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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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April 30th Sunday 2017

Stayed in the caravan park almost all day, the only time we left was to fill the Mercedes Benz with fuel, with the last fill we used 15 lph with the caravan on.

I took some pictures in the caravan park today.

The Mercedes Benz needs a big clean.

I like that caravan over the back it is a Swift Caravan.

The park has about 15 campers tonight.

This is what we are doing tonight the park is putting on a local band, bbq and sausage in bread meal. It start's at 6pm should be a good night.

Susan is back home in Albury Wodonga, in a few days the girls will be back to work at Target Albury.

Tomorrow we head towards Mildura, well that's the plan.




April 29th Saturday 2017

We are in Kerang tonight maybe two nights the car was perfect all day about 360km's sitting on 85kph towing the caravan. It been all good today the weather looks like a lot of rain I have to check the weather, there is water everywhere over here across the road but not deep they have had a lot of rain in the last week.

I work out the next step tomorrow we are now about 800km's from home that will take a while.

Susan sent some picture's from Singapore below.

She took this last night from the motel room of Singapore at night.

That's a new building in Singapore I am told that's a big boat on top.

The bad news is for Susan is tonight at 11pm she fly's to Melbourne landing early morning then back to Albury Wodonga and in a few days back to work and start saving for the next trip, where will that be.

Thank you to everyone who sent comments on 3Dots yesterday and Wodonga. I must thank Adrian and Dianne for putting up with us and the caravan. We also need to thank Damon and Carmen for looking after us while we fixed the car. Special thanks to Leigh for the help with the car.

I was told it's not the car fault if it gets bad fuel... That's life (just wish it did not cost as much to fix.)

The new modem is working from the caravan tonight in Kerang.

The new wireless modem, Have a good weekend.




April 28th Friday 2017

We went for a drive today to try out the Mercedes Benz and so far all good, Susan is in Singapore today.

I said last night I take some pictures of Wodonga today and the new buildings. Bill, Doug and I worked together at Mann's so the guy's in Queensland will like to see what is going on.

Mann's (I think it is Hovell Street) that where the railway line crossed at the top of the hill.

Mann's this was the old railway crossing.

Picture from South Street, nothing like it use to be.

Woolworth's on the main street the water tower at the end of the main street.

Woolworth's on the site of the old supermarket, note they moved the road.

Old Melbourne Rd looking west towards the old Target complex.

Across from Mann's and Woolworth's the old railway station is now parkland, coffee shops and cake. They say Woolworth's will open first but Cole's / Mann's is a lot bigger.

We when over and packed up the caravan ready to move off early tomorrow morning towards home 1140km's away it may take 7 to 10 days we are in no rush.

Filled the car today and looking forward to a trouble free trip home.

Hello to Bill and Doug in Queensland. I think we can say Wodonga has come of age.

By the way I am using the new modem, bi all till tomorrow.




April 27th Thursday 2017

We picked up Susan can and went to Wangaratta where I got the new modem and to tell the truth I have not even turned it on yet, I try it later tonight.

After lunch at the Wangaratta Club (and it was good meal) we came back home to Wodonga I picked up the Mercedes Benz they say all fixed, I hope there right..

John help me get Susan car back to Susan place, it's a nice car to drive a very small Honda (I did text Susan in Singapore that I was using her car.

Faye hope you had a good birthday lunch, at the club today...

We will take the Mercedes Benz for a big drive tomorrow and if all good we will once again try hook up the caravan and start the trip home. The trip home is about 1140km's and we hope to leave Saturday.

I try take some pictures tomorrow of all the new buildings in Wodonga, if you have not seen them it will blow your mine.

Let's see how we go tomorrow.



April 26th Wednesday 2017

The car was at the repairer in Wodonga be 8am this morning and they say, Yes it is the fuel filter and it needs to be replaced it will come from Melbourne overnight and should be ready by Friday if all goes well.

So we are home at Carmen and Damon place with no car, so I went for a walk to the shops 4km each way just think how fit I be, but I do have sore feet "I know suck it up the kids would say".

