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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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August 31st Sunday
Last day of the month and the end of winter, we had 25c here today, all good today no snakes. Worked all day on the new kitchen, we now have a kitchen window that looks over the town it looking good.

Tonight we went to the White Cliffs Sporting Club for a meal spent the night talking to a couple from Newcastle they are in White Cliffs for a few day. We had a good night and a great meal.

Looking like we will be doing some cement work around the kitchen over the next few days nothing to big.

I take some pictures tomorrow.


August 30th Saturday
After a slow start to the day I went outside to do some work on the new kitchen, I was about to open the door to my little underground storeroom and there it was, I was about two feet from walking on a four foot snake after a while it went under the door into the storeroom I open the storeroom door hoping it would come out.

Tony and shirley in the underground storeroom at this stage with a live snake.

We sat on a chairs about 10m away and watched, around 2pm we called Parks and Wildlife and a local Shirley came to help we then called Tony from council they got more guts then me that for sure. They went into the room and pulled out our boxes one by one till they found our unwelcome guest. Working in such a small area they had no choice but to get rid of the snake forever.

Our four to five foot guest missing head after being removed from the storeroom.

Shirley from Parks and Wildlife with Carol, I must say this is one gutsy lady there was a problem and she set about fixing the problem.

Thank you to Shirley and Tony for your help.

Late today I built a cement edge inside the door of the storeroom it is totally sealed up, not even worm will get in there now. I also sealed using cement the main doorway into the house if you come here lift your feet at the door and you know the reason why.


As for the kitchen, nothing not a thing tomorrow we will try again.

August 29th Friday
It Friday and the weekend is here, today Carol went to craft with the local ladies they all seem to enjoy themselves for a few hours at the Red Earth Cafe here in White Cliffs.

I went to Carpet Bowls last night we lost the other team won, I don't think I helped the team a lot but give me a few week and I get the hang of it. If it was ten pin bowls I be more at home.

The kitchen I had two day on it this week, Tuesday I got all the tools set up and worked on it Wednesday we got blow en away on Thursday with 50kph winds today we had very light wind a good day for building the kitchen..

It may not look a lot but it sure took a lot of work tomorrow I fill in the gap with the kitchen window just above sink height. The kitchen is 12m long end to end and 3.6m wide. We are not builders but this is White Cliffs there are no building laws in White Cliffs, no laws but where not thanking any short cut we are building a very strong room. Holding it to the cement are 12mm lock bolts and 4mm steel plate. Let see what we have done this time next week.

Get back into it tomorrow.


August 28th Thursday
Another wonderful day in White Cliffs it was a full on day work wise. We did not try put up any wall panels as the wind we gusting at 40 to 50kph I did build some wall panels that we will require later in the job.

Susan Relay for life.
Susan will run this year in Relay for life and needs some support.

Here is the web site for Relay for Life, it will be held on October 25th and 26th Just Click Here

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Click on donate top right corner
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Then on donate (Right hand side, middle of the page)

The picture was taken from the car, Went to the shop to check the PO Box (we had no mail) then back home, on the way up our driveway we stopped to take a picture of a local "Ms Emu."
Ms Emu how do we know it a female, she was on her own.

The male Emu always has chicks with him the female lays the eggs, and nicks off, he sits on the eggs and looks after chicks.

The lady hits the road looking for another guy, that life if you're a female Emu.

We had Vicky and Belinda over for a chat today that was good, and tonight I am going to play "Carpet Bowls."

If the wind drops tomorrow we will give the kitchen another go.

August 27th Wednesday
The kitchen is underway at last, we only put up two panels apart from they look like a toilet right now it will take shape over the next few day. We had almost no wind and it was 22c and a blue sky the perfect day for building.

One of the locals dropped by for a look and check out the building is up to standard. It that time of the year the Lizards are starting to move around again. So we have to make sure we close the doors to the underground house.

We had a coffee next door this afternoon and a chat. Tomorrow we hope to get three more panels up in the new kitchen, it a big job when the hardware shop 300km's away in Broken Hill but that how it is living in the middle of nowhere.

It just the people we had people of to see us on Monday afternoon we went out for coffee yesterday and again today that how it is here.

Just took this picture outside tonight at 6:15pm seen better but it a good sunset.

