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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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January 31st Wednesday 2018

Carol seen the doctor this morning all the test are good You have Vertigo here a copy of all your test for your own doctor in Broken Hill there's nothing we can do, good bi...

Tomorrow we are going to hook up the caravan and head off to Coolamon up near Wagga Wagga we have already booked the caravan park.

We had lunch today at the lake in Wodonga near the gardens.

It is a nice park and very well kept by the Wodonga Council.

The kids her went back to school today, NSW went back yesterday...

Here one for you a can of Pepsi Max in a normal refrigerator on the the top shelf under the ice box, 6yr old Chase picked up the now frozen can and bang it went of like a sky rocket hitting him in the face. Think he will have a black eye tomorrow. He going out right now for a checkup.

Tomorrow it's on the road again and we will ring Broken HIll and ask for advice...


Tomorrow it's On The Road Again...




January 30th Tuesday 2018

Rain, and more rain today, thank goodness it was 21 to 24c most of the day. It may rain in White Cliffs tonight then again it may not rain.

Had a number one hair cut today up in North Albury, so not much hair tonight. My first number one, reason I have almost no hair left, ha haha.

Just near Damon and Carmen place in Wodonga you will find Biralle Park shopping plaza... It is a lot better than it use to be has a few empty shops but what's there is quite good..

Just a place to sit and do nothing Willow Park Wodonga.

Willow Park from the car the rain just started again. It's a quite place to sit on a week day very busy at the weekend.

Carol seeing the doctor tomorrow morning and we will work it out from there what happens, she sill up and down a bit...

We may move off on Thursday just have to wait and see. Hello to Muffy in Melbourne she have a break in Melbourne staying with Peter and Joi.

Joyce, went back to school today for 2018 a new teacher and a new class room. Here Tahlia and Chase go back to school tomorrow morning.


Let's see what happens tomorrow...




January 29th Monday 2018

Happy Birthday dear daughter, yes it is Kylie Birthday today, Happy Birthday Big Bird..

We just went for a drive around town today all in Wodonga, the coolest place was Wodonga Plaza shopping plaza. A lot of the shops in the Wodonga Plaza are closing down you have to sit and wonder what will happen to the plaza.

You don't see a boom cain in Wodonga much they lift around 90 tons it is setup on top of Uncle Bens in Wodonga they are adding to Uncle Bens.

This is South Street looking towards High St Wodonga the main street is closed from the old railway line to blocks towards Albury... If you had a shop here then just go home the Wodonga Council don't care much about their shop keepers.

Hard to see in the picture the south end of Melrose Drive Wodonga the road is so hot the tar is melting you need to drive on the inside lane.

I had 37c outside the car today but we are told it will cool down tomorrow.

Carol will see the doctor Wednesday and we will work it out from there.


Hello to Sue and David in Gippsland, keep cool...


Peter said he dropped in to say hello to Bill at the auto shop in Queensland and found it was Bill's day off... Two Three Dots readers...




January 28th Sunday 2018

I will not say the word hot, we all know that. And it will be the same tomorrow the weather man is saying cooling down Wednesday.

Bill in Queensland sent Three Dots a picture taken at the Maroochy River Golf Club, thanks carving that would take a lot of work...

Bill did you play golf or just enjoy the food.

We stayed home today just to hot it was even hot under the air conditioner today.

I been asked by a number of people about Carol, the answer is not good much the same see the doctor on Wednesday next, and work it out from there.

See some people overseas are sending emails saying they can buy on ebay cheaper if you let them buy for you on Australian ebay, they are asking for your user name and password... NO NO it's a scam if they have your password they buy what they like with your money... Never give out your password to anyone.

Just another scam...


Seen we stayed home today that's it for today, have fun and Bill thanks for the picture.




January 27th Saturday 2018

Another hot day in Albury Wodonga today, We went out with Carol side of the family at Elgin Hotel in Wodonga today for lunch.

Elgin Hotel in Wodonga and it is priced on a par as the take away food shop.

We had tea tonight sitting by the Murray River, Nouriel Park in Albury the Murray River and that is the main river crossing in the picture.

How good is this right on the river.

Have a look at the cars and there is a heap behind me.

