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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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February 28th Wednesday 2018

Today it was an easy trip from Junee to Bethanga Victoria we pulled up for coffee on the way then turned Bethanga via Thurgoona Supermarket. A warm day but an easy drive.

We were here the end of November but at two days we had to move due to heavy rain.

The blue dot is were we ar camped tonight in Bethanga at the Recreation Reserve near the Murray River and the Hume Dam.

The Post Office.

Picture of the Hume Dam taken from the Bethanga Lookout...

I take some new pictures tomorrow I have to go into Albury Wodonga sometime in the morning on business. Today was a big day packing up driving here then setting up again.

Bethanga has one new item a "Phone Cell" in December we had to drive up to the lookout to get a phone cell well the town three weeks ago got it's own phone cell on the hill, still has one problem and that is no television.

A powered site here cost $10 a night for two adults with water hook up.

Hello to Belinda in White Cliffs hope you had a great birthday. (I know 21 again....)

Susan has a new home in Yarrawonga and moves into it in two weeks.




February 27th Tuesday 2018

Our last day in Junee we went for lunch at the Junee Hotel a $10.00 it cheaper than going to a fast food shop.

There the board for today we both had a Open Steak Sandwich, $10 how good is that well we think it's cheap.

Out front of the pub looking across at the Railway Station a train going past on it's way to Melbourne.

Then it was back home to the caravan park where I started packing the car and pulling down the awning and putting it away. Tomorrow it's on the road again this time towards Albury Wodonga, we are thinking Bethanga near the Hume Weir tomorrow night.

Tomorrow the last day of the month, last day of summer and first day of Autumn.

Hello to Faye and John in Wangaratta.

(I have more packing to do so have a good day.)



February 26th Monday 2018

We stayed around Junee today, and made two stops for coffee and a talk with locals.

Carol and Pauline talked every day in Junee we will meet up again soon.

Yep I am told how true this is we found it on the street in Junee.

Inside the first coffee shop "we already know this" haha.

Inside the Museum coffee shop this morning...

We were told to try the railway station coffee shop this afternoon, it was built in 1888.

Railway Station Cafe Junee...

The roof of the Railway Coffee Shop how good is this...

Looking towards Melbourne today from Junee railway station.

The other way, looking towards Sydney... (no train while we were there today)

We had a good day most of the time we were talking to the locals they all want to know what we do and where we come from.

The big caravan group we had over the weekend left today so the caravan park is back to normal tonight.

The ducks are in the lake the fish jump in the lake, Junee worth the stop.


Hello to Bill in Queensland thanks for the phone call this morning...

A new week and we hit the road on Wednesday this week towards Albury Wodonga...

Have fun...



February 25th Sunday 2018

Went to the Junee Hotel for lunch today $11 meal with a desert. You cannot cook the meal for that.

How this I took it last night looking out the back of the caravan over the lake behind the caravan park. May print and fame this for the wall at White Cliffs.

Seen this on a local wall, someone messed up trying to turn a train around.

In the caravan park this little truck tow's the biggest caravan in the caravan park note the "Tonka Truck" on the back a bit of fun but it looks like a tuff truck.

Carol was good today maybe Dr Peter in Melbourne was on the right track, thanks Peter an Joi.

Still have a few places to go tomorrow in town...

Hello Joyce are you keeping mummy under control.

We move out on Wednesday Morning towards Albury.




February 24th Saturday 2018

The other day I showed you the Broadway Museum in the main street today I went there Carol did not go today she sat it out at the caravan park.

The old town blacksmith shop it only works one weekend a year now.

For the lady's inside the Junee Broadway Museum..

Built to fit on a ship in Junee small and compact.

There's a lot of models of buildings that are no longer in Junee ...

No longer in Junee GMH Holden service station.

The Broadway Hotel where I was today in the old day (note the upstairs veranda)

Taken from the upstairs veranda of the Broadway Museum / Hotel not a bad picture.

The RSL Club across the road we have been there a number of time to eat and Carol played Bingo.

The local fire service at the Broadway Museum.

The Australian Service's there is a lot of reading so you need a bit of time.

