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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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July 31st Thursday
Not a good day, spent most of the day at the Albury RTA office trying to swap the rego on the new car. It was given a roadworthy in Sydney and put on the RTA computer system went into Albury RTA today it was not there.

The life of old Ford Transit Van look to be over a $7000 plus repair bill and when it rebuilt it will be worth $5000 so looks like being sold at scrap value.

We went down and handed in the number plates to the old van at Vic Roads Wangaratta as it due for rego tomorrow.

On the good side for today I am thinking, I am thinking um mm nothing tomorrow another day.

The new car been a bit of fun I turn on the CD Player it say fit up to six CDs in stacker at rear, I have to say I cannot find it. I was told to look in the side wall at the back. It all good fun I have time at the weekend to have a look.

Took my sister for a drive around east Albury today, it was good spending time together.

Talk again tomorrow.


July 30th Tuesday and Wednesday 29th
We are back in Wodonga with a new second hand car a 4WD this time. We left Albury Wodonga at 11pm Monday night on the train, the trip to Sydney took 9hrs plus just to long the XPT spent most of the trip neat walking pace.

Tuesday we looked at the car we went to see and after three hours we got our price and drove it away. It is a 4wd Mercedes Benz, not new second hand looks good and drives well.

We stayed in a motel last night then drove back to Albury Wodonga the new car went perfect not a problem and I hope it stays that way. We used 10lph in fuel.

Well it looks the part.

Inside the car there is a few things I need to tidy up.

Side steps and tow bar are fitted. The model is a ML320

Not a lot of room under here it a 3.5lt V6 Auto and a heap of buttons.

Why not buy a new car, they cost to much money and at White Cliffs we have a lot of dirt roads and I like to go look around the north of New South Wales and Queensland.

Back in Albury Wodonga and will head back to White Cliffs as soon as we sort out the car rego.

July 28th Monday
Big day seeing people in town and running the hire car back to Hertz in Wangaratta I seen Scott and I seen Faye and John next stop was Wangaratta Railway Station where I was put on a bus to Wodonga railway station then back to Carmen and Damon place in Wodonga by taxi.

Tonight we will be going to Sydney to look at two cars we found on the Internet, we will have a look around for some new wheels.

I am not sure if we will have an update to 3Dots Tuesday night it depends on what time we leave Sydney.

Another day I have a car in mind.


July 27th Sunday
We woke in Wodonga this morning and went and seen friends of ours at Debbie and Kevin place in Lavington we also met up with an old friend Noreen and Glen. We had a good chat just like the old days, we enjoyed the morning tea and coffee.

We had Carol granddaughter Tahlia with us we also went to the Lavington Shopping Centre and out to my brother Adrian place it was good morning.

Today Carol and I were married 12yr's we had lunch at the SS&A Club in Albury and we went for a drive to the Hume Weir.

Picture from the Internet, Hume Weir and the Murray River.

There is no place like the Murray River it is a World class river that we need to look after. I am not a greene but I love Australia it is one of the best places in the World and 95% of people look after it.

Tomorrow we are planning a trip to Sydney to look at two cars that are for sale on the Internet. (We were going tuesday but moved it to monday.)

Had a call it was a Sunny 20c in White Cliffs today we will be back there by next weekend.


July 26th Saturday (July 25th)
A really big day yesterday the 25th I turned 65yrs, last night we had a party at Kylie and Troy place (thanks guys), I am now officially retired and on a pension.

Tim and Suzy came home we picked them up at the railway station in Wangaratta they are nice people and good friends.

Looking after their fantastic house for seven weeks was at times exciting. The two dogs were fantastic, Katie and Dusty were great and would do anything for food. They are the life of the house and we loved being with them.

Mum and Dad are home an the dogs go crazy.

Hooray life is back to normal, the dogs say we love Tim and Suzy

I started work as a oil boy at the Albury Woolen Mills in 1963 (born 1949) and my last job yesterday was cleaning up dog poo 2014. "Everyday I have a job to do"

We are looking at a new (used car) in Sydney on Wednesday so we will take the train up Tuesday night. Hoping to drive it home.

The Ford Transit Van at the repairs in Wangaratta the first step is to get a price on the parts and work required. We then need to decide if it is worth repairing.

Today I am going to the auction at the Albury Showgrounds a social outing, Carol having a grand kids fix with her daughter Carmen and friends.

Update to today:
The auction today at the Albury Showgrounds was great I got a heap of stuff for $100 a really good day for all.

Tomorrow Sunday going to drop around and see Debbie and Kevin good friends.

