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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

Please take the time to eMail us we love hearing from friends and family

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November 30th Thursday 2017

Our day in Bethanga to start off it was hot but started to cool down mid afternoon so we went for a drive around town and took a few pictures.

Carol picked up the camera we did the washing and this washing machine run's on Rex Power yet 40 turns to the right then 40 turns to the left, did the washing in 30min's today.

Went up to the top of the Bethanga gap to take some pictures, Kylie and Troy were married here.

Love this picture Lake Hume from the top of the Bethanga lookout today.

Same place and the back of the Hume Weir wall looking to the West.

Bethanga Post Office part of a old home, it is a very clean town.

The Bethanga Hall it's all old but so clean and about 25km's from Albury Wodonga.

General Store in Bethanga what can we say a old style shop "No Petrol" the store has a lot of art and plants.

Local police station on the hill.

Bethanga pub the one and only pub in town.

This is how we wind up and down the four stays on the caravan you turn the handel some 60 turns to get it down or up. Look below.

Adrian made up a caravan fitting to wind the stays up and down it now takes 10sec using the drill Adrian you made a hard job so easy top job.

The big hello has to go to Adrian today works a 100%....


They are talking about 190mm in the next four days, lets see after all it the BOM talking....


Where going to get rain in the next few days...


End of the month have fun....




November 29th Wednesday 2017

We had a really big day it started when we left Wangaratta and headed to Albury dropping the caravan off at Adrian and Dianna place in Lavington, we did some shopping in town then it was out to have new tyres fitted to the Mercedes Benz.

Tyre Master in Drone St Albury fitted the tyres today.

They are across the road from the new Bunning's that's a really big building.

And where are we tonight, Bethanga at the Blue Dot on the screen. It's ok but we only have one bar on our phone.

Bethanga park Football and Cricket and room for about six campers.

Our camp setup at Bethanga tonight we have power and water, showers, toilets.

It is a neat park very tidy and clean all setup, note the clean tyres on the car, I have to wash the car to match the tyres.

Last night we went out and seen Tim and Sue in Wangaratta and the two dogs, we love those dogs... some years ago we did a house sit for Tim and Sue.

Adrian made us a tool to use on the caravan, it worked perfect I try take a video tomorrow...


Have fun...



November 28th Tuesday 2017

Hot, that the word of today here in Wangaratta, we were out doing the family thing on Carol side of the family today we had lunch together that was good.

Wangaratta not a bad place but going on today it can get a bit hot some days.

I had some picture's sent to me by the Flying Doctor Service below.

I Have seen this before but still a good picture.

Sitting on the runway in Broken HIll ready for a take off.

A new picture taken last night and what a great picture. Thanks for the picture's.


Where to now for Carol and I, tomorrow it's back to Albury and get two new tyres fitted to the Benz just normal ware and tare for the car.

We plan to do some shopping then head out by the hume weir some place you will find out tomorrow when we find out..

Here is our camp site here in Wangaratta tonight.

That's it, tomorrow is another day and we will talk about it tomorrow...

Hello to my daughter Susan in Albury.




November 27th Monday 2017

Carol Birthday she told me she was 21 again hmm, that's all I can say. We left Chiltern around 10am and drove to Wangaratta...

Bill sent me some more pictures from Nambucca in New South Wales.

Nambucca in New South Wales, Bill that's a nice picture...

We did not stay last time we were up that way, after seeing the picture I will ad it to our return list.

Adrian and Dianne sent this picture taken at Barooga on the Murray River at the weekend, my dream to live in a house boat...

Wangaratta where Carol calls home.

The old Wangaratta Post Office in the main street.

Nice picture taken in the main street.

Nice area in Wangaratta.

We had pizza for dinner tonight.

Had a motor in the left front window burn out today, Scott help me get it out and we find a replacement one somewhere. Scott did almost all the work I may have to give up my "Mr Fixit" title and hand it to Scott after today.

We will be in Wangaratta Monday and Tuesday night. Carol went out with the old school class and she had a lot of fun I am told.

I have to say hello to Bill and Scott today....

Big trip today Chiltern to Wangaratta 32km's and it looking like rain tonight.

