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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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December 31st Sunday 2017 (end of year)

What about next year, it still have more questions than answers, White Cliffs and land rights is still a big question and what will happen there. I have a court case in March this year, it has nothing to do with me other than a person told me some things before he passed away. I was about 1200km's away at the time.

We are thinking about a short trip to Queensland this year.

Carol and I take pictures almost every day of the year and we are looking at a new camera a Nikon P900 it is a very good and everyone that has one loves it.

The big job in White Cliffs is the kitchen this is the year it gets build at last.


Down near Port Fairy Victoria a caravan on water, 1914...

Colac in 2014 a good picture at the time with a very first camera phone...

South Australia 2014 in the Barossa Valley

Renmark area, Loxton South Australia

Nuriootpa in the Barossa Valley wine area 2014 trip...

The cool room used to build the new kitchen in White Cliffs turned up.

Part of the street parade in White Cliff 2014 for the the White Cliffs Music Festival...

More tomorrow night and thanks for the comments on what I put up last night, I was asked when did I start with computers, 1963 was my first year, and I am going to claim to be the first computer person in Australia my first computer was home made... from Broken Parts, from the Albury Woolen Mill....

Another year, a NEW YEAR and I hope a better year.


Hello to everyone on "Three Dots"....




December 30th Saturday 2017

It's almost the end of another year, so I went back and did a revisit to the old days of Three Dots most of the pictures below came from 2013 - 2014....

Happy New Year and it is 2013 - 2014 and this year we are saying the same "Happy New Year 2017 - 2018"

Port Fairy in Victoria

Nice pictures taken in New South Wales...

Our first year away in Mansfield Vic

Cohuna on the main road from Mildura to Albury Wodonga.

The Hume Weir on the road to Walwa

One of my best pictures Pooroo Kangaroo checking the cement work it was still wet...

Joyce at about 3yrs of age my grand daughter

Our first trip away in the old Ford Transit Van year was 2013 just out of Mansfield VIC...

Warrnambool looking out the south and towards Tasmania...

Trip to Broken Hill we had just moved to White Cliffs full time September 2013...

I do some more from the last five years tomorrow, Three Dots is now in it's 5th year starting September 2013 Carol and I took the big step packing up and moving to the Outback...

One more day in 2017, I have trouble with fact that soon be 2018 I remember more about the 1980s than I do the 90s that was the worst ten years, this year was bad we lost our brother John. He was one of the reason's I started Three Dots in the first place he always wanted to know what we were doing.

More Tomorrow...

Hello to Peter and Joi in Melbourne.




December 29th Friday 2017

Rain off and on all day here in Wodonga we had some 4mm of rain last night (Albury had some 1mm over night) Wodonga needs it own Weather Station.

We went and seen Adrian in Lavington then home via Dean Street Albury, we played with the dog here for some time today.

Only a little dog "My name Wilfred"

Wilfred is a Great Dane and is part of the family, we are looking after him while Mum Dad and the kids are away he no trouble at all (so far)...

This is about 1/4 of Wilfred back yard if he ever get's lost he be sitting behind the trees.

So there three of us home Carol, Wilfred and I he walks around the back yard.

Not a lot more going on today, I am planning to go paint the shower in the caravan tomorrow morning at Adrian and Dianne place it will not take long there is nothing wrong with it but I paint it with water proof paint one a year.

Today is day 63 for this year trip and we have spent $635.00 on camping fees so far around $10 a night (the most we paid for a night is $34.50 at Broken Hill. Some places over on the coast are $105.00 a night for a camp site this time of year.

We leave here next Wednesday morning, the family will be back home on Tuesday.


Hello to Adrian, Dianne and family...



December 28th Thursday

We are home alone and looking after the house and the dog till next Tuesday when Damon, Carmen and family return to Wodonga... Yep party time we are "Home Alone"

Thanks for all the comments on the paper cutting yesterday, Yes I have a few more I see what I can do some day soon.


Went shopping today a can of oil for the Mercedes Benz all good here so far.

Every week we go to a local gardens in Wodonga for a meal tonight we went to Red Roster then down to the park for tea.

This is one park that we like in Wodonga.

Sit down on the park and watch the wild life down on the water.

This afternoon we went around to some friends in Wodonga Chris and Kevin and we have been invited to their place on New Year Eve for a meal with their family...