We sat here and had lunch just a great spot...

We had a good day, Carol was good all day then tonight inside the Pizza Shop she had a really bad turn (maybe the heat in the Pizza Shop) just trying to work out why she gets sick??...

I think next Wednesday it gets cooler.

Hello to all the people in Queensland...

Hello to our friends Brenda and Peter staying in Terang in Victoria...




January 26th Friday 2018

Australia Day, Yes it is Australia our old Australia call it what you like it is Australia Day and I love this country the big awards in White Cliffs Citizen of the year went to Jane Stevenson and Mal Burns, great stuff I agree 100% they are both hard working people.

John my brother who passed away on the 18th October 2017, to the family he was a "missing person" we were not told anything, he had no service and the family was not told date, time, or where his place of burial.

Well today Kylie and I searched and found John that took all day, we found him at the Albury Cemeteries and Crematoria. He is around a 100m from the crematorium locations 14 Section 14 Bush walk 1 Lot 40 it is marked with a yellow plastic stick "Duncombe" if you wish to look there are a large number of gum trees.

There is now nothing left to find and for me it's the end of a family nightmare.

Sorry about Three Dots tonight I try get back on track tomorrow...



January 25th Thursday 2018

Here we go Australia Day tomorrow and we are looking forward to it. As for today we did not do a lot it was just to hot but not as bad as other days.

I got an email today saying it was from Pay pal, it is not from Pay pal it is a good scam to rob you of your money delete it. If you did use it go to your Pay pay account right away and change your password. And hope you got there before they did.

Went to the new Woolworth's today for some food.

Taken from the front door of Woolworth's looking out towards High Street.

New Quest Hotel in Wodonga (from the net) love to see inside the place.

Tomorrow is Australia Day it has nothing to do with Captain Cook from my point of view it all about our land "Australia"

Sorry we are late tonight.

Tomorrow is our day Australia Day.




January 24th Wednesday 2018

Today in Wodonga was all about Carol we seen the doctor's and had a lot of test she had a heap of tests and we will return next Wednesday for results. That took most of the day.

March 3, 2018  

Woodstock in White Cliffs

White Cliffs Sporting Club oval

5 Year old Kelly, from Nupunyah Station Tilpa was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2016. As a result of this Kelly’s parents, Mick Boyd and Bec Swarbick, have had to move to Adelaide with Kelly and their three other children Jodie, Blake and Amber for Kelly’s ongoing medical treatment.

As you can imagine this has come as a big blow to the family both emotionally and financially. As parents we cannot begin to comprehend the terror and uncertainty this hard working, loving family must be facing. We, Bec Lawson and Honor Taylor, are organising a Community Event In Support of Kelly to be held in White Cliffs. This event will take place at the White Cliffs Sporting Club Oval in March 2018. It will consist of 3 live bands, a huge Auction, raffles and much much more.

At this stage we are reaching out to potential sponsors for this event. If you are able to help us in any way, whether it be a monetary donation, or an item to be auctioned at the event, it would be much appreciated.

Please contact
Bec 0427758852 or 
Honor 0414935803 at your earliest convenience.

As you can appreciate these events take many hours to organise and the sooner we can set things in concrete the better. This little Girl is an absolute Champion.

The town of White Cliffs is putting on "Woodstock in White Cliffs" Kelly is well know in White Cliffs.

Have a look at the White Cliffs Website Click Here.

I go for a drive tomorrow and take some pictures around Albury Wodonga, for "Three Dots" the kids go back to school next week.

The nursing staff in White Cliffs have been talking and checking on Carol every day so a big Hello to you girls and try keep cool in town.

Have a good day and keep cool.




January 23rd Tuesday 2018
Happy birthday Aub, 88yr's today Our oldest brother Aub turned 88yr's today. great effort old man, your doing well.

We are in Wodonga tonight we got up at 6am and it was still dark in Bendigo so we packed inside the caravan and the sun came up at 6:30am we hit the road at 7am...

I took some pictures at Murchison on the way.

Murchison main street it was a small town but a very hot day.

Goulburn River look how far it is to the water now look at the flood markers some over 12m that is a unreal amount of water that be 1000s lt's per second.

