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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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August 31st Thursday 2017 (Last day of Winter, where the rain)

It was a very mixed day in Broken Hill today, First it was the hardware shop in town and buy what we need for the caravan (but no foam in town).

Next Coffee at McDonald's Broken Hill...

Then we went to the library in town and found the White Cliffs History Center, I found so much here it was like a kid in a toy shop I think I found my next town activate for White Cliffs but more on the later after I seek help in town...

Looking west at the top end of the main street in Broken Hill.

Same street, the main street in town.

As I have said many times come visit Broken Hill it is worth a three day visit even longer.

What do you do when you get told something so years ago and now police are investigating what happy (it nothing to do with us) today I told police what I know. For police this was a jig saw puzzle I just gave them a jig saw piece.

My daughter in Ireland, all I can say is get back from that edge.

Tomorrow, we will pick up our food order from the Supermarket about 8:30am and head home to White Cliffs, the little car used 6.9lt's per 100km's on the way from White Cliffs and all the running around Broken Hill. As a note the Mercedes Benz for the same trip uses, 13.5lt per 100kms.

What else we became members of the "Demo Club" in Broken Hill we were back there for lunch today, good food.

Back home tomorrow...

Coffee on Saturday.



August 30th Wednesday 2017

We left home in White Cliffs at 7am arriving in Broken 10:30am (now that is 10am Broken Hill time remember we are now on South Australian time) we had a coffee down the main street then did some shopping at Big W in Broken Hill. We started our Christmas Shopping today after all it's not that far away.

Then a bit of luck, we went to the Demo Club in the main for lunch we early they do not serve lunch till 12 noon... Carol put a $1 coin in a machine and on the first spin won $103.00 so guess who paid for lunch. Easy come easy go on the way over we took a rock from a caravan in the front windscreen of the Proton it now has a crack from one side to the other. We cannot get a windscreen in Broken Hill so we will have to work that out some other day.

Inside the Palace Hotel Broken Hill great art work.

The main street Broken Hill around 6pm...

We are here for two nights at the Motel, by the way it cost $100 night and a free cooked breakfast.

Hello to all my kids Kylie, Scott and Susan.

I sat up last night at home and did some more work on our Family Tree, I am redoing it from the start and fixing any error's I have found over the years.

I get some new pictures around town tomorrow, we are have a day off.



August 29th Tuesday 2017
Had a checkup today at the Hospital, and all good well sort of I have to have an X-ray to check out a few things but all good just a sore foot.

The Royal Flying Doctor service has this program where they give you a big check up every six months or there about's. We live a long away from a big hospital, the plan is "live a better life" and to have no medical surprise's in your life they would have seen twenty people today and they do more next week. What's all the marks on this finger "I hit it with a hammer" and this one, "that a hand jig saw".

Met the new nurse in town Laura, Carol and I had lunch with her a nice lady. Laura last job was Tweed Heads Hospital. Hope she stays in White Cliffs, we have Belinda who lives here but we don't seem to keep that second person. They seem to last about six month's in the job, Belinda been here 18yr's.

Booked a motel in Broken Hill for the next two nights Wednesday and Thursday, we will pickup a big food order at Woolworth's Broken Hill on Friday and head off home.

I need some items in Broken Hill to do more work here at home and in the caravan. As I said yesterday we are taking the little car for a drive to Broken Hill.

Adrian and Dianne are having time out Julie and Lee are looking after their home.

Susan still in Ireland the next few days she kissing rocks they tell me. Long as she has fun.

Tomorrow 3Dots will be from Broken Hill.

Have Fun.

PS: We are back working on our Family Tree, I started this tree about 1999 to 2008 last night I pulled it back out and plan to go the next step.




August 28th Monday 2017

Our good friend Shirley was laid to rest over the weekend in Orford Victoria by her family, Shirley we will not forget you.

First job today was to sort out what was left from the Gem Festival and make a trip to the local tip with a trailer load of rubbish, I also cleaned out the little shed and repacked it.

Then a really big job this afternoon I cleaned and worked over Carol small car we are taking it to Broken Hill on Wednesday for two nights.

POT is our backup car it has only travelled 119km's this year so we are taking it to Broken Hill and back this week 600km's return. Today it had a clean inside and outside, pumped the tries up did a check on the oil and water it's ready to roll on Wednesday.

Why keep it you may ask, to start with it is perfect in every way, and it's not worth selling 1999 Proton XLI you may get $1500 Carol brought the car new in 1999... If we went shopping with $1500 we could not find better car.