I started building a website for Garvin and Adrian they have a new auction in October at the Albury Showgrounds. Click Here

More work on the kitchen tomorrow.


August 26th Tuesday
Tuesday again it good to be home in the Underground Home and the weather great a cool wind all day from the east with blue sky.

We need some help on this one we have on the East side of the block a row of "White Cedar" trees. They grow wild here, if you think the tops are broken off they are about 12mth's ago we had a really big wind and it took the top of the tree off.

Over the summer they are really good shade trees lots of green leaf but they are on the east side of the block, how do we get them to the west side of the block they grow with almost no water.

As you can see above they have buds or you may call them seed they drop on the ground but seem to do nothing, how do you propagate the plant.

We have seven trees like this on the east side. I know I cannot move the big trees but how do you move a tree even a small one's, I have tried with no luck.

Why put them on the west side, reason the summer sun we are looking for summer shade on the new kitchen.

We talked about this before I had two boxes packed with tools sitting on cement when we went away last week, the Kangaroos have eaten the cardboard boxes one box has been ripped open the other is gone all together.

Looking at the amount of "Roo poo" they were there quite a while by the look of it. This is the forth box that has been eaten in two week. Life is tuff when you are down to eating cardboard.

We had some four Emu's walking around the block today, you do not mess with a Emu they will have a go at you.

Bill (in Queensland) thanks for telling me how to clean the Black Mercedes Benz that was really good information thank you.

Tomorrow we start building the kitchen.


August 25th Monday
Out of bed at the motel in Broken Hill after breakfast we went to the Home Hardware a few more bit for the new kitchen that we hope to start on Wednesday morning. Next stop was Woolworth's Supermarket for meat, fruit and vegetables, fuel for the car.

We left broken Hill around 10:30am driving 200kms to Wilcannia where we topped up with fuel then headed the 94km's to White Cliffs today we traveled 300kms and used 14lph in Benz sitting on 103kph and a big load in the trailer.

A metal door frame cost $139 in Mildura and it cost $159 in Broken Hill I have to have a look at how we can build a door frame.

We are both quite happy to be home in White Cliffs and sleeping in our own bed.

We have empty the back of the Benz I do the trailer tomorrow and clean the car.


August 24th Sunday
We had a really good day, we had a really good night at the motel in Mildura the first stop was the Mildura Sunday Market it was good.

The market in the street and a lot of the shops behind the stalls open as well they work together. We went to a coffee shop it was packed full of people, it was good to see.

Back in the car we headed 300km's to Broken Hill it a good sealed road all the way home we had a break at a road side stop on the was.

The trailer has a big load on around 300kg. Adrian the gas bottles on the front of the trailer worked a dream and the spare wheel on the front is great. The trailer is better to pack without the gas bottles and the spare wheel. The trailer is rated at 450kg and the car pulls it with ease.

The text below has nothing to do with the trip other than I wrote it last night in Mildura.

Power Bank
What is a Power Bank, you charge it up and store power that you use at a later time. If you read 3Dots you will know that we are away from home.
Scott gave me a Power Bank while in Albury that I charge from the cigarette power plug in the car driving along the road.
At night in a motel room your phone can quite often go flat you plug in your Power Bank and it will recharge your phone using power stored in the Power Bank.
Right now as I write this in bed in a motel in Mildura at 4am for you to read my phone is running on a Power Bank and it is fully charged.

This is what a Power Bank looks like (picture from the Internet)

The Power Bank is very light with a short power lead, it has an on off switch that you turn off when your phone is fully charged. I have seen them for sale around $15.00 online.
I have not used it on any other devices but can see no reason why it would not work on a e-reader or tablet computer, but I feel you would need a bigger unit than I am using.
I am using a small Power Bank but see on Internet you can by some much bigger units. If you buy a larger one it will last longer but it will also take longer to change.

Thanks Scott.

Tomorrow we buy some meat and fruit and Veg, then 288km's home.


August 23rd Saturday
Up at 7am the motel in Swan Hill put on a free meal for their guest and it was a full meal well done people.

We then had a quick shop at Aldi next to the motel, then hit the road driving into Mildura around 12:30am and booking into the motel.

The EconoLodge I read about it on the Internet a basic room $88 night it had good reviews so we gave it ago really good value for money, we will stay here again it is good value for money.