July 24th Thursday
This is a Tim and Suzy update it looks like a date mix up, we have just worked out that they will not be home to tomorrow. Suzy sent a email from London at around 5am and it a 22hr flight plus 3hrs stop over makes it 6:30am Friday not Thursday 24th, one more night in Wangaratta, that fine, dogs will be ok with us. Suzy it you read this at an airport all is fine. Cash is on her way back to Wangaratta you have a good flight and train ride tomorrow.

I been looking for a new motor car and have one in mine in Sydney I would buy one in Wangaratta but there double the price. We will take the train to Sydney next week and if it all works out we will drive it back to Albury / Wangaratta.

We will be in Wangaratta till tomorrow afternoon then drive to Albury / Wodonga for the night, and have a meal with my family for my 65th. What happen to the last 30yr's it was over in a blink.

RACV arrange a hire car that we picked up the morning a little red Toyota it drives well it automatic and easy to drive.

We have it for five days and a 1000km's well today we did 10km's

It was quite a cold day in Wangaratta today quite a lot of very light rain in the area. I do not think we will see to much rain looking at the weather map.

Big day tomorrow.


July 23rd Wednesday
Sorry to be updating the 3Dots so late we are cleaning up at the house, Tim and Sue come home tomorrow and I guess they will want their wonderful home back.

Tonight will be a very short update the home here looks great inside and out, the dogs are asleep on their lounge.

Tomorrow we pickup a RACV hire car for five days to drive around we will know more about the Ford Van early next week it going to be off the road for quite a while I am told.

Tomorrow night we will be in Albury / Wodonga.

Talk soon.


July 22nd Tuesday
A very cold morning in Wangaratta we had -3c at the house the lawn was white with ice I think tomorrow will be much the same, the house is all cleaned up inside and out.

The Ford Transit Van is very sick the gearbox fell in a big heap and took the clutch with it we have to remember it a 2001 model with 400,000km's we only kept it as camper van we will know more Monday next week. There is a good change the cost of repair will out do the value of van.

The van being unloaded in Wangaratta it may take sometime to fix this time.

We have RACV total care so the tow cost is paid by RACV and we have a hire car till next Tuesday. Just have to do some thinking about what to do. The camper home section in the back of the van it completed. We have a lot of question to answer in the next week, who was that guy who said "life was not meant to be easy."

The dogs are inside asleep they will go crazy when mum and dad come home Thursday morning they land in Melbourne Thursday morning around 6am and I am told they hope to be home by lunch time.

Mowed the lawns today, this is a wonderful home and looked great when Tim and Sue left and it will look tidy when they return

My daughter Susan had her birthday yesterday and we both are having a party in Albury on Friday night. I turn that age 65 on Friday, Kylie putting on a party for Susan and I.

I guess that makes me an old man on friday, sorry I don't have time to be old you have to do something everyday of your life.

Two more nights sleep then we move on.


July 21st Monday
Not a good day the Ford Transit Van dropped a clutch and stopped in Wangaratta and I have the rebuild done well 95% complete. We have RACV total care so they are going to tow it in the morning. It about 1km from home RACV will give us a hire car.

Not a good picture it was taken with a phone, Carol and the dog having a good time I have to try get a picture with the good camera.

Three more sleeps and Tim and Sue are back home, it was good to hear from them today they are in London tonight.

We will miss the dogs they are great to be around.


July 19th Saturday
Went to an auction in Wangaratta it was a bit of a let down for me nothing, not a thing that I required, no hardware for sale just shop fittings.

Back to painting the Transit Camper van I think it be finished tomorrow, well the painting that is, and in the afternoon I went shopping with Scotty, he just getting over a bad cold. I enjoyed our time together.

We went shopping for items to use in the back of the camper van it starting to look good we have five nights left in the house then it back to the real world and White Cliffs. The two dogs were prefect today they did nothing wrong been here about 46 days and we get our first perfect day, I know tomorrow watch out.

I have been asked why we go away in the summer in the caravan. Here the answer the summer in White Cliffs is very hot from December to April the temperature in the outback is 40c to 48c it is a really dry heat you can live there and do nothing but pick up a shovel and work it almost kills you. Most people leave in mid November and return at Easter time. Once it to hot to work, leave.

Does anyone have a kitchen widow laying around the shed? just click "eMail Rex and Carol" on your left, if you can help out 1200mm to 2400mm wide be nice or do you know where to get one.

Looks like a fine day tomorrow.

July 18th Friday
We all woke up to the news of a plane being shot down and 298 people being killed and that included 28 Australians a bad day for the World.