If the Mercedes Benz gives a problem POT is always there as a backup car.

We are still looking for rain and they say Blue Sky for the next two weeks, that's not good if you need rain. The days are perfect. The only thing green is wild salt bush...

Still no news on John....

I have to have test's tomorrow by the Royal Flying Doctor Service, not a thing wrong they do a checkup here every 4mt's if your over 60yr's...


Susan is in Dublin today... Good picture Susan, tops...


Hello to Kylie and Scott...




August 27th Sunday 2017

Can I say it, we are both stuffed, after two day at the White Cliffs Gem Festival and Car Boot Sale, the weather was really kind to us with today a cold wind from the South West. Apart from selling heaps we had a talk to almost every one in town.

And yes we are really happy with the sales over the weekend.

"It Could Only Happen In White Cliffs" one of the older locals had trouble getting around town his battery was going flat on his scooter, so he added a solar cell...

What we did not sell at the boot sale will most likely end up in the tip, a half hour from the end of the sale I put the high price items in our trailer and then put a sign up all items 50c and that cleaned it up for us. We gave $30.00 to the Royal Flying Doctor Service. It cost a gold coin to go to the Gem Sale but I seen one person put in a $100 note...

Ji a little boy we know well, Carol said "Ji your got a lot bigger when did that happen" the answer "On the 14th July (5th Birthday) I woke up and I was 10ft tall"... You have got to love them...


That's it for today.




August 26th Saturday 2017

Up at 6:30am and get ready for the Gem Festival and Car Boot Sale, it open at 8am with breakfast, all money made from the day to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Like they say a picture tells a 1000 words.

This is our setup at the car boot sale, "Carol and Rex Popup Shop".

Inside the White Cliffs Public Hall and it was packed by 10am.

The traders from around Australia all seem happy with sales today.

You can find Gem Hunters on the Internet.

Carol and I with Nurse "B" who dropped by for a chat, the town gets a new head nurse on Monday.

We are going out for dinner tonight, I am looking forward to sitting down, sales wise today for us was great we had a great day.

News on John is he still sleeping a lot and sill not good they say much the same.

John in Wangaratta is still in Wangaratta Hospital hope he gets better soon.

Tomorrow we are back at the car boot sale for the day.



August 25th Friday 2017

Susan in the West Highlands of Scotland today takes a break from walking ( have to ask who owns the window)

It's not a bad picture Susan. Today she is off to Glasgow...

Here is my days work I removed all the rocks off the driveway and cleaned it up with a rake it is now the best road in town. Carol went to craft today and said her little car loved the road on the way home, this road is part of our land. John and Faye from Wangaratta would love the road without rocks.

But the big news for me today was my granddaughter Joyce getting a school merit award at school all the Albury side of the family was at the school today. Joyce in front, Muffy, Yvonne and Kylie.

Thurgoona Public School.

No news on John, in Melbourne Hospital.

It is a very big weekend in White Cliffs with the Gem Festival and Car Boot Sale on all weekend at the White Cliffs Hall in the CBD there are a lot of people in town for the festival. We have a trailer load to sell at the car boot sale. I myself am looking forward to the weekend everyone in town will be there, the weekend is run for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.


Hello to John and Glenda from Wodonga.


Big weekend ahead...



August 24th Thursday 2017
It was back to sorting out what we have and getting rid of what we don't want. We are filling the trailer for the car boot sale on Saturday and Sunday. That took our day.

Susan in Scotland looking for the Lock Ness Monster, love the old castle in the background.

I see a nice old building but no monster Susan... Today she goes to the Western Highlands of Scotland...

Faye's, John is in Wangaratta Hospital, have fun John.

No news on John in Melbourne.

We are out for a meal tonight at the Hotel some staff at the hospital are moving on and next week we get new staff.

I am going to have to look hard for this question sent to the White Cliffs Website...
I have been asked to assist with a family history search, and there was a marriage of WILLIAM CHARLES 
CARTER and MARY ANN SHEAHAN on 9 February 1902.

Both these people had died at Broken Hill by 1913, MARY in 1909 after childbirth, and William in 1913 in a mining accident.

I wonder if you are aware of any Catholic records from 1902 still existing at White Cliffs or elsewhere?

Good wishes



Hello to Damon and Carmen and kids in Wodonga...

Have a good night all...



August 23rd Wednesday 2017

Did here today that Joi and Peter came up yesterday and seen Muffy on her Birthday, Muffy was really happy to see them.