We are getting a new wireless modem to use on the road and at White Cliffs, ( to start with, you can get satellite NBN in White Cliffs but no one is happy with it and they are saying your better off with Wireless Broadband).

Telstra have a new Modem on sale a Nighthawk (M1) and I have one on order at Wangaratta Telstra Shop where Scott is doing some work. The wireless modem we have now is 2010 version 7yr's old and quite out of date.

NETGEAR Nighthawk® M1

  • World's fastest mobile hotspot
  • Stream media from micro SD, USB Flash Drive or external hard drive to all connected devices
  • Conveniently connect up to 20 WiFi enabled devices plus one Ethernet device
  • LCD screen with integrated data usage meter
  • Up to 16 hours battery life
  • Charge compatible smart phones and digital devices by plugging into USB-A port

I am going with the 10gig plan at $45, (with my old modem we are paying $50 for the 10gig plan) with the new modem and the same data plan and pay $5 less a month. There is a smaller and a bigger plan on the Telstra Website.

Nighthawk M1

From what I have read it is a lot faster than my old modem. And I like the readout on the top that tells me how much data we have used and how many days left.

More at Telstra Website Click Here


Susan is on her way from Taipei to Singapore today, she will be back in Australia on Sunday.

They put on a big meal for Susan and Erin in Taipei last night Nancy thanks for looking after the girls.


Hope you like a made up 3Dots tonight, with no car and a wet day it is hard to move around and I have it on line by 2pm today that must be some sort of record.

Have fun we will.




April 25th Tuesday 2017 ANZAC DAY

We moved over to Wodonga and Carol Daughter place, but it was not a good day, after 200km's plus the car failed in Wodonga maybe the filter blocked again I do not know or there is another problem, I take it to a local garage in the morning.

I been reading the internet a lot of people over the years talk about the problem but no one know's how to fix it.

We all know that it's been raining here and in White Cliffs almost all of Victoria and New South Wales has had good rain falls.

We will not leave the area till the car is fixed or more to the point we find the problem.


Beside the car we did nothing else today, we did plan to look around Wodonga but that did no happen.


More tomorrow on this never ending story.



April 24th Monday 2017

After a hard weekend life is sort of back to normal, we took the car around 50km's up hills and down hills, one word for the Mercedes Benz perfect.

For Carol and I it was back to the Hume Weir shop and caravan park a place we both love. And a ice cream, no coffee.

The hume weir caravan park.

The shop a great place to sit and enjoy the great view of the lake.

The shop it get's better every year.

The tables are made of used pallets.



Susan sent us some pictures from Taipei she is loving this part of the World as you can see in the pictures below. (I try to find a little train for Doug, but never seen one in Taipei, still looking.)

She walk to the top of Elephant Mountain.

Susan the walk did you good you are looking great. Taipei from the top.


Three Dots back to normal, have fun we will be in Wodonga tomorrow.

Hello John and Glenda.




April 23rd Sunday 2017

Well we had a better day, yet a very hard day. We pulled the back out of the Mercedes under the car, why would you put a fuel filter in such a crazy position. You jack it up pull the left rear wheel off remove the underside of the left mudguard you then go inside the car remove the back seat cut a square out of the carpet remove a steel plate that is glued in.

Then drive all over town to buy a new fuel filter I went everywhere no new filter in stock, so back home we decided wash out the old filter and blow it out with the air hose this took around two hours what came out was just black.

As clean as we could get it we put it all back together, at 6pm we took the car for a 40km drive and for now it was all perfect, I drove it at 20kph and on the freeway at 110kph all good.

I have to finish the job tomorrow and repack the car and take it for a longer drive.

Job done, I must thank Leigh, Adrian for all the help I could not have done it without you.


I try get 3Dots back to normal tomorrow, But we have had a better day.




April 21st & 22nd Saturday 2017

Friday started in Colac early in the morning we filled with fuel and left town with the caravan and headed to Bacchus Marsh the car seem to be working hard and not good. In Bacchus Marsh we had lunch with friends from White Cliffs Peter your a great cook, you can come to our place anytime "your cooking" then it was off to Seymour.