Carol was a bit off at times but said keep going to Wodonga she will a doctor in Wodonga tomorrow morning. Tonight we are at Carmen and Damon place in Wodonga.

The caravan is out at Adrian and Dianne place in Lavington, gee it's hot here I may have to go visit Troy and Kylie for a swim.

Today it was Bendigo to Albury Wodonga ....

Is it Bill birthday, just not sure....

Hello to Susan in East Albury.




January 22nd Monday 2018

Ararat to Bendigo we left at 7:15am and drove to Bendigo City is a nice city to visit a good city to visit.

From the net.

Right in the main street of town.

The Bendigo Bank building in the CBD of Bendigo.

You can take the tram around Bendigo it's a tourist tram does a big loop around town.

The tourist information centre in Bendigo when we got into town today.

There are some wonderful buildings in town really nice to look at.

Carol was not good the trip did not agree with her today, she is feeling better tonight.


We will have a talk about what we do tomorrow.


You all have a good day and try find somewhere cool.




January 21st Sunday 2018

Our last day in Ararat we went to the RSL club for a meal at lunch time Carol was a lot better but that was short lived she became ill and we went back home to the caravan. It was just to hot, 36c in town at the time.

We move tomorrow and just have to see what happens it may take a day to get to Albury Wodonga.

I went a had a look at the Ararat Rail group next to the railway station I did not know what I fine maybe an old steam train. A 100yrs ago Ararat was the biggest rail station outside Melbourne.

It is all part of years in the 50s and the 1960s

The old red rail carriage door locks, keys, watch all part of the past a heap to read on the walls. I seen a map of Albury Railway Station.

A HO Scale train set, and it was a big setup.

The same train set, a train buff could play here for hours all the walls are covered with railway pictures and models of the old day. No steam train, but I did read a heap of old paper cuttings on the wall.

If your here in Ararat you can find the display right next to the rail station.

Tomorrow it be up at 6am and hit the road by 7 we are planning a slow trip to somewhere near Bendigo.


Hello to Faye and John in Wangaratta.




January 20th Saturday 2018

A much cooler day in Ararat today 33c, 10c below yesterday heat. We stayed around the caravan to give Carol time to get better. I walk around the caravan park with the camera late today.

I did wash the car today, this is our setup here in Ararat.

I seen this today this is what our caravan looked like six years ago a 1986 Viscount.

Our caravan today from the back we camped in a great spot next to the swimming pool yes I had a swim yesterday the brick building is the park toilet shower block. We will return to this park.

As you walk around the caravan you see a new trend people are using mini buses and towing a car on a trailer or a "A Bar" ..

Another mini bus setup as a home I am told it's cheaper and bigger than a motor home the same age.

A BBQ area you have wood and gas BBQ to pick from interesting design.

The cabin area in the caravan park they seem to be full most nights.

Small kids playground and the camp kitchen where we all meet...

As I said we will return to this park, very nice people run the park. Tomorrow we are going to pack up the caravan and head towards Bendigo area early Monday. If Carol gets sick (hope not) we will pull over at the next town and set up the caravan.

Tomorrow they have a open day at the Ararat Train Park, I like the old trains and will go along for a look around the park.

Carol a bit better today so it's looking good to move on Monday early and try beat the heat...

Hello to Adrian and Dianne in Albury, don't work to hard...




January 19th Friday 2018

This was our day in Ararat.

End of the week and I went to Gum Sam it was all about Chinese in Australia and it was great, Carol was not well enough to attend this afternoon.

Gum San Ararat Victoria.

Chinese in Ararat they were a big part of early Ararat

Gun San

Part of inside Gun San today...

Chinese kitchen display at Gum San

There is so much to read as you walk around it takes about two hours.

You can sit down and try your hand at Calligraphy.

The roof is a story all by itself. Make sure you see the movie's as you walk around.

Ararat Gum Sam make sure you have a look one day.


I am late tonight so you all have a good weekend.




January 18th Thursday 2018

Ararat is a city in south-west Victoria, Australia, about 198 kilometres west of Melbourne, on the Western Highway on the eastern slopes of the Ararat Hills and Cemetery Creek valley between Victoria's Western District and the Wimmera. Its urban population according to 2016 census is 8,297 and services the region of 11,752 residents across the Rural City's boundaries.