I spent some time today looking at this picture it show's who own who in the World 10 groups own almost everyone in the World worth a look, it been around sometime but I am told this is a update.

Harley Davidson are talking about selling their trailer in Australia it is used for local delivery service.

Zac you are a great looking dog, we will not talk about the old guy next to you. Ar Bernie thanks for the input love the green grass in the background. It's a good picture.

Susan is still in Scotland tonight.

Where getting ready for the car boot sale at the weekend.

Have fun.



August 22nd Tuesday 2017
Happy Birthday, she tells me she is 22yr's old again and again, and again... Muffy have a great day.

I am having a lot of trouble with the local Internet today, in fact most of today it was not working at all it is 4G not NBN out here in the outback.

Had friends drop by this morning for a chat and a coffee.

Joyce had book week at school today, you look good with a horn on your head. Well done Joyce.

From Susan in England all the people from the bus tour standing on Hayden Wall, Susan is center grey top blue jeans and white shoes the group comes from all over the World

Bill in Albury Wodonga...

Hello to Adrian and Dianne in Albury...


Ok, that's it I give up it has taken me four times longer tonight.


Tomorrow I try again...




August 21st Monday 2017

To start we had 50 drops of rain and all it did was mess up the Mercedes Benz big time rain was just mud, it did not record at the weather station.

We got a parcel today 500 new business cards came via Australia Post, they look great and cost $10.00 plus freight from Vistaprint online. They had a special 500 cars $10.00....

Who treats the local nurse, "B" had a fall just outside the Hospital today, we get a new head nurse next week to work with Belinda.

I worked all day in side the caravan there was to much wind to work outside all you get is sand in your eye's.


Next week we will make a trip into Broken Hill I need a few things to complete the inside of the caravan, Silicon glue to hold the sink in place. Need pipe and drain hose for the sink. It's all in place refrigerator, Microwave, gas stove, sink, air conditioner draws and a place to hang a few clothes.

We are going to use Esterpo to finish the bench top, we also need some fresh paint. Will store drums of rain water under the Microwave, The air conditioner has a air inlet on the left side that why we need a bigger air gap. Carol is going to add some curtain fabric to the front window.

The kitchen is now in the front of the caravan it was on the left side above the wheel arch. Where now thinking what to do with that space, table and chairs sounds good.

I have set Wednesday and Thursday aside to get ready for the Gem Festival and Car Boot Sale it's on this weekend for two weeks.

Bill (Queensland Bill) and wife are on the way tonight to Albury Wodonga for family reason's they once lived in Albury.


Have Fun all, more tomorrow night.



August 20th Sunday 2017

A big day for John in Melbourne Hospital he woke today and started talking that really good news, I rang Adrian and he told me he had been talking to the hospital and john was talking after weeks, good news.

Picture from Susan in England today she is in York looks like a busy place a very busy place.

A picture sent from Heather to Carol and I today (Heather Front) Heather and Tim became friends when they worked for three months as back packers at the Underground Motel in White Cliffs she said, her and girlfriends are out camping in the North of England in a tent. You should all come back to White Cliffs it be warmer then a camping in a tent in England, thanks Heather have fun.

You may remember Heather went to Bali and wash her hair in a stream and it turn green.


We had coffee at the motel this morning, all good.


We are going out tonight for a meal with friends at the White Cliffs Sporting Club.


A big week ahead of us in the next week.

Hello to Damon and Carmen in Wodonga.



August 19th Saturday 2017

Went to the Underground motel and I should have stayed there, I came back after coffee and worked on the caravan then I missed with a hammer and hit my finger and tonight it's near double the size and turning blue. Talk about being a silly buggar.

Rachel, first day as manger of the Underground Motel in White Cliffs she a local girl we will give here our support.

Susan found a guy outside a pub in Liverpool. (told it's not a pub it is a Club)

The Beatles Exhibition in Liverpool, have fun Susan. Susan is off to York today (she liked Liverpool)

And Bernie sent me a picture taken at Wangaratta today, we sure love some of that water up here you guys, maybe tomorrow we will get some rain, well maybe. Thanks Bernie...

Some news on Shirley, we were going to Orford for a service for Shirley who passed away in a car crash around 10days ago. After talking to Rob here husband today we will not be going to Orford, Rob has decided to hold a service here in White Cliffs on the 16th September. Shirley and Carol were best friends, really close and we will do what ever is needed to help Rob in White Cliffs.

I am really late tonight so I stop and do the rest tomorrow night.



