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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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March 31st Friday 2017

Millicent is a town in South Australia, 399 kilometres south-east of Adelaide, and 50 kilometres north of Mount Gambier. In the 2011 census, the population was 5,024. Weather Today was: 16°C, Wind W at 23 km/h, 69% Humidity, Postal code: 5280 and it's in the Federal division: Division of Barker

The town is home to the Millicent National Trust Museum, Millicent Library & Gallery, Millicent Civic & Arts Centre, the South East Family History Group, and is nearby to the Tantanoola Caves Conservation Park and the Canunda National Park.

Close by is Lake Bonney SE which is home to South Australia's largest wind turbine farm. Millicent is also home to the man-made lake, Lake McIntyre, a native bird and wildlife reserve.

Millicent was proclaimed in 1870 after a township developed on the limestone ridge in the centre of the newly drained Millicent flats. It is named after Millecent Glen (née Short), wife of one of the early pioneers and daughter of the first Anglican Bishop of Adelaide, Augustus Short. The town name was spelt wrong and was originally meant to be called 'Millecent' but a mistake sent to the government of the town's name was 'Millicent'

Millicent is also home to a Kimberly Clark Australia paper mill which is located 10 km away from the town; it is the largest employer in the area with approximately 400 employees. The factory produces Kleenex, Cottonelle and Viva product lines for the Australian and some regional overseas markets. Millicent is also well known for its primary production, which include many varied crops. Pine and blue gum plantation cover large areas. It is also home to the only seaweed harvesting and processing plant in South Australia.

Millicent has only one round-a-bout, one intersection of traffic lights, one radio station and swimming lake. It also has a resident timber sculpture artist whose works are on display.

Millicent main street.

A bit more of the main CBD of Millicent.

It's time like this you wish you had the grandkids with you.

Any kid would have fun here.

It's better than any McDonald's playground they say kid's come a 100km to play here.

We went shopping in Millicent Lunch, which was good in the main street, chemist shop and Woolworth's Supermarket.

Adrian and Dianne have a good week away...

Hello to Desire, Bill and Doug in Queensland (keep your feet dry.)

We had a good day today, now back in Southend Caravan Park.

Been working on a Auction website for Adrian, more on that later.




March 30th Thursday 2017

Thursday in Southend SA we stayed in the town and went for a drive in the local area today. It's a real Sea Side town everyone goes fishing there are around fifteen fishing boats working out of Southend.

The caravan park is full tonight, I am told that happens most weekends, come Sunday it be empty.

We have some dirt bike riders here for the weekend.

A wild day on the East side of the head today a really wild day.

I am not sure what type of rock it is it sure a wide looking coast.

The wind is blowing from the East all day.

Same water on the West side of the head at Southend Jetty.

Part way out on the Jetty looking back to the car park, as you can see it sure some wild rock in the area.

A hole in a rock not to sure how it got there, it make's a good picture.

There is the head land the East side is wild weather the West as you can see is like a duck pond. Another rain storm on the way in.

Sitting in the Mercedes Benz on top of the road to the beach, I backed out at this point, remember you can drive on the beach in most parts of South Australia.

Had a talk to Scott and John today on the phone,

Ken hope the day went well, good friend he had a cancer removed today.

Time for a supermarket shop tomorrow I am told by the lady of the house.


Hello to Sue and David in Gippsland and thanks for the email.


You may remember I found a fishing rod and reel on the beach at Rickaby SA today I pulled it apart “again”. And all looks good this time it was full of sand. Need to buy some fishing line and give it a test run.


End of the month tomorrow have fun.




March 29th Wednesday 2017

We went to Beachport today about 20km's North West of our place at Southend. It was a long way from perfect day. The trip over was good, we stopped and went to a fish and chip shop for lunch and it started to rain and did it rain big time. Still raining we went back to the car after about an hour.

NO START I had left the headlights on, again for the third time this year I must be getting old so we sat in the car about and hour maybe a bit longer then I removed the Solar Cell Battery for the back and jump started the car. It was 100% my fault, if you open the door (with lights on) with the key still in the lock, no alarm. If you remove the key open the door with the head lights on you get an alarm. A bad design I feel...

Before we went to lunch a nice day, picture I took of the Jetty at Beachport.

This is one of Australia Biggest Jetty it was 1220m a storm broke the end off now it is 772m that over 1.5km's return trip if you walk to the end. Have a think about how big it was.

The day ended a total wash out so we went home to the caravan at Southend to find another camper in the caravan park so we are not alone tonight.

We still have eight night's in Southend so we will return to Beachport on a fine day.


Back at the caravan we pulled out the heater for the first time this year.


Daylight saving ends this Sunday Morning.


