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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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October 31st Friday
A very hot night in town tonight the Hotel is packed most are sitting outside on the street the local kids are out for Halloween we are about 1/2km south of the town bit far to walk for Halloween.

Can I shoot the weather man he said today 5 to 10mm of rain, I was thinking better fix that leak in the roof so up at 6am to try beat the heat and worked two hours on the roof then at lunch time the weather man puts out a review <1mm in other words no rain. Guess it fixed now and that a good thing. How do you get a leak in a underground home easy trees. Over the years tree roots grow

After that I put up some cement sheet on the kitchen about a week work left on the outside of the kitchen. By 3:30pm it was just to hot to work outside 37c today so time for a shower.

No cold water, if you want cold water put it in the refrigerator the hot water really hot the cold water was hot enough to shower under we save on gas this time of year. A 9kg gas bottle in winter last 10 days, in summer it last 28 days. The reason being the cold water hot. We only use the hot water to wash up.

Scott at Paxus Melbourne for a few days if your not in the know Paxus is the Melbourne Computer Fair where all the computer nuts meet and talk to each other about new items on the market. All the big business houses are there to talk about new products it runs to Monday.

Scott have fun this weekend

They say the wind will be cooler tomorrow and from the south a good day to work on the roof or the new kitchen. End of the Month.


October 30th Thursday
Halloween tomorrow the 31st October but it seems a witch lost her way flying her broom.

I do not know who did this but its good fun I love it.

This what happens when flying a broom and not looking where you are going during Halloween.

We had a warm day 36c I worked on the kitchen till it just got to hot, no wind so I filled my weed spray with weed killer and walk around the house getting rid of the weeds.

Had some White Cedar tree growing near the front door to the house so I tried to move them to where they do some good have to wait and see how they go.

They are saying 40c in White Cliffs tomorrow friday.


October 29th Wednesday
Back in White Cliffs and all is well we had a good night at "Outback Villas" in Broken Hill then went shopping at the Reject Shop and Cole's Supermarket, Carol had her hair done and we headed for White Cliffs the main road east of Broken Hill has some bad bumps in it they need to spend some money on Australian roads.

There's not much out here just trucks and caravans, Emu's, Kangaroo's and Goats I seen about 500 today on the roadside.

You just set the speed at 110kmh and keep a eye out for wildlife almost nothing out here. This section is 45km's without a bend. If you see a White Falcon, Ford Cobra V8 it has two wide blue stripes let it go it good for 300kph and fitted with bright flashing blue lights.

I never speed out here always around 108kph you always see a Police car every trip most are unmarked cars.

Tomorrow we get back into the kitchen and try get it to lockup stage before we head off for around four months.

Hello to Doug in Queensland.


October 28th Tuesday
A big day, we get up in Mildura early, went to the RTA Office a Carol renewed her driver licence for the next ten years. Then the AEC to swap some details around for voting.

Shop after shop in Mildura K-Mart, Rivers, Clark Rubber, Bunning's, Cheap as Chips and McDonalds for coffee by this time it was near 2pm we heading north 300km's to Broken Hill I told you it was a big day.

In Broken Hill first stop was Tyre Sales, they fitted the two new tyres that we needed on the Mercedes Benz so all is good. Tonight we are at a place called "Outback Villas" in a almost new home they have around twenty nice homes side by side in one street and the rent them out $110 night they are first class.

From Wentworth to Broken Hill 255km's and it does not have a corner you just lock the car on 110kph and let it go it took bit under 2.5 hours town to town I did slow for the odd Emu, Kangaroo and roadside worker. At that speed we used 12lph of fuel, the speed limit 110kph and cars just went past me like I was standing still. People treat that road like a speedway.

"Relay for Life" Susan and the Target team made $2200.00 for Cancer ending last weekend. I know the team put in a lot of work, well done.

Tomorrow we shop for food then after lunch we head for White Cliffs and back to working on the new kitchen.


October 27th Monday (Happy Birthday Joi)
Bit of a mixed day we were up at 6am and on the road towards Broken Hill at 7:30am a cooler day 29c. As I said last week we are fitting two new tyres to the Mercedes Benz I ordered the tyres last Monday by phone and made a appointment for today.

