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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

Please take the time to eMail us we love hearing from friends and family

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October 31st Tuesday 2017

They are waiting for parts for the Mercedes Benz that will take maybe two days they say, it's all pulled apart waiting.

NRMA sent us to the Mildura airport in a taxi to pickup a hire car this morning. This picture was taken at the Mildura Airport this morning, nice bit of colour.

Taken at the Mildura Shopping Plaza it's a very big shopping area.

The food area at the shopping plaza Mildura has around 60,000 people and is one of the fastest growing area in Australia I was told by the taxi driver and you always believe a taxi driver.

Here is our hire car for a few days (when it grows up it will turn into a Mercedes Benz) a nice car to drive around town in.

That was our day not a lot happen apart from sorting out cars and talking on phones.

Think I go buy a push bike...


All good, and the end of October tomorrow the start of November and about 7weeks to Christmas.

You may remember we made up a picture book on our home and White Cliffs well it came last week and we have it in the caravan. It came up really good very happy.




October 30th Monday 2017

We we had a good start to the day read on, We left Broken Hill around 10am new south wales time, after dropping into the chemist shop.

A nice cool day thank goodness this is the Silver City Highway from Broken Hill to Wentworth 350km's...

The halfway point in the trip Coombah Roadhouse it has great food ULP Fuel $1.31lt out this way that's cheap fuel. And great food and the only phone cell on the trip.

We had a head win a good part of the trip.

Then it happen 12km's north of Wentworth BANG and warning lights and alarms in the Mercedes Benz I pulled off the road right away. The bottom of the water pump missing, broken right out and the fan belt in ten parts. Well that stopped us big time.

We had one bar on the phone cell and called NRMA an hour later we had a truck look at the problem, he just loaded the Benz on his truck and hooked the caravan on the back of his two truck and off we went to Gol Gol across the Murray River from Mildura.

Tonight we are in the Gol Gol caravan park in the caravan with no car. NRMA say they will give us a hire car tomorrow for a few days till our car is fixed.

it's 8:30 and I am doing dots...


Have fun (we did not have much fun today)..




October 29th Sunday 2017

A rest day in Broken Hill at the caravan park and the park tonight is near full. Gee there is some big money here in camper homes and caravan the home next to us is $166,000 crazy money in my book our van worth $6000...

Joyce went out to a fun day in Albury today looks like she had fun.

All pictures taken in the main street of Broken Hill today on our way to the demo club for lunch. The Palace Hotel great old building

Looking up town the main street of Broken Hill a very long main Street.


This is all in the main street, We like Broken Hill.

When we get up in the morning we will head 300km's South to Mildura for a day or two, Mildura has some good shopping and all the big shop are there in Mildura, I need to look at the map and work out the best way to Albury Wodonga.

It has only been one night but the new caravan layout is really good and working well.

Hello to the mob in White Cliffs see you had really big winds on Saturday afternoon 70 to 80kph that big even for White Cliffs.

More for the record ULP Fuel $1.39lt

Towing the caravan White Cliffs to Broken Hill 16 lph per 100kms


Hello to Robyn in White Cliffs hope you had a good weekend.




October 28th Saturday 2017

"On The Road Again" yes we left White Cliffs for the summer this morning and first stop was Broken Hill 300km's away.

Last night at Sunset in White Cliffs it was a send off for us. It is a great place for a sunset.

Kylie sent me a picture of Joyce taken to just out of Wodonga the bird is 40yrs old the owner said today.

Joyce has been playing Tennis in Thurgoona and this week she was given an award for her tennis skills. Good on you Joyce keep up the good work.

Here we are in Broken Hill tonight at the caravan park we are planning two nights in Broken Hill and head off Monday morning for the Mildura area, well that is the plan.

Have to do a few cleanup jobs on the caravan mostly paint work. It's not two bad for an old caravan.

We sat on 85kph the 300km trip from White Cliffs we used just over half tank of fuel for the trip. Tomorrow is a day off and we plan to do nothing at all just a bit of shopping for food.

The caravan park at Broken Hill is a very big park around 150 camp site's plus cabins, it is about 4km's from the CBD in Broken Hill.

Hello to Sue and David in Gippsland.




October 27th Friday 2017

Thank you for looking at Three Dot's, after I write this I will pull the computer and internet down and move it to the caravan and set it all up there.

We will drive out early in the morning and go from there.

No dots tonight and the computer will be off for the next few hours.



October 26th Thursday 2017

Just wish the wind will go away at 3:30pm today it hit 60kph here at home we are trying to pack the caravan, but the wind is making it hard work.

Took this picture out to the East this afternoon and it is the same story most places you look, red dust blowing up if we get a big wind from the north it will blow all the way to Melbourne and get bigger as it goes.

I had an email about the caravan and the lack of cooking gear, I did not show this in the last set of pictures. The draws have all the tools we need, a work area bigger than before in fact it is three times the size. Better sink, gas stove and Microwave, we have a good size refrigerator that runs on 240v under the microwave a 55lt ice cooler box. Can we make a cake? we are not a cake family that I can remember but we do have a electric glass oven.