Hope you had a better day than we did, tomorrow a new day and it's going to be a perfect day.




March 28th Tuesday 2017

I have to start off today with Muffy and Susan starting a "reptile park" in Albury, last christmas they had a big lizard at their home and today they found a Brown Snake (Muffy found the snake at the letter box). We get them at White Cliffs but in Albury and in one of the oldest street in town. They are every where over the last ten years.

Back to Southend where we are camped, to start off it is really cold, I have a heater in the caravan over the next few days I may have to go find it.

Today we went for a 25km (50km return) drive into Millicent you can see it on the map above. Tomorrow we are thinking about a drive to Beachport.

Millicent today a cold day in town.

The main street of Millicent

Millicent has three supermarkets IGA, Foodland and Woolworth's.

This is Southend 50m from our caravan.

Carol in the salt water at Southend.

The big beach today you can drive 40km's along the beach in South Australia.

If the Mercedes Benz could talk I am sure it would say "Let's Go"

A cold day but a good day in Southend, there are no shops in Southend, well there is a shop but it sure need TLC and you sure will not save money shopping there.

We had three caravans here last night, tonight we are all alone.


Hello to Muffy and Susan in Albury all you need now is a Crocodile.


Hi Joyce are you looking after Mum and Dad.




March 27th Monday 2017

We are back we came here in February 18th 2014 on our first trip to South Australia the place we talk about and remember is Southend, today we came back this time for ten days on the same camp site in the same caravan park. Southend Sands Caravan Park is the name we got a special price $20.00 night with power and hot water.

We are only 50m to the beach and salt water.

The dot is our campsite for the next ten nights we are not far from Millicent, Beachport and the city of Mt Gambier I think this will be our last stop in South Australia.

The jetty at Southend this is a fishing port.

Near the jetty a really odd rock cliff more on that later.

Dirty car, but here is our setup at Southend, ten days we have a full setup this time we can cook inside or outside the caravan, note the Australian Flag on the pole. The kettle on for the next cup of coffee. This caravan park is small with only six camping sites, there are three campers here tonight it is old but very clean.

The last time we were here we were in the Ford Transit Van but that was a hard luck story.

I here Joi maybe going back to work in Melbourne.

Ten days off work for me haha... All I need do here is wash the car and caravan.

Just a note it was 43c in White Cliffs today we talked to Dick and all good up there.

At this stage we are looking to return to White Cliffs 5th May...




March 26th Sunday 2017

We are still camping at Wrights Bay 35kms West of Robe on the South Coast of South Australia.

Today we went to Robe a very important place in Carol family tree (Carol is 100% Australia being born in King Valley South of Wangaratta in Victoria.) On Carol fathers side Pan Ah Shin who was Chinese came to Australia in the 1850s landing at Robe from China and walking to the Ballarat Gold Fields.

He later went to the Buckland Valley near Bright, he built a home, married and started a family, he died in the King Valley a very rich person.

While in Robe we did some family research the Chinese trek to Gold was a 400km walk from Robe we now know the trek he took. We seen where he landed in Australia and we know why he came here.

We had a good time in Robe, but time to move on tomorrow to Southend Caravan Park, but more on that later in the week. This is a big break stop for us being a ten day stop and we will have power.


And only 30sec to the beach.

At Robe a shark being cleaned

Where the Chinese landed in Australia.

16500 Chinese landed in the same place.

The Chinese landed at this beach.

The 400km walk to the Gold fields in Victoria.

Not the normal Three Dots but that was our day.


Southend tomorrow and power...




March 25th Saturday 2017

Well we gave Kingston SE the thumps up in a way and left this morning making people move camps every 24hrs is a big joke so we left Kingston SE today and tonight we are at Wright Camp just 20km's West of Robe.

It is a fishing camp and cost $9.00 a night, no power, we are using solar power again tonight.

We are 40m from the beach and heaps of seaweed on the beach. There are some rocks to fish off but I seem to be working cleaning the Mercedes Benz.

Carol gave me a hair cut today so I have a cold head tonight.

Here two days that cost $18.00 for the two days. We move 110kms to Southend on Monday morning we are there ten days.

Have to tell the truth (did not plan this picture just bumped the shutter on the camera)

The beach beside the camp full of seaweed.

Good fishing rocks I am told.

Next beach near the caravan park, still has a lot of seaweed.

Our camp tonight and tomorrow a lot better here than Kingston SE.

Other's in the park tonight most people are here for the fishing.

I have more pictures but will put them up Monday night when we have power.

More tomorrow.




March 24th Friday 2017

We are in Kingston SE (South East) in South Australia and at a 24hr free camp, so tomorrow we move for 24hr's then come back for 24hr's (it's just crazy) or you can go to the one and only caravan park for $35 a night.