The car was still in trouble then at Killmore we stopped, what is wrong we are not sure but the best guess is a blocked fuel filter (we have decided a bad load of fuel at Colac)..

We call RACV for road side help (we sat by the roadside 5hrs) RACV towed the car and caravan to Albury we got here at 1am at Adrian and Dianne place in Lavington yep they towed it Killmore to Albury.

So we are now in Albury with a broken car and living in Lavington in the side yard we are going to look at the car tomorrow and decide what to do then.

And that's about all the news from here, went to sleep about 4am this morning after a shocking trip.


So it's back to preplanning the trip home. I talk more tomorrow.




April 20th Thursday 2017

We are in Colac at the free camp on Lake Colac and it's been a warm day. It just feels like it's going to rain, so far we have had no rain.

Today we went to the car wash at Colac, Aldi, BP and filled with fuel, newsagency it's a good town Colac. And it has made the list for next year as a major stop.

By the time we get back to White Cliffs in about two weeks we will have covered some 20,000kms… We decided next year a lot less kilometers and big long stops in free camps. By long stops we are talking 1, 2 or 3mths this stop at Colac is on the list.

We have talked with a lot of people and that the trend, you get to a place and stay there, setup a well equipped camp site.

We spend 5 to 6mths on the road and love it, there now 1,500,000 Australia living on the road full time in caravan's if all the road runner's got together in one place it be Australia 6th biggest city.

We have had no sun today, nothing so our solar cell had almost no input at all. That generator is very high on the shopping list this year.

Our 4G wireless modem has almost stopped working after five years non-stop use. We will get a new one in Wangaratta at the weekend.


Susan is now in Taipei Taiwan she arrived there this afternoon for six days then Singapore two days then back to Melbourne and home.

We are not sure about the internet out of Taiwan, we will wait and see.

Tomorrow it is On The Road Again to Seymour via a stop at Bacchus March for lunch with friends the live part time in White Cliffs.


Hello Joi and Peter in Melbourne.




April 19th Wednesday 2017

We are at Colac free camp for two nights last time we were here the wind came and almost blue us away, there are quite a few people here.

The free camp looking at Lake Colac


That our camp tonight we are running on Solar power, it works if the sun comes out.


From Susan (right) with Shelby from Canada a new friend od Susan. The girls went into a shrine with shorts on and were told they had to cover up.

Susan slept on the boat last night at Halong Bay.

More of Halong Bay looks like everyone stayed there.

We will stay in Colac tomorrow

On Solar so that's it for the day.



April 18th Tuesday 2017

Easter is over and we can move again on the road. In a way we turn for home tomorrow we have had to alter our times and days a bit to fit in with everyone who we are seeing on the way to Albury/Wodonga most of today has been cleaning up around the house.

We have packed and we hope to leave early morning heading towards a free camp near Colac maybe two nights, then on to Seymour via Bacchus Marsh where we are going to spend time with friends (coffee) Saturday and Sunday maybe in Wangaratta then Albury area.

After Albury/Wodonga it's all about heading for home and White Cliffs. But life will be living in the caravan for maybe three or four night's. Before we go back inside this year. We are going to paint the inside of the underground home. White, you always' paint an underground home white inside to reflect the light.

The "Land Rights" is still hanging over our head but it may go on for some time, last year we did almost nothing I am going to just finish what we have without spending a lot of money. We need a hallway to the new kitchen, we need a better bathroom. Apart from a few item we will not have to spend heaps, we have most of what we need.

Just something that happen around midnight last night, we could both hear a "motor running". At the time it was a perfect still night, no wind nothing it was really quiet. So we went looking to see what was running after ten minutes we decided what it was, the wind farm 8 to 10kms West of us. How would you like to be living near the wind farm if it can wake us this far away.