We have more than most modern caravans, outside the caravan we have a fold up kitchen, gas and tank water with 240v power.

We went and seen the Royal Flying Doctor Service doctor today they were in town, we may be away four to six months so we both need scripts from the doctor till we return to White Cliffs. We are all good till about June next year.

Seen a local lady today and fixed her new computer it would not work, found the problem "The power lead in the back needs to go into a power point."

Tomorrow will be a big day the last day at home, we leave early on Saturday for Broken Hill it be a slow trip with the caravan of the back.


Hello to Doug and Bill in Queensland hope you do not get to much rain.




October 25th Wednesday 2017

Another big Three Dots tonight hope you enjoy it.

There are some day out here you should stay in bed, but we were up at 7:30am like normal we new it was going to be a hot day and it was I walked around and took some pictures.

I took this outside in the shade just after 4pm.

Sorry about the bad picture, it is 4:11pm and the temperature in the sun is 46.2c I had to give up working in the caravan it was just far to hot. and as you can see it was 24.8c inside the Underground section of the home. And that is why we live underground. By mid summer it will be in the 50 plus in the sun. Some people love it and only stay here in the summer. We are happy to take time out and move away over summer.

For the record at the back of the underground home was 22.9c at the same time as above. we have no heating or cooling and when you talk about green house gas, we are almost nil reading. I have to ask why you people live above the ground ????. Here is a video taken outside the wind killed off my talking it was around 60kph from the North and a hot burning wind. At the end of the video take not how the heat and wind make waves, you can see it with your own eyes. CLICK HERE

The driveway to the home the best it has every been thanks to Tony and his grader this week.

Troy and Kylie it's finished (no more dirt) it looks great guys Joyce you did a good job...


I think the Hello today has to go to Troy and Kylie, you did a good job... (with six others to help)..

There is a lot of dust in the air outside that will test out the caravan.


Sent to me by the Royal Flying Doctor Service

Welcome to the South Eastern Flyer. Issue 4 2017.

Good afternoon Rex,

Welcome to our final Flyer for 2017. The year has flown by and in that time we've been able to help thousands of Australians in the Outback, like those you'll meet below. Your support is what makes it all possible so thank you.

A photo of Nathan and Christine Harvey with their children Henry, Stanley, George and Isobel.

Vital help for families

Bites, broken bones, vaccines, pregnancy checks and more. Find out about all the ways the Harvey Family relies on Flying Doctor services.

Baby Jenson being transported

Baby born at 25 weeks

Meet the little miracle who defied the odds and won his battle to live. Discover how your support helped us take Jenson home.

A photo of a snake with its tongue poking out.

Snakebite survival tips

Snake sightings are on the rise as we head into summer. Learn about new first aid advice we're sharing.

A photo of Trevor Nowak being treated on the ground by medical professionals.

Life-threatening ordeal

To survive after a motorcycle crash, Trevor needed urgent surgery almost 800 kilometres away.  Read his heartfelt letter to us. 

From all of us at the Flying Doctor, I'd like to thank you for reading and wish you a safe and happy festive season.

Warm regards,

Greg Sam
Chief Executive Officer, RFDS SE Section

P.S. Our Dubbo Base Pilot Craig Nethery wanted to let you know how grateful we are to have your support. In the short video below, he explains how your support is being put into action.

Video of RFDS Pilot Craig Nethery speaking about where your donations go
You have been sent this email by the Royal Flying Doctor Service South Eastern Section, ABN 86 000 032 422, GPO Box 3537 SYDNEY NSW 2001

Hope you enjoy reading about the Flying Doctor Service, let me know please it comes out four times a year, it takes a lot of work to add to Three Dots, RexD

Click up top email Rex and Carol.




October 24th Tuesday 2017

A very big night on Three Dots tonight a lot of pictures, we went out last night to a government run Writer Group.

It seems the people of White Cliffs want to write about the town and the people "TheWriteRoad" were in town to start us off and show how to plan a book.

Early this year Troy and Kylie started to update their driveway, now they are going to finish it, Troy you spoil my daughter.

He is back looking for water he like a Mack Truck if you get in my way I walk right over you.


Looking to the front of the caravan...

Looking to the back the beds are made the mats are down (just need to fix up some leads)

The bathroom open, with toilet and shower all cleaned and ready.

The sink ready for me to wash up in hi hi..

We have the new box seating ready this table will do till we find something better we have a lot of storage in the new caravan layout.

I do some more on the road but it's ready to roll on Saturday morning.

We are going to a 70th Birthday Party on Friday night and packing up the house on Friday, we will sleep in the caravan on Friday night get up and leave town early for Broken Hill.

The caravan ready and I am looking forward to hitting the road, first off will be a slow trip to Albury Wodonga to see family. With the passing of John last week it is time for the family...

We will go see some of the locals in the next days or two.

Hello to Troy and Kylie in Thurgoona, hope you like your new driveway.


