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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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February 28th Tuesday 2017

The end of the month but not the end of summer we had 38c in Kadina today so we went for a drive to the coast at

Picture from the net Wallaro only 10km's from Kadina.

Net picture of local toilets in Wallaro

This is where they load grain and ship to China...

How do you spell Wallaro or Wallaroo the sign coming into town has one "O" the post office two "OO" the town hall one "O" ok I give up. Net picture.

I did not drive on the beach and the sign's say no, but it seems most people cannot read.

The big building is the grain loading.

I like this picture that we took today at Wallaroo...

I am having a lot of trouble with my back and have been in pain today. I see how I go but things are not good right now. People just drive along the beach I feel swimmers are in more risk from 4WD than swimming with the sharks.

The speed limit in South Australia is 110kph

No news from John or Glenda in Melbourne...

Today it is Wallaroo tomorrow it be Kadina or as Kylie say's Kad-ina... a twist on Kylie name...

I hope it cools down soon.



February 27th Monday 2017

Start of an another week we left the free camp ay Mallala this morning about 11am and drove 112km's Kadina we are now at the top of the Yorke Peninsula we will head south towards the bottom in a few day. Kadina it a big place all the big shops are here and all the take-a-ways as well.

The blue dot us tonight we are only 8km's from the west side of the Yorke Peninsula we will look at the coast tomorrow afternoon.

Her we are the next night or two at the caravan park in Kadina all good here we have power for the air conditioner in the caravan. The park cost $25.00 a night with power and water.

Driving from Mallala to Yorke Peninsula we came across a big hill that seem to go on forever when we got to the top the Benz was boiling I had to pull the automatic back to 2nd gear and pulled the up fine in the 36c but it did boil for the first time. Next time I back it right off.

We are in a new area and don't know the roads, we left home 3 1/2mth's ago and till today I have been on roads that I have traveled before. Today we are now on new roads that are new to us. In fact I think we came this way with family and dad driving I would have been about 6yr's old at the time. So the next 2000km's is all new to Carol and I.

Tomorrow we will go for a drive around the local area and take so more pictures.


All good today.



February 26th Sunday 2017

Today we did the washing and then went 30km's to the East to Gawler, that is a big place a city and a very busy city, we went to McDonald's for lunch and I maybe behind the times (we are not big McDonald's eater's) but you order, you and are given a table number and your meal is table, a McDonald's with table table service.

An upmarket McDonald's...

Carol took this picture from the car, Gawler main street

Sunday about 2pm and the city is quite busy.

The name of the city is on display everywhere.

Note Target down the lane way from the main street.

The main street of Gawler.

We went shopping at Aldi Gawler then back home to Mallala where we are camping. It is hot in Mallala today so tomorrow we are moving to the West someplace and moving into a caravan park with power so we can run the air conditioner in the caravan.

Went to the Mallala motor racing circuit today but it was closed for a club meeting, member's only.

No new's from the family today other than Tammy in Wangaratta turned 18yr's old.

This morning I washed the caravan down and sealed some fly screen windows in the caravan. Washed out the ice box we use while free camping. I also washed out the refrigerator in the caravan so we are looking all clean tonight.

Have a good week we will.



February 25th Saturday

Today it was follow the blue line from Mallala to Port Wakefield I wanted to see Port Wakefield all I can say is what a dump, you think you were in Mexico it's untidy and broken down. We came home via Balakiava to Mallala.

They called it a dunny tree I guess they got that right.

The only good part of Port Wakefield today.

I don't think you would be able to get to the salt sea water it's a long way from Port Wakefield.

This is where we had lunch today.

It is a very untidy place to visit I told you it looks like Mexico and it does to me.

Port Wakefield, we have been, we have seen, we do not need to return.

Tomorrow we are staying home in Mallala and look around the local area after we do the washing in the windup washing machine.

I am told Kylie building a play area for Joyce.

Adrian having a big cleanup in the shed.

Scott and Susan went to the picture's.

And in White Cliffs it is nurse "B" birthday have a good time tonight at the Underground Motel.




February 24th Friday

It's Friday night and the weekend is here "We have the weekend off". We left Adelaide 55km's South and tonight we are at Mallala South Australia, the home of Mallala Motor racing circuit.

Tonight we are camped at the Football ground with about fifty other people. This is a Free Camp we have toilets, shower (but we will use our own shower in the caravan) and the power is free from the sun. We have TV, fan, gas cooking, rain water so far it's been really good.

All the little vans are back packers, the vans go up around the corner

This is our camp in the old van. The toilet block is at the end with a red roof.

In the town of Mallala mid afternoon.

Somewhere to go for a picnic.

There is a IGA Supermarket in town we are planning to stay a few days in Mallala I seen a fuel station a Take Away food shop that's about it.

Why come to Mallala it not to see the town that will not take long. There are a number of very small towns on the coast and we are right next to the wine area north of Adelaide. About 30km's to Gawler for good shopping.

I hear that John is doing ok but is waiting on results.

Spoke to Muffy on the phone today.

