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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

Please take the time to eMail us we love hearing from friends and family

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January 31st Tuesday 2017
We are in Orford after a 90km, drive from Terang today, it was good drive.

There is no shops in Orford in fact there is nothing at Orford other than farm land. We are 25km's from Port Fairy. We are at the blue dot, down the bottom on the right side is Port Fairy.

Our Caravan tonight at Orford nice green grass on a hillside.

The house here at Orford... we have the run of the house.

Tomorrow we are going to Portland 60km's away for the day, just a day trip over and back in the same day.


Joi had a good report in Melbourne today, that was really good news. Peter is still work in progress as he put it.


Weather here was around 22c today, White Cliffs 44c today they are sure having a hard time up there this year.


We are now less than a 100km's from South Australia, maybe next weekend or soon after.


All the kids are back at school, we have had good reports so far.


We are looking forward to Portland tomorrow.



January 30th Monday 2017

Up early we went to Warrnambool from Terang around 10am this morning, it was dole day 17c and a cold wind most of the day, unlike Albury/Wodonga and Wangaratta 42c I am told.

I can tell you one thing we will return to Terang it is a nice place.

Below are some details on Warrnambool it worth a read.

The original City of Warrnambool was a 4x8 grid, with boundaries of Lava Street (north), Japan Street (east), Merri Street (south) and Henna Street (west). In the nineteenth century, it was intended that Fairy Street – with its proximity to the Warrnambool Railway Station – would be the main street of Warrnambool. However, Liebig Street has since become the main street of the central business district (CBD). The Warrnambool CBD is particularly notable for its number of roundabouts.

Some of the pictures today are taken from the Internet, it is a very dark day in Warrnambool.

War memorial
Outside the CBD, the Warrnambool Botanic Gardens feature wide curving paths, rare trees, a lily pond with ducks, a fernery, a band rotunda, and was designed by notable landscape architect, William Guilfoyle.

Eleven suburbs surround the CBD of Warrnambool: North, South, East and West Warrnambool, Brierly, Sherwood Park, Merrivale, Dennington, Woodford, Bushfield and Allansford, though only the four latter are recognised as localities of the city.

Looking up from the water at the Maritime Museum. During the end of June and the start of July every year, Warrnambool is the home to the children's festival FunWithKids. It is held next to the Lighthouse Theatre in the CBD.

Wunta Fiesta, a festival held in Warrnambool over the first weekend of February annually, is one of south-west Victoria's major community festivals. It incorporates a wide range of entertainment (mostly music) for all ages.

The Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum is in Warrnambool built on Flagstaff Hill that also holds the original lighthouses and Warrnambool Garrison. Its most prized item in its collection is the Minton peacock salvaged from the Loch Ard. Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village is built around the original lighthouses and now operates as a heritage attraction and museum for the Great Ocean Road. Winner of three Victorian Tourism Awards – Tourist Attraction, it houses an extensive collection of shipwreck and maritime trade artefacts in both a museum and village setting.

The Lady Bay Lighthouse complex is on the Victorian heritage register due to its significance as an example of early colonial development. There has been a flagstaff on top of Flagstaff Hill since 1848, and the current lighthouses were moved to the site in 1878. They still operate as navigation aids for the channel into Warrnambool harbour.

The Warrnambool foreshore is a popular swimming area, and is adjacent to the Lake Pertobe parklands. A number of caravan parks are also located in the area.

Baritone Robert Nicholson recorded the song Back to Warrnambool in 1929.

Warrnambool is served by one daily newspaper, the Warrnambool Standard, which is owned by Fairfax Media. The local commercial radio stations are 882 3YB and 95.3 Coast FM, both owned by Ace Radio. There is also a community radio channel, 3WAY FM.

Warrnambool is home to the Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic, a race which attracts Australian and international drivers on the Australia Day long weekend.

The city is also the finishing point of the Melbourne to Warrnambool Classic cycle race. It is the longest one-day bicycle endurance race in the world, held every October since 1895 to be the world’s second oldest bike race.

Warrnambool has a horse racing club, the Warrnambool Racing Club, which schedules around twenty race meetings a year including the Warrnambool Cup and Grand Annual Steeple three-day meeting in the first week of May. The Woodford Racing Club also holds one meeting at Warrnambool racecourse. The Grand Annual steeplechase has 33 jumps, more than any other horse race and is one of the longest steeplechases in the world.

Warrnambool is home to the Premier Speedway, a 410 metres (450 yd) dirt track oval speedway located approximately 5 km east of the town. As well as hosting various Victorian state championships, Premier Speedway has hosted Australian championships for Sprintcars, Super Sedans and Street Stocks. Premier Speedway has also regularly hosted rounds of the World Series Sprintcars, being one of only five tracks to host a round of every series run since its inception in 1987. Since 1973 the speedway has been home to the Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic, the biggest single Sprintcar meeting in Australia outside of the Australian Championship. The Classic is traditionally run the weekend before the national title meeting. The speedway has hosted the Classic / Australian Championship double on six occasions - 1979, 1986, 1994, 1999, 2003 and 2011, with Sydney's 10 time Australian Champion Garry Rush the only driver to win the double at Warrnambool in 1986 when he won his 6th Classic and a week later his 7th national title.

The Warrnambool Greyhound Racing Club also holds regular meetings.

From 1 to 3 September 2008, the city hosted, along with Melbourne, the 2008 Australian Football International Cup, featuring 14 nations from around the world playing Australian rules football. The sport is highly popular in Warrnambool which has a competitive local league and is the origin of many high-profile AFL players. The city has three Australian Rules football teams playing in the Hampden Football League (North Warrnambool, South Warrnambool and Warrnambool), and many more in the Warrnambool District Football League

Golfers play either on the 18 hole course at the Warrnambool Golf Club a public access course ranked in Australia's top 100 courses, or at the 9 hole course at the Deakin University Warrnambool campus.


Warrnambool Harbour looking north from the breakwater
Warrnambool attracts approximately 715 visitors per year, and is a comprehensive regional service centre. The town's tourism benefits from the views from the Great Ocean Road, and its nearby beaches, some of which are used for surfing. In the winter months, Southern Right whales can be seen in the waters near the city at the Logan's Beach nursery, and boats make whale-watching tours. Visitor levels are usually higher during the winter school holidays due to Australia's Biggest Children's Festival, the Fun4Kids Festival.