Susan is on her way from Halong Bay to Hanoi Vietnam today and her tour of Vietnam Ends tomorrow, they are staying in Hanio for two more day then she fly to Taipel in Taiwan that will be a real eye opener she will see how the other half live.


So tomorrow it's on the road again.




April 17th Monday 2017 Easter Monday

I had an email from Susan she is going to a bay town that has no Internet and she said she will return tomorrow at another city.

We went for a drive to Koroit, then onto Port Fairy our last look at salt water for the road trip this year.

Port Fairy main beach to around lunch time as you can see it is a nice beach.

Same beach but looking the other way today.

Standing in the same place I turned around and took the home's that over look the main beach.

Few more homes it would be cold in winter.

About 1km up the road the rock area at Port Fairy. As you can see a very flat sea today, I guess we will see the sea next year.

Back home we put some feed out for the horse and the pony, the lady next door was away today, Carol put the feed out.

Tomorrow we pack up here after a week and head towards Wangaratta and Albury/Wodonga. It will take some sorting out tomorrow. We have been sleeping and eating in the caravan but spending a lot of time inside with the heater and the TV. We move off on Wednesday it may take us three or four days.



April 16th Sunday 2017 Easter Sunday

Carol and I just walked around the farm and did very little today this afternoon we did watch football thanks to everyone who said Happy Easter, thank you.

Susan saved the day and sent pictures from Hue in Vietnam today, she move's on tomorrow .

She went for a ride around town today well she sat and was taken for a ride around town.

The group she is travelling with.

When your getting ride around town you have time to use your camera.

I guess it is a shrine.

Susan did not send any text so I call it a arch that's my guess.

We will let Susan tell us when she returns.

Susan that lazy way to get around town a full day (6hrs) cost just over $8 plus a tip.

Everyone had a red shirt with a yellow star, then the locals all like you.


We leave Wednesday after we clean up.




April 15th Saturday 2017

There is one word for today in Orford "Cold" it looked like it was going to rain all day but not a drop, or we could do was collect wood to keep the fire burning and as the sun is going down they say it will be 3c tonight, yep it time to return to White Cliffs where it is 30c today and 19c tonight.

Talking about White Cliffs I had a picture sent to me of a good local Opal find. First value is around $3000.00 not bad.

If you look hard you will see the top of the caravan near the house.

Some of the local's that live here and looked after by the lady next door.

Fruit trees all sorts of trees.

Looking towards the roadway about 150m to the East, it's a bush garden.

Susan in late transit Hoi An to Hue in Vietnam.

It's good we get a call from White Cliffs people almost every day or they send a picture, that's why we live there it's the people. The big news is they are doing up the Underground Motel and Coffee Shop... I think our cups of coffee have paid for it. If your a local you pay $4 big cup.

Hello to Brenda and Peter from White Cliffs good talking to you today.

Garvin and Adrian Auction is all up and running


All good here.




April 14th Friday 2017

We stayed home today at the house never started the car. This is day 150 of our 2016-17 road trip. We are about 3wks from White Cliffs and a cup of coffee at the underground motel.

Here the lawn is mowed, and the garden is looking good. That will save Shirley a trip from White Cliffs.

Talking about White Cliffs I am told it is packed with visitor for the Easter break. Most seen it on the ABC Outback Roads television program.

Had a call from Dick in White Cliffs today just to say hello and ask when we are coming back to White Cliffs.

Cut some wood we found in paddock today for the fire box in the house we sit in the house at night and watch television, the football.

Bill, hope you got your car fixed.

Hello to Faye and John in Wangaratta see you in about ten days.


Some pictures from Susan in Vietnam sent to 3Dots this morning.

From the hotel in Hoi An Vietnam.

Hoi An, no cars all bikes.

Hoi An arch.

This is before we messed it up our hotel room.

Hotel in Hoi An Susan said she is there for two nights.

At the Hotel in Hoi An.


Well that's 3Dots for today we are having a quite time in Orford Victoria.


Have Fun over Easter.




April 13th Thursday 2017

We were up at 7am to go shopping at the supermarket and beat the Easter rush when we got there we were the only person in the Supermarket. I must say there does not seem to be any Easter rush this year. There maybe more of a rush in other places.