August 18th Friday 2017

Adrian and Dianne went and see John in Melbourne Hospital today and I am sorry to say had very little to no response, He a very sick boy.

Susan sent Three Dots a picture:

British Museum taken by Susan yesterday our time, she boarded her tourer bus today and is on her way to Liverpool.

Carol went to craft this morning and most of the talk was about Shirley, Carol said.

I stayed home working on the caravan and that where I stayed all day today I have the draws back in the caravan and will take some pictures this Tuesday it's starting to look good.

As I said the other day the hardest part doing the caravan is the lack of timber around home, but we are getting there a bit at a time.

The Underground Motel the old manager's leave tonight and the new people take over in the morning, we are going for coffee in the morning with a few friends so we will have to wait and see.

Today was all about the caravan.

Hello to Troy, Kylie and Joyce in Thurgoona.

Just had a look at the counter and 3Dots ticked over 24,000 hits in the last few hours.


I got our power bill today and it double what it was 3mth ago yet we used the same amount of power $120 three month's ago and $250.00 today. Wow, you have to think we are being ripped off... That's life...



You all have a good weekend.



August 17th Thursday 2017

When will it stop raining was what I was told today that's the cry if you live on the Murray River and South of the river when will it stop.

I took a picture and sent it South today and my cry is when will it rain a perfect blue sky all day but we still have strong winds very strong winds.


The South Eastern Flyer. Issue 2 2017.

Good morning Rex,

Our doctors, flight nurses, mental health professionals and other medical specialists encounter a range of challenging situations every day. Support from our donors ensures we can be there for people in the Outback when they need our help.

In the stories below, you'll meet just some of the people who have benefited from the support we receive.

Worth Reading a email from Greg Sam Royal Flying Doctor Service. CLICK HERE.

Still no news on John in Melbourne Hospital...

Today I worked in the caravan, I installed the Microwave Oven in place tomorrow I try fit the old draws, the hardest thing is a lack of timber to work with, I am getting a bit here and a bit there just wish we had a Bunning's for a day the nearest Bunning's is Mildura 588km's away. We will have to use what we got.

Susan is in London she got there around 6:35am London time today.


Have a read of Greg Sam Royal Flying Doctor Service. CLICK HERE. news.


Hello to Bill and Doug in Queensland.



August 16th Wednesday 2017

In a way our day started at mid night last we had a day yesterday of strong winds up to 70kph and there was a lot of dust around, well last night I had a something in my eye and it felt the size of a Max Truck. Just after midnight I went to the hospital and they cleaned my eye out and gave me some drops to get rid on the pain and a tablet to help me sleep.
That sure hit me I had trouble staying awake all day, the Flying Doctor came in today and checked me out, now all good. That's my first visit this year for a problem, thanks guys.

Susan is on her way:

The far plane is hers for the trip to London and her friend is with her again his name is Arlo.

Royal Brunei Airline, you will have to tell us what it was like.

Susan sent me the list where she is going it's sure a fast trip she be with a tour group of 20 and 30 year old. Susan and I follow each other on Instagram.

They tell me there has been a lot of rain down south that's good news, but can you sent some here we need some rain water.

Local family take over as Manager of the White Cliffs Underground Motel, Rochelle and Peter take over the motel this Saturday morning that's really good news. She a local lady.

We get a new nurse next week, there will be the new nurse and Belinda (know as "B") to look after the town under the control of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Tonight we have been ask out for a meal so a night out.

Hope to get back working in the Caravan tomorrow morning after a day to sleep it off.

Kylie and Troy in Melbourne, all good I am told.



August 15th Tuesday 2017

Susan left on her overseas trip to England she staying in Melbourne over night and fly's out early in the morning to England, have a great trip and see the World, were all with you.

Bill (Queensland) sorry to hear about your brother he the same age as I am, makes you think.

John is still making slow progress in Melbourne.

A number have asked me what happen to the old caravan, it will take me weeks to repair, I work on it all day today.

I had to pull the kitchen out almost wreaking it in the progress the picture shows the problem the wall broke away from the left wall as you can see in the picture.

Here the same bit of trouble I add a lot of glue and pulled it back into place with large metal plate it's called glue and screw into place do you like the 1986 flooring.

I have moved the frig to the other side of the van and added steel angel plate to that side so we do not have the same problem. You are looking at the front window, the frig is in place as is the stove, air conditioner, and sink give it a week and I show it to you again. The microwave will sit under the gas stove well that's the plan. We were happy with what we had till the floor broke. The caravan owe's us nothing at all this year will be out 5th year away in this van by the end of this year we will have lived in it 28mths (2yr's 4mths)...