More tomorrow and hope you like the old caravan (remember the caravan is 32yrs old at Christmas)...




October 23rd Monday 2017

We both worked on a monster job and that was cleaning the caravan and sorting out what we need and what we do not need to take with us this road trip. That's a big job washed out the caravan bathroom, shower and toilet. And late today we started to pack the caravan.

Susan helped out at an a Auction sale yesterday, she is still looking for a job.

A local dog belonging to a friend of ours, when we visit the sits on Carol lap, a bit big to be a lap dog. Better she loves you Carol.

A government group is in White Cliffs tonight "TheWriteroad" they are going to talk to people about writing a story about the life and the outback.

So carol and I are going along with a big group of locals. That may help me and Three Dots...


It's starts in 20mins so I better get a move on...

Have Fun We Will....



October 22nd Sunday 2017

We went to the motel this morning for coffee and that was the last coffee morning tea for Carol and I we are leaving White Cliffs early next Saturday morning about 9:30am.

Back home it was full speed ahead working the caravan I fitted the last pipe we are now fully self contained caravan and the only job left on the caravan is to clean it, pack the van for the trip and make the beds.

Went to start the Mercedes Benz today and flat battery I had not started it for five days I had the caravan hooked to the car. As I was working under the caravan I did that for safety.

Filled up a bit more of the big hole from the rain I hope to finish it tomorrow sometime.

Last job was about one hour walking down the drive removing big rock left by the grader two days ago.

We are off to the Sporting Club tonight for a meal that will also be the last time for the year, have to say a good by to friends.

A big hello to Julie and Leigh in Lavington.



October 21nd Saturday 2017

As you read yesterday, the rain stuffed our driveway it was a really big mess and I said I fix it next year, well on sunset Tony a good friend turned up with a grader and fixed the driveway in 15min's.

We are both happy to see that, job done thanks Tony I buy you a coffee at the weekend.The weekend is here and it was coffee at the motel this morning like we do every Saturday and Sunday morning. While at the motel I went for a walk.

Nice flowers in the garden, it will be even better when the others come out.

While at the Underground I seen some of the locally made items, "Opal Soap" and a lot of other items for sale all made by Hayley and Brad from one of the local Opal Shop it looks good.

Back home I worked back filling dirt and rock (see yesterday) that's a big job I have to fill the old LP gas room with rock I hooked us a small LP Gas Bottle for now and did a modify of the old copper gas line I need some part's to do a proper job.

Looking down the top I have filled up around 7ft so far but I have a long way to go I do a bit each day.

Carol started cleaning out the caravan inside we had to redo our road trip travel plan again I need to go home to Albury via Broken Hill we need scripts from the chemist shop in Broken Hill we have to buy some food see friends. We will got the underground for Coffee next Saturday then about 11am hit the road for the summer, first stop will be Broken Hill Caravan Park for a few nights.

From Bernie in Howlong:
Hi, ​ REX. You might get a good view at White Cliffs this Saturday from midnight to dawn. I think the view from Smith's Hill would be over the WC Cemetery and Low on the North Eastern horizon. There are Azimuth co ordinates on this attachment on the "click here" link, Cheers old timer....might mean a few midnight cappuccinos at The Underground Motel to stay awake! ​

I found this article from that you might be interested in: CLICK HERE


I will have a look tonight around midnight.



From Scott Dash cam, good one very close...

Watch This You Tube Video. CLICK HERE


That our day in White Cliffs.




October 20th Friday 2017

Today started last night when we had 50mm of rain in two hours, we have been crying for rain and we got it last weekend well we got heaps of it last night it was like it was never going to stop. And the town took a really big hit and he rain hit a lot of people really hard filling underground homes with water.

We did well inside the only place was water under the back door so I was on the mop for sometime.

Outside was bad news.

Remember the other night we put a 100lt drum under the overflow pipe of the rain water tank for the wildlife, well it filled it less that 5min's last night.

This is where we got hit and it hurt, it take about three days to repair, back in 1996 we dug a hole in the rock wall outside and that where we had the big LP Gas bottle well last night the rock above the hole fell in as you can see in the picture. I had to dig the gas bottle out and the gas line now I have to backfill the hole with rock and dirt, the gas room as we called it is a total loss. I build a new one next year, that hole you see in the picture is around 8ft deep a big job.

I went into town to check the mail, this is a sealed road covered in mud that washed in from someplace.

This is a dry creek, well it was dry till last night it was 900mm deep what a mess for council to clean up.

Our driveway is off to the left and around to the left and after 50mm last night here is my nice driveway now down the hill out on the main road I fix it next year.

We took 50mm and never had a drop inside the house via the roof or the walls a big win 10yrs ago we would have been in a mess, we did well.


The weekend is here...

Have fun this weekend...




October 19th Thursday 2017

Some bad news today, not good at all and from what I understand they moved my brother John from Melbourne hospital to Albury base hospital late yesterday. I am sad to say John passed away last night in Albury...

Nothing else we can say other than thank the medical staff for looking after John over the last four months.