Hot day and we are hoping for some rain tonight.


All good here, hello to Doug and Bill in Queensland



December 27th Wednesday 2017

Today I went to Bunning's in Wodonga then I went to Adrian and Dianne place in Lavington to seal the roof of the caravan it was not leaking but I gave it a coat of Bondcreat and Paint just to make sure.

Back home in Wodonga I did some work on the yard just to keep fit, haha.

My sister Muffy in Albury pulled out a scrap book the other day she showed me some old paper cutting she has kept for many years.

If I had not seen the paper cutting from my days at Myer I would not have remembered the event 5th September 1985 I am just thinking that was 33yr's ago a long time... The trouble is I am 33yr's older now and I feel it.

For those that don't know in 1995 our home in Thurgoona NSW burn to the ground a total loss so I have had nothing about my pass, before 1995. So when Muffy showed me the book with all the paper cuttings I took some pictures.


Carmen (Carol daughter) and Damon are taking their camper and the kids up into the hills about 150km's from here for a week we are looking after the home and the big dog we will head off down south when they return in a week. We are house sitting till next Wednesday.

A big Hello to Muffy and thanks for showing me the book of paper cuttings.

Have fun tonight and tomorrow.



December 26th Tuesday 2017 Boxing Day

Went shopping and had a look at the "Boxing Day Sales" and to tell the truth I never seen much a lot of clothes but not to much in the way of special prices, maybe just getting old.

After lunch we went for a drive up Huon Hill that over looks Albury Wodonga but to many trees to the city we had a better view from the road on the way down.

Looking North today from Huon Hill Wodonga.

To the East looking over the Hume Weir you can see it at the foot of the hills.

Looking up the Kiewa Valley, note the tree in 2012 a big bush fire went over this hill and the trees are coming back at last.

Here is a nice picture Carol liked the trees and said they make a nice painting the road up Huon Hill is dry weather only.

We had a easy day after Christmas Day yesterday that was a really big day.


Taken at the Hume Weir Shop the other day... Bit of fun...


That's it for today more tomorrow...




December 25th Monday 2017 It's Christmas

And something special to start off the day Click Here

For me it's the best day of the year, I get to spent time with the grand kids here in Wodonga and with Joyce in Thurgoona tonight it's party time for the kids and the family.

We had Christmas dinner with Carol family in Wodonga it was good and thanks to Kade and Debbie for asking us around today we had a good time.

Carmen, Carol daughter and Carmen Mother in law Jenny today at Christmas Dinner in Wodonga.

Tonight we went to Susan and Muffy place in Albury for Christmas Meal with my side of the family it was good night we all had a chat, Joi and Peter came up from Melbourne.

My daughter Susan (in blue) and Julie at tonight's party in East Albury (Julie is Adrian and Dianne daughter) think that makes me Julie Uncle...

A good Christmas day thanks to Susan, Muffy for their home.


It's late more tomorrow.

December 24th Sunday 2017

We are at Damon and Carmen place in Wodonga and tonight we had a family dinner we have Carol son here from Canberra so it's a family get together...

The flying Doctor sent me a picture today over the last week that have had Santa onboard and a plane full of gifts for family's of the outback. Hi gang a job well done (have you ever had your doctor give you a gift.

Yes it is Christmas time so you all have fun...

Breaking News....

Santa has left the North Pole he is on his way around the World....


I often say it by tonight it's special... HAVE FUN TOMORROW.... (dot's may be very late tomorrow but it will happen)...




December 23th Saturday 2017

Late today we went for a drive around Wodonga just to have a look and found some new pictures for Dot's it looks like rain but nothing as yet it was 33c here today, 40 in White Cliffs.

A number of us on Three Dots use to work at Mann's in Wodonga, can you see Bill or Doug here taken from High St Wodonga.

The back wall on the new Cole's Supermarket.

Looking back up High Street from Mann's to the new Woolworth's we went across the road to Greg's fish and chips for tea tonight.

The top end of Melrose Drive in West Wodonga lot of wildlife in the area.

Look at the ducks they smell the chips time to leave there all heading this way.

Scott in Albury for Christmas... Adam Carol son on his way from Canberra...

Here we go it's Christmas and the family heading home.