Tomorrow we are planning a drive to the Coast for a look about 30km's west.


We are looking forward to a good weekend.




February 23rd Thursday

Adelaide, today you need a lot more time it is a big city and there is a lot to see, White Cliffs to Albury Wodonga is 1140km's, White Cliffs to Adelaide is 794km's that's 346km less or 692km,s less for a return trip... Adelaide is our close's city to White Cliffs.

There is a lot of people in Adelaide

(Picture from the Internet) No where to park here.

China town this is close as we got, it be worth a visit at night. (maybe next trip)

Just old homes in Adelaide.

We met up with friends today I also found the Adelaide V8 Supercar track they are building it up for the Clipsal 500 in two weeks. We found it just not sure where we were at the time. You drive on the track (speed limit 25kph)

Went to a shop that builds Opal cutting gear, almost no stock and if you place an order you have a 8wk wait there must be a lot of people cutting Opal in Australia.

We leave tomorrow for a free camp 55km's north of Adelaide at Mallala sports ground. We hear it a nice place but will makeup our own mine when we get there.

From the time we left White Cliffs around a 100 days ago we have been going to places that we have been before. From here on we are going to new areas I am looking forward to seeing something new.


Still having trouble with my back, it's not good I have not had this much pain for years.


No news on John in Melbourne, maybe tomorrow.


We move 55km's tomorrow north.




February 22nd Wednesday 2017

We woke up in Wellington S.A. and I had trouble moving around it was a bad back, with help the van was packed up and ready to roll driving to Adelaide, we hit the road about 9:45am with a big head wind all the way that's a fun drive down Mt Baker the people who have been here know what I am talking about. When we pulled up at the caravan park I had trouble walking.

We went up the road for lunch, we are near the city at a Top Park it cost $30.00 a night for a powered site with water and a hot shower.

They sure have a driffrent life in the City

Had some tablets for the back and a really hot shower, think the shower did more than the tablets.

If all is well we will look around the city tomorrow we are booked in tonight and tomorrow night.


Hear John was sick in Albury Wodonga and taken to Melbourne more later.


Scott had a bit of work of late that's good to see. Susan has less that 50 days till her over seas trip.


More tomorrow...




February 21st Tuesday 2017

We are still camping at Wellington tonight right on the Murray River and today we went for a drive to Goolwa and Hindmarsh Island. A return trip of 200km's we went one way and returned another, we went south around Lake Alexandrina via Milang and Clayton Bay.

Milang has a few shop and a real Australian Out house.

At the Milang railway station a real old timer (maybe Doug has a comment).

The railway station where today you buy a Tea or Coffee and are served on a train that goes nowhere at all Milang is right on the lake it is very small town. I will add this to my list to return and stay at one day, what a great little town.

Goolwa, we were here 15yr's ago and found a small town today it is five times the size. This picture was taken at Woolworth's in Goolwa and from Goolwa you now cross a really big bridge to Hindmash Island the bridge crosse's the Murray River.

And here the reason we came here "The Murray River Mouth" this is where the Murray River flow's into the sea.

It's still a long way away but there it flows and for the Murray River it is "The End"

Hindmarsh Island is no longer farm land 100s of new homes and a 1000s of boats.

Hindmarsh Island is full of water ways and million dollar boats all the homes are on the water.

We had dinner at the island today we took a picnic along today it was good fun.

Home via Strathalbyn and Langhorn Creek back to Wellington Caravan Park.

Tomorrow it is Adelaide (at last) tonight we are 102km's from the city and have booked two nights in the city we are not city people after all we come from White Cliffs.

Today is day 99 of our travels, we left White Cliffs 99 days ago. Maybe 50 days to go. maybe who know's...


Yesterday was one of our biggest day on 3Dots, you must like Pigs, Dogs and Sheep.




February 20th Monday 2017

From Dianne and Adrian...

Here's a few pictures from our trip. I put a couple on Facebook but you don't have that so thought I'd send some. , .

Bonny and Lucy take over the front seat. (I like this picture)...


Lunch spot at Tambo river crossing


Adrian and dogs on 90 mile beach


Left: Bonny and Lucy at Metung, Lucy birthday 5yr's

Right: On top of Hotham - the cross marks the highest spot on alpine road orig used in 1920 - a hairraising trip back then, esp in snow.

Their now back home in Lavington. And thank you for the pictures.


We went into Tailem Bend for a better look and look at the shops that were closed yesterday we went across the Murray River on the Ferry then 10km's into town from Wellington. We had lunch at the Wellington Hotel today, good food.

The local school kids had a display in town. A pig mowing the lawns.

This is outside the butcher shop.

No one seems to know what it's all about other than the kids and the town having fun.

Yellow sheep, muuuu why a yellow sheep I asked, because he yellow with sun spots.

This sheep has his feet up at the table. I got pulled over by a police car you can see it in the picture above my reading was 0.00 so I got Have a Nice Day and he went away.

I can understand a yellow sheep with sun spots. But I have no answer for this one.

Two lambs part of school art I was told

Then it was back to the caravan park in Wellington and do the washing making use of the clothes line at the caravan park.

