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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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March 31st Saturday 2018


Up early to try beat the heat I fix a water pipe that was dripping early this morning near the hot water service. Pipe now fixed and no drip and started the hot water service, it's LP Gas and I installed the 9kg gas bottle off the caravan. Mind you the cold water like having a hot shower the last three days we have had a cold shower and the water be over 30c.

The hot water service is now going, we need hot water to wash up.


5G coming, and there is talk it will be tested in White Cliffs, The race is on to roll out 5G for mobile users but let's get a few things straight — it's not like this technology will magically turn the phone in your pocket into a super-fast wireless wonder gadget overnight.

The nation's two largest telcos, Optus and Telstra, are leading the globe in 5G, announcing testing of their capabilities on big crowds at the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Queensland with plans to roll out the service to consumers in 2019.

The two telcos have talked up what a difference the technology will make for both individual consumers and big business but let's put the hype aside for a moment and figure out what it actually means for you right now.

Read More Click Here.


Actor and former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger undergoes heart surgery to replace a valve that was originally replaced 20 years ago, waking up with the words "I'm back" in a twist on his catchphrase.


What else, we went to the Underground Motel for morning tea, with 10 other people this morning, and we having a big morning tea at the motel tomorrow Sunday.

I let off a bomb in the tool shed to kill off any spiders or such like today it's just to hot to work in the sun, it was 32c in the shade and 43c in the sun today.

Walked outside this morning and had two baby kangaroos about a foot high on the landing did not have my camera with me at the time, they will return.

The underground home starting to cool down it was 29c when we returned after two nights it is down to 25c still to hot the target is 23c even 21c would be better.

Drive safe this Easter two trucks hit together near Broken Hill yesterday don't know the result, slow down. A drive was clocked at 253kph on the Broken Hill to Cobar road just crazy he came to a stop at a police road block.

I get the camera going tomorrow and take some pictures for "Three Dots"...


I am told Muffy is back home in Albury after staying at Joi and Peter place in Melbourne while Joi was sick.


A big Hello to Joi and Peter (sister hope you get better soon...




March 30th Friday 2018 (Good Friday)

The computer back inside the underground and setup in it little corner for the next 7mth's. I worked all day outside today cleaning up all the poo, a full wheel barrow load of poo I took it down the front and tossed it over the bank...

Another hot day but not to bad 31c in the shade tomorrow about the same they say. It was hotter today in Albury Wodonga than in Broken Hill...

Happy Easter from the RFDS Royal Flying Doctor Service... Great stuff people...


This year trip away I did some numbers...

We left on the 28th October 2017

Return home 28th March 2018

152 days or 5mth’s.

11410km’s in total.

1540lt’s of fuel

$2154.40 total fuel cost.

The numbers as they add up.

13.5lt's per 100km's

At an avg of $1.39.9 per lt (doug give me a run down)...

Happy Easter All....


There is no church service in White Cliffs this Easter, not good.


Coffee tomorrow.



March 29th Thursday 2018

Hot day we had 36c in the shade and 45c in the sun, we sure know we are back in White Cliffs, they say 34c tomorrow Good Friday... The hottest day in White Cliffs over summer was 52c that's hot.

Inside good but today we set out and gave it a big clean never touched outside that may happen over the weekend

The main driveway down the hill looking good it will take very little to fix it this year.

Our landing is nice and clean this year no weed and looks ok.

The big problem is the goat's have eaten our best tree we had a guard around it but they trashed it to the ground the tree is shooting again as you can see.

The hot sun has killed the tree on the left of this picture people tell me they live 10yr's ours has been there 23yr's that I know maybe longer so we did well...

Carol did a lot of washing today we will sleep inside tonight in our bedroom we stayed in the caravan last night. We had such a mess last year we stayed in the caravan for about a week.

Joi home from Hospital and I am told Muffy will be home this weekend over Easter...

Hello to Bill and Doug in Queensland hope you have dry feet.

Easter you all take it easy on the road this Easter.

After last weeks 25mm in White I am told the local water supply is near full and is looking good for the rest of the winter.

Happy Easter...




