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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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June 30th Monday (Happy Birthday Jack)
End of another month and the end of the business year, I had a business man ask me a question the other day, "If you were going to start a business what would you sell"

I would open a shop and sell to the public, I would set it up to sell online. One business in Melbourne has it right "eSold" Address: Brandon Park, VIC 3150 you can buy at their shop but they sell mostly online. There online address is: or click here.

I am not saying this is a place to buy from but we buy from them and they seem to have found a good way to do business that others should look at a shop and sell online.

A very cold day but the good news is it did not rain, the creek has started to overflow out back of the house across the lawn, don't see a problem.

Most of the day was working in the back of the Ford Transit Van I am putting in a new timber floor just need so more fine weather.


June 29th Sunday
Another very wet and cold day in Wangaratta, does it ever stop raining. I took a picture outside today.

From the front door looking west the house has a great garden.

We have had rain, hail, sun all we need now is snow. I need to mow the lawns but that not going to happen till we get some fine weather.

A quite day thank goodness.


June 28th Saturday
A very cold day in Wangaratta and it just started to rain again at one stage today we had very light snow in the air. Carol and I woke up after sleeping 11hrs I have never slept 11hrs for many years. The dogs hate the cold wet days they are happy to come inside and have a sleep.

I have just updated the White Cliffs website for the week up top of this page you will see White Cliffs Webpage or Click Here

The last update on yesterdays news the police are talking to a Wangaratta man about swimming in the Three Mile Creek. They have called off the search of the Creek, they sure put a lot of time and effort into the search and I must say how impressed I was with the action of Police they took control of the search and all other areas such as media and the public.

The link below is to Border Mail. Click Here
The link below is to Prime TV news (it not much, but it did go national, I don't think you will see it on a phone you need a computer, but you may.) Click Here

June 27th Friday
We missed doing an update yesterday, as we all know life can change in a few seconds and last night was one of those times.

Thursday at 7:15pm (it was pitch black outside.) I was taking a bag of rubbish out to the rubbish bin the dogs were with me I open the door and the dogs went mad there was a person trying to get in the sliding door this is the sliding door right down near the carport that leads into the bottom room as we call it. He did not get into the house.
Within one second he ran past the carport over the bank in one jump I had a torch with me Katie went over the bank after him I was chasing behind Katie the person ran into the creek, I got hold of Katie partly in the water and pulled her back she is safe 100% fit and well. The  guy about 25yrs old jumped or had fallen in the creek and started to drift down the creek I lost sight of him and had Carol call Police. It now 11:20pm Thursday night and the creek is being search by Police, SES, and Rescue Squad, the creek is running very fast and up to the top of the river bank and it freezing. They cannot see where he left the creek at this time there be 50 or more people on both side of the creek right now.

There is nothing we can do Police have it all under control, the finger print people will be here at 8am tomorrow Friday.
Katie dog, the hero she went mad right on his heels she hit the water and stopped I pulled her back, I got wet shoes and socks, Dusty Dog well he made a lot of noise but stayed on top of the hill. The police left the house about midnight SES search to around 2am.
Police have it all under control, and have been searching the creek all day today Friday the creek is at the top of the river bank and running very fast.

One policeman said we should give Katie Dog a police badge. It is bad that one person steals from another but he may have paid with his life, that not good.

Tomorrow is another day.


June 25th Wednesday
Another quite day in Wangaratta it was very wet last night. Today was very cold all day. We went to the Chemist Shop and the Supermarket today. Later in the day the rain returned and the wind returned we are getting wind gust around 60kph. Nothing like Melbourne area but it a great night to stay home.

The creek about thirty meters from the main house, we are safe the house would be five meters above the creek, the creek is normally around three meter wide. As you can see in the picture it now about thirty meters wide.

Unless we get a lot more rain I do not think it will come above what it is now. It only came up about 100mm today.

It be nice day tomorrow, well that's what I keep telling myself.


June 24th Tuesday
Ok I fixed the dates and the spelling, a really good day my daughter and sister dropped in to see us for a few hours today, it was good they met the dogs. Scott came by with lunch.

Rain wind and late today a bit of hail tonight it is quite cold. We had another visitor late today (below).