I fitted some seat cover to the Benz today they look good I need to clean inside the car.


Tomorrow we are off for a drive around the local area down South this time so it should be a good dots tomorrow night.


I am sure the grandkids will like the pictures.


Hello tonight must go to Adrian and Dianne and thank you for the pictures.




February 19th Sunday 2017

We moved on this morning to Wellington on the west side of the lake and right on the Murray River.

You cross the Murray River at Wellington via ferry boat.

Here we are crossing the river on our way to Tailem Bend to have a look around.

Tailem Bend on Sunday at lunch time only a few shops are open.

It seems to be a good size shopping area on the right of this picture is the Tailem Bend railway station

Steam train in the park in the main street and next to the railway line.

On our way home across the river to Wellington from Tailem Bend there is only one small shop in Wellington. Life is slower in South Australia you can get to Wellington by road but using the ferry cuts off some 70km's.

The Ferry is Free to use.

At Wellington I can taste a salt in the water. We are going to do some washing here in the morning then go for a drive. By the way the speed limit in South Australia is 110kph.

I have some pictures from Dianne and Adrian taken on there trip south a few day's ago I put them on three dots tomorrow.

Hope you enjoy the Murray River, we will.



February 18th Saturday 2017

On the road again we left Mundulla around 11am this morning. I must mention last night, Friday night in Mundulla at the Bowling Club for a meal. We were only in Mundulla four days and met a lot of people.

Mundulla is a small town maybe 200 people and everyone seems to do something for the town. The people are our age or older, we went out to the
 club Friday night and just about everyone said hello, Mundulla is a town full of nice people and the food was great, we will come back.

We stopped for lunch at Coonalpyn (we were going to stay at the caravan park but that a bit of a dump) so we drove on.

Coonalpyn is going to be part of the Solo Trail in South Australia.

Art by Guido Van Helten he is great. that is him working today about 70ft above the ground he started this Silo around two weeks ago.

The first time we seen his art was at Brim in Victoria (it was on 3Dots last year) this is a grain silo, how good is this.

Tonight we are in Meningie South Australia on Lake Albert only a short way from where the Murray River flows into the Ocean.

The "Top" caravan park in Meningie.

That's our camp tonight we are only here one night so we did not unhook the van. We will move to the other side of the lake tomorrow.

We had a good drive today slow easy and no stress, we did it our way.

This is a nice park it only has one problem I walked around the park and found over a 100 signs on post on wall "Do this, Don't do this" but that how some people want to do business. (I stopped counting at a 100...)

Kim and Karl you made the news in South Australia.

Time to move in the morning after a look around.

Hello to Sue and David, I think you told me about this park about a year ago.

We are "Top Parks Members" so it cost $28.80 a night for a powered site.

Tomorrow is another day.



February 17th Friday 2017

Our last day in this area tomorrow we will move on, to somewhere west not sure where will end up yet.

This is the main street of Bordertown it's a quite day in town as you can see.

This is just up the road from our caravan, all council should have a building this size.

The Cannawigra Hall 1901 the last service was held here in 1975. (A school was open in the hall in 1901)

This is the same hall but this is about the trees disease call Mundulla Yellows it kills the tree over many years. Note the trees in the picture are the yellow.

Hope you can read the sign, this a really odd place (we are a 120km's from the nearest salt water) it just a very deep hole, look close at the sign they are sea shells growing on the post.

This we are told was a special tree The Plaited Tree The Aboriginal plaited the tree over 100s of years and it became a meeting place. I say no more.

Buckingham Church 1884, it was built as a church and school and it closed in 1956 it is still open as a church today.


From Kylie

Joyce had her first trip to the dentist today for a check-up and to check the gummy shark as she has an adult tooth growing behind her baby tooth.

She has to stay a gummy shark a while longer until the adult tooth pushes the baby tooth out of the way, which the dentist says will happen shortly. She also had her teeth cleaned. They were very good explaining to Joyce everything they were doing and before using any tool in her mouth they showed her what it would feel like on her hand.

The best part Joyce will tell you is the bag of crayons and colour pictures she was given as we were leaving.

Good girl Joyce, you did better than your Popup.


Tomorrow we move on towards Murray Bridge but will take a few days to get there, all good here. John sorry about your brother, life hard some days.


Hello to friends in Sydney that read 3Dots



February 16th Thursday 2017

We had a easy day at the showgrounds today we did the washing and gave the caravan a big clean then went for a walk around the oval.

We were the only people here and still are the only campers. Then within 45min's we had 200 plus cars drive into the show grounds. Football training as you can see in the picture above.

Over the back is the women's netball over a 100 girls (I did not take a picture of the ladies)

Then over at the other end of the showgrounds the local cricket team is having practice unreal how many people are her right now.


Not a good picture but the all left the camping area to us.


Adrian and Dianne are in Omeo tonight have fun and make sure you wear a jumper.


Quite day in Mundulla today tomorrow we are going for a drive I did some work on the car.


Hello to Peter and Joi hope all is well.


