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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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June 30th Friday 2017
End of the business year, and our last day in Broken Hill tomorrow we all head to White Cliffs and home. We had a good day today and a good look around Broken Hill.

From the lookout above the town.

Broken Hill from lookout today.

Next was a visit to the Flying Doctor Service in Broken Hill, if in town you need to visit the RFDS base at the airport.

Almost the same picture at the RFDS Base Broken Hill.

The movie at the RFDS Base is worth seeing.

Not a great picture but how big is Australia. Story I read today two people from London, "Where are you" one asked the other "Sydney", "We land in Perth in 7hr's can you pick us up at the Perth air port?", "Ok I put it in my GPS."

The Royal Flying Doctor Service plane service bay at Broken Hill they look after nine planes.

Almost all planes across Australia are serviced at Broken Hill.


Tomorrow first stop is Woolworth's Supermarket and pick up food for a month, fill with fuel and head to White Cliffs and home.

We need to go home half of White Cliffs has rung on the phone asking "where are you" Carol did not come to art, Carol did not come to craft today...

Hello to John and Glenda in Wodonga...

Only 300km's to home...



June 29th Thursday 2017
We are in Broken Hill tonight we met up with Faye and John today and all is good, we went 22km's to Silverton this after and we had a good afternoon. We went up to the Mundi Mundi look out just north of Silverton, it's a look out.

Mundi Mundi lookout today.

Inside the Silverton Pub.

John, Faye and Carol at the pub.

It's a great old town I have been there before. Silverton built around the 1850 to 1870 the movie Mad Max 1 and Mad Max 2 and about 30 other movies and TV shows where made here in Silverton.

Tonight was a long story, tomorrow is another day.

Hello to Scott in Wangaratta.



June 28th Wednesday 2017
After two months work flat chat work has come to stop for a month I think we need to rebuild my body it's getting a bit sore.

The pictures are in no order but all are taken in the last hour inside the underground.

The ever moving portable kitchen, it's been running from room to room the last two months. That room at the end is a broom closet and will have a door on it.

Looking from the temporary kitchen to the food room that is where all the food is, refrigerator and freezer.

Just inside the backdoor of the underground section of the home. We left this rough cast on purpose.

Lounge and TV Room

Same room remember you have around 20fy of rock above you at this point that wall is 4ft thick

From the main bedroom looking up the stairs to the lounge room

The glass window (more on that later) Carol art work, she doing well with her art.

The guest bedroom looking in.

The same room looking out. All rooms are 25 to 28ft underground and the temperature is 23c all the time we have no heating and no cooling, we do not need it.

There is also a toilet and bathroom laundry the are completed apart from a few odd jobs and paint work the underground is now a home. It has taken us 4yr's work working 6mth's a year.

Where to now we finish the hallway to the outside kitchen and fit out the kitchen.

The kitchen is 12.3m long and 3.6m wide

That's the next project, hope you like what you have just seen. Tomorrow we meet up with Faye and John (Carol Sister) in Broken Hill and return to White Cliffs on Saturday.

Hello to Carmen, Damon, Tahlia and Chase


Have fun we will...



June 27th Tuesday 2017
Not a lot tonight it was all about cleaning up today and where still at it, tomorrow we will have a number of picture's taken inside the underground it starting to look good but a bit of a mess as we have a really big clean up I took a full trailer load to the tip today.

The talk around town is the new cost of power we are not sure but if it hits 32c kw as they are saying it will drive the price all over Australia to record high, it is unfair when you look at the price in the US and England why are we paying so much.

We were talking today and a number of us are looking at a second power source, Solar Power we have so much sun here all year round. It does not have to be a big Solar Power System to lower the power bills. We are not talking about getting rid of mains power altogether but run a second system.

Look at the house right now five lights on all LED drawing 44watts the television they can all run off a $800 stand alone solar power system. What else is on Freezer, Refrigerator and that's it. Hot water here is LPG Gas.

A system like this would run lighting, computer and TV. As a second power source.

I am looking at the numbers and the cost, there is one other thing my computer. The cost of solar is getting lower and lower. Over Christmas we ran the caravan lights and TV off one battery and 80w solar, add a generator and we could go for weeks. All comments welcome.

Big clean up today and it will be finished tomorrow so a big picture day on 3Dots tomorrow night.

Thursday it is off to Broken for two night and meet up with Faye and John....


Hello to Bill, Doug and Desire in Queensland.