It's a light house, tell the truth I do not like it, not a real light house.

That's open ocean out there.

That's a long jetty I hope to walk it while we are here.

When you turn around from the Jetty you see the 24hr free camp our old caravan can be seen in the centre of the picture.

Scott having fun with his car it will not start.

On solar power so that's it for tonight.



March 23rd Thursday 2017

We are in Keith Caravan Park tonight, last night we stayed at Tintinara around 50km's to the west of Keith we almost run out of power the last two day, reason just 'no sun' to charge our battery the only way to fix this is a portable generator so I put that on our shopping list this year.

As I said last night I have some pictures to catch up on so here we go.

Here we are tonight top right the blue dot, tomorrow we head to Kingston SE on the south coast of South Australia.

I took these picture's a few days ago in Mannum on the Murray we had a nice camping spot but the Mannum council let the people down with lack of water taps. I seen a person wash out a portable toilet at the one and only tap. I then seen people fill water jugs and caravan tanks. "We packed and left Mannum."

Elvis shop in Mannum we had a cup of coffee here.

That the Murray River at Mannum.

Here is a another shot of the Murray River.

Why would you build a home here these very old homes are just above river level in Mannum.

You seen the homes in the last picture I turned around and took this picture, now look at the tree cut off at the max flood level the home's would be under water to roof height.

Across the river you see a house boat, when it pulled up I seen it was for sale, I asked how much $390,000 it is their full time home. What a way to live.

Here we are on the way to Keith, Silo Art By Guido Van Helten at Coonalpyn (it is not finished they are all local children from the local school. he is now painting the back of the Silo, He did the art work at Brim in Victoria.


4 I let you read this sign, it has a meaning outside a Cafe.

Well our pictures are now up to date and tomorrow we are off to Kingston SE and a meal of local seafood, the only thing we all hate about Kingston SE is the local council 24hr camping rule at free camps in the town, I have to ask "Why" I may walk into the council office and ask "Why"...

Adrian and Dianne are back home in Lavington, Albury.

Susan will be starting to pack her suitcase for her oversea's trip, more on that later.

Tomorrow it free camping we have a full battery.



March 21st and 22nd Tuesday and Wednesday

Last night we had light rain and no Solar power all day the computer killed the solar in 20mins so no three dots last night.

Today we have had no sunlight all day, so that is two days and almost nothing into the battery from solar system.

I have a heap of pictures to put on dots some good stuff. We left Mannum about 10am this morning and headed South East and are at a free camp tonight at Tintinara, yep its a new one on us to.

Tomorrow morning we are going to Keith a town to the East and stopping in a caravan park at Keith tomorrow night we need to charge the caravan battery. Then Friday South to Kingston SE and the South coast of South Australia.

We are booked in at Southend on the coast on Tuesday for ten days. Kingston a bit of a problem in a way. It is a free camp but you can only stay 24hrs you then go about 20kms to pink park they call it stay the night they drive back to Kingston and stay 24hrs then leave town. Some bright person on council is saying 24hr limit in free camps.

Why Southend caravan park, to start with we know the owner and it has a great beach 50m away. It cost us $20 night with power , water, toilet and hot shower. There are no shops and we like it after staying there four years ago.

Adrian and Dianne be home tomorrow after a trip to Geelong.

Hello to Carmen and Damon.

We will have power at the Keith caravan park tomorrow so I charge every thing up and put the pictures we have on dots.

On our shopping list this year is a camping generator so we do not have to rely on the sun.

White Cliffs had a 40c today it has to cool down soon.

More tomorrow.



March 20th Monday 2017

Left Williamstown at 8am this morning as we had to cross the mountains to the west, the Adelaide Hills and head across to the Murray River town of Mannum it a really nice River town. Not sure how long we will stay here we will work that out later.

It not a free camp but close all it has is a great view and a toilet. No power we are running on solar power here. The came cost $10 night and you get a toilet.

Mannum is across the Murray River from our camp maybe 400m away. There is a Ferry Service across the river.

On the Ferry to town.

Looking up town


Looking down town.

I let you work this out.

This is taken from the step of the caravan.


The Murray Princess a large river boat went past 20min’s ago that's a big boat.

It's a good size town two Supermarkets IGA and Foodland, good bakery (where we had lunch).

We had a short stay here some four years ago and put it on our list to return one day, here we are back for a better look.

Hello to Adrian and Dianne having fun down South.

Hello to the grandkids Tahlia, Joyce and Chase.

We will look around town tomorrow morning.

The car and caravan took on some big hills this morning and all perfect no problem's at all.


March 19th Sunday 2017

We are still at Williamstown in the Barossa Valley all day to day a little drive we had planned 60km's turned into a full day 250km's.