Have fun...



February 15th Wednesday 2017

Happy Birthday Carmen... 21 again I hear.

Bordertown is a small South Australian town near the Victorian border. It is where the Dukes Highway and the railway line, the two main routes between Adelaide and Melbourne, cross Tatiara Creek.

Bordertown is the commercial and administrative centre of the Tatiara District Council. Tatiara is the local Aboriginal word for "Good Country". Bordertown was established in 1852 when a direct route across the 90-mile desert was being planned for gold escorts from the Victorian goldfields to Adelaide. Police Inspector Alexander Tolmer was instructed to create a town as close as practical to the border. Tolmer was upset when the town was not named after him, but that was made up for by naming several sites around Bordertown after him, such as Tolmer Park and Tolmer Takeaway.

Bordertown is also the birthplace of former Prime Minister of Australia, Bob Hawke.

This is in Bordertown across from the supermarket.

Car park to the Bakery in town

There is a bit of a story about the Bakery it is built around the old police station, this is inside the bakery today we had lunch there.

Still inside the the old police station at Bordertown.

Here another part of the story the old Bordertown Gaol outback is now a toilet block the old cells are now toilets. They are real steel doors and once you lock the doors no one gets in or out.

The whole area is near perfect and you could walk around for hours, it is in the main CBD area of town.

It's close to the near perfect picture, I think it will make a good painting, Carol are you listening...

We still have a lot to see in the area so we will stop a few more days.

Went to the doctor in Bordertown today have a few bad marks on my head, as he put it dry sun spots they are not cancer and I need a better hat, so I am now looking for a new hat... All good.

We will do some more driving around the local area tomorrow.


Have a good day and Hello to Damon and Carmen.


That's our day in Bordertown.



February 14th Tuesday 2017

We left Tarpeena around 10:30am and headed north about 170km,s towards Border Town, we were not happy with the camping area in Border Town so we went to Mundulla 10km's South West of Border Town. You are saying never heard of Mundulla, I found it on the map is has a showgrounds.

Here it is on the map the little blue dot.

Mundulla, it's great we have power water.

Very clean toilets and all this for $15.00 a night we are 10km's from Border Town.

A play ground that the kid would love.

Mundulla is South Australia tidy town for 5 of the last 15yr's...

We may stay here a few days before we head west in South Australia.


That's where we ended up today somewhere we have never been Mundulla. Tomorrow we will look around the area.

I talk to some locals tomorrow and find out about Mundulla.




February 13th Monday 2017

We made a trip into Mt Gambier today it is only 20km's from Tarpeena where we are staying, not great weather as you can see in the picture below.

Lady Nelson at Mount Gambier Info centre it is a good info centre.

We all know where this is the "Blue Lake" I been coming here for a life time.

As you can see it is really Blue there was a lot of people there today.

From the Internet the new Woolworth's shopping centre in Mount Gambier we had lunch there today and walked around Big-W and shopped at the supermarket, it's new and very clean. One bad point right next to the Big-W a really big shop that never open, it was going to be Master's

Sunken garden's in the City.

This one for Bill in Queensland as a kid Bill lived here (I took a picture for him for old time sake). But I must say Bill the house looks better that you do these days... HaHa...

Back at Tarpeena tonight we started packing up we are heading north after three days of light rain and cold.

So tomorrow we move on, just not sure where we will know tomorrow night and I let you know then.


Here Adrian and Dianne and dogs are having a good trip in the Motor Home.


Tomorrow we head North to somewhere.



February 12th Sunday 2017

We have good days and we have bad days and this is a bad day, right now its 14c, raining (well a wet mist) windy about 20k. And to think I clean the car yesterday.

There are two caravan staying here and I been told it's all my fault, I should have left the car dirty.

We are planning a trip to the local hotel for a meal tonight, they serve a Sunday night meal 6 to 8pm.

Tarpeena a town on the way out, they all work at the timber mill, the only other business is the hotel there is no shops not even a general store.

The school closed in 2010 why you may ask, it's 22km to Mount Gambier the town full of older people. You can buy a home here for $85,000 $99,000 get you three bedrooms two bathrooms.

We can stay at the free camp at Tarpeena Sports Ground free for seven days. It's ok for nothing but we may not last the week.

Tomorrow we are going into Mount Gambier to the supermarket and have a look around the city.

Three dots tomorrow should be good I am looking forward to Mt Gambier.

So have a good day, and we are hoping tomorrow will be a better day.


Hello John and Glenda.


February 11th Saturday 2017

I know you hot in Albury Wodonga and White Cliffs, even Queensland hot well Tarpeena is 18c right now and a cold wind.

Tarpeena has 350 people and you have to wonder where they work, it's a timber town as you can see on the sign above. Auspine mill 10,000 tonnes of Pine each day.

350 people live here yet there is NO shop that's right NO shops in Tarpeena.


Auspine today a wide picture taken using the phone I have never seen this much timber.

As I said this is a timber town Auspine have a staff of 600, there car park alone is worth seeing. You know the staff are paid well the staff car park is like a motor show. I never seen so many Ford Mustang and once.

