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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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November 30th Sunday
Last day of the month Christmas is 25 days away, We left Barham at 10am today heading for somewhere we drove to Deniliquin, Finley, Jerilderie, Urana, Lockhart to Wagga Wagga and that where we are tonight. It was a very hot day in south east Australia we all felt it, so I just kept driving in the aircondition car today's drive was 359km's.

This was at a roadside stop just north of Finley. We need to put some paintwork on the caravan to make the outside look a lot better.

This is a small section of the Wagga Wagga free camp site there are around 30 campers here tonight.

Looking the other way at the free camp and there is another lot at the back of us. It FREE to camp here there is a toilet you an see it in the picture. We have our own toilet and shower in the caravan this year and it is working really well.

We have our own power via a battery and a solar cell.

We are planning to stay here in Wagga tomorrow and have a look around the City.


November 29th Saturday
A hot day 36c (nothing like White Cliffs 40c and at 8:30pm tonight it was still 35c up there) right now in Barham it is 29c...

We just had a meal in the camp kitchen here at the caravan park, the kitchen makes it easy to cook and easy to cleanup. We have been talking to two old guys from Ballarat they are up here to go fishing they be in their late 70s, nice guys...

I went for a walk along the river near the caravan park and found the local council office's.

I do not know who built this but they sure had a lot of time on their hands in the background you see the local council offices.

Where to now we say, it may take a few days to get there but tonight we are looking at the Orange Bathurst area, for a few weeks.

I brought some black paint and cleaned up the Mercedes Benz getting rid of all the stones chips, giving it a big clean up. Want to give it a polish but it just to hot right now.

We are hoping to do a lot more free camping this week so we took onboard 30lt's of water for drinking and cooking we also have onboard water for the shower and toilet.

So tomorrow we head north east towards somewhere.

Hello Joi n Peter in Melbourne


November 28th Friday
We did something new today we moved caravan parks in the same town, the park we were in had almost no shade and our van was in the sun 90% of the day.

We moved about 4km's to the park in town we have good shade and we are booked in for two nights (leaving Sunday morning). We are now in walking distance of the main street in Barham and we are right on the Murray River as below.

A cross from our caravan the Murray River. (I really like the Murray River)

The Murray River it a good picture that I like.

Same place this is how far we are from the river, not far. I been working on cleaning up the old caravan we now have a toilet and shower build into the van for when we free camp this year, the bathroom is a room of it's own in the van.

Today we went shopping for tent pegs, drinking water, newspaper and we had lunch at the same Hotel in town as we did yesterday. Two meals and drinks $22 why bother cooking and heating up the caravan.

Tonight we cooked a meal in the "Caravan Park Camp Kitchen" and met a couple from the Halls Gap area sitting talking for about two hours, a good night we have fixed all the problems in the World.

The website had a new record week 84 people read 3Dots in the last seven days, I only see a number I do not know who you are. In the first column there is email Rex n Carol or email I like to know who reads our story, I can think of about 30 people but 84, your all welcome.

Tomorrow we go no where, maybe a walk to the supermarket.

Joyce, seen your video tonight your gowning up, four in January. Hi Troy, Kylie and the boys.


November 27th Thursday (Happy Birthday Carol.)
We moved 70km's today from Lake Boga to Barham on the Murray River it a small town very neat and tidy and it has two things going for it cheap fuel, cheap food, at lunch time the hotel had $8 meals and tonight the Club in the main street had $14 meals we went out for Carol Birthday.

The main street of Barham as you can see it is a very tidy town.

All the buildings in the main street look good, the main street is right beside the Murray River.

Even the local IGA Supermarket looks like new (maybe it is)

A lot of the shop have a home above the shop, after all, this upstairs home over looks the Great Murray River.

We may stay around here for a few day and enjoy the river.

On television tonight we had Home and Away in White Cliffs it was good to see a lot of friends and people we know. I was quite disappointed how they showed White Cliffs there trying to make it look like something out of a "Mad Max Movie" there are some beautiful homes that could have been used.

A White Cliffs home of the future looks like this, they went out of their way to make it look like a dump. Maybe they should come do a story on the real White Cliffs and it's people.

Tomorrow we are going to move to a caravan park we found in town this one not bad but we have no shade and we have a hot weekend coming up.

We have been going a week now and we are around 8hr's from home no one can say we are rushing this trip. We did plan to do a lot more free camping; we had one night at Boundary Bend right on the river; we enjoyed that. Our rules for free camping are, we must have a phone cell, no gum tree's and we like free camping with other people. Here today on the river there are free camps all under big red gum trees some a 100ft tall. So we are safer in a caravan park.