And last tonight I am told Troy and Kylie new car has return from the repair shop after being hit by a school bus a few weeks ago.




November 26th Sunday 2017
Wet day in Chiltern today off and on not a good day to work outside.

Carol Birthday tomorrow today the girls from Wodonga, Damon and Chase turned to in Chiltern and we all took Carol out to lunch. Picture is Three Generations.

Picture of Tahlia and the Telegraph Hotel in Chiltern today.

Where we went for lunch.

Bill sent us some picture's from Nambucca in New South Wales.

Love the walkway that's one walk I like to do.

It would be a nice walk.

Nambucca NSW thanks for the pictures Bill (I love the salt water.)

Not a good afternoon for being outside this afternoon, tomorrow we are off to Wangaratta where Carol is having lunch with her school friends on her Birthday.

Had a talk to Vicki in White Cliffs today.

Adrian sent me a picture I try get it on tomorrow.




November 25th Saturday 2017

After 17 days in Walla Walla we left this morning and drove down the Hume Freeway to Chiltern north of Wangaratta and pulled into the Kui Park near the lake.

The main street of Chiltern we had lunch at the bakery then went across the road to the IGA Supermarket, it a very well stocked Supermarket. Quite a few people walking the street today.

Another picture in the main street of town today, we are going to the hotel for lunch tomorrow around midday if you feel like a bite to eat.

We have the caravan under the shade of a big tree. And thank for the comments on the painting of the back windows, the white does look a lot better and your right we need to add some colour to the caravan it is looking better than it ever has.

Looking around the caravan park, it is not a big park but it neat and tidy the toilet showers are very clean, really clean.

The girls in Wangaratta are having a party for Carol on Monday so Saturday and Sunday night here.

We are getting light rain off and on most of the day.

A few weeks ago I told you about some White Cliffs locals we know winning $20,000,000 in lotto they sent us news that they now own a farm in South Australia. That's the way to live...

Hello to Adrian and Dianne have fun by the river.

Have a fun weekend...



November 24th Friday 2017
I know we are not the only one's but it was very hot in Walla Walla today in fact it was hotter here than in White Cliffs

It's not that far from Walla Walla the Ettamogah Pub we went for a drive today and it is still there, it looks the same I am not sure if it's open or not.

I did some work on the Windows of the caravan, the other day I seen one like ours painted white around the windows and liked it so I did the two back windows and I like it.

Here a side window that has not been touched it's faded I like the white better, what you think??


We are off to the club in Walla tonight for a meal.

We leave here tomorrow morning and head south to a caravan park towards Wangaratta, Carol going out with some old school mates on Monday morning so be in Wangaratta early next week and I can go see Scott.

That's our day have a fun weekend we will.




November 23rd Thursday 2017

We had a quite day in Walla today we plan to leave her Saturday Morning we need to the grass under the van is a foot high. Carol and I did the washing and it dry sitting on our home made cloths line.

Here some pictures sent to Three Dots by Bill who is in Byron Bay New South Wales.

At Byron Bay. Some pictures, arrived last night and we leave for Nambucca tomorrow first two photos one looking left at beach front and the other the right hand side nice blue sky, Schoolies everywhere.

Thanks Bill, we will find the salt water after Christmas down south in Victoria. The salt water always loos good, always like to sit on the beach.

Big hello to Bill and Marg have a fun time.

No rain yet but they saying it will rain soon here and in White Cliffs.

Belinda and Tony (from White Cliffs) have a good time with your new caravan.

We head south in 48hr's somewhere then to Wangaratta.

Three Dot's is about to pass 26,000 hit's today or tomorrow and I must say it's been easy to do dots with all the input from other people, it's good as you have seen some ten people have sent item's to dot's in the last two weeks. Thanks for all the input...

Kylie and Troy are back home in Thurgoona after a medical trip to Melbourne.




November 22nd Wednesday 2017

Today is a really big mix from all over the place and thanks to everyone for sending in the text and pictures today great stuff.

Kylie and Troy are in Melbourne and Yvonne and Susan are looking after Joyce, Kylie took this picture of the Yarra River.