The mainstay of the economy is agriculture and its support industry – particularly dairy farming and associated milk processing. Other major industries and services include retail, education, health, meat processing, clothing manufacture and construction. The Fletcher Jones and Staff Pty Ltd clothing factory opened in 1948 and was closed in 2005.

6.1% of Warrnambool residents were born outside Australia, which is significantly less than the Australian average of 24%.[15] 98.7% speak English at home. 1.4% regard themselves as Indigenous,[16] which is less than half the national average of 3.0%.


Our last night tonight in Terang we have been here a week, tomorrow we move on to Orford local people in White Cliffs own a farm in Orford just north of Port Fairy Rob and Shirley invited Carol and I to stay at their place in our caravan and plug into power. Shirley and Rob run the Caravan Park at White Cliffs, Shirley home in Orford.

They have been asking us to stay at their place for sometime they are very good friends of ours, Carol and Shirley are both into art (we only plan to stay a few day then move on to South Australia.)


Kylie hope you had a good day and a good 40th Birthday.


Tomorrow only a short drive about 90km's via Warrnambool, Port Fairy to Orford... Not sure if we have Internet we will take it as it comes.



January 29th Sunday 2017
I always call them my kids but they do grow up and today Kylie turned 40yr's we had a big chat today.

It's a big day for Kylie, Troy and Joyce (I made this cake and sent it to Kylie it's a E-Cake) Love all my family but it's Kylie's Day today.


Back to our 2016/17 Road Trip and it Noorat today.

Today is Day 75 of our trip this year.

Noorat is a small township in southwestern Victoria, Australia. Noorat is located approximately 218 km west of Melbourne. The township is located at the base of Mount Noorat, a dormant volcano, which is considered to have Australia's largest dry crater. At the 2006 census, Noorat had a population of 252. By 2011, according to the census, the population had dropped to 167, although this drop in numbers is a bit deceptive as the town boundary was changed in between the 2006 and 2011 census.

Noorat derives its name from Mount Noorat, a dormant volcano named by explorer Major Thomas Mitchell after a local Indigenous elder, Ngoora. Europeans first settled the Noorat area in early 1839 when MacKillop and Smith established a run called Strathdownie – which was renamed Glenormiston by Niel Black, a Scotsman from Cowall in Argyll who purchased the property in 1840.

Prior to European settlement, the area near Mount Noorat was a traditional meeting site where Indigenous tribes – the Kirrae Wuurong people - held ceremonies, bartered goods and settled disputes. There are conflicting reports about the number of Indigenous people living in the district at the time of white settlement, but in 1841, the population of the Mount Noorat clan numbered only four people. An outbreak of smallpox during the 1830s was one cause of the population decline and the alleged massacre of Indigenous people by white settlers was another.

Frederick Taylor, MacKillop and Smith's manager at Strathdownie was responsible for one of the worst massacres in the western district of Victoria somewhere along Mount Emu Creek (once known as Taylor's River) near Noorat in August 1839. This was verified by Niel Black, who found a mass grave on the Glenormiston property.

The settlement history of Noorat is closely linked with the Black family and the establishment of Glenormiston. Noorat ostensibly grew as a service centre for the Black family estate and many of the early residents either emigrated with Niel Black or worked at Glenormiston.

The Post Office opened on 1 August 1874 as Mount Noorat, and was renamed Noorat in 1875.

Noted author, Alan Marshall, was born in Noorat's general store, in 1902.

There is currently one place of public worship in Noorat, the Neil Black Memorial Presbyterian Church.

The township has two schools, Noorat Primary School, and the Noorat campus of Mercy Regional College, which has recently been renovated and now houses the year 7 and 8 students of the school. There is also the senior campus at Camperdown. The Glenormiston campus of South West Institute of TAFE is located a few kilometres north-east of the township, on the other side of the mountain.

Noorat has a local football team, the Kolora-Noorat Power, who merged in 2002 from the Noorat Bombers and Kolora Magpies. They compete in the Warrnambool & District Football League. Their colours are teal, black and white.

Alan Marshall, (2 May 1902, Noorat, Victoria – 21 January 1984, Melbourne) was an Australian writer, story teller, humanist and social documenter.

Marshall received the Australian Literature Society Short Story Award three times, the first in 1933. His best known book, I Can Jump Puddles (1955) is the first of a three-part autobiography. The other two books are This is the Grass (1962) and In Mine Own Heart (1963).

When Marshall was six years old he contracted polio leaving him with a physical disability that grew worse as he grew older. From an early age, he resolved to be a writer, and in I Can Jump Puddles he demonstrated an almost total recall of his childhood in Noorat. The characters and places of his book are thinly disguised from real life: Mount Turalla is Mount Noorat, Lake Turalla is Lake Keilambete, the Curruthers are the Blacks, Mrs. Conlon is Mary Conlon of Dixie, Terang, and his best friend, Joe from the books, is Leo Carmody. Australian poet and contemporary, Hal Porter wrote in 1965 that Marshall is:... the warmest and most centralized human being ... To walk with ease and nonchalance the straight, straight line between appearing tragic and appearing willfully brave is a feat so complex I should not like to have to rake in the dark for the super-bravery to accomplish it.

Marshall wrote numerous short stories, mainly set in the bush. He also wrote newspaper columns and magazine articles. He traveled widely in Australia and overseas. He also collected and published Indigenous Australian stories and legends.

Marshall died in 1984. His remains are interred at Nillumbik (Diamond Creek) Cemetery, Victoria, Australia.

Allan Marshall made a lot of money from book sale and built a town a lot of buildings in Noorat were built and paid for by Alan Marshall.

Noorat Post Office

Noorat Public Hall today.

Main home but it has been rebuilt a number of times.

Noorat Hotel today I am told it is almost the same as the day it was built.

Where is Noorat, Just look above where we are staying at Terang (blue dot) and you will see Noorat a town re-built and paid for by book sales.


We are in Terang today and tomorrow and move off on Tuesday where we are going is a different for us...

Hello to Kylie have a Happy Birthday.

Just had this picture sent to me, the real birthday cake made by Susan for Kylie 40th Birthday they had a party this afternoon. Party time in Albury.