They mill timber 24hr's 7days a week and I was told it close's at Easter and Christmas.


Apart from a drive around town we stayed by the caravan today, I washed the car and late today we had a shower of rain. It always happens.

We will go into Mount Gambier on Monday for a look, we are only 22km's from Mount Gambier.


Hello to Damon, Carmen and Kids. (Chase love the new look missing two teeth)...


More tomorrow.




February 10th Friday 2017

We left Shirley home this morning at around 10am and headed west to South Australia, thank you for having us we liked our ten days at your place. Thank you for having us.

Lunch was at Dartmoor, we stayed there for a week about three years ago. Remember the chainsaw man January 2014 Click Here. (click main menu to return here)

Next stage was South Australia and the border of South Australia and Victoria.

Note the new television antenna on the roof of the caravan it's working well.

You think they could do better then this little sign (we have a bigger sign at White Cliffs.)

There is a strip of a 100m call no mans land and here it is, Victoria to the left, South Australia to the right, looks like a nice spot for a house.

The blue dot near the top is where we are tonight called Tarpeena it is a 7day free camp at the sport's oval yep another free camp. Down the bottom is Mount Gambier.

This is day 87 this year, and we spent $975.00 on Camping Fees. $10.92 a night on the road, where happy with that.

All good here we will look around the area tomorrow.


Weather is 28c today Friday... In Tarpeena.




February 9th Thursday 2017

Our last day in this area Carol went to "week two" of her art class, I went for a walk around the Port Fairy area. I found a house almost 200yr's old in Port Fairy.

It having a bit of a rebuild right now a new roof but seen it is near 200yr's old it maybe due for a refit.

Same home just a different view. Not sure if anyone live's here.

As I said this is our last day around here and we move towards South Australia, the television is working good in the caravan.

Where we end up tomorrow night is up to the weather, they are saying 40c in South Australia.


So tomorrow it's on the road again.


Hello to Faye and John in Wangaratta, sorry to hear the bad news about John's Brother Paul, life is so short.


Tomorrow we move on.




February 8th Wednesday 2017

Up early this morning, we had had a lot of trouble with the television, it was really bad every time the antenna lead touch the caravan we lost picture so we brought a top quality cable. This morning I moved the television antenna 3/4 the way down the caravan above the television set. The lead is about 600mm long and it a lot better that's for sure.


We had a BBQ lunch at Tower Hill a Volcano that you drive inside.

Here a picture from up top looking inside the Tower Hill Volcano you can also see the Ocean the background 35,000 years ago this place was white hot rock.


Shirley a White Cliffs lady, we are staying at her place in Orford a small farm where every animal has a name.

Down inside Tower Hill Volcano this is what you find BBQ's and this Emu. (The sign says do not feed the Emu's, that find they need a sign for the Emu's "Do not steal Food")


Free BBQ's all clean run by Parks and Wildlife.

It is a nice area to visit, toilets, shop it's all here.

Keep away from my lunch.


You have to look really hard, a Teddy Bear sitting in the tree asleep, taken with the Camera/Phone.

We had a good time on a very hot day at Tower Hill Volcano, for the family we went here as a kid's Dad was driving at the time it is near Port Fairy I must have been about 10yr's old at the time. It all came back as we drove inside Tower Hill Volcano.

The weather man said 32c we got to 39c today


Tomorrow Carol and Shirley are going to art in Port Fairy our last day before we move away to South Australia.


Hello to Joi and Peter in Melbourne


Better get this up on the Internet as we were late home today.




February 7th Tuesday 2017

We went into Port Fairy shopping at the Supermarket today and had a look around town took some new pictures and rehashed some other pictures.

This was taken today at Port Fairy no big waves and a flat sea.


I took this the other day in Port Fairy take note how close the homes are to the water.


Not a great picture of the local fishing area.


Here the main swimming beach it is a nice beach.


Took this the other day the main street of Port Fairy.


It a Hotel Motel now at the top end of the main street.

Tomorrow we are going into Tower Hill Volcano for a BBQ lunch. I been there once before and like it back then so we are going back.

The home here is near the base of a small hill and we were next to the home, Sunday we had 35mm of rain and the ground now is very soft so today we moved the caravan near the top of the hill about 100m north of the home. It is a lot dryer up here, if we come back I put the caravan up here.

We are moving west on Friday this week then into South Australia (at last)...


Hello to Carmen and Damon in Wodonga.


All good here.



February 6th Monday 2017

We went for a drive today to Mount Eccles about 32kms from home in Orford it is Volcano a nice drive and a nice view.

That little blue dot is where we were today at the top of Mt Eccles.


There is only one Volcano but it did blow out in a number of places. No one quite sure how deep it is.

Mount Eccles is an inactive volcano in southwestern Victoria, Australia near Macarthur. The Gunditjmara name for the mountain is Budj Bim meaning High Head. The roughly conical shaped peak rises 178 metres (584 ft).

Looking down in a crater.