I agree with the dogs take the camera off this guy. I have to get some mince.

Sue Oliver (we have four Sue's on the website) thanks for the picture of the VW, hope you are enjoying Queensland. Where David or he hiding behind the camera.

The normal thing is we turn the heater on in the morning for an hour then turn it off till late afternoon, not today it was wet and very cold even the dogs stayed inside till late in the day.

The creek out back about 300mm from a overflow, hope we see the sun tomorrow.

June 23rd Monday
What a shocking day rain, rain and more rain and it still raining tonight. The dog stayed inside most of the day. Looks like we need a new battery for the Proton.

The big job today was give the house a big clean inside it is looking really good tonight. Apart from the house we did nothing today. My kids well really old kids are coming to see us tomorrow Tuesday.

Yes it is true to answer the email question "Home and Away" is being film in White Cliffs right now today. It be worth seeing on Television in about five months time. A few extras have been recruited from the local people in town. The local pub closed.

The White Cliffs Hotel closed to film "Home and Away"

The 3Dots website will hit 2000 hits in the next 24hrs around 40 to 50 people read 3Dots every week I get email from people we do not know in England and the USA, Why I don't know.

As I was told 3Dots is the real Australia, not sure about that but that how a person in the USA seen it. Kangaroos, Emu and the outback and we all travel in caravans for six months a year.


June 22nd Sunday
Did a bit more around the house and in the Ford Transit van it was around 13c and the sun was out most of the day. Took some pictures of my friends.

You can almost hear them saying "Pop another flash light, that the last time we pose. come on lets' get it over and done with."

Will someone take the camera off him.

You do that to me one more time and I may turn violent.

I was working in the Ford Van hopped out to turn the power on when I returned there were two dogs asleep in the back.

Plugged the battery charger into the Proton all day so now it happy and running have been looking at the map books trying to workout where to go over the summer. We are planning to leave around the 20th November 2013 and return the first week in April 2014 about 4 1/2 months.

Back to my map book.


June 21st Saturday Happy Birthday Chase 3yrs old
We took the car for a drive to Wodonga and bach for Chase birthday the battery condition light went out after about 20kms it just need a long drive. Now the light on in the Proton so I take it for a drive tomorrow or Monday. Tim's Holden one ton has the best battery it start's every time.

What else happen today, had a email for Sue and Tim they are having a great time in France and loving it. had a big play with the dogs tonight.

The VW auction was big hit today we did not go, but did drive past and it was packed.

June 20th Friday
The sun came out but it was quite cold. The battery on Sue car was on the limit guess it because I have only driven it 45km in two week and the very cold morning, tomorrow we are going to Albury so I that it for a drive I am sure that all it need it Chase 3rd birthday we will go up and back in the morning.

Sue your car had a birthday today I had all four doors giving it a clean that was a really bad move the Doodles jumped in one in the front one in the back. They got told "OUT"

Tomorrow we will got to Albury and back, the VW auction on and its Chase Birthday.

June 18th Wednesday
All is well in Wangaratta other than the cold weather last night it dropped to 0.5c and we had a top of 7c... How can you have a to temperature of 7c unreal the best part of the day, it was not raining we had fog all day it may lift tomorrow.

The Fog stayed around all day it made a really good picture.

Carol went and seen the Wangaratta Art Group for a chat and a coffee. I took Sue car for a drive into town and back again, it a nice car to drive.

This afternoon I did a bit more in the back of the Ford Transit Van fitted some wiring and fitted some LED lighting, next week I fit a new timber floor and wall covers should look good in a few week.

The VW auction is on this weekend hope it stays fine for those running the auction I did the website for the auction so here hoping they all have a great sale.

Click below to view the VW auction.

Hope the sun comes out tomorrow.


June 17th Tuesday
We had a full day of rain yesterday so no need to water the lawn that for sure, today Tuesday was nice and quite in full sun, the dogs stayed outside in the sunshine and went to sleep they just came inside and went to sleep. I tossed the ball and the plastic pigs the dogs looked at me and told me you tossed them all over the lawn you go pick them up yourself.