Weather in Terang today is top of 25c and 11c last night, it's near the perfect small town.



January 28th Saturday 2017 (Big day tomorrow)
Last Monday we did the Great Ocean Road to Apollo Bay, We went back and did the rest we have now seen it all end to end and I must say it is still a great drive that everyone should do once in a life time.

How good is this the Great Ocean Road..

And here the problem it is nibbling away the 12 Apostles are almost a thing of the past and the new area they open up is called Bay Of Islands Coastal Park (it been there years but it was a dirt track it is now a super road and they building more right now This will be the new area on the Great Ocean Road.

London bridge fell down years ago here the new arch you walk to.

Just seen this picture and liked it.

Almost looking into the sun Bay Of Islands Coastal Park.

Bay Of Islands Coastal Park is worth a lot of money to Australia.

Bay Of Islands Coastal Park is about 5km's long

Bay Of Islands Coastal Park all new walk ways and roads new parking area's.

Just tried a HiRes picture at the Bay Of Islands Coastal Park not sure if I like the picture or not it is part of the new Microsoft camera/phone it uses a lot of memory on the camera. Comments Welcome please.

It ended up almost a 300km drive from Terang and back to Terang we had all day.

We can tick the Great Ocean Road off the list this year.


More tomorrow, a great story about the local area. Do you know the book "I can Jump Puddles" tomorrow.



January 27th Friday 2017

Our day started in Terang it was a lot better day than yesterday the sun was out so we set out to follow what they call the Farm Food Trail which is built around the town of Timboon. We both said it was one of the best days this year. I was thinking road side stalls with fruit and Vegetables. No it's a lot more than that, Milk prices fell for the farmers two years ago so they looked at other ways to make a living.

This is the only Ice Cream I was going to get today at Timboon homemade Ice Creamery.


Inside I did buy a scoop (1 scoop it cost $6.00)

On a farm it started in a shed.

Carol had a scoop. I sent this picture to her daughter.

The first of many cheese maker's they had heaps of milk so they turned the front of the house into a shop selling home made Cheese, Honey, Yogurt, and as they say real milk.

Next stop and lunch at "Apostle Whey Cheese"

Carol looking at the staff making cheese in the room next door.

They said it was a old shed not used on the farm it's all made using there own milk and cream.

Our lunch today how good is this and it all cost $15.00 and it serves two. It cheaper here then Big Mac, great food, loved it... in the shop on the way out we stocked up for the next few days.

Carol said she is going to paint this sign...

Next stop George Chocolates another old farm shed.

All home made Chocolates (I only brought a small one) and a coffee shop... Apart from the Ice Cream farm all the outlets were well priced, block of cheese $4 to $9 Chocolates around $4.00 for a 500g block.

That was today "The Timboon Farm Food Trail" and there is a lot more that we did not get to see.

For a lot more on Timboon "Click Here"

We did not see it all but we had a great day in the Timboon area, the town map is hopeless you need to have a GPS to find some of the places.

Never trust a GPS we keyed in the address of one farm today The GPS said turn right it was a dirt track, the road ends and we were looking at a cliff 30ft to the bottom. I had slowed right down it just did not look right, we looked at the GPS it was saying keep going and turn right in 1.2km's (I am sure going to report that to the maker of the GPS.)

Hope you enjoy the pictures today.

We seen maybe 50% of what was on offer, I was pulled over by a RBT my reading 0.00 as the police lady said that's a waste of time with a smile.

A lot more tomorrow.



January 26th Thursday "Australia Day"

Terang, Australia Day and nothing happened in town that's not good most shops were open on Australia. That is the only bad thing about Terang it is a very clean town the whole town is picture perfect.

Every lawn is looked after and mowed just look at the picture Below. We went for a drive around town today and found a lot of friendly people asking about where we live.

This is the main road the Pacific Highway I don't think we have seen a cleaner town.

We went for Coffee at a local Cafe today.

Do not know what it is used for but I like the building.

The Terang Post Office a nice old building.

Right next to the caravan park that we are staying in a beautiful Church, they don't build them like this any more.

You cannot see the full story it was taken outside the church the pictures all about "Sign's" on the one corner there are a total of 76 road signs. When you drive down the highway you may spend five seconds at the corner at the most, that's about 13 sign's to read per second. The picture only shows 21 of the signs.

Home and it is near perfect caravan park I have to give it a 5 out of 5... Note the new television antenna on the roof of the caravan. It fixed and stay's there all the time, (I hope it stay's there) Jaycar $89.00

Carol is a old tennis player from some years ago so I had to listen to that tennis ball all day. (long live V8 Supercar's.)

The weather I was told is around 38c in Albury Wodonga and Wagga Wagga well we are looking for a jumper 11c over night to 17c top for today. They say 20c tomorrow and we are planning a drive to Timboon and follow the farm trail around the area and a visit to an Ice Cream Factory (I be good)...

The next few days on 3Dots should be good.

Adrian sent me some pictures over the last few days, Thanks.

The "Rocket" taken out for a run, the dogs sure like the free ride.

They had a Australia Day stall at Wagga Wagga today, you sure had a lot of people.

I hear Peter is home.. Well done Peter..


More tomorrow...



January 25th Wednesday 2017

Not a lot happen today we made a trip to the supermarket and to the butcher, tomorrow I will take some pictures of the local area most of the day was taken up working on the television antenna we had not tv again I think we need a new cable on the tv. We roll the cable up when we move from camp to camp but they seem to break inside.

Friday we will be going into Warrnambool so I look for a new cable and try fix it in a way that we do not need to remove it... not sure how we will do that, have to think outside the box...

What is happing to Australia Day we ask a number of people about what will happen on Australia "Nothing that a thing of the past" there is something missing.

I did some work on the White Cliffs website. click here and have a look.


I go for a walk around town tomorrow with the camera.


One thing that did happen today the website went past 20,000 hits that great to see for Carol and I ...


Have a good Australia Day.



January 24th Tuesday 2017

We moved, the plan was to stay another week in Colac, late last night the wind came and it was a really big wind around 100km's hour we stayed upright we felt the caravan moving last night in the wind, most tents were blowen over one big caravan was turned about 25deg then rain came we woke up and most people were packing up and leaving so we did the same (why take the risk) yet as we drove away a big caravan pulled into where we left.