A local just brought a new van 2003 model 21ft $33,000 and they have as much to fix as we do but gee it's a nice looking caravan.

What a shocking day to work on a caravan it was 33c here today far to hot and the hottest day this winter and we had 70kph wind today as well, what a shocker. Tomorrow they are saying 22c hope there's no wind.

Well that's today as it happen, and thanks for the comments on out pictures last night. Thanks to Bernie for making then look so good.



August 14th Monday 2017

Carol sells a lot of her paintings out of the Underground Motel, the current manager leaves this week so we all took the paintings out we will need to talk with the new manager next week, that's if we have a new manager and I hope he knows how to fix a coffee machine.

The school made just of $3000 from the car rally last night in White Cliffs, not bad for a class of nine kids...

The White Cliffs Gem Festival and car boot sale will be on the 26th August, we had planes to setup a big junk stand, we will not be at the Gem Festival this year as Shirley in Orford in the same day 1100km's away. So I look at plan "B" and have a garage sale at our place we are be looking at two weeks after we return from Orford.

Bernie Kokot, took three of my pictures from three dots and made them better as you see below, thanks Bernie a job well done.

Bernie your right 100% Chinamans' Creek but we need some water in it.

That's one of my best sunset pictures.

Turley's Hill, I have said this before some people on Turley's Hill have never been to our hill Smiths Hill.

I fixed a computer today for a local guy, "old guy" I get a comment for saying that. I don't fix too many computers these days. Computers are moving on, and I am moving backwards as I get older. I was back working inside the caravan later in the day.

I was told John sat up for a short time for the first time in weeks in his Melbourne Hospital today it's a start and better news then we had this time last week.

Tomorrow I get back into the caravan, such a small job turned into a monster job, but that's life.

Tuesday tomorrow how time is flying.



August 13th Sunday 2017

We had coffee at Tony and Belinda place this morning the Motel has no coffee machine and they are booked out tonight and need time to do 33 rooms as they had a bus load in last night.

Then it was back to the caravan we are giving it a repair job and rebuilding the kitchen, it should look a lot better and it will be a lot lighter. Back working on the caravan tomorrow.

Then we did our little bit for the Kidney Kar Rally, anyone can enter if you have a car over 20yr's old (you can enter a car less than 20yrs old but you loose 100 points at the start line.

The Sporting Club will be closed this Sunday, August 13.   
Members are encouraged to support the
White Cliffs Public School P & C
at the White Cliffs Hotel/Motel. 

Sunday, August 13  
White Cliffs Hotel/Motel
Kidney Kar Rally

The White Cliffs P & C invite you to attend their Catering Function
(Roast lamb, beef, pork & chicken with vegetables. 
Apple Danish with cream for dessert)
Entertainment:  Bobby & Danny Hayes
$20 per person
Meal served around 7pm


One petrol pump, at the shop and 118 cars to fill at $1.78lt

The car has to be 20yr's old.

It's call the KAR rally (it is not a race) well that's what they told me.

It starts in Griffith and ends in Wagga a week later via 3500km's of dirt road.

The White Cliffs school is putting on a $20.00 meal at the back of the local pub, the bar full they spill out onto the street.

Holden's and Ford make up most of the field I even seen a 57 Mustang.

The Motel is booked out as is the Pub and caravan park, so good for the town.

Tomorrow they have moved off towards Queensland and the town be back to normal.

That was our day, the big winners of the night will be the local school and the nine kids.

Tomorrow another day, they say it made 25c but it felt like 15c outside today.



August 12th Saturday 2017

Australia’s largest underground motel set for new look and expansion

The iconic White Cliffs Underground Motel – the largest underground accommodation in Australia – has embarked on a major makeover including subterranean digging to further expand the 32-room hotel in the remote, outback town.

To mark the new look, bookings made by September 30, 2017, will attract an 11 per cent discount while a two-day safari tour offered by the motel’s sister company, Tri State Safaris, is also discounted by 10 per cent until that date.

To read more please CLICK HERE.

This news came to the Three Dots Website via Doug in Queensland he read about it before we did. Thanks Doug glad you have time to read.

The Underground is where we had coffee this morning for the last time with the current managers, they are moving on next weekend the coffee machine still broken so tomorrow we are having coffee at Belinda and Tony place.

Next weekend we will have a new manage.