Another picture of the Yarra River Kylie said it's a bit dirty...

Adrian and Dianne son Chris has his own furniture workshop just east of Melbourne "Nice table Chris."

A 25 pounder World War Two gun in Walla Walla it you look you will see our caravan out back that's how far it is from the caravan to the main street.

Still in Walla Walla this is just outside the swimming pool about 200m from the caravan.

And late today Joyce did tennis in Thurgoona and was given an award, Susan and Yvonne are looking after Joyce.

A quite day I had some leg pain today for some reason maybe I need to go somewhere and move some rock and build a underground home.

It's getting late so I stop and upload dots to the internet.

Big Hello to Sue and Tim in Wangaratta...




November 21st Tuesday 2017

We went to Albury today and had a look around the CBD area around the gardens and the main street of town.

Taken on the way to Albury and that is dust you see in the picture.

Albury Airport (internet picture) had a drive around the area it a lot bigger than it use to be.

Albury City Gardens we will go back there and spend some more time.

I think it is a bike rack maybe it is broken.

Albury gardens well just outside that's a nice looking Ford Transit van same model as we use to own.

This looks a bit out of place in the gardens but I bet the kids will love it.

Picture sent to Three Dots of the Albury Railway Station.

Troy is off to Melbourne have a good trip and hope all is well.

A real mix today on Three Dots, all pictures from the Albury area the big hello for today goes to Troy be thinking about you tomorrow.

Back in Walla Walla tonight I did order to new tyres for the Mercedes Benz today they have to come from Sydney and be here on Friday (we hope).

Adrian and Dianne thanks for the penny's today I have to work on finding the missing penny's.


They say it is going to rain in White Cliffs, Albury / Wodonga and Wangaratta this week.




November 20th Monday 2017

We stayed around Walla Walla today and had a walk around the Walla Walla caravan park a quite day almost time to move on.

Had an email asking what is a self contained caravan, I think we did this before some caravan parks say you have to be self contained to stay there. I do my best to answer the question, so other people may know a lot more than I do.

So I went and had a look around the internet.

What do you need?
In practice it means leaving nothing behind, so all you really need is the ability to take any waste, including general rubbish, toilet waste and any water used with you for appropriate disposal elsewhere.

However more and more campsites are specifying that these caravans or motor homes will have their own toilet and shower, and a suitable tank to collect and confine waste water.
What you must have varies so obey the signs. If you don’t meet the requirements for that particular campsite, go somewhere that does.

Is a portable toilet allowed?
Depending on the type of camp and the rules for that site, it often is. At a large lakeside campground setting up a toilet tent would in most cases be approved, but not acceptable in a council car park. Signage may specify inbuilt toilet only regardless of venue. You can only stay there if you meet that criteria.

Is a portable shower allowed?
No, in most cases portable or external showers are not permitted due to water spillage onto the ground. Even if you have a method of collecting the water without spillage, you must obey the signs and not use an external shower. You can still get clean and fresh with a sponge over type of wash either standing in a bowl, or from a bucket.

What grey water collection methods are permitted?
This really does vary. Some, and we may see more of this in the future, specify inbuilt grey water tanks only, even if there is a dump point suitable for grey water disposal on site. Most, but not all, will accept purpose made and spill-proof portable grey water tanks or inbuilt tanks. These portable tanks on wheels are convenient for taking water to an on-site dump point rather than moving the caravan or motor home to it. Some sites will allow collection into jerry cans or even buckets, but most do not as they have seen these overflow or spilt.

What do I require to stay at a campground signed Self Contained Only?. What if others are letting their water drain onto the ground?

What others are doing is no excuse, and misuse like this is causing campground to be closed or inbuilt tanks only accepted. Even if grey water is permitted to be disposed of on site, rather than let it run onto the ground to make a sticky patch for the next person, carry it to the perimeter of the grounds or spread it over the grass if grey water is being used to maintain a green grassy environment.

What about rubbish disposal?
While some will have bins or a skip on site, most do not. Carrying rubbish in a small bin or bag until a suitable bin or rubbish disposal point is found is not difficult. Canvas rubbish bags that fit onto the spare wheels on the back of four wheel drive vehicles are commercially available. Never leave rubbish outside a bin if it is full. Birds and animals can spread the rubbish.