The Barossa Valley derives its name from the Barossa Ranges, which were named by Colonel William Light in 1837. Light chose the name in memory of the British victory over the French in the Battle of Barrosa, in which he fought in 1811. The name "Barossa" was registered in error, due to a clerical error in transcribing the name "Barrosa". The area is approximately 13 by 14 kilometres.

The three major towns of the Barossa all have distinctive personalities. Tanunda is generally recognised as the most German of the three with long-standing traditions dating back to the 1840s when the first German settlers arrived in the area. Because many of them came from Prussian Silesia, they called the Barossa Neu-Schlesien, or "New Silesia". The German influence survives to this day (see Barossa German). Angaston, in contrast, is considered the English town as it was settled predominantly by Cornish miners and others from Britain. The third (and largest) town, Nuriootpa, was influenced by both the German and British settlers, and today is the commercial hub of the Barossa where most of the larger stores are located. Tanunda and Angaston are considered 'tourist towns' in comparison to Nuriootpa because they have many more facilities to cater for tourists.


In February 2011, South Australian Premier Mike Rann announced that special legislation would be introduced to protect the unique heritage of the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale. Premier Rann said: "Barossa and McLaren Vale food and wine are key icons of South Australia. We must never allow the Barossa or McLaren Vale to become suburbs of Adelaide."The Character Preservation (Barossa Valley) Act 2012 was subsequently passed by the South Australian Parliament.


Everyone seems to have a Helicopter I must have seen ten today they use them like car's around the area. I wish they spend some money on the roads they are not good.

That's today we went to three look outs in the area.

Tomorrow we move on to some where, we are slowly moving South East towards a place we both like "Southend" but that may take a week of ten days, we are in no rush.

All good here today.




March 18th Saturday 2017

With nothing left to see on the Yorke Peninsula we were up at 6:60am had breakfast and hooked up the caravan and drove over the Adelaide side and in a way turn for home, (the long way) it may take us a month to get there. We pulled up west of Adelaide at Williamstown in the Barossa Valley we have wine all around us for the next two nights (I am a non-drinker) I may get drunk on the smell.

Have a look at the Blue Dot...


Next was a football game between local teams, we filled in a few hours.

In this picture if you look over the back you will see the caravans where we are.

Here we are tonight and we are not the oldest caravan in the park tonight that little one on the end is 1970 a lot older than we are.


Adrian and Dianne are away having fun, looking good here in South Australia.


We had no car trouble today it was a good trip 180km's...


Booked in two nights and will have a look around the area tomorrow Sunday.


Have fun.




March 17th Friday 2017

Moonta is a great town on the west side of the Yorke Peninsula we went there today and what a great spot there is a good size business area and a nice bay area and it is getting bigger.

Moonta where we went today is at the top and Maitland above is where we are staying this weekend. Moonta is a lot bigger than Maitland. We had a meal at Moonta today at the jetty.

If you look at the map above we have been in the blue circle for over a month now. The blue dot is where we are tonight at Maitland Showgrounds. It cost $15.00 a night with water and power.

The Moonta jetty today we had lunch at the business on the left.

When the water goes out at Moonta it goes out a long way, it is a pretty place to visit.

Another picture of the same place today, kids playground.

That clock tower is the Post Office at the end of the main street.

The park in town part of the main street.

We filled with petrol today Unleaded 98 $1.36lt Unladed 91 $1.24lt Diesel $1.26lt, the drive today was around 110km's and we enjoyed the day at Moonta


The weekend is here, and we are told it will get quite hot in South Australia.


Have a good weekend, we will.



March 16th Thursday 2017

We hit the road this morning “On the road again “ and we were only planning a trip Rickaby to Maitland 65kms. Then 30kms up the road the caravan tire went past the car so I quickly pulled over.


We were pulled up on a slope I did feel safe jacking the caravan on such slope, HELP I called RACV (called RAA in South Australia) and help was here in about one hour. After putting blocks on the good wheel and using a very big jack the van was up and the spare fitted.



We lost about two hours, when we got to Maitland I went to Bridgestone and fitted a new tire to the caravan so all is good after a bad start to the day. Tyre for the caravan cost $78.00...

We are at the Maitland Showgrounds with about 20 other caravans' and motor homes. It a normal showgrounds lots of sheds toilets and shower nice and clean.

Tomorrow we will look around the area and hope we have a better day.

Went to the Supermarket and the Chemist shop in Maitland today in the small main street, the supermarket is a Foodland store, no Coles' or Woolworth's here.

That was our day, it all worked out so it was a good day.

Tomorrow another day and more pictures.


Hello Sue and David in Gippsland Victoria.