After the motel we came home and I went back to working on the caravan, I get back to it tomorrow after coffee.

I paid Three Dots for another year today so we have.

No news on John today, I was told he did wake up after weeks in Hospital.

If you have time visit the White Cliffs Website CLICK HERE

The Sporting Club will be closed this Sunday, August 13.   
Members are encouraged to support the 
White Cliffs Public School P & C 
at the White Cliffs Hotel/Motel. 

Sunday, August 13  
White Cliffs Hotel/Motel
Kidney Kar Rally

The White Cliffs P & C invite you to attend their Catering Function
            (Roast lamb, beef, pork & chicken with vegetables.  
Apple Danish with cream for dessert)
Entertainment:  Bobby & Danny Hayes
$20 per person
Meal served around 7pm

Have a good weekend....




August 9th, 10th and 11th Friday 2017

Thank you for understanding, I try get three dots back on track not a lot tonight as you well know we lost our best friend North White Cliffs, Shirley and Rob where always there to help us. Shirley came to our place three or four times a week. She was also a reader of Three Dots.

There's nothing to say we have stayed at her place a number of times. We will make one last trip back to Orford Vic on the 26th of this month.
You have to ask why she did not have a seat belt on, she was a fast driver we would not get in the car with her if you look at Three Dots February 3rd Friday and out trip with Shirley to Halls Gap Zoo we all had a great day.

There was another person in the car and she was a friend of Shirley from Victoria she was taken by the RFDS to Adelaide, with a broken spine, arm and ribs. The roll over happen on a dirt road. ALWAYS WEAR A SEAT BELT, ALWAYS ... Shirley Nichols age 54 we will miss you.

With that said, White Cliffs has been around 28c most days this week and it will be in the low 30c next week they are saying. Carol went to craft today, and went back to painting at home.

The old caravan, I found a split in the wall that I need to fix and to do it I had to remove the kitchen not good timing but I guess it is I have a lot of work in the next three or four weeks.

John is still in Melbourne Hospital time will tell.

Next week Susan will fly to London. Then come home and look for a job.


I try get back to normal tomorrow.



August 8th Tuesday 2017

Three Dots will be put on hold a day or two, we have just lost our best best friend in White Cliffs (we were not involved in any way) it was a car accident north of the town, I am sorry I can not put her name as this just happen and her family needs to be told first.

Belinda our local nurse is looking after Carol at this time, The lady would never wear a seat belt I have to wonder would this have happen if she had one on.

Thank you for understanding.


August 7th Monday 2017

A great day in White Cliffs a blue sky all day and quite warm in the sun then the sun went down and then it got really cold.

The new air shaft top is a step closer to being completed I covered the wire frame with heavy plastic sheet the next step is Geo Fabric and cement and let it set hard, the hot air comes out the top.

They are back we had over a hundred sheep in town the station owner came into town and trucked them 15km's east of White Cliffs well they walked back in three days. They are smart the locals give them food and water that's why they walk back.

Heading for home today looking South, right in the center our place on Smith's Hill not that you can see a lot of our place but it there.

From our place looking North towards Queensland that is called Turley Hill, do you know that some people on Turley Hill have never been to Smith's Hill and that is a fact they live on that hill and never leave.

Looking to the East that's what you see "A Lot of Nothing"

Here we are looking South from our place if you walk over there about 200m you will fine the Underground Motel (and a broken coffee machine)

No news on John so far today, that's good news.

Got my 6x4 trailer rego today $75.00 in NSW.

All good today, have fun..




August 6th Sunday 2017

It happen in White Cliffs a disaster so big the town went into panic "The Coffee Machine BROKE" no coffee o'no was the car on such a rotten day no coffee we even had to run around the Underground Motel and fine a kettle boil water and drink flat coffee. Every time they turned it on, out the bottom came a flash of flame and it blew the fuse.

Coffee was free today we were all happy to pay but no free flat coffee. That's going to a very costly item to fix in White Cliffs and if they need a new one it be around $10,000...

Back home the wind came back in from the West and hit gust of 60kph what a shocking day.

I tried to take a video outside of the wind (turn the sound down it's only wind) CLICK HERE and see it if works (I hope so) the salt bush is doing well no grass...

Tonight we are going to the Sporting Club for a meal with all the locals.

I did walk around in the wind today pickup all the rubbish and building timber and fill the trailer.


Rob hope you enjoy your new job.


Have fun this week, we will.