June 26th Monday 2017
Our counter on the 3Dots website ticked over 23,000 hits today, I was asked how much a website cost to run about $130yr around .36c a day and in way it's a hobby site for me. Take a hobby like mini trains they can cost over $20,000 but last many years. Call it what you like website, blog, online dairy it's a cheap hobby. Like many hobby's it takes a lot of time around 5hrs to 6hrs a week but it's fun.

Talking about 3Dots the computer's have found a new home in a unused corner a home made table that I made today. When I get time I give it a paint job and tidy it all up. If you want a bit of room just dig a hole.

The guest room and the two, yes we now have two bedside tables with bedside lamps, Ready for our first guest at the end of the week.

We have stop painting for now it is finished.

We may get rain this week tonight or tomorrow, what do we do if we run out of water. It could happen but has never happen to us down town at the White Cliffs hall there are two 40,000lt rain water tanks that we take water from I will fill up four 10lt drums when in town if we do not get rain this week.

Broken Hill Thursday we are going online tonight and start a order at Woolworth's that we will pickup on Saturday when we are leaving town and heading home.

That's it for tonight, all good here.



June 25th Sunday 2017
First stop today was coffee at the Underground Motel only a small group there today seven of us everyone seems to be away this weekend but we still had a good time.

Back home "I finished painting the underground section of the home" yep I said finished no more big paint jobs we need to let it dry then put furniture back in place tomorrow that took a lot of work, that's one job a painter I be happy not to be.

Joyce went to tennis at Thurgoona for the first time today Kylie sent up the picture. I was told she liked tennis and wants to go back.

I made the other bedside table over the weekend it is outside the paint is drying we will put it in place tomorrow morning.

Talking about outside we have a large number of Kangaroos around big mobs of 20 to 30 at a time running around and someone, guess a local land hold has about 30 sheep running around our house. Guess some will come round them up.

Faye and John leave home on Wednesday and drive to Mildura, Thursday they drive to Broken Hill and we will meet up with then there. We are planning to stay in Broken Hill Thursday and Friday night and head to White Cliffs on Saturday afternoon. They are staying three, four or maybe five days then head home.
We are looking forward to their visit, this will be the first time a member of Carol family has been to White Cliffs it will be good.

The next big job is to replace the top of the air shaft up top but that a small job compared to what we just did over the last two months.

Good weekend in White Cliffs.



June 24th Saturday 2017
Two days work left inside the underground and I can cross the last item off my list, yep we had to move the moveable kitchen again today, it in place now and where it will stay till the new kitchen is in working order. For now the last wall is painted in the sitting room (part time kitchen) we are now painting the floor... We did paint 50% of the floor today this is a traffic room to the bathroom so we did half today and will do the other half tomorrow.

Joyce is off to her first day of Tennis at Thurgoona tomorrow, they are holding a learn to play day at the Thurgoona Tennis Court. Have fun Joyce, Carol over the moon that was her game in the old day, she played every weekend at Wangaratta.

Kylie picked up Muffy today and they went to the Thurgoona Land Care Group who gave Kylie 23 plants, Muffy reading how to plant a tree, (I know all this already, I can hear her now) so all the tree are already in the ground. Kylie don't kill them....

I am stuff tonight but I am so close to finish I am not going to stop now. Then it's time to stop for a week and do near nothing. End of July we may come down to Albury / Wodonga for three days (it to cold) and say hello to the family.

Hello to Kylie, Troy, Joyce and Muffy...

Coffee in the morning at the Underground Motel then home to finish the Underground part of our home when finished I take some pictures it coming up a 10 out of 10....

Right Now it is:
Wangaratta 8c
Albury 8c
Brisbane 15c
White Cliffs 17c (23c inside)


Have fun...



June 23rd Friday 2017
The weekend is here and we love our weekend in White Cliffs Saturday and Sunday Coffee at the Motel we are looking forward to Faye and John coming the end of next week to Broken Hill and White Cliffs.

Today I painted the bathroom laundry apart from a few rocks it is finished as is the toilet... What's left, the sitting room (it the kitchen for today) I am painting the sitting room today and over the weekend. The Underground home, its finished I have to do some work in the food room but it's more like a big pantry, but it still has to be built. May even dig it out a bit bigger.

Bedside tables, "White Cliffs style" they cost less than a dollar to build. We have no place to buy bedside tables so I made to.

