FREE no rates (we do not own the land.)

If we do not own the land do we have to pay for water?

just joking I pay...

Hello Joi and Peter...



September 14th Wednesday
This is not my week, I went to the Flying Doctor and found out my problems, a bad flu just like a million other people in Australia, being a diabetic is adding to the problem.

The town we are planning a get together in the next week. And talk about problems living in White Cliffs or not living in White Cliffs.

Western Lands have said they will get back to us by the end of this month.

We have to look at a possibility that there is going to be a life after White Cliffs but we are both very upset right now. What is going on now is not in our retirement plans. As far as we know this is the first time the xxxxx fellows have been given a town in Australia. 

To tell the truth I cannot believe what is going on.

I did not have my camera, and I  always have a camera, fifteen kangaroos sitting on the front landing eating grass I was talking to Adrian at the time. They seem to like my water drum that I put out for them.

We have done nothing in White Cliffs not a thing, we did have coffee at the Underground Motel just Carol and I.

Tomorrow Thursday and the weekends almost here.


September 13th Tuesday
How a great town can change in 48hr's and it has not changed for the better I spent an hour on the phone today to Western Lands and they need to do something there is a lot of heat in the quite town. Talk of gun, explosives this is true. The ABC will be here at the weekend and rang me today. (Why me I run the White Cliffs Website).

Still have a bad cold and see the Flying Doctor in the Morning. They have two other cases of the flu here in town and one person with the flu was taken to Adelaide tonight in the Flying Doctor Jet.

I have agreed with Western Lands not to make comment on the White Cliffs website about the native title claim till the end of September.

There is going to be a lot of trouble before this is over.

To tell the true we have lost all rights to live here our lease has been cancelled by the High Court of Australia in Canberra.

I hope by the end of the week I am fit to work on the Caravan if we are not happy here we will drive away in the Caravan. Maybe a good time to see Australia and I am not Joking.

Let's see what happens tomorrow.



September 12th Monday
If you think you had a bad day I know we can beat your bad day. It started off with my sugar levels at 22.7 and I ended up at the White Cliffs Hospital all morning. The doctor from Broken Hill Flying Doctor Service is coming to see me this wednesday morning.

But the shocking day did not end there The Federal Court of Australia canceled ownership of 550 land lease in the area under Native Title yes we have all lost land owner ship to a Native Title Claim.

Work at White Cliffs has stopped in full, we will not do any more work here till we have control of the land. We will not be paid any money at all under native title.

That's it for a while.


September 11th Sunday
No matter where you live in the World 9/11 we will always be remembered it did change the World as we know it. We had coffee at the Underground Motel this morning with 13 other people a big group we sat outside for the first time this year it was 21c at the motel outside.

I worked at the Art Shack today for about two hours cleaning up outside.

When I say on 3Dots Carol went to Art this is the Art Shack in White Cliffs. It was in a bit of a mess grass up to the top of the rail, so I did a one man cleanup trimming the tree and removing all the grass and rubbish in the garden. We are going to the Sporting Club tonight for a meal so I am going to drum up some help and fix the Shade Cloth that has fell down.

The Art Shack is in the main Street of White Cliffs across from the local hall (where the White Cliffs Art Festival will be held) and Hospital, stage one was today, stage two is fix the shade cloth.

It in the main street and it needs a big cleanup for the Art Festival Weekend.


White Cliffs Underground Art Festival (White Cliffs Hall)

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 
September 23rd to 25th 2016


Back home I finished cleaning up inside the Underground Home, right now it is looking good. Two walls left to build inside the Underground we started off with fourteen walls to build, two left. About Tuesday I start building the last two.

Tonight it is lunch at the Sporting Club we are looking good here. They say it will be a wet week in town.

Hope you had a good weekend.



September 10th Saturday
Back home as you know we went to coffee at the underground motel, back home we gave the house a big clean up cleaning and dusting every room in the underground. We put the caravan back in place and did some work in the garden that took most of today and by 5pm I was really bushed.

Just so much rain this year we have been getting wet one a week and the weeds are starting to take control. Global Warming I shake my head at times and ask myself what are they talking about, maybe one day I believe it is real.

Pictures below taken by Susan at Albury Wodonga, the Hume Dam on the Murray River, Nice pictures Susan love you camera.

The Hume Dam is now full, well near full as you can see in this picture. (thanks Susan)

In White Cliffs they are getting ready for the White Cliffs Art Festival in two weeks everyone been working hard this weekend.

Heather and Tim moving on, they are backpackers and been working at the underground motel for the last four months. They are from England and move on tomorrow Sunday, the will be home for Christmas. Nice people about 25yr's old and read 3Dots.