What do I think, most of it is a heap of talk by the green people. We now have a fully self contained caravan and always use a self contained toilet and always put our rubbish in bins. Here the point people who look after the outdoors do the right thing. I seen only a few days ago a almost new caravan that was self contained dumping water in the caravan park they just did not care, they dumped their rubbish by a post for someone else to cleanup.

People who care do the right thing, other people just don't care and do what they like.


Mike I hope you got something our of this and have a great week.



November 19th Sunday 2017

A lot better day, everywhere today a cool day and the sun shining, we went for a drive over to Howlong today via the country roads and back home via Jindra.

And what you see on the way, taken at Burrumbuttock on the way to Howlong is it a bird or a chicken??

In the main street of Howlong...

The Murray River at Howlong...

From the Internet a nice garden in Howlong.

We kept an eye out for Bernie but he was not to be found, and I kept an eye out for a VW as we drove around town so hello to Bernie will try again soon.

Mud run just out of Sydney the White Cliffs crew did the run for Shirley. (Shirley was going to do the run but passed away in a car crash this year).

They did the run for Shirley 18kms of mud. (after the run they hit the beach)

Rob, Shirley husband and the White Cliffs team all crossed the line...

See the White Cliffs Website CLICK HERE

We had a good day today and enjoyed our time in Howlong have lunch at the Howlong Bakery back home we cleaned up the caravan inside and I setup a clothes line that we will need tomorrow morning.

Have Fun ...

We leave here next Saturday morning to somewhere yep somewhere.


I must say hello to team White Cliffs I know you will be back next year...




November 18th Saturday 2017

Another day we like to forget about we had rain almost all day I hope it is a fine day tomorrow, last night we went to the Walla Walla Club for a meal and sat with people from Queensland.

Here a really old shop in Walla Walla do you like the comment "Shop Here For Everything" gee that's a very big statement. The shop is very well kept, we had Coffee inside the other day.

This is the Walla Walla Hardware Shop they seem to sell most things we require in hardware.

Our caravan is behind the brick building (toilet shower) two more people booked into the park today. One lot from Queensland left the morning heading home to Warrick.

As I said we had a lot of rain last night and today I am told our water tank in White Cliffs is full and flowing out the overflow.

When we had car trouble in Mildura RACV looked after us and have approved all our out of pocket expenses which is good and will send us a cheque in the mail.

We started to sort out our pictures on our computer today about 3000 pictures maybe more, I made a backup on USB memory stick just in case something happens to the phone.

All good here just looking forward to some fine weather.


Hello to Susan in Albury.




November 17th Friday 2017

We had a better day today first stop was Walbundrie for a look they have a camp ground there but it needs a bit of a mow.

The main shop in Walbundrie the Co-Op store.

From the internet: We then went to the Lavington Plaza for lunch in Lavington and did a bit more Christmas Shopping at the local shops.

Next it was out to see Troy and Kylie in Thurgoona. It was good to catch up with Troy and have a chat the house is looking good you have done a lot of work on the home I really like the driveway.

After a quick shop at Aldi in Lavington we went back to Walla Walla then we had a big storm that hit the town really big drops of rain. The caravan fair well no water leaks, we like that bit.

Tonight we are off to the Walla Club for a meal and a chat with some of the locals, we have decided to stay till next Saturday a week away as we have been ask out for coffee.


Hello to Troy and Kylie in Thurgoona.

You all have a good weekend.



November 16th Thursday 2017

Nothing today, we had rain almost all day and stayed home in the caravan and tonight we pulled down the awning because they are talking big wind over night we did next to nothing just read 2017

the news.

We are still in Walla Walla planning to leave here next Wednesday and move out on the Hume Weir for a few days.

Sorry about the nothing day but that's life with the bad weather.

All good here in Walla, we are going for a drive tomorrow some place.

Bi all to tomorrow.




November 15th Wednesday 2017
A bit late tonight big news in White Cliffs a young family and really nice people who live in a rented home in town and had a hard time living won last night in Lotto $20,000,000 yep that's 20 million dollars it could not have happen to a nicer family.