Sorry for being late tonight...




December 22nd Friday 2017

We left Walla Walla this morning and are now in Albury Wodonga, we left the caravan at Adrian and Dianne place in Lavington around the back of the home. Next was a quick visit to see Susan and Muffy in Albury.

Tonight we are with Carmen (Carol Daughter) and Damon in Wodonga living in their 4 bedroom home we can sleep in a real bed tonight.

Tahlia (8yr's old) just washed her hair in the shower, (I was told your not that game, "I am")

Not much left of the day after packing up and moving out of the Caravan into the house. Tahlia and Chase belong to Carol daughter Carmen.


Wanaaring is just north of White Cliffs

It is a sea change, of sorts.

There is just one problem: The nearest beach is about 1,000 kilometres away.

Welcome to Wanaaring, outback New South Wales — the tiny town with a big job for the right person.

"It's more of a tree change, or dust change to be honest," said Ben Strong, who owns the town's only shop with his wife, Margaret.

"There's nothing you couldn't sell in this shop, you're so far from everything else."

Mr Strong is not exaggerating. About 80 people call Wanaaring home, with a couple of hundred more spread out on properties in the area, which is known for cattle, sheep and goat farming.

For More Click Here

It's almost Christmas "Have Fun" and don't work to hard, in fact don't work at all.



December 21st Thursday 2017

Here in Walla I walked over to the BiCentennial Park about 100m from the caravan park in the main street of Walla Walla.

BiCentennial Park in Walla it is a very well kept park in the town.

Looking towards the main street of town.

I know someone will tell me what type of flower in the park. They look nice.

I had a sit on the seat for a short time today then walked to the Chemist Shop to pick up a script that I put in on Monday afternoon, next walk was to the general store for milk.

Late today we packed up the caravan and the car we head off around 8:30am in the morning to Albury Wodonga we plan to leave the caravan in Adrian yard in Lavington then we are off to Wodonga where will look after Damon and Carmen house till new year. They are planning to go away Christmas to New Year...

Between Christmas and New Year I plan to paint the top of the caravan with waterproof paint.

Looking forward to seeing the grand kids for Christmas.

Had a lot of Christmas calls and eMails from people in White Cliffs thanks people.


That's Walla Walla for the year we now move on.

Here some details:
We have been on the road 55 days
Driven 4477km's in 55days
Fitted two new tyres
Fitted a new water pump
New fan belt. (that's life)




December 20th Wednesday 2017

Not a good day for Carol and I we drove the 130km's from Walla Walla to Wangaratta for the funeral of a good friend "Ken Burgess", I have know Wendy and Ken around ten years but for Carol and Wendy born on the same day and going to school together, they have been friends for life.

Ken ran a business A1 Tyre Power in Wangaratta for some years.

We just go back to Walla Walla and I decided to do Three Dots. The Mercedes Benz ran well sitting on 105kph all the way down and back.

Wangaratta last night lost power for some hours a wind storm hit the town, today we seen big old trees blowen out of the ground not one maybe around 50 trees on the main road. Even a truck was turned over on the main road.

Scott rang he was without power for five hours last night, not to be beaten Scott setup a 240v inverter running from his car battery he gets about 300w of power enough to run his lap top.

Talking about Scott he put up the White Flag today, we put a message on his phone he is booked out to Christmas and can take no more work at this time. Scott will work this year from boxing day to new years to clear his back log of work.


We pack up here tomorrow and move out early Friday morning we are planning Christmas with the grand kids this year on both side's of the border.

Time for a cup of coffee.

Hello to Robyn in White Cliffs. Take a look at the White Cliffs Website Click Here...

More tomorrow night.




December 19th Tuesday 2017

I am not going to say it was hot we all know it was a very hot day and we may get rain tonight.

After lunch we went into Albury for lunch at West end Plaza and a trip to Bunning's and Spotlight in East Albury we then went and seen Muffy in town.

We made one other stop and that was Thurgoona to see Kylie and Joyce, Susan was there having a swim so we also had a swim.

Carol gives Joyce a splash in the pool. Kylie sits in the background, Susan is on the camera today and sent me the pictures.

Joyce (almost 7yrs old) in the pool we all had a swim today.

Troy and Kylie thanks for having us over on such a hot day, great pool to have in your back yard. (all you need do is move it to our place in White Cliffs.)

