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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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July 31st Monday 2017
I be happy to go home just to much going on here, we just went non-stop all day today shopping among other things, Carol had her hair done, shopping for art supplies in three shop but you need to do something when in White Cliffs.

I picked up a new stone grinding wheel today a stone wheel turns in water and at a slow speed 350rpm I have been using one at a friends home now I have my own.

An even better surprise was they had 50% off my guess is not to many people are grinding stone these days $199 to $99. It can be used on Opal or most stone. you can make some nice Jewelry

Then the big job Aldi Supermarket Wodonga and that is a big job two big trolley loads for White Cliffs Aldi here is a lot cheaper than Coles and Woolworth's in Broken Hill. Then a really big job, repack the Mercedes Benz to fit it all in the car.

Stopped for a coffee at Wodonga Plaza, Wodonga shopping seems to be very mixed up right now, the Woolworth's Supermarket the new one was a bit of a let down it has a new great supermarket but the shops around it seem to all lost and out of place maybe it will get better. Right now it is a supermarket and not much else.

The Coles across the road is yet to open but is not far away, they were putting plants in the garden today. A Coles and a Kmart and they are talking a lot of smaller shops.

Scott back home from Computer Skills Training in Sydney he got home late today.

We head off tomorrow just not sure how far we will get Griffith, maybe Cobar not sure we both have done to much in Albury Wodonga...



July 30th Sunday 2017
I am still in a lot of trouble with the Internet here my computer just does not like the Internet link. Well just like Ned Kelly said "That's Life" (well he said something like that, I know someone will tell me).

John is having a lot of work done in Melbourne on his heart, and recovery will be months away.

We spent today with family, we met up with Kylie, Joyce, Susan, Case and Tahlia at a coffee shop in Olive St Albury today (think it was call Hudson) Carol and I had a good time. After Coffee I dropped Carol and the kids back home in Wodonga. I seen Muffy and Troy in the afternoon all good.

That's a nice car Kylie has very nice car. Mazda 3, new 2017 model.

Tonight we are back in Wodonga and putting up with a very slow Internet I can send text but far to slow for pictures, that would take all night.

Hello to the guys in Queensland plus one lady, hope you had a good weekend.

We will pack the trailer and head North towards home Tuesday Morning, maybe a one night stop over in Cobar.




July 29th Saturday 2017
Your all right for someone who lives in White Cliffs it's cols in Albury Wodonga.

We left Finley early this morning and came home via Cobram, Yarrawonga for breakfast then Wangaratta stopping at Faye and John's place (thanks for the coffee) then it was Scott's place where we loaded the trailer up John gave me a hand, thanks.

After that we drove to Wodonga where we unloaded a few things at Carmen and Damon place then driving to Adrian and Dianne where we dropped off the trailer. Went to Coles Supermarket then Bunning's in Wodonga. I got a few things I need for White Cliffs.

But we are cold tonight.

We have had some modem problems tonight here in Wodonga and I think my old head just worked it out I have a new modem that I brought on the way home in May and for some reason Damon modem and my modem are having a conflict I thing, two wireless modems so close I know it should work. If I turn one off the both work fine. That's a job for tomorrow.

We had a good trip I take some pictures tomorrow.

Have a good weekend.



July 28th Friday 2017
Last night Thursday, I walk outside on our way to dinner and what a sunset I pulled the camera out and wow what a great picture.

How good is this close to my best ever last night.

We left White Cliffs at 7am on the dot heading South towards Wangaratta, Albury Wodonga over the next few day. We drove via Wilcannia, the dirt road south to Ivanho to Hay then East to Finley and that was it for tonight pulling up at the Motel in Finley for tonight.

This was taken at 6:55am looking East from home, it not bad for a sunrise

Taken at Ivanhoe today.

Finley is a town in the Riverina region of New South Wales, Australia. It is the largest town in the Berrigan Shire local government area. At the 2006 census, Finley had a population of 1,921 people.
The town is located approximately 140 kilometres (87 mi) west of Albury on the intersection of the Newell Highway and Riverina Highways.

The post office opened on 1 January 1881 but was known as Murray Hut until 1893. Europeans first settled the area around Finley in the early 1840s, with wheat becoming the main crop.

The Finley Agricultural & Pastoral Association was formed in 1912 and held its first show on 17 September 1913. The agricultural show is still held annually on the first Sunday in September (Father's Day).[4]

Periods of severe drought, combined with the Great Depression of the early 1930s, forced many farmers to abandon their holdings.

In 1935, construction on the Mulwala Canal began in order to provide employment and bring water to the area’s rich farmland.

Finley has two primary schools, St Joseph's School, (Roman Catholic) and Finley Public School. Finley High School attracts students from a wide catchment including the towns of Berrigan, Tocumwal, Jerilderie and Blighty.

Finley is also home to a campus of Riverina TAFE.

Australian rules football, cricket and netball are all very popular in the town. Sporting teams include the Finley Football Club, who compete in the Murray Football League.

The Finley Rodeo Committee holds an annual rodeo every January and Finley Apex Club hosts a tractor pull every February.

Finley has an 18-hole green grass golf course.

Motel in Finley taken tonight.

Other News:
John still in hospital in Melbourne.