It is the largest settlement in the Rural City of Ararat local government area and is the administrative centre.

The discovery of gold in 1857 during the Victorian gold rush transformed it into a boomtown which continued to prosper until the turn of the 20th century, after which it has steadily declined in population. It was proclaimed as a city on 24 May 1950. After a decline in population over the 1980s and 90s, there has been a small but steady increase in the population and it is the site of many existing and future, large infrastructure projects, including the Hopkins Correctional Facility development project.

It is named after Mount Ararat 10 kilometres south-west of the town which was named by Horatio Wills in 1841.

Each year they have a big "Ford of Old" display in the main street.

Ararat from the look out up the hill...

"Gun San" it's open tomorrow and I am looking forward to a visit tomorrow it's all about Chinese in Australia.

We had a really hot day in Ararat topping 40.0c late afternoon and it is still 33c in the caravan as I write Three Dots tonight.

Carol is still having Vertigo problems but looks better today and thank you for all the eMails of support for Carol. It is to hot to mover right now, we have booked in here and hope to move on Monday morning heading towards Wodonga. Just have to see how Carol is at the time.

I see that the temperature in White Cliffs will be above 40c everyday in the next week.




January 17th Wednesday 2018

We had a very quite day in Ararat today Carol was not good the morning but did feel better today, will see what happens tomorrow.

We had a hot 35c here at the caravan park today and they are saying 41c tomorrow... We have power and have the air conditioner going all day today.

Last night at the Caravan park here in Ararat they put on a movie night on for the kids in the park, mum's and dad's aw well.

A lot of people came to watch the movie.

Sent by the Flying Doctor Service it's a Queensland Crew in the outback 46c and the only shade is your own plane, note the green battery fan.... waiting for the doctor to return. Thanks people for the picture.

I had a big cleanup inside the caravan today the next two days are going to be hot...

That's about it from here for the day...

I may try out the caravan park pool tomorrow...

Hello to Chris in Gippsland hope you feel better soon..



January 16th Tuesday 2018

In Ararat today I went up the main street to do some shopping and visit the chemist shop in the main street.

It is a big main street what I mean by that it has a lot of shop. I hate parking meters $2 an hour in the main street it kills local business and drives people to the big shops with free car parks. Coles, Woolworth's and Aldi they all have free parking.

The main street of Ararat late today, it was about 32c in town today.

The Ararat Hotel across the road I was told it is a good place eat.

Looks like we will be here a while so I hope to find time and walk the street.

Carol was not good today her Vertigo came back big time early this morning I need to give the Mercedes Benz a good wash and polish it's had a hard time of late.

The caravan park where we are staying is always checking on Carol she having a lot of trouble walking. By the way with a senior card it cost $26 a night with power and water, but there's more you get four night for the price of three, you get on free night...

Hello to Susan and Muffy (I was asked who Muffy well that's me older sister.) The leader of the family...


Thanks everyone, you all have a good day.



January 15th Monday 2018

We are staying in Ararat for a few days and go from there. I went for a walk late today and took a few pictures on my phone.

Most of the bigger retail stores are in Ararat Coles, Woolworth's, Target and the others.

This is one of the back street's in town.

This is one street off the main street in Ararat, it has a good road system they are quite wide and a lot of room.

Looking across the road one of the town local clubs.

Our camp site here in Ararat it's not a bad park.Very clean and friendly.

Have not had much time to look around town yet, the only problem in the caravan is the railway line if you look behind the Mercedes Benz you will see the railway line. No problem for me I was born on Parkinson St Albury the train ran past ten times a day everyday.

Time goes on, hello to Peter and Joi in Melbourne ....

Tomorrow I go look around town.




January 14th Sunday 2018

After seeking medical advice in regard to Carol illness we decided to slowly return to White Cliffs leaving Colac after lunch today sunday. We packed the caravan hooked it up and left Colac stopping at Ararat tonight I have to see how Carol is in the morning, we maybe here a few day...

North of Colac (not a good picture) it not a good road from Colac to Ararat...