After around 300kms we are in Broken Hill "yep" you guessed it no tyres in stock no one did the order. The tyres I have had a good 1000km's of tread left so we went on to Mildura. We will be going back to Broken Hill Wednesday and I am told they will be there. White Cliffs to Mildura is 620kms' each way. Tyres are $170ea and I can get them in Melbourne $130, Albury $185, Wangaratta $210 all the same tyre. So I buy them in Broken Hill.

Mildura (picture from Internet) it has great shopping all the big shops are here and tonight we were at the supermarket and at the checkout a red light started to flash "we have a lucky customer, I won a steam iron". We will see how we go but we may stay a second night in Mildura.

For all the car buffs the Mercedes Benz over 620km's today and did 11.5lt's per 100km's at around a 105kph the speed limit out here is 110kph...

Tomorrow I will get some parts I need for the new kitchen at Bunning's Mildura. Carol wants to do some Christmas Shopping.

Cooler weather I love it. Joi have a good birthday... Love you heaps


October 26th Sunday
The good news is Susan completed "Relay For Life" at 9:30am this morning, well done to Susan and her team mates. Tell how much money did the team raise for cancer?

Susan, Joyce and Kylie went out today sending me a picture.

Joyce having a good time in a Fire Engine today in Albury Wodonga. Thank for the picture.

Today in White Cliffs, David and Sue left and headed back to Gippsland in the VW camper. We went out to a Birthday Party about 200m from home we had a great meal and totally enjoyed ourselves.

Vicki (orange top) happy birthday from all of us we had a really good time.

Now we have two NEW B&B that have open in White Cliffs, B&B White Cliffs style.

I guess this is the work of young Miss Harris a B&B for Kangaroos note the breakfast at front door of the 2nd room, well done love the "Kangaroo B&B"

The Budget B&B in White Cliffs (just good fun) it has no roof and is now the most photograph think in White Cliffs.

That White Cliffs just good clean fun.

No need to take the trailer tomorrow a friend was in Broken with a big truck and loaded on ten cement sheets 1200 x 2400mm and dropped then to our place today, Barry thank you that save me a lot of petrol towing the trailer. We will be able to take the new kitchen area to the lockup stage in the next ten days.

Tomorrow we go to Mildura via Broken Hill and do a bit of shopping.


October 25th Saturday
Susan was big news today with relay for life she just sent me two pictures from Albury Wodonga.

Relay for Life in Albury Wodonga, they walk all day and all night to 9:30am Sunday each team walks for 24hrs, have fun Susan

Relay for Life in Albury Wodonga, you know there are more people in the picture than live in White Cliffs.

We had the Trash Sale in White Cliffs on the hottest day of the year we topped out at 43c in the shade. We had ten people and groups display good for sale I sold out in the first hour, so I was happy.

The talk in town today was the heat 43c and tomorrow the same, now I know why we go away in summer you cannot work out in that heat.

Sue and David are still here in White Cliffs they came here on the two hottest days in 2014 wow it hot.

We are going out tonight at the underground hotel, should be a good night.

(ok I fix the spelling)


October 24th Friday
NEW Auction 22nd November at Albury Showgrounds "It a big one don't miss out." (I just did the website for Adrian) Click Here

And to all the people who told me you do not spell Dishwasher, Disk Washer. I am a computer man if you type "Dis" it always has a "k" on the end.

Sue and David are here from Gippsland today and tomorrow, it pity about their new VW wagon and a Emu, the Emu I am told did not fair to good and the new VW did not do to good.

Sue and Carol at dinner tonight at the general store.

David and I at the table we had a good night, after dinner we went over at the White Cliffs Hotel for a quiet drink, "no it was not quite" the Hotel in town was pack with people. We all had a good day.

The Trash sale on tomorrow morning I am going but 40c may have me coming home early. We will just have to wait and see.

Sue and David hope you had a good day.

Susan good luck with your walk "Relay for life" tomorrow night in Albury.


October 23rd Thursday
We were up early and worked outside to 11am then gave up just to hot outside underground was nice today. I had trouble with a door lock on the driver side of the Benz it was not working. All fixed now full of good old Australian red dust in the door lock.

Went down to the Red Earth Cafe then the local Hospital, no we were not sick they have growen a lot of vegetables for the locals they cost a dollar maybe two dollars a basket (money to the Flying Doctor Service) they are fresh like still in the ground.

