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We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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May 31st Wednesday 2017

Are you a Nurse Practioner (not sure of the spelling) and looking for a job in outback NSW a new three bedroom home next to the White Cliffs Hospital suit a family. The perfect job talk to Health New South Wales.

It came on a truck and was lifted into place, that the hospital in the background, the hospital is across the road from the Local School with a bit of land care it will look a million dollars.

Had a Diabetes checkup today and all good your "super fit" apart from a cold. If this is how you feel when super fit I hope I never get real sick. I am going to try do some work tomorrow I have almost lost a week now.

Thanks for the email's and a number of people asked about the window, yes it is a real window. The Underground Home is part way up Smith's Hill around 60ft above the bottom of the hill in the picture we are looking out the Window, it is a real window as this room is built in the side of the hill. There is about 20ft above the underground at this point.

The question about the new bathroom, yes we are keeping the current bathroom I am about to top up a wall with rock and paint the walls, the new bathroom will not happen this year that the last job and we will build a new and second bathroom next year it be small but have some real modern layout next year.

Had a big talk to Muffy today on the phone, that was good.


Did it work on your computer, it is a video CLICK HERE I need to get some feed back from users of 3dots did the video work on you system???????????? I have tried video a number without luck, it works for some but not all, please let me know.

If it was not working before, try now my stuff up, let's call it old age..

My email please let me know.




May 30th Tuesday 2017
Still not feeling 100% but better each day, Doug sent me some picture's taken at Bribie Island.

I never new there was a bridge out to Bribie Island... Looks a nice place.

I going to add Bribie Island of places to visit....

Thanks Doug looks a nice place to spend a few days.


We have finish working in the new lounge room apart from window dressing and a good clean.

This was build out of the earth and is around 20ft underground "It's Home"

Bernie Kokot in Howlong sent me some Autumn pictures taken on the Murray River, Great Picture...

Your dog would love the wet leaves.

The dog saying Bernie you left the Golf Clubs at home, good stuff really like the pictures you can send some of that green grass up this way if you like.


Thanks everyone for there input today it made life easy when I am not feeling crash hot, tomorrow I try get some work done outside.

Tomorrow is another day.



May 29th Monday 2017
I am a long way from perfect today have a really bad cold.

Carol car has returned it was in a local shed the last 7mths, after a wash it looked good "POT" is a 1999 Proton have to give it a clean up at some stage.

We are moving back inside the Underground Home tonight. We last stayed underground on 17th November 2016 the new lounge room fit out is perfect, just need to fix the Window Drapes.

I have pictures from Doug in Queensland and more pictures from Bernie in Howlong on the Murray River.

Give me a day or two to feel better and I put them on 3Dots.

Someone gave me a big wog, hope I feel better tomorrow.



May 28th Sunday 2017
Feeling sick tonight so we are doing nothing today.


May 27th Saturday 2017
First stop the this morning was Coffee at the Underground Motel, most of the group are away from town only four people at coffee, a few more maybe there tomorrow Sunday.

Took this picture outside the Motel this morning with the Windows phone.


Back home I put the last coat of paint on the new lounge room I then start to paint the lounge room floor.

I have painted about 40% of the floor and it is drying (paint is water base Burger Jet Dry) this is the first coat on the floor.

What do you think of this it started life as dirt and rock after a hell of lot of work it be ready to use by Monday afternoon. We then need to clean everything in the house and get back in order. Down the five step is the bedroom we built when Susan was here some time ago.

Tomorrow we are going for coffee then I finish the floor in the lounge room and let it harden for Monday afternoon. We are moving into the bedroom downstairs so I can finish and repaint the bedroom we have been using in the Underground, it will be good to move back inside after living in the caravan for seven months.

If have any news email it to me, all good here Faye and John have book the last week of June and the first week in July to visit White Cliffs.

Hello to John and Glenda in Wodonga.

More tomorrow night...



May 26th Friday 2017
The talk is still all about land right's in town and I said that the last letter we received was in good taste I have written to the PM of Australia...

This is the last letter we have received:

Some personnel details like name and address have been blanked out.

It is not easy to understand in parts and I like comments from people, is it good or bad I am still trying to work that out.

We started with a 99yr lease, a government lease, you can trust the government or can you???