Next stop was Koroit Bakery for morning tea before we return home to Orford.

A find day so mow the lawn but first I had to get the ride on mower going, that took a while then it would not cut the grass. I found the VBelt under the mower had come off. Now to get it back on. Fix I set about mowing the lawns about three acre of grass, not sure how long it took but quite a while.

Tomorrow I use the hand power mower and cut around the trees.

After that I was totally stuffed.

Koroit is a small rural town in western Victoria, Australia a few kilometres north of the Princes Highway, 18 kilometres north-west of Warrnambool and 278 kilometres west of Melbourne. Hotels: 3-star averaging $164, 5-star averaging $312. Postal code: 3282, Population: 1,497 (2011 census) Location: 278 km SW of Melbourne; 17 km NW of Warrnambool; 20 km NE of Port Fairy

Susan sent me some pictures for 3Dots, I do my best here:

Unreal picture if your been there Singapore from the air I been there a number of times it so big when you are in the city, yet so small from the air.

Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City at night from Susan Hotel room

Having a swim Nha Trang yesterday.

And today they left Nha Trang and went to Hoi An she is on a Contiki Tour bus. Hoi An I am waiting to see the picture from there some of it is 600 to 700yr's old.

Have a happy easter and please slow down when driving.



April 12th Wednesday 2017

Tonight we are at Rob and Shirley home in Orford Victoria, where is you may ask have a look at the picture below.

Orford is above Port Fairy and near Warrnambool, the blue dot on the map above 25km's from Port Fairy.

Taken from Google Earth that little dot in front of the house is the caravan tonight I be able to go for a walk over the Easter Weekend.

Yes we did stop here just after Christmas this year on our way to South Australia Shirley was here at the time, this time we are on our own. Rob and Shirley look after the White Cliffs Caravan Park.

They had a big wind here on Monday night a few broken trees and a lot of bark laying around.

We did not want to be towing the caravan on the road over Easter Weekend it would no be safe so we will leave here next Tuesday or Wednesday. About three to four days later we will be in Albury Wodonga.

Then home early next month.

Susan is in Nha Trang, Vietnam tonight.

Have a look at a new Auction Website I did for Adrian and Garvin Click Here

Tomorrow we will go food shopping for Easter.

Bill thanks for the help with the car, all good I think.

Tomorrow is a shopping day.



April 11th Tuesday 2017

We were to move tomorrow but it did not work out that way, at 5am this morning it sounded like a train crash but we found that on the other side fence is a recycle plant the big garbage trucks rolled in one after the other. They tip up and dump tons of recycle rubbish between 5am and 6am more that ten trucks dropped a load.

So we left the Warrnambool and headed to Koroit Caravan Park (in light rain) 15km's out the road. We are only here for one night cost $26 with power for the heater, we need it here.

That's Koroit the hard to see blue dot above Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve. You can see Warrnambool bottom right and Port Fairy bottom left.

The caravan needs a good wash I was told they had a big storm here last night.

You can see a few broken trees after last night storm, this has always been a nice park.

There are very few campers here and the reason is price, this park was $17 and it was packed this time of year now at $26 people just drive by and go somewhere else.

The Mercedes Benz needs a clean, there are about three campers here tonight. No sun we never seen the sun for the last four days, we may have had 2mm rain today but it rained all day.


Tomorrow we head to Shirley and Rob place (all have to do is mow the lawn) they are in White Cliffs looking after the caravan park there. They drive down here to clean up around the house this will save them a 1100km drive each way. We will stay and leave Easter Tuesday (hope it stops raining.) I only have to mow around the house and shed.

Easter Tuesday we head towards Albury/Wodonga via Ballarat, Seymour then up the highway to Albury/Wodonga.

Susan still going all ok as she put it...


Have fun.



April 10th Monday 2017

Still in Warrnambool today and the weather not much better the wind has dropped a bit but it is still very cold and tonight outside it is bitter cold. Last night we had a very wet wild and windy night.