Tonight we have carpet bowls at the hall ladies v men.

Tomorrow we have Sue and David here from Gippsland, they are here for two days.


October 22nd Wednesday
I was up and at work by 6am trying to beat the heat and found it two hot by lunchtime 38c here at home, it was a big day I got the last window in and at last we have a kitchen to look at.

We have a new kitchen in place, the space at left of picture is for a drink fridge it will have the odd Coke Cola Zero but most of the time it have bottles of cold water. In the centre will be a dishwasher (Carol said a place for me to sit) at right side of the picture will be a LPG Gas Stove and Cook top. A small bench then frig and freezer, next we need to sort out the pipes for hot and cold water. The sink has a third tap to a water filter unit, most of the time we use rain water from a tank to drink.

There is a centre island bench to go in the kitchen it is a ten draw unit 2400mm by 1000mm with breakfast bar that will sit in the center of the kitchen. It still inside in the old kitchen area underground. The old kitchen will be pulled out next winter and turned into a sitting room. I am sitting in there right now and it is 23c we find that we need a fan to move the air around.

Still have a lot of work ahead of us but it been a big job for a computer man who biggest building job before this was a metal garden shed, I know nothing about building a house it now 26wk's from the start date. Take off 8wk's away in Albury Wodonga, Broken Hill, Cobar and a number of other places we did it in 18wk's so far.

The last window in place under a very hot sky but if you look at the glass we had 25 drops of rain yes that was it for the day. I have almost run out of material to work with need more cement sheet to cover walls. Next Monday we are going to Mildura via Broken Hill the best I can do now is get it to lock up stage for the summer there always next winter to finish inside.

I may have time to use a paint roller be we leave in November.


Hi Sue (in Hay) and Chris (in Darwin)


October 21st Tuesday

Not a good day to work in White Cliffs it was hot and I mean burning hot outside, at the house it was 40c in the shade late afternoon I walked next door to see Pikey and he was reading 40c in the shade. I went out to work at 6am and lasted to 9am just to hot to work.

I moved inside and started work on the second underground bedroom I was going to start this next year I moved a heap of rock from around the room and gave it a big cleanup. The temperature outside was 40c, in the underground it was 23c after being outside it was cool walking inside.

Friday we will have Sue and David here from Gippsland and are they in for a shock we are looking at 40c to 42c on the weekend they plan to leave Sunday. And we have the "Trash Sale" on Saturday at the oval here in town.

The town has a meal at the shop on Friday night and Saturday night we have a meal at the Underground Motel we will have coffee someplace.

The Mercedes Benz was really hot inside (being black) so we looked out the back and found a roll of fabric that we cut and covered the car it has a white block out on the back so we put it over white side up. It worked well the car inside was a lot better than before.

Monday the temperature will drop to around 33c that the day we are planning a trip south to Mildura via Broken Hill. We hope to stay in White Cliffs to November 20th then head off in the caravan for the summer.

Jim, who we met last year in South Australia asked me about the counter at left, how does it work. For a start it does not tell me the name or any details about who visits the website.
Anyone can try this click on "View Site Stats" (at left) and you will see what I see, then click on "Unique Visitors Today" in blue now you will see how many unique people visit the website the past seven days.
If you visit the website you are counted once, if you come back again that day you are not counted. The counter resets at midnight each day, where is the counter, it is in the USA at "Bravenet" that is where I store me website, (the counter does not count me).
Yes when you look at 3Dots you are looking at a website in the USA that the world we all live in. (if you give it go let me know how you get on, just click on email Rex and Carol.)

Jim or anyone else who has a question just send an email I may not know the answer, if not I ask someone else.


Hello Miss Muffy and Susan in Albury.


October 20th Monday
Start of another week and it going to be a really hot one we had 37c today I am happy to be sleeping underground tonight it 23c in the bedroom.

The kitchen has a new window in the east end of the kitchen it in place and just need a good clean. Tony dropped by and gave me a lift with the window. Thank Tony

We had the kitchen in the underground part of the house for around a year (maybe a bit longer) and it took up two rooms. Today we moved the kitchen out and into the new area ready to install in the next few days, (well start installing). We now have a lounge room area to clean, paint and fix up. The other room will be a second bedroom in the underground section of the house.