The wedding room from the 1920s and 1930s

It's under glass but that is the Railway round house in Junee a lady built it and it took 7yr's.

A kitchen set in the year 1930 in a room by itself.

A 1920s outback "Wood Shed" Work shop it works one day a month.

And the best part of the day the Broadway Museum has a top coffee shop I go back to the shop and take Carol we have four nights in Junee we leave here on Wednesday the park here is full tonight.

Had a good day had a lucky number ticket today and won $20...

Have a good weekend and have a good day,

Hello to Miss Muffy in Albury...




February 23rd Friday 2018

We went for a drive today to Cootamundra 51km's from Junee the road is up and down hills quite a bit but quite good.

Cootamundra main street we went to a coffee shop for a drink this is outside.

It has a Woolworth's Supermarket and a IGA in the main street.

They park backwards, you have to wonder why they do that.

Nice building in the main street it is a bank these days...

Another nice building also a bank but nice building...

The Post Office a really nice building...

Carol found a friend in Cootamundra (bit of fun)...

It's really late we are back in Junee now about to have a late meal.

You all have a great weekend.

Have fun..




February 22nd Thursday 2018

The caravan park is full tonight they are turning people away we have a caravan next to us it be 4" from our right hand side, cannot say I like it. We have room on our left and that's where the door is so we are all good for a few night.

The Broadway Hotel now a Museum it will be open Fri, Sat and Sun so hope to go have a look every thing is open due to the big group in the caravan park. There be around 140 people in the park for the weekend all looking for some thing to do.

Tonight we are going out with a group to the local RSL for dinner.

So many people sell up and hit the road full time in a caravan we have people near us who lived on the Gold Coast they sold up two years ago and hit the road full time. Nothing wrong with it that's what they want to do, I was told you cannot live on the Gold Coast on a pension in your own home.

I read today over one million Australian live on the road full time one lady told us she been on the road 12yr's that's a long time.

We have a lot of friends who we call they live full time on the road, one lot are in South Australia another is near Ararat living beside the lake for last three months, I call them the hidden people.

Hope Carol ok tonight she been a bit off today.

We will leave here next Wednesday morning and head back towards Albury Wodonga...


They tell us there is some rain on the way, hope they get it in White Cliffs they are starting to need it.

You all have fun and a big hello to our friends in White Cliffs...




February 21st Wednesday 2018

Most of the news in Junee was here, right in the caravan a large group of campers almost filled the caravan park tonight.

May fit one caravan in the corner can you pickup on the reason the park so full.

There is one site next to us for a small van or motor home.

You must have worked it out by now 80% of the vans in the park tonight are "Evernew" they are all customers of the same maker in Melbourne, they taken time our to visit this part of NSW as a group.

Not Evernew but with the same group a full home on wheels.

The same van with the tow vehicle I am told $250,000 will get it for you. A lot of these big homes are three bedroom and are a full time home. The tow car is a 351 turbo V8 Ford motor.

What did we do today we went into town with the people camped next door Carol and Pauline went to Bingo at the RSL club while Ian and I went for a walk around town going shop to shop on foot, good fun.

I must say a big hello to Peter (in Melbourne) for all the information you sent on Vertigo for Carol I been reading it for the last two hours, thanks a lot Peter... For Carol it's still a problem but nothing like a month ago...

Susan good luck house hunting...

Have fun.




February 20th Tuesday 2018

We never went for our big drive today Carol was not at her best, we did take a local drive up in the hills you see Junee in in a valley hills on two sides.

"Loftus" is an old name for Junee and fine next to the Caravan Park "Loftus Oval" they have the Loftus Market in town. This is a private home with it's own home made railway station the train track is around their private home. (see the next picture)

The same home note the railway track around their yard, this town is full of train people. The train track is not open to the public.

Up the road from the private rail station a lookout over Junee it is in a low valley.

Another picture from the lookout at Junee it's a good size town.

Not a lot today we had a slack day in town, I am told tomorrow a Bingo day, we will see.

A big hello to Dianne and Adrian in Lavington they had a hard job today, well done...