March 28th Wednesday 2018

Have a heap to do and no time to do it, we are home in White Cliffs, in the home underground perfect almost no dust and we be able to move in tomorrow I feel.

Outside Kangaroo poop... Heaps of it all out site the house maybe Friday before I get to clean up that....

Have a look at the Auction Site on the left it's all up and running.


Time to put food away...

More tomorrow..




March 27th Tuesday 2018

Our last day in Broken Hill tomorrow we head to home in White Cliffs, did a lot of shopping today for White Cliffs, early in the morning we pickup our biggest order ever from Woolworth's here in Broken Hill. One thing that is hard it that time zone in Broken Hill when it is 5pm in NSW it is 4:30pm in Broken Hill, we are on South Australia time.

Where do we go next year, we talked about that today but made no plans, we have six month's to work that out.

The average fuel cost this year is $1.36.9 last year it was $1.18.9 but than again we never travelled as far this year, but more on the number tomorrow night...

My best picture this year was taken in Junee NSW around mid February.

Another good picture from this year also in Junee the 86 class train...

Coolamon, has to be the best caravan park, super clean and the near perfect park to stay (only problem is lack of tree's) well lots of tree that need time to grow up...

That's it for today, home tomorrow...




March 26th Monday 2018

This morning I met with the Broken Hill City Council Archives Office, you see the Broken Hill have a Archives for White Cliffs. The Archives section is not open to the public and it goes back over 150yr's maybe longer. I say almost no one in White Cliffs has seen the council collection on our town.

Carol and I seen part of it late last year and today I met with the Archives Office of Council and we are going to setup a small display with the help of Broken Hill Council in White Cliffs in July this year. We are running it at the same time as the White Cliffs Art Festival in July this year.

The collection should be in White Cliffs but the truth is there is know where in White Cliffs for such a large display in July I have on display about 1% of what's there.


From Bernie on the Hume Weir Raceway:
A bit more Hume Dam history. The raceway operated from 1959 to 1977. Originally dirt, then tarred. Races featured some notable names in them days car racing. Yesterday I mentioned this to a good friend of mine in Howlong, Mike Johnson, 72. He raced motor bike on that track in those years.

There is a bit more that I will add to this story in the coming week and I must thank Bernie from Howlong for the old pictures.

Today in Broken Hill we went to the hardware shop, buying what we need to start the in White Cliffs.

Sorry I am late but it has been a big day.



March 25th Sunday 2018

It's 7pm in Broken Hill that means it is 7:30pm in the East we are on South Australian time, being Sunday we went for a drive around the local are but most were closed as it is Sunday.

In town at the main corner in Broken Hill I took a picture I have taken many times before.

You have seen a picture like this before, The Post Office, Art Center, Police Station and Court House. One of the best picture's in Broken Hill. Where we were standing today two other people stopped and took the same picture.

Today weather a cool 27c and this was a good place to sit and eat lunch. If you look in the background you will see the BHP mine for Copper, Lead and Zinc.... The town like all the outback needs rain it so dry, the grass in the picture must get water every day.

Sat and watched the AFL Football today my team had a small win...

Tomorrow Monday I am going to see a few people about coming to White Cliffs in July for the White Cliffs Art Festival...

The Auction Website in Wodonga is finished at last...

Thanks to the people from White Cliffs for yesterday and making Carol and I so welcome, you made us so welcome.


Hello to my son Scott in Wangaratta...

you all have a good week..



March 24th Saturday 2018

Still in Broken HIll and the new Art Gallery open to and Carol was asked to display her art work. That a big pad on the back for here as Broken Hill is very much an art town.

Opening day of the new art gallery in Broken Hill.

There is about six rooms full of art, this is the main room that you walk into.

We met up with friends from White Cliffs for a bite to eat at the Silly Goat in the main street of Broken Hill and it was packed.

They serve a diabetic meal that I tired, mostly Fruit, Nuts and Yogurt only natural sugar, with Coffee $15.00 took a long time to eat it....

It was good that a number of local people came in to meet up with us and when we went to pay we were told our account was paid.

We are going home on Wednesday.

Have fun...




March 23rd Friday 2018

Three dots is quite tonight I went and had test at the doctor but all is good for me I new it would be.