The rest of our day.
Well I had my biggest day working in White Cliffs we never stopped working all day, I have one more coat of White Paint to go in the new lounge room then I paint the floor, by Tuesday we should be able to use the lounge room.

One touch up coat to go.

White high gloss the whole room light up with just one light.

Outside I laid the cement (well started laying it) for the new hallway. I went out later and toweled it off.

Here the timber to build the new hallway. It came from Broken Hill on Wednesday.

We always say Doug in Queensland well Doug turned 70yr's today, we talked on the phone today, He is having a Birthday on Bribie Island an hour from where he lives.

Doug you have to have a Birthday Cake.

Doug with his camper today on Bribie Island Queensland. (we have been friends for longer than I can remember, now in Queensland Doug came from West Albury.)

He tells me on Sunday it's back home to the Mini Railway. just maybe he send us a picture. Happy Birthday.


Tomorrow we are going for Coffee at the motel.

Doug, have a good Birthday, what happen we both got a lot older.



May 25th Thursday 2017
Three Dots has a new logo I could say it cost $10,000 but to tell the truth it cost nothing written on the road side it was free. It's White Cliffs so it has to have a cup of Coffee as a logo. If you can make a better one go for it.

A mixed day for Carol and I in White Cliffs, Up early I did an hour and half with the spray gun in the lounge room before I cleaned up to go out for lunch.


It was put on by the NSW Government Health, Far West Local Health District
It is called
"Live Your Best Life"
So today they started "Best Life White Cliffs" it goes something like this, if you live your best life without stress "you will have a better life" "you will feel better and it will help keep illness away" the government is putting up the funds to support the program starting this year.

They want the people of White Cliffs tell them what should be in the program.

Dick hands out lunch today, heaps of cooked food.

The Logo for Live your Best Life...

It was a big party held at the White Cliffs Hospital, about 40 people plus the kid's from the White Cliffs School for lunch, Opal miners and a lot of older people came along today.

Back home I started getting ready to lay cement for the new hallway from the Underground Home to the New Kitchen.

I start laying cement over the weekend, see the White Rabbit it is at the doorway to the rear of the new kitchen. We started the kitchen 18mth's ago and stopped work due to the land rights claim. (I am still planning to tell you all about Land Rights maybe tomorrow night.)

A big day for Carol and I today.

Hello to Adam in Canberra and Carmen in Wodonga.

Tomorrow and it's Friday again, gee that was a very quick week.




May 24th Wednesday 2017

We are home in White Cliffs after two days in Broken Hill, the trailer was packed by the time we left town.

Time to build the new hallway from the underground to the new kitchen.

 It was a four hour trip home we stopped at the Little Topar Road house for lunch on the way. No a lot to write about today the 300kms to home only has one turn. We sat between 90 and 95kph all the way.

The road it the Barrier Highway and they turn left on to the Opal Miners Way to home.

Taken from the Internet Barrier Highway.

This is the same Barrier Highway this section has no turns no bends a speed limit of 110kph the only thing we seen today were Kangaroos, Emu, wild Pigs and Goats.

That the railway line from Sydney to Perth WA via Broken Hill. I have never seen a train on this line. Have seen heaps of railway workers from time to time.

We have to unpack the car so have fun tomorrow it's back to work here in the Underground.




May 23rd Tuesday 2017
We hit the road at 8:30am leaving White Cliffs for Broken we were in the Mercedes Benz with trailer and Rhonda with here caravan, we said good bi at Broken Hill she went on towards Mildura we went shopping at Broken Hill. Gee it was a busy afternoon we have 15lt's paint we went to the hardware shop, Coles Supermarket it was non-stop.

Tomorrow we have some test, then pickup the time we need for the hallway we are building 50len of timber 2400mm long (that's 8ft) a big load last stop will be pickup our order at Woolworth's early afternoon then head for home. I want to be off the road by sunset.

Broken Hill, it's a nice place I like the old city area.

The main street it has a long main street.

Looking the other way up the main street.

This is the old city area. I like this area.

Great brick work in the old building.

The Broken Hill Police Station, nice building.

Part of the old area today and the Post Office in the background.

If you have never been to Broken Hill put it on your list of places to visit.


I been asked why put money into White Cliffs with the Land Rights still hanging over our head, that's a good question, and later in the week I try answer the question.