Tomorrow we will have a better look around Barham.

Carol said thank you everyone for the phone calls, SMS and emails for her birthday she 21 again.

Hello to Debbie and Kevin in Lavington Albury.


November 26th Wednesday
A nice cool day at Lake Boga around 12kms east of Swan Hill we were here last night and we are here again tonight, we move away to someplace tomorrow. Where not going far less that a hundred kilometers.

Here a link to the Caravan Park here at Lake Boga Click Here

The Wemba-Wemba Indigenous Australian people occupied the lake for thousands of years before the arrival of Major Sir Thomas Mitchell in June 1836.

Two German Moravian missionaries, Reverend A.F.C. Täger and Reverend F.W. Spieseke, established Lake Boga mission in 1851. The mission closed in 1856 due to lack of converts, disputes with local authorities and hostilities from local landholders. The Moravian Church established a subsequent mission site near Lake Hindmarsh in 1859. The Post Office opened on the 8th August 1887.

Lake Boga in World War II was once a site of a top-secret air base which housed more than one thousand personnel who serviced and repaired the flying boats at the "Number One Flying Boat Repair Depot." Planes like Catalinas were regularly seen coming in to land on the circular lake, only to leave soon after on secret allied missions.

The depot and bunkers were deemed top-secret military sites but when Qantas and then subsequently the RAAF came in their flying boats to inspect Lake Boga "It was supposed to be top-secret but... there were about three hundred people on the shore watching these aeroplanes come in!"

The museum now inhabits an underground bunker, built in the forties to withstand enemy attack. It is a long domed structure with turf over the top and a wheelchair access ramp now snakes down to the entrance. Inside, the building retains much of its air of mystery. The claustrophobic space is filled with memorabilia from the depot, as well as maps and photos illustrating the strategic importance of the site.

The town today:
The town is located next to the lake of the same name, which is popular with water sports, particularly water skiing. The surrounding area is used for agriculture including fruit and vegetable growing and grain production. There is a sizable wine grape industry in the area and one local winery.

There is a PBY Catalina flying boat on display as Lake Boga was a Royal Australian Air Force flying boat maintenance facility during World War II, known as the Lake Boga Flying Boat Base.

We took this picture from the caravan door, a good size lake full of Carp.

Ducks they are here and love a free meal.

If we sit here all day will you give us a meal and they did.

We went for a drive around the lake today there is camping as on the other side of the lake. We are moving on tomorrow but not to far it is Carol Birthday, do not tell her I told you.

Still no White Cliffs on Home and Away maybe tomorrow night they tell me. I must say I never wish to visit Summer Bay it is bad for you health.

Hi Tim and Sue in Wangaratta


November 25th Tuesday
As I said yesterday we were making a visit to a farm today, here are the rest of the details. It was Olson Pheasant Bird Farm just out of Swan Hill, if you are over this way, come and have a look it was worth seeing. In this case the pictures tell the story.

I could not get over the size and the colour of the birds.

I am not even going try and tell you about the birds come to Swan Hill and have a look for yourself it's worth the trip.

We know what football team this guy with, three colour's black, white and red.

Just love the colour's that we have seen today.

Blue, White, Red and Yellow and right at my feet.

Carol had a really good time and wants to go back.

Carol, had many birds ready to eat out of her hand, I know we will be back soon.

Tonight we are about 12km's from where we started the day Lake Boga more about the lake tomorrow we have a nice spot at the caravan park.

Hello to Bill and his wife Jenny in White Cliffs.

Tomorrow Lake Boga, (I think).


November 24th Monday
A big week on television, Home and Away was filmed in White Cliffs a few months ago and it is on this week.

Swan Hill, not many in the caravan park but it sure green and a nice place to stay $29.00 a night for a powered sit.

It is a nice clean park the toilet shower block could with a update but it is very clean.

Welcome to Swan Hill it has a good road network and a good main street full of shops only one problem $1.10hr parking meters they are 50c hour in Wangaratta, I have to say it White Cliffs is Free Parking. Another money grabbing council.

The Murray River at Swan Hill, if you are into walking you will like Swan Hill.

I do not think that we would live here but it a place I like to visit again it has very well stocked shops Jaycar, Super Cheap, Cole's and Woolworth's all good shops.

Tomorrow we are staying out of town on a farm stay I do 3Dots but not sure if I have the Internet to upload my dairy to 3Dots (if we are out of range it will happen Wednesday) tell you about it then.