Some News from Bernie Kokot in Howlong

Greetings all. A few scenics from this weekend. Lay back fishing. Inflammation in feet gone, but ankle bones very sore now 5 weeks to walk any distance so I just dangled a worm. Top spot here on the Victorian side of Lake Hume just 2 km this side of the Wymah Ferry. Can slip a boat in anywhere in the 4 or 5 camp sections here regardless of water level. Ran into Trent Freer Saturday arvo, good friend and Ace fisho from Howlong, by chance at one track as he was pacing up the boat . ...a fluke meeting as Trent only decided that morning to go fishing down Wymah way to take his old dad from Cootamundra visiting Trent in Howlong this past weekend.Had a yak later with a few other (then unknown) blokes fishing just up from me. Bloody Howlong smelly fisho's! They are everywhere. Met one of the "unknowns" on Monday arvo back here in Howlong. He spotted my VW outside IGA and waited for me. He confirmed it was him that got the 100 plus redfin...not big...6 inches... with a half dozen at 10 inches...and a 52 cm yellowbelly as well. All off the bank on worms. He told me the reddies started biting from dawn on that Saturday and they were catching them all day till 4 pm when I spoke to them. Today, Wednesday 18 October I ran into Howlong fisho "Wazza" in our IGA grog department. Wazza does not bullshit reporting his mate that lives near Wymah last two weeks has been slaying "bags" of moderate sized reddies near each outing...both bank and from shore in those Wymah Waters. The Lord willing and my feet improve...and before the Christmas campers set up at these idyllic spots, I will be returning and fishing with mudeyes and yabbies for reddies and trout into the night in the back-bay of the photo here of ZAC dog. It's only 15 minutes drive from Bellbridge (Bethanga Bridge). Wheel chair access to the water for us old geriatrics as you can see. Ooroo for now. 

Zac you are the star of the show... good picture..

Copy of this email sent to Rex Duncombe at White Cliffs. Hope you enjoy the scenery in the attached pics Rex and that Huey sends you big rains...maybe even a small you can dangle a fishing line from the landing on your dugout! Love your 3 dots White Cliffs website. 


Hello to Bernie and thank you for your input tonight

We all just keep going




October 18th Wednesday 2017

They are saying 10 to 20mm of rain tomorrow so I did a bit of work on the rain water tank filling up bottles, over the years there is one person I do not trust, the weather man.

This is the over flow pipe from the water tank, Doug put me onto this let the over flow fill the big blue drum I use when doing cement work for the wildlife around home. I leave it there while we are away this summer once the rain fills the tank it will come out the over flow and fill the drum for the wild life, good one Doug.

Did a lot of work today got the gas going the orange hose, the water inlet now working and the dark green hose is the grey water hose from the kitchen sink.

So when we pull up at a caravan park we just plug the inlet hose in here, I seal around the hoses tomorrow if it's not raining. We will be fully self contained that dark green hose come out of the sink to a 70lt grey water tank installed under the caravan.

Fully self contained the 50mm PVC pipe comes from the bottom of the grey water tank, when it is time to drain the grey water tank we just open the red gate valve. I have a hose that plugs into the gate valve, a lot of work.

I have one pipe to install from the shower drain to the grey water tank about hours work tomorrow if it's dry.

Joyce went to tennis at Thurgoona late today, have fun...

We will have no power in White Cliffs tomorrow from 9am to 1pm and if it's like last time we will loose phone cell as well.

No news on John today, he was going to return to Wodonga but no news.

Let's see how we get on tomorrow no power, and heavy rain sounds like a good day ahead.




October 17th Tuesday 2017

Another wild day in White Cliffs top winds from the East up to 60kph and 34c recorded at home, started the day at my working bee for the year, this year the tennis court in White Cliffs.

Four people turned up to help clean the place up we got rid of all the long grass and a lot of the rubbish today from the over growen tennis court, it now looks good now, I found a bag of rubbish the tip in White Cliffs is free why dump rubbish we can run around now with some weed killer when the wind stops blowing.

I talk to the sporting club (who helped today) about some white lines on the cement and maybe a tennis net.

Picture was taken near the end of the day just a cleanup to go, and to the younger people who helped you made me feel old doing twice as much work as I did, thanks.

Seen this picture on the net Adrian and Dianne son Christopher the writing on the van tells the story he just like his old man.

Scott, in Wangaratta has been doing a bit of computer work up high of late he put a rack and ladder on top of his Falcon. A lot of computers use rooftop antennas so the ladder is become part of the tool box.

This picture was sent to me by Doug in Queensland, Ship Pacific Dawn about a mile (1.6kms) off Caloundra Queensland, thanks Doug for the picture.

A really mixed Three Dots tonight, that's good that's how it should be.

John still in Melbourne I tell you if something happens...

Have fun, we will.




October 16th Monday 2017

Today we had a strong wind from the East a 180deg turn around, last night we went out for dinner at the Sporting Club we sat and had dinner with Robyn (a local) and a retired doctor and nurse from Canberra very nice people, we had a really good night.