So tomorrow we load the trailer and head for home, then back to work...


Hello to Peter and Joi, and thank you for the report, great news.


The end of June we hope to see Faye and John from Wangaratta in White Cliffs, that's really good news.





May 22nd Monday 2017

I am a bit stuffed today, must have been the hard week end and the lack of sleep, the White Cliffs music festival but life goes on as they say.

Went for a walk up the back of home, it is always a good walk.

After a long hot summer it's really dry up top of home.

The old cars are still up the back of home.


Joyce, has a seat in the big Red Fire Engine at Albury over the weekend.

Must have been cold in Albury at the weekend.


The World is going Data Crazy.

I sent this picture off to a few friends, a ladder sitting on a rubbish bins, to me it is crazy. The only thing that stands out is the car rego number so people (not me) did a search and sent this back.

UK-yes, England-probably not.
The ford focus was first registered in Scotland in 2006.
Did a search just for fun & found this page full of info. Click Here.

It should not be this easy, this person is on the other side of the World and cannot understand why people in Australia are checking out his car.

Data Madness, it should not be this easy. RexD....


Tomorrow we are off to Broken Hill medical reason, nothing wrong just a yearly checkup, and we need food, paint and timber... We are back home Wednesday Afternoon late.

I try doing 3Dots from Broken Hill tomorrow night. (remember in Broken Hill we are on South Australia time zone.)



May 21st Sunday 2017

The last day of the White Cliffs Music Festival so we went to the Underground motel for breakfast and coffee of course.

Rhonda came along to the underground motel today and met the gang for breakfast.

Back home I worked inside the underground home cleaning up and covering up furniture we are cleaning out another room ready to paint at the end of next week. We will paint it when we return from Broken Hill late Wednesday or Thursday.

Now the big job of the year a walkway from the underground home to the new kitchen area out front. I started today putting the cement boxing in place, As I said this is the big job for 2017


Tonight we are off to the White Cliffs Sporting Club for a meal.

From Doug in Queensland, “Not something you see every day, a stainless steel Mini Moke. Made in Noosa.”


Scott turned a year older over the weekend the girls tossed him a party last night. Hope you had a good weekend.


Back to work full time tomorrow.




May 20th Saturday 2017

I got up at about 7:45am walked outside the caravan to see White Cliffs lost in fog, you do not see a lot of fog in White Cliffs the top left is the sun in the east with a perfect blue sky. I think it was worth a picture, hope you like it.

A slack, day in White Cliffs we had a big night last night, today we went to the Underground Motel for coffee with 12 friends we had a good time.

Back home we did some cleaning up in the Underground Home, it was hot inside the underground today 25c and I not sure why the normal is 23c. We have just been talking, there are no open windows we are painting and covered the windows with clear plastic, so little air flow right now.

We have the window open downstairs in the 2nd bedroom.

Check out the White Cliffs website. Click Here

We went for a drive out the the Opal Fields today to show Rhonda around town.


Have a good weekend... more tomorrow.




May 19th Friday 2017

It is already 10:30pm so I put the pictures, up for today below.

The opening of the 2017 White Cliffs Music Festival.

Music out the White Cliffs Hotel the street became the stage, the street was closed off for seating around 150 people enjoyed the free concert.

A big night at the White Cliffs Hotel it was pack with the street blocked off.

At 8:30pm we went to the White Cliffs Underground Motel (it was a lot warmer than sitting in the street) the music is playing all over town as I write this.

Inside the Underground Motel tonight. We are around 30ft underground at this point.

Another band at the Underground Motel, it was good night.

The rest of the day, Rhonda is camped outside in her caravan she made it to White Cliffs about 3pm today she has her own water and power and will be here around four days.

We have been working on the Underground home again today, I fitted a new 45kg LP Gas bottle today we buy them from the Hotel $147.00ea it will last around 3mth's...

I been working on a website for Adrian and Garvan it's on in Albury Saturday 27th in Townsend Street it will be in the Border Mail tomorrow.

That's it for the day.



May 18th Thursday 2017

Went to the rubbish tip today and at the creek crossing (no water just a dip in the road) two wild pigs ran across in front of the car. I rang Tony the local council officer and Kangaroo shooter he was heading out in the 4wd. I have been told about wild pigs around White Cliffs for years but this is the first time I have seen them. It was about 500m from the underground homes.