We will be in Wangaratta in the morning and Wodonga tomorrow night.

Won $14 on lotto.

Susan no longer working at Target the 16th it's off to London, have fun girl.

Scott still away at computer training in Sydney.


Hello to Joi and Peter in Melbourne.

If you have any news send it to me


Have a good weekend we will.




July 27th Thursday 2017
First thing today was fit a new tap washer in the bathroom, it worked a dream no more dripping tap, there's always something to do. I did have on win today I found a almost new box of staples I need to finish the new air shaft top. A box of 1000 that should finish the job next week, one thing less to buy next week in Albury.

Doug in Queensland sent me a picture he had a friend drop by for coffee the morning.

Today was all about getting ready to go south in the morning to Wangaratta, Albury Wodonga we had a great day here so make sure you turn the heat up down south. Non of this -1c stuff please...

Scott's away for a long weekend doing computer skills training, have fun.

The car all checked and ready to go in the morning around 800km's to Albury Wodonga this we will stop a night some place.

That's it for tonight we are going out for tea a special day for Carol and I it's been 15yrs today...

We are off to the Underground Motel for a meal.

Three Dots tomorrow night will be from somewhere...



July 26th Wednesday 2017
Yesterday we talked about the cost of LP Gas here at White Cliffs the bottle lasted 67days at a cost of $136.00 that is $2.02 a day, it used on the hot water service so kitchen and bathroom I don't know if anyone else is using LP gas.

The underground section of the home is still 23c so we do not need heating or cooling, the bedrooms are 23c so quite warm to sleep in. We have not turned on a heater this year.

Scott is off to Sydney for computer skill training this weekend have fun.

This is turning out to be a big job building a top for the air shaft, I now have all the wire on and the stainless steel to filter.

The top filter in place but that's it till I return from Albury / Wodonga the reason I am out of stapes and need a heap of wood screws for that top filter. I get back to it mid next week.

I Tried a wide angle camera lenses on my Camera Phone today it gives a wide angle but has a loss in quality.

I have had a number of email about how I seal the door into the Underground section of the home. It's not great to look at and we need to replace the fly screen sometime. Yes there is a step across bottom and the door closes onto the step as you see in the picture. When you walk in you have to lift your feet, the inside door closes on the same frame. Once inside you cannot see light outside. "we want noting inside" so if you come here lift your feet.

John is waiting to see more doctors.

I see Susan on the Border Mail website tonight. CLICK HERE

We will be Wangaratta Albury Wodonga at the weekend.


Have fun and don't work to hard one day you will get the sack.




July 25th Tuesday 2017

That day that comes around once a year to all of us it my turn today

I am not the only one that has the odd problem from Doug in Queensland.
Hi Rex, Here is a pic from Wednesday of the Club’s newly rebuilt steam loco on test, passing the parked cane loco. Also a shot of the first 3 designs of the Coffee Mugs finished product. ( Sold the first couple of mugs on Sunday).

Didn’t get any pics on Sunday as I & John Chappell spent most of the day working out why my loco would not deliver power from the motors & then repairing it. Thought it was the battery charging system to start with, but we eliminated that. Turns out the 4 carbon brushes in the 2 motors were worn down to the limit, so we had to replace them all with some not so worn spares that I had with me. Very awkward & black dirty to get at in the confined space. Now I have to find some new brushes, unusual size & about $25 each. Some golf carts use the same parts. They start out at 25mm & were worn to around 6mm.
Big Boys Toys do need maintenance!

Still fun tho! ! Cheers, Doug.

Started fitting wire to the air shaft top day I got half of it done I try again tomorrow, it's a bit of a tuff job that wire is sharp.

I washed down the trailer getting it ready for a trip down south on Friday, I say Finley on Friday night and Wangaratta on Saturday and Wodonga Saturday night, we head back home on Tuesday. Well that's the plan.

Sunset tonight not bad, it was 26c here in the shade today a wind from the North. They are saying 28c here on Saturday.

I fitted a new 45kg LP Gas bottle to, I looked up 3Dots the last one was fitted May 19th wonder how much it cost per day it cost $136.00 to replace today. Will have to work that out.

No news on John today in Melbourne Hospital.

Susan leaves Target this Friday, in two weeks it London...


Better go blow out the candles.




July 24th Monday 2017
Today started with that once a year job, sealing up the underground house if you have a underground home everything wants to come live in it mice, bugs, and heaven forbid a snake so I take one or two days a year and reseal the windows the doors check and fix any cracks in the walls it may take a one or two days work. That took up a good part of today.

We had two Emu's walk up the drive today, sheep and Kangaroos. What a great day, just blue sky all day some locals came past to say hello and have coffee.

Had a lot more bird life over the last few week this was taken over the top of the caravan. More blue sky, one thing we do need is water, rain we are down to 450lt's of drinking water.

John still in Melbourne we had no news today.

Doug, thanks for the email I hope to use it tomorrow.

Hello to Sue and David in Gippsland, also hello to Sue and Chris in Hay NSW.

All good here, special day tomorrow.




July 22nd Saturday and 23rd Sunday 2017
Let's start by talking about last night, the town lost the Internet when I woke up this morning it was back on line, so no 3Dots last night.