I said it was "White Cliffs Style", that's a plastic tub I had laying around, filled with cement, pressed three wooden legs in and let set for 48hr's in the sun. Then tip on the feet and lift the tub off, rub and up with a wet sand paper and paint when dry.

One is done and the second one is cooking now, you could use it as a seat. Call "Cement Art" about 5kg in weight and cost less than a $1 (what do you think)

The biggest problem is the floor we are living in the house and have wet paint makes it really hard to move around. Tomorrow we are going for coffee so I paint the hallway as we leave, takes about 4 to 5hr's to dry.

Thanks for all the comments about the house and the question about how big it is, I try work that out of the weekend, and that old question about the toilet waste.

Here the short story we have a normal toilet like any other home the pipe from the toilet goes outside about 30ft into the yard and drops into a round hole 3ft across it is 40ft deep. Covered with cement and air pipe. That's how all the homes are in the outback.

By the way we have two 40ft holes, one as a backup and the second never used and I don't thing it will ever be used. I read you need a ten foot hole for 30yr's I let you work out how long I have to live for 2 x 40ft holes.

Now you can all go have lunch...

Hello to John and Glenda...

Have a great weekend.



June 22nd Thursday 2017
We had a good night at the Underground Motel last night we had the first pizza night this year a family size Pizza cost $20.00 a big feed for Carol and I, in fact it was so big we took it home and had it for lunch today.

We had help turn up yesterday and we cleaned up the new kitchen, we stopped work last year due to land rights. Yesterday and part of today we cleaned it up and started work.

Looking East we put all the tools up the far end. In about 10days we are planning to get back into the kitchen and the new hallway leading from the Underground to the New Kitchen.

Looking West the gas stove ready to hook up to LP Gas the room at the far end is Carol Craft room the vacuum cleaner back in the act.

Needs a big clean but after four years it in place at last, we are going to build it in place on both sides and the top, should look good when finished... The big cleanup in the new kitchen I have to say thank you to Jane and her two friends who gave up their time and did in 6hr's what would have taken me ten day.

Also did a lot of paint work in the current bathroom laundry, we are building a new bathroom next year. The kitchen is on the move again, the kitchen was where the lounge room now is. So till the new kitchen is up and running the kitchen will move around.

You win some you loose some and I seem to have lost my truck painting plan a number of locals want it left as it is. I am not here to upset anyone so I will not paint it. A number have people said paint it, so I leave it as it is.


From Bernie Howlong

Anyone getting rain excess to requirements, can you send some down to Howlong. The river here is getting so low that when I go for my early morning swim, I have to run full pelt down the boat ramp and do a "belly-whacker"  off the end into 2 foot deep water..and then only a few back strokes to get to the other bank and back. Trust you enjoy these couple of the last day's pics attached.

Thanks for the pictures, RexD

That was today Wednesday



June 21st Wednesday 2017

The shortest day of the year, from today they start to get longer

Here is the new guest room this room is stronger than a normal house, just a few spots of paint to clean up.

It has it's own air shaft and is always 23c day and night, you have a fan to move the air around


It is a very neat and tidy room, you have your own draws and ward rode, I fix the paint.

We are going out tonight for a pizza night at the Underground Motel with Tony and Belinda.


I really hope you enjoy the room...


Have a good night we will.



June 20th Tuesday 2017

As I said last night we were asked to meet Greg Sam CEO Royal Flying Doctor Service today and found it hard to understand why we were invited in the first place. We went along and found out it was all about our good friend "B" as we call here.

Every Saturday and Sunday we have coffee together and we talk almost every day. She a very good friend of Carols.

It was "B" day (Belinda Latham)...

Belinda in the foreground has just been awarded a by Greg Sam CEO RFDS... A Certificate Of Appreciation and good friends Vicky and Carol where all smiles, a big crew from the RFDS where in White Cliffs for the event.

This lady has worked as nurse in White Cliffs for 18yr's I have seen here work 24-7 I know she worked 48hr's over a weekend and Monday open the door at 8am to treat the sick. The food came out and we all had a great time today, above "Certificate Of Appreciation"...

Belinda (know in town as "B") with her award and a big line up of RFDS staff here for the award. A lot of camera's... The RFDS staff are in blue.

Well that was our day, and Wednesday night all the locals are having a pizza night for "B" no one can every remember anyone getting an award in White Cliffs.

That's how it is in White Cliffs...


And that was our day, and tomorrow morning I have three people coming up to give us a hand with our Underground Home, just because they want to, that's White Cliffs...