They are saying White Cliffs 90% 10 to 20mm rain well let's wait and see. Well it is 5pm and the rain stopped at 2.8mm the BOM sure is a slack lot I think the 90% means a 90% guess.

We went to the biggest morning tea alone we sixty other people it was a good lunch and a lot of fun talking to the locals, it was all about money and when we left they $1200.00 so far.

Food, Food and more Food today... it was good and thanks for the coffee.

Old Saw: the guys in Queensland will see the funny side of this story.
In the old days I worked at Mann's in Wodonga (now closed) and we used a now old saw bench to refit the shop it had a Hitachi Saw (that is still going.) other than it needs a new blade, 9" with a 35mm bore.

I rang Hitachi head office today and ask where to buy a blade and the answer was "NO WAY" we stopped making parts in 1968.. I cannot buy a blade anywhere what a buggar.. The saw fine and we used the one blade for almost 50yr's there is nothing left to sharpen... "What the World coming to a saw blade only last 50yr's" I wonder if I buy a new saw will it last 50yr's. (I let you know.)

Rhonda, rang she is in Cobar tonight and will be here tomorrow with her caravan in tow. She will be here 3 or 4 days.


Hello to Troy, Kylie, Joyce and the boys in Thurgoona. Hope you get some rain.

Tomorrow morning I do some painting in the new lounge room I have paint for about two hours work, will get more next week.

A good day in town.




May 17th Wednesday 2017

A good day in White Cliffs they are talking rain the next few days, we will have to wait and see what happens. Tomorrow we are going to the Biggest Morning Tea in White Cliffs held at the hospital in the main street we are a guest tomorrow.

I did not paint today I need to let it dry and get back into it on Friday morning we decided to go to Broken Hill on Tuesday next stay the night and return on Wednesday afternoon to home.

Not great pictures the next step is the roof of the new lounge room, gee we are using a lot of paint.

Need to put more coats of paint.

This is looking down stairs to the second bedroom (that room is completed) with another 15lt's paint it will look good. As you have read we are sleeping in the caravan till we finish the painting.

This downstairs looking up at the new lounge room up the stairs.


White Cliffs Old Post Office

This is the old White Cliffs Post Office it is near 150yr's old and has been rebuilt by National Trust it will now be a private home it is almost finished. The Post Office is now at the General Store.

For the record when I came here in 1993 I used this old post office, the post office did not move to the shop till around 2007.

The "Biggest Morning Tea", we will be going tomorrow 10am to 2pm tomorrow.

Friday night the start of the Music Festival.

Rhonda, we met on the road camping about three years ago and in January 2015 we went to Elvis Festival at Parkes together. At the weekend Rhonda is coming to White Cliffs for a few days.

So it's going to be a full weeks in town over the next two weeks.




May 16th Tuesday 2017

It has been a hard day I started painting in the new lounge room around 9am that is a really big job we have used some 15lt's of White Paint so far and we have about 2lt left in the can we will be in Broken Hill on Wednesday next (maybe Tuesday) and we will get another 15lt's we cannot leave the job half done.

The rest of the day was working on an Albury Auction site for Adrian and Garvin click below and go check it out.

Auction Click Here. they only decided to have this auction in less than two weeks (this may be a cheap auction) if you live in the area check it out.

Belinda, Maureen and Vicki are putting on the Biggest Morning Tea at the White Cliffs Hospital 18th May 10am to 2pm come and enjoy yourself and have some fun with the local town folk. You may remember last year Carol and I ran the Biggest Morning Tea, this year we are a guest.

So today was a really big day for us and tomorrow is going to be the same, I think we will run out of paint tomorrow morning.

That's it for today we will take more pictures tomorrow.




May 15th Monday 2017

We had a great night at the sporting club last night, a good meal they then they put on a movie and popcorn for the guest's and members.

The weekend is over and we started the week off planning the hallway to the new kitchen outside, I sat down and did a CAD Drawing on the computer (about the sixth drawing) it the big project this year I start it in the next ten days and after finishing the paint work inside.

That will take me the rest of this year, well I think it will.

I went around the new lounge room fixing and filling any holes and patching all the cracks, I hope to restart the paint spraying tomorrow morning. I started the cement mixer for the first time this year, seem to work all ok.