Our first problem, the salt and pepper shaker are press button. Guess what the battery went flat and we cannot find a charger, so where using the old salt and pepper shaker.

O' no in this press button world I have to shake a salt shaker.

I have worked out the coffee machine (at last) Sue if I keep drinking this milk mix I be bigger than your house.

Susan (my Susan) good to see you have the Honda car fix and running.

The VW auction is on this weekend the 21st June we have around 3000 hits on the auction website.

Tomorrow Wednesday I am planning to do some more work on my Ford Transit Van.


June 15th Sunday
A quite day in Wangaratta we drove down town to have a look around and do a little shopping. I then pulled out the big blower and cleaned up all the leaves on one side of the house.

Tonight I made some bread in out bread making machine, bread base is on special at Cole's Supermarket $6.00 that works out at $1.50 loaf

Went and seen Scott at his place this afternoon and picked up some paperwork we do not live there but people have been told about our move, yet they still send to our old address.

Looks like a bit of rain tomorrow.


June 14th Saturday
As we all know the last few days have been quite wet the creek up down the back and we have a lot of fog this morning. So I took the camera and went for a walk around the back yard.

We had the grand kids for lunch from Wodonga they had fun playing with the dog they left after about three hours, both dogs walk inside and fell asleep within three minutes.

Note the height of the creek on the right

Gave the yard a big clean up after rain it looks good

Katie May checking out the flowers in the garden

Dusty not into flowers like Katie May is.

I going to fire up the heater one night soon

Carol and daughter Carmen, Tahlia and Chase

Dusty and Katie May get all the pats and love it. Carmen, Tahlia and Chase with Dusty and Katie May.

It was good to see the kids and they all found the secret garden (under the clothes line)

Have a good night hope you like the pictures.

June 12th Thursday
We took the train from Wangaratta to Albury I like a good train trip and I am happy to say the train was a 100% on time not a second late.

What a great building the "Albury Railway Station"

Had a look inside the railway station while we were waiting for my daughter Kylie to pick us up.

Why do our kids drive so fast, the railway station to Kylie place in Thurgoona, I must say I was waiting for a 15sec pit stop and I know why there were no crash dummies in the car they all got out and walked. She never broke the speed limit but she never went under it, she not talking to me now.

Troy thanks for looking after Carol car I drove it home like an old grandpa it went like a dream, not a problem.


June 11th Wednesday
We are enjoying our time in Wangaratta went to Aldi Supermarket today and we drove about 3km's, so what you say. When you live in White Cliffs you drive 300km's to the supermarket stay over night in a Motel or Caravan Park go shopping then drive 300km's back home to White Cliffs. So hopping in the car driving 3km shop then back home in 40min's is a bit different.

We are planning a quick trip to Albury on the train tomorrow to pickup Carol car from Kylie and Troy place then back home.

As a bit of a train lover I am looking forward to the train trip. Just what we need another car we will have Tim ute, Sue car, My Ford Transit van and Carol car. So I have to set a day aside and have a car cleaning day.

We started cleaning out the back of the Ford Transit Van removed all the flooring we going to install a nice new Timber floor and give it a new paint job giving it a big make over. Now there a new TV show "Car Makeover" rebuild a car in seven days.

Looking forward to my train trip tomorrow.


June 9th Monday (Queen Birthday Weekend)
All is well in Wangaratta the 0c this morning was a bit of a shock I went around the house with petrol blower and cleaned up about 10% of the leaves that means I have 90% to go.

The house was look good after a big cleanup.

I will cleanup and rebuild the back of the Ford Transit Van, just give it a really big cleanup and paint it inside. Fit a new timber floor add some more storage to the camper.

The back of the Ford Van has two single bed a DVD player, Television, Gas stove, Microwave, Kitchen sink, Toilet and shower it been like that for a while and it time for a rebuild and a freshen up.

I have removed the all the old flooring today and cleaned it all out, may take a day or two to dry out I will also add some new lighting and power points.

The dog here are doing well, they are great dogs, time for a big sleep, it hard work chasing a plastic pig.

See the VW auction I did for Gavin and Adrian is going well as of now it has had 883 people view the site. Click Here. If your into old VW cars and vans.