March 15th Wednesday

Our last night in Rickaby on the Yorke Peninsula if you have a caravan or motor home put this on your bucket list, it's worth a stop and we will return.

We have decided not to go far tomorrow we are looking at Maitland 60kms north for two or three nights.

The Yorke Peninsula what did we think, we liked where we stayed, Port Rickaby, Port Turton and Port Vincent, all good. The rest is good to see, you see a lot of empty house there are no people apart from public holidays.

Here a local who sit's on the same pole every day.

Close up of the same local, this is a very big bird.

I went to a shop this morning and asked for fresh bread, we only have frozen bread. Our next load of fresh bread will be at Easter time, ok, and left I did not have a answer for that. I was was told to buy a bread maker.

I do three dots then go outside and start packing up. Di and Graham move off this morning they are heading towards the west of South Australia then north to Queensland for the winter.

Susan and her fun run last weekend, thanks for the picture's.

I cannot believe this is why we have kids, Susan my daughter number 8712

I just want to know how come your face is so clean???. Fun run in Albury Wodonga.

Susan be moving on holidays in three weeks flying out of Australia to Vietnam, more later.

Hello to Chris and Sue in Hay...

Tomorrow it's on the road again.




March 14th Tuesday 2017

111 Here we are today blue circle at the bottom of the Yorke Peninsula as far South as you can go Marion Bay and the light house are at the bottom. The light house is the bottom, West side of the Peninsula.

Hope you can read it.

Corny Point Lighthouse.

A bit more reading it was worth the trip South today.


If you look real hard there is a guy fishing on the South tip. And a little white dot is a fishing boat.

Hello From Marion Bay it is about as far South as you can drive. We found a Tavern selling Wood Fired Pizza for lunch it was really good Pizza best I have had in years.


Marion Bay jetty it is a lot longer than where we are staying.

It was a big trip today around 275km's (without caravan) we had a good time today seen a lot of new stuff.

Hello Scott, in Wangaratta.

All good here.



March 13th Monday 2017

I cleaned out the car today and headed for a walk on the beach the long weekend is over in South Australia. I did some work on the car checking oil, water and what needed checking.

You may remember from the weekend the picture above, about 500 or more people in the park.

The same picture at lunch time today, no one left in the park just Di and Graham and Carol, I plus one other person who just drove into the caravan park.

Went for a walk along the beach took this picture from the other end of the beach, the caravan park is at the far end of the beach.

My big find today on the beach a fishing rod and reel washed up on the beach. It had a hard time the rod will need a clean up the reel we will find out when we clean it up.

33The rod after a clean up it be better than a hand line (the rod folds up) still working on the reel it is full of sand and sea weed it been under water a long time.

Tonight, we have two more sunset's before we leave.

At the same time I took the sunset I took this beach picture.

We are going for a drive tomorrow down South for a look it will take most of the day.



March 12th Sunday 2017

What a shocking night then the worst day we have had this year. Non-stop 60km wind and light rain at times.

A number of people packed up and went home as one man said we are not setup for this weather we had to sleep in the car with two kids the tent would not stay up during the night, he said.

Carol and I drove into Mulanton this morning to the IGA Supermarket for bread and a few other things we needed.

We were up at sunrise to take the caravan awning down I was worried the strong wind would rip it apart. I walked over to the jetty and took the picture below about 7am.

It one of my best pictures a one in a thousand shot. Carol was saying it make a good painting.

We are paid up here to Wednesday night leave Thursday morning we will turn back over the top of the Yorke Peninsula towards Mannum area and the Murray River then down to the South Coast of South Australia Kingston SE and Robe, then to Southend South Australia.

We were not able to do a lot today, other than go to a street market. Today every year the local people put on a street market. With over 500 people staying in the caravan park it's a big weekend for the small town. The market was on but a bit of a wash out.

Hello to Joi and Peter in Melbourne thanks for the chat today.

Glenda thanks for the email.

Tomorrow will be a better day, I hope.



March 11th Saturday 2017

Three Dots tonight is all about the caravan park it is packed for the long weekend in South Australia we did not start the car the streets are packed. We stayed home today Carol, Di, Graham and I had lunch in the caravan everyone is talking to every one else.

There are over 200 campers setup here for the long weekend.

This is across the road from our camp. There are 100s of kids.

Lost's of tents setup in the caravan park.

That's our caravan and it packed all around us.

The cabins in the park are all booked out by the one family.

I did a lot on the auction site for Adrian and Garvin.

Had a email from Vicki our friend in White Cliffs love your new car it looks great.

Time for tea it is 6pm here in South Australia.