I had a big problem come to town today, a new crew has taken over the White Cliffs Hospital as from today. Our new boss who knows a lot about diabetes she already been up to my house to talk with me and around the 6th November I am being checked out. It bad enough having diabetes, better not say any more I know she just looking after me.

It was just to hot working outside today I did about three hours then moved inside and worked cleaning up after removing the kitchen.

There is no where to buy hardware here so next Sunday or Monday we will head south to Mildura and Bunning's. While away we plan to fit two new tyres to the Mercedes Benz getting ready for our summer trip south with the old caravan on the back.

That's about it for the day.

Hello Troy, Kylie and the boys (I know hello Joyce.)


October 19th Sunday
Quite a warm day in White Cliffs we had 35c at home and a hot wind from the north, this morning we went out for coffee at the local Red Earth Cafe.

Inside the Red Earth Cafe here in White Cliffs it a nice cup of coffee. They sell a lot Opal here at the cafe.

Next Friday "Sue and David" from Gippsland are coming to see White Cliffs they are here Friday and Saturday night. It be good to see Sue and David in White Cliffs.

Tonight we went to the Sporting Club for a meal we had around 50 people at club tonight I ended up helping in the kitchen doing the washing up at the end of the night.

No moon tonight so a good night to view the stars in the sky, I did try take some pictures but all I got was black pictures, have to try work out how to take the stars in the sky.

I now have two door fitted in the kitchen, tomorrow going to be a hot day so I get up early and get into it.

Who is it tonight hello Susan and Muffy


October 18th Saturday
Kylie it not funny she sent me a picture of our next caravan, well my daughter Kylie said it was our next caravan; we said nothing, it built on a car trailer.

In a way I like it but Kylie No Thanks.

Worked a full day outside in the kitchen we did quite a bit, fitted one door (out of three) and installed two other door jams. I also started installing Gyrock on the wall inside.

Tomorrow we are going out for morning tea and we are out tomorrow night at the White Cliffs Sporting Club.

Thanks to Bill in Queensland he added money to Susan "Relay for Life" account, thanks Bill.

The weather 29.2c and we are told next week will out first hot one for the year 36 to 37c it starting to get up there in White Cliffs.

Taken at 7:45pm tonight from the front door, I seen something in the sky above the sun guess it was a fast moving cloud. We have had a blue sky all day. I must try take some pictures at night.

Hello to Joi and Peter in Melbourne town.


October 17th Friday
I worked on the new kitchen 8am to 4:30pm around 10am Brad a local guy came and helped me put up the last two roof panel on the roof, he a good guy and a great help. Brad and his wife come from down Albury Wodonga way.

They say a picture says a thousand words, so I stop talking and let you do the looking.

Sorry about the pegs in the way, the new high roof we finished the morning. Where the ladder is will be a window in the next few days.

The back wall of the kitchen, as you can see behind the kitchen there is a large veranda it is some 10m long and 3m to 5m wide we will close in both ends and seal up this area after the summer break cement the floor and this will make a good size entertainment area.

Another pictures of the back area behind the kitchen showing the doorway into the kitchen the open area at the top above the kitchen will be all closed in.

The doorway into the kitchen.

Looking at the front of the new building on the left you see the new high roof over the dining room. In the center will the kitchen with sink under the window, then the main front door, the right side with the window open you will see the new craft room.
Out the front from end to end you we will have a veranda with cement floor.

Inside on the left the door that leads outside under the veranda and into the underground home.

The front door from the inside looking out.

The kitchen window looking out over the town and north towards Queensland

Carol new craft room (it was my computer room Ummm) I have a lot of trimming work and cleaning to do then it gets a big paint job.

Another food panty going here.

We have a very large kitchen hutch that fits here. look at the right side of the picture a raised section of cement floor this is for a Pot Belly wood heater. The building is outside and not underground in winter on a cold day it may drop to 3c, in summer it tops 48c outside, underground it is always the same 23c summer and winter.

Well that the big update I hope to start installing the kitchen sink by this time next week.

I have run out of cement sheet to complete the wall so I am trying to find someone going into Broken Hill.

Tomorrow is another day.


October 16th Thursday
A nice day in White Cliffs it was 24c at home today I spent all day working on the new kitchen but a lot more on that tomorrow night.