John (my brother has been taken to Melbourne by plane) don't know much at this stage.

From Bernie Kokot all pictures below, text below:

Thanks for that Bernie.

From Bernie: Thoroughly enjoyed your July 2017, 3.Dots update. You are a man of many skills. Your 3 photos here are marvellous in capturing the magnificence of late afternoon winter ambience at White Cliffs. Some beautiful compositions in your camera mastery.  I gaze at these for a long time and feel I can walk off the edge off Smith's Hill and amble forever into the distant yonder.  Hope you don't mind, but I have added a little "warmth and mystique" to add to the softness of what most see as a harsh, barren land. Here in Howlong...not far from your Wangaratta home town is also mellowing this winter. The first buds of Wattle are appearing along the warmer sheltered banks of the Murray River at Gratham's Bend, Corowa. Not quite the 28 degrees in the sun as in White Cliffs. but the touch of Spring sunshine is starting to warm up old bones. A couple of pics from around yesterday arvo 21 July 2017. Keep on "The Wallaby" old fella. Great to see the 'roos back into the environment. Sending you a truck-load of carrots to feed 'em so they don't chomp up all of Mum's garden's Aspidistras and Agapanthus.
Cheers for now.   Bernie Kokot

Bernie Thanks for that.

We went to the Motel today for coffee there were a group of 12 people around the table.

Shirley, Carol friend and art partner at the White Cliffs Underground Motel this morning for coffee...

This is a bit hard to work out there is a road to the top of Smiths Hill where we live you can drive up the end of the hill but the very old track turns bad rocks all over the place. So yesterday and today I went up with a shovel and rake and cleared the roadway to the TOP of our place. I made a sort of track to drive on and here we are right above our home. Why you may ask, I want to fix the air shaft that I built a new top for last week.

Have a look at last Tuesday July 18th. To do the job we need a cement mixer, cement and tools up there, today was test run in about ten days I hook the trailer on and go do the job up top.

That's a problem I have.

I make no comment. Carol said I am Coffee Logged.

We will be going to Albury Wodonga next weekend I hope to drive down the dirt road (Cobb Highway) it about nine to ten hour drive from White Cliffs.

Hello to Doug hope you had fun today.

New week...




July 21st Friday 2017 Happy Birthday Susan.

A Big Happy Birthday to my daughter Susan, Susan finishes work at Target on the 28th Target have put off all senior office staff on the 28th July... I not sure what they are planning to do but it sure hurt a lot of people. In about 20 days Susan is going to England for about three weeks this has been planned for months. Then when she returns it be time to look for a new job in the Albury Wodonga area.

We are back in White Cliffs and home today we had a good trip home we stopped in Wilcannia for fuel on the way home 200km's Broken Hill to Wilcannia then we went Wilcannia to White Cliffs a 100km's 2hrs 50min trip the quickest ever. I sat the speed on 109kph the whole trip (we turn one corner) Fuel in Wilcannia is $1.29Lt today.

The lady last night is white as pointed out by Bill she is behind a black gym machine. Sometimes a picture does not tell the truth.

About 3:30pm we had a visit from four friends from Walla Walla we met them while staying there two years ago and again last year.

Next Tuesday they are say 26c in the shade for White Cliffs that is about 32c in the sun roll on Tuesday.

I take some pictures tomorrow and visit the Motel for breakfast in the morning.

I must say thanks to Bill and hello to Marg Bill better half...



July 20th Thursday 2017
We are still in Broken Hill tonight have our last night at the Motel for this trip. First thing this morning was a visit to the Vinnes Shop in Broken Hill, always worth a look.

Outdated TV's a computer screens guess there's a few hundred here.

Tossed away for nothing and you can buy it for $10 an item gym gear by the ton.

I seen the black lady in the background when I was taking the Gym gear picture, black hair, face, hands I let you check the feet in the picture. "I have no comment to make"


Then dropped Carol off at the room at the motel white I went to have the Mercedes Benz checked out for Rego... Perfect not a problem he said (maybe look at the shockers in the next 12mth's) he said for this year we can give it a 10 out of 10.... Paid the money and all good. I am glad about that, Bill we did well over last 12mths, Bill in Queensland always tells me what to do when I have a problem.

Main Street of Broken Hill

The Main Street, the RAA is like the NRMA and RACV...

The Post Office Clock Tower in the long main street of Broken Hill.

Always love this building in the main street next to the Police station in the main, I have used this picture before.

We went out today for lunch at the Demo Club in the main street.


Next stop was the White Cliff Art Display,

No pictures, I did not take a picture the camera did (I told it no more and it stopped) good camera.

Back at the motel we were talking to the man in the the room next door, he walks around with his friend.

Tomorrow we pickup a grocery order at Woolworth's then head for home, two years ago we met up with people from Walla Walla just outside of Albury, and last year we met up again and had drinks at there place. Nice people well it's our turn they are coming to White Cliffs tomorrow afternoon and making a visit to our place.

Hello to Glenise and Ian it will be good to see you.

Have to add this My daughter Kylie and 6yr old Grand Daughter went to the Supermarket they had a note.

250g of ham...