So tomorrow afternoon it back to the farm for a night.

Right now we are having 100kph winds in Swan Hill we had no rain, if you leave anything outside it will get turned over by the wind.


November 23rd Sunday
A quite day we were on the road by 8:30am the morning leaving Boundary Bend and driving 90km's to Swan Hill stopping in the "Family Park" tonight Sunday and tomorrow night Monday cost $29.00 night powered site. Carol wants to do some washing, in the laundry.

We went into town after lunch and shopped at Aldi Supermarket and Home Hardware, the hardware shop a good one. I need a tube of Silicon glue last night we had our first shower in the caravan it worked well the drum of warm water holes ten liters an as it worked out that all we needed. I did notice a very fine crack in the floor that I need to repair and that the reason for the Silicon.

The new Ice Box in the back of the Mercedes Benz is working well we filled it with ice on Thursday and the are still frozen today Sunday, four days I am happy with that.

Ian you asked about the Cooler Box, it is in the back of the Mercedes Benz here a picture of the back setup.

Last week in White Cliffs, I built up a light timber shelf, it worked really well on the top shelf Christmas Gifts in the box tent pegs bucket and the new Ice Box 51lt (that's all we need) so far the ice has lasted four days, fold up solar cell 80watts. The lower section has 12v battery a 600 / 1200watt power inverter all the rest is tools, cables and a few other things. Spare hose's and belts some oil and coolant. (This is where I miss the old Ford Transit Van.)

Last year I had a lot of trouble with the television antenna it was big and hard to store away, this year I tried one of the new digital one's this is it on the roof of the caravan and I must say it works as well as the big one tonight in Swan Hill I have 27 tv channels.

That about it for tonight will go for a drive around town tomorrow.

Hello to Bill H, in White Cliffs.

(I was told White Cliffs had a big dust storm last night)

November 22nd Saturday
After a visit to the Red Cliffs we left the Mildura area and for a place we have drove past many time Boundary Bend right on the Murray River.

First stop was Red Cliffs and a visit to Justin's Butcher shop, Justin is the Butcher we buy our meat from in White Cliffs, apart from dropping by to buy meat and saying hello we seen his shop for the first time and we were impressed.

It looked good inside and out and it was super clean I really liked what I saw.

We then headed along the New South Wales side of the Murray River passed Robinvale and stopped at a free camp and Boundary Bend we are around 180km's east of Mildura. It is a free camp with three people camping for the night.

When I say right on the Murray River this picture is taken from the Caravan door look at the Murray River. A Million dollar view and all for free it is about 70m from where we will sleep. You can drive right down to the river but it is a dirt road and if it rained we may have trouble getting back up to the mail road.

Captain Sturt named Boundary Bend in 1829 it maybe just a bend in the Murray River but it is also a very nice spot to visit.

What here, About ten homes, BP Fuel stop a caravan park and Olive Oil here a website to look at Click Here and here one more to look at Click Here...

The Mercedes Benz had a easy day, we drove around 80 to 90kph just a slow drive stopping two times for a drink in 180km's a bit slack but we are in no rush.


Just think when I wake up tomorrow I have to look at the Murray River, life is hard some days.

Adrian hope you had a good auction in Albury.

Scott away in Sydney at a computer show, he seems to having fun.


Hello Joi and Peter.


November 21st Friday
Still in Mildura at the caravan park, our last night tomorrow we will move east someplace.

Not a great picture it was right on dark when I took it, this is a caravan across from where we are staying. (with my phone.)

We went shopping today for a new television antenna for some reason the old one was dead and had no signal at all. After a lot of work I got the new one working, in time to see the end of cricket,

We went for a drive around the local area for about fours hours.

It friday night a the local kids are treating the CBD of Mildura like a speedway, you have to ask what the police are doing.


Tomorrow we move out of Mildura.


November 20th Thursday

Went for a drive today to Wentworth the place where the big Murray River and the Big Darling River meet.

Situated at the confluence of Australia's two greatest rivers, the Darling and the Murray in Outback NSW, Wentworth is a good launching pad for fun on the water. Luxury houseboats, paddle steamers and canoes are popular options, or you can watch the action from a riverside restaurant or winery.

Food and wine are big draw cards in the region, and you can sample the local produce at several award-winning venues.

Map of Mildura and Wentworth area.

For holiday planners looking for something different to do, plan a visit to Wentworth in July 2016 for the Wentworth Tractor Rally it takes place every five years to commemorate the role of the humble tractor in saving the town of Wentworth and many other communities along the Murray River during the 1956 floods.