All is well here in Wangaratta nice sunny day after a morning frost.


June 7th Saturday
Well day one down, not a problem at the house we are babysitting in Wangaratta the dogs are great Dusty and Katie May. Carol tossed a ball they both sat and looked at her "If you want it go get it yourself." I am sure that what they said.

"For security reasons we will not say where the house is and limit pictures inside."

A really nice home.

A very large yard around the size of a small football ground.

Katie May.

Dusty and Carol watch the football on TV.

The dogs love a pat. Sue took your car for a drive about 5kms today really nice and easy to drive.

We are having an easy weekend in Wangaratta staying home with the dogs. We had trouble getting the dogs to eat on Friday and most of Saturday then tonight about 8pm they cleaned every bowl in the place and drank heaps of water so life looking up.


June 6th Friday
Very short update we have moved in house sitting at Wangaratta for seven weeks we love the house and love the dogs they are a lot of fun.

It has been a really big day.

I get my computer setup tomorrow and do some pictures.


June 5th Thursday
There is a word for Albury Wodonga and that cold 14c and we never seen the sun, I know "suck it up" that what my kids say.

We went out to Lavington Square shopping well Carol did, I sat and watched everyone walk by, once I new most people in Albury I never seen a sole I new by name the city so big these days.

Next was Thurgoona, to see Kylie and Joyce then East Albury to see Muffy. Wodonga for lunch then home to Carmen and Damon place.

The Murray River looking good

One of the best parts of Australia is the Murray River I have seen a lot of it over the years and there is no such thing as a bad view.

Tomorrow we move into the house in Wangaratta for seven weeks (hope it has a good heater) I will not put the address details on the internet for security reasons. The two dogs are just great to be around.

We start house sitting tomorrow.


June 4th Wednesday
We are in Albury Wodonga tonight it was a really long trip via the Cob Highway, the road a 135kms of dirt and not so good dirt we were doing around 40 to 60kph across the dirt. At Carmen and Damon place for two night, we spent Tuesday night in Hay at the Martin's thank Sue and Chris.

We dropped off the big trailer in Hay at Rivtec, thank you for a lend of the 9m monster but it did the job.

Take a few pictures of the area tomorrow.

Need a big sleep tonight.


June 2nd Monday
We did a bit of cement work today then started packing the Ford Transit van for the trip down south to Wangaratta and that took most of the day we will be away around seven week.

In the Transit Van we have a shower and toilet well the toilet about five years old split open today making a mess that took quite a while to clean up.

Troy has Carol Proton all fixed and running, while in Wangaratta we are going to repair the seats and restore it back to the day it was built, Troy and Kylie thank you for all the hard work.

Adrian tell me he has a new computer that needs to be setup, that a job for Scott next weekend.

If all goes well we will leave White Cliffs in the morning we are returning the big trailer to Hay. What I mean by if all goes well, today the road to Hay was closed due to rain it was fine today here hoping it will be open tomorrow.

I start taking pictures my new data pack restarted today so we are back to 8gig of wireless space.


June 1st Sunday
The start of winter and looking outside it looks like winter very heavy cloud that covers the total sky, last night it dropped to 9c outside, no rain.

Inside it is 23c and we do not own a heater the underground temperature is 23c. In the bedroom we turned the fan on and slept with one sheet. Sleeping underground is a problem at times you don't know when to wake up there is no natural light in the bedroom we always run a very small light in case we wake up. Without that light you see nothing, put your hand at your nose and you cannot see it. So knowing when to wake up is a problem 6am, 7am, 10am there all the same in here.

You would never own a clock that ticks it will send you made the digital clock has a motor and the one we have is good you cannot hear the motor running. We have tossed away a number of digital clocks every minute you here burr, the one we have now is good.

If you have did not read about the "White Cliffs Power Station" you can find it in May at left of screen.

I be glade to see tomorrow we get a new data pack and I get 8gig of data for the month.

Cleaned up the front yard today getting ready to go away putting tools away in the shed and in the underground storage area.

Went and showed a local how to use a computer this afternoon he wants to do some CAD drawing.


Tomorrow we restart out data pack which will be a big help.

You will find last month on the left side of this page.