Been talking to people in White Cliffs and they are telling me how cold it is, but no rain so far this year for White Cliffs.

Went down to the beach car park to and the same birds are there that were here early in the year.

More salt water and rocks (Joyce will not be happen) taken at Warrnambool today.

Picture part of the CBD in Warrnambool.

There are some nice building in Warrnambool.

Warrnambool has a very big CBD area and out to the East on the main road there are 100s of shops.

We are at the showgrounds for two more nights then we go to Orford (Shirley Place) for Easter just north of Port Fairy, Easter Tuesday we head towards Albury Wodonga but that will take a few days.

I was asked about Scott's Car, he has's it back and running it was the Gas Converter, all fixed.

Hello to Troy, Kylie and Joyce in Thurgoona.


I just seen it will be 19c in Warrnambool tomorrow.

Have fun all good here.




April 9th Sunday 2017

Up early we moved from Penshurst (shocking place) to Warrnambool around 90km's it rained all the way to Warrnambool we were at the showgrounds by 9:30am and it's been a shocking day high winds and non-stop rain and it still raining as I write 3Dots tonight. The caravan getting a really hard time in the wind.

No pictures from here today...

Susan sent me two pictures:

Ho Chi Minh City sent yesterday I almost ended up there 40yr's ago but I was one of the lucky one's. And today my daughter walk the street as a visitor.


Saigon River in Ho Chi Minh City I love to see the city one day, Thanks Susan she on a bus today and has no Internet service. We will hear from her in a day or two.

Hello to Belinda in White Cliffs.

I am told they been working hard on the White Cliffs Underground Motel giving it a big refit. We will have a look when we return about May 5th...

I am not sure how much sleep we will get tonight.



April 8th Saturday 2017

Tonight we are at Penshurst Victoria, Nice park it's not really a caravan park but it has power and water and that,s about it. To tell the truth there is not a lot here the town is very old and very small there no much to look at.

We went to the Volcanoes Discovery Centre today cost $5 a head Click Here to look at there website.

First time we have seen the sun all day, take a look at the sky but we only had a few drops during the day.

The big hill in the background is Grampians National Park.

The caravan park on the side of a hill, who would build a caravan park on the side of a hill. We have the breaks on the wood blocks in place. It say's to pay at the Post Office, on a Saturday after "it's closed" went to the house hooked to the Post Office, no answer. Guess someone will turn up and ask for money.

Spoke to Susan in Ho Chi Minh City last night on Instagram live chat she said all good. She 3hr's behind Sydney time. It's 6:30pm here, over there it is 3:30pm in the afternoon.

Penshurst, not my sort of place we will move on tomorrow.


Not sure where to yet.



April 7th Friday 2017

Friday and the end of the week, we are still in Casterton Victoria last night and tonight, we move off tomorrow morning to some where. I want to spend two day Monday and Tuesday in Hamilton.

We drove almost every street in Casterton today, we went shopping and found so very odd things about Casterton.

The main street of Casterton we had lunch at the bakery in town. It's a funny town I be happy to stop again if driving past but it's not a town I would live in.

At the end of the main street I found this old guy riding a horse. (Joyce picture)

And here something I have never seen anywhere else, near the end of the main street you turn the corner to Haywood and you will find a DRAG STRIP yep they close a road have drag racing.

Next meeting in three weeks.

It is the road South and it is a Street Drag Strip, you must have a street car.

The locals run it, the police come the ambulance comes and all the trees are covered in rubber just in case. How many times do you hear cars at night in the street, it does not happen in Casterton. The town whole safety meetings. No burn outs in the street the police know all the local kids and say it cuts the road toll in area, I had a talk to a 25yr old in the Supermarket.

Susan is in Ho Chi Minh City tonight she sent us an email today.

That about it for tonight...




April 6th Thursday 2017

We left Southend around 8:30am South Australia time and ended the day in Casterton in Victoria yes we crossed the border today, all we found was a little sign saying Victoria then a heap of signs say do this don't do this then we are back in Victoria.