And I sat in the caravan and finished a auction website click below

Click Here

The Auction is just out of Wodonga so if you live in that area it be worth a visit all the details dates and time are on the website.

Just spoke to Joi in Melbourne she came home from hospital today, Muffy is down their looking after her...

We are going to a art show in Broken Hill tomorrow morning. Carol was asked today to put some of her art in the Broken Hill art shop, now she has to go home and get back to her art.

Went around Broken Hill today pricing timber flooring for the new kitchen in White Cliffs it's four times the price so we will have to make a trip to Albury or Mildura. Some other timber we need is cheaper in Broken Hill so I have to do my numbers.

You all have a good weekend I take some pictures tomorrow as we get about town...



March 22nd Thursday 2018

Not an easy day first I got up and worked on a website for an auction in Albury Wodonga in April, that was really hard work.

Then went to the Royal Flying Doctor Service at the Broken Hill Airport and started on getting my Diabetes right it's a bit out of control.

The RFDS where the doctors are in Broken Hill.

The RFDS Rose Bed in Broken Hill it's sure a nice building inside.

I have new tablets after 28yrs, yep I been on the same tablets for 28yr's let's see how we go over the next few day...

More test's in the morning for me then I am free I hope. Need to do some shopping for White Cliffs.


The big news in White Cliffs is last night 25mm of rain the first rain this year, no rain in Broken Hill it was over 30c here today.




March 21st Wednesday 2018

Left Wentworth at 8:15am this morning with 300km drive to Broken Hill... and we came across something we never seen before. The new Murray River, Wentworth to Broken Hill water pipe line $540,000,000 and they are now working at the 100km section from Wentworth.

Some of it's under ground some on top...

The litter monster that joins the pipe was a 1km away so I found this picture on the Internet.

Most of the pipe is Nylon type Plastic, it is not used all the time it is only used when Broken Hill runs out of water. They will pump the water 300km's from the Murray River to Broken Hill...

Yes we are now in Broken Hill tonight and we plan to be here a week, Carol needs to see a doctor at the Flying Doctor Base in Broken Hill and so do I about Diabetes...

Next Wednesday we plan to go home to White Cliffs for the winter all we need now at home is rain.

Joi still in Hospital in Melbourne.

That's it for today you all have fun, we will.




March 20th Tuesday 2018

Out last day in Curlwaa Wentworth we went to the Wentworth Museum it cost $4 a head and was worth seeing.

In the area 2,000,000 years ago, I am sure glad I was not here at the time...

Boats on the Murray and on Darling River.

Walked around Australia 110,000,000 years ago..

They talk about bring them back using DNA, forget the DNA just leave them where they are...

Think it is a Ford Model "A" bit before my time.

A general view the wall is a painting of Wentworth.

There is a lot to see trouble is I can remember owning some of them.

What walked the area over the last 100,000,000yr's look at the size of the short nose kangaroo.

It's worth a visit took two hours to see it all today.

Tomorrow we are off to Broken Hill...

Have Fun this week.




March 19th Monday 2018

New week and today we went around the local area here in Wentworth / Curlwaa the coffee shop and the supermarket along with the paper shop.

Sitting on the Darling River, having lunch...

Again the Darling river looking at the Wentworth Bridge. The water you see is backed up from the Murray River just down stream. Up stream there is no water in the Darling it's dry.

The Wentworth Newsagency, Hot Potato cafe we gave that a miss...

Looking South in the main street of town.

Just North outside of Wentworth we have what they call "Perry Sand Hills" that have been there for 1000s of years.

The sand built up when the Murray River was dry some 1000s of years ago, the river changed position 5kms to the South 10,000 years ago it's now a sand hill made of very fine sand.

We are moving onto Broken Hill a day early, Wednesday this week the reason a day early is the wind, we travel South to the North to Broken Hill, on Wednesday the wind will be behind us and we will use 14lt of fuel per 100km's (we have 300km's to travel) Thursday the wind will be from the North a head wind and we would use 22lt's per 100km's with the caravan on. (I know stop thinking Rex your head will blow up)...