Kylie said "Joyce read out to the lady what you want"

250 gigabyte of ham, yep that's my grand daughter...



July 19th Wednesday 2017

We left White Cliffs around 7:45am this morning and headed towards Wilcannia and then Broken Hill, We stopped at Wilcannia for fuel, the cost of fuel in White is 1.87lt just to much, at Wilcannia a 100km's South today it was $1.28 (you save 59c) the shop at White Cliffs is just over the top.

The trip in was good a lot of wind, head wind all the way, First stop was the Chemist shop, then Big-W, Home hardware for some wire to use on the air shaft that I built yesterday.

Lunch was at our club in Broken Hill I have been a member there the past four years.

It very much like the SS&A in Albury Wodonga nice club.

Broken Hill is all about Art and this piece of art has been given to the Musicians Club by a local artist, it sure a big picture.

The Club website is Click Here

Have a look it not a bad website...

After lunch we went to Cheap as Chip, then booked into the Motel they have a deal for White Cliffs people $100 double with a good hot breakfast.

There is a good Hardware and Timber shop here in Broken Hill been here over a 100yr's it is far cheaper here than Bunning's Timber at Bunning's Albury $9.20 I paid $7.80 here (there is no Bunning's in Broken Hill)...

Had a new tyre fitted to the Mercedes Benz getting it ready for rego tomorrow morning.

Scott getting busy in Wangaratta, Yarrawonga area real pleased about that. His busy is now busy er than when I had it, great Scott. You will be able to buy that electric car one day.

We are staying two nights in Broken Hill this trip and heading home on Friday about lunch time.

Faye it's the same motel we all stayed in a few week ago.

Big day for Susan tomorrow.

Hello Doug in Queensland.




July 18th Tuesday 2017
Carol went to art today being Tuesday with a few other people, I stayed home and started to built a new top for our air shaft. The old air shaft was put the 20yr's ago, I have tired a few quick fixes over the years.

What happen we had a water leak so we covered it with plastic and covered it with rocks to keep the water out we cut a 100mm hole and let the hot air out. This air shaft is old and no longer any good and needs to be replaced. From the top to the floor of the underground home underneath is 28ft and (9.5m)...

So today I started to build a new air shaft top I want it to last 25yr's.

Here is a good start the new top of the air shaft, it was build today. We are going to pull the old one off and toss it in the tip and fit this one. As I said this is a start, We will cover this with a fine bird wire, cover that with a Geo Fabric and they cover that with cement. By the way the base is 1800mm sq and covers the air shaft, the little square at the top will be covered with metal fly screen the big base at the bottom with be covered with fly screen. And a cap will cover the top hole to keep the rain our but let the heat out. The hot air comes up from the underground and it remains at a nice 23c....

We then seal off any holes with wet cement to keep little critters out of the air shaft. The timber is White Ant proof for 25yr's so they say.

Tomorrow morning we are off to Broken Hill and will return Friday Afternoon to White Cliffs, need to fit a new tyre to the car and Thursday get the rego don't for this year.

What next, we will go to the Supermarket for some food. I try find some wire for the new air shaft top.

Hello to Peter and Brenda have a great day... WE miss you in White Cliffs...


Have a great day.




July 17th Monday 2017
I am late tonight we have visitors that dropped by tonight, to start with it was 23c in the shade and 28c in the sun today the hottest day this winter maybe a early Spring on the way. But we had wind all day from the North West.

It rained mud for about 30s then stopped it did not even record at the White Cliffs Airport, my car was clean and all repaired and back on the road. It looking good the reflection in the bumper left side is me today, a clean car and look what 30s of rain did. WE need more than 30s of rain, 30min would be nice.

I went inside and walked out 10min's later to find Kangaroos licking the water off the paint work, a hard life here for a car, Kangaroo slober on the new paintwork. I bet a repair shop does not have to put up with Kangaroo's licking the new paint work.

Back at work today making a door way for the new hallway...

We decided to go to Broken Hill on Wednesday morning and return home Friday afternoon we are getting a road worthy done on the car Thursday morning.

Better get back to my guests...



July 16th Sunday 2017
We could have had a better day but it worked out alright in the end, went for coffee at the motel and a chat with about ten others, and I hit a steel bar on the road, dropped off a truck or something.

It broke the bumper bar after all it's only plastic, not like the good old days. That took up the rest of the day Your looking at it in the picture above. All fixed, now don't laugh I used "no more gap" that's good stuff, you may remember I broke it once before on the other side. I had no more gap, under coat paint, black paint and I also have some clear gloss to finish it off tomorrow. The plastic bags are to stop paint over spray, tomorrow I add a third coat of black and the clear gloss finish. I know Bill and Doug will give me a hard time about using no more gap but it works... Both sides have been fixed in the same way.

This little tree was a 150mm high two years ago it's now 1500mm high and looking good for winter time and Carol car still going needs a bit of paint work cleaned up, it drives well and she drives it about 3km's a week. The last petrol fill was towards the end of last year, it's always good to have a second car out here.

You do not always win.