We also started planning next Christmas road trip, next year we are planning to do less travel and do a lot more free camping One of the first stops will be Hopetoun Victoria on the lake free camping maybe 10 to 14days we need a generator and that's on the shopping list. I am putting wider wheels on the caravan with wider and stronger tyres (light truck tyres)

Setting up a second website for Adrian and Garvin on the Internet, that's a big job, the auction is in Albury next month.

Had this picture sent to us White Cliffs looking North towards Queensland. I marked the Opal Mines, Airport Town, Our home and the Underground Motel, John thanks for the picture.

That's it for the day, have fun we will.

Hello to all in Queensland.




May 14th Sunday 2017

We had a bad internet night in White Cliffs last night, it was off and on then we woke up this morning we had 4G in White Cliffs. The we have had for years is 3G sounds like they were up the hill working last night. No matter all good today in town.

We are still sleeping in the caravan we are really getting into the underground home this year. This afternoon job was cement work inside. Tomorrow we will be getting into fixing any fine cracks in the cement walls then back to painting on Tuesday.

We had a big turn out at the underground motel this morning for our coffee group 18 people met at 10am for morning tea. We had a great morning.

Next Friday night we have the start of the White Cliffs music festival it will run For three days. Friday night we have the street party, and music at the Motel. We are going to the motel it be warmer and enjoy a meal and music there.

Otto, a good friend beat the Kangaroos and the Emu's, to start Otto lives here all year and build a new garden inside a steel area and look at the result this was all picked yesterday from his new garden. Otto, great love it.


The underground motel doing a big refit in all the rooms, we all had a look this morning I like the timber bed head. It is 23c in here day and night the room is about four times the area you see in the picture.


The old pizza oven been pulled out of the shed at the motel I am looking forward to a test run.

We have rocks and lawn now at the motel, no one own's a lawn mower in White Cliffs.


It's been a good weekend in White Cliffs and we did a lot at home. "Happy Mother's Day" to all mum's

Back to work tomorrow.




May 13th Saturday 2017

The local phone cell keeps going on and off all day, it's nothing to do with me here it's the main tower.

It is with much sadness we mark the passing of Neave Young age 100 years Neave passed away this morning, Saturday the day of his 100 birthday. The people of White Cliffs will miss you. RIP 1917 - 2017

Neave was White Cliffs oldest citizen


More tomorrow this is hard work, the tower dropped out again.



May 12 Friday 2017

The weekend is here, we have been home 8 days and I been hard at it I am not starting anything new this year but I am going to finish all the job we started over the last three years. Painting inside the underground was the biggest job I did today, that took all morning and i a long way from being completed.

The rest of today I was working on a website for a auction that will be held in Albury next month and that is also work in progress.

I need to do some cement work and was give a trailer load to get me underway. I use some tomorrow afternoon.

Seen these for sale today $10 the lot I had some that I used and I have the right place to put then I think.

Taken tonight about 5:45pm we have had some great sunsets over the last week, they just keep getting better and better.

At the end of June we are going to host Faye and John in White Cliffs they are coming to visit Carol and I. We are looking forward to their visit to White Cliffs.

Adrian and Dianne are back home in Albury after a night in Gunning NSW gee that's a cold place to camp we have been to Gunning a number of time. Thanks guys for all the pictures you sent to 3Dots.

We have Coffee in the morning with the gang and Toastie's at the underground motel. And maybe the same on Sunday morning I think Sunday will be a big group.

Scott had a good week, working every day. Susan back at work at Target Albury.


Hello to John and Glenda in Wodonga.

Have fun this weekend, we are looking at 26c and 12c overnight.




May 11th Thursday 2017

No more "P Plates" yes Susan is happy she off her p-plates at last.

This was taken over seas last month, but she rang me to say she passed her test and is now off P-plates for good. The little Honda can now kick its legs up to 110kph on the highway.

I started painting after we moved everything out of the new lounge room I have about 25% of the room completed and a long way to go. I get back into it tomorrow I am using a paint spray gun I need a bigger one but you use what you have. It slow but does a good job.

We have the Bread Maker back in place and we made a new loaf of bread today, perfect it's a nice loaf the way we are eating it, we will need a second loaf tomorrow. The bread maker came from Aldi about three years ago and still working fine.