The water in the creek came up quite a bit over night and it started to fall around midday. We had no rain today in fact the sun came out an we had a great day, cold but sunny it was a top of 9c. The weather man talking about rain I feel we will not see rain for a week, the sun is about to shine (I think)...

Those crazy doodle dogs seen a duck on the lower lawn, you guessed it into the water they went after duck. The duck just took to the sky leaving two very wet dogs in the water, they then run up and jump on me and I now have a wet jumper and Carol yelling at me "Your jumper wet" so now there three of us in trouble, Katie you started this, get that smile off your face.

Went around to Faye place today and seen Harvey Dog he about the size of two tennis balls.

While I was out I paid my drivers licence for the next ten years my eye test I could read the bottom line, lucky I guess.

Will get back to painting tomorrow.


July 17th Thursday
I worked on the Ford Camper Van all morning doing a bit of painting, it starting to get there at last about five hours and I have all the paint work done and dry I hope.

The creek came over the top and flowed across the lower lawn area, right now it not a problem.

Today, the morning was fine then in the afternoon the rain returned let's see what happens tonight. At 7:30pm tonight it 4c outside. I think it will fine up next week.

We left at 3pm to return Carol Car to Albury, Kylie dropped us at the railway station and we took the train back to Wangaratta, Scott picked us up and dropped us back home we were back around 6pm. Thank you Troy and Kylie for looking after the car.

Katie and Dusty Doodle, one week and mum and Dad will be home and life will get back to normal for you. Right now they are asleep inside, gee life hard they are great dogs.

The Ford Transit Van booked in Monday morning to get fixed, the battery is not charging.


July 16th Wednesday
A very cold but sunny day in Wangaratta, I had a red light come on in the Ford Transit van today and it will not go off I don't like red lights I go see about it tomorrow. We are planning to return the Proton (Carol Car) to Albury tomorrow afternoon Kylie and Troy are going to look after it for a while.

Went for a walk around the house, late in the day just to check it out, there are some nice spots around the house.

There a name for this area I will think of it, what a nice spot to sit on a winter night by the fire.

Part of the lower grounds I have to give it a mow (if it stops raining)

A nice area to sit and drink a coffee on a nice day. Note the creek in the background, tonight it overflowed and flooded about 30SqM it may go up and it may drop after all we had no rain in the last 12hr's. It is a very nice place to live.

They say we will get strong winds tonight.


July 15th Tuesday
Did some more painting today I think I have about three days left, if I work 4hrs a day. I did about 3hrs today then the cold came back in and so did the rain. If the paint odors is bad on the way home we will have a night or two in a motel. As for the kitchen in the van we are using the same layout as before, I have added shelving and plan to add better lighting.

Bill in Queensland said his family from Albury are staying with him right now. Bill tell them it is 7:35pm Tuesday night in Wangaratta it is 9c and raining and a really cold wind that will cut you two, it is winter. 

It maybe old age today I bent over painting for about one hour and then had trouble standing up. 

In the afternoon I went and helped Carol sister with her computer a family thing it looked good this afternoon.

Dusty waiting for the rain to stop.

Let me tell you something about Dusty, he has been sitting in van while I work in the back.
What do you do when Dusty Doodle turns up and your painting a wall and it very wet. "No Dusty I yelled No, No" you should have seen the look, he was down on the whole World. So we open the front and he jumped up and went to sleep on the front seat, he was happy with that.

Don't forget the auction sale in Albury on the 26th July Click Here I have also updated the White Cliffs website for the people up there Click Here when you get to the website click on "Randels Dates" the town is 200 to 400 people and the social life is non-stop have a look.

As I said tomorrow another day


July 14th Monday
We had that cold morning -2c and tomorrow looking like a return to wet and colder weather they are saying 20 to 30mm Tuesday.

I pulled out the paint and spent the morning painting inside the Ford Camper van still a long way to go but we have 50% completed we like the colour. Just have to see what the weather does then decide when we do the next section.

A user sent me this picture why do women live longer that men, have a close look.

Hi Sue and David in Gippsland.

July 13th Sunday
It was a fantastic day in Wangaratta, the morning a very cold -2c ice in the bird bath out front of the house. We sat down at the kitchen table today working out what we need to build the new kitchen in White Cliffs we need to buy every nut, bolt screw here, drill bits and tek screws.

The hardware shop is in Broken Hill 300km each way from White Cliffs it time like this we need a bigger trailer I have to look into that one day soon. So I went shopping here in Wangaratta. Still need to buy some timber.

First stop today was the Wangaratta Sunday Market it was a good showing and I did find a few bits we need for the new kitchen nuts and bolts.

Such a nice day I started painting inside the Ford Camper and the paint did dry, still have a long way to go. Hope we get another good day tomorrow and I get back into the painting.