The peak is a scoria hill that was thrown up beside a group of three overlapping volcanic craters that now contain Lake Surprise. A line of smaller craters and scoria cones runs to the southeast. Lava flows extend to form a shield volcano and are fed by several lava channels, or "lava canals" as they are known locally.

Initial estimates of the age of the eruption were all "minimum ages" from swamps that formed some time after the eruption and ranged from 6000 to 27,000 years, but the latest evidence suggests that the eruption was at least 30,000 years ago (using dated sediments in the floor of the Lake Surprise crater) and could have been as old as 40,000 for the Tyrendarra lava flow.

Here the main Crater the laver that came out of here went 50km's to the South West that's a lot of hot rock.

Mount Eccles is the source of the Tyrendarra lava flow that extends 50 kilometres (31 mi) to the southwest. The eruptions altered the drainage in the area producing wetlands of the Budj Bim National Heritage Landscape.

The mountain was named Mount Eeles in 1836 by Major Thomas Mitchell after William Eeles of the 95th Regiment of Foot who fought with Mitchell in the Peninsular War. A draftsman's error meant that the name was rendered Eccles from 1845.

This is a sign put up by Parks Victoria very hard to read (Parks never do anything right)

Mount Eccles National Park at Lake Surprise encompasses 61.2 square kilometres (24 sq mi) and includes many interesting geologic features such as lava flows, lava caves, scoria cones and crater lakes. The park has a campground and the base of the vents supports Lake Surprise, which is generally closed for swimming due to blue-green algae issues. The dreaming of local Koori nations incorporates tales of volcanic eruptions from the past. Mount Napier is located 25 kilometres (16 mi) northeast of Mount Eccles.

This was taken on the way home, in old times this was someone home today it just a good picture. Love to do it up but that is not going to happen.


Hello to Kylie, Scott and Susan in Albury and Wangaratta.


Quite day tomorrow (I hope) may check out the Mercedes Benz as we will move on next Thursday.




February 5th Sunday 2017

What can we say about today rain and more rain it is 4:35pm and we just passed 30mm of rain at Orford and it is still raining as I write this.

I made the normal blue dot Red you could not see it, in all the blue on the screen and it is still raining now. It's great.

Talking to the people in White Cliffs it is 45c and still going up and up they saying. White Cliffs has a full week ahead over 40c they are sure getting hit this year.

There not much to say today we are inside the caravan and have one very small leak in one of the back windows of the van that I try fix first fine day.

Hello to John and Glenda in Wodonga hope you get some rain soon.

Must say a special hello to Ken and Wendy in Wangaratta, Ken get better soon.

Time for a coffee it is around 17c here...


We will try again tomorrow.....



February 4th Saturday 2017

We are staying at Orford most of the week leaving on Friday, we went into Warrnambool for lunch today al so buying a few items at the Chemist shop, we met up with Di and Graham today for lunch. We stayed with them just after Christmas on the Murray River near Cobram.

While we were having lunch I seen this odd mode of transport at the traffic I took this picture out the window.

After lunch it was a quick stop at Woolworth's then home. I did some work on the caravan just to make sure we had no leaks, they say we are in for rain tonight and tomorrow in the Port Fairy area. We are 25km's inland from Port Fairy.

We are still in trouble with our TV it's not good I think I found the problem a broken lead from the antenna to the television. We be over Warrnambool way maybe Monday I get a new one there.

Wonder what will happen tomorrow.



February 3rd Friday 2017

Grampians and Halls Gap today a big drive over and back was 350km's that's a long drive for this old man but it was worth it.

Grampians, just one of a 100 pictures we took.

The reason we went there was the Halls Gap Zoo, not cheap but it was good to see.


As they were in the past before the ice age.


Carol and locals that walk around the zoo.


Shirley and Carol feed the Deer


Carol had the Deer eating out of her hand.


Then everyone was looking for food.


Bison, they are sure a big animal


Carol and Shirley with Ostrich


It is a 2.5km walk around the Zoo at Halls Gap Zoo.

The Zoo cost $25.00 head with a pension card... It was worth it today there is a lot to see.

No other news today...

you all have a good weekend.



February 2nd Thursday 2017

Here is a nice picture from Adrian in Lavington Albury Nsw.

Well done a great sunset to the west of Albury Wodonga.

It Port Fairy today.
I am having trouble with the Internet and can do very little about if.

The rock water's at Port Fairy

One of the main Round about's in town


In the early 19th century whalers and seal hunters used the coast in this region. The bay was named by the crew of the whaler The Fairy in 1828.

John Griffiths established a whaling station in 1835 and a store was opened in 1839. In 1843, James Atkinson, a Sydney solicitor, purchased land in the town by special survey. He drained the swamps, subdivided and leased the land, and built a harbour on the Moyne River. He named the town "Belfast" after his hometown in Ireland. The post office opened on 1 July 1843 (the post office actually opened in 1837 as "Port Fairy" but was renamed "Belfast" on 1 January 1854 before reverting to the original name on 20 July 1887.)