It is hard to believe but tomorrow we have been home a week, the car done about 5km's in a week.


Hello to John and Glenda in Wodonga it be getting cold down there, keep warm.


The White Cliffs music starts a week tomorrow, Click Here we will go on the Friday night to the street party we don't think we will go Saturday night as we are not into Blue Grass Bands. It will be a good weekend for the people of White Cliffs.


The Weekend is almost here.




May 10th Wednesday 2017

Adrian and Dianne went south to Port Nelson and sent us the picture below that a very nice area we were there last year.

Nice beach at Port Nelson it is also a good fishing area. (thanks for the picture.)

As for White Cliffs we had a big day after I woke up the morning (went to bed last night at 9:30pm and woke up at 9:30am this morning.) must be getting older.

I did as much as I could today we are getting ready to paint tomorrow the lounge room tomorrow it is underground and it's going to be a really big day. I tested the sprayer today using water and all good I have a new paint suit a face mask, we are ready to go so it be up early and get into it.

It is not easy painting a underground room but you have to start somewhere.

I pumped up all the tyres around the house today, looks like we need a new tube for the cement mixer it was going down fast than I could pump it up.


In about two to three day we will have 22,000 hits on three dots.


Tuesday the 23rd May 2017 in White Cliffs.
Land Rover Club of the ACT

Land Rover enthusiast to visit White Cliffs the group made up of approx 20 Land Rover vehicles and 30 folk will visit White Cliffs on Tuesday the 23rd May 2017. They are starting in Louth at Trilby Station and will be in White Cliffs one night. They will depart the following morning toward Reola and on to Tibooburra

Make them welcome and show them we are The Friendly Town of the Outback


I got a new $5 mouse on eBay, what a shocker it's not worth a $1... I get a new one in Broken Hill in about 2wk's time.

Scott did me up a spare laptop computer running Windows 7 for me, "It is great Scott and working a 100%" did a good job.

This year it's my turn to do something in White Cliffs and I am looking at running a computer class at the Sporting Club on Instagram. I don't have to because I run the local Website for the town, but I will...

Hello to Julie, Leigh and Paisley in Lavington.



May 9th Tuesday 2017

This 3Dots belong to Adrian and Dianne who are having a few days away up in the north of New South Wales, thanks for the pictures guy's all good.

Adrian at Forbes NSW on the way north.

Parkes radio telescope, at Parkes of cause.

NRMA Dalington Beach North of NSW.


Dalington Beach (That's a nice picture.)

Kangaroo's at Dalington Beach.

The camper van in Dalington Beach caravan park.

Thanks for the picture, they look great enjoy your time away the kids are looking after your house.


In White Cliffs Carol went to art today the first time this year. I been cleaning the rooms getting ready to paint it looks like we be painting Thursday this week.

Hello to Troy, Kylie and Joyce in Thurgoona.

It was a cold night last night 6c today it was 21c at home and 24c inside...


Tomorrow we start moving furniture around to paint the lounge room.


Have fun.




May 8th Monday 2017

It was a warm 20c in the shade today and 24c inside the underground, we are leaving the door open till it drops to the perfect temperature of 23c. We are still cleaning out the underground I took a full trailer load to the tip today. Getting rid of old clothes and shoes anything we have not used in the last year is getting the big eye and tossed out most of the time.

We need some more plastic boxes to store stuff in, we have started the big clean up and plan to see it to the end.

This picture was on three dots August 2015 we had planted a new Jacaranda Tree it came from Broken Hill and was about 400mm high.

The same tree today around 1500mm (5ft height) and it went all summer almost without water, need some help with our Jacaranda tree should we give it and plant food?... If your in the know please let us know. I am buying a automatic tap timer if the next few week I have a 650lt water tank that collects water from the roof of the kitchen and I am looking at giving the Jacaranda tree a one minute water every day. That should last around 3mths but a bit of rain it will last all summer.

The landing a mess again, and needs a big cleanup the other trees where not so lucky over summer one of the small trees is dead and the tree a mess lots of broken lim's.

Do you know what this tree is, Carol likes it but it is right at the door to the new kitchen and has to be moved being a native they are hard to move and keep alive. Comments Welcome.