Link to the White Cliffs Website Click Here


Tomorrow I have pictures of the guest bedroom it's finished...




June 19th Monday 2017

Today started in the big bedroom we sealed the floor and painted it, it was sealed with Bondcreat, for the record it cost $50.00 for a 4lt drum the paint in Broken Hill cost $176.00 for 15lt's (it's near the same price as a Bunning shop in Mildura.) The paint still drying but we are really happy with the room so far.

After the Big bedroom it was off to the current bathroom (we are building a new one next year) and tonight we are 75% completed in the bathroom, one wall to go then the floor, I may get back to it tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow we have been invited to a lunch with the National Head of the Royal Doctor Service he is coming to visit White Cliffs. So tomorrow morning is time off work, I am told I can have three hours off (just joking).

Look at yesterday picture of the truck, we see as we drive into White Cliffs "Welcome To White Cliffs" my town project. We have four helpers so far and we have some Red and White Paint, still looking for "Black" and it is only day one. The ball is starting to roll quite fast.

Doug in Queensland was the first to answer my question, it's called a "windlass" on top of the hill (thank you to a number of people who told me, Doug was the first... A WINDLASS the area need a big clean up.

Tomorrow it's lunch at the Flying Doctor, there is no such thing as a free meal haha.

Had a talk with Adrian on the phone today.

At the end of "next week" we meet up with Faye and John from Wangaratta, they are coming to Broken Hill then White Cliffs around the 1st July.

Our paint supply is holding out, quite well I sorted it out today we have around 30lt's left to do the job's at hand.


After the last Censors (last year) White Cliffs is up from 55% from 130 to 200 local people.


Life Good in White Cliffs.




June 18th Sunday 2017
Went to the Underground Motel this morning for Coffee about a dozen came for coffee and toast... Back home it was back to the painting of the big underground bedroom it will be finished tomorrow.

Taken at the motel this morning, the wind was clod blowing from the South.

I am trying to get together a town project as you drive into town from the South the first thing you see is the old Opal Truck with "Welcome To White Cliffs" it was put there about 15yr's ago. At the time it was a bright red, black and white it got a bit shabby over time and needs a repaint.

When you enter White Cliffs from the North the first thing you see is the sign above just needs a bit of a cleanup and a bit of gardening and it last another 15yr's. What do you call winch on top it has a name, I see what we can do and have a big paint.

Just a sunset tonight I went out tonight Just as the last ray of Sun Shine dropped out of sight. Just a picture but worth showing on 3Dots, note the blue sky and that's how it's been all day. It got to 18.2c today after a overnight low of 8.2c they are say 20c tomorrow.

We need some rain, we are taken care with our drinking water we have around 600lt's in our tank, the town mains water is still good for now.

Tomorrow I finish the big bedroom off... were looking good.

We are going to make some cement bedside table, well that's the plan, think how to do it.. Note I said think..

Well that's it for tonight have fun.



June 17th Saturday 2017
What a big day we were up at 5:30am and getting into the finishing touch to the bedroom up stairs gee a lot of work went into this room this room is so strong.


In the next two day this room will turn into the perfect underground room.

1st picture in the bed covered to keep the paint off the bed. The doorway to know where (yes it is upside down) the door that is, there was a doorway to another big room outback but we sealed it up, just makes the house to big.

2nd picture looking out the door way (that vacuum cleaner again) the cement wall here are 300 to 400mm thick double 200mm brick.

3rd picture shows the doorway and the air shaft in the corner the air shaft is to the surface 9m up (28ft) above the floor. The roof of the room is a perfect dome in the center around 12ft high there is 110 tons of cement in this room, as the room is painted over the next few day with High Gloss White Paint the room will light up like a big ball. Size is 9m x 4m wide.

4th picture show the amount of cement used to keep the room in shape.

The painting started we are now stuffed it was a lot of really hard work today, no coffee today but we will go tomorrow Sunday then work on the room tomorrow afternoon. We did ten hours today just to much at our age.


So it is coffee in the morning and painting in the afternoon.


This only happens in White Cliffs.
Would it be OK if Shane and I come up to give you a hand Wednesday this coming week?. Even if it's tidy up, clean up, get rid of rubbish, painting, gardening etc etc. Maybe we could shoot for Wednesday and give you some time to write down some chores.  Jane.

I have lived in many places but never had this, they know we are working hard and just want to help. What can one say.

That's it for today.