And that was our day in Albury it was good sitting around the pool.


The hello of the day has to go to Troy and Kylie...

We are still staying out at Walla Walla, we move into Albury on Friday morning for Christmas.


Tomorrow we are going to Wangaratta for a funeral and back to Walla.

You all have a great day and try keep cool.



December 18th Monday 2017

Another very hot Monday but not as bad as yesterday, White Cliffs is on track to get a 46c that is 118f in the old scale.

Our day started last night when we went out to the Carols by Candlelight here in Walla Walla it was a good night in town and we have been invited out for a drink tonight to a home near the caravan park.

Carols at Walla Walla Sunday night.


There would have been around 200 people there last night at the big church in town.


My try at being smart with the camera, that the stage up front with a local band.

Click Here for a 15sec video on the night.


This was good in a hall nearby business and local family's setup their own Christmas Tree in the hall it was good to see.


The other side of the hall (no prize's ) just good clean fun by locals.

Carol went to the hair dresser at the Lavington Plaza this afternoon.


I sat around and took a few pictures with my Camera phone. For Christmas week the plaza was really quite maybe they are waiting for cooler weather.


They are saying the hottest day this week will be tomorrow.

Well tomorrow another day we will be going to Wangaratta Wednesday just for the day.

All good here, have fun it's Christmas Week, Ho Ho..



December 17th Sunday 2017

Sure feeling the heat in Walla Walla today the weather man said it is 37c here as I write this our air conditioner in the caravan cannot handle the heat today. The temperature in the caravan right now is 30c it cannot handle the heat.

After Christmas we will head South towards Geelong, Colac area and hope it is a bit cooler.

Scott been in Melbourne with Telstra picking up the bill, you have all the luck the 11th floor of Crown in the city he sent us some pictures below.

The 11th Floor...

Last night from Crown (I just have to sit and look out the window.)

Scott now flat out three days a week and two days at Telstra doing tech work. great stuff.

We got up and gave the caravan a big clean, washed the floor and kitchen bench, it looks good. We even did the washing.

Last night I said "Susan finish tennis for the year" Opps' should be Joyce finish tennis for the year.

Tonight we have "Carol's By Candlelight." on up the road.

I think it is time for a shower to cool down.

Back to work tomorrow (well back to retirement)..



December 16th Saturday 2017

Well we went into Wodonga today to pick up a few item's then back home to Walla, on the way back I missed a turn and got a bit lost for about ten minutes and ended up taking a back road back to Walla Walla.

It's been here around a hundred years "St Paul's College Walla Walla" it is a very big school and yesterday closed for Christmas break.


Tomorrow night we are going here for Carol's By Candle light on the lawn beside the church.


Around 5:30pm and it's hot and no one in the main street of Walla Walla...

New to Walla Walla a new phone tower in town this is about 300m from our caravan. I now get five bars on my phone we used to get one, a lot better.

This old home in town has a sign 1910 that's 107yrs old not great but still standing...


Went to the Walla Club last night and we had a great meal, cost $30.00 for two with soft drink and Ice Cream. Carol and I gave the ice cream a miss.

Susan finish tennis for the year, Scott was off to a Christmas Party in Melbourne.

We have a funeral in Wangaratta on Wednesday for a good friend.


Really hot in White Cliffs we were talking to Belinda today she had 42c at her place mid afternoon.

We were able to watch Tennis at camp ground today, and they have a BBQ on tonight.


Hello to Sue and David in Gippsland you have a great Christmas.




December 15th Friday 2017

We got up around 7am to beat the heat of the day we then had some bad news a friend who lives in Wangaratta passed away last night Ken Burgess ran a tyre business for many years and has been sick for sometime.

We moved this morning from Wodonga to Walla Walla and setup camp, it was a slow job due to the heat of the day.

All setup tonight and the Mercedes Benz is parked under a tree to keep cool.

This is taken from the caravan, the Walla Walla swimming pool about 100m away I may give it a try if this weather keeps up.

Today was a moving day so you don't get much else done but the time you pull down a camp and setup a new one there's much of the day left.


We are off to the Walla Walla club for tea tonight.

Have fun this weekend....