Casterton, it's all about a dog yep a dog, read on.

People say they like the maps well here today, the BLUE dot is where we are tonight at Casterton by next Monday and Tuesday we will be in Hamilton.

This is what Casterton is all about a Kelpie.

The dog on the sheep welcome's you to the town.

Hope you can read this.

Looking towards town, it's sure a country town.

Part of the main street in town.

You find Kelpie's in a number of places in town.

We are at the Caravan Park tonight and maybe tomorrow night, we are planning to look around town tomorrow.

Here we are at Casterton and Susan hopped on a plan in Melbourne and headed oversea.

This time next week we will be looking at Easter and mid April. Today we moved our clocks 30min to fit in with Victoria time.

More tomorrow night.




April 5th Wednesday 2017

Well our last day in Southend today, we went for a drive around town. Joyce you will be happy there is no water and no rock pictures tonight.

I took a few pictures of the Southend Caravan Park today. This one was taken from the street looking in.

Here the main sign at the front gate.

Overnight cabins for hire (think I read $70 night)

Part of the caravan camping area.

The outside kitchen area, there is also a indoor kitchen a very good one you could cook for a 100 people inside quite easy.

There are two of us here tonight, the park can fit about six caravan's motor homes at and time.

Up the road there is the one and only shop, and I must say to me it's a shocker it needs a big clean. The news paper rack outside tells it's own story. How old is this "D-Day For Rudd" was the last up date (but we are in South Australia).

The caravan park is near perfect a 10 out 10, the shop I give a 1/2 out 10...


The big trip has started for the girls they are in the Hotel at Melbourne tonight they fly out in the morning. They only have to walk across the road to board the plane.

A really big trip, they fly’s to Vietnam and Taiwan then home via Singapore.


We rang around and a few parks that we were going to had no room for us or they have closed.

So tomorrow we pack up here and on Thursday we head for Casterton, Coleraine, Hamilton, then Orford for Easter. Over Easter we are staying in Shirley from White Cliffs front yard.

After Easter we have a slow trip to Albury Wodonga for a few days then to a slow trip back to White Cliffs.

So tomorrow it is Casterton...

No more Water or Rocks for a while.

"On The Road Again" tomorrow we cross back into Victoria.



April 4th Tuesday 2017

We went for a drive about 10km's from the caravan park today into the National Park beside Southend township, it's all dirt roads uphill downhill stuff all the way we found the salt water and it was worth the drive.

Note the sea up and all the White Caps well in the time we were here the wind turned from a on shore wind to a off shore wind and it was like a duck pond.

Canunda National Park they call it.

It a petty place to sit and do nothing.

The winds up and down but it made for a nice picture.

When you look out there the next place is the South Pole and ice.

I am not sure how this works but there are a million sea shells and it is a long way above water. So the earth went up or the sea water went down over 1000s of years.

We read that Indigenous people fed here for 3000yr's (I say nothing) but it is worth seeing.

One thing we did see was a big fire inland not that far away. Two hours later it was all out.

Here the car park and road's in the National Park.


On the other side of the hill you find the Southend Jetty and it's in mirror like water.


Scott, got back his car from Ford Wangaratta, it had a problem with the Gas Converter, all fixed now.


Adrian and Garvin have a auction sale in Albury in July we are still adding pictures, if you like small motors have a look CLICK HERE


What else, Scott is taking the girls to Melbourne tomorrow morning they are off on a big trip A really big trip, they fly’s to Vietnam and Taiwan then home via Singapore what a trip it will take around 25 days.

Tomorrow we pack up here and on Thursday we head for Mt Gambier, Casterton, Coleraine, Hamilton, Penshurst then Orford for Easter. Over Easter we are staying in Shirley from White Cliffs front yard.

After Easter we have a slow trip to Albury Wodonga for a few days then to a slow trip back to White Cliffs.

Give or take a day or two we be home about the 5th May 2017.




April 3rd Monday 2017

Well, I feel better after a bad night with my Diabetes for people that understand sugar 20.6, a heap of tables and down to 8.6 this morning.