We drove around 70km's west to a small town "Terang" it is a new town for Carol and I and I try find out a lot more over the next few days it is about the size of Beechworth out of Albury. The map above shows the blue dot, where we are and that is about 50km's from the coast.

It almost like a picture card "Terang Caravan Park" there are only six people here, so neat and tidy and clean what it cost $22.00 night but we stay a week $17.00 night with power water and green grass, as you can see in the picture it is neat and tidy.

Joi sent us a text today, Peter hope's to come home tomorrow from hospital.

The caravan needs a big wash after about 2000km's so that maybe tomorrow job, give it a big clean.

I think you have to agree life has many twist and turns, never take a risk it just not worth it. This is our forth year that we have been going on road trips. The 1st and 2nd year where good last year in NSW was just to hot and it be a long time before we go up the NSW coast in summer.

This year has been good we were talking and agree that so far this has been a good trip. Wind and Rain our biggest problems.

Hello to the grandkids getting ready to return to school.

Will we stay the week???



January 23rd Monday 2017

Up at 7am and on the road by 8am on a "road trip for the day," Wincheisea, Anglesea, Aireys Inlet, Lorne, Cumberland River, Wye River, Kennett River, Skenes Creek, Apolla Bay then back to Colac via the Otway National Park. And the trip went as planned.

The Great Ocean Road is a beautiful drive no matter how many times you do it, it just gets better and better.

Lunch time at Apolla bay was the only let down, Japanese People they are so rude and in Apolla Bay they out number the Australian people 20 to 1...

Anglesea, one of our first stops

Start of the Great Ocean Road

Hotel on the Great Ocean Road...

Lorne shopping area.

Great fishing spot.

That winding road goes on for 100km's

Apolla bay CBD gee it is a very busy place.

Apolla bay CBD it is a very busy place.


Apolla bay CBD today.

Went to Woolworth’s for fuel, standing at the pump we were told no Unleaded 91 fuel, but you can have Premium Unleaded 98 for the price of Unleaded 91... So I filled up, near empty to full...

Normal unleaded 91 returns 14.5lph (liters per hundred) the Premium 98 return 10.5LPH.. I need to look at the numbers...


We are still in Colac and it's blowing up a really big wind as I write this.

It's been a big day...



January 22nd Sunday 2017

At the top of Lake Colac is a very small town called Beeac with a little pub that we had lunch in today nice meal.

Beeac has a small salt lake I have seen it about 3yr's ago it was pink salt at the time.

Today it was covered in about 1" (25mm) of water a little pink but not a lot.

The windmill display at Beeac today they have a collection of windmills from around the local area.

Back in Colac looking across the lake to where we are camped.

Looking to the West End of the lake.

Back home the bird's are still fishing out front of the caravan.

Nice day a bit warm in Colac but all good today. Went into town for a bag of ice today, a bag of ice last five days in the cool box...

Day 68, yes we left White Cliffs 68 days ago and we have been to a lot of places on the way south. So far this has been our best road trip ever.

The plan moving to one place and staying, is working well then move to a new area it has been good.


Tomorrow we are going on a road trip for the day, Wincheisea, Anglesea, Aireys Inlet, Lorne, Cumberland River, Wye River, Kennett River, Skenes Creek, Apolla Bay then back to Colac via the Otway National Park. It is about 250km's round trip.... That's tomorrow Monday, with no caravan....


Hello to John and Glenda...




January 21st Saturday 2017

Had a great day at Lake Colac Free Camp, being the week end there are a lot of people here from Melbourne and Geelong tonight they come for one night at the free camp.

We made a quick trip into town for a few items at the Woolworth Supermarket, fresh food in the bakery of the supermarket, this year the supermarkets seem to be selling bun's and bread and I am talking Cole's Woolworth's and Aldi, even IGA the rolls as such do not taste fresh. Like Woolworth's today the rolls are marked baked 21st, they had that two day old taste.

We took this picture late last night this morning a total blue sky the lake was like glass and no wind a perfect day.

Tomorrow Sunday we are going out for lunch at Beeack just up the road from our camp they have a Sunday lunch at the Hotel all good.

Monday we are having a big day doing a Great Ocean Road drive.

A quite day in Colac...



January 20th Friday 2017

Another day at the free camp on Lake Colac after a night of heavy rain (we had 25mm of rain last night) I was up and down night with the rain. Then the wind came, all day non-stop it added up to a shocking day really bad.

The reason I was up and down was checking the caravan for leaks, the good news is we had none.

Full cloud cover all day so almost no solar power, we had Adrian Generator for a week over Christmas it was great I going to look around we could have used it today. We have a good size battery on the Solar cell and it is still about 70% full we can go three days without sun.

Went shopping in town this morning, Spoils, Bunning's, Aldi and had lunch at the Colac RSL Club, that's is one club that needs a rebuild it was built in 1920 and looks like it.

By the way I had a jumper on all day, it was a cold 8c this morning. After living in White Cliffs that was nice.


Hello to all the people in White Cliffs and thanks for all the phone calls today.


More tomorrow if the rain stops.



January 19th Thursday 2017

The first store I always visit in Colac is George Taylor's Store, it in the main street of Colac I made a list of what we needed Tape, Tent Poles, Glue for Vinyl and the list goes on.

I walked in they took my list and filled it in 5min's I looked around paid and left.


Colac main street, in Colac you will fine Target, Coles, Woolworth's, Aldi, Home, Mitre 10 and Bunning's


We are on Solar Power here, it works well as long as you have sunshine. What a view if you owned a home here it cost a million dollars.

Looking West about 3pm today there are a lot of people here.

Looking East from our camp, I guess there would be 30 campers here tonight. And the best part is it is all free camping here at Colac about 7km's from the main street of town. It all free, we have toilets, town water tap but no mains power.

That little blue dot top right is our camp tonight and we be happy to stay here for a short time we are not far from Geelong and 30min,s to the Great Ocean Road. It a good place to do day trips from.

I am told Peter is still in Melbourne Hospital.

Scott set up a camera on the back of the Mercedes Benz and the back of the Caravan, I had to mount a plug today (Scott all done.)

Good luck to the USA on Trump Day the 20th January 2017...

The weather 24c today and 9c last night, they say rain tomorrow.