When making your travel plans to the area, don't forget to add Mildura, Pooncarie and Dareton to your itinerary. These towns have their own unique offerings, including Orange World and the Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club.

We went shopping for a good "Ice Cooler" we found a 55lt cooler we also had trouble with our inverter it keeps turning on and off so we brought a new one not as big as the last one it is 600 watt, cost $149.00 at Jaycar. It was a must have when doing free camping a good power converter.

We went to the Centro Plaza shopping today it is a very big shopping centre there are heaps of shops in Mildura very much like Albury Wodonga.

We are in this caravan park to Saturday morning, we are thinking about where to go maybe no where we may stay here.

Hello Faye and John, Harvey (dog) and birds.


November 19th Wednesday
We get out of bed in Broken Hill, after breakfast we headed to the "Auto Shop" in Broken Hill looking for parts, new "U-Blots" for the caravan safety chain. We also got hold of some wider towing mirrors for the Mercedes Benz.

Around 11am we left Broken Hill and took on the 350km trip to Mildura it was 40c in the outback today, I do not mind saying 50km from Mildura I had enough of the road and the heat.

Wild goats at a road side stop, there are 1000s of goats walking around the outback, there are more goats than sheep.

Tonight we are in the Mildura Caravan Park on the Murray River, for the record it is $28 a night powered site the park is 80% full it quite hot, and slowly cooling down it was 35c here today. We both like Mildura it a big place near the size of Albury.

Part of the caravan park here on the Murray River at Mildura.

The Murray River tonight just 50m from our caravan at the caravan park.

We are booked in this caravan park for two nights. We are sitting outside tonight under the star's.

Tomorrow we look around the City area and do some Christmas Shopping.


Hello Tony and Belinda in White Cliffs.


November 18th Tuesday
No "Three Dots" yesterday Monday like most people I worked my butt off packing the caravan and cleanup around the home in White Cliffs then around 2pm today we open the car doors hopped in and drove out of White Cliffs that it we are Grey Haired Nomads for three to four months we have no real plans. It was to hot in Dubbo so we went to Broken Hill tonight 300km's from home. And for all the car buffs the Mercedes Benz pulled the caravan fine I sat on 90kph and it used 13.5lt per 100km's Unleaded in Broken Hill tonight was 150.9cents per litre.

Tonight we went to Cole's Supermarket, Musician Club for a meal then back to caravan at the Caravan Park it is $30 for a powered site here.

Stopped in Broken Hill was the Indian Pacific rail train Indian Pacific, Sydney, Broken Hill (Sydney to Adelaide), Adelaide, Kalgoorlie, Perth, Kings Park and Botanic Gardens, Swan River, Northbridge, Crown Casino and Resort Perth, The WACA (cricket ground), The Bell Tower, The Perth Mint, Museum of WA, Art Gallery of WA, Perth Town Hall (from the Indiam Pacific website.)

If you want to know more about the train Click_Here. As all Duncombe's will tell you we had to be train buffs our old home in Parkinson Street Albury was right on the Sydney Melbourne rail line.

To the seven people who called, texted and email us we are fine, last night we just ran out of time.


Tomorrow we look around here a while and then head 300 km's South to Mildura on the Murray River.

Talk to you all soon.


November 16th Sunday
We had rain last night 1.5mm, wow you say it the first rain for two months. Worked on the caravan a lot of the day the rest was on the back area of the Mercedes Benz we need to do it up a bit to fit things in for the trip away.

I made up a rear boot deck they cost $1200 well this is the White Cliffs $26 version if you look close the front half has doors (three of) that lift up. One day while away I cover the top with black paint or carpet. We now have some place to store jacks and tools gum boots and anything else we need to store away. The cooler will fit on the deck out of the way.

I did some paint work inside the caravan I like to put another coat on but the paint can is empty, so that the end of the painting.

Belinda came over and had a cupper today and we hear Belinda Daughter Shelly has been talking to my daughter Kylie on Facebook. They played together in White Cliffs around 20yr's ago.

We plan to start packing the caravan tomorrow and cleanup around the house and head off mid week.

See Dianne and Adrian went away in their camper for the weekend, good to see that you and the dogs enjoyed yourselves.

Out at the White Cliffs Social Club for a meal tonight.


November 15th Saturday
A lot cooler day in town today around 33 to 35c and a cool wind we even had a drop of rain when I say a drop about 100 drops.

Worked all day on the caravan we will start packing tomorrow Sunday and leave before the run of hot weather.