And in the same lotto we won $14.95.... haha...

Muffy and Carol at the Hume Weir shop today.

Hume Weir Caravan Park today it has some nice garden area's.

Muffy love this part of the garden .

It's worth a visit to look at the garden.

Muffy and Carol have a sit down in the garden at the Hume Weir store today.

We dropped Muffy back home then went and watched Joyce play tennis at Thurgoona (Joyce in the pink hat)..


I am told our big winner in White Cliffs has left town in the old family car he was the only Kangaroo shooter in White Cliffs (no not Tony) I have not said the name as it's all not public at this time.

We had a good day today a real good day and we even fitted in some Christmas Shopping today (we had to start sometime.)

May get some rain in the next 24hr's...




November 14th Tuesday 2017

Today we went to Culcairn, European settlement of Culcairn began in 1834, following favorable reports on grazing potential and grass cover by the explorers Hume and Hovell when travelling overland to the Port Phillip district in 1824. A number of stations were gazetted and between 1862 and 1865 the district was terrorised by the bushranger, Dan Morgan. The reward for Morgan would reach £1,000. He was ambushed and killed in Victoria after his final holdup in 1865.

The town itself was laid out in 1880 by James Balfour, a local landowner, who named it after a property in the parish of Kiltearn, his mother's birthplace. Culcairn Post Office opened on 1 September 1880.

Early industries included chaff mills, a cereal grain company and a quarry. The extension of the Main Southern railway line to Albury to meet the broad gauge line from Melbourne saw Culcairn prosper. The Culcairn Hotel, constructed in 1891, was the largest on the line between Melbourne and Sydney.

The main street in town it was quite busy while we were there today.

From the net, we had lunch at the Culcairn Bakery today and we will return it was good food.

This is the old railway gate house the main line from Sydney to Melbourne cross here and the gate keeper open and closed the gate by hand.

The Culcairn Hotel next the the railway line, I love the sign out front "Meals 7 Days a week Closed Monday and Tuesday" yep that a bit hard to work out.

War Memorial 1929 1945 it's so big (for a small town) and worth a look...

Culcairn is only 20km from Walla Walla where we are staying, there is so much to see in this area and it's all within 50km's of Walla.

I started cleaning the car this afternoon it has heaps of red dust from White Cliffs it will take a month to clean it a 100% I do a bit each day.

Looks like rain in the next few day.

Hello to Sue and Tim in Wangaratta.



November 13th Monday 2017

They been working on the toilet shower block today I talk about that later. So we went for a drive to Jindera today one to just have a look around town and to get some fuel and food.

I think the 950 people is a bit out of date there be near that number of homes. Nothing like the Jindera of old there are a lot of homes in the area.

A full size IGA Supermarket is open in the main street.

Next to the Supermarket you will find a number of shop that people need, this is only 20kms from Walla Walla and our caravan park. You will also find a new Shell Service Station, if you live in Albury Wodonga you need to come for a drive.

The old church you see when you enter Jindera is still there a very tidy area.


The old Toilet/Shower block got a new paint and a new cement walkway around the building today, that's why we went away today and it will be open for business first thing in the morning. They added more power and more taps, it is a nice neat area we are planning to stay here till Wednesday week. You can camp here $10 night of $50 a week that's with power and water, hot shower in the morning after the cement dry's. There is a second toilet block about 300m away.

Had a email about the new Coles K-Mart in Wodonga it said "the way in, is the same as the way out" just a bit odd I was told.


Hello to Sue and David in Gippsland hope you are having fun down that way.

All good here I see we may get some rain this week.



November 12th Sunday 2017

Three Dots almost did not happen today, you see it was John's Birthday today 12th November, we all lost our brother John around the 18th October this year and it seem to even hurt a lot more today which would have been his 79th Birthday.

Life is so short I read we live only 4000wks lets say 4000 / 52 = 77yrs so make every day count.

Three Dots will get back to normal tomorrow night.

Tomorrow is another day.



November 11th Saturday 2017
We got up this morning and cleaned up around the caravan we decided to go for a drive today without the caravan.