The trailer return and it looks good, all straight and no bends in the "A" frame.

Remember this nine days ago.

Today, all fixed and looking a lot better, Brad did a good job.


The Sporting Club
Needs help with the equipment for the Mixed Netball on November 8.  Anyone who can help out with netball bibs etc. for the day please
Contact Gareth on 0429 093 581


Position Vacant
Early Childhood Educator—Wilcannia - Save the Children Fund

Part time (3 days per week) position for an Early Childhood Educator who holds a Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education to assist and provide effective support for families and children of 0-6 years of age in the Wilcannia community through the Intensive Supported Playscheme.
For more information and to apply for this position
or email your resume to

Applications close on Wednesday 29th October, interviews will take place on Wednesday 5th November

For more information please call 02 82029100


mEYE World Photographic Competition 2014
The Macular Disease Foundation Australia is calling for entries into the fourth annual mEYE World Photographic Competition and is asking all Australians to submit a photograph that captures the theme: “a sight worth saving”.
In 2014 the competition runs from 2 September to 12 November.
Winners will be announced on 9 December.

The four categories for the competition are:
1. Open - general public..........
2. Macular disease community
3. Healthcare professional.......
4. Junior - under 18 years.......

Entries must be submitted online and in conjunction with 30 – 60 words that explain how the entrant’s photograph shows ’a sight worth saving’. Entries will be judged on their creativity, composition, content and technique.
For entry details, visit Click Here

Tomorrow Brad who fixed my trailer is coming up to help put the last of the roof on the kitchen the last two sheets, tomorrow I put up some new pictures of the kitchen and what we did this week.

October 15th Wednesday
It starting to come together at last the new kitchen getting there, and today I worked on the outside walls and it looking good I need some more cement sheet to do some smaller bits.

The tree out front came out in flower today it was green yesterday and yellow today the tree has six colour's a year.

It just lives on rain water, the blue seat at the bottom is a plaster mushroom.

It was checkup time today the flying doctor service came into town as it does every Wednesday.

This service get no government funding, you have to ask why.

The doctor we had today was from "London England" he here working for the Flying Doctor for six month. We are getting a new head nurse next monday and Belinda returning to the hospital as a nurse. It a big changing of the guard at the hospital Monday morning.

Back to the kitchen tomorrow, we are getting there at last.


October 14th Tuesday
To start with today read the text below, if it happen to me I format the computer and start all over and never pay a scammer a cent.

I am writing to make sure you are all aware of the successful scam being conducted by crooks at the moment. The way it works is that you receive a harmless looking email with an attachment or link from Australia Post (or similar). You click on the attachment and a virus is unleashed that takes over your computer. It makes a copy of your files, encrypts them and then deletes the contents of your computer. You then receive a ransom demand for $200 and a link to a secure payment site. If you pay they will restore your files BUT your computer will be infected again and again demanding more and more money.

At present, virus protection does not protect you from this threat. So – be careful what you open. If you aren’t sure if the message is kosher don’t open any attachments or links (which is good general advice anyway). And, I strongly advise that you make a back-up on to a memory stick or similar on a regular basis. If you aren’t sure what this means, ask someone under 20 for help J

This virus has infected big businesses so it isn’t just those who are not computer literate that are being scammed. 200,000 computers have been infected in Australia to date. This is not a small problem….

While it would never be good to have your computer infected, the PMAV is at a critical time and we do not need any more problems.

Feel free to forward to anyone who may not be aware. Lynnie, Facebook if you feel relevant please.


What else happen today not a lot did a small computer repair and went out for coffee at the underground motel with Belinda, Vicky, Bill, Carol and I.

Inside the underground motel, nice place for a coffee.

We had a very windy morning morning and in the afternoon we started cleaning out the old caravan, getting it ready for our Christmas Trip away over the summer. We have no big plan other than go for a drive an see where we end up.

With the strong wind the kitchen went on stand by we will try again tomorrow.


October 13th Monday
Monday again and a great day in White Cliffs after 37c yesterday we had a nice cool 22c with a cool wind from the south. I took the trailer over to Brad who run a metal working business from his home and he is going to repair the trailer this week.