March 10th Friday 2017

Port Rickaby Caravan everyone moved out the morning, left was Di and Graham and Carol and I and it's a long weekend in South Australia, then buy noon there was 30 vans and tents, so we went for a drive all four of us. Guess what by the time we got back there was over a 100 camps bring setup and about 200 kids, people everywhere for the long weekend.

Some of the local's down at the beach today having a swim on Port Victoria.

Maitland, called the Market Place some ten shop in a old council shed used be the locals. $4.00 coffee and cake.

Seen this sign in a shop today in our travels.

Taken late in the day the seagulls sitting up camp for the night.

We went for a drive to Port Victoria and then to Maitland to all four of us in the Mercedes Benz we had a great time.

There is a lot of traffic on the road so we will stay in the local area to next week.

Susan going over sea's next month but more on that later.

Had a talk to Chris Martin in Hay today thanks for the call.

I been working on a auction website for Adrian and Garvin in Albury Wodonga.

More tomorrow night about what's going on here.




March 9th Thursday 2017

We had a good day in Rickaby today we went for a walk then a drive into town, Minlaton visiting the supermarket then back home it is 15km's to town from the caravan park we started the day doing some work on the caravan, cleaning then cleaning the outside of the car.

It has a Police Station and one policeman in town.

Notice the big gun in the main street and the shop across the street (like a $2.00 shop) but it all cost $6.00 here)

The town of Minlaton today just outside the supermarket it is a IGA Supermarket (I must say it is not cheap.)

This building is the first farm in the area near 200yr's I was going there today but found a locked gate, this picture was taken about 1km away and zoomed up using the phone. Built using local rock and a mud cement a lot of it has fallen over as you can see in the picture.

In Rickaby there is a lookout you walk to it has around 50 stairs so I went for a walk to. Here is a picture from the top you can see the Jetty where I fish and looking to open sea.

The stair case is across the road from the Caravan Park. We are looking at the caravan park.

Another week, our week was up today and we paid for another week at the caravan park today, $160.00 a week it a lot of money but is way below the price of other parks in the area.

Tomorrow Graham and Di, Carol and I are going for a drive in the Mercedes Benz up the west coast, we share the cost.

Now the big news I landed after a big fight a 200mm fish today from the jetty my first fish for the year Mullet, I was told (to tell the truth I tossed it back) it was well undersize. The sun about to go down as we talk...


Here John is home from Melbourne.


More tomorrow...



March 8th Wednesday 2017

First to Carol went to a art class in town for 4hr’s it only cost $5 for the day... Not that long ago she went to a art class in Port Fairy. Seeing how other people paint.

Dianne and Graham are camp next to us tonight here at Rickaby Caravan Park we met them on the road 4yrs ago and have tried to make contact at least once year.

We had to move camp today, we are in the same caravan park at Rickaby but we moved.

The reason this weekend is a long weekend in South Australia and a group of four caravans' had book the site we were on a year ago.

We asked to stay another week, we were told Yes but we have to move to a new site. We are closer to the sea side...

Our new camp


Sunset just now


The day has ended.

I have a Coke Zero so we are going to have a talk with Dianne and Graham.


Had a computer problem all fixed, that why we are late...



March 7th Tuesday 2017

Not an easy day, Carol went into the hair dresser at Minlaton this morning that was good, next was a 30km drive to Port Turton, I went for a walk and left my headlights on, yep you guessed right, a flat battery in the Mercedes Benz.

Port Turton South Australia.

I am told the Pelican sits there most of the day waiting for people to clean fish.

Sitting beside the sea with a flat battery I could ring RACV or RAA in South Australia then I remembered the battery in the back hooked to the solar cell on the roof of the Mercedes Benz. 30min’s later I had the car running all good.

I like this picture almost perfect. This was taken with the big camera.

The jetty at Port Turton

We are due to move out Thursday but we want to stay another week. Went to the office, sorry we are all booked out It's a long weekend in South Australia. Then a phone call from Di and Graham, friends... We are coming to join you, so back to the office I want two site's for a week, after a lot of talking they found two sites side by side. So all good, tomorrow afternoon we move to a new site in the same caravan park.

So a bit of a stressed out day in Rickaby.

Tomorrow morning Carol is going to an art class in Minlaton form 10am to 2pm...


We are all ok... I think...


Talking to John in Melbourne today he be home on Thursday.


Scott had a good size job in Melbourne today.


Tomorrow another day as we say...



March 6th Monday 2017

Carol and I had a big day today we went for a 250km drive up the East Coast of the Yorke Peninsula and back home to the caravan at Rickaby First stop was Minlaton then:

What a shocker they say it is one the main towns it's a ship wreak a lot of shops are closed and a lot empty I cross that off my return list, that is one place I wanted to see it needs a lot of work.