It's late Sunday not many around, some nice buildings.

What a nice building we will have a better look around tomorrow.

We still like the free camp at Colac, last night we had a heap of wind and a lot of rain in Colac.


Thanks for all the emails asking about Carol, thank you.


I think we will be here for three to four days...

Three Dots passed 27,000 hit in the last few day.



January 13th Saturday 2018

Three Dot, will not happen tonight Carol got sick I call the ambulance and she is in Colac Hospital. Called ambulance and had to wait some 70mins we are 8kms from town.

At the hospital writing this on my phone.

That's how life goes the up and downs.

We are 15c and a lot of rain today here at lake Colac well it's sure not hot sure want need the fan.

Had a question about where we stayed in Geelong, it was the Geelong Showgrounds and it was $25 a night, what was it like you asked, well I give it a 4/5 a nice camp. Problem and that is showers (1 shower in men's and 1 in ladies)  a good guess 150 people and one shower each.

Toilets are fine, we used our own shower in our caravan.

Tonight at the Colac Free Camp there be forty caravans and motor home.

Sorry no pictures I make up for it.


Hello to Bill and family in Queensland.




January 12th Friday 2018

Rain all day no sun and no power tonight. We went to Apollo Bay..

All taken in Apollo Bay today


Fix it all up tomorrow


January 11th Thursday 2018

Colac, running on solar power, a hot day, around 33c in the shade, we went into town most of it at the RSL Club trying to keep cool. Not a bad club and we will return.

The main street of Colac looking towards Melbourne.

Looking the other way to the west today.

Coles just open a new store in Colac it a good looking store.

It looks good but it is only day one, it is a very bright looking shop.

A large number of Pelican on the water tonight, they are rounding up fish, well I think they are.

The Albury gang went fishing last night on the Kiewa River Susan (above) Kylie, Troy, Jack, Daniel, Nicola and Joyce.

Joyce was given a fishing rod for Christmas a pink one... You look the part Joyce....

It going to be hot again tomorrow and then they say it will cool down...

Still on Solar so that's it for today.


Have fun this year...




January 10th Wednesday 2018

Well we are here setting up came in Colac at the Free Camp out on Lake Colac, we drove over from Geelong around 75km's will have to see how we go on Solar Power... I am doing three dots early the plan is the sun will replace the power via the 80w Solar Cell before sunset.

Taken from the Caravan today, there is a lot of water in the lake.

A million dollar view...

And it's all free the only problem is "no power" we water, toilet and shower but we use our own toilet and shower in our caravan.

How long will we stay that's up to the weather if it get's really hot we will move on to a camp with power.


That's it for today time for a coffee.

Tomorrow we will have a look around the town of Colac...



January 9th Tuesday 2018

As a kid every year the family went to Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff for three week my dad, mum and family packed up and went south the same place the same site every year. Well to we went back and the tree we camped next to is still there.

Here the caravan park at Queenscliff the old shop burn down some years ago and been replaced by small take away shop.

Looking back towards the park.

Without question this is the best home in Queenscliff and it is for sale. All the building you see in the picture are part of the home you look over port phillip bay towards Melbourne...

From Point Lonsdale looking across the rip, that is Port Nepean on the other side. Off to the right of screen you head to Tasmania.

Point Lonsdale Jetty we fished off that jetty every Christmas for years.

Not a bad picture looking up towards the lighthouse from the rip car park.

Point Lonsdale lighthouse

One thing you do not see in the pictures is the wind we had today it was a good day trip we enjoyed it.


Back in time April 2015...

These were hard days building underground, tons of rock even more in cement but it's all finished.

This was taken in the same room (July 15), it's finished it is now our own bedroom.

Back to Wodonga Tahlia has her 6th Birthday with family ...

White Cliffs has a Music Festival, 2015...

The years roll on...

Tomorrow we head to a free camp with no power (solar power) at Colac...

Life always hard on Solar Power but I do my best to keep Three Dots on air, how long we stay is up to the weather.



January 8th Monday 2018
Hello to John in Wangaratta, Happy Birthday... In Geelong and today we had a visit from friends who live in White Cliffs.