Hello Desire in Queensland thank you for the emails. (Desire was a nurse in White Cliffs, have fun in your new job.)


I be cleaning up here for a week, (in the garden)



September 9th Friday
We are home we left Wangaratta on Tuesday staying in Balranald, Mildura, Broken Hill and now home in White Cliffs.

We went to Woolworth's and picked up our online grocery order at 8:30am that was an easy job it was all ready and took about 30mins we filled with fuel and headed North East to home.

We had a lot of water across the road after 25mm of rain last night. It was maybe 100mm deep nothing to worry about the biggest problem were the pot holes in the water some quite deep.

This was more of a problem around 400mm deep I had to keep the foot down to get over this one. I did not like this crossing.

About 200mm deep but over a 100m long, it was a slow trip home and you can see why it was so slow. We are about 8km's from White Cliffs at this point.

Apart from the water note how green the grass is, nothing like the dry outback we have seen in the past.

I watch the football tonight on the big screen at home.

To tell the truth I am stuffed after such a big drive, the strong winds, rain and water across the road made the drive home quite a trip.

Tomorrow we will have to start the vacuum cleaner and do a trip around the house.

Outside the only problem is the weeds there are 100s to get rid of.

Hello to our friends in White Cliffs and thanks for the welcome home calls.




September 8th Thursday
We left Mildura at 8:30am and turned north to Broken Hill as you know we have been here many times before 300km's heading north.

You just wind the Mercedes Benz up to 90kph and leave it there, there are no corners. It is over 12mth's ago but Susan would know this road she made this trip in he little Honda.

In Broken Hill tonight at the Showgrounds. (We are 3rd from the left ).

That's us tonight we have been here before.

The last time we were here so were three others, look at it tonight must be forty caravans. We are sure not alone. Why so many "Money" the two caravan parks in town are $40.00 a night and people are sick of caravan parks they are driving them self out of business. Here tonight we paid $25.00 with power, we use our own shower in the caravan.

We have put in a online order at Woolworth's Broken Hill that we pickup tomorrow morning and turn for home in White Cliffs 300km's home.

Home about 2pm tomorrow.

Hello to John and Faye in Wangaratta.

Special hello to Joi and Peter we think about you two every day.

It's is 7:45pm in Broken Hill 8:15pm in Sydney.



September 7th Wednesday
We left Balranald around 9:30am and drove west to wards Euston where we filled with fuel 121.9c then drove towards Mildura staying on the river tonight in the caravan park $28.80 night with a Tops Park discount card.

It's a nice park I took some picture's this afternoon.

The Murray River it's a wide river here and very pretty river. I like staying on the Murray River.

This is a wide angle picture taken from same spot, the first time I have tried wide angle, it looks good.

The CBD in Mildura there are a lot shops in town. Come visit Mildura if you get the opportunity.

Broken Hill tomorrow, White Cliffs and home Friday.



September 6th Tuesday
We had a really big day towing the caravan 420km's from Wangaratta to Balranald Caravan Park that's a long way with the caravan, at one stage we had to turn around due to flood waters. Wangaratta, Yarrawonga, Tocumwal, Finley, Deniliquin we stopped for lunch then part two, Pretty Pine, Moulamein to Balranald. The caravan sat on 85kph to 95kph on good roads.

The blue dot is where we are tonight next to the main road near the river, Balranald Caravan Park is full tonight.

Taken in the park late in the day.

Near out camp site.

The black car that's us tonight.

As I said the park is full tonight powered sites that is you can get a un powered site.

Our only problem (Mick a friend drives this road all the time you better be real quite tonight.)


I had an email about how I keep the shine on the Mercedes Benz, Kate I use a polish called "Wet Look" I have seen it in a number in shops the only place close to White Cliffs is, Repco Broken Hill it sells $25 to $28 not cheap but it works. That's what I am using it easy to put on and rub off.

Bill may like to make comment on this subject. Bill runs a automotive shop in Queensland and reads 3Dots.

One thing I am looking for is a hi-gloss tyre black the one I am using now is a very flat black. 

Kate I polish it about three times a year and that's about what you get out of a bottle, three polish jobs.

Do it when the car is cool make's the job easy work. It's easy to put on and get off but you need to put a lot of work into getting that hi gloss shine.

Bill been in the business for years he know a lot more than I do, comments welcome.

That's it today off to Mildura tomorrow.



September Monday 5th
Carol went out for lunch today with her girl friends, I met up with Scott for lunch at the Appin Street Bakery. We then went shopping around Wangaratta for what we need in White Cliffs.