August 5th Saturday 2017

A person we know sent the White Cliffs Website an email, they had been doing a search of unclaimed money at White Cliffs. He found a business that had's been in White Cliffs around 1993-1994 had unclaimed money a large amount.

He sent the details to me, I been taking to a lot of local people for about six weeks emailed a lot of people.

An older lady in town came to Coffee this morning to meet up with us who know about the lady.

A young lady came to White Cliffs around 1993 and started a fresh food business she owned some Land in the CBD had water put on the land.

The young lady business name matches the unclaimed money business name so we have found the right lady.

I put the black lines on the Government form its not my business to put it on the Internet.

A sad end the young lady also had a job working as a Stop Go worker much like a lollipop lady on the road. A truck failed to stop hit and killed the young lady.

The money will now revert to the Federal Government, it was sent to the Government in 2009 by the bank as unclaimed funs but we did find the answer.

I had in my mind that a local maybe an older lady or gentleman and was hoping to tell them about the money. It does not always end as you think.


What did we do today, we had coffee at the Underground Motel that took all morning after lunch we fixed a broken door lock on the back door.


Then we started cleaning out the back underground room we had to start one day we are getting ready for the Gem Festival and Car Boot sale.

Looks bad but no rain just driffrent 

It still cold here like its going to rain the afternoon but nothing not a drop today.


Hello to John and Glenda, think about you every day...


Tomorrow we are meeting up with friends for coffee...

Have a good weekend.



August 4th Friday 2017

It's a cold day in White Cliffs the weather man say it is 16c and it feels like 9c and winds at 55kph a very cold wind. The weekend is here and after a very busy week on the road a good day to keep warm inside. The temperature underground is 22c that is 1c below normal.

No rain today but we are happy with what we got during the past week, 16mm. One other thing the weather man said it will be over 25c this time next week.

Just had a call as I am writing this John is awake after being out of it for the past week in Melbourne Hospital, that's good news we have all been a bit on edge over the last week.

Had a picture sent to me by the RFDS taken in Broken Hill that's our White Cliffs plane I put the picture on the White Cliffs website. Click Here

Great picture.

We empty the trailer today it now being filled with rubbish for a trip to the tip, "The Big Sort Out" that's means we are having a big rubbish sort out over the next three week. The 26th and the 27th is the big Gem Festival and Car Boot Sale it is run for the Flying Doctor Service and do we have a lot to sell. My guess is 6 to 7 trailer loads of goods. First class goods, outback we have a underground room full of "everything you can think of" and it time to clean it out. It a big event in White Cliffs and we have a heap to sell real cheap, if it does not sell it be off to the tip.

Tomorrow it's coffee at the underground motel then if it's cold I start the big sort out.

A bit of bad news Mandy and Shan who run the Underground Motel have given notice and moving on mid month, they are top people good cooks and they know how to look after people. So the owners are looking for new people.


Big game of football tonight "My Geelong" V "Carol Sydney"


Have a good weekend (just hope it will warm up)...


Hello to Adrian and Dianne...




August 3rd Thursday 2017
Sorry we are so late, we are home in White Cliffs after our trip down South to Albury Wodonga after four year we have finished moving to White Cliffs as far as we know there is nothing left to move the last of it was on the trailer that came home today.

And it is raining in White Cliffs, we had 6mm on Sunday night and 10mm last night. When we left on Friday last week we had 470lt's in the rain water tank, today on our return we had 840lt's in the tank. Doug and I worked out the tank will hold 1000lt's when full. As I type this the rain has started again tonight. We only use the rain water for drinking and cooking at that's about 30lt's a week.

What now I work on the building of the hallway outside and next week I take a good look at the old caravan and work out what we need to do.

Today trip was Cobar to Wilcannia then onto White Cliffs 360km's and we turned one corner for the day. I worked out the fuel we used 11.8lt's per 100km's in the Mercedes Benz with the trailer on over 2133km's in total.

The road from the White Cliffs CBD to our home most of it is red dirt and today it was 100mm of mud the last 1km and now I need to wash the car.

Hello to Sue and Tim in Wangaratta and dogs...

John is not doing so well in Melbourne Hospital we have to wait for more news.

I do some work outside tomorrow if it is not raining.


Time for a coffee, as I need to get my sugar level down...




August 2nd Wednesday 2017

Griffith to Cobar today and we stopped for the night, we are 330kms for White Cliffs a long way after doing 347kms already today.

I don't mind Cobar but seem to be falling apart in the main street a few years ago it was a lot better than it is now.

Cobar is all about mining and Gold that's what they mine for here Gold.