Some bad news in Broken "Big W", will close in April the cost of the lease in Broken Hill is to high and it is cheaper to move away. "Not Good"

The plaza will not look good they lost Dick Smith, now Big W.... That's a lot of empty shop...

Hello to Joi in Melbourne, hope you come home from hospital soon.

We are planning a trip to Mildura tomorrow.




March 18th Sunday 2018

After a very windy night at the caravan park about 2am the van got a hard time in 60kph wind we found out this morning that wind had been right across Victoria. I found a broken wire in the television antenna this morning and fix that, television not great here, we only have three television channels.

We went out for lunch today in Mildura on the Murray River...

Coffee shop at the gardens just west of Gol Gol on the New South Wales side of the river. Note the building is built out of canvas and logs cut up.

"Sturt Desert Pea" near the Murray River in the Gol Gol gardens.

I like this picture, I have only every seen red but am told they come out in yellow and blue. Every few years we get them near White Cliffs but they have a black centre.


Hear Joi is a little bit better, keep up the good work Joi...


The fires are bad in Victoria today...




March 17th Saturday 2018

Built in 1929, Lock 10 plays an important role in the Murray-Darling water system.

The weir and lock were completed in 1929. The purpose of the weir is both to maintain a high level of water for irrigation in times of little and to regulate water flow. The lock enables boats to pass from the upper stream to down stream level of the Murray River and vice versa.

To allow the migration of fish species upstream past the weir at anytime, special ’fishways’ have been built at the abutments of Lock 10. A series of interconnected pools allow the fish to move from pool to pool as part of their upstream travel. This is an important step in the long term recovery of the Murray River ecology.

More Click Here

Lock 10 looking upstream towards Mildura.

Lock 10 also know as the Wentworth Weir.

The boat come's in the water is lowered and the boat goes' out towards South Australia.

Bit hard to read the story of the Murray Darling Basin, The Darling has stopped flowing, they need a lot more rain...

Susan moved home to Yarrawonga today...

Hello to Tony and Belinda in White Cliffs hope to see you next week in Broken Hill.

Tomorrow we are going back to look around Wentworth...

Have a great weekend..




March 16th Friday 2018

The Canoe Tree, we went into Wentworth today 7km's from the caravan and found the Tree for the first time, I new it was there but never seen it.

We are near where the Darling River runs in the Murray River.

You can see where they cut the Canoe out of the tree.

Canoe Tree and the story it a bit hard to read, the sign had a hard time over the years...

Tomorrow I show you where the Darling River runs into the Murray. If you look on the map you can see the Canoe Tree and Lock 10 on the Murray River tomorrow we are going to see Lock 10 a lock is a small weir.

Friday and the weekend is here...

Tomorrow, Susan move's home to Yarrawonga she got the keys today she now works in Yarrawonga...

So a big hello to Susan and to Scott who is helping her move...




March 15th Thursday 2018

Wentworth, NSW

Historic town at the junction of the Murray and Darling rivers.

Wentworth is an interesting historic town on the junction of the Murray and Darling Rivers. It is the popular access point for people wanting to explore Lake Mungo and Mungo National Park. It is ideal for visitors wanting to hire a houseboat and travel along the rivers and it has a wealth of interesting historic buildings from the time when it was a vital port for paddle steamers plying the Darling River. It would be easy to stay in Wentworth for three or four days and not exhaust the attractions in the district.


Wentworth is located 1038 km west of Sydney via the Great, Mid Western and Sturt Highways; 572 km north-west of Melbourne; 400 km east of Adelaide;  and it is only 37 m above sea-level although it is nearly 400 km from the river's mouth.

Origin of Name

In 1858 the Murray-Darling crossing known as Hawdon's Ford was officially surveyed. It was named Wentworth the following year after William Charles Wentworth, a prominent politician and an explorer who had been part of the team who were the first Europeans to cross the Blue Mountains.

The Caravan Park, Idyllic 20 acre property on the Murray River with modern amenities, in quiet surroundings. Conveniently located on the intersection of Silver City and Calder Highways, between Mildura and Wentworth. The gate way to cities and towns like Broken Hill 273kms, Adelaide 394kms, Melbourne 565kms. Curlwaa Caravan Park is located next to the Abbotsford Bridge. The only traffic lights in Curlwaa!! Curlwaa is famous for its oranges, arguably the best in Australia. It is located in the Sunraysia district, the fruit bowl of Australia.