Aub is back home from Hospital...

Have fun we will...




February 19th Monday 2018

A new week, and we are in Junee we plan to move out on the 28th February to somewhere. Just have to be in Albury Wodonga by the 5th March.

We went back to the Junee Hotel today (same as yesterday) they had a $10 meal on and it was a good meal today. As someone said it's cheaper than KFC $20 to feed two people.

The Junee motel at the top end of town at the main roundabout in town, as you can see it is a very neat town.

Looking across the road from the Junee Hotel that's the Railway Station. I said this is a railway town the local people go to the railway station around 12:30pm and sit on the platform to meet and watch the XPT train from Sydney heading to Melbourne "it sure a railway town"...

Tomorrow we are going for a drive out of town, not sure where yet may just do a big circle to somewhere and back home.

Aub is still in Hospital in Albury (get better soon old man)...

Had a number of people call us from White Cliffs this morning about the passing of a young lady from that big "C" so young it's not fair.

We have lost our top line nurse in White Cliffs the medical system is letting us down they want the staff to work 24hrs a day 7days a week the nurse that's leaving has had 4days off in 6mth's that's not on.

That's it for today you all have fun.

Will it rain soon... the trees need it...




February 18th Sunday 2018

A quite Sunday in Junee we had lunch at the "Junee Hotel" today nice meal $15 a head. We had a good meal and well worth the cost.

The rest of today is about Susan who is now working in Yarrawonga at the airport with "Red Baron" she is looking for a place to live in Yarrawonga. Yesterday Susan and Muffy made a trip down to look at home's and units. Susan is moving to Yarrawonga on her own Muffy staying where she is.

Carol and I lived in Yarrawonga for three plus years, Lake Mulwala is a big part of the town.

The Cumberoona was once in Albury it is now in Yarrawonga on Lake Mulwala.

Nice picture Susan wide shot of the lake.

Looking across to Mulwala on the New South Wales side of the river you have to cross that old bridge I never liked it. Mulwala a nice place to visit has a great coffee shop.

The best place to swim in the lake "The Pool" on Yarrawonga Side great in summer.

Thanks for the pictures it safe in the pool away from the boats a nice place...

The railway yesterday was a big hit we recorded 40 hits on the 3Dots website the biggest in a long time, a number of people asked about Junee, thanks for the feed back...

The caravan park has a lot of people in it tonight.

Hello for the day has to go to Susan and Muffy thanks for the pictures.

Another week, we leave here on the 28th and head towards Albury then a slow trip back to White Cliffs and home end of March...




February 17th Saturday 2018

As I have said before Junee is a train town, you just have to go to the Newsagency it's full of train book to read. And the place to visit is the "Round House" in Junee, why call it a round house.

I went onto Google today to get a picture of the Junee Round House Museum from space and there it is above and it's big inside filled with trains. the train comes in the top onto the turn table and they turn a half turn and the train go's out facing the other way. The round House can file away 42 trains inside the Round House.

Here the turn table inside the round house, it works like a filing system.

Two 48 class trains own by Grain Corp.

This show's you how they file trains away. Some trains are on display and open to the public others are here for a service or for repairs.

A 48 class here for a rebuild and a paint.

An old 24 class steam engine built around 1875 this is an old engine they were still running in Australia till the mid 1960's...

Inside the steam engine today..

The old 24 class from the rear.

A bit older and now out of date 46 class.

The 48 class has been rebuilt and is in full working order.

Over the years I seen a lot of 86 class on the railway line.

It was hard today I took around 80 pictures what do I put on 3Dots.

Great HO Scale train set inside and 100s of pictures.

Our family lived at 621 Parkinson Street Albury right beside the railway line, the boys in the family shared a room at the back about 5m from the train track. A big loss as a kid I use to write down all the train numbers as they went past home. I lost the book in 1995 in a house fire at Thurgoona Albury.

Hello today has to go to Doug our greatest train buff, yep your a train buff. Next time you run your mini train send us a new picture.

Hope you all have a good weekend..