Agriculture developed in the region, and Belfast became an important transport hub. By 1857 the town had a population of 2,190. In the mid-to-late 19th century, Belfast was one of Australia's largest ports, catering to the whaling industry. In 1887 the town was renamed Port Fairy as a result of an Act of Parliament.

A railway was extended to the town in 1890, but closed in 1977. It has been converted into the Port Fairy to Warrnambool Rail Trail.

The town
At the 2011 census, Port Fairy had a population of 2,835. Its main industries are tourism and fishing, and it is the home port for one of Victoria's largest fishing fleets. A pharmaceutical factory owned by GlaxoSmithKline is located on the outskirts of the town. Port Fairy is home to two Primary school education facilities, The Port Fairy Consolidated School and St. Patricks Parish Primary School.

Port Fairy was voted as one of the world's most livable cities with a population under 20,000 after winning the 2012 International LivCom award.

Port Fairy has a rich history and 50 buildings are protected by the National Trust of Australia. Griffiths Island nearby holds a breeding colony of the short-tailed shearwater or Australian muttonbird.

The Port Fairy Folk Festival is held during the Labour Day long weekend in March each year. The festival has run continuously since 1977. In 2016, Port Fairy will celebrate the 40th edition of the Folk Festival from 11 to 14 March. Over the 40 festivals there have been around 3,500 acts including over 500 international acts and over 12,000 musicians to an audience of beyond 240,000 ticket holders and 1,000,000 attendees.

Some of the most popular acts, include that of Rick E Vengeance. Rick E Vengeance first appeared as a performer in 1977. Every year, thousands flock to the Sheebeen bar to see Rick perform a range of classic sing-a-long tunes on the Sunday night of the Folk Festival. Also accompanying his act, a small entertaining karaoke section takes place, where members from the audience have the opportunity to perform a song of their choice.

The other major celebration in the town is the Moyneyana festival, held over summer from Christmas Eve to 26 January.

Port Fairy also has a highly rated 18-hole links golf course, the Port Fairy Golf Club, situated on Woodbine Road.

The town has an Australian rules football team, the Port Fairy Seagulls, which plays in the Hampden Football League.

Port Fairy has many surfing spots for all skill levels including the Old Passage, a right hand rocky break at the old entrance to the Moyne river; the Lighthouse, a right-hand point break off Griffiths island; and the East Beach with many right and left beach breaks.


I walked around this area for hour's while Carol was at art today.

How good is this some homes are 5m from the water and the boats.

The rock beach is on the west side of the headland. This is the east side a top beach and it goes for miles.

How good this at Port Fairy

The Lifesaving HQ on the main beach.

The CBD Port Fairy.

Some of the old homes in the main street of Port Fairy.

There are some nice old building's in town.

The internet going on and off some where (not here).

We will see how the weather is tomorrow, at this stage we are looking at Halls Gap.



February 1st Wednesday 2017

Today we went to Portland for the day it was about 120km's return had lunch at the big pub near the beach, good day.

We went to the chemist shop, Aldi, Newsagency, car wash and a few other places...

Portland History
The bay was named in 1800 by the British navigator James Grant, who sailed in the Lady Nelson along the Victorian coast. "I also distinguished the Bay by the name of Portland Bay, in honour of His Grace the Duke of Portland," wrote Grant. The bay, the only deep sea port between Adelaide and Melbourne, offers a sheltered anchorage against the often wild weather of Bass Strait.

By the early 19th century, whalers and sealers were working the treacherous waters of Bass Strait and Portland Bay provided good shelter and fresh water which enabled them to establish the first white settlement in the area. Whaling captain William Dutton is known to have been resident in the Portland Bay area when the Henty clan arrived and is said to have provided seed potatoes for the Henty garden.

In 1834, Edward Henty and his family, who had migrated from England to Western Australia in 1829, then moved to Van Diemen's Land, ferried some of their stock across the Strait in search of the fine grazing land of the Western District.

After a voyage of 34 days, the Thistle arrived at Portland Bay on 19 November 1834. Edward Henty was only 24 years old and, early in December, using a plough he had made himself, he was the first white man to turn a sod in Victoria. The next voyage of the Thistle brought his brother Francis with additional stock and supplies, and in a short time houses were erected and fences put up.

In his diary entry for 3 December 1834, Henty wrote

Arrived at 6p.m., made the boat fast in the middle of the river, and started three days' walk in the bush accompanied by H Camfield, Wm Dutton, five men, one black woman and 14 dogs, each man with a gun and sufficient quantity of damper to last for the voyage.

In the 5 December entry Henty wrote

On descending the hill we saw a native. He immediately ran on seeing us. He was busily employed pulling the gums from the wattle trees.

There in Portland the Hentys were "discovered" by the explorer Thomas Mitchell in 1836. The squatter settlement was illegal since, at that time, the British Colonial Office policy was to contain colonial settlements in Australia within geographic limits. It had been still considering how to deal with the prior occupation and ownership of the land by Victorian Aborigines. The Hentys also farmed in areas known as "Australia Felix", around Casterton.