I need a brush cutter and intend to look on Ebay tonight, I did it with a shovel last year but that was a lot of hard work. Most of the weeds are dead I hit them with Roundup last November before we left for Christmas.

A busy day today I have to dig out the spray painting gear tomorrow and get it ready for the end of the week.


Hello to all and have fun.



May 7th Sunday 2017

It's been a good weekend we went to the motel today and we had fourteen others turn up for morning tea, thanks to Shan and Mandy for looking after us.

We have cleaned all the rooms in the underground home we are now sorting out what we want to keep and what we want to get rid of we are talking about a garage sale later in the year. This is our forth year living in White Cliffs we moved here in September 2013. In the last three day we have had no less than ten people drop by home just to say hello, I know no other place that would happen.

Tonight we are off to the White Cliffs Sporting Club for a meal the club opens at 6:30pm and meal at 7pm almost everyone in town goes to the Sporting club on Sunday Night.

We need to move everything out of the lounge room and then I can start painting it. Hope to start on Tuesday or Wednesday morning this week.


That about it from here for tonight. We have been working hard the last three day.

We had 22c at home today and they say 10c tonight.



May 6th Saturday 2017

The weekend and back to the Underground Motel and Coffee and we had breakfast put on for us Ham, Cheese and Tomato Toastie, we were there 2hrs today just talking. After lunch and back home we cleaned out one more room and we have on to go.

I took a sunset the other day and I try keep it to one or two a week but when I seen the sunset tonight I had to pull out the camera.

It is not a bad sunset tonight, it was 27c again today but they are saying 20c tomorrow.

I turn around and took this picture looking to the South over the top of the underground house what a sky. while we have a big cleanup and next week we will start painting inside the underground. We are living in the old caravan, after all we have lived in the caravan the last 6mth's

Doug sent us this picture from Toowoomba Queensland (it is a nice old building)

Bernie sent us this picture 4000yr's ago we talked using pictures, now we are doing it again. Thanks.

Hello Susan back to work tomorrow at Target....

Tomorrow we are back at the motel for coffee, then Sunday night we are at the sporting club for dinner. Yep that's life in White Cliffs.

I was asked how far we went over Christmas, 18,000km's we spent $2200 on caravan parks that's $12.90 night on parks.

More tomorrow, have fun.



May 5th Friday 2017

It was our first day back home and all we did was clean the place up and we still have three room to go. Carol went to craft today for an hour. Then back home into cleaning and sorting out the underground home we are getting rid of everything we do not use. We are living in the caravan while we do a complete clean and sort out heaps of stuff we do not use.

Then it be out with the spray paint gun and do a repaint till we run out of paint we have 25lt of high gloss white paint. Then and olny then will we move back into the underground home, it was 24c inside today and a warm 27c outside today we had a low of 13c overnight.

A few weeks ago I told you about a miner that had a good Opal fine, what do you go buy a bigger Opal digger to look for more Opal.

Had some pictures sent to me what to do with an old spark plug.

A Lizard gee some people have a lot of time. I love it ...

I think we should make one and give it to local Bill Finney.

Tomorrow we are going off for coffee at the underground motel, with a small group of locals. then it will be back home and back into the big cleanup.


Dianne and Adrian have a good day up north.


Hello to Joi and Peter in Melbourne.





May 4th Thursday 2017

We are home in White Cliffs and all is good a bit of dust to clean up but that's about it, we are outside in the caravan for the next few nights so we can working the underground home.

The car was perfect all the way home, 7:30 here and we are cleaning up the place.

The Little Topar pub and roadhouse. It is a real outback pub, we had lunch there on the way home today.

And you know your home when you see this to the west at sunset, I have seen better but not bad for the first day back.

We have some unpacking to do and it's getting late.

Tomorrow a new day...



May 3rd Wednesday 2017

We are now in Broken Hill 290km's from White Cliffs and home, the drive from Mildura to White Cliffs was a really good one we sat on 95kph all the way, the car was good no problems.

We are in Broken Hill CBD caravan park tonight and it is packed, there must be 150 caravans here tonight and for the record $34.00 a night this is the most expensive park in the last 6mth...

Tomorrow we head 200km's east turn one corner left, then 90km's north to White Cliffs.

Before we leave Broken Hill we need to fill with fuel, swap a 9kg gas bottle pickup out grocery order from Woolworth's then head for home.