We went to a place only 5km's from the caravan "Rainbow Rocks" every time you find a new place it's better that the the last fine.

From the time you get here you know it is going to be good and so close to home maybe 2km's of dirt road.

Wish the sun would come out I am sure we get some magic pictures.

Southend is a fishing town no one tells you how good the waves and rocks are, the lady at the caravan park told us about another place, she said it's even better.

This is even better than parts of the great ocean road because you can get so close. I hope Park's do not stuff this place up like they have the great ocean road.

Have put this on my computer as a screen saver.

I think this one will get printed and put in my book, (I am going to take my top pictures and add them to a year book for myself)


A really big week for my daughter Susan this week (Thursday) she fly’s to Vietnam and Taiwan then home via Singapore what a trip it will take around 25 days. The trip of a life time, Scott taking Susan and Erin to Melbourne on Wednesday. The two girls went to England and Europe about 18mth's ago.

Susan send 3dot's some pictures.

Well that's it for tonight, thanks for the emails and phone calls.



April 2nd Sunday 2017

My sugar level out of control and I feel like !#$^.

Tomorrow another day...


April 1st Saturday 2017

Beachport is a small coastal town in South Australia, 379 kilometres south-east of Adelaide, located at the northern end of Rivoli Bay, in the Wattle Range Council. Beachport has a large crayfishing fleet, and is known for its 772-metre long jetty, the second-longest in South Australia after the one at Port Germein. The locality of Thornlea is wholly contained within Beachport.

Following the discovery and naming of Rivoli Bay in 1802 by French navigator Nicolas Baudin, a whaling station was established there in the 1830s. The whaling industry soon declined, to be followed in succeeding decades by European pastoralists settling in the hinterland. Whaling was then superseded by a booming wool export industry, leading to the need for a port. The town was named on 23 May 1878 for the then British Secretary of State for the Colonies, Michael Hicks Beach, 1st Earl St Aldwyn.

World War II
Beachport is the location of what are believed to be the first casualties of World War II on Australian soil. On 12 July 1941, a local fisherman discovered and towed to Beachport a German sea mine, laid either by the raider Pinguin or the minelayer Passat. The following day, two able seamen, Thomas Todd and William Danswan, part of a three-man Rendering Mines Safe (REMS) team, were killed when a wave lifted the mine and caused it to explode on the beach while they were attempting to defuse it. A monument now stands in the town to honour them.

It a nice place to visit and we had more than one reason to visit Beachport.

I like this picture taken today, taken at Beachport.

The drive is about 6 to 8km's long at Beachport, but it's such a petty drive.

If you turn around that is Beachport.

Every time we go to Beachport, it is raining or about to rain. It has a nice policeman I spoke to him in the Fish and Chip shop last Tuesday now when he drives past he waves or gives us a beep.

I said we had more than one reason to visit Beachport and here it is a "Pool of Siloam" it's a free health pool the natural health pool has "7 Times" more salt than the sea, yet it is right next to the sea and the water has "10 times" more minerals than the sea. We have to go back I am told Carol say it made her feet feel a lot better. You can swim in it if you are game but your hair may turn green.

The beach is about 150m from the health pool. note the form at the water edge and the green sand (that is not grass) as someone once said "Why Is It So"... The only living thing here are Ducks...

Will I go for a swim or not????

Beachport the town.

Old fish trolley's used as tables. (we sure had a dark sky)...

One of the first homes built in South Australia a big wave will up the house I am told, you sure need a lot of rust proof paint.

Fishing boat's at the Beachport jetty...

The 1st of April 2017 what happen to time the last time I looked it was 1980s and this year, it unreal how fast it went. We think we are looking at 5th May home in White Cliffs, the plan is to stay in the caravan a few day and clean out the underground home and give it a big paint job, it may take a week. We will then move in for the winter.

We are now talking about next summer, we have been on the road 137 days now this summer.

Hello to Adrian and Dianne hope your have a good time up north.