Went to Mildura Bunning's and loaded on the trailer 14len of 90x35mm blue framing timber to use on the kitchen in White Cliffs we also did a swap on two 9kg LPG gas bottles to use at home.

Cost $44 for two refills, in White Cliffs that cost $90...

Tomorrow we are thinking about going to the local Sunday market then head to Broken Hill we have done everything we had to in Mildura in one afternoon, we got a new tyre gauge at a local auto shop, Carol went to Spotlight we both went to Cheap as Chips (we did think it would take two days). So tomorrow after the market we will drive the 300km's to Broken Hill stay the night then Home on Monday as planned.

The Benz used 13lph over the last 300km's with a near full trailer sitting on 100kph


August 22nd Friday (Happy Birthday Muffy hope you like the TV)
Had a great night sleep at Faye and John place in Wangaratta (Hi Harvey) we packed up the last of our goods at Sue and Tim place in Wangaratta and we had a play with the Doodle Dogs Katie and Dusty. Tim and Sue thank you for looking after our stuff I hope we can be good friends for many years.

After packing the trailer with the help of Tim and Scott we hit the road to Swan Hill via Shepparton, we had a good trip in the new car with the trailer on.

Swan Hill main Street around 6pm tonight outside the motel.

Looking East outside the motel, Aldi is right next door.

Last Tuesday I talked about some work Adrian did on our trailer, he did a great job as in the picture below:

On the front draw bar we have room for two LP Gas bottles and the spare wheel this will give us a lot more room in the trailer. Not only more room it be a lot safer, about six months ago a gas bottle came loose in the trailer and it started to leak LP Gas going along the road. We had the smell of gas inside the car, not good. This will fix the problem.

As you can see we locks on the gas bottles and the tow ball, we did around 400kms today Adrian it was perfect.

Tomorrow at 7:45am the motel here in Swan Hill is putting on a free toast and coffee, we then head to Mildura for two nights before heading home via Broken Hill.

August 21st Thursday
We packed up in Wodonga, thank you to Damon and Carmen for having us very nice place to stay. We went to Target and seen my daughter Susan. Albury Aldi doing some shopping, the bank for a pocket top up, seen my sister Muffy (Happy Birthday for tomorrow Friday).

Out to Adrian to pickup the trailer it looks good I do some pictures soon, then Aub's place in Lavington we have a kitchen window for White Cliffs; thanks Aub and Beryl.

Then off to Wangaratta for the night. We are staying at Carol Sister's place tonight in Wangaratta the home of Harvey the dog.

Yes we are staying at Harvey Place tonight Carol in the bed I am in the dog house.

I keep it short tonight tomorrow we are going to see Tim and Sue, that where the Doodle Dogs live by lunch time we be on our way home via Swan Hill, Mildura and Broken Hill to White Cliffs.

Went and seen Scott tonight at his place, it was good to have a chat.

Tomorrow on the road again.


August 20th Wednesday
Had a good day in Albury Wodonga with some bad moments we went to McDonald's Hume Street Albury around 9:30am and sat at a table to eat. A staff member in her 20s came along and asked us to move to some other table we need this table for a staff meeting in a rude tone of voice. There were five people in McDonald's at the time and thirty or more table not in use. We moved after sometime to eat our meal it was so rude, I could not believe it happen in McDonald's. We took our time eating our meal and left and hear the odd twist on leaving they had not started a meeting at the table when we left.

We went to Spotlight and Kylie place love the new floor covering Troy it looks good, next stop was Bing Lee in Wodonga looking at stoves for White Cliffs I think we found what we are looking for.

Then lunch at the SS&A in Albury and you never guess what happen our food was cold really cold think someone forgot to cook it. Unlike the rude staff at McDonald's the SS&A staff were understanding and great to deal with fixing the problem right away.

SS&A Club Albury Just off the car park.

Next Adrian place he fixed my trailer welding some new parts that I fitted to the trailer, I take some pictures soon he did a great job.

Next Aub place he has a window for the new kitchen in White Cliffs looks good I pickup the trailer from Adrian tomorrow and go to Aub place for the window.

Tomorrow afternoon we are going to Wangaratta.


August 19th Tuesday
We drove from White Cliffs to Wodonga via Ivanhoe, Wangaratta to Albury Wodonga around 840kms a really big day.