Hello to Tim and Sue in Wangaratta.


Three Dot counter is at 19,904 hits right now, hope you are the lucky 20,000 hits


Have Fun...



January 18th Wednesday 2017

Left Euroa, and I  was happy to leave we had a shocking night at 1am we were thinking about packing up and leaving. Wind and more wind turned a quite night into a night from hell, the bark from near by trees was hitting on the roof four or five times a minute. Then light timber start to fall this is not good, by 5am we started to pack up and left by 6am…

We were in Gisborne by 10am our stop for tonight, we decided to keep going next Geelong then onto Colac free camp. We are now two days ahead of schedule the plan was to get here Friday this week.

A gang I passed on the road today, they walked up to see us today.

Today drive was 354km Euroa to Colac very little time for taking pictures today.


All good, we are planning a long stay here.


Hello to Joi and Peter, hope your feeling better Peter…


More tomorrow.





January 17th Tuesday 2017

Well we are on the road again, part two of our Holiday for 2016-17...

First I must say thank you to Kylie and Troy for the meal last night at their home in Thurgoona just east of Albury for Kylie 40th Birthday. (Kylie birthday is on the 29th of this month.) Thank you for the night out.

White Cliffs on ABC TV "Back Roads" most people seem to love it with the worst comment "it was to short" being a half hour show it started then it ended, it was all over. People saying it missed a lot of things, yes it did but it was only 30min,s

The White Cliffs website had over 500 hit after Back Roads.

I was seen on caravan 1sec at the sporting club, the home was seen for 2sec and Carol was seen for 3sec, but most say a good show a good night.

We left Carmen and Damon home in Wodonga about 8am (thanks for having us for two night.) we picked up the caravan from Adrian and Dianne home in Lavington (thanks for looking after it.) we hit the road with a slow trip 190km's to Euroa half way to Melbourne, we got here about 1pm this afternoon and are staying at the Caravan Park at Euroa in the town $29.00 a night. The price is a bit on the high side for a three star caravan park. We have power, and a clean shower and it just a one night stop over.

That little blue dot is us for tonight in Euroa, the park is ok just needs a clean up outside.

All the picture's above are Euroa Main Street as you can see it is a long street and almost all shops are being used by the town.

It is not a bad town it has a great IGA Supermarket that "5 star" Coles and Woolworth's need to check this shop out and see how to setup a supermarket. It is a IGA Supermarket, a Bunning, a KMart all in one shop. It's really well done.

Add Euroa to your list it's worth a look around town.

We move on tomorrow towards Bacchus Marsh area but we will not stay at the caravan park it cost $37 a night a joke. But we will stay in the area and hope to meet up with people from White Cliffs for a coffee.

Our first big stop will be Colac 330km's south (hope it is cooler)


Have fun this week we will. Hello to John, Faye and Scott in Wangaratta.




January 16th Monday 2017

In Albury Wodonga this morning with Carol family and it's going to be a big day I am going to try find Aub (for those that don't know Aub is my oldest brother, great guy with his wife Beryl.)

He missed out on the computer age so no email and no computer in Aub house.

We are writing 3Dot early as it's going to be a big night we are going to see Kylie and Troy for a meal tonight. And watch “Back Roads” on ABC television at 8pm about White Cliffs. I really hope they show home for what it is, friendly and most of the time funny place to live. It the care free living that we all like, that's going to be hard to capture on television.

Our road trip each year in well planned, in two parts. White Cliffs to leaving Albury Wodonga part one, part two is Albury Wodonga to Home.

Part two this year is via South West Victoria and the South Coast of South Australia we never set any dates or time. It's just a slow drive from place to place a drive that may take four months.

Chase taken today in Wodonga.

This will be of interest to a few people from the old day. The Mann's Building in Wodonga we talk about Doug and Bill in Queensland on three dots well this is where we all met at Mann's Of Wodonga around 1970 we all worked together so our friendship goes back a long way a very long way.

The picture's above taken today in Wodonga today it's going to be a new shopping complex and open for next Christmas we are told. For those who know the area the pictures were taken from Hovell Street Wodonga. This is going to be a big complex.

Tomorrow morning it is on the road again I think it will take about four days to Colac our first Major stop over.

I want to go see Geelong and the Great Ocean Road. Colac is a free camp it will be a really slow trip this year we have a lot see on the way.


Tonight 8pm White Cliffs on Back Roads ABC TV.


Tomorrow "on the road again"


3Dots website 19,845 hits who will be number 20,000... it will happen this week...




January 15th Sunday 2017

We left Walla Walla and dropped the caravan off at Adrian and Dianne place in Lavington then headed to Wodonga to stay with Carmen and Damon for the next two nights.

Don't forget tomorrow night "Back Roads" on ABC TV at 8pm it all about White Cliffs and the biggest ad the town will get for years. The Back Roads people will show what White Cliffs is all about.

Not a great picture Joyce with a quilt that Carol made for her, Carol gave it to her for Joyce 6th Birthday.

Just a bit of fun Tahlia and Chase on a 2017 Calendar that I made on my new phone.

Joyce on the same 2017 Calendar it's all a bit of fun I get them printed.

While we are having fun with the new phone / camera here Joi from Melbourne Sky Diving... (it's all a trick using the camera)...

I have been asked about the Phone / Camera by a number of people it is a "Microsoft Windows 10 950XL Phone Camera" I give it a score 9 out of 10...

Tonight a bit of fun, we leave here on Tuesday Morning heading south towards Colac but that may take a few days.

Tomorrow night we are having a meal with Troy, Kylie and Joyce for Kylie birthday I am looking forward to spending time at Thurgoona tomorrow night.

Time for tea

Remember ABC 8pm Monday night 16th...



January 14th Saturday 2017

We did not even start the car today it was a much cooler day around 28c in Walla I spent most of the day watching a game of cricket on the oval next to our camp site (I was hoping no one hit a six).

Picture's taken with the camera phone today.

It hard to keep up with the game with no score board working at the oval, it was fun for a while.

Tomorrow we move into Albury Wodonga for two nights staying with Carol daughter. Monday night we are going to have a meal with Kylie and Troy for Kylie Birthday. We will then head South on Tuesday Morning towards Lake Colac but that may take a few day.