Pictures from the Internet the pool at the caravan park.

The caravan park from the road way I take some more pictures tomorrow.

We are only 25km's from Mildura it's about 20min drive to the Mildura. Lot of wild life living out here.

We are having a problem with out television I found the problem this after we have a booster on the TV powered by a 240v to 12v power supply, well it is burned out for some reason it's reading 240v to 0v output so I go buy one tomorrow some place.

We are 7km's from Wentworth and 200m from the Murray River and about 6km's from the place were the Darling River runs in the Murray River.

We are now 552km's from White Cliffs, we will stay here a week then drive to Broken Hill stay a few day then head home just be fore Easter.

Have fun it's mid March already...


Hello to Faye and John in Wangaratta




March 15th Wednesday 2018

Here we are in Mildura, first stop today was Carol got her hair cut plus something else. Next was a trip to the bank, ran out of money.

Then Bunnings in Mildura to look ay flooring for the kitchen in White Cliffs that took a while by this time it was lunch time so we went to the Rowing Club on the Murray River.

The road across the Murray River Victoria on the right and New South Wales on the left...

Council did up the old Pumping Station with a bit of art.


The Rowing Club where we had lunch.

They say Seagull well here they are call Murraygul they are a long way from the sea.

Don't like this caravan park so we are moving about 30km's west of Mildura tomorrow, they say TV there is not TV here they say Wireless Internet, nothing no Internet.

Had a talk to Vicki in White Cliffs... had trouble ringing Albury Wodonga...

So we move 30km's tomorrow.

Hello to Adrian and Dianne in Albury..




March 13th Tuesday 2018

On the road again we left Kerang around 10am this morning, four hours later we drove into Mildura 300km's away we will stay around this area for about tens days.

We setup camp in the business sector of town and paid for two night Tuesday and Wednesday we will then move to another park. This one is not great they say television (no tv here) they say wireless internet guess what no wireless internet...

I walked outside on the street and took some pictures below.

Part of the business area in Mildura today.

Just up the road a shopping centre about 200m from the park.

The area down this street on the right is a really big Woolworth's shopping are. Down the road on the left is a Big4 caravan park it has been sold to Aldi Supermarket we should have a Aldi in Mildura by Christmas.

We are now 600km's from home in White Cliffs, the plan is to be in White Cliffs just before Easter.

Joi still in Hospital, and maybe there sometime...

Will look around town tomorrow...



March 12th Monday 2018

A long weekend in Victoria today the IGA and the Woolworth's were open in Kerang that's all the rest were closed that I seen.

Almost no one in the main street of Kerang today.

I packed up the car ready to move tomorrow morning we plan to head towards Mildura and look at a few things we need for White Cliffs after all it was locked up last October... There's always something to fix when we get home.

We had a small stone in the left front disk break on the Mercedes Benz, all fixed now and ready to roll tomorrow morning.

Joi still in Hospital in Melbourne, hope she a bit better next weekend just have to wait and see.

I am working on a website that will happen in Albury Wodonga next month.

Tomorrow it is 300km's to Mildura I normal set a limit of 200km max, see how we go, Carol is not well so I have to limit some days. She about 70% fit Vertigo again the big problem.

After I get the website done for the auction, I have been asked where the best place we have been I do a story on great places maybe next week.

Have fun this week...




March 11th Sunday 2018

We had dinner on a boat today it was one of our best days we went to Gannawarra Wetlands, Koondrook about 20min not of our caravan park at Kerang.

Here is our boat the "Wetlander" called Wetlander Cruises.

We stayed on the lower deck out of the sun there were 20 people on the boat.

It was worth every penny we had a great time and a great roast dinner.

I know this is a big no, no for me well I said no, no, no, maybe yes, Yes...

Tea and Coffee free, it is a wetland not a river more a creek.

Lot of small boats on the river, remember it is a long weekend here.

It is a 150year old home on the river, I would think it has seen a few floods.

I like this picture taken from the boat today, that's a big tree in fact all the trees are big...