Right now coming via the Cobb Highway we cross 145kms of dirt road. It was Australia first Highway and yet it is still a dirt road. They are starting to seal it after 150yrs this will open up the way northwest of New South Wales and there is a lot to see.

There are three way to the south Wangaratta and Albury Wodonga from White Cliffs.

Cobb Highway Ivanhoe (145k of dirt road) 840kms
Kidman Way Cobar and Griffith 1140kms
Silver City Highway via Broken Hill 1260kms

But the Cobb Highway is partly dirt and it is a bad road and closed when wet, as you can see in the picture above it not a great road.

They are starting to fix it right now right in the middle of the dirt section they have 3kms of sealed road and working on five more.

Why come via the Cobb highway it a big day but you are here in one day. The wildlife great we have seen Kangaroos, Emu's a 1000 plus, wild pig, wild donkey, wild goats, birds by the 1000s it always a list of Australia wildlife on the Cobb Highway.

We are now in Wodonga.


August 18th Monday
A nice day in town today so I fixed a door that started to jam in the cold wet weather, I took it off and planned about 1/4in off one side it perfect now.

Took the camera up on the roof looking for Kangaroos only seen one and it was to far away for a picture.

I like this tree a few days ago it was green after all the rain it is turning a silver colour. If you look down the hill we have five "White Cedar" trees (the leaf are just starting to come back), we are looking north towards the Queensland border.

Do not know what I ever do with them there are 1000s of rocks as in the picture they are everywhere.

A bit of good old Australia stub bush it will end up part of my bush garden over the next year or so. I was asked how big is the house block. Frank I dug out the plans it is 170m (558ft) long and 63m (207ft) wide. 10,710sqM (115,506sqF) from the plan.

The trees what sort are they?, I like my garden but not good at names.

Tomorrow we are going for a drive down south to sort out some details with the old Ford Transit Van it for sale $1500 as is drive away, I mean tow away as we all know the back of the van fully set up as a camper. It was rebuilt four weeks ago and never used.

I am told it would suit someone that likes playing with cars and can fix the clutch and gearbox. Line up the front end, that about it. Just a bit much for this old man. It a great camper for two people.

I take the trailer and buy so metal and timber for the new kitchen.


August 17th Sunday
The rain stopped about midnight last night, today the sun came out about 11am and we have had winds 30 to 50kph and it has dried the place off, well almost. This is not a nice place to be with 60mm of rain.

We took some water inside the underground in two rooms we need to do something they are both at the front of the house. We think we know the reason years ago there were very small trees up top and they died off during the drought about five years back the tree roots have rotted away and we have a lot of holes leading down. The rain fines it way down via these holes about the size of a pencil.

Think I lay cement over that area so the water runs off fast and it covers the holes left by the tree roots.

Tonight we are going to the White Cliffs Sporting Club for a meal it cost $20 for the night out.

I took this before the rain, it a very basic club that the local people are doing up inside.

Talking the other day about the Benz getting water inside on the carpet I found the problem the air vent in front of the window and behind the bonnet filled with rain water and ran inside via the heater. The air vent has a hole on the right and left side to drain the water, they were both blocked with rubbish. I cleaned the holes out and the water ran out fixing the problem.

Time to go to the Sporting Club.


August 16th Saturday
We had a shocking night and shocker of a day the place turn to mud the whole town was awash with about 100mm of water the creek was over the road. All we could was have a big clean up inside the underground. I will have to lay some cement up top today we had a few leaks in the underground, nothing that we cannot fix in time.

The rain started on Thursday night and it still raining now so far we have had 54mm of rain. I went down to the shop in the 4WD the normally dry creek had 200mm of water, it is the first time in a few years that I have seen water running in the creek.

We have a nice clean house tonight I am really glad we did not start building the kitchen it would have been a problem in the winds that we have had.

One thing we did do today was make a full shopping list of everything we need food, birthday cards. We went to a party the other day but we had no birthday card so we need some blanks on hand, our list has some 90 items so far and where to buy the items. We missed buying a few items this trip, bacon was one. The plan is to have on master list and tick what we need. We only shop about every three to four weeks you have to remember the supermarket is 300km's away in Broken Hill.

I know we need rain but it can stop now.


August 15th Friday
It was a cold wet and windy day in White Cliffs today yes it rained, 20mm fell on White Cliffs in 24hrs you may say so what 20mm not a lot well the last good rain was in May this year.