This was July 23rd 2015 on Three Dots you can go back and read about it, I build the wall using Opal dirt at the time I said it was a bit of a test (the dirt came out of the bank behind the wall it was free and I have heaps of it. Well two years later almost to the day it turn to powder and fell apart, the Opal Dirt as it is called maybe free but it is hopeless and I need to replace the wall end to end about 7m... This time I build it out of good dirt (that I buy) and I am sure it will last 100yr's.

So broke the car, fixed it. Wall hopeless and I do it again, but we get smarter as we get older.

Hello to Adrian and Dianne, summer is coming...

It's a bit cool here tonight 18c that's not good for White Cliffs it is still 23c inside.

Talk soon.



July 15th Saturday 2017
Happy Birthday Tony, We had a blue sky almost all day and it was quite warm in the sun around 25c it was a good day in town we went to bed last night and it dropped to 21c in the bedroom (I know you poor person 21c) we have not turned the heater on yet this year. In about a month we will start to get warmer weather, have never had a winter without a heater

If was a coffee morning at the Underground Motel with the wind blowing from the South today we sat inside and had our cupper, a number of locals went into Broken Hill, so numbers were down today.

Pro Hart, one of Australia Best Artist past away some time ago his daughter has given the White Cliffs Gem Festival at the end of August a real Pro Hart painting to raffle, all money from the raffle will go to the Royal Flying Doctor Service... The picture you see here is a print the real one is locked away in a safe after all it is now worth a lot of money. I may buy a ticket.

Sunset tonight from home seen better but it's not bad, the sun went down the cold air rushed in within ten minutes.

Kylie where the new car parked outside or in the shed????

Had a talk to Adrian on the phone he said a bit sore but doing ok...

I started work today on cutting framing timber for the new hallway if you think I know what I am doing "no I don't"... But there is a way, Google yep I been using Google on how to build a timber house frame...


That was today, Hello to David and Sue in Gippsland Vic.




July 14th Friday 2017

Maybe we can start a zoo here at home, this is all today in fact in a few hours, when the wildlife moves around like this it is a sign of rain.

If you look you will see two Kangaroos here at home.

Then the sheep came be for a sleep.

Under the old tree a lamb checked us out.

Then some Emu's walked by to check out Carol painting then left. (now will it rain)...

I worked on fixing the windscreen washer on the Mercedes Benz, a crack in the plastic I did a job on it with the glue gun and left it to dry. I try refit it tomorrow afternoon and hope it will hold water.

Had a call from Adrian today he was on his way home for Melbourne. With all these new parts in the heart you should be able to play AFL tomorrow.



We are running out of water, we need rain.

Far west NSW grazers de stock as dry season presses on Louise Turner from Goodwood Station, about 45 kilometres north-east of White Cliffs, said the dry conditions were affecting her stock.

Read about it on the ABC Click Here....


Then it was Kylie turn to call and send pictures of the new car, Troy and Kylie got the car today.

It came with ribbon and gift wrapped today.

After it was unwrapped a new 2017 Mazda (now Kylie don't over fill it with oil.)

All jokes aside it look really good it's will take a month to work out what all the lights are for.


The weekend is here and all is good Coffee tomorrow morning at the motel. Speaking Of Coffee....

Does this mean the people in White Cliffs will live forever.

Have a great weekend...




July 13th Thursday 2017
A very easy day I had a bit of a sore back so I mad it a easy day I cleaned out the Mercedes Benz inside, paper we seem to collect so much paper I cleaned out the car and filled a rubbish bag full of paper. I may build a small incinerator out on the landing just to burn private papers that we not longer need only needs to be about 3ft high it not something we would use every day.

What happen to the paperless computer world we were all going to live in.

As I said today was all about the car I cleaned it out inside and checked it over to see what needs fixing a tire needs replacing and the windscreen washer needs fixing "again" I filled it with water today and it was running out the bottom, that's tomorrows job fix the windscreen washer.

Adrian, had a heart clean out today Dianne said all good he hopes to go home tomorrow.

We are planning a trip home to Albury Wodonga at the end of the month, we have to take the car to Broken Hill for rego, so we will keep going down south. If we are coming down you better warm the place up.

Today we had 22c in the shade and 26c in the sun, blue sky and no rain to be seen.

So I am having a lazy time for a few days.

Did not have a picture for tonight so I went for a walk around the Underground Home, Carol Art she did this over the last two days, she been asked for funny Emu's I not sure if it finished I did not ask, haha... Send an email if you like it and keep me out of trouble....

I painted the white wall, I brought her the cup "Carol Art"...


That's it I try do a lot more tomorrow.




July 12th Wednesday 2017

Went out for a very nice meal last night, thanks to all it was a good night. Today it was back to the cement mixer and the last slab. That's the cement work completed for a while.

The last cement slab is finished for the new hallway tomorrow I start doing some new timber framing work. Why the chairs, to try stop sheep walking on the wet cement, it worked seen I was was sitting in the chairs drinking coffee a good part of the day.

Did you read coffee is good for you...???

Our new RFDS Plane came into White Cliffs for the first time today, The King Air made in the USA landed at the local airport this morning dropping off doctor's for a day in White Cliffs.

Picture from the RFDS Broken Hill landed in White Cliffs for the first time.

It's going to take a lot of Tea and Coffee cakes and morning teas to pay for this plane.

Adrian hope all goes well in Melbourne.