It will then be a slow trip across South West Victoria to South Australia, we have a plan but we may have to finish it another year. Two reason's one the weather in South Australia and the high price of petrol of late.

I like to find a nice spot and setup came for a month by the Ocean.


We went to the Walla Bowls Club last night for a meal it was a really good night we sat with a local family and after our meal we were invited to their place for coffee, really nice people.

At the club last night Carol won the meat pack...

We move tomorrow.


January 13th Friday 2017

Very quite day in Walla Walla so we went for a drive around the local area, I read last night about the Lutheran Church in Walla Walla (we are not Lutheran but I did enjoy the local story) so we went looking for the church in Walla.

About Walla Walla
Walla Walla boasts an impressive range of industries for a town of its size, many supporting the surrounding agricultural district, as well as some that are aimed at both national and international markets.

The level of industrial activity in Walla Walla challenges many larger towns and the consistent and innovative approach to business ensures Walla Walla will continue to expand in future years.

Explorers Hume and Hovell were probably the first Europeans to see the area on their expedition south to Port Phillip, (Melbourne) and they particularly noted the extensive grass cover and the potential for grazing. The town was settled in 1868/69 when 56 German settlers arrived in 14 covered wagons and two spring carts, having traveled 1,000km from Ebenezia in the Barossa Valley in search of land.

That German heritage survives today with Walla Walla home to the Zion Lutheran Church. Built in 1924, it is the largest Lutheran Church in NSW and seats almost 600 people.

St Paul’s College, a Christian co-educational secondary school is located in Walla Walla and caters for both day students and boarders from the local area and communities across Australia and overseas. Students choose from a wide range of academic and practical subjects including Agriculture on the school farm and Horsemanship at the school’s Equine Centre.

The old wagon is behind glass (the glass makes it hard to take a picture).

Walla Walla engenders a real sense of community involvement led by the Community Development Committee and offers residents a uniquely Australian country lifestyle from a town located within an easy 20 minutes drive of the major regional centre of Albury Wodonga.

Just north of Walla Walla is Morgan’s Lookout, a massive white granite rock formation used by the bushranger ‘Mad Dog’ Morgan as a hideout and lookout but today provides visitors with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

The old Lutheran Church still stands today.

Also worth a visit is the Gum Swamp, a high conservation wetland located in the South West Slopes bioregion. It is home to many threatened species, including the White-bellied Sea Eagle, the Fishing Bat and the Squirrel Glider. The Gum Swamp Reserve Management Committee has been successfully undertaking revegetation work, in order to promote bird diversity within the Reserve and have received funding from the Environmental Trust and NSW Murray Wetlands Working Group to continue the revegetation program.

The new church at Walla Walla.

The land between the old and and the new church's.

Back at Caravan we turned the air conditioner on and watched television in the cool in the afternoon it was quite hot.

Hello to David and Sue in Gippsland hope you had a good Christmas and New Year.

Time to go for a walk around the area.

Today marks 60 days on the road, yes we left White Cliffs 60 days ago and Tuesday we head off on our trip proper.

We leave here on Sunday morning.



January 12th Thursday 2017

Well tomorrow Friday and the end of a another week.

Today we had to drive into Albury we were looking for Spark Plug leads for the Mercedes Benz we tried all over Albury Wodonga with no luck.

I can buy them online, I can order them at a dealer store.

Bill in Queensland it's your lucky day I send you an email.


I will do the car service but leave the plugs untouched till I can buy the leads. I am told the old leads may break when we try to remove the spark plugs. The car running fine so there is no rush.

More on that later.

This is a television picture.

While in town today in Lavington we came across a car in the windows of a shop, we turned up just after it happen.

There was traffic and police everywhere so I could not stop.


I took this picture using my Windows Phone on TV setting (first time I have used it. It is a picture of our television (local news) set in the caravan. It's seem to be ok.


We have the same problem everyone has “It hot.”

Power just came back on guess it the heat we lost power for almost two hours. That the reason dot's is so late tonight. 



January 11th Wednesday 2017
I am still having trouble getting my head around it is 2017 what happen, am I the only one that missed 20yr's somewhere. Time to look forward to the next 20yr's...

We went shopping in Albury today I think the price of fuel going to jump with Sydney hitting $1.49lt today. One stop was Bunning's, I picked up a few things to start working on the outside of the caravan, will start on it tomorrow.

Lunch today was at the Albury SS&A Club it a nice club we visit the club maybe three times a year.

I booked the Mercedes Benz for a service in Albury next Monday morning we have a long drive ahead of us.

Our camp at Walla Walla $50 a week (we are here for 6 days) $8.33 night power, water tap, hot shower and toilets. After lunch we start to get shade.

Like a lot of parks think about the cost, what I mean here it cost $10 a night 6days $60.00 pay for a week $50.00 a week but still leave in 6 days. I let you work that out.

It is a clean area next to the Football and Cricket oval at Walla (has some nice old plants)

Here the Oval it is all nicely mowed ready for football training.

Thank you to Dick in White Cliffs, telling me how much he enjoyed the website, gee it is nice to get an email every now and then. It takes about 45min's every day to keep the website up to date and is about to have it's 20,000 hit in the next 10days. Dick thanks for taking the time to write.

Di thanks for the phone call about your Dad, hope he feels better in the next few weeks. Carol n Rex

Albury only has one problem Parking...

Hello to Dick in White Cliffs.

Bill thanks for the email on the website last weekend.

Tomorrow is another day.



January 10th Tuesday

The first thing we did today was setup the camp site in Walla after the rain yesterday, next we did the washing it still hot sitting outside.

Having a quite day in Walla Walla we have been updating the White Cliffs website today as you can see below.

Visit White Cliffs Number one friendly town in the Outback.

Next Monday

White Cliffs on ABC 
Back Roads.
Heather Ewart visits White Cliffs, a tiny underground outback town in NSW, which is full of colourful surprises.

From ABC website

Next on:Monday 16 Jan 2017, 8:00pm 
Sunday 22 Jan 2017, 12:30pm (Repeat)ABC1

Read all about it at ABC Click Here

Planning a trip in 2017 Visit White Cliffs Number One in the Outback of New South Wales
White Cliffs Town Brochure Download 

Click Here


It's not for everyone, but if one couple's experience is anything to go by, living underground could be the key to keeping the cost of buying a home as low as possible.
Jane and Chris Henderson, who live in White Cliffs, NSW, with their two-year-old daughter, bought their home - a converted mine shaft known as a dugout - for just $75,000.
The mother-of-one fell in love with the simple life when she visited White Cliffs, an opal mining town with a population of just 200 people, seven years ago. 
The full story Click Here.