The area outside the gateway now completed looking great, and not one plant had to suffer. Why do it, simple it there to be done and Tim and Sue have a great home and it not going backwards on my shift. Plus I have the time right now and not going to sit around doing nothing, I enjoy working and seeing a good result.


Outside looking like a full moon and they are talking -3c tonight it looking like another fine day.


July 12th Saturday
Ok I mixed the date up yesterday it is all fixed.

Winter sure here I went to a auction in town today only a few km's away at 8:30am and it was raining quite heavy, I spent time at the auction maybe an hour and went home what can I say it was a heap of junk.

Back home and not a lot to do other then play with the dogs, I started cleaning up the entry to the house, outside the electric gate around the letter box and up the driveway.

Raked up quite a bit, it is looking good so far. Tonight we went out for a meal this is our first night out we stopped going out at night when we had that guy try a break in. The dogs were in laundry for two hours we let them out when we came home.

Katie rushed out in the dark and lined up a possum, I saved the Possum and it ran up a tree bet it does not come back down tonight.

Katie back inside the Possum safe up the tree a bad Katie.

Dusty with head on the lounge saying "I did nothing" I am a good dog.

It a really cold night really cold tomorrow we are looking at -3c to -5c in the morning a good day after lunch time Sunday.

Maybe able to try paint in the back of the Ford Camper Van tomorrow, I gave up the last few day due to the rain and cold the paint would not dry. If ok I give it ago tomorrow afternoon for a few hours.

We are going to really miss the crazy dogs we love them. Mum and Dad will be home in 12days about the same time the last leaf falls off the trees.


Here's hoping the sun comes out tomorrow.


July 11th Friday
I am not going to say it, no I am not going to say it... Iv just got to say it freezing cold 8c at 2pm top for the day and we had a very fall of snow.

Been working on a website for an auction in Albury "Click Here" to view the auction that took up most of the day a website this size takes about 11hr's to build.

The dogs spent a lot of time asleep inside today, they were not in the mood to play outside. There is not a lot you can do, maybe the week will be better.

There an auction on tomorrow, see how I feel in the morning.


July 9th Wednesday
Dare I say it more rain 90% of the day and last night we had very strong winds. Today I did some things like insurance on the cars rejoin RACV / NRMA for the year just those one a year jobs that come up Carol stayed home under guard of the Katie and Dusty.

The dogs had a busy day tonight they are both asleep on the floor and the lounge, they did not do a lot today due to the rain.

Tonight I start setting up a website for a auction at the Albury Showgrounds for Garvin and Adrian

Let hope we get a fine day tomorrow and do some painting inside the Ford Camper.


July 8th Tuesday
Spent most of the day working on the Ford Camper Van I have finished all the timber work and after a really big cleanup I will start painting inside the van we will go buy some paint tomorrow.

This is one part of the garden I really like.

Katie and Dusty out late tonight smelling the flowers.

Top today was 13c and it looks like the rain will return tomorrow I still feel we will get snow in the next week or two. They are talking about big snow falls on the hills in the next few day.

We never left the house today so very little to report other than Scott dropped around to say hello.

All is well in Wangaratta the leaves are still falling off the trees and my best friend "Tim air blower" and I have it all under control we make a good team, every second day I clean up the leaves.

I go buy some paint tomorrow, What colour, What colour do we buy.


July 7th Monday
A quite but cold day in Wangaratta a top of 9c it be near 0c in the morning unless we get rain.

The guy who tried to break in is still on the run breaking into a number of homes in the local area last week, the local paper has a picture on a person the police wish to talk to. We have turned on outside lighting at night. We have not had any problem here at the house, the "Creek Jumper Robber" as the television call him tonight.

And to all the people who told me "Pepper Pig" spelling is "Peppa Pig" all I can say is get a life, I was a high school dropout at 14yr's old my maths I was top of the class, and at near 65yrs who cares how you spell "Peppa Pig" I know my granddaughter does.

Did some more work on the Ford Camper needed some 20mm square timber from Bunnings (Home Hardware now closed in Wangaratta) so Tim I took your Holden for a drive to the shop and back, it be right for another week.

Do some more on the van tomorrow.


July 6th Sunday
Adrian dropped by today and had a cupper then around 1pm Troy, Kylie (my daughter) and Joyce (3yr's) came down for a cup of coffee. We had a "Pepper Pig" play house set up on the table.

Joyce and her Pepper Pig play house.