Told Kylie and Troy pick up there new car on Friday this week.

Quite day just a lot of hard work, I even washed the cars.


Have fun.




July 11th Tuesday 2017
Back on the cement mixer today and almost finish the cement work on the new hallway, been a big job for one person. Only one bit left to do and I hope to get that done tomorrow morning.

One bit to do tomorrow, I hope and that's the cement work for the new hall way completed. This is taken from the door out of the underground, you walk out turn left to the new kitchen right in front of you is a full size door to the outside.

I always said it was a work site "Work in progress". After you walk out of the underground section of the home and turn left this is the hallway to the new kitchen, The kitchen door is at the saw on the ground. The cement work starts at the big orange saw bench this will be a long hallway, take note the amount of cement.

That the door out of the underground section, we will remove the tyre and work around the plumbing (white pipe) and this is where the new bathroom will go next year 1.5m wide and 3.5m long, big shower, toilet, wash basin... And that's it after years of work no more building, I know "what will I do with my time in 2019". I may even go look for Opal out on the mines. We will have two bathroom the old one and a nice new one.

Tomorrow I do that last square in the hallway. That metal tower is the hot water system and the rock holes up the underground.

Adrian hope all goes well in Melbourne.

Hello to Peter and Joi in Melbourne, talk to Muffy and John today in Albury and Susan has 12 more shifts at Target then it's bi Target on the 16th August Susan fly's to London for three weeks then back home and look for a new job.

Better go have a shower we have been asked out for dinner tonight.

All good here nice day, blue sky and around 20c in the shade.



July 10th Monday 2017
Had a quite day in the end being a bit sore, it was a very slack day, I did do some boxing for tomorrow, just have to see how I feel.

Sheep everywhere they were fun to start with there were ten or so around now there is about a hundred in town, one person told me they will not be buying meat muuuu. As I said the other day we had a 100lt drum full off water that I use for cement work well it is empty not a drop left today. At one stage we had ten sheep under a tree waiting for us to fill the drum with water.

Kylie has a new camera phone, she sent two pictures below.

Joyce sitting on her computer with music on the head phones.

I take a guess that the pool not getting much use in Albury Wodonga right now I wonder if the pool had ice on top yet. I must say the pool is looking clean for this time of year.

Kylie, very good Camera / Phone tell us more about it.

Bill (Queensland) thanks for the email, Kylie thanks for the pictures hope we can see you end of July early August in Thurgoona. Just have to sort things out the Mercedes Benz is due for rego 1st August.

Hello to Scott in Wangaratta only 7wk's of winter left.

They said it may rain in White Cliffs today, well blue sky, sunshine and no rain.


Have fun and don't work to hard...



July 9th Sunday 2017
We did the coffee thing this morning with a big group of locals. Bit sore from cement work so I gave it a rest today no point in working to the point you cannot work tomorrow.

Faye and John are back home in Wangaratta today after a big trip home it's a long way up here and it's always a long trip home, about 1100km home from here.

Still have about 20 sheep walking around home, I have a 100lt water drum that we use for cement work it was full last night to the top. Well this afternoon we seem to have lost about 60lt to sheep, the sheep will never go home now bush to eat and a drum of water. Go away and take your poo with you.

Went for a walk up top of the underground my tree is still growing I leave it there it's been there 20yr's and still a small tree.

This is a nice picture that I like looking North East from up top of home we sure need rain a lot of rain to fill water tanks and feed the trees.

If you walk to the back of our land it's about 200m South of the house here what you find "Nothing" but that's what the outback all about "Nothing" only the salt bush left alive due to lack of water.

Hello to Susan and Muffy in Albury keep warm.

The temperature in White Cliffs dropped to 2c last night but was 18c by 10am


Have fun...


July 8th Saturday 2017

A normal Saturday off the the Underground Motel for Coffee we had about ten people there today.

Some people have already left, sitting outside in the sun today after coffee. We had a good time.

Back home I did some more cement work I have two more cement slabs to go should finish Tuesday or Wednesday. Well that's the plan that will be the cement work finish for the new hallway, at last I been at it a few weeks now.

Around NSW and Victoria roads there is a new sign and a new road marking system, they are turning roads into runways for the Royal Flying Doctor Service to land. Note the line pattern this tells you to look where you are going, and to look up your are on a road and a Airstrip. They are saying police will try block the road first, I hope they do.

The auction in Albury went well today I am told everyone is happy.


Troy and Kylie get their new car next week, Troy don't let Kylie check the oil....


Susan still looking for a job in September, she going to England first...


Faye and John are on the way home in Griffith tonight and home tomorrow.


Hello to Faye and John have a good trip home.




July 7th Friday 2017
John and Faye left at 9am heading to Cobar 350km's East of here, hope you had a good time. Now you know that your sister lives in a cave haha, have a safe trip home.

Here I go, back to work today breaking up cement gee that's hard work (they don't work this hard in gaol.)

This was the walkway into the Underground Home, the cement has to be removed to make way for the new hallway. It is hard work breaking it up but even harder work moving the broken cement away.

Cement moved away I started off installing the boxing for the next cement job and there it is, maybe tomorrow or on Sunday after coffee at the motel.