I was asked to write a reference for a local person who is putting in for a grant that took some hours early this morning. Yes I did use Word and the spelling checker and the grammar checker and was very happy with the result.

It's finished and it is working the big job on the Solar Cell was completed today and all the new parts fitted and in place. Took almost all day to finish but it is working 100% perfect it took the solar battery from 12.4v to 13.8v (that full) in around 15min's today. When we are on the road we will soon find out if the battery is any good.

By the way we hit the road on the 30th October (that's two weeks today) our first stop will be in the Broken Hill area where we are going to replace the wheels and tyres on the caravan will a better setup.

Will be in Albury for Christmas and after Christmas we will work our way to Terang South West Victoria.

I walk out on top of the landing this is looking East tonight the sunset is right behind me at the time. That 25ft shadow of a person is me, that's not a bad view.

Some weeks ago I made up a 20 page picture book well I got an email to say it has been sent in the post, I want to take the book with us this year when we travel this year.

My little job for the year is to clean up around the local tennis court and tomorrow the day at 10am.


That's it for today.




October 15th Sunday 2017 (Carol sister Jan Birthday)

We did the 10am coffee thing and had 14 people there sitting at the table.... we had a good group today a lot of fun.

Back home I took the trailer to the tip, and did a round of the older ladies and picked up there rubbish from there bins, the hardest part was to empty my own rubbish in the trailer.

Back home.

What we do when camping, we have a small 80w solar cell on the top of the Mercedes as you see in the picture above. That cell charges a 100amp battery in the back of the Mercedes, that is hooked to 600w inverter. We run a power lead from the inverter to the caravan and all works up to 600w.

The thing is you can put the caravan in the shade and the car in the sun to collect the solar from the sun. It's been there for two years (Doug and I fitted it to the roof)...

Under the cell is a regulator it kept getting wet and stuffed up.

Took the solar cell of the roof today the plan is to fit the new box inside the car out of the weather.

This is the new box one thing I like about the new box is we can charge phones and computers from the USB ports. You have to get it right so I been talking to Damon in Wodonga, another good solar person is Doug in Queensland.
I sort it out over the next few day.

Had a talk to John on the phone today at Melbourne Hospital he is happy and it is all a matter of time now. He still hoping to get back home to Wodonga soon.

We are out for dinner at the Sporting Club tonight with locals...

Well that's our weekend...




October 14th Saturday 2017

We did the normal motel coffee run today at 10am we had a good group this morning a lot of talking and a lot of good fun.

Up at sun up this morning I went out and painted part of the caravan the painting finished outside I do a bit more on the road over the summer road trip.

A bit of clean up work around the front, what I wanted to do I have done. Inside is done down to a really big clean up and then we can start packing for the trip away we still plan to leave on the 30th of this month that's two weeks on Monday. I am really looking forward to the trip this year.

It's a long way up the Flying Doctor just left the White Cliffs airport (it was a long way up when I took the picture on my phone) he turned almost South South West my guess it's to Adelaide heading that way. Not sure who but news will get around town in the next 24hr's.

From Doug in Queensland late today, one leg.

The bag a give away Doug, CHIPS that's why you have some many friends around, ha haha

Part of the White Cliffs Sporting Club had a big clean up and paint along with works of art from the White Cliffs Art House. Like the new seats and the chess board.


Try to call John but I was told he busy, I try again tomorrow he is still in Melbourne.


Hello to our kids Kylie, Scott, Susan, Carmen and Adam in Canberra.


The only big job left on the caravan is to fit a drain pipe for the sink, we will be starting to pack by this time next week, that's the plan.




October 13th Friday 2017

Friday 13th it always get us in some way, two years ago we had trouble with wheels on the caravan returning from Broken Hill last year it was a flat tire on the caravan, and this year it got us again I was outside painting the side of the caravan a heap of white wet paint and a big wind camp spinning across the yard dust and heaps of it, stones, sticks and in about 3sec I had a king size mess.

And that was the rest of my day and the reason Three Dots was so late I just got the left side of the caravan all fixed and it's 7:30pm we washed it and sanded it then did a repaint, how it look 81/2 out of 10 but we did a good job. The Australian Outback is a hard place to work at times.

This morning we called into the "White Cliffs Art House" and while Carol was talking I seen some of her pictures on the wall.

Seems she did these in a morning.

In a way I like this one, they have a thing where you do a painting in a morning. They sell about $30


I had no news on John, I think he was returning to Wodonga Hospital today. No News


I am late and Friday the 13th got us again...

Have a good weekend, time to make some bread.




October 12th Thursday 2017

If the today is the 12th, then tomorrow must be "Friday 13th", keep off ladders tomorrow in fact I may just stay in bed, just joking.

Had reports that John will return to Wodonga tomorrow, we will just have to see what happens.

Back on the caravan and the new look caravan wheel arches are now finished, all we have left is a paint job I hope to be ready to paint by Monday next. Once we get to Broken Hill we will fit the new wheels and a better design tyre


There are two Kangaroos here but look at the little guy with big feet and little body. I can almost walk up to him now.