We then met up with Fran from the local Shire Council "Turn Trash into Treasure" it a national garage trail project on the 25th October 2014 and I seem to won a job we are holding it at the Bill O'Reilly Oval here in White Cliffs. You may find it on in your area on the same day under the banner of "Garage Sale Trail in 2014".

If you sell something the money yours to keep, the plan is stop Trash going into land fill.

Back home I worked on the new kitchen it starting to get there I did a lot of small things today we had strong wind, not a day to work on the roof. Then gang from around town dropped in for a chat and a look we had seven people drop in today for a look tea and coffee, it's good to have people drop by.

I be working on the kitchen tomorrow afternoon we are going out for coffee tomorrow morning, that life in the outback.


October 12th Sunday
I was up at 6am working on the kitchen why so early, to beat the heat and do a bit before the car race on television from Bathurst.

At the house today we got to 37c our hottest day so far this summer. It was a good day to watch television inside at 23c.

The butcher truck came to town, how it works he sell meat box's you pick a box size $50, $100, $150 up to $300 and they are stacked with meat. We rang during the week and booked a $100 pack there's enough in there for Carol and I for a month. They are good value and much better value than a  supermarket in town.

We went out to the Sporting Club dinner with a lot of local people and just had a chat till 9pm

Outside tonight the wind is blowing at around 50kph from the north west.

Tomorrow we drop the trailer over to Brad for repairs

October 11th Saturday
A good day to be in White Cliffs
"Gem Festival 2014" it goes on for the full weekend. The weather is blue sky 35c low wind in other words it a very warm day. We went this morning for around four hours most of the time chatting with local people who live in town.

Due to Internet security we do not put names. It was a good day.

I been told it's called a "Gem Fest" there was around 200 people coming and going, today.


Back to working on the kitchen tomorrow and watching the Car Race from Bathurst on TV.

The town has a dinner tonight at the back of the White Cliffs Hotel.

October 10th Friday
Well a little girl in Gippsland turned 5yrs old, Happy birthday Emily tell Grandpa no cake it off the menu.

We pulled out of the "Car Boot Sale" tomorrow we have no trailer it getting fixed on Monday morning. We will still go to the Gem Fair over the weekend.

Worked on the kitchen all day today where getting there bit by bit have a look at the pictures below.

The roof going on the added dining room it will fall to the east.

The craft room added to the west end of the kitchen.

This will be the front door way I work on the doorways next week.

This is the kitchen area yes it is a big kitchen the window over looks the town.

The dining room roof is 3.3m high and drops to 2.4m all the rest will be filled in on both sides.

There will a big window this end we are looking west, the added dining room the new kitchen and the craft room at the far end. Behind the kitchen under the old veranda we will have a large entertainment area it will be 15m long and around 3m wide, we fill in the both ends and fully seal it up a door will lead into the underground section of the home.

Right now it is a really big mess, and a building site, it hard living here as we move things around during the building.

Tomorrow we have the Gem Festival and work on the kitchen.


October 9th Thursday
We worked on the kitchen all day today we are adding a dining room roof we did about 50% of the roof today. I try take some pictures tomorrow and put on the website tomorrow night.

We have carpet bowls do at the hall tonight and we have the "White Cliffs Gem Festival and Car Boot Sale on this weekend." Click_Here for the White Cliffs website it worth reading.


White Cliffs GemFest & Car Boot Sale

Looking forward to seeing you here in White Cliffs this weekend.  For all those coming from out of town, please travel safely and keep watch for all the wildlife on our roads.
If you are arriving in town on the Friday, please catch up with me at the Community Hall from 6 pm onwards.  If you are arriving earlier, please feel free to give me a call if you have any queries.  Any locals who wish to set up on Friday night, I will see you at the hall from 6 pm onwards or if you need a hand with anything, please don't hesitate to ask.
Our traders, Brett and Jenny Brown have agreed to stay on the premises Saturday night for security reasons.
Our local School P & C will be doing breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Our local CWA ladies are cooking up a storm and will be selling tea, coffee and home made treats both days.  The Miner's Association will be doing lunch Saturday and dinner Saturday night at the Hotel.
Feel free to contact me if there is anything else you need to know.
Looking forward to a great weekend.
Jane Stevenson
Secretary White Cliffs Miner's Association Inc 0438790510


I am going to take a few things down to the car boot sale Saturday and watch the Car Race on Sunday.