It much like Yorketown but a bit better, there are no people you drive around there are no people. Worth a half day visit.

If ok you could spend a few days there a nice caravan park.

Port Vincent
Really good place you could stay here for a week.



We had lunch at Port Vincent today, as you can see right on the beach. A lot of cloud cover today as you can see. This place is on our return list great spot.

Black Point
It's a good stop there are no shops that I seen the caravan park is small but we added it to the return list.

Just up the road from Black Point it has very good shopping we decided stay at Black Point and drive the 10kms to Ardrossan to shop.


A 100km's North and we have a blue sky Ardrossan, no ships today but this is where they load Barley and ship it around the World, yep Barley you can see the processing plant on the right.

From there we drove back to Minlaton then the caravan at Rickaby 250km's for the day. We have a lot more to see on the Yorke so we will stay here another week we like the beach and it will give my back time to recover (I hope)...

This is a nice area with a lot of water to look at.

A walk on the beach today I found a shell, below.


I went on the Internet and found out what to do with it, real happy with my find.

Sorry to be late just got home after a really big day.

Another drive tomorrow maybe 50km's this time.


See you then...




March 5th Sunday 2017

We walked around the local area it is helping my back it a little better each day I feel better... The car sat still for a second day at the caravan park I did clean out the back of the car tossed out any rubbish then repacked it.

This is called rock beach at Rickaby I hate to fall over here.

Across from the rock beach some of the local homes.

If you look over the top of the red bin you will see our old caravan sitting in the caravan. Out front is a BBQ area the beach the beach is to our right.

Sitting on top of the beach is some nice homes some are really nice.

Here is one thing I do not like in South Australia 4WD running high speed on the beach I feel a 100kph plus along the beach, is call over doing it. You can see a 4WD at the end of this beach.

Have a look at the size of the tyre tracks they must be 300mm wide or even more and fitted with a V8 motor.

I hear John is having treatment tomorrow...

I seen a drone flying around today taking pictures, I did ask the lady to send me a picture (hope she does.)

Just seen a ad on TV for Easter Eggs, give us a break...

We left White Cliffs 110 days ago...

This week we have to decide where to go...

Hello to Adam in Canberra (Carol Son) have a good week...




March 4th Saturday 2017

"Port Rickaby" where we are staying all day in fact we never even started the car today we stayed home and went for a short walk to the shop. There is only one shop in town it sell everything I guess it's a general store. I decided to go fishing I now own a hand line, fishing knife, packet hooks and lead sinkers cost $30.00.

Under the "Port Rickaby" Jetty today.

The is from the same place but looking South West towards open ocean and the south sea's

Carol on the beach today getting a foot wash.

Like this picture of the Port Rickaby Jetty, later in the day I went fishing from the end of the Jetty. You can see they have a fence up at the end.

How did the fishing go, we I was a good fellow and feed "fish bait" to the fish, it is about 1m deep at the end and then has a big drop (blue water) to around 70m deep. No fish I got a heap of bites, little bites they took the bait I did see a fish about 600mm long swim by and two Dolphin's swim by that sort of made the day they were about 1200mm long.

I seen the V8 Supercar race on television this afternoon.


Susan is down with Scott for the weekend in Wangaratta.

John still in hospital in Melbourne, no news.

My back a bit better I been going for walks around the caravan park and along the beach, the other thing that seems to help is the heat bag I brought yesterday. Hope it a step better tomorrow.

Sue and David have a good trip to the Murray River... David you can go fishing.

Had a bad week we are looking forward to a good weekend.



March 3rd Friday 2017

Minlaton is a town in central Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. At the 2006 census, Minlaton had a population of 773. It is known as the "Barley capital of the world", due to the rich Barley production in the region.

Minlaton was the home town of Harry Butler, a World War I flying ace. His Bristol M1C monoplane has been restored and is preserved in pride of place in a building the centre of the town. When he flew an air mail run from Adelaide across Gulf St Vincent to Minlaton in 1919, it was the first over-water flight in the Southern Hemisphere.

Minlaton is in the District Council of Yorke Peninsula, the federal Division of Grey and the state electoral district of Goyder.

Thirteen miles (18km's) to the west is Brown Point, commonly known as "The Bluff" or "Bluff Beach", where the boat winching system is a tourist attraction.

Our caravan is only 15km's from Minlaton and the local place to shop.

It is about the size of Holbrook NSW has nice wide street's.

Across the road at the Bakery where we had lunch.

Driving down a side street I found a home with a lot of steel work. Love It.

Same home there was no one there I stopped and got out of the car to take pictures, another car stopped then another when we left there were six cars and about 10 people (people are like sheep.)

What do you think of the chicks... great stuff...