All from the White Cliffs Website... White Cliffs Website Click here.


Tomorrow we are going into Albury for a look around town and buy what we need, there is only so much you can do in Walla Walla but it's a nice place to say we like it here.

Hello to Brenda and Peter from White Cliffs, now traveling down south.

We have had a number of people call us from White Cliffs just to say hello and tell us what is going on, been good to hear from them.

We hope next Tuesday we can head off across Victoria and into South Australia for about three to four month's.



January 9th Monday
We left Berrigan but will return, it is a nice town and a great Caravan Park so clean and green grass. We packed up and left around 10am.

Next stop was Howlong for a meal in the local bakery.

A wet day in Howlong (the rain was on and off most of the day in the Albury area)

Howlong, I have to ask where are all the people, Cobram, Finley, Berrigan and Howlong the streets are empty well near empty. The shops must be having trouble with no customers.

Next stop was a supermarket in Albury, and a stop over at Adrian home in Lavington.

Then it was out to Walla Walla the same place we spend a week just before Christmas this year. The Caravan Park cost $50 for seven night's with power that's just on $7 a night that makes it the cheapest caravan park in Australia with power. It has a bathroom with hot shower water.

It still raining here in Walla so not much will happen to night I setup came in the morning.

Today was about 180km's, a good trip and a quite day.

Gave Adrian back his Honda Generator thanks for a lend.

After the trip in the rain you should see how dirty the caravan is, I have a big wash job ahead of me in the next day or so.

Hello to all the people in White Cliffs.


Auction on in the Albury Wodonga area Saturday 21st. Have a look Click Here

In the next week we should pass 20,000 hits on the website.



January 8th Sunday
All good in Berrigan today just to hot, we went for a short drive around Berrigan in the car it was the coolest place to be.

Once place we went to was the Berrigan Bakery it is a nice shop I love all the clocks, where you sit you have your own television set as you can see in the picture.


We went out for lunch today at the Berrigan Golf Club, good food we enjoyed the three hours at the club. If the club has a problem it is lack of local people.

Back at the Berrigan Caravan Park we were talking to these ladies doing patchworks in the park BBQ area. They said it was Patchwork on the go, they are from Melbourne.

Doug in Queensland thanks for the phone call today it was good to have a chat, I check out Jaycar in Albury over the next week.

We will move off tomorrow morning to Albury Wodonga, most likely Walla Walla and the $10 night with power. From there it is only 30km's to Albury.

Put this in your note books, the 16th January ABC TV you have the show "Back Roads" at 8pm it is all about "White Cliffs" don't miss it. You may see Rex, but I did try and hide Carol will be seen a number of times.

If you ever wonder why we drive away from White Cliffs in Summer, here the reason.
Sun 41c, Mon 42c, Tue 42c, Wed 43c and Thu 44c it may be 23c underground but you have to come out sometimes.

Tomorrow it is "On The Road Again."

Here we go I try take some pictures on the way.



January 7th Saturday

Well it never got any cooler today, Berrigan was as hot as the rest of the area 38c (that's the same as White Cliffs 38c today).

There is a Auction on in the Albury Wodonga area in two weeks, Adrian and Garvin are setting it up this week. Have a look Click Here

The main street of Berrigan at 4pm on a Saturday afternoon

Most of the shops are full with only the odd empty shop in town.

There's a IGA Supermarket and Chemist Shop that we used today.

The pub around the corner to the left.

The best building in town is the Berrigan Shire Office and it is a nice building.

It happen 155yr's ago in Berrigan it must have been a hell of a bang, this is on the side of an old bank building that is no longer used. The only bank in town now is a NAB.

There is a big "Show and Shine" car show on in Berrigan next weekend.

We will stay Friday, Saturday and Sunday night here in Berrigan Caravan Park then head towards Walla Caravan park just north of Albury Wodonga it an easy drive into Albury from there.

This morning we went to the Supermarket in town.

Hello to the crew in Queensland Desire, Doug and Bill hope it is cooler up there.



January 6th Friday

Happy 6th Birthday Joyce, big girl now.

From Graham and Di who are now in Echuca

This is our spot in Echuca! We both think it is better than the spot we had in Tocumwal. No flies, very peaceful.The only thing that is missing is Rex and Carol xx.

What can we say "Thank You" we will meet up in South Australia.

Today we drove 21km's from Finley to Berrigan Caravan Park a great park $22 night power and water and it is so clean I have to give this caravan park a 5 out 5...

We are about 130km's from Albury Wodonga, not far if you live in the area this would be a great place to visit. But not today it was just so hot far to hot to go anywhere.

Berrigan park has a lot of shade.

There are a few campers here tonight.

Super clean toilet and shower block.

We have a good setup here tonight.

Tomorrow morning in the cool of the day we will go have a look at the town and shops, I did see one sign today the RFS "Rural Fire Service" started in Berrigan in 1896 now the "CFA and all across Australia."

I have to say hello to my granddaughter Joyce today, it's a big day today 6yr's old.

Ok Mr and Mr's Weather Service we could do with some cooler weather.

(By the way we are writing Finley off our return list.)


Tomorrow is another day.



January 5th Thursday

Not a good day in Finley it was 38c at one stage and a shocker, if it was 38C in White Cliffs you can easy walk around it is a very dry heat nothing like here it burns.

Tomorrow we go to Berrigan 22km's east of Finley (well that is the plan) why I say that is you ring them up at the Berrigan Caravan Park and they say find your own site in the park and they will call by in the evening.

Today we did the washing in the camp washing machine it cost $8 for two loads.

We went to the supermarket and picked up a small order. I must must say it is the first Supermarket I have seen with carpet on the floor and it is a big IGA Supermarket, but carpet I have worked in many Supermarkets and cleaned up after a lot of customers.

The carwash is good in Finley it is using very hot water to wash your car and it does a really good job the Mercedes Benz is looking good tonight.