June 16th Friday 2017
Funny day in White Cliffs weather wise, the weather man said 22c but we never seen the sun all day so we only got to 18c with 10c overnight. It looked like rain all day but no rain at all today we only had 1mm this year, our 1000lt water tank is down to 600lt's this week.

Taken a short time ago we are looking North over the town of White Cliffs there was almost no sunset in the West but did light up the North Sky really odd.

I am back using the big computer, it's working I took it apart today and it was just full of red dust after a clean out and blow out using the air compressor all working. I must say Windows 10 is a lot better and faster than Windows 7 a lot faster. let's hope it all keeps going.

Tonight the underground home is a real mess, tomorrow we are going to start painting the guest bedroom we have removed everything from the room and hope to get started tomorrow. We are not going for coffee in the morning we are working in the house it starting to really look good. Next week I go for a walk with the camera to show on 3Dots...

Told Muffy coming home this weekend.

Scott been busy this week, really good this is the quite time of the year.

Having trouble with Kangaroos over the last week at night. I been doing some cement work inside the underground home and mixing it outside using a 50lt tub for water that is filled to the top, the Kangaroos are drinking the water at night around 40lts every night. They think he a good guy we will sleep under his car and caravan outside his window... Are we have a heap of new friends maybe 30 of them... It's nice having you around but do you have to drop so much POO...

The weekend is here have fun...



June 15th Thursday 2017
I am back working on the old computer using Windows 7 (it's very slow computer, the good news is, it is working) this is a big test tonight.

This picture was sent me by Bill in Queensland (few weeks ago) I am using it as a test tonight, thanks Bill.

Adrian and Dianne just sent me this picture from the Snowy Hydro power station near Khancoban, have fun in the camper, sorry Motor Home... (bit of fun)...

Well all looks good it is a lot slower than the Windows 10 computer, Scott you have a computer to fix...

I go try upload it to the Internet.


If 3Dots a bit off the next few days just give me a few days to sort it out.


Hello to John and Glenda in Wodonga....



June 14th Wednesday 2017

Disaster, the computer failed today I am sending this via Scott... Don't need it right now using the old computer and try get back on-line soon.



June 13th Tuesday 2017
It's was a long drive today, yes Jock we drive 600km's to the Supermarket 300km each way to Broken Hill and that is the closest shop we drive past Wilcannia (has a small general store) and Little Topar (just a truck stop) that's it. Broken Hill a good size city with two shopping plaza and a very long main street, Broken Hill is well worth a visit. I read your comment about moving home so as you could be closer to the shop by 5km's, Carol and I had a smile.

We got back home about 5:30pm and all is good we have the food order and the paint we require to finish the underground section of the home here in White Cliffs. We filled up with fuel on the way home at Wilcannia $1.33lt it is $1.78lt in White Cliffs... We never buy fuel in White Cliffs...

We left this morning at 6:45am first light, I have never seen so many dead Kangaroo's on the road, I say around 200 dead on the way to Broken Hill. Coming home this afternoon not one to be seen, someone did a really big cleanup job today.


Bill sent us some pictures taken at Noosa Beach in Queensland.

Busy day today, now having coffee at /on Noosa beach, nice spot, coffee taking long time to make, which doesn't matter cause view is really nice.

Gee, you guys up there have a hard life...

As I said the other day "one day the water will return to White Cliffs"

Good to see someone else is trying to build a home from the Earth, even if it is a sand castle...

Hope you had a nice day also

Thanks for that Carol and I put Noosa beach on our must visit list. If fact Queensland is one place we need to visit we did a short trip up there in 2005... Just have to pick the right time of year with the amount of wind and rain they have. We have had 1mm of rain so far this year, but it's coming I am told.

Hello to Peter, Joi and Muffy in Melbourne Town.


Tomorrow is another day...




June 12th Monday 2017 Queens Birthday
Did you know we live on a Super Highway, the Kangaroo Highway most nights we hear the thump of Kangaroos jumping down the hill.

They jump over the top of our underground home then down the hill across our driveway you can see the track in the picture above.

Up the other side

Then down the hill at the front of our home.

In this picture you can see the Highway down the hill and a Kangaroo at the bottom.

They then hop around the flat land all night and at first light they follow the same track back up the hill. When do Kangaroos move around in big groups, when it is about to rain they all get together.

A few people asked me about Rosa Villa in yesterday picture, Rosa Villa is a Underground much like our home. Our home is called "Duncombe home"

I been building a rock wall inside the underground I collect the rocks down the driveway.