Mum hops away across the road way from our home.

This guy, gave me the big eye sitting on the hill next door.

Rodney and I were talking today about rain water this is on top of our home 10m long and 7m top to bottom that's 70sqM so if I am right we get 1mm of rain and that will = 70lt's of water in the tank below. If I am right 20mm last week end added up to 1400lt's in a 1000lt rain water tank. A lot went out the overflow but we have a full water tank now...

What else, went down town for coffee this morning and a chat.

What else next Tuesday morning at 10am I am getting a group together and we are planning to clean up the local tennis courts, well that's the big plan this is a Rex Project... I have put it on the White Cliffs Website and talking about it to the locals.

Hello to John it be good to see you back in Wodonga.

Bill in Queensland good to see the new family member, tell your daughter great news.



October 11th Wednesday 2017

We had rain all day for a total so far of 0.3mm not a lot but the tank full again you see a drop go in you see a drop come out the overflow pipe.

I did not have a good night last night with my sugar levels, seen the doctor today and I think we now have it all sorted out, gee I put that in a nice way.

The old Mann's is no longer today a new Mann's open in Wodonga a far better business than the old business I only know what I read in the paper but it is really good for Wodonga.

Not a great picture it was taken from 100m away at the White Cliffs Hospital, Belinda is doing up the new garden and had a full Hay Bale. Well Belinda you did have a new Hay Bale.

.The ladies in town are getting ready for the White Cliffs Art Festival around mid-year 2018. It called the 60s next year the art is the 60s and the banners hanging from the roof will be Flower Power. Here is a Flower Power banner for the hall that Carol did, It will have a two day life next year.

Thanks to Doug for the info on Mann's Wodonga.

Did some work on the caravan today, not a lot the slow dripping rain made it hard work.

Hello to Faye and John from Wangaratta, John has a new battery in the Pace Maker he be moving around a lot faster now. Nice Guy...

Well that's Wednesday...



October 10th Tuesday 2017

Don't forget 800 Words tonight see last night's Three Dots for details.

What did we do today Carol worked on a painting for Christmas, it looks good while I worked on a computer for one of the local people and a good friend of ours.

Back home I did some more work on the caravan wheels I get back into it tomorrow and try get it finished, the wheel arches that is.

Two pictures from the Flying Doctor Service. (I am of their mailing list)

Around $20,000,000 always makes a good picture I was told this was taken by a Doctor.

Something you may not know that Flying Doctors come from many parts of the World, this is a true story I hurt my toe real bad dropping something on it. A few day later I seen a Flying Doctor from London here for six months to see Australia. I am actually a "Brain Surgeon" so lets have a look at your toe and see what I can find. Why come to Australia I asked "The Flying Doctor the best way to see Australia".

Carol and I tonight did some work on our trip away and where will go after Albury Wodonga this Christmas. We are talking 2018....

You think 2018 what happen to all the other years.

(last night I missed putting up two picture of the Silverton Hotel, my fault they are there now so have another look at yesterday)

I been asked where is Silverton, 32km's North of Broken Hill, we go there two or three times a year. It is smaller than White Cliffs.

Hello to Barbara and Doug enjoy, your welcome.


Have Fun, We Will.....




October 9th Monday 2017

Have a look Tuesday Night 800 Words part of it is made at the Silverton Hotel.

The same town early this year, the same pub, the same bar... John, Faye and Carol at the one and only Silverton Pub it on 800 words this Tuesday night, have a look at the show for old time sake.

Just a bit of family fun John and Faye are from Wangaratta, Faye is Carol Sister...

Here we go another day in White Cliffs, and thank you for the email yes "White Cliffs" is a bit like "Home and Away" something is going to happen, all I can say is so true haha...


FULL WATER TANK yes last night we had 14.2mm of rain in one hour most of it in the first 15mins the 1000lt rain water tank is now full we took in 800lt's to fill the tank in 15min's I am told it was a very big storm, did not wake up and never new it happen till I woke around 7am. We sure need it...

Doug in Queensland sent me a train picture So if your are in Nambour check out the rides 4th Sunday of each month, love the steam train.

What I did today, I try finish it tomorrow the wheel arch on the caravan I have a lot of trouble removing the wheels from the caravan they get jammed under the wheel arch see the top picture. I always have to put on light tyres that I do not like. I am getting a white cast caravan wheel fitted with a better ply tire and I need room to get them on and off so today I cut the wheel arch bigger like the newer caravans. As I said we will finish it tomorrow. I did both sides today, think it looks better.

Full water tank, the kangaroos are happy so you lot can stop eating my cardboard boxes go find some green grass.


Hello to Doug in Queensland hope you are having a good time up there.




October 8th Sunday 2017

We did ok today we had 2.4mm of rain and that put about 70lt's of water in the rain water tank the local wildlife is happy all out walking around town late today, the only trouble was the very wild wind it hit 85kph from the NNW at the same time. The rain was great the wind left a big mess outside today, that's a job for tomorrow morning.