By 1838, land auctions had been authorised from Sydney and Charles Tyers surveyed the Portland township in 1839. "It was government policy to encourage squatters to take possession of whatever land they chose". A Post Office was opened on 4 December 1841, the third to open in the Port Phillip District after Melbourne and Geelong.

Around 1842 a Presbyterian church and school were founded by the Rev. Alexander Laurie (c. 1817–1854), who later ran the Portland Herald. His widow and two sons founded The Border Watch in nearby Mount Gambier.

Indigenous Australian History

Bentinck Street looking north from Gawler Street.
The Gunditjmara are the traditional owners of the south west, taking in what is now Portland. They were present when the early commercial sealers like William Dutton arrived and when the Henty family created what would become Victoria's first permanent European settlement. It has been argued whether Dutton was first, but he was considered to be somewhat itinerant by the establishment of the era and not the discoverer of this deepwater bay and fertile hinterland. Henty sowed the first Victorian wheat crop on cliff top land, known today as 'The Ploughed Field'.

While the Hentys landed ashore in Portland on 19 November 1834. Melbourne was founded in 1835 by John Batman. From settlement the region around Melbourne was known as the Port Phillip District, and this gained some administrative status prior to separation from New South Wales and declaration as the Colony of Victoria in 1851.

One highly notable incident called the Convincing Ground massacre occurred in Portland Bay in 1833 or 1834 in a dispute about a Beached whale between whalers and the Kilcarer gundidj clan of the Gunditjmara people.

Gunditjmara still reside in and around the district; they are renowned in scientific circles for their early aquaculture development at nearby Lake Condah. Physical remains such as the weirs and fish traps are to be found in Lake Condah, which is to the south of Hamilton.

Unusually for Aboriginal people in Australia, the Gunditjmara were a settled group, living in small circular stone huts. The ancestors of the Gunditjmara people lived in villages of weather-proof houses with stone walls a metre high, around eel traps and aquaculture ponds at Lake Condah - on just one hectare of Allambie Farm, archaeologists have discovered the remains of 160 house sites.

On 30 March 2007, the Gunditjmara People were recognized by the Federal Court to be the native title-holders of almost 140,000 hectares of Crown land and waters in the Portland region. On 27 July 2011, together with the Eastern Maar People, the Gunditjmara People were recognized to be the native title-holders of almost 4,000 hectares of Crown land in the Yambuk region, including Lady Julia Percy Island, known to them as Deen Maar.

Portland has several planted Norfolk Pine trees.

Proclamation as a city
Portland was proclaimed a city on Monday 28 October 1985, in the presence of Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince and Princess of Wales. Today, Portland is a town of 10,700 residents.

Portland is in the Victorian Legislative Assembly electoral district of South West Coast, the Western Victoria Region of the Victorian Legislative Council and the federal Division of Wannon. Its postcode is 3305.

Economy Port

Portland beach, breakwater and harbour

Boat marina in Portland Harbour, facing west.
Through the 19th century Portland developed to become an important fishing port providing for the town and later, with the connection of the railway, to the region as far afield as Ballarat and eventually Melbourne. Barracouta, Australian salmon and crayfish (now southern rock lobster) were the main catches with many fishermen working the bay, around the Lawrence Rocks and in the season, Bridgewater Bay.

Portland harbour enabled the development of the woolgrowing industry of the Western District, but has eventually it lost its primacy to facilities at Geelong. Even in western Victoria, Portland fell behind Warrnambool as the main commercial centre. In the 20th century Portland's role as a port revived, and its economy was also boosted by the tourism industry and an aluminium smelter.

The port of Portland was sold in 1996 by the State Government to a group including the listed New Zealand company Infratil & the Scott Corporation (owned by Allan Scott), the first privatisation of port facilities in Australia. Since then, it has been traded a number of times and is now owned by two institutional investors - the publicly listed Australian Infrastructure Fund and Utilities Trust of Australia, a private infrastructure fund - both of which are managed by Hastings Funds Management.

As new supertankers have emerged, Portland, along with Hastings in Western Port Bay was proposed as an alternative to the controversial plans for deepening of Melbourne's shallower Port Phillip. The plans are aimed at maintaining Victoria's shipping status (since Melbourne has become Australia's busiest port, the Victorian economy relies heavily on the import and export of goods). Due to environmental reasons, the plan to deepen Port Phillip has been heavily criticised, whereas Portland offers some of the necessary infrastructure with minimum environmental impact.

The Port of Portland has received major assistance through public funding of an A$18 million overpass which gives better access to the port for heavy traffic The Glenelg Shire Council has recently adopted a plan for the redesign and development of the foreshore precinct including a new multi purpose marina in the north-west corner of the harbour.

And that was our day in Portland we had a good day and we can cross Portland off our list for this year.


Tomorrow we are all off to Port Fair, I have a bit of time on my hands tomorrow, Carol and Shirley are going to art in Port Fairy tomorrow from 11am to around 3pm so I may go sit by the water and polish the Mercedes Benz, it needs it.

I intend to go visit a fish and chip shop for lunch.


Back in Orford tonight and all good.



Three Dots...