As you can see in the picture taken from our front door today it a little damp and dark in town today.

First day of the ladies Wild, Wacky and Wonderful all the ladies feel happy with the day and came home with lots of free gifts.

The only water leak was down the air shaft I went up with a sheet of plastic and covered the shaft and the leak was fixed. I stayed home all day I did notice a water leak in the Benz late today left carpet a bit wet, I have to track that down.

Let's hope tomorrow a better day, but we really do need the rain for the town, plants and the animals. I seen about 20 sheep walking around the area today not sure where they came from.

I hear the caravan and camping show in Wodonga was good a few people told me they like it.

Susan tells me she is selling her corner computer desk for $90 it a glass top with keyboard tray I liked it but it has been replaced with a new one. The one for sale has a metal frame talk to Susan if your looking for a desk.

We have just undated the White Cliffs Website yesterday Click Here


August 14th Thursday
Rain the weather man said we get heaps today well so far 0.2mm the days not over. We were just talking about the strong wind outside and glade we did not build the kitchen wall a lot of things outside have been turned over today.

We went out to the White's place this morning for coffee gee that a wonderful underground home we left just before lunch. On the way home we went to the shop then home. I did a lot more work on my rock garden the rock work completed if the weather kind I do some more work tomorrow.

Gooroo, yes that the name voted by my daughter Susan, the name came from Bill in Queensland. Gooroo is a little kangaroo about 300mm high, I was trying to get a picture but no luck as yet.

Tomorrow a big day in White Cliffs day one of the Western Landcare Forum that is on in White Cliffs and the first day of the ladies Wild, Wacky and Wonderful it a big three days in White Cliffs.

We now have between 60 and 70 people reading 3Dots every week and I know about 8 that are overseas.

Read the last two days for information on the weekend.


August 13th Wednesday
The wind still blowing today so I worked on the cleaning up the the yard I moved about fifty wheel barrow loads of rock I get back into it tomorrow.

This is the garden area I am working on apart from one White Cedar tree you have to call it a rock garden for now. The cement slab is the toilet pit that hole was drilled almost 20yr's ago it is 3ft across and 40ft deep the toilet is just off the bathroom and looks like a normal toilet the pipe is underground and ends here. Look close you see a foot print and a hand print. There is wording Kylie (my daughter) 16, Susan (my daughter) 1996, Rex 1/9/1996, Nick (a friend) 1996, Scott (my son) was here 1996 I have pictures of all of them the best one was Scott.

Scott, SWD 96 was here. 18yr's ago just a bit of family fun at the time.

Who drilled the hole, BHP test drill truck was in White Cliffs I asked them to drill two holes they did and it cost a slab of beer. That was in 1996.

Carol had a drive for the first time of the Mercedes Benz she not keen on driving and leaves it to me she did about 10km around 80kph and likes driving the car.

I found day two of the Western Landcare Forum that is on in White Cliffs this weekend have a look at yesterday if you have not read about it.

We have not had a good rain for months, will it rain this week.

August 12th Tuesday
White Cliffs always amazes me, so much happens for such a small town this coming weekend we the Western Landcare Forum 200 to 300 people come to town and stay Friday to Sunday plus you add around 200 local people and you have a really big weekend.

This is the agenda for Friday next and there is just as much on Saturday, today is Tuesday and the caravan park is about 25% full, it a big weekend for the town.

And it does not stop they run at the same time for women a two day weekend called Wild Wacky Wonderful Women weekend.

Most of the local women are going, yes Carol going for the weekend plus heaps of people from the outside.

I stay home and work on the front of the house can you... No I cannot even think about it 200 to 300 women who call them self Wild, Wacky and Wonderful, I stop at that I could end up in big trouble.

Looking at the weather map there will be no kitchen walls going up this week. Had a visit from Clair today who lives about 200m to our west she a nice person who we both like and welcome anytime.

Tomorrow I start cleaning up an area for our garden if the wind drops.


August 11th Monday
Nothing seem to go to plan today, I had to post a letter to Sydney to do with my retirement it had to go today the White Cliffs Post Office said it would leave here on Wednesday afternoon, that did not suit us. We were told a 95km drive to Wilcannia was the only way so we started the car and drove to Wilcannia for the day (that was not in the plan for today). We call it road kill out here Carol counted 130 dead kangaroos on the road in 95km's it unreal, trucks hit a lot of them but so do cars. Some cars are a total right off after hitting a Kangaroo. I lock the new car on the speed limit 100kph and some people just fly past me doing a 150k plus the speed limit on that road 100...