Still having a lot of back problems, did you know if you call an ambulance in South Australia you are not covered even on a Pension Card if you live in another state you have no cover in South Australia. Need an Ambulance and you are from another state, you pay around $400km.

We leave here next Thursday so we need to decide what to do by then.

Sorry we are late with 3Dots tonight.




March 2nd Thursday 2017

First the weather we are a 110km's South and it is a windy 32c a lot better than our time in Kadina where it was 38c most of the day. I did like Kadina but I like it here a lot more.

11Here we are the Blue Dot "Port Rickaby" on the west coast of the Yorke Peninsula and we like it here, we took one look and booked in for a week. It cost $22.80 per night Power, Water, Hot shower the beach it's all here.

There are some great places in Australia if you have not seen Australia then go have a look.

This is 40m from where we are camped tonight.

There are a few home's being built on the sand above the beach. The flags is a new cement walk way being built from the caravan park to the beach

The Port Rickaby Jetty a bit sick a ship hit the end in a big wind and the last 10m is in a bad way. Not a bad picture. Talking about wind we have had a strong wind from the time we pulled up today, the good part is no fly's.

Looking East late today at the back of the caravan (notice I have been working on the back of the old caravan cleaning up the paint work.)

We are looking West, behind the caravan you can see the sea wall about 40m away, behind that Sea Water.

Television they said no TV here, when we got here they gave us a lead to plug into big silver box beside the caravan. it hooks into the high TV tower you see far left. We have 33 television channels, I be able to watch the car race at the weekend.

Tomorrow we will go look around the area and spend some time on the beach.

Our first beach camp this trip, home for a week.




March 1st Wednesday 2017

Gee it's hot 38c hope it cools down soon.

Kadina, SA
Historic copper mining town now the major service centre on the Yorke Peninsula.
The appeal of the Yorke Peninsula lies in its quiet beaches, its excellent fishing and swimming, and the opportunities it offers to explore the rich history of copper mining at Moonta, Wallaroo and Kadina. In this sense Kadina, because it is the largest town on the peninsula and because it functions as the service centre for the region, is something of a Cinderella being left behind Marion Bay and Wallaroo which have much more appeal. Still Kadina is interesting for those who want to explore the rich copper mining history of the area and for those who want to visit the finest banking and currency museum in the country.

Kadina, part of the Copper Triangle, is located 150 km north-west of Adelaide and 44 m above sea level.

Things to See and Do
Discovering Historic Kadina Town Walk and Drive
The best way to see Kadina's large number of historic buildings is to visit the Copper Coast Visitor Information Centre, pick up a Discovering Historic Kadina Town Walk brochure (for a nominal charge), head to the Kadina Town Hall (which is the starting point) and then mooch around the well signposted historical sites including the Kadina Railway Station (1878); the Victoria Square Rotunda, the Town Hall with its its impressive clock tower donated by Daniel Squibb, a local blacksmith; the Banking and Currency Museum (1874); the Church of Christ (1920); the stone residences in Lipson Avenue (c.1900); the Pioneer Cemetery (c.1860); the Wallaroo Mine (1860) and the former Police Residence (c.1900).

Perhaps the most interesting building in town is the Royal Exchange Hotel (1861) with its elegant cast iron balcony - at one time the longest balcony in South Australia - on the upstairs veranda and its National Trust listing. In 1875 it changed its name from the Exchange Hotel to the Royal Exchange Hotel after a stay by the Duke of Clarence, one of the many contenders for the mysterious identity of Jack the Ripper. It was also visited by a group of travelling cricketers led by the famous W. G. Grace in 1874.

There is also the Discovering Historic Kadina Town Drive which drives for 12 km around the local area and focuses on the importance of copper to the local economy.

Kadina has some great old building.

The park near the centre of town, this is where they hold the ANZAC service each year.

The Town Hall in Kadina

Building in the town built of rock and cement we could do this at White Cliffs same sort of rock build in the 1880's

Another old buildings build using cement and rock.

I think it's a bus business today, just think if this building was clean and White, these building are part of Australia past.

The main street of town. The CBD...

The town hall in Kadina again built using big bricks, rocks and cement.


The next stop was going to be Maitland (at the show grounds) that was the big plan.... we rang today and it's closed end of the week for the Maitland Show 9th to the 11th... The camping ground will re-open about the 14th March for camping.

So it's on to Port Rickaby Camping and Caravan Park 100km's South tomorrow of Kadina it is a good park from what we have been told (but no television) but we do have a phone service, just have to see what happens when we get there.

Port Rickaby a fishing town I am told it's a 15km drive to Minlation to find a Super Market. Guess we will find out when we get there tomorrow.


Let's see what happen's tomorrow.