I just pick up the rocks and put them in the trailer and tow them up the hill to home. The rock is Iron Stone and very heavy.

The rocks are there by the million's and no matter where you drive for 100km you will fine rocks, I was asked last year "What Do You Do In White Cliffs"? answer "Move Rocks"...

Tomorrow we are going to Broken Hill and back in the same day, we need Food and more Food and paint to finish off inside the underground.

Tap washers, and a few more small items.

It happens to us all, our toilet broke loose and started to move around, that was my job today fix it and bolt it down, "Job Done"...

Carol and two other ladies went out for coffee this morning, I stayed home.


Big trip tomorrow.



June 11th Sunday 1017
Went for coffee today with fifteen other people at the Underground Motel it was a good morning we enjoyed the the group today. The weather was a lot better today 20c in the shade and quite warm in the sun.

Went for a walk around the South side of Smiths Hill where we live.

It's a nice view we are looking South West towards Broken Hill from here a nice blue sky.

A bit feather to the East looking towards Victoria and towards Swan Hill from here. Rosa Villa is a underground home a very old home in White Cliffs.

Taken from hour place tonight a very bright Sunset, you have to love the colours. 30sec later it was all black as the sunset. It's the 11th June today on the 21st June it is the shortest day of the year, after the days will get longer and the sun will start moving to the South.

We had 1mm of rain over night some people had 2.5mm in town.

It's a long weekend so we all decided to go for coffee in the morning.

Muffy have a good time in Melbourne.




June 10th Saturday 2017
It's raining, well there this stuff falling from the sky, not much yet but it been raining the last 10min's and the sky looking very dark right now, so here hoping.

I been cleaning up in the lower bedroom and getting ready to move in so we can print the big room upstairs it ready to paint now but will not happen till we return from Broken Hill with the White Paint.

Coffee at the Underground Motel this morning and we have been invited out for a meal tonight at the Underground.

While there this morning I took some pictures for 3Dots tonight.

Taken after coffee this morning about 11am.

The ladies chat on for another hour.

Motel guest sitting room.

Hallway down to the guest bedrooms.

Television and reading room, Newspapers in White Cliffs the Sunday Papers turn up on Wednesday the news here is about 3days behind.

One other picture, this one for Faye and John in Wangaratta.

They have a pet Gala, Angus.. Well when you get here just walk outside Angus1, Angus2, Augus3 and so on...

They be here in about 3wk's, looking forward to out visitors with only two bedrooms it will be a full house... (the big shed belongs to the Underground next door.)


Tuesday we hope to go into and return home in the same day, that's about 600km's there are lot's of things we need. Nails for the nail gun, glue, paint for walls, paint for the floor and the list goes on and on. And food...

Had a better day today the first time in three week my cold has been under control. The weather cold today with a top of 15c outside (still 23c underground). The rain is so light almost nothing we need it in the tank, the tank is 1000lt's (thanks to Doug in Queensland) we have around 660lt's of rain water in the tank (we only use the rainwater for cooking and Coffee....

Have fun this long weekend we will.



June 9th Friday 2017
Great news the weekend is here, but Friday was all about painting and more painting. The paint we are using is 20yr's old well about that, it been underground all those years in 23c and it perfect.

It's a hallway to outside the underground, this will lead to the new kitchen outside in a few months.

This is a air lock door needed to keep the underground warm in winter and cool in summer. Without this door the cold of winter would get into the underground and it would get cold. The current bathroom laundry is on the other side of the door the other night about 4am it was 4c in the bathroom and 23c on this side of the door. I come back and finish this section tomorrow afternoon.

Painted the steps today from the main bedroom to the lounge room the paint is Berger Jet Dry and a 25% mix of Bondcreat, I clean up the edge's in the next day or two. Who that looking down the stairs from the lounge room.

We have a bit to do in Broken Hill Tuesday so we added Wednesday I have a list of things I need, top of the list is White, High Gloss Paint the place is starting to look fantastic. When I came back this year the plan was finish the underground part of the house and that is still the plan.

There are a lot of people in town for the long weekend, the caravan park was near full today.


The White Cliffs website is up and running with the new layout CLICK HERE like all things in like some will like it and some will hate it.

Have a good weekend a long weekend...

Coffee in the morning...




June 8th Thursday 2017
Well, most of today was working on the NEW White Cliffs Website a lot of people do not want it to close down, you would have read the text below about three days ago and that was the reason for closing the website.