We had our papers signed and went to the Post Office what a great building.

Wilcannia Post Office with home attached, I think they are really big sand stone blocks.

Another great building the Wilcannia Hospital built in 1870

While in Wilcannia we seen a very large group of car in the Variety Club Car Rally must have been over a 150 car parked at the Wilcannia Bowling Club for lunch, it was good to see.

We had lunch at the Court House Cafe it was really well done and the staff all local Wilcannia people were tops first class meal.

After lunch I met George who has just open a Chemist Shop in Wilcannia this maybe 95km's from White Cliffs but is our local Chemist Shop, the next Chemist is in Broken Hill a 300km drive from White Cliffs. That's life out here.

Back in White Cliffs we went and seen Tony and Belinda at their place just to say hello. For a day that did not go to plan it turned out a really good day.

Still have a bit of wind around I do not want to start on the kitchen walls till the wind drops, working on my own in wind may not be a good move if one decides to flip over on top of me.

We may get rain at the end of the week.


August 10th Sunday
We did not put up any wall panels due to wind today but I did get them ready for tomorrow so we will try then.

They had a service at the White Cliffs church today, Brian Ford Archdeacon of the Darling is moving so we went along to his last service.

There is only one church in White Cliffs St Mary's Church the church is built of local rock that we can pickup off the ground. All different religion use the same church. Brian lives in Broken Hill and travels the 300kms to White Cliffs for the service. There maybe one service a month.

We have a new baby Kangaroo hopping around outside the house now we have to find another name we have Poo Roo, Sue Roo, New Roo we do put water out front at night the new roo is about 300mm (1ft) high he / she is worked out how to hop at high speed and has no fear of people yet. Come on people eMail me a new name for our little Kangaroo.

Tonight we went to the White Cliffs sporting club for a meal, we met some people camping at White Cliffs from Queensland. Some of the local people gave us a hard time tonight all in fun "They live on top of the hill now they drive a black Mercedes Benz."

Hope the wind drops tomorrow so I can do some more work on the new kitchen.


August 9th Saturday
Very little to show for today I spent a lot of the day setting up tools. We have started building the new kitchen "At Last" today I built and fitted a 10m beam that will hold the roof at a later date. my metal is only 8m long so I had to add a section to the end. Later this beam will hold the back of the roof.

There are two beams bolted back to back to hold the roof. One is lower that the other due to the fall on the roof.

The beam is bolted in place you can see where the beam is joined it is 10m end to end.

Note the big blue sky and it was 24c in the shade today. It even looks like a building site, that cement slab is the size of the new kitchen it is 8.2m x 3.6m wide the veranda area behind the kitchen will be a new dining room. It will look good when finished and cleaned up.
You will not see this beam when the kitchen is completed.

Next is the walls they are all made of an old cool room in summer it can get 48c in the shade out here most summer days are 35c to 40c during summer.

We may get up our first section of wall tomorrow, just maybe.

People say you do not update the 3Dots (CLICK REFRESH at the TOP of the page the refresh button is a small circle with a arrow on the end.)

August 8th Friday
Friday night and White Cliffs come to life the local pub is full they are sitting outside on the street when I went past an hour ago the local shop has 30 people booked in for a meal it like this every friday night.

Friday night a good night to stay home we are planning to visit the sporting club on Sunday night for a meal. It cost $20 a head for a night out.

I spent all day unpacking the trailer as I unpacked it I cleaned what I removed. Everything is now ready to use. This load had a long trip to White Cliffs we packed it in Wangaratta month's ago drove to Hay and Chris and Sue gave us the big frig panel to build the kitchen. You may remember we left the little trailer in Hay and took the really big trailer fully loaded to White Cliffs.

The little trailer sat for 7wks in Hay, we returned the big trailer and picked up the small trailer returning to Wangaratta it then sat for 8wks at Suzy and Tim's place in Wangaratta last week we final tow it to White Cliffs behind the Mercedes Benz.

It was not good planning but that how it went.

Had a LP Gas bottle filled in White Cliffs today $45, 9kg bottle it cost $23 at Bunning's in Wangaratta. But there's no Bunning's in White Cliffs.