December 14th Thursday 2017

Not as hot in Wodonga today as it was Yesterday. We went out and did the family thing this morning seeing some of the older folk on the family tree. Lunch was at lavington plaza and then back to the caravan in Wodonga at the Showgrounds.

I took some pictures inside the new Wodonga Woolworth's car park.

It is a very big Supermarket, as it seen from the outside.

Next stop was Sumsion Gardens in Wodonga it is a nice place to visit.

Lots of wildlife around the lake today.

Lot more wildlife in the area.

What a great place for a family picnic, toilets, bins and water.

Around the same lake, it is a nice area.

If you one of those fit people you can walk around the lake.


Tomorrow we leave Wodonga after a week and back to Walla Walla for a week, we will go to the club tomorrow night and on Sunday night Walla Walla has Carol's By Candle light in town we went there last year and enjoyed the night.

We will stay a week then come back to Albury Wodonga for Christmas.

Did some updates on the White Cliffs website to it is really hot up there we are talking to someone everyday.

Laura thank you for the email and a big hello to you and Belinda. Laura run the White Cliffs Hospital and are a big part of White Cliffs.

Tomorrow morning early we pack up the caravan and head to Walla Walla.




December 13th Wednesday 2017

We all know the word of the day "HOT" I seen it was 38c around here and 42c in White Cliffs I bet the pub did well with drinks over the bar.

How would you like this to happen you have a new $199,000 motor home and you come from the Gold Coast in Queensland, you get in to drive to the next camp and the brake pedal is on the floor, yep no brake's that's not good so they send over a low loader and take it away for repairs. That's what you call a bad day.

Went and seen Aub and Beryl today Aub showed me this old cement mixer and we talked about how old it was we think about 1955 but not sure (Aub is now 88yrs) he brought it new so I write to Villiers in USA and ask... Hope they send us an answer.

We went to the Albury Cemetery to see Mum and Dad and the Albury have done a lot of work on the site and added a lot of cement.

The Wodonga Showgrounds tonight we are the last sight at the end of the line.

There's a heap of lawn out here, not sure what they do with it.

The other end of the camp site there is only one empty site left tonight.

What else, we went shopping and had lunch at the Lavington Plaza today. And when I got there I forgot what I was going to buy, old age I say.

Adrian, hope you feel better today it must have been all that hot air in Canberra last weekend, get better.

Next stop was a trip to Troy and Kylie and my first swim in the new pool, it was great you only have one thing left to do?, move the pool to our place in White Cliffs. What "NO" gee that's no fair...

The air conditioner in the caravan is working overtime today it's holding around 25 to 27c with the heat outside.


Keep Cool...




December 12th Tuesday 2017

I was doing a Google Search of my name "Duncombe" and this popped up below:

Land sale.…

32 Duncombe Ave Officer Vic 3809

So if your in the family and want to be the Duncombe in Duncombe Ave here is you change. Bit of fun, the land is up "for sale".


We were up about 7am, this morning I went to Damon and Carmen place in Wodonga and mowed the lawns out front, it was good to do something other than sit around and clean the caravan and the car.

Not bad after a quick clean up, I need to run around and cut the edges around the lawn, that's another day soon.

I found a water hose leaking on the Mercedes Benz it was just a fine slow drip, I fixed it the afternoon and all good now.

White Cliffs just piped 40c today so it be a good day to stay in your underground home or make a trip to the local pub and have a cold drink.

In Wodonga we had a cool 32c, we sure gave the air conditioner in the caravan a good work out today.

It is going to be really hot tomorrow and I was just thinking Kylie and Troy it be a good day to test out your new pool.

All good we hope to take some more pictures as we drive around tomorrow.


You all have fun...



December 11th Monday 2017

The first job today was a visit to Damon and Carmen (Carol daughter) place in Wodonga where we did our washing, we put it on the line to dry and we went to Albury for a drive then back to Wodonga.

We all know the rocket at Albury sitting on top of the hill above the main street of Albury. My father was a helper when they did repairs in the 1950s ...

East end of the main street on Sunday late in the day..

Taken late on Sunday the main street of Albury from the East End of town (from the net)..

The clock tower in the main street of Albury about 10km from where we are parked in the Wodonga Showgrounds.

Not a lot happen today bit of shopping and went to the Wodonga Plaza for lunch...