We all went for a walk to the "Secret Garden", it a long walk to the garden, you have to walk down the steps near the shed then up the steps to the carport then down the hill past the wood heater, down the hill then up the steps to the trailer across the driveway then into the garden under the clothes line that the garden where the little fairy's live. Joyce said she seen a fairy under the plants. "They are really small" she said.

Tonight I went to the supermarket and almost came home frozen, it is very cold tonight but no rain so far that's good but the day not over yet.

A really good day.


July 5th Saturday
Went to a auction in Wangaratta today found some windows I can use in White Cliffs. I also found some metal lover windows that can be used on top of the underground home over the air shaft just what I am looking for.

Mowed the top lawns today after working out how to start the new lawn mower the house is looking good out front. Then no prize for guessing what happen then, it rained.

Right now it 7c and I am sure it going to snow one day soon. Adrian going to come down for a drive tomorrow to say hello.

Joi said Peter will have to wait about a week to see it his operation did the trick I really hope it worked out for him, your eyes are something you really need.

We are here to the 24th July yes I be up Albury way for my birthday then back to White Cliffs. We have both enjoyed our house sitting and the Katie and Dusty Dogs are great we will really miss them.

When we come down from White Cliffs we will have to drop in and say hello to the dogs.

I take some pictures if the sun out tomorrow.


July 4th Friday
The 4th of July, where are my fireworks, you have to old to understand that comment. A great winters day the sun came out and I started the ride on mower and mowed the lower section of the block it looking good then the rain came so the top area will have to wait for another day.

Did some more work on the Ford Camper Van started to make the second bed on the left side of the van. I get back into it on Sunday if it fine tomorrow looks like a very wet day.

Started your Holden Tim it almost did not start a near flat battery but it did start I took it around the block and will give it a drive tomorrow.

Setup a one page basic website for an Albury Auction (Click Here) at the Albury Show grounds...

Have a good weekend.


July 3rd Thursday
It sure is winter in Wangaratta we had fog all day long, hope we do see the sun tomorrow back working on the Ford Transit Van today and I did take some pictures.

The new floor in as you can see the kitchen sink in, refrigerator and gas stove note this is all work in progress I have to paint it and I am now about 50% completed.

The rest of the new timber work. You are looking at the first of two bed on the right side there is storage under the beds. The little white door is for dirty clothes and the big white box slides out you lift the lid for dry food storage. The table on this side folds down and is part of the second bed.

Up top you see storage area microwave and bed side light.

Under the right bed at the front end is a second battery with charger it will charge from 240volt or from the car as you drive along road, it will also charge from a portable solar cell we have.

Looking to the back of the camper is a room that is a toilet and shower I have a lot of work to go about two weeks the way I am going, not sure about the paint work doing it fine getting it to dry a real problem.

I have used a lot of second hand timber from White Cliffs that came with me. If the beds are made we can exit via the back of the camper van.

Why do it when you have a caravan, from Wangaratta, Albury it is a 1040kms to White Cliffs via seal roads. We find ourselves driving 500 to 600km's a day it hard work sometimes (I am getting older) we will able to drive down a lot slower stopping two to three nights (maybe four or five) along the way. We had it setup as a camper before but nothing like this, it will be 4 star all the way.

About 3pm I gave up work on the camper and started the blower and cleaned up around the house there's not a leaf to be seen the house looked good tonight just need the rain to stop and a warm day to dry and mow the lawns.

Remember last Thursday night, we do...


July 2nd Wednesday
Had no news about Peter eye operation in Melbourne we hope it went well for you.

We took a 30sec video of the dogs playing outside on the front lawn this afternoon lets see how it works out. To see the video click here the video is about 6.5meg in size, just a bit of fun playing with the dogs.

We did about four hours work on the Ford Transit Van today it is looking better and I still have to take that picture. I have updated all the wiring in the van my 12v to 240v power inverter has failed. It blew a 40amp fuse today I fitter a new one and it blew right away, not good 40amp a lot of power to blow so I drop it in the rubbish bin and buy a new one.

It was fine in Wangaratta today but very cold at the house the best I seen was 11c we had about one hour of sunshine.

Looking like a very cold night about 0c my guess.


July 1st Tuesday
Start of a new month and here the good news it is a 177 days to Christmas Day, I new you really wanted to know that.

Spent the day working in the back of the Ford Transit Van, if it not raining tomorrow I take a picture of what we have done so far. A very quite day in Wangaratta the sun came out for about two hours.

Not a good day to take a picture but Katie still into smelling the flowers.

Target look like opening a new store in Wangaratta it a big shop with rooftop car park.

We are here in Wangaratta to the 24th July the 25th July we will hang around then hear for home and start building the kitchen.

You will find last month on the left side of this page.