February 16th Friday 2018

Late tonight we had no power at the caravan park it just came on one minute ago, we went to Wagga Wagga today went shopping and came home...

The picture tells the story we went to Wagga Wagga.

Church in Wagga Wagga 130yr's old and still looks good.

Shop in the main street of Wagga Wagga still going...

Called the International Motel Wagga, that's a nice building...


Aub still in Hospital in Albury...

Hello Peter and Joi, I am working on our Family Tree feeding it all into the computer.


Sorry to be so late, but that's life and best part is the weekend is here...




February 15th Thursday 2018

What's the blue tank ??? I been asked...

Same picture as yesterday, (no name) asked me what is the blue tank a water tank, well close. All new caravan's have toilets and most good caravan parks have "Blue Dump Points" to empty your toilet. About two years ago I built a toilet / shower into our caravan.

Looking across the lake towards the caravan park. I am told there are a lot of fish in the lake put there by council.

All these fish are in the lake and it's not that big.

Next to the lake you will find a new outdoor gym. (White Cliffs maybe)...

Did I try it, not yet I think about it...

Great stuff I thinking White Cliffs maybe worth showing a few people.

Round House to CLOSED.

I read this the other day Wednesday to Friday well it means Wednesday and Friday so I go over the weekend.

That stuffed up my day so I went to plan "B" the coffee shop, well they make a good coffee.

Tomorrow plan is a trip to Wagga Wagga for a bit of shopping and a look around. Junee to Wagga is a 40km trip each way.

Aub is in Albury Hospital, Adrian seen him today and said he looks a lot better today. That's good news, Aub is our oldest brother and a great bloke.

Hello to Bill in Queensland have a good day up there in the Sun Shine...

Wagga tomorrow, try take a few pictures...




February 14th Wednesday 2018

Junee, NSW
Historic and important railway town on the South West Slopes of New South Wales
Junee is a railway town. Its premier attraction is the huge Junee Railway Roundhouse & Museum and the railway station dominates the centre of town. Today the railway is still important but not in the way it was when the railway was essential to the town's economy. Junee has a charming old-fashioned ambience produced by its wide verandas, lamp posts, veranda posts, hitching rings, old-style buildings and elegant streets. Today the decline of the railway has left it as a remnant of the 1870s although the surrounding South West Slopes are a rich and productive agricultural heartland producing canola, wheat, oats, barley, wool, fat lambs with boutique vineyards, olive groves and deer farms being important.

Junee is located 440 km south-west of Sydney via the Hume Motorway and Gundagai; 478 km via Bathurst and Cowra; and 41 km north-east of Wagga Wagga. It is 320 metres above sea-level.

Origin of Name
It is widely accepted that Junee is a Wiradjuri Aboriginal word meaning "speak to me". It was originally spelt Jewnee which was the name of a pastoral run established in the district in the 1840s.

The caravan park filled up today a lot of people said just to much wind to pull a caravan on the road.

We have a great spot we get shade around 11am with trees around us the Mercedes Benz has it's own tree.

We went to the RSL club for lunch "all you can eat" $11.00 a head that's cheaper than a meal at McDonald's in Wagga Wagga.

The rest of the day was strong wind up to 60kph in Junee from the west...

The park is quite packed last night and tonight.

I feel Coolamon is a better park it is near new but no trees to keep cool.

I hope to visit tomorrow "The Round House" but more on that tomorrow.

Hello to Glenda in Wodonga...

Hear Peter is back at work in Melbourne.

Susan is looking for a place to live in Yarrawonga Mulwala area, if you can help send us an email.

The round house tomorrow I hope it's open.




February 13th Tuesday 2018

Junee, we had a quite day went to the Chemist and the Supermarket then back home to the caravan. A few new people moved into the park today one almost parked on top of us, they only here for the night.

Seen this on Instagram today this is something I do at White Cliffs HaHa...

Thanks for the comments on Junee last night it was good to get some feed back.

A local road, fuel here UL and Diesel $1.399

The local IGA Supermarket...

Taken last night at Sunset sitting out side the caravan... We are site 15...

Here one for the train buffs that grey diesel train says on the side "Independent Rail", (That's a new one on me) The green one I am not sure.