Hello to Kylie, Troy and Joyce I know you read the website.


October 8th Wednesday
What happen yesterday, the answer the trailer "A" frame bend in big way and we drove some 255km's at 40kph to home in White Cliffs. We arrived home after 13hr's on the road. And I don't mind saying I was totally stuffed.

The trailer can carry 600kg, we around 400kg on at the time we hit a big dip in the dirt road some 70km's north of Ivanhoe NSW it was on the Cobb Highway which is a dirt road for 145km's, I just did not see it in the red dust on the road I was doing 70kph at the time.

We did pull the trailer in line a bit to get home.

Back home today, I think we should get the bush mechanic award of the week we had two gas bottles on board, a bit of board between the gas and the spare wheel did the trick the tyre worked as a shocker and took the load for 255km's. As they say it just part of living in the outback.


My mate still around he (or maybe she) been here for two years and try's to walk inside, not a good move the lady of the house has a big broom and when he see it, off he run. We keep the door closed all the time.

Had a few gutters in the drive way after the rain last week I took the shovel and fix them today.

Hello Sue, David, John and Glenda in Gippsland VIC.

Tomorrow we get back into the kitchen, they say 28c and light wind a good day to work one roof.


October 7th Tuesday
I am doing this update late morning Wednesday as we drove up the dirt road to White Cliffs and broke the trailer big time. We were very late home, pulling a sick trailer for 255km at 40kph that a slow trip.

I will do an update for today later today.

October 6th Monday
Little Chase was back home from Hospital this morning.

We were up early today I went out to Adrian and picked up the trailer and headed back to picked up Carol in Wodonga. Next stop was Wangaratta where we had a coffee at Carol sister place, Carol had lunch with old school friends while I went shopping in Wangaratta.

We went shopping for food then headed north booking into a old but nice and clean motel in Finley for the night, a nice place to stay.

Finley Motel it well priced and clean.

We stopped here and we had a place to park the trailer under cover, just perfect looking at the sky tonight.

There is a deck area to have a BBQ if you in the mood.

Wheels Of Prosperity across the road from the motel.

We will head north to home tomorrow, a long way.


October 5th Sunday
Daylight saving is here, we were up early and at Adrian place working on the trailer we have a good load on for the trip back to White Cliffs. I went shopping for a gas fitting that we need for the hot water system at home that took a while to fine.

The Proton was next we moved it from Troy and Kylie place out to Adrian place in Lavington. We are planning a trip down to pick it up just not sure how we are going to work that one out yet maybe a train trip.

Thanks to Troy for fixing it for us it running real smooth. The first thing I did was stuff up the gear change moving from 1st gear to 4th gear. The Mercedes Benz is automatic I forgot about the clutch, how quickly you forget.

Troy and Kylie the work you have done on the house looks good it really cleaned up the side of the house.

Late today Carol grandson Chase got sick and ended up in Albury Base Hospital and will in overnight, that was not good he three and just does not understand why he sick.

We seen Muffy and Kylie late today that was good.

I did a update on the White Cliffs page tonight the people up there sent me some pictures of events that happen over the weekend. Click Here

Don't know who you all are (I love an email) but over 70 people a week are now reading the 3Dots website, your all welcome, it good clean fun.

(Hello Joi and Peter.)

Tomorrow we are planning on a trip to Wangaratta and after lunch we will start the trip back home to White Cliffs.


October 4th Saturday
We wake in Albury Wodonga I took the trailer to Bunning's in Wodonga where I loaded it up with what we need for the new kitchen in White Cliffs it took almost three hours to fill my shopping list.

I then took the trailer out to Adrian and Dianne place in Lavington for tonight I am going out early in the morning to sort it out.

Next step was wash the Mercedes Benz at a car wash it looking good tonight nice and clean inside and outside, just hope it stays clean.

I know people from out of this area read three dots so hear a few pictures on the local area where I was born many years ago. Hi to the ex Albury Wodonga people who live in Queensland. I know, hello to the people in White Cliffs.


The main street of Albury.

Murray river down stream of Albury Wodonga


Nothing like Lake Hume part of the Murray River


The Albury Railway Station our family lived right on the railway line less than a kilometer from here.


The Albury Art Gallery they have the size and the money (but sorry White Cliffs has the people with Art Skills.)