Let's go back a year to another town (800km's from White Cliffs) the website programmer put an item on his website, but put the wrong date (the date he put was a week later in error.) very few people came on the date, more turned up a week later.

The local festival said it was his fault and it cost him $15,000 in court, so my comment "sent it to me in writing" I did not want the same thing to happen to us. No one sent anything in writing so I put nothing on the website not a word, why take the risk.

I said I shut the website as it is now... I do have something else in mine that will involve little work... And I will talk about this later in the week as it does involve a third party. I tell the people on 3Dots before I tell anyone else...

To keep people happy in town I made up a new website that will be ready to install tomorrow sometime for 3Dots views only CLICK HERE please give me feed back, grammar, spelling.

As I said this site is not open to the public tonight, see it first on 3Dots...

The Flying Doctor came to White Cliffs around 9:30am this morning around 10am they had a call out a motor bike crash some 60km's west of White Cliffs. I had a appointment, that was called off (only for scripts) so next week will do. They took the guy to Broken Hill by air from White Cliffs the crash happen at Pack Saddle.

I painted the floor of the lounge room that I spilled paint on yesterday.

Tomorrow it is back to painting in the underground hallway.


Please give me feed back on the website, please, please I need it.



June 7th Wednesday 2017
What did we do today we painted, and we painted all day I cleaned up a number of small area's around the house and painted two bigger walls.

I showed you this the other day well after a lot of work it is fixed with cement and steel it now one of the strongest parts of the house.

Finished and painted 900mm wide this hallway goes from the lounge to the sitting room.

Looking the other way into the lounge room (I know I need to repaint the lounge floor I dropped the can of paint, fix that tomorrow. (I could have moved the vacuum cleaner)

The White Cliffs website closing is sure got the town talking we talked about closing it last night on 3Dots. Seem a lot of business in town have the website listed on their stationery, no one asked could they use it but then again I may have to come up with a website that has no up keep at my end I do some work on it tonight.

Scott is having his busiest week at work for a long time, he working very late tonight, Scott it's always good to have to many customers.

Susan will be having a change of job's Target Albury is not saying but all senior staff are looking for work, bit of stress that Susan does not need. Susan has only had one job in her life. If you know anyone looking for a solid staff member contact and member of the family.

Here you are all getting very wet in Melbourne, Peter park the car in the rain and save the car wash fee...


Time to look at the White Cliffs website, and see what I do.

Tuesday next week we are planning a trip into Broken Hill I am starting to get hungary, we are planning in and out on the same day.



June 6th Tuesday 2017

The 6th June already in five month's we are looking at driving away for summer, it unreal how fast time is going this year. Carol went to art so I went up the ladder in the current bathroom/laundry and start to rock up a rotten wall. I had trouble with this wall over the years, now have it under control just need rock it up to the roof about 2700mm (9ft) to the top after last year and today I am up to about 2200mm.

The wall I showed you yesterday was not dry enough to paint so I will come back and try again tomorrow morning.

Have been asked about the White Cliffs website I am closing it down Click Here and thank you for the question. It is a site that everyone wants but know one gives you anything. Six month's ago I asked for details on the White Cliffs Music Festival. Nothing, not a word was sent so I put nothing on the White Cliffs website about the Music Festival. A week before I was asked to do a page on the Music Festival (make it up as you go) I said no, it's to late by the time I got it done the festival would be under way.

Let's go back a year to another town (800km's from White Cliffs) the website programmer put an item on his website, but put the wrong date (the date he put was a week later in error.) very few people came on the date, more turned up a week later.

The local festival said it was his fault and it cost him $15,000 in court, so my comment "sent it to me in writing" I did not want the same thing to happen to us. No one sent anything in writing so I put nothing on the website not a word, why take the risk.

I said I shut the website as it is now... I do have something else in mine that will involve little work... And I will talk about this later in the week as it does involve a third party. I tell the people on 3Dots before I tell anyone else...


We do live in a crazy World at times, my air compressor came on for no reason I have not used it. The little red button you lift to turn it on was lifted up and had been chew, a kangaroo, goat, emu or something else. I unplugged it and covered it with a tarp.

Well that's it for the day.


Have fun the animals around here are.



June 5th Monday 2017

Today started almost a year ago in July 2016, we always had a bad area of dirt that I started to fix last year then the land rights hit and work came to a stop, well today I finished the job.

How it looked in June 2016 well after a lot of hard work today it all fixed and quite solid.