It was sure a warm day in the car but it is going to get a lot hotter later in the week around 37c. Just read Wednesday and Thursday will be 42c in White Cliffs that is real hot.

Adrian and Dianne are back home from Canberra.

Have fun people only two weeks till Christmas...



December 10th Sunday 2017

Well today started last night on sunset a Kangaroo loose in the streets of Wodonga on the road, they moved it into the camp where we are staying it took three police car and seven police to remove on Kangaroo.

Like Kylie said it was a boxing kangaroo and the police wanted him for fighting in the street, he jumped across a fence to freedom.

Just think if they did get the kangaroo it have to go to a "Kangaroo Court"...

We went Christmas Shopping today and it is now all done yep the tree at Muffy is full under the tree.


Then at around 5:30pm tonight we all went to a park food and drink get together here at the caravan park it was a lot of fun, we decided to do it again tomorrow night.

I am very late tonight so that's it for today....



December 9th Saturday 2017

We went for a drive around the Wodonga area today to a few places that have just open in Wodonga. The weather was a lot better than we had over the last week.

The Wodonga Library it is a next and tidy building.

The new, "Old age home" in Wodonga.

The new David Mann Library it is good to see the money went to good use.

This picture came from the Internet of the David Mann Library.

We went to the the old Plaza Shopping Centre in Wodonga for lunch had a walk around Target and other shops I notice a lot of shops have moved out.

Went to Repco to see about oil for the car just a small backup can to put in the car.

Adrian and Dianne had "Pop Up Shop" in Canberra over the weekend "Seemyshop2" hop you have a good weekend.

Thank for the emails about our camp here in Wodonga, yes it is a nice spot.... (see yesterday)

Looks like a good weekend have fun.




December 8th Friday 2017

We left wet Tallangatta about 9:30am driving to Wodonga Showgrounds, they only have 8 powered sites when we go here there were on two left so we booked in and all is well tonight we have paid for a week here leaving next Friday morning.

We setup a full camp site we can cook inside or outside all the gear is set up under the awning. Please no rain we have had enough.

By the was it cost $20 a night here in Wodonga with power and water. We are looking forward to a stress free week.

Bill hope you get your car fixed over the weekend.

Adrian and Dianne have fun in Canberra.

Susan good to hear the doctor gave you the all clear today.

I am reading the weather going to get really hot next week, Troy and Kylie I may have to come try out your new swimming pool…

We went shopping at Aldi today here at White Box Rise.

I go look around town tomorrow and take some pictures.

A number of people made comment on Doug picture from last night and I agree it is a good picture, see yesterday for a full size view. Thanks for the emails and thanks Doug.


Hello to all the "Three Dots" readers have a great weekend.



December 7th Thursday 2017

I am not going to say that word, yep it is rain?ing in Tallangatta right now after a fine day this morning. I took some pictures around town in the main street of town.

This is the CBD around 6pm tonight, take care a wet road.

Great playground for the grand kids in the main street of town.

BBQ in the main street toilets and a information center a lot of tables it be a nice trip from Albury for a day.

Bit more of the main street it is a neat and tidy town.

As I said last night Doug in Queensland sent Three Dots some pictures below.

Caloundra boardwalk, nice picture Doug

Caloundra rainbow, you sure have some big buildings with a great view of the salt water.

Caloundra boardwalk, North end.

Time to turn around Kings Beach, that looks real nice another good beach in Queensland. Doug thanks for the pictures, it mad Three Dots today...


For Carol and I we hope to move into the Wodonga Showgrounds tomorrow morning they do not take bookings and only have "8" campsites so we will head into Wodonga early in the morning.

We would come back to Tallangatta we enjoyed the town but I hope we get better weather.

I went around the car and caravan fixing anything that looked like it might break and give us any trouble. Fixed a few broken things.

Put some pictures up on the wall inside the caravan, did a few odd things like install a clip to hold the broom in place a few tidy up job...

More tomorrow night...




December 6th Wednesday 2017

It was life in the dark last night after 11pm we ran out of Solar Power we had to pull out the camp light, it worked all ok.

We could see today was going to be no better with the dark sky so we packed up at Huon and went to the Tallangatta Show Grounds where we have power and water (hot water) for $15 a night...

The sky here around 4pm today in Tallangatta, we were going to get no Solar Power with a sky like that.