Tonight we staying in Wodonga and Damon and Carmen place looking after the grand kids while mum and dad have a night out.

I was just told Kiewa Street in Albury is reopened today it has been closed for month's I am sure Target and a few other shops will be happy about the road being reopen.

Don't forget Susan "Relay for life" in the first column, it is on soon she needs your support.

Tomorrow I go see my granddaughter Joyce in Thurgoona.


October 3rd Friday (Beryl Birthday)
Not a lot you can say about today we drove 840km's White Cliffs to Wodonga down the Cobb Hwy (145km's of dirt road) the car went like a dream we stopped in Ivanhoe and Hay.

We had an empty trailer on the back and Benz did 11LPH fuel wise not bad we had the air cooler on most of the day.

Hope to see the family tomorrow around the area.


October 2nd Thursday
Worked on the trailer and service the car ready for a trip tomorrow to Albury Wodonga we need some hardware for the kitchen and roofing (already own that it is at Adrian place in Lavington) we are planning a trip down the short way via the Cobb Hwy to Ivanhoe Hay and Albury. I have run out of rivets screws bolts and nuts and it slowing me down quite a bit.

The town of White Cliffs at it again this weekend we have the White Cliffs Power Station Reunion in town. And next weekend we have the White Cliffs Gem Festival on for two day in town, run with the Gem Festival is the "Car Boot Sale" in town I am thinking of loading the trailer up with what we don't need and go sit with everyone in the main street.

The town that never stops, but it does stop in November to around March over the hot summer there are things on but not as many as winter and spring. Most people head off for the summer month's, how hot does it get around 48c to 50c that why people live underground where it is 23c summer and winter.

We will head off in the summer with the old caravan for a few months we have no plans just go and end up somewhere.


Saturday, October -11 9am to 5pm
Sunday.., October- 12 9am to noon

White Cliffs GemFest & Car Boot Sale

Breakfast Saturday and Sunday.  Lunch Saturday.  Dinner Saturday night.

* CWA Homemade goodies, tea and coffee all weekend

* Two playgrounds for the kids and a gem pit to fossick in

* Mobile Outback Toy Library with fun activities for the kids

* Inside stalls – local and interstate opal, lapidary supplies, minerals, fossils, gems, silversmith

* Outside stalls – car boot sale and the Toy Library

* Trader – Glen Innes Gemhunters Haven

* Entertainment  Saturday night at the White Cliffs Hotel Motel

For further details or bookings Contact Jane Stevenson  
or Phone 0438790510


Big trip tomorrow 860km's to Albury Wodonga


October 1st Wednesday
Start of new month in White Cliffs and Spring is in the air, in the last week the plants has flowered in a big way.

I showed you the trees a few weeks ago and now they are looking great.


The White Elm trees.

The White Elm in flower.


I have tired to move a White Elm tree and they do not live and now we have one on the side of the hill I going to try plant a seed and see how I get on.

This weekend the reunion of the White Cliffs Solar Power Station is on, read about it in the September edition of Three Dots. I took this picture from our front door. Water from the tanks flowed into the head of the solar dishes turn to steam that turned a generator and gave the town power. Ten years ago the main power grid came to town and the Solar Station closed, this weekend is a reunion of the people who planned and built the station.

Talking about building this is the new kitchen today if you look at the start of September we have come a long way in a month.

At the far end you will see a "Carol Craft Room" it was my computer room, but that life.

Looking the other way from the Craft Room that is all kitchen.

Right now it is a building site you can see the front doorway (missing door) the Craft Room on the end with small window in a month we will be almost there. We are adding a veranda along the front and flower garden and it will be all white.

The sun shining outside the temperature of the wall is 42c today on the inside it is 18c. Outback there is a covered walkway leading to the underground home which is down under the hill. What inside when completed two bedrooms, lounge room, food room, sitting room. This is near completed, this is a 2015 project I try turn my plan into a picture over the next few days.

The total size of the home outside and underground planned is 25.1sq of 2511sqF (that is 233 sqM) plus a workshop and carports. And there still some 2000sqF that we will not use underground.

Who dug the White Cliffs Opal mine as we call it, as far as we can work out a China man in the 1840s to 1860s we are turning the old diggings into a underground home. A lot of it is completed.

Back in Albury Wodonga over the weekend.



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