We had a top day it cost $34 a head with a big lunch they have a discount for pensioner's

For Bookings call 0438537104...

I am running late so that's it for the day....




March 10th Saturday 2018

We are still in Kerang Victoria at the caravan park, went into town this morning and all is good. Today is all about the Albury Wodonga Hume Weir my father worked on the Hume Dam in the late 1920s and 1930s.

This picture was on a few weeks ago Carol took the picture as we crossed the Hume Weir

That's when Bernie from Howlong sent us some old pictures for Three Dots. There is a bit more to the story as we crossed the bridge we did not know that Bernie was fishing under the bridge, Bernie seen us we did not see him.

Building the Bethanga Bridge... These are priceless pictures that Bernie sent Three Dots...

Great picture at the time my Father was working in the area.

The building of the Hume Dam great old picture...

This is a hard work, the horse did al the work no big machine here.

From Bernie in Howlong.
Good to hear from you Rex. Here are a few historic photos of Bethanga Bridge and Hume Dam construction. You might like them for your 3dots website. Both were engineering marvels in those days. Hume Weir in the 1930's was the largest dam in the Southern hemisphere, second only to the Hoover Dam in USA. The 9 arched spans of the Bethanga Bridge were fabricated in Melbourne. The spans had small "railway train" wheels underneath and were extended [pushed] one-by-one, starting on the NSW side, across the  railway lines that ran on top of the pylons. Hume Dam was constructed initially as a low wall, hence then called a "weir". I remember the first stage as a 4 year old kid at Bonegilla camp. In 1960, the dam wall was extended to double Lake Humes capacity as it is today. Trust you enjoy the photos.

Thanks Bernie....


Carol and I are looking forward to tomorrow Sunday we are going on a boat on the Gannawarra Wetlands Cruise it is a lunch cruise for around 2hr's I hope to take some good pictures for three dots.

At the caravan park tonight we are having a sing song, the park is full for the long weekend, I will be easy to find I be the one out of tune hahaha.

long weekend in Victoria...




March 9th Friday 2018

We hit the road this morning at around 10am and turned towards Kerang, an easy trip this morning a good trip.

Setup the caravan then went into town to do some shopping, guess where the first stop was a coffee shop in town where we had lunch.

Chino's Coffee Shop sure has growen it's been about 18mth's and it was packed at lunch time.

Talk about being packed so is the caravan park, the weekend is a long weekend in Victoria.

Great stuff a family having fun camping in a tent the kids outside in the little tent.

The tent one end of the scale here is the other end of the scale a 5th wheeler motor home what a monster about $200,000 will buy you one. Most of them are used as full time home's.

Joi back in hospital in Melbourne I try find out how she is...

The court case in Broken Hill finished up today it now will have a hearing in Sydney then we will know more.

Susan will move from Albury to Yarrawonga next weekend the 17th March..

That's it for today, over the weekend I try put up a story Bernie in Howlong sent me (with pictures)

Hello to Troy and Kylie in Thurgoona.

You all have a great weekend.




March 8th Thursday 2018

Back on the road we left Albury and tonight we are in Echuca right on the Murray River think it's time to buy a new GPS mine got me lost today, I think we did 100km's more than we should have today.

Our camp tonight we will only stay here one night.

There is a lot of people here tonight I say about 90% full park.

A bit more of the park I say a lot are here for the long weekend.

Across the road from our caravan, the park camp kitchen. Not a bad looking building.

Tomorrow we are off to Kerang about 110km's west of here...

It's a long weekend in Victoria this week so we will stay in a caravan for the weekend and keep off the road..

This park only has one problem and that is to many people but we leave here early in the morning. By the way it $34.00 a night with power and water.

Hello to Bernie in Howlong.

You all have a good weekend.




March 7th Wednesday 2018

Had the court case today and we cannot talk about that on line, so three dots will be back tomorrow, we will head off tomorrow towards home a very slow trip we plan to be back home by Easter at the end of the month...

All good back to normal tomorrow.

You all have fun..

More news tomorrow.



March 6th Tuesday 2018

We went for a drive today down the old water works road, the river is near full the bridge is still the same.

Looking up the Murray River towards the Hume Weir..