Peter and Brenda here today we had Tea and Coffee and sat around all afternoon having a chat.

Late in the day the Geelong Hot Rod Club turned up for a meeting at the Showgrounds.

The club has around 60 hot rods..

The new Mustang and the old sit side by side.

It's a big group and added to our day...

Tomorrow we are off to Queenscliff, hope to have some good pictures tomorrow.


Wish you where all here.



January 7th Sunday 2018

Now in Geelong and we seen salt water for the first time, as Carol said we made it... See we go all year and never see salt water from one year to the next.

This was taken on the road today from Riddell to Geelong Carol took this with a full zoom on the camera phone a windmill not sure why it is there but it is there.

I left Riddell to and no local fuel station open all the way no fuel station to be seen till we got to Geelong. The Mercedes Benz has a 70lt fuel tank then it took 67.5lt's to fill the fuel tank on the edge of Geelong, a close call...

Our camp in Geelong tonight.

It is a very big camp here in Geelong.

Some of the longer van in the camp.

Taken from our caravan looking around the oval here in Geelong.

I went past the Geelong Football ground today (my team in the AFL) while we are here in the area I am going to have a look at Queens cliff and Point Lonsdale for many years they were where our family camped for three weeks every year.

Hard drive today with lack of petrol a lot of stress the car went fine and the caravan did not have a problem.

Getting late so that's it for today. By the way max here today we 21c it mad 45c in White Cliffs....




January 6th Saturday 2018 (Joyce Birthday)

We all know it was a shocking day, we stayed in the caravan with the air conditioner all day we went know where just watched the tennis on television we had 40c, White Cliffs 45c Albury 40c Wangaratta 41c Brisbane 28...

Joyce, picture sent by Susan Joyce turns 7yr's old today.

Joyce cools off standing in water...



Back in time 2016 February.

We met up with Doug on the NSW North coast..

Doug and Carol on the NSW coast

We had some wild weather while we camped.

Broom Head NSW north coast.

Carol at the butterfly park.

Well we move south in the Morning to Geelong Showgrounds for a few day, it's about 140km's south of here and our first look at salt water. We will see waves and salt water.

Joyce happy 7th birthday, have fun in the pool tonight and take care.


Geelong Tomorrow...



January 5th Friday 2018

A day that did not go to plan, we left Wangaratta heading for Seymour, we found the caravan park "What a dump and they said $35 a night" What a joke it was worth $5 a night... So we went west towards Romsey, then on to Riddell.

We are the blue dot at Riddell near Gisborne and Sunbury.

We had a near miss today we were heading towards Romsey pulling the caravan up a big hill my speed had dropped to around 75kph near the top of the hill a car pulled our from behind the caravan and passed us, over hill coming the other way two other cars. I pulled hard left all wheels off the road car and the caravan, the two cars coming the other way both went off the road. It was a near miss for all of us, all he/she had to do was wait 15sec...

My normal speed on the road with the caravan is 85 to 90kph ...

Back in Riddell main street (it was once called Riddell Creek)..

Main street...

Looking the other way in the main street, outside the Supermarket.

Setting up camp today was not easy in Riddell it's on a hill so we had to lift the front quite a bit to get the caravan level. By the way it cost $26.00 a night at Riddell with power.

I am late so that's it for tonight.

You all have fun and keep it cool tomorrow....




January 4th Thursday 2018

We sure had a hot day in Wangaratta, well I felt hot... Carol went out with her girl friends for morning tea I had a easy morning. Went and seen Scott and he did some work on my phone, it's all good now.

We lost a good friend in White Cliffs Uncle Dick passed away yesterday he was no one Uncle we just called him Uncle Dick he was around 85yr's old.

Tomorrow morning early we head south to Seymour we will stay two nights as Saturday they are saying will be 42c I feel that's to hot driving the car so we will sit still to Sunday Morning.



Who can remember 2016.... Here are a few pictures we took....

2016 it was Parkes and the Elvis Festival (Elvis was every where)

Parkes and the Elvis Festival.

Carol and Elvis at Elvis Central in Parkes.

This building well some of it was mine and built by Rivtec in Hay where I worked doing the design of this hospital in Denman in the Hunter Valley.