In the next few day I start building the new kitchen on the cement slab.


August 7th Thursday (Happy Birthday Sue in Gippsland)
I spent most of the day unpacking the Benz we sure had it loaded, we went down to the shop come Post Office and picked up 8 weeks mail, just the normal bills and my new pension card. Does that mean I am getting old.

Here two pictures I took on the way back to White Cliffs in the last few day.

Just out of Broken Hill a road train, note it has three trailers we passed a number of them.

Picture near Broken Hill Benz with trailer hooked up it only a small trailer with a good size load around 400kg be my guess.

There is so much land out here all you need do is add water every time it rains the place just ends up like a flower garden.

I cleaned the car today and took this picture of Turley Hill, from our hill Smith Hill there are about 50 people living on Smith Hill maybe a few more on Turley. There is another area called The Blocks. In my view the best underground home in town is in The Blocks it is owned by a ex-Geelong football captain wow what a home.

As you can see in the picture above a perfect blue sky all day at our place it was 24c most of the day but quite cool outside tonight.

Tomorrow I clean out the trailer and put the BBQ together so we can use it.


August 6th Wednesday
A really big day it started in Broken Hill at 6:30am South Australian time we went to McDonald's for breakfast then to the new plaza shopping around 10am we met up with Belinda from White Cliffs for coffee then around 12:30am we left Broken Hill stopping for fuel.

Broken Hill well one small part of it from on top of BHP hill.

From the net just outside Broken Hill it shows the local area.

After a 288km drive from Broken Hill we are home (at last) in White Cliffs it the same as we left it just a lot more weeds out front I get the weed killer out tomorrow.

It all much the same as we left it, inside clean as we left it. The temperature outside late today was 24c inside it is always the same 23c, we have no heating or cooling.

The new car went like a dream all the way we had a good size load on the trailer and after 1140kms we used 11.5LPH in fuel at around 103KPH.

I stepped it up to 110KPH (the speed limit out her) after filling in Broken Hill then refilled it after 200km it used 15LPH.

So the next 100kms I slowed down to 90KPH and then refueled we used was 9.5LPH.

All on the same day in the same car with the same load the faster you go the more it cost you. Something we all know...

All we need now is a really good sleep. Had two kangaroos outside the front door at sunset.


August 5th Tuesday
We had a really good drive from Mildura to Broken Hill 300km's the Mercedes Benz ran like clock work the road flat with quite a few Emu's and hundreds of wild goats they walk right beside the road but never on the black stuff. I locked the Benz on 105kph on the flat road and it ran perfect all the way. We did the 300km's in 2hr's 55min.

Talking about time Broken Hill works on South Australian time 30min behind New South Wales, Victoria. When it is 5pm in Victoria it is 4:30pm in Broken Hill.

The clock tower is the Post Office the hill in the background is the Broken Hill Mine they mine Copper, Lead and Zinc and have doing it for over a 100 years and are still mining it today. This is where BHP started in Broken Hill. This is a side street, the main street crosses at the traffic lights shown in the picture.

The Place Hotel is over 100yr's old and still trading today.

I have said it many times before Broken Hill is a really nice place to visit you need to walk the main street and go inside the old building there is a lot of old art that is worth seeing.

Tonight we are staying at the Daydream Motel in the main street, it a clean motel but old it cost $95 a night the motel room in Mildura last night was tops but it did cost $140 it the old story you get what you pay for.

In the past we always stayed in the caravan park and slept in the Ford Transit Van but I must say staying in motels is a better way to live.

We are meeting up tomorrow with Belinda who we live next to in White Cliffs and I know she going to tell me it not a Toyota I have my answer (it sets the stranded that Toyota are built to)

We will do some shopping tomorrow morning then head 285kms to White Cliffs and home, White Cliffs is 6c tonight and 22c tomorrow great weather.

Just for the record 70 people a week are now reading 3Dots, we only see a number we do not know who they are.

Charlie in the USA tells me he reading 3Dots


August 4th Monday
Well it was a very cold start to the day in Swan Hill -2c I think it was about the same in Albury Wodonga it has been a very cold week.

We stopped at Boundary Bend for breakfast on the Murray River about 80km's west of Swan Hill we then drove on to Mildura and booked in to a Best Western Motel for the night across the road from the big Shopping centre in Mildura.