I crossed the old bridge as a kid on my bike no way I am going to drive over it, when you cross the River you are in Victoria.

Looking towards Albury Wodonga down the Murray River.

We enjoyed the drive today, tomorrow Three Dots will be a maybe maybe on, maybe no. I be court tomorrow we will be back to normal on Thursday.

The plan is to move towards home Thursday but that will be a slow trip home we plan to be home by Easter.

Went to the Lavington Plaza for lunch today, and did a bit of shopping.

Hello to Bill in Queensland, hope you like the pictures...


Have fun tomorrow...




March 5th Monday 2018

A new week and for three dots it may a bit quite week I have a court case and I can say nothing online about the case. So I say nothing.

Shade at last on the car caravan it has been in the sun all day.

We went to Damon and Carmen place in Wodonga and did the washing so we have clean clothes.

Paid up at the Albury Showgrounds to Thursday morning then we will head North West towards home with the caravan. We are planning to be home by Easter (I think)...

It's hard when you cannot talk about what we are doing.

Have fun....



March 4th Sunday 2018

Early this morning we decided to move to Albury Wodonga so we packed up in Bethanga and drove to Wodonga Showgrounds, the sign read "We are full" so we went to the Albury Showgrounds and setup camp there.

Then I went out to Kylie Place to help build a new playground they got for Joyce.

I took this picture on the packing box, it may take three days.

Kylie and Susan in building mode today it may take two or three days to build.

They plan to get back to the job tomorrow after work I am told (I did my bit)

Yep tonight we are at the Albury Showgrounds but no trees so it been hot all day. We have television here power and water.. They are rebuilding the toilets and shower block today they will look real good.

Adrian and Dianne are back home from Bendigo they had a popup market in Bendigo yesterday.

Another week camping we have court in Albury this week.




March 3rd Saturday 2018

Went and seen Aub, my oldest brother today, he said I am feeling old he now 88yr's old but not doing so good, last week they said he to old to drive and they took his licence away.

It was hot today so we sat by the Kiewa River it was to dirty to swim in.

This is just outside Wodonga beside the bridge that crosses the Kiewa River on the way to the weir.

That the weir road up the hill we notice a few caravan's free camping here at night there is no power.

We then went back around to Bethanga where we are camped it was a very hot day outside.

They are playing a cricket here on the oval and there are two of us camped here tonight.

Next week maybe a little on and off I have a court case to attend in Broken Hill I am going to give my bit by Video from Albury. A person I know took his own life three years ago we were 1300km's from White Cliffs at the time but he did tell me a few month's before.

Hello to Aub and Beryl in North Albury, thanks for the cup of tea today..

One last item "Woodstock in White Cliffs" is on today.




March 2nd Friday 2018

We stayed around the area today. Went to the Hume Weir Store for lunch a nice lunch..

See the Love Locks on the chain, I looked for Kylie and Troy (no lock) they were married here at this lookout a really nice place to visit and a great view from up on the Bethanga Gap over looking Albury Wodonga in the background.

Taken at the Hume Weir Store while we had dinner.

The Hume Dam on the Murray River (can you find the man) bit od fun.

There he is having a rest and doing some thinking.

Bethanga and below the bridge built across the Murray River in 1930...

From the car Carol took a picture today you can see the bridge.

A bit closer that be hard work in 1930 you cross from NSW to VIC here.

And the last picture taken on the bridge today. Like this one it may end up in the year book for this years trip.

A quite day today but we enjoyed ourself's it was good food at the Hume Weir Store.

All good here and a big hello to Glenda in Wodonga...


You all have fun this weekend going to be a warm one in White Cliffs with 40c tomorrow for "Woodstock in White Cliffs"




March 1st Thursday 2018

A new month and s new season Autumn is here I wish someone would tell summer to go away.

Welcome to Bethanga just think in a few weeks these trees will by red and gold.

The Bethanga Hotel it's a nice place inside, the shed is the local fire station and behind the trees our caravan.

Right next door to the general store a kids play ground, good fun for the kids.

We went and seen Muffy today then back home to the caravan, Hello to Julie and Leigh and baby Paislie

Quite day today, then it is a quite town.

Have fun...