The caravan on it's way home tomorrow and over the next few week we plan to rebuild the white vinyl poptop section it looks ok in the picture but it is old and weather beaten and time we replaced the vinyl and the windows. We have the new white vinyl in the back of the car, we got that in Wodonga. Today we got new nylon fly screen really fine mesh for the new windows.

The car filled ready to hookup and hit the road tomorrow, the next few day on 3dots should be good. We plan to be in Mildura by Wednesday afternoon then home Friday of Saturday in White Cliffs we are around 1100kms from home.

In the caravan next to us in a Andy Duncombe yep same name, he a man in his late 70s and lives on the road by himself full time. He stopped in Wangaratta for some medical treatment on his leg, like a lot of people he is living on the road full time.


That's it for today time to pack up the caravan ready to move off first thing tomorrow.



September 4th Sunday (Father Days)
We had a great day with the family, we packed up in Walla Walla where it was wet and cold hooked up the caravan and drove into Albury stopping at the Coles Supermarket in Lavington for a small shop. We then drove out to the Hume Weir meeting up with the family.

The Hume Weir wall was packed around 200 plus people so we went to the BBQ on the Victoria side of the weir. I had a great Father's Day.

Jackson Point where we had lunch.

The Mercedes Benz and Caravan

Put the Coke away Scott drink coffee.

Susan, I new she do this and I was ready this time.

Kylie there with Troy and Jack.


Joyce looking for food.


Troy, with the weir in the background.

Tonight we are in the Wangaratta Caravan, I am seeing Scott tomorrow at his place, Carol is going to lunch with school friends we will stay here tomorrow and head to White Cliffs on Tuesday it will take four or five days to get home with the caravan on the back.

Sorry, it all about family today but it is a special day Father's Day.


Thanks to my family for a great day.



September 3rd Saturday
What a wet night we had in the Walla Walla Caravan Park at about midnight we lost power and that how it stayed for the next nine hours no power, so we just went to sleep. Around nine in the morning the power came back on.

When we walked outside this morning behind the caravan was a little wet, we found a creek out back it was not there yesterday.

We stayed around the caravan all day just in case the water came up about two feet we are on the only cement slab in the park and it was about two feet above the water. by mid afternoon the water started to fall.

We spent the day cleaning up the caravan, drinking coffee and watching television in the caravan, tonight we are watching the ladies play football on television. The water dropping and we have power, a heater and life is good.

Tomorrow is Father's Day and we are meeting up with the family in the Albury for lunch we are then heading to Wangaratta Caravan Park late afternoon.

Carol meeting up with school friends on Monday for lunch and Tuesday we are heading for Home in White Cliffs. We hope home is ok, they have had a lot of rain in the past week.

Muffy is back in Albury for about two week, she will then return to Melbourne for Joi cancer treatment.

Looking forward to a BBQ lunch with the family tomorrow for Father's Day.

Hello to Peter and Joi in Melbourne.



September 2nd Friday

Friday, and Rhonda became a grand mother today, she be happy about that.

We drove to Jindra supermarket today we needed fresh water in the caravan tonight it is a 12km drive to Jindra to Walla Walla. There is no supermarket in Walla a lot of people in Walla work in Albury Wodonga 32km each way.

We are having a lot rain here in Walla today and they had 50mm in White Cliffs in 24hrs.

Tonight we are at the Walla bowls club for a meal. All good food and drinks.

Outside it is still raining

A real slack day I Walla today, just to wet.


September 1st Thursday
We had a good look around Walla Walla this morning. There a lot of people living here, over a 100 where do they work I ask around.

We found out where they work Kotzur well most of them do. Click Here

Here where they work well 70 of them work here in Walla Walla.

Next stop was a short trip north out to Mad Dan Morgan lookout today a few kilometres north of Walla Walla

Dan Morgan, 1864
Born John Fuller 30 April 1830
Appin, New South Wales, Australia 

Died 9 April 1865 (aged 34)
Peechelba, Victoria, Australia 

Occupation: Bushranger 
Morgan holding up a group of workers, setting their tents on fire, and shooting a Chinese man
Dan Morgan, born John Fuller (30 April 1830 – 9 April 1865) was an Australian bushranger. After he killed a trooper in July 1864, the New South Wales government put a £1,000 bounty on his head. He was shot and killed after holding up the McPherson family at Peechelba Station in Victoria.

All Dan Morgan Lookout just out on Walla Walla.


Tonight the town had a market in town 5pm to 7pm we arrived at 5pm looked at the seven stalls and left with some home made cakes at about 5:25pm. It all added to our day in Walla.

It's a very peaceful place everyone talks to you in town.

We leave here on Sunday Fathers Day.

I hear Muffy home on the weekend for a short time.

Tomorrow we are planning a trip around the local area.

Tomorrow another spring day.




Three Dots...