I wonder what it cost to buy a train (no I am not going to) just asking. There is a heap in Broken Hill they melt them down in Broken Hill.

A lot of you know this but as a kid I lived on the railway line (well about 15m from it in Albury) I had a book and I used to write down all the train numbers in the book even Steam Trains. When the home burned in Thurgoona 1995 I lost the book...

We are told that we will have strong wind tomorrow 35kph that's what we get in White Cliffs most day.


Hello to Adrian and Dianne in Albury...

I am told Muffy is back home, in Albury. Muffy becoming a train buffs she up and down on the train to Joi and Peter in Melbourne, hope your feeling better Peter...




February 12th Monday 2018

A better day in Junee, much cooler than it has been, we sat around most of the day outside I seen a number of people fishing in the lake behind our caravan, in four days I have seen two fish pulled from the lake.

This is up inside the local IGA Supermarket, just about everywhere you go you see a sign like this "Lost Drone". I see a lot of people flying Drones and some of them cost a lot of money $80 up to $2000 that's a lot of money to fly away and not come back.

Over the back pulled up at the Railway Station is the XPT Sydney to Melbourne.

There's a lot of rail in Junee just sitting here is around $6,000,000 I am going to go have a look at all the old trains in Junee.

The main road and it's great gardens with the local RSL Club in the background.

Any town would be happy to have this in the main street.

A bit more of the Junee main street.

It was a better day today, you could sit around outside.

Hear from Kylie Peter has a few days off work and Muffy will return home to Albury soon.


Scott has been busy this year which is good to see.

Tomorrow another day, in Junee....




February 11th Sunday 2018

Having a good day but a minute ago I stuffed up big time, the pictures I took today I deleted in error "O no" yep I stuffed up and deleted them.

Last night we had a big wind storm, the old caravan did well the van next door not so well. Have a look at a 42sec video I took lst night. CLICK HERE

So today it was all about food, first stop was the Licorice Factory in Junee they have a small market then inside for a coffee, you can walk around the factory today but they do not work on a sunday.

We then went for a drive around town and found a few new parks and building then it was off to the RSL club in town for lunch and a cold drink.

I had to was the car again as last night it rained mud, it's all clean again next back home John and Gloria who are camped next to us came over for cake and coffee.

Sorry about today's pictures first time I have done that...

Thanks for all the emails of late.

Peter is back home from hospital in Melbourne....

More tomorrow... (I try get it right)




February 10th Saturday 2018

Susan in Albury went to the gardens and sent us some pictures via email.

Albury Gardens gee they look good one of the best gardens you see.

So green for this time of year when we are next in Albury I am going back and have another look.

Back in Junee we found the other side of the town across the railway line. This picture is the Junee railway station it looks good.

Just outside the railway station a big railway building and shop.

Outside the railway station I just turned around and this great old Hotel.

Looking across the railway line in Junee.

The railway side, there's also a Newsagency, Chemist, Banks and many more shop. Junee has two main street, I guess this side is the main street as it has the Post Office.

Nice gardens on this side of the railway line.

Jane a young lady in White Cliffs sent us this picture taken in White Cliffs at Sunrise this morning Jane trained everyday for cross country running...


I found a car wash in Junee so we have a clean Mercedes Benz again, maybe tomorrow I clean it inside.


We are told there is a market on tomorrow at the "Licorice Factory" here in town.


Have fun....




February 9th Friday 2018

Well Friday night and the start of the weekend, Leeton started the day very hot then mid afternoon it cooled down which was very nice I hear Peter getting better in Melbourne Hospital and there is talk that he be home soon.

Went down the main street today, well was it the main street more on that later.

Clock tower in the main street of town, guess you know what time I took this picture.

The main street is a divided road with some very nice gardens in the center. One day I will take the camera over to the center of the road.

In the past this would have been one big shop, today it is about 12 smaller shops.

You have to like the garden in the center of town, well I like it.

Are we in the main street?, I crossed the railway line in town on my way back to the caravan park, and I found another main street chemist, newsagency, banks, pubs outside the railway station... Have to take the camera along tomorrow and have a second look.