Had a phone call today from John, he called me from his bed at Melbourne Hospital for a chat today, the next step he hoping for is a return to Albury. After three months most of it asleep he cannot walk as yet, the old saying time fixes all.

We went to the Underground Motel for coffee this morning we had a big group of local people there. It was good every coffee you buy you get a mark on your card, ten marks a free coffee and it was our day today.

Back home I sat down and watch the car races from Bathurst, not a great race but it did fill in the day.

Remember the new weather station it reads 3.0mm for the last 24hrs the best rain this year for our place, the weather station it works ha ray....

Adrian and Dianne came back home from Canberra today hope you two has a good time.


Tomorrow another day and another week, have fun.

Hello to all the ladies in Wangaratta and Yarrawonga who call Carol every week.




October 7th Saturday 2017

Thanks for the emails and message about our trip at the end of October to Christmas all good positive words on what to go see, on the way.

Topar. (free camp no power)
You asked what's at Topar,
Answer next to nothing it has a truck stop and road house. It does have a free camp beside the road house.


Broken Hill ($31.50 with power)


Curlwaa Caravan park ($20 with power)
Where's that?
After you leave Wentworth a few kms down the road you cross the Murray River. At Curlwaa right beside the bridge right on the Murray River. $20 with power.

Walpeup (free with power)
Know nothing about this place a friend told me how good it was.

Hopetoun (free camp on lake no power)
We have been there before and liked it, you can free camp around the lake or book into the council caravan park $20 night with power. We will free camp unless it is two hot.

Woomelang (free camp with power)
Woomelang where is it you asked?
We'll it's not far from Hopetoun around 35kms a very small town I never been there. They have setup a free camp with a different they have free power. I am told there is a metal box to make a $5 donation I think that fair.

Wycheproof ($20 with power)
Been there before and liked it.

Booth (free with power)
You did not ask about this one..
Never been there but it is another free camp with free power. Booth looks like a good size town on Google.

Kerang Kui park ($20 with power)

Bendigo (????? With power)

????? What's that?
Ok we don't know where to stop in Bendigo it be in a caravan park for security it's a city.

Seymour (train to Melb see John with power)
Seymour, you did not ask..
Here we plan a train trip to Melbourne to go see John my brother if he is still in Melbourne hospital..

Wangaratta (Christmas party $26.50 power)
Each year all the people Carol went to school (a long time ago) with have a Christmas party in Wangaratta where she went to high school.

Walla Walla ($7 night power water $50wk)
That's cheap???

Your right Walla about 25kms from Albury Wodonga and the family. Beside being cheap we have been there four times. We made friends in Walla Walla and told them to visit White Cliffs, three months ago they did and we all had a good time here. They invited us back to Walla. Last year we went to Carols by candlelight in town and out to the club, we like it, their nice people.

From  30th October to Christmas.
You said what happen after Christmas, answer I am not sure yet maybe around Canberra area for a while. We are working on that.

That was hard work.


It was coffee at the Underground motel this morning. 

Adrian and Dianna are in Canberra at the Celtic Festival with there Popup Shop, good on you have fun.

Good to see you have a lot of people at your Popup Shop. Canberra, that's were our money is.


We are all going out to the Underground Motel for a meal tonight so time to go get dressed up.

No Rain, maybe one day.

The website passed 25,000 hits last night sometime unreal for a blog, It started the end of November 2013 do we keep it going do we not that's always the question, but when you look at number like 25,000 hits I go with it and look again in a few years. It's a hobby for me and a lot of fun. 25,000 people thank you all......




October 6th Friday 2017

Friday and the weekend is here, I had a slack day today no work on the caravan due to diabetes attack, I sat it out inside.

I read this in an email this morning and made up a White Cliffs book for Carol and I today our book is small 200mm x 150mm with 24 page's

As I said the picture book is 24 pages so set down and designed the book the total cost around $30.

A screen dump of a few pages should give you some hints on how it will look inside.

Most of the pictures in the book come from "Three Dots" website

The last page are pictures of the three grandkids. Why the book we travel for five to six months a year and meet a lot of people on the road and in caravan parks. Where do you live they ask, at White Cliffs in a Underground Home. Then how do you put up with the dirt and the dust, we plan to show them the book about our home and about White Cliffs. It has pages about the town, the people, what we do in our lives. It's a book we can talk about.

This picture was taken a few seconds after starting. I seen this on the Internet for $28.00 cheap with a wireless rain gauge the inside temperature has now dropped to 23.5c the top is the time 5:49pm, yep the rain is "0.00" lets hope this will go up in the next few days. Let us see how it works....

I will take the weekend off work and try get my sugar levels under control.

Coffee tomorrow at the Underground Motel with the locals.

The big car race is on Sunday. (no football this weekend what are we going to do.)


Glenda say hello to John from "Three Dots"




October 5th Thursday 2017

Big day on the caravan today I pulled the door of the van off and re-a-lined the door then refitted, that one job I do not wish to do again it's a shocking job that took all day. You can say what I did in a few words but it was a lot of hard work.