What do you do with the old cement you tip it here about 70m away from where I broke it up. This is where I stand and take all those Sunset pictures you see on three dots, if I look to the right I can see the sun come up. Look to the left you can take a picture of the sunset, I stand on this hill, today the hill got bigger and a little higher. One day I will add a slab of cement and a seat I may even add a solar light here.

It's the weekend and that means coffee at the Underground Motel, must say hello to Doug in Queensland we had a good chat on the phone today.

Faye and John have fun going home, yep no stress in White Cliffs.


Have a great weekend...



July 6th Thursday 2017
Faye and John last day in White Cliffs so we went out for the day looking at Opal shop's drinking coffee and just having a good look around town and talking to the locals. We had a great meal at the Underground Motel last night ten locals joined us for a meal.

First stop today was the Opal and Coffee shop called Red Earth it is a nice neat and tidy place. The Opal shop is to the left in the picture above. Note, the shop is built out of straw bales and cement render, nice place to visit.

Next stop was Southern Cross Opal Showroom, it was here we met up with more people from Wangaratta who know Faye and John from Wangaratta. We all ended up at our Underground Home this afternoon for coffee and a big chat.

Southern Cross Opal is a down to earth Opal Shop dust and all run by Dick and his son, Dick has his own Opal mine starting work at 4am he mines till 10am then opens his shop.

Outside Dicks Opal shop, you find heaps of metal art work Metal Emu, Ants, birds and bugs, like Dick says they are cheap to feed.

From Dick's Opal Shop looking to the east it is the outback, flat and dry this year we need rain. I was asked this afternoon what happens if you get no rain. We pack the caravan and head to the water to the East or to the South of White Cliffs. There's always water someplace.


Troy, Kylie and family went to the Ettamogah Pub today just outside of Albury Wodonga.

That's it, the pub open I was told today it sure part of Australia.

I am not sure about the plane I been told it part of the pub.

Part of the pub area taken today, Joyce would have had fun.

As I have already said Faye and John head off tomorrow towards home they will take a few days to get there.

Don't forget the auction at the Albury Showgrounds this Saturday.

Tomorrow it's back to work after time off, working on the new hallway.

Hello to Troy and Kylie and thank you for the picture.


Have Fun...




July 5th Wednesday 2017
Not a easy day I worked all day on the cement mixer a really hard day.

This is the second time I have done three dots today, the computer locked up when the power gave a flick on and off. This is the office the cooler box is not beer it is full of dry cement, it whole's three bags of cement.

This is the cement (waiting for it to dry) it is the new Hallway from the Underground Home to the NEW Kitchen it is now 50% completed at this stage.

Just had news that Kylie has a new 2017 Mazda, more on it later. Joyce is in with Muffy tonight.

Faye and John went out today with Carol visiting local people.

Tonight we are going out to the Underground Motel for a meal with Faye and John, and about ten locals our big night out.


As I said this is the second time I have done three dots, had to start again after a power flick.

Hello Shirley and Rod


Have fun....



July 4th Tuesday 2017
Tuesday and I did a small cement job getting ready for a bigger job tomorrow, we all went for a drive and ended up at the White Cliffs Hotel for a drink, Lemon Squash.

White Cliffs Golf course this is the 18th hole the tee is about 300m away. We went for a walk around today as Faye is a keen golf player.

I took this as the sun started to set tonight and then we found we were not alone.

I was told it's the night shift off to work, this is right on sunset tonight.

Then 10min's after sunset the sky lit up putting on a great display for John and Faye.

John and Faye leave White Cliffs on Friday morning I hope they are having a good time.


Had a talk to John and Muffy on the phone today we had a good day.

Susan is heading for England in about 5wks she finishes work at Target at the end of the month, If you want a good staff member give her a call.


Tomorrow it's back on the cement mixer and we are going out for a meal at the Underground Motel tomorrow night.


Good day, and tomorrow will even be better.




July 3rd Monday 2017
First job today was lay about 1.5sqM of cement in the NEW Hallway outside I do some more on Wednesday.

Today we went to Joe's Opal Shop, better knowen in town as Joe's bottle shop it's made of beer bottles the whole house inside and outside cement and bottles.

A close up of the bottle house in White Cliffs.

. Just outside the bottle shop a really old vice on a stand it be nice outside any work shed.

Faye and John are having fun in town we have been for a number of drives around parts on the old town, coffee at the Underground Motel and last night we all had a good meal at the White Cliffs Sporting Club. The club had over a hundred people last night.

Have to say thank you to all the people who sent emails about our Underground House we have had mail everyday for a week, what can one say other than thank you.

With no rain nothing is green not a blade of green grass to be seen.

Have a look at the same time last year July 2016 on the left, as I always say you can grow what you like in the outback of Australia "Just add Water"...

Adrian and Dianne are back home in cold cold Albury Wodonga.

Hello to Tim and Sue in Wangaratta.


We need the wind to stop here.




July 2nd Sunday 2017

Had coffee this morning at the underground motel it was a bit cool sitting outside in the courtyard around 15c.

Back home we went for a walk in the sun above the Underground it was 25c in the sun today about 2pm. The wind cool from the South West nice blue sky all day. Only need short sleeves in the sun today.