Had one of my friends drop by to see me a Kangaroo about a year old I have been putting water out almost every night for them to drink.

Fix all the lights on the caravan tested and cleaned I did quite a bit on the caravan, Rod did a job for me making up a place for the spare wheel last year we had the big van to toss wheels in and so on there is not as much room in the Mercedes Benz, so I went and seen Rod and we fitted a bracket on the caravan.

We took away one gas bottle on the "A Frame" and fitted a wheel. Last year we had two 9kg gas bottles and we never used one bottle so this year we removed one to make way for the wheel. When we are camping someplace I give it a big clean up and paint job in the next week. May even try find a wheel cover just to make it look a bit better.

Packed the wheel bearing ready for the trip away, tomorrow I get the Mercedes ready check oil water and all the other things.

The Mercedes Benz tow ball was not to good so we fitted a new one today for the trip away anything that not a 100% is being replaced.


John and Glenda have new Laptop Computers to use, have fun.


November 14th Friday
O' What a day up at 6am sun up and out working on the caravan by 10:30am it was just to hot to work a shocker of a day a very hot 50kmh wind from the north then the north west heaps of dust.

I took this picture at 12 noon today at home to me that reads a 46c I know why we go away over the summer. What did we do we went underground and watched television, even underground it was 24c up one on normal, that's our day.

But I did do something and that was finish a webpage on underground living it is on the White Cliffs website, have a read it is a story about underground living today.

To see the webpage Click_Here

Hello Tony and Belinda in White Cliffs.


November 13th Thursday
Burning hot you walk outside in the sun and you can feel it burning you, today at home we had 43c and under the veranda at the local general store it was 43c and tomorrow we are looking at 44c. It will then start to cool down as the heat moves east towards Sydney and the New South Wales north coast and into Queensland. It looks like great weather to be in a Russian Warship off the coast of Queensland.

I new it was going to be a hot one and I was up at sun up and working on the caravan doing some paint work (did not take long to dry) and giving it a big cleanup. By 11:30am it was just to hot to work outside in the heat of the day.

We stayed underground even there the temperature went from 23c to 24c we had the underground locked up to keep heat out. If you boil a kettle it heats the rooms up underground, it will cool down tonight.

I had some feed back on the "Free Camping" story I did the other night most people are mixing Caravan Parks and Free Camping around 50%-50% but quite a few are free camping around 70% of the time, Di said they free camp around 90% of the time.

All said the caravan parks are killing themselves with the high cost Port Fairy at Christmas time are ask $105.00 a night for a powered site that's a 20ft square and $5.00 more a night if you have a air conditioner fitted.

If your interested we did a big update today on the White Cliffs website, have a look in the first column we added the meat order form with prices (the meat packs come from Mildura some 588kms south). We also updated Randel Dates. click_here. for the White Cliffs webpage.


Thanks for the feedback on camping, it was good.

Hello to Adrian and Dianne in Lavington.

November 12th Wednesday (Happy Birthday, my brother John living in Gippsland)
Had a shocking night sleep last night I had a blood test this morning.

Worked on the caravan to the heat set in, 38c in the shade, tomorrow a cool 40c, why is that cool you say well Friday 45c to 46c now that's getting hot. This is going to be a buggar of a place mid summer this year they may see the magic 50c this year about ten years I had a 48c here in January.

Smith Hills, we live on Smiths Hill White Cliffs a hill they say more like speed hump in the outback.

That Smiths Hill we are around 1km South of the town.

We are right in the middle near the top of the hill. You can see the old solar power station at the edge of the town. the road to our place is like a "S" bend.

Look and you will see the old white caravan, the new kitchen lost in trees we own the land to the top of the hill. That a wall of rock it holds back the hill you walk into the hill and you are underground some 28ft. All the homes on Smiths Hill are underground homes. On the other side of Smiths Hill right behind our place you will find the Underground Motel.

When the sun in the right position it hit the Solar Power Station the light hits the house and I can tell you that puts out a lot of heat. (The power station is now closed, someone forgot to tell the sun that.)

One think I can say is we have a very clean block.

Hello to Doris and Jorg in Germany love the pictures of the Rhein I get it right Der Rhein River and thanks for reading the 3Dots website.

November 11th Tuesday
A hot one 33c in White Cliffs and we are looking at 43c in a few days, have the shower built in the old caravan so now we have a toilet and shower in the caravan we are hoping to do a lot more free camping this year we are a sick of paying what the caravan parks are asking. Wilson Prom this week the cost is $62.00 a night for a powered site one night that's crazy.