Doug in Queensland sent a picture from Bribie Island.

What a top picture we have to give you a 100% for that one... It makes you want to go there...

Carol and I went to Beechworth today the Celtic Festival...

Beechworth today in the park.

There was a lot of people there today.

All the men are walking around lost it is a festival for the ladies.

The hardest part was finding a place to park the car. It was a good festival.

You could easy spend three to four hours at the festival today.

back home in Walla we had a new couple staying at the park with us. That's our outdoor kitchen the big kids gave it to us about three years ago and it's as good as new.

Then about 5:30pm we had a wind storm come in gee it was a bad wind but apart from a upturned chair we faired all ok.

I must say a big hello to Doug and thank you for the picture.


Tomorrow is another day




November 10th Friday 2017

We went for a drive to the old Mann's of Wodonga and all we found was a Coles Supermarket and K-Mart nothing else and a car park so badly designed it was like playing a game of Mouse Trap.

No that's not the way out.

Nice supermarket but not the way out.

Big K-Mart not a bad shop.

That's the only way out but the arrows point in??? we found out way out by driving out the in... I don't think we will return maybe in ten years.

We then seen Muffy and Susan then returned to Walla Walla I like small towns...

We are camped behind this tree and it has quite a story.

Hope you can read it the tree a quite a story to tell have a read.

Tonight we are off to the Walla Walla sporting club for a friday night meal put on by the local school P and C we went there this time last year.

Hello to Muffy and Susan in Albury it was good to see you.

The weekend is here.



November 9th Thursday 2017

We stayed in Walla Walla today in fact I walked everywhere today, it will do me good to walk around town and took a few pictures for you.

The main street taken today about 100m from the caravan.

This business in Walla Walla sells steel they have very large stocks of steel in stock.

This afternoon I took the Mercedes Benz for a drive just to keep the battery full, the is a multi shop it's a Post Office, a food shop, a cafe.

Main street in town as you can see traffic not a problem here.

There are some nice old homes in the main street of town.

My brother Adrian sent me this picture taken at the Hume Dam it's not full but getting close. Thanks Adrian and Dianne...

While walking I found a new shop in town a Terry White Chemist shop, so I went to the caravan and picked up my scripts that I needed to fill, good to see a new shop in town.

We did a really big wash today and will finish the washing tomorrow, be right up to date by then.

Hello and thanks to Adrian and Dianne for the picture today.

I go for another walk around town tomorrow afternoon.

Have fun tomorrow is Friday...




November 8th Wednesday 2017

Back in the Albury Wodonga area tonight we are back at a camp we like and been to many times Walla Walla North of Lavington.

We have a number of friends here in Walla Walla. This afternoon we made a run into Lavington and ALDI and the Lavington shopping center. That where I ran into Three Dots reader Bernie from Howlong that made our day it was really good to meet and have a short chat with Bernie this afternoon, great stuff.

Not quite finished doing the setup I finish in the morning, Walla and the camp looks great a credit to the people who do garden area where we camp. Here the deal two people, power, water hot shower and toilets and it cost $10.00 and night or $50.00 a week (that's just $7 a night) it the best value in New South Wales.

Here we are for a week and will look at it mid next week we like it here.

I am told it a big washing day tomorrow we have a hand washing machine and I am the motor.

I have to say a big hello to Bernie (in Howlong) tonight.

I see the family next week for now it time to stop and have a rest. (wash the car)

I go around town with the camera tomorrow.




November 7th Tuesday 2017 (Melbourne Cup Day)

A quite day, we went for a drive around Deniliquin this morning and at 11:30am we went to the RSL Club across from the caravan park and stayed all day. The RSL Club had a big day for members and guest it cost $25.00 a head a very big buffet and free drink as well a free bets on the Melbourne (the bad news we won nothing) I say there be 200 people in the club today. Lucky numbers and free bets and drinks.

This is a good park notice we have our own en-suit next to our caravan power and water the lot $25 a night we will return to this place.

Last night we were talking about a new clothes line in White Cliffs and today they started to install a new setup here in the caravan. Three metal posts and two fold out lines, at White Cliffs we can do this and when finished it will look good. When we get back next year we will have a look where we can put it.