Faye and John slept well sleeping underground had trouble getting to sleep but then slept all night. I am sure glade we are not in Wangaratta, Albury Wodonga way to cold for us.

Faye and John love the underground house you have to see it to believe it I was told. And the guest bedroom a big hit.


From Bernie today...
Greetings Rex. Have just viewed your June 2017 episode on "3 dots" webpage. Some great stories, and the photos  thereupon are are always fascinating to read.  Boy-Oh-Boy is your dugout and extensions looking great. You just need a big tiles swimming pool out the from to catch the reflections of Duncombe's "Taj Mahal". You should do an article for National Geographic magazine! It could fill on whole issue!! I have used your photo attached here as the Wallpaper on my computer.

Thanks for adding the text RexD

I can stare at it for ages and let the mind drift away in reminiscence of past visits. A visit to White Cliffs again is a "must do". Just got to stimulate a few old timer mates for a week up there. I'm envious of the WC weather. Still no rain here but last days we are down to minus 4 degrees and 13 degrees tops. Looks however to be an early Spring with some trees already budding and Howlong's rose gardens coming up in colourful bloom. Cheers for now.

Bernie I don't know about the pool, thanks for the eMail


Sent to the White Cliffs Website, as you would have read on three dots Belinda, a really good friend of ours was given an award by the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

I hope you are well. 

The efforts of Belinda Latham - a Far West Area Health Service nurse who first started working at Royal Flying Doctor Service South Eastern (RFDS SE) Section's White Cliffs clinic in 1999 – were praised by the service's CEO Greg Sam during a recent visit to the town.

After speaking with the local health council, Mr Sam said a very special thanks to Belinda.

"Belinda often goes above and beyond to help us and the White Cliffs community so we wanted to present her with a small token of our appreciation," Mr Sam said.

"The Certificate of Appreciation I presented Belinda with is in recognition of her hard work and ongoing commitment to delivering improved health outcomes in remote, rural and regional communities."

Dressing wounds, collecting patients from homes, driving community members to Broken Hill for specialist appointments and caring for clinic gardens are just some of the many tasks Belinda undertakes.

"When nobody else is available, Belinda also does roo runs on most clinic days, cleans the clinic and stops and starts the generator when power fails," Mr Sam said.

"She's licensed to drive an ambulance, has been a member of the State Emergency Service (SES) for more than 10 years and organises fundraisers for important causes.

"Belinda is a community icon and without people like her, services like the RFDS wouldn't be the same."

Kind regards,



We are all going to the White Cliffs Sporting Club for a meal tonight, looking forward to a hot roasted dinner.



July 1st Saturday 2017
We are back home in White Cliffs, blue sky and sunshine but a very cold wind, so in the shade great but in the shade not so great. We had a good trip home 300km's from Broken Hill to White Cliffs a few kangaroos around but not many. We had no trouble at all today, Faye and John in their car and Carol and I in Mercedes.

We had a good time in Broken Hill the last two days.


Bernie thanks for the input below.

Gday Rex. Re your question on the present release out of Lake Hume. In the 30 days, the winter release has been 2,700 megalitres...or 2,700,000 litres. That is the usual winter norm down the Murray out of Hume Dam.

For simplicity of calculation, let us use the figure of 2,500 megalitres (2.500.000 litres) where 2.500 megalitres is the volume of a regulation Olympic Swimming pool which is 25 metres wide x 50 m long and 2 m deep.

That is probably the the simplest way to visualise a CAPTIVE water volume in the term "megalitres"

As a schematic illustration, let us visualise the Murray River below Hume Dam to be 25 metres wide (which in essence, at today's flow out of Hume, it is very close to that width). The depth of the Murray River below Hume as it flows towards Albury is mostly 2 metres deep.

Therefore, in a hypothetical illustration, in a 24 hour period of discharge from Lake Hume at 2.500 Megalitres, ...given that there was a another dam / weir 5000 metres (5 Kilometres) downstream, that is the volume of water per day that would contain to 2.500 megalitres.

At peak summer flow for irrigation releases, Hume Dam pumps out 25.000 megalitres, or 10 times today's present June 2017 flow.

The current winter flow from Hume Dam, contrary to the belief of many, is not "environmental water" to keep trees and forests alive. The prime purpose of adding water out of Lake Hume in a winter "low discharge period" is to moderate the salinity content when the river flow slows and salt precipitates.

Lake Hume today is at 70% and being gradually incremented to build the lake's storage capacity up to the best volume for later Summer irrigation demand. That certainly is reliant on Spring Rainfall and following 2016's unprecedented / unforeseen September deluge, care is being taken to avoid a big drop that caused flooding. I visualise that releases from Hume will commence when the Dam reaches 80% capacity, where that 20% "head space" is still an adequate buffer as a safeguard to heavy spring rains. This Autumns throughout has been extremely dry.

The pattern for drought is a 7 year cycle. The last ended in we may be due for the next one. Cheers for now Ol' Timer...speak to you soon.

Faye and John are having their first night underground, have fun.

Hello to Doug in Queensland (I ring soon) we are cool here.


Coffee tomorrow morning at the Underground Motel tomorrow Sunday...