Mildura is on the Murray River.

The main Murray River crossing in Mildura.

The motel gave us a spot down the back to put the trailer for the day and night I brought a lock for the trailer.

We were talking today about where we will be going after Christmas I intend to find the start of the Murray River and follow it all the way by road to mouth in South Australia sounds like a good start to the 2015 year.

Tomorrow morning I will get a 9kg gas bottle at Bunning's here in Mildura (I left one at Tim's place in Wangaratta, we need to any way.) then head north to one of my favorite city's Broken Hill for the night then head home to White Cliffs on Wednesday late morning. A bit more on 9kg Gas bottles they cost $22 to fill in Wangaratta and $50 to swap fill in White Cliffs.

Went to Woolworth's in Mildura about 1pm they were closed they had a computer break down and they closed the store.

The car running well not a problem so far, and where not look for any. And to all my friends I know it should have been a Toyota you keep telling me, thanks Belinda.

Broken Hill tomorrow night (I think)...


August 3rd Sunday
We left Albury Wodonga around 8:30am the car was covered in ice driving to Wangaratta and calling in to see Faye and John and Harvey the dog next stop was Sue and Tim place and the Doodle Dogs they were happy to see us Tim helped me load the trailer and the Mercedes Benz we got about 85% packed the rest we will pickup next trip. A lot of it came out of the now old Ford Transit Van. Thank you to Tim and Sue for looking after out stuff the are nice people to know and call friends.

The new 4wd went well not a problem I towed the trailer at around 95kph and it returned 11.5lph fuel for 320kms that fine with the trailer.

The old Murray River crossing at Swan Hill where we staying the night in a motel.

We are now around 500km's South of Broken Hill we should get there tomorrow afternoon there is no rush.

After Broken Hill it home to White Cliffs


August 2nd Saturday
Up early, I do not know why went for a drive and washed the car giving it a really good clean.

Then drove out to Kylie and Troy place in Thurgoona and removed the two back seat from the Mercedes Benz what I mean was we had seating for seven people and very little room to carry what we have, remember we came down in the big Transit van. And space wise we are returning in something a lot smaller. So now we have seating for five people and now have a lot more room.

Kylie worked out how to lay the back seat down and we found the CD music stacker in the back area right side wall of the Benz you can stack six CD in at once, it is the old style player but it works well with a good sound. Scott came out today and had a look at the new car after all he the that found it for sale.

Went for a walk around West Wodonga near where we are staying about three kilometers around 3pm just to have a look at the area.

Most of the homes in West Wodonga are quite clean there the odd bad one.

Not sure where I was at the time but it look tidy and I love the old gas lamp, looks good.

Tomorrow we will head of to Wangaratta and see Faye and John and Sue and Tim and the Doodles (Katie and Dusty dogs)...

After we pack up and hook on the trailer we will head of towards home we have been away for almost nine weeks in fact this year we have been away from White Cliffs more than we have been there.

I am not sure but I think this will be the first black car in White Cliffs they are all white and all Toyota, putting a Black Mercedes Benz in White Cliffs like putting a cat in center of a dog farm. I know Tony will give me a hard time it not a Toyota there's only one car in the World a Toyota.

Yesterday among other things I moved my driver licence to New South Wales.

Tomorrow we are on the move.

August 1st Friday
That month went fast. The rego on the Mercedes Benz is fixed at last, the person who did the roadworthy put the wrong details about our number plate and it got mixed up at the RTA computer. It all fixed at last.

As you know this picture was in last month if I took it today it would be covered in rain and grim from the wet roads. We still have not found the CD stacker it has to be there somewhere, Scott be here at the weekend and try find it.

I found a small LED read out in the new car, thinking it was a small clock that did not work, it a fuel flow meter that tells you how much fuel it is using. I know most new cars have this but it is a first for me.

We went and seen Muffy (my sister) today and then out to Kylie (my daughter) and Troy place in Thurgoona for a coffee. Joyce was at 3yr old school, little Joyce at school she just seems to be so small.

Looks like we will head off to White Cliffs on Sunday via Wangaratta we will get back when we get there there's no rush. We are planning a trip home via Swan Hill, Mildura and Broken Hill to White Cliffs it all sealed roads around 1140kms.

You will find last month on the left side of this page.