Our camp at the Tallangatta Show Grounds for two nights water on tap and power. It is a nice clean park but I have been told there is a big Christmas Party on Friday Night with over a 100 people and a band and if we want sleep go somewhere else.

I seen this picture on the Internet taken yesterday of Tallangatta, sure a lot of water. Not sure who took it..

Not a lot of other news had an email from Sue and David in Gippsland thank you have a great trip away.


Doug sent me some pictures from Queensland I try get them up tomorrow.


Wednesday, and the weekend is on the way...




December 5th Tuesday 2017

Guess what where we are it's raining, we have spent the last seven  months hoping for rain now after six days of rain in a row all I can say is STOP we have had enough.

And it's raining in Huon again right now. We did a little better today with Solar Power 80% full battery yesterday it was only 60%.. The only problem is lack of sun light.

I finally took a really good picture not perfect but a good one.


Ho ho ho, Carol wrapped the Christmas Gifts last night and today we dropped a bag at Damon and Carmen place in Wodonga and a bag at Muffy and Susan place in Albury for Christmas the shopping almost there.

Seen Muffy and Susan today at their place in Albury that was good…

Our basic camp setup at Huon on the Hume Weir.


Scott was busy working at Telstra Business in Wangaratta today.

We are still at a free camp in Huon right on the Hume Weir. Will try stop to next Monday morning then move into a caravan park in Wodonga with power and laundry need to refresh the bedding and have a big clean up.

Where we are staying on the Hume Weir...

Caravan good no leaks now…

Adrian we did a good job with the water proofing.


Hello to Susan…




December 4th Monday 2017

Sorry almost no solar power left and no sun to make Solar Power.

We moved about 10km down the road this morning still on the Hume Weir we moved from what is called Ludlows Free Camp to Huon Free camp today. Ludlows had a 24hr limit and we stayed 3 Days some we moved this morning to Huon, there is no limit here that we know of.

So here we are, with no power and no sun so we have almost no Solar.

All good tonight and it is raining so no more Solar power today, Caravan good no leak at all today.

So that's it for tonight I upload while we power.

Susan hope you are feeling better, Joyce I hear you are going shopping today...

Kylie your pool about to overflow, no stopping now.

I do some pictures tomorrow.

Have a good night.




December 3rd Sunday 2017

Another bad night weather wise we had some 30mm of rain over night and thanks to Adrian we had no leaks and we both had a good night sleep.

Bill sent me some picture of Mooloolaba Queensland for Three Dots below...

Love the salt water Mooloolaba on the water edge.

Good size Whale boat sitting there, looks like a nice place to visit.

Thanks for the pictures Bill I go for a walk there one day.


Then this morning Sunday Carol and I went to the Wodonga Market at the old railway station.

Part of the Wodonga Market.

Looks like all the family are out at the market.


One thing I have to say about Wodonga CBD it sure looks the part.


I think it is a old Hudson car a good old Yank Tank.

Wodonga Market at the old Railway Station the area is looking good.

The rain stopped at Sun up this morning and so far today no rain, We are staying at Ludlows tonight and moving off in the morning to a site just up the road, more tomorrow.

You all have a good day, I going for a walk to the water of the Hume Dam...

More tomorrow.



December 2nd Saturday 2017

What can I say we had rain all night it went on and on and tonight it's no better non-stop rain.


Then about 10am we had our first leak the edge of the roof no problem all night then a problem.


So I pack up and went in to Adrian place in Lavington and we went to a lot of trouble to seal up the roof. That took around five hours work for both of us.


Tonight we are back out at Ludlows on the Hume Weir and so far all good no leaks at all.


And that was our day but the best weather in Victoria and New South Wales was in White Cliffs a wonderful 21c and fine…


Not a great day I am still on Solar Power I hope tomorrow we get some Sun we sure got nothing in the way of Solar today.


Buy the way this is a very wet start to summer. I try do some pictures tomorrow.




December 1st Friday 2017
The creek beside the camp at Bethanga came up 1m so we packed up and left around 5:30pm tonight we are at at Ludlows on the banks of the hume dam.

The Hume Dam at 6:30pm...

We are here and running on Solar Power for the first time this year.

On Solar tonight and not sure how much we have so have fun tomorrow another day...