Must be getting old I went online the other day 23rd December to pay my phone account and in error I paid it off the White Cliffs power account. Telstra sent me a email "Please Pay" on checking I found I made a stuff up. So I had to pay Telstra today and my Power Account is in credit, getting old.

So tomorrow it is on the road again 22km's so Berrigan here we come.

Here Peter had a turn or two, look after yourself.

Hello to Jack and Daniel in Albury Wodonga.

I do some pictures tomorrow in Berrigan.



January 4th Wednesday

We were up early to beat the heat of the day it was a very hot afternoon in Finley felt like about 35c. We had the cooler going in the caravan almost all day. Finley is a town on a bit of a fall a lot of the shops are closed and a few more are closing down. The Berrigan Shire need to step in and get things going again.

Finley is a town in the Riverina region of New South Wales. It is the largest town in the Berrigan Shire. At the 2006 census, Finley had a population of 1,921 people. The town is located approximately 140 kilometres west of Albury on the intersection of the Newell Highway and Riverina Highways.


The post office opened on 1 January 1881 but was known as Murray Hut until 1893. Europeans first settled the area around Finley in the early 1840s, with wheat becoming the main crop.

The Finley Agricultural & Pastoral Association was formed in 1912 and held its first show on 17 September 1913. The agricultural show is still held annually on the first Sunday in September.

Periods of severe drought, combined with the Great Depression of the early 1930s, forced many farmers to abandon their holdings.

In 1935, construction on the Mulwala Canal began in order to provide employment and bring water to the area’s rich farmland.


Finley has two primary schools, St Joseph's School, and Finley Public School. Finley High School attracts students from a wide catchment including the towns of Berrigan, Tocumwal, Jerilderie and Blighty.

Finley is also home to a campus of Riverina TAFE.


Australian rules football, cricket and netball are all very popular in the town. Sporting teams include the Finley Football Club, who compete in the Murray Football League.

The Finley Rodeo Committee holds an annual rodeo every January and Finley Apex Club hosts a tractor pull every February.

Finley has an 18-hole green grass golf course.

I took some pictures around the lake next to the caravan park today.

This lake is right next to the Caravan Park in Finley

This walkway go's right around the Finley Lake you can see the Caravan Park on the right hand side.

Taken from the lake you can see the Mercedes and Caravan, there are a lot of people here tonight. There are some nice shade trees in the park.

We have leave here on Friday three days is long enough in Finley.

Don't forget ABC Television on the 16th January "Back Roads" 8pm I am told. They were in White Cliffs for a week with a film crew, it be worth seeing so remember the 16th.

Hello to David and Sue in Gippsland.

Thanks for all the comments on Joyce using a computer at 5yr's old, yes it is a good picture I will get it printed.

I hope it is cooler tomorrow.



January 3rd Tuesday
We left Tocumwal and the Murray River today and headed to Finley in New South Wales (20km's away,) but before we left I found this little guy or gal below.

It the size of a 10c coin sitting on the Murray River bank at about 8am this morning (that a close up with the new Microsoft camera I was asked the model of the camera it is a Microsoft 950XL Phone Camera.)

In Finley we are in the Caravan Park on the lake (next to the lake) I think it is the only caravan park in town. it is $20 a night with power and water or $50 for three nights. We have booked in for three nights at this stage.

Here is our camp at Finley Caravan Park tonight. We have a few shade tree's around us.

The Finley CBD there are a lot shop (small town shopping) we will have a look around in the morning as it is quite hot here today.

I like this picture Joyce reading 3Dots website (she likes the pictures) she 5yr's old (six on Friday this week.)

3rd Generation computer user in the family, I see you at the end of the month.

Good luck Troy in Melbourne.


Satellite TV in Finley (we have no television in Finley it is all Satellite TV here). if you go to White Cliffs it is the same no tv at the caravan park. something I have to look into is a portable TV dish.


Tomorrow we will go shopping in town and have a look around the area.


Hello to Muffy and Susan in Albury Wodonga.


And I must say a big thank you to Di and Graham we camped next to them the last six days and we all had a wow of a time. We plan to meet up in South Australia for a few days, we are looking forward to it.



January 2nd 2017 Monday

Our last day in Tocumwal today so we went for a drive to the Big Strawberries then onto Cobram for lunch it was a good day. When I say we, I mean Di, Graham, Carol and I.

The Big Strawberry today.

There is a hour wait for a meal so we had an Ice Cream and left.

This is all part on the Big Strawberry

We then drove over Cobram way for a meal and the Barooga Golf Club or Barooga Sports Club was perfect.

How good this a great layout and a perfect meal.

The club looking great as you can see.

The roof is like a tent.

The Murray River Crew at 5pm Happy Hour. We all had a good time camping next to each other.

The crew started to break up some heading home, we go tomorrow, Graham and Di Wednesday.


Troy hope all works out in Melbourne.


Tomorrow it is off to Finley only 20km's to the North on the lake $20 a night with power.



January 1st Sunday 2017
Happy New Year and welcome to 2017, What a 24hr's in Tocumwal, what a night. the pictures below tell the last 24hr's

The girls dressed up for New Years Eve Party.

All the guys had to wear a hat (they said I was the winner of the best dressed award)

Di getting a lift

That Jet Ski is a Police Ski it turned up about 8am checking the boats and doing RBT

In town today I took a few pictures.

This is the main street of town.

Not many walking the street this morning most of the town are sleeping it off.

Taken inside the caravan just a bit of fun, sitting on the bed you see the air conditioner, bathroom with toilet and shower.

Where to now, Tuesday we are going to Finley (I think) I will give the caravan park a ring and see if we can get a site. Di and Graham are going down Echuca way, we will stay in the area to Kylie Birthday on the 29th January it's a big one this year.

Then we are heading south for a while and working our way across Victoria to South Australia well that the plan, (We will meet up with Di and Graham in South Australia). There is only one problem in Tocumwal and that is the "power boats" on the Murray River they never stop. They are on the water 8am to 8pm, but you put up with them it's a free camp it cost you nothing and you meet a lot of great people.

Troy the best of luck in Melbourne.

Hello to Joi and Peter in Melbourne I hope 2017 a great year for you, it will not be hard to beat 2016.

The power working well today, the computer all fixed and working well.

All good for the start of 2017.

Three Dots...