On the other side of the cement wall in the picture above is the Edwards River (almost no water) ...

Tomorrow we set off to Walla Walla NSW 200km's from here and we hope to stay two week. We are about 20km's from Albury and the family.

Walla a good camp $50 a week for the camp site power and water, hot shower and toilets that's about $7 a night we plan to be there tomorrow.

We have friends in Walla Walla.

Tomorrow we are On The Road Again...


Hello to Faye and John in Wangaratta, will come see you soon.




November 6th Monday 2017

We left Kerang this morning and moved to a caravan park in Deniliquin only 120km's the park at Kerang needs some TLC grass cut and some bug spray put around the park.

We have a nice park here in Deniliquin right across the road from the local RSL club, we have booked in there for the Melbourne Cup dinner tomorrow Tuesday.

Took the picture from the internet the Deni Ute Muster happen here in March every year.

The Edward River and main bridge out the back of the caravan park.

When you walk along the river there are some nice walkway and the same old ute on that pole.

Inside the RSL Club across from the caravan park it looks good and we are looking forward to the cup dinner tomorrow for lunch.

On the not so good news Kylie was parked at the Thurgoona Public School picking up Joyce in her new car and was hit by a school bus, not good. Kylie was parked and stopped at the time no one was hurt.

We have booked into this caravan park Monday and Tuesday night we will leave here on Wednesday morning and head to Walla Walla 20km's north of Albury we plan to move around the Albury Wodonga area during November and December.




5 Year old Kelly, from Nupunyah Station Tilpa was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2016. As a result of this Kelly’s parents, Mick Boyd and Bec Swarbick, have had to move to Adelaide with Kelly and their three other children Jodie, Blake and Amber for Kelly’s ongoing medical treatment.

As you can imagine this has come as a big blow to the family both emotionally and financially. As parents we cannot begin to comprehend the terror and uncertainty this hard working, loving family must be facing. We, Bec Lawson and Honor Taylor, are organising a Community Event In Support of Kelly to be held in White Cliffs. This event will take place at the White Cliffs Sporting Club Oval in March 2018. It will consist of 3 live bands, a huge Auction, raffles and much much more.

At this stage we are reaching out to potential sponsors for this event. If you are able to help us in any way, whether it be a monetary donation, or an item to be auctioned at the event, it would be much appreciated.

Please contact
Bec 0427758852 or 
Honor 0414935803 at your earliest convenience.

As you can appreciate these events take many hours to organise and the sooner we can set things in concrete the better. This little Girl is an absolute Champion.

The people of White Cliffs will pull out all stops to help.

Let’s show her how much we care!


More on Three Dots tomorrow.... Three Dots had a 110 people visit Dots in the last 7Day (130 hits) that's great to see.




November 5th Sunday 2017

We went for a drive around Kerang today being Sunday the only shops open were the Hardware and the Supermarket's Woolworth's and IGA...

This is the main street in Kerang today, they are doing a lot of work in the main street.

Dianne had a Pop-up shop in Wodonga today she had a visit from Kylie, Susan and Joyce...

As far as I know the Market was at the old Wodonga Railway Station, I am told a good day out.

We paid for two nights Saturday and Sunday night and did think of staying till Wednesday but due to the number of bugs and insects we will move out in the morning and find another place and another caravan park.

Hello to Susan and Muffy in Albury Wodonga

We are planning to be in Walla Walla by Wednesday Night this week it's about 20km's north of Albury Wodonga and will setup camp for about two weeks.

Have fun...




November 4th Saturday 2017

Left Mildura (Gol Gol) at 8:15am and drove 285km's to Kerang Victoria, we had a good easy trip with the caravan in tow, as we passed Swan Hill I went to the new Bunning's and picked up a few things I wanted in the caravan. Then had lunch at McDonald's in Swan Hill, after Swan Hill we drove to our caravan park at Kerang.

There are a few people in the caravan park tonight.

Our caravan setup on the grass today, tomorrow I will pull out and setup the awning on this side of the caravan and put the chairs out. Carol said we have good television here so we should stay for the Melbourne Cup, and move off next Wednesday.