It a fact for every person in a caravan park there are 13 people sleeping in free camps and the caravan parks are screaming about it. The smart towns are getting all the people last year we went to a park 10kms from the coast a council caravan park they said $20 night if you stay a week $15 night if you stay two weeks $15 night pay for 6 nights and get 7 nights and you get the use of the washing machine free. (saving $4 a wash)
That park was packed we got petrol, when to the Supermarket, the Pub for a meal and a lot more. A very smart council the caravan park was full every night we stayed there two weeks. The town was Koroit Victoria the local radio station come to the caravan park and talks to the people.

Free camping you are never alone, last year we stopped on the river at Elmore and I counted 53 free camps setup, and about 40 people sat around chatting then the music starts, there is always someone to play music, we had a good night.

Tonight the council came and talked to the local people which was good to see about 40 people came to the meeting as we all know they are broke but so are most councils.

After the meeting we went to the White Cliffs hotel for a can of Coke (it was diet coke) a hot night so we all sat outside the hotel on the street a good couple of hours.

Tomorrow we are getting back into cleaning up the caravan and looking at heading off next week.

Hello to Doug in Queensland, (Doug into trains the size that pull the kids around the park on a weekend a good hobby.)

November 10th Monday
We worked on the caravan today fixing up the toilet shower fitting a drain plug in the floor of the caravan, that took most of the day it was a lot of work but the job now done tomorrow we start painting the new bathroom setup. and fit a new shower curtain.

Went and took some pictures of a underground home in White Cliffs but more on that in the next few day, it worth seeing.

Tonight we went out for tea and coffee we then came home.

Only a short report tonight, tomorrow we get back inside the caravan.


November 9th Sunday
I have a little friend here in White Cliffs he (maybe a she) been tossed out about three times but sneaks back in by sitting on the door you open it hops off and run inside. To enter the underground we have two door our mate may get in the first door but not the second.

We are around 150mm (6") long and totally harmless they grow to around 200mm (8") you can pick them up, you are more likely to harm the Gecko, it better if you do not touch one. If you pickup a Gecko by the tail he will drop the off and grow another one in around six months. He lives on spiders and insects. They love being in the dark they have little suction caps on their feet and can walk up a wall. If you hold out a hand towel it will clime aboard and be taken outside.

I found a bit about Geckos on the Internet, Geckos are lizards belonging to the infraorder Gekkota, found in warm climates throughout the world. They range from 1.6 to 60 cm. Most geckos cannot blink, but they often lick their eyes to keep them clean and moist. They have a fixed lens within each iris that enlarges in darkness to let in more light.

Geckos are unique among lizards in their vocalizations. They use chirping sounds in social interactions with other geckos. They are the most species-rich group of lizards, with about 1,500 different species worldwide. All geckos, Nocturnal species have excellent night vision; their eyes are 350 times more sensitive to light than the human eye.

Most gecko species can lose their tails in defense, a process called autotomy. Many species are well known for their specialized toe pads that enable them to climb smooth and vertical surfaces, and even cross indoor ceilings with ease (one hypothesis explains the ability in terms of the van der Waals force). These antics are well-known to people who live in warm regions of the world, where several species of geckos make their home inside human habitations. These species (for example the house gecko) become part of the indoor menagerie and are often welcomed, as they feed on insects, including mosquitoes. Unlike most lizards, geckos are usually nocturnal and are great climbers.

I was up early working on the caravan the first thing is to finish installing a bathroom that I started months ago, the caravan is old, really old we were going to get another one this year but it never happen the building up here took over and now it summer time again.
When we lived in Wangaratta we took an old caravan and pulled it apart how far did we go well it had no floor left. Rebuild it inside making room for a shower toilet, it an old van and only 16ft long that about 5m. So we are planning over the next week to do a few things just to make life a bit easyier.

Where are we going well the plan is to head south turn east towards Cobar and Dubbo then east towards the coast but stay inland this side of the Blue Mountains and end up Canberra to see Adam then Albury for Christmas after that not sure, we have a good plan and that no plan.

Leave here around the 20th November caravan parks some free camping maybe the odd motel it around 1600km's to Albury we have around 30days, an easy trip about 50 to 60km's a day.

December 6th 3Dots will have been going one year I was only going to run it while we were away, for some reason people just kept reading it. It went from 5 or 6 family a week to some 70 people a week, Ann in London, Charlie in the USA and Ian in New Zealand I work out why you read it one day.

Had coffee at the underground motel with friends mid morning and having a meal at the White Cliffs Social Club tonight.