Like this picture taken in the Hunter Valley.

Most of us know Parkes, remember the movie The Dish made here in Parkes...

The Tamworth Music Festival and we found Peter, from White Cliffs singing on the street he a really nice person and we often have a meal with Peter on a Sunday night at the White Cliffs Sporting Club...

Tomorrow it be Seymour for two days (we have never camped at Seymour)


Hello to people in White Cliffs sad about Uncle Dick he was a good person...




January 3rd Wednesday 2018

I must say thank you to Damon and Carmen for having us Wilfred did a good job of looking after us the last few day, thanks guy... Now where we out to Adrian and Dianne place in Lavington and packed the caravan, hooked up and went to Wangaratta staying at the Caravan Park.

The caravan park in Wangaratta is packed with Caravans most a lot older than ours.

The swimming pool at the park looks to be well kept ...

The kids playground at the Wangaratta Caravan Park.

It's not a bad park it cost $31.50 night which is not bad this time of year...

Went to the Supermarket Aldi then back home to the park...


Back to July August 2015

Susan cam to White Cliffs the room was unpainted at this stage (Susan had her birthday and a few friends came by with a cake.

We took Susan to Broken Hill.

August 2015 a great red sunset looking to the west from home.

Target open in Broken Hill...

Back working in side that never ending kitchen...

Winter and it is 28c places down south -4c on the same day...

Time rolls on in the outback, but for now we are in Wangaratta seeing Family and Friends, then we move south on Friday... They are saying 42c next weekend that be a bit of a shock...

Hello to Damon and Carmen in Wodonga Thanks




January 2nd Tuesday 2018

Did not feel the best today, so we packed a few things in the car and made a trip to Adrian and the caravan and started to get it ready to mover South in the Morning.

Peter and Joi sent me a picture taken at Hastings below Melbourne to the South East, thanks love one of those boats.

Picture sent to us by the Royal Flying Doctor Service taken last night at Broken Hill Airport.


The year was 2015 below

Bendigo CBD area on the way south.

Bendigo Victoria then across Melbourne and up to the North.

Towards Melbourne we stayed at the Free Camp at Colac.

The camp at Colac

The Camp Free but no power I am doing the washing by hand.

Sunset at Lake Colac and all this for Free...

Across Victoria and on to Merimbula its always a good stop.

The Blue Dot is where we stayed. the year was 2015...

Back to 2018 and tomorrow Wednesday we move off to to Wangaratta, then head south the next few week towards Geelong Victoria, We have some places down that way I want to revisit.

A big hello to Adrian and Dianne and thanks for looking after the caravan for Carol and I...


More tomorrow from Wangaratta.




January 1st Monday 2018

A New year and "Three Dots" moves on I be 69yr's old this year but then when I think about it we will all be a year older.

This morning we went to see Muffy and Susan and pickup our tables and chair's that we left at their place Christmas Night. Wednesday morning we head South towards Wangaratta, Seymour then Geelong well that's the plan.

Sue sent me this picture mid 1914 the old VW

The winter of 2014 we looked after Sue and Tim's beautiful home in Wangaratta and the dogs Dusty and Katie, we became good friends and every christmas we call in to see our friends in Wangaratta.

And that was the end of the old Ford Transit Van, we gave up on the old van the cost of repairs was just to much and would have cost more than it was worth (some month's later we sold it for a $1000)

July 2014 we found the Mercedes Benz in Sydney that was 3 1/2yrs ago it's still going and has a hard like living in the outback.

Some old pictures we did a heap of work last year on this area. Picture above taken 2014...

2014 the old camera Jenny, Vicki and Carol and I at coffee.

Also the time we started building that outside kitchen we will finish it this year.

December 2014 / 2015 Edi free camp south of Wangaratta John and Faye came out for coffee, (Harvey the little white dog with Faye)...

Where up to 2015, in the last five years 60mth's we have been on the road 29mth's and love it two years ago we found a nice place call Terang in Victoria, this year 2018 we are going back for a month.

Some places you go and leave and other's you go and want to stay Terang was one of those places...


Hello to John and Faye in Wangaratta will come see you on the way past Wangaratta end of the week.


More tomorrow.