Tonight in Broken Hill Caravan Park.

Wednesday night and the Broken Hill caravan park is full as you can see in the picture above, the park holes around 150 caravan's.


Hello all Three Dots readers, have fun back home tomorrow. We will be staying in the caravan a few days till we do some work in the underground home.

Let's see what happens tomorrow.



May 2nd Tuesday 2017

This is a nice town Mildura a lot of shopping all the big shops are here, we went shopping for paint to use in White Cliffs we to a number of shop Spotlight, Bunning's, Chemist shop, fill the car with fuel ready for tomorrow.

Mildura is a river town the council have done a heap of work on the banks of the Murray River every thing that happens here involves the river.

Taken today at the boat ramp.

The house boats on the Murray River at Mildura look how much work the council have done this side of the river.

You can see the main Caravan Park across the river and a few more house boats, a house sells for $250,000 to $350,000 what a great way to live.

Six month's ago this area was just bush it has power BBQ's and lighting all new walk way.

Here a bit more of it note the fountains and water pond and this is right on the banks of the Murray River and 100m down the river they are building more, I take my hat off to the Mildura City Council a top job.

Here we go, tomorrow it be up at 7am pack up the caravan, hookup and head 300km's North to Broken Hill and our 170th night on the road, that Wednesday night and Thursday we pickup our online order from Woolworth's Broken Hill and head 290km's to White Cliffs and home.

Hello to Troy, Kylie and Joyce in Albury / Wodonga. We are 590km's from home in Mildura, Tomorrow we leave Wentworth we have 260km's without a turn you have to pull over and stop or you will go crazy.

More tomorrow from Broken Hill.




May 1st Monday 2017

New month May.

Left Kerang today at 9am we went to Swan Hill stopping at Aldi to do some shopping Swan Hill is the last Aldi, there are no Aldi in Mildura or Broken Hill. Yep tonight we are in Mildura that's a hard drive with the caravan on the back. If your not going up a hill your coming down a hill, if you were just in a car it be a easy drive.

Tonight we are at the Top Parks on the Murray River nothing cheap out here $29.00 a night with power and water. We will stay here two night's, then head North to Broken Hill one night then home to White Cliffs.

Our home for two nights, in Mildura, the car went well today no problems at all we sat on 85 to 90kph all day.


Murray River at Mildura about 40m from the caravan.

Looking the other way it not a bad park. (at this point if you turn around you will see the next picture.)


It not a bad view from the cabins looking over the Murray River they be nice cabins.


As I said car all good it got down to 10lt's in the fuel tank so I refilled it with 98 fuel, we have now done 591km's with the new filter and all good.

Susan must be still asleep after her big trip oversea's but it's good to have her back in Australia.

Hello Faye and John in Wangaratta.

We will do a bit of shopping in Mildura tomorrow then head to Broken Hill on Wednesday, that's a 300km drive with the caravan there is no help out there.

Hello to Joi and Peter in Melbourne.


More tomorrow night.

Just a side note from Adrian in Albury.

Rex here’s one for you.

It’s the latest phone scam to hit Australia, and if you answer the phone to someone asking repeatedly ‘can you hear me?’… do not say ‘yes’.

The scam was reportedly prolific in the United States and United Kingdom throughout the first months of 2017. Now it’s active in Australia.

It’s believed the question ‘can you hear me?’ is meant to elicit a ‘yes’ response that could see Australians lose thousands of dollars.

This ‘yes’ is then recorded and used by the scammer's to authorised payments in your name.

If they already have your phone number and address, ‘yes’ might be all they need to access your bank accounts.

Police have spoken to a victim of the ‘can you hear me?’ scam in Mackay, and they are warning the rest of Australia to be wary.

“We believe it to be hitting many areas,” a statement from Senior Constable Steve Smith released on Wednesday reads.

“If the scammer already has your mobile phone number and some sensitive identification information of yours… you may have some serious and legitimate reasons to be concerned,” Smith said.

Queensland Police encourage Australians to do three things to help fight the scam:

  • Spread the word
  • If you receive a ‘can you hear me?’ phone call – hang up – don’t respond.
  • If you did respond with a “yes” … alert your financial institution and monitor your accounts closely.


Thanks for that.