Start of a new week, Hello Damon, Carmen, Tahlia and Chase in Wodonga.


November 8th Saturday
The words of the day are "Lock Up", we are at the "Lock Up" stage for the new building and "that's it" for this year, time to work on getting caravan ready and head off to some place we hit 40c here at home late today really hot.

Looking one way (east for the record). You see the bench add a stove, add a big refrigerator and more along the wall. We will use the area at the far end for a dining room the room is 12m (40ft) long and 4m (13ft) wide

Looking the other way. Where the hat is we will install a pantry, next door outside to the underground then a place for our very large kitchen hutch at the far end a craft room for Carol to work in. After it is all built we will wash down the walls and paint them. At the far end you will see part of the front door.

Inside under cover we have a ten draw center bench to match and breakfast bar. For now we are using it inside the underground. The kitchen bench is 4m (13ft) long at the far there be a wine frig for my soft drinks the other space under the sink is for a dish washer. The camera playing tricks a bit all the kitchen doors are the same colour.

Well that it, time to work on the caravan and head east then south for Christmas.

What do I have left not much we are out of glue, nails, rivets cement sheet as of today there's not much left to work with.

Outside will look a lot better with a veranda and a big paint job.

As I said a veranda will take away the cool room look, note the high peak above the dining area, the window at this end is the craft room Will trim it all up next year and paint it.

Next year will be a good year.

November 7th Friday
Worked on the kitchen from7am to 11am we are getting there day by day just want to get it to lockup stage.

At a 11:30am we went for a drive to the chemist shop, no chemist in White Cliffs it is 100kms south in Wilcannia on the way down we came across a camper van about $150,000 worth it had rolled over and over what a mess the police had just turned up the driver seem to be ok but was taken to hospital.

The Old Bridge across the darling river at Wilcannia. (picture from Internet)

We had lunch at the Wilcannia Bowls club, they have good food there. Filled with fuel at the BP fuel stop (Hello Pat).

Went to the Chemist shop and stocked up with my pills (Hello George).

Then back to White Cliffs, that's about it for Wilcannia, if you are a camper they have opened a new caravan park about 4km's east of the town it getting good ratings.

We are home this weekend so far around 60% of the towns folk have moved out for the summer it's just getting to hot. It's fine living underground but you have to come out some time like tomorrow we are told 40c plus and no wind.

Bill will be here and he looks after most of the homes in town, we call Bill the "Keeper of the keys" he is a old time retired Policeman. A top person he looks after our keys while we are away.

You may remember Bill from last month he's a really nice guy (it is my picture) I'd love to hear his story one day. And I am told the hat's good for 20 more years. "The Keeper Of The Keys" looks after the town. The White Cliffs Sporting Club election is under way Bill the returning Officer and vote counter. He never leaves White Cliffs Summer or Winter if we have coffee we always invite Bill. "A True Australian"

I have to be up early to beat the heat tomorrow morning it may drop to 28 to 30c tonight inside it is still the same 23c it always 23c underground.

Who's turn is it tonight, Hello Susan and Muffy in Albury Wodonga.


November 6th Thursday
What happen today not a lot I was up at 6am working on the kitchen by 6:30am doing a lot of small jobs and sealing up the roof and walls I did move the glass door to the front door of the house that little adjustment took two hours.

Back at the hospital today for diabetes check up and I must say all is well if I keep going I be able to reduce my tablets the doctor said. I had a check up in May I have lost 5kg and my sugar level the best in years. I would not normally talk about my health, working on the kitchen has been hard work and the point is it been good for my health. The doctor was from the Royal Flying Doctor Service, we talked for 70mins today.

The Blue Moon last night I had a heap of emails about the moon, it was a good way to spend the night.

Tomorrow we are going for a drive to Wilcannia to fill a script and have a bight to eat and look around town.

We have updated the White Cliffs website tonight thanks Randel for your input I know you read three dots. Click Here


November 5th Wednesday
A quite day in White Cliffs we needed one after all the social outings, to start I repaired a 240v to 12v power inverter it took around three hours to fix I had to refit some parts that fell out, yes they fell out bad solder work when built. Ron Dowton thanks for helping me out with a mini drill and drilling two 1mm holes. It all fixed now and working, just in case you do not know a power inverter we use when camping you hook it to a 12volt battery and it converts it to 240volt when camping. We charge it next morning with a solar cell, we uses a second battery not the car battery. For the record the inverter 1500 / 3000watts...

Did about four hours on the kitchen getting it to lockup stage, I now going for lockup stage around Sunday.