One of the Cobar Gold Mines there are three.

One of these pastoralists, a man known as 'Papa Cornish', rescued a party of Aboriginal trackers from near-certain death in the early 1870s; in gratitude, they guided him to Australia's largest copper deposit. This led to settlements being founded with Australia's European and Asian gold rush immigrant arrivals. The Great Cobar Copper and Gold Mining Company Limited was established in 1878. It and subsequent companies operated a number of light railways carrying ore and similar material, as well as timber for mine supports. Cobar and many mining outskirts accommodated the miners who travelled to the area in the late 1880s. The overwhelming majority of these were of Cornish Australian stock at the time. Several fine heritage buildings from the late 1880s/early 1900s settlement are still in existence, including the Great Western Hotel (1898), reputed to have the longest iron lace verandah in the Southern Hemisphere, the Cobar Court House (1887) and Court House Hotel (1895) in Barton Street, as well as the interesting Cobar Heritage and Visitor Information Centre, located in the beautiful former Mines Office (1910). On Hillston Road southeast out of town is Fort Bourke Hill, which affords an excellent view of the town, as well as the historic Towser's Huts, a series of stone miners' cottages dating back as early as the 1890s, possibly even the 1870s, and built by an Italian miner by the name of Antonio Tozzi.

The old Cobar Gold Mine as you enter Cobar.

New Cobar Open Cut Mine
At its peak, Cobar had a population on 10,000 and its own stock exchange. However, copper mining operations slowed in 1920, and by the 1930s the town's population had dropped to little over 1,000, only to rise again and stabilize at around 3,500 through the 1970s and early 1980s. Copper mining was intermittent until 1965 when full-time operations resumed. In the 1980s, Gold, silver, lead and zinc were discovered in the area, which led to a further population increase. The town's current positive economic development is due to the affluence of the mining boom. Three important mining belts are operational in the Cobar area: the Cobar belt, the Canbelego belt and the Girilambone belt. Visits to mine sites may be arranged through the Cobar Heritage and Visitor Information Centre overlooking the open cut mine. The Festival of the Miners' Ghost, held during the last weekend in October, is a festival celebrating the spirits of the old miners.

The Cobar Miner.

The Cobar economy relies heavily on trade with the local mines and their employees, and consequently on world metal prices and hence is subject to great fluctuations. During 2008, after a fall of 75% in world zinc prices, one local mine cut 540 of its 655 jobs, with flow-on effects felt by many other businesses. Over the course of that year Cobar's workforce reduced by 10%. The town has increasing benefit from being the seat of the local government area. Cobar has two primary schools, a high school, an activities youth centre and a 31-bed hospital for acute care.

Old style mining gear on display in town.

Cobar has open a free camp on the edge of town it is beside a lake (man made) we went and had a look as we talked about staying there a few day in November this year.

There were about five vans there today.

It is looking good for a new free camping area, we are looking forward to leaving in October / November this year it is all about weather and about weather we will have water in White Cliffs. Over the weekend we had 7mm making 11mm so far this year... Time will tell...

John hope you are feeling better.

Adrian and Dianne have fun hope you make some good sales.

Scott hope you get your caravan park job.

Tomorrow afternoon we will be home in our own bed in the underground home.


Have fun tomorrow a whole new day.



August 1st Tuesday 2017
Bit late tonight we are in Griffith on the way home to White Cliffs I say tomorrow night we will be in Cobar 330km's North of here.

On the way to Griffith we stopped over at Lockhart North of Albury Wodonga. After picking up the trailer at Adrian place around 8am we hit the road running at 85 to 90kph all day.

Yep that our old 6x4 trailer packed with stuff we left at Scott's place in Wangaratta about 4yr's ago when we left that house. We are in Lockhart and this was the main street today.

Looking the other way in Lockhart it's not a bad place we may return here at Christmas Time..


Ar, we found a coffee shop in the main street looking out the front window and we had a nice cupper today.

After Lockhart it was a good size drive to Griffith where we found a nice motel for $85 a night twin there are a lot of motels in Griffith.

Tomorrow it's off to Cobar.

Scott's back at work in Wangaratta and almost booked out this week. good on you Scott.

Must say thank you to Carmen and Damon for looking after us over the weekend (love your new car) and thank you to Adrian and Dianne for looking after the trailer.

I get some paint and paint the trailer one day soon.

Hear John just a little better but it is going to take a lot of time.

Thanks to the kids Jack, Joyce, and Tahlia, Chase have fun.