It's Friday and a weekend of fun we hope.



February 8th Thursday 2018

We are in Junee we packed up and drove 40km's to Junee then did a full setup it is not hard, only made hard by the 39c temperature today. We went out for lunch at the Junee RSL Club, great food as much as you can eat $11.00 per head.

The ship HMAS Junee 1945 at the RSL Club.

Our camp today, tree's and a lake and it has fish in it. The best is shade.

Our camp in full setup awning up, kitchen area, chairs and tables nice lawn.

On the road from Coolamon to Junee to about 10km's of road works and a water turning dust into mud so tomorrow I have to wash the car and caravan.

The sun was on the caravan till around 1am then it was total shade all afternoon.

Tomorrow we will have a look around town and go find a coffee shop that's where we meet the locals.


I hear Peter is have treatment in Melbourne Hospital.

Also had some calls today from Broken Hill and White Cliffs.




February 7th Wednesday 2018

(I fixed all the bad spelling "I think")


What does Coolamon mean:

A coolamon is an Indigenous Australian carrying vessel.

It is a multi-purpose shallow vessel, or dish with curved sides, ranging in length from 30–70 cm, and similar in shape to a canoe.

Coolamon's were traditionally used by Aboriginal women to carry water, fruits, nuts, as well as to cradle babies. Today when women gather bush tucker, they usually use a billy can, bucket or flour tin. Coolamon's were carried on the head when travelling any distance, or under the arm if used as a cradle. If carried on the head, a ring pad (akartne in Arrernte) was placed on the head, made out of possum and/or human hair string, twisted grass, or feathers.

This helped to cushion and support the carriage of the coolamon; the same purpose as those used by women in India and Africa to carry vessels on their heads. The Pintupi of the Western Desert would attach a double strand of plaited rope (ngalyibi) made of hair or plant fibre to sling the coolamon over their shoulders. They also wore smaller coolamons as hats, with the twine around the chin.

Coolamons were used for winnowing grains in the traditional bread-making process, as well as a general heating and cooking vessel. They could even be used as an umbrella.


It was just to hot to go anywhere today 37c and they say hotter tomorrow, with no shade it is time to move, so tomorrow we are off to Junee NSW to the caravan park, I was told today it is the best caravan park in Australia I say lets wait and see.

Junee is a train town town I am looking forward to that.

I see Space X sent a car in space today and it is heading to Mars... and it is costing $100,000,000 wow I hope we put people on Mars in my life time.

You all have a good day tomorrow it's on the road again (40km's) to Leeton.

White Cliffs is looking for a new nurse our head nurse is moving on after 9mth's that say I like her she always did the right thing.

Hello to Kylie and Troy in Thurgoona. Susan has a full time job in Yarrawonga VIC with Red Baron they see Aircraft Parts around the World.

Next Junee.




February 6th Tuesday 2018

Went for a drive into Wagga Wagga today 42km's from Coolamon it's not a bad city Wagga just needs to fit a big air cooler in the main street, gee it's hot in town went into the Coles, Kmart center then out to Spotlight for a look they are building a new A-Mart center there that's going to be a really big place.

As I said it's 42km's to Wagga from Coolamon.

The main street of Wagga Wagga it has a long Main Street even seen Myer in the main street.

There are some nice gardens in Wagga all we did today was drive around in the car.

We have two more nights in Coolamon Tuesday and Wednesday night then our weeks will be up so we are looking at going 45km's to Junee we are told they have shade there. It's to hot here sitting in the sun.

Had no news on Peter and Joi, Peter in a Melbourne in Hospital but no news...

Looking forward to Junee later in the week.




February 5th Monday 2018

From the Royal Flying Doctor Service

The challenges of living and working in the bush are wide-ranging, and new problems can present themselves from week to week, season to season and year to year. Rural Australians are used to hearing words like "resilient" or "determined" to describe how they deal with these challenges. But sometimes, a series of ongoing hurdles can make it difficult to get back on your horse, and it's easy to feel like the wheels have fallen off your wagon.
Feeling sad or stressed is is understandable in these circumstances, but too much of either, or both, can have a negative impact on your mental and physical health, and the health of those around you.