Looking from the other side job done, when the cement dry's (maybe Wednesday) I seal the wall and paint with the same white gloss paint. That's all solid cement over a ton of it... That was today for me just need to clean up the mess, with that much cement I think we should call that Jack's Wall.

I bet someone will say is that all you did today.

Chris Martin from Hay started work at Tamworth NSW today teaching engineering. He the only person I would trust to build to build my house...


Ar' here we go...

Doug sent me this picture at 5:23pm Ballina, NSW. It reads "My Sunset has stuff at the bottom that yours don't..... Water!" HaHa... Did you know White Cliffs is on the Great Inland Sea, we are waiting for it to come back...

Jokes aside that a good picture and I do like the water. Picture added at 5:34pm. Just a comment we have full sunshine here it will set about 6pm...


We had 18c here today and they say 4c tonight the temperature inside is 24c it has dropped 1c in the last week. Bit better for sleeping...




June 4th Sunday 2017 Happy Birthday Troy

Happy Birthday Troy, just one more year older and a new number...

Went to the Underground Motel this morning for the first time in three weeks for coffee the same gang were there and happy to get together after an hour we went home.

Back home I did a small cement job 2.5sqM all done, I do more on Tuesday next the work on the new hallway to the kitchen. I do an easy job tomorrow.

Have not had a good six months health wise bad back and cold so I am slowing down i don't want that bad back again. I decided to drop what I am involved with in White Cliffs.

I am also going to close the White Cliffs Website don't get a lot from locals for the website this cold has not gone away.

All you Diabetic people I had the cold 3wks my sugar down to 5 most days. Why, bad head cold and my sugar has dropped I am on Paracetamol twice a day for the cold. Maybe that the reason, comments welcome please.

Looking forward to a better week next week...

For the record the underground holding at 24c which is quite warm.

Faye and John from Wangaratta (Faye is Carol sister) are coming to White Cliffs the last week of June for five or six days. We are looking forward to the visit, by the time you go home you will have a new name Flintstone.

This is worth a look, Scott crash cam did it's job in (lucky no crash) Scott Cam in Albury Click Here


Tomorrow another week.




June 3rd Saturday 2017

I am sorry to say we never went out today, no coffee no nothing, just cannot get over this cold I try again tomorrow morning.

Not a bad sunset in the West tonight like a big fireball.

I have to say hello to Joyce my grand daughter who came home from school yesterday with a heavy cold...

Have a good weekend...



June 2nd Friday 2017

The good news, it the weekend and for me the bad news is my cold freshen up and I had a day feeling like s….., bad.

That word no, not that one a little boy said the F word at home. His mother in a soft voice said we don't say that, we say Fire Truck, and that was fine.

A local lady who quite often says F this and F that was told in fun. She said. That Fire Truck husband of mine he better fix the Fire Truck tap today. And was asked has James joined the CFA…????

We have a new wardrobe in the bedroom that came today it is in place and looking good. Vicki thanks for your help.

Doug thanks for the picture, I love it be a great weekender one of two nights...


Been sent this picture of Bill in Queensland (get Bill night) you are looking younger every time I see a picture.


What now, a few years back Parks and Wildlife open in White Life open a Visitor Centre around a year ago they closed it, left a walk in display room and no staff. You have to wonder how much money has been tossed down the drain. What Happen's Now I feel that's a good question to ask. In the next few day I am going to put this on the White Cliffs Website.


Rhonda, having fun with her car... The starter said that's enough.


Have a good weekend and have some fun, we will.


Hello Bill, hope your still talking to me....




June 1st Thursday 2017 it's Winter.

Yep a new month and it is winter time now in Australia, and it was a very cool wind in White Cliffs today from the south west.

I went down to the shop and as I left two Kangaroos sitting beside the driveway below...

Can you find them...

Then when I returned from the shop "far right an Emu", so all the gang out today Emu, Kangaroo and I seen a Goat today. Picture taken from car.

Bill in Queensland sent me some pictures here a few of them.

Come on Bill and Marg, a Chocolates, Coffee and Ice Cream shop they all at the top of my list, that's not nice...

I'm still thinking about the Chocolates, but it does look good.

I add this place to my wish list to visit.

Thanks for the pictures Bill and Marg I do love that building.


It got to 16c outside today and sill 23c inside. I did pick up a trailer load of rock that I want to start using inside the Underground.

Talk to Scott he was going to Melbourne today.


Carol went to Art at the Art House...