Tonight I took the camera out side and took the moon it had a blue colour about it tonight so I pulled the camera out.

I have seen a red mood but unsure what a blue moon means. At the five o'clock position you see a line well it not ET hand it the top of a tree on our block, the kids are saying who ET well ask you mum or dad about "ET phone home."

If anyone knows what a blue moon is let me know please.

The date been set for the 2015 "White Cliffs Music Festival" this years was tops it ran all weekend and we loved it and Anne was telling me next year is even bigger and better. Have a look at the Music Festival Website. Click Here

Hello Troy, Kylie and Joyce.

Back into the kitchen tomorrow morning early, it starting to warm up.


Update: Blue Moon (From Troy in Albury)

1.    A blue moon is an extra full moon that appears in a subdivision of a year, either the third of four full moons in a season or, recently, a second full moon in a month of the common calendar. Metaphorically, a "blue moon" is a rare event, as in the expression "once in a blue moon".

2.   Blue moon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Click Here
Troy thanks for that one "I know the saying once in a blue moon"


November 4th Tuesday (Melbourne Cup Day)
A great day in White Cliffs 30c a cool wind from the east and the Melbourne Cup dinner at the White Cliffs Hotel. The good news is I picked the winner of the cup and the bad news is I only had $1 on it for the win (I bet using Carol account on the Internet).

The "Fashion On The Opal Fields" was the big thing in town around a 100 people were there.

The winner this year and she did look good a local girl and guess who was a runner up.

Yep runner up last year and runner up this year so we now have two red ribbons to put on show in the underground. Carol really happy and we all had a good time.

I was up at 6am working on the kitchen to 10:30am, I have it at lockup by this time next week, then it be time to get the caravan ready for our summer trip away.

Must say thank you to all at the White Cliffs Hotel the meal was great and they fed the whole to of White Cliffs for FREE we paid for drinks all food free and a cooked dinner at that. They really do support the people in town, well done.

There are a lot more pictures on the White Cliffs Website there is a link at the top of this page.

November 3rd Monday
Another big day at the office or should I say at the kitchen, up at 6:30am and hard at work, I was working some 9ft up I had one little problem. A large sheet of cement sheet I was lifting into place and lost my grip and it hit the ground, nothing left it broke into a million parts so I had to work with what I had. It looks ok but it could look a lot better but no hardware store for 300km's you do it with what we have.

No coffee stops, no meals out gee we got a lot done, tomorrow a big day in town the Melbourne cup dinner at the back of the White Cliffs Hotel and "Fashion on the Opal Fields" it a big event in White Cliffs.

It was a nice day in town today 29c and we are looking at 30c for the Melbourne Cup day.

The good thing is there is no where to bet in White Cliffs other than the Internet I take the camera with me tomorrow.

To all the people who sent emails saying how much they like the kitchen, thank you.

Scott back home in Wangaratta after spending the last few day in Melbourne at the computer show, it like going back to school you see all the new stuff on the market.

Tomorrow a big day in town.


November 2nd Sunday
This year is almost over I cannot get over how quick the day went, last night we went out to the White Cliffs Motel for a meal with ten other people and tonight we are off to the White Cliffs Sporting Club for a meal and meet up with friends for a chat.

The kitchen most of the work this week was on the outside remember we were in Mildura and Broken Hill Monday to Wednesday.

The east end is at lockup stage and as you can see it looking ok, for a computer man I have a lot of trimming to do but were getting there.

Looking from the other end it getting there as well. If you look up high above the sheets that where I will be working the next few days, filling this in it is slow work up on a ladder all the time the roof nine feet high at this point.

Had a coffee with Belinda and her daughter Shelly from Broken Hill at the Red Earth Cafe late morning Carol and I enjoyed our time out.

We time to get ready to go out to the sporting club.

Hello David and Sue your back home thank you for the email, we having cool weather this week.


November 1st Saturday
And we start another month in White Cliffs I was up early working on the kitchen the high roof section over the new dining area had a heap attention today I get back into it tomorrow morning.

Tonight about 20 locals went out to dinner at the local underground motel we all sat out in the beer garden tonight to 9:30pm and just had a big chat.

Tomorrow night I put up some new pictures of the new kitchen I have put in heaps of hours in the last three days, just want to get it to lockup stage in the next 10 days.

Part of the underground motel inside it neat, tidy and very clean.

It not easy taking a picture inside the underground there is no natural light they have great meals and look after the local people.

Sorry about the late update but it was party time in town.


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