When added to geographical and social isolation; lack of support due to family and friends being too far away to help; and little or no access to mental health services, problems can quickly escalate.
It's all too easy when discussing mental health in rural areas to focus on suicide rates and alarming statistics, when mental health and well being is about so much more. It's about recognising that sad is normal; stress is normal; finding life tough is normal. But too much can affect you in many physical and psychological ways, from trouble sleeping, to feeling anxious, to depressive thoughts. That's where the Drought Well being Service helps.
Our free Drought Well being Service has a team of Mental Health Clinicians and Community Engagement Coordinators operating across drought-declared parts of North West, Central West and South West Queensland. We also operate in areas around Cairns and Hinterland, Townsville, Wide Bay and the Darling Downs.
Mental Health Promotion is an important part of the service, with our team travelling across the state during the past 12 months to provide talks, presentations, and training to Shire’s, forums and organisations. DWS have organised Pit stop Health Checks and Health Information Stalls at numerous cattle stations and events across the regions, and are always keen to hear from rural and remote communities which might benefit from their workshops and events.

The old days picture sent to Three Dots by Bernie in Howlong, It's the old day before it was stuffed up.

Had a talk to Doug in Queensland tonight so a big Hello to Doug and Bernie tonight.

Life goes on...




February 4th Sunday 2018

Sorry I am late tonight Carol not good so I was on cooking duty, did the washing this morning. I hear Peter is in Hospital in Melbourne. Muffy stayed in Melbourne to help Joi out, Peter keep us up to date...

This is near the perfect park it only has one problem "No Trees" well lots of small trees and not many people, that's the police station across the road in the back ground.

I never take pictures in the shower block, but how good is this and they clean it three times a day.

Like the town the park is so clean.

Our camp we cannot put up the awning due to strong wind at night, across the road the local fire station.

And just open in the last few days, laundry new clothes line and a new washing machine, as you can see a dump point, new fence put up on friday. This camp is run by the Coolamon Shire Council.

A Community Garden right next door to the caravan park and if you look in the background a full size swimming pool. If you are staying at the caravan park it cost a $1 to use the public pool.

Due to the heat at the end of next week we will have to move a pity I like it here there is just no shade till the trees grow. And it cost $20 night with power and water hook up.

I am late so I get this up on the net.




February 3rd Saturday 2018

We went up to the main street for coffee at a second bakery in the main street, very nice...

Moon rises at Mooloolaba thanks, Bill that's one thing we missed this year Salt Water...

All pictures taken in the main street of Coolamon this morning. Most shops were open this morning.

A lot of second hand shops in the main street

We went across the road to Coolamon Cheese it's a big shop maybe a meal early next week.

As you can see a very tidy town it is a spotless town of 2,500 people.

Reading the White Cliffs Story on the ABC website yesterday was really hard on the people who who live there. Only time will tell in the end.

There's a lot of bad talk in White Cliffs, that's not good.

I know Muffy coming home to Albury this weekend just not sure witch day.

Where to now for this year Carol is very up and down we will try work it out next week.


It's getting hot here (this only problem in the caravan park ) no big trees...

Have a good weekend..




February 2nd Friday 2018

Today it's all about White Cliffs and do we have a home... Click Here

Click to read the story it say a lot more than I can...

Have a good weekend



February 1st Thursday 2018

Tonight we are in Coolamon New South Wales at the Caravan Park what a nice park but more on that later in the week. It's hard to find somewhere we have not been we drove into the caravan park and we both said we have been here before.

Coolamon main street today.

All the shops are old in fact I say around 100yr's old.

Park and Newsagent in the main street.

The first thing you notice is how clean it is the town is clean.

We spent most of the day setting up camp we have power and we have water and it cost $140 a week.

Like what I have seen so far.

Susan is working in Yarrawonga, really good news.


Will have a drive around tomorrow some time.

Carol a long way from perfect and was happy to sleep a good part of today.


Have fun...