Last night I sat down and planned where we are going in the first 50 plus day this year, we will leave on the 30th October, here is a list below. Some we will stop a night some we will stop two weeks.

Topar. (free camp no power)

Broken Hill ($31.50 with power)

Curlwaa Caravan park ($20 with power)

Walpeup (free with power)

Hopetoun (free camp on lake no power)

Woomelang (free camp with power)

Wycheproof ($20 with power)

Booth (free with power)

Kerang Kui park ($20 with power)

Bendigo (????? With power)

Seymour (train to Melb see John with power)

Wangaratta (Christmas party $26.50 power)

Walla Walla ($7 night power water $50wk), From  30th October to Christmas....

Jane who livers in White Cliffs was up this morning at sun up and took this picture, this young lady is a runner and travels around just running. Jane sent me the picture today.

Seen a very small Kangaroo today having trouble moving around so I broke the rule and gave it a bucket of water now I have a new friend. There's just no water anywhere for them to drink.

Carol went to the Art House today to say hello...

Adrian and Dianne have a Popup Shop in Canberra this weekend and the Festival...


They are saying rain this weekend I hope there right this time...


Hello to Sue and David in Gippsland, have a good weekend...




October 4th Wednesday 2017

First off today I had a picture from the Flying Doctor Service sent to the website as below.

Nice Picture taken in Broken HIll.

Carol worked on her painting and I think she will go back to the Art House tomorrow this will be the first time for a long time. She stopped going when Shirley pasted away in a car crash 4mth's ago.

Back working in the caravan today a number of people have asked how it is going, not finished but getting there.

We have a ice box that will fit under the Microwave, next is the wiring getting it all in order.

The front window open. I need to hook up the drain pipe from the sink, the door you see on the right is the Toilet and Shower. You need to remember this caravan is 31yr's old. I am going to buy a small table. There is still a bit of painting to be done under the air conditioner.

The are saying it will rain next Sunday and Monday let's hope they are right our rain water tank is under 400lt's right now. At this stage we will be leaving White Cliffs for the summer on the Monday 30th October.

Over 30c today, and hotter tomorrow.

Hope you like the caravan and what we have done so far.

Have a good day.



October 3rd Tuesday 2017

I worked in the caravan all day today the temperature at home hit 31c in the shade so I closed up the caravan and turned on the air conditioner it dropped the temperature down to 22c so I inside all day 90% of the time I was painting not a job I love.

A bit of good news I rang John in Melbourne Hospital and talked with John the first time in over two month that a long time to stay asleep it a long road ahead but today was a big step in the right direction.

The girls in Albury made a trip to Holbrook North of Albury today having lunch at the HMAS Otway Susan and Kylie sent me some pictures for Three Dots today.

HMAS Otway structure the skipper was Commander Norman D Holbrook VC RAN.

Joyce standing on top of the Otway today in Holbrook.

Joyce and Susan sitting on the rear end of a Submarine today, Joyce is off school and Susan is off work.

I am still at war with the wild life trouble is they are winning the war.

Dianne trying to eat a meal over on the South East Coast of NSW, and she has some friends saying give me, give me a bite. Good fun living with the wildlife.

Back painting tomorrow, we are getting there.




October 2nd Monday 2017

Daylight and today we woke up an hour later than normal, glad I did not have to go to work at a set time, the normal get out of bed time did not happen.

Worked on the caravan painting the kitchen inside, some more painting tomorrow morning it started to get hot just after lunch with a top of 26c in the shade.

I am trying to keep our two year old Jacaranda Tree alive, the wild life is giving all the trees a really hard time they are eating everything they can reach.

Last year sometime I made a soft wooden box to store all my hose fitting in, all the hose fittings are on the ground and the wooden box missing, I guess it has been eaten. It was on a shelf about 5ft high, I should have mad it 7ft high.

In the last two days the White Cedar has come out with green leaf and small flower as you can see in the picture above. Note the blue sky we never seen a cloud today just 100% blue sky.

Adrian and Dianne are over on the east coast for a few days, the family is looking after the house.

Did a trip to the tip today we sure need some water on the roads they are now a 100% rock and hard to drive on.


That's it hope we get some news about John in Melbourne Hospital soon.




October 1st Sunday 2017

Here at last Three Dots almost did not happen tonight we had no working Internet in town then right on 7:30pm it came back on so here we go.

They said it was International Coffee Day today so we did our bit going to the Underground Motel this morning with 12 other and had a cup of coffee, I got the picture above from the Internet...

We had a local come to the backdoor today all he/her wanted was a drink of water so I tipped some on the ground and it was drinking and eating weeds for about an hour. These lizards are built like a tank they try to push everything out of the way. The local kids pick them up but I gave it a ride on a shovel to the water.

A lot of wild life around today Kangaroos, Sheep, Goat, Emu and the Lizard a real wildlife day here at home all looking for water. Our rain water tank is down to 375lt's as at today.

Did some painting inside the caravan today, doing a bit each day.

I am really late tonight so that's it, have fun.