Another picture taken looking out the back of our caravan.

In town we went to the Woolworth's Supermarket, the food came to $13.00 and the lady said $3.00 you have $10.00 off in award points, nice to have a win sometimes.

For a Woolworth's it has a very small car park but it is only a small town.

This building had me thinking, it is the Kerang Library next door on the right side is the local swimming pool.

Across the road the council has a nice park and picnic area it is well done.

The same area very nice, we may come here for a meal while in Kerang.

We were talking about making a vegetables garden in White Cliffs (so I put this picture on file.)

We look like staying in Kerang for four night, We talked to a lot of people from Melbourne today they have Monday off and making it a long weekend.

Tomorrow I try find a local car wash, the Mercedes Benz needs a bit of TLC ...


Hello to Carmen n Damon and the kids in Wodonga.




November 3rd Friday 2017

A busy day running around town we took the hire car back to the Mildura Airport and NRMA put us in a taxi and took us back to our car in Gol Gol, yes we have the Mercedes Benz back and after a short drive all seems to be good.

The big test will be tomorrow when we hook up the caravan and move away from Mildura and head towards Kerang about 300km's down the river towards Albury Wodonga we will stop a night somewhere on the way.

Spent the afternoon cleaning out the White Cliffs dust out of the Mercedes Benz. Hello to Peter, Joi and Muffy in Melbourne. Muffy I see you in Albury late next week, well that's the plan.

Have a good week all.

I see a lot of people are having Monday off and making it a four day weekend with the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday.

I take some pictures on the road tomorrow.



November 2nd Thursday 2017

We had a late call today the Mercedes Benz is ready to pickup and running a 100% we are told. It was to late to visit the bank so we will pick it up in the morning.

We kept out of the shopping plaza's today and went down town Mildura into the CBD and they have some great walkways and malls in town.

Not a bad area to walk around there must be around 300 shops in the main CBD area of town banks and more.

Still in the CBD area very large palm trees at the main cross road in the town.

Lunch was take away Mexican and we stopped on the Victorian side of the Murray River to eat.

This is the camp kitchen at the caravan park where we are staying.

A houseboat on the river late today passing the caravan park. For me I feel that is a great way to live.

We will pickup the Mercedes Benz in the Morning and check it all out. Next stop will be the Mildura Airport and return the rent a car by then it will be midday so we will stay here Friday night and head off on Saturday morning towards Kerang area for a few days the head to Walla Walla park on Wednesday morning next week.

So we do have a NEW plan the old plan got tossed out after three days, that's life.


My daughter Kylie Vogel is married to Troy, he has two boys Daniel and Jack, well Troy older boy Daniel lives in Hervey Bay where he goes to Hervey Bay State High School and at the school awards night Daniel was made school captain 2018.

School Captain Award.

He was given two awards the other "Year 11 Academic Achievement."

Troy you should be over the moon with your son, how good is that someone should show that to his old school in Albury, a good school makes so much of a different.


Hello tonight to Sue and Tim in Wangaratta, have fun.




November 1st Wednesday 2017

The month's roll on its November, we are still in Mildura waiting for the Mercedes Benz repair to be completed they say tomorrow.

Carol went shopping (in the orange) I sat across at the book swap shop having a read of a book on the Murray River I left it for someone else to read.

We did a very small shop at the supermarket and after a drive along the river returned to the caravan park in Gol Gol on the NSW side of the river.

Our caravan is about 40m from this point on the Murray River. There are a lot of boats and a heap of house boats on the river every day.

The caravan park has it's own boat ramp for people to use.

As I said before we hope to get the Mercedes Benz back tomorrow, if we are happy with it we will head off on Friday Morning after we return the hire car to the airport here in Mildura.

Last month was a very hard month we lost my brother John in Albury Wodonga, there was no funeral for John that is why we never returned before, I cannot say I like it but that was Johns wish. Then the problems with the car did not help, but we all have car trouble at times.

Been talking to our friends in White Cliffs last night they seem to be having a heap of fun and coffee.

Hello to Scott in Wangaratta...

Tomorrow we will still be here so I may go on a picture drive with the camera.