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Why the website, we have a big family and a big list of friends that for some crazy reason want to know what we are up to.

We have a small wireless internet data pack and by the time we send pictures and video to everyone we have no data left on our account and a lot of people miss out.

You all know by now I (Rex) am a shocking speller all I can say is!!!

The website is for family and friends I know it not a facebook and not open to the World. If you know me your a friend and welcome.

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September 30th Tuesday
I did not think I was in the same town it's gone, all is back to normal in fact it looks dull with no yarn in town. All we say is what a fantastic job.

The kitchen now has a computer and craft room on the west side all the roof on at last. put a full days work in today but no sure about tomorrow they say heavy wind for the south turning from the north.

We are heading south to Albury Wodonga on Friday morning to see family and buy some hardware we need for the building (and food).

End of the month and 5 days to Daylight Saving Starts, 86 days to Christmas Day this year will be over in 13 wk's.

We will wait and see what tomorrow brings.

September 29th Monday (Adrian Birthday)
The Art Festival over we are just stuffed it was a big weekend, no it was a great weekend it was all quality and a we all had a good time. Today I worked on the new kitchen all day, I do some pictures soon. Glad we are away next weekend in Albury / Wodonga.

Saturday, October 4, 9am Clancy’s Hut
White Cliffs Sporting Club’s Fun Bush Walk
across Glenhope Station from Clancy's Hut into the Warrick Ranges.
0900 hours - Light refreshments including tea, coffee and cake. approximately 1000hrs Depart Clancy's Hut, Duration of walk approximately 3 hours returning to Clancy's Hut


And the party goes on. Next weekend the Power Station ReUnion Sunday, October 5 From 10am  - White Cliffs Sporting Club Solar Station Reunion (funding from OEH)
In January 2015 it will be 10 years since the White Cliffs Solar Power Station was decommissioned.  The reunion will give all those involved an opportunity to revisit the site and reminisce. The Community are invited to come along and be part of this Memorial Day, Guided tours of the Solar Power Station will be running and Luncheon provided.

Please bring along any memorabilia, such as photos, documents and great stories.

White Cliffs Solar Power Station was Australia's first solar power station. It is located at White Cliffs, New South Wales, which was chosen as it has the highest isolation in New South Wales, and in 1981 when the station was constructed had no grid connection.

Constructed by a team from Australian National University, the station consisted of fourteen three-metre parabolic dishes, each covered by more than 2000 mirrors and mounted on a heliostatic mounting. The dishes each focussed the sun's rays on a collector, where water was boiled. The resulting steam drove a three-cylinder Uniflow steam engine, made by modifying a Lister diesel engine, delivering up to 25kWe.

Batteries were used to provide 24 hour power to selected buildings in the township, and an existing diesel generator retained to provide battery charging when either low isolation or strong winds prevented use of the solar station for extended periods.

In 1996, following grid connection of the township, the station was converted to photovoltaic. The dishes were resurfaced, and the original collectors each replaced by a cluster of 16 water-cooled photovoltaic cells. In its new form, the station delivers up to 45kWe. The steam engine, batteries, and diesel generator were removed, and the output fed into the grid.

The grid connected power station ran for around 6 years, generating valuable data on the long-term performance and efficiency of the modules. The power station ceased operation in December 2004 and has been resumed by the owner of the site.

Back to the building the kitchen tomorrow.


September 28th Sunday
The Art Festival breakfast was on this morning and we had all the short films done by local people. Apart for the great food the great food we had a good time the movies were just great (I am told they will come out on DVD soon I buy one)

It was taken in a darken room, the hall was near packed for the "Short Film" section of the Art Festival.

We just came home from the last event of the Art Festival to night we had lunch at the Sporting club.

The end of a three day weekend, as Carol said we made in not bad for old people. Note we are on Solo leaving the hard stuff to others.

Tomorrow morning it is back to kitchen building.


September 27th Saturday
We were up early and did our bit looking after the door at the White Cliffs Hall and we had a number of people in to look at the Art Festival it was a lot fun being on the door and talking to people who are visiting the town. Apart from people from Sydney and Melbourne we met people from Beechworth and Eldarodo which was a only a few miles from where we use to live.

I love the old Ford Ute out front of the hall the ladies of white had one more thing to cover in wool, have a look at the work on the old Ford.

To night we had the big show in the hall and I let the pictures tell the story. (We do not use names on the Internet)

Local people dress for the night.

The local show it was a really good act "To me it was worth paying to see the local people"

A bit of a story here painting to music it took 13min's to paint and was sold on the night for $1225.00 to a Broken Hill buyer it was a good act.

Just part of the White Cliffs Hall last night.

A good fun act with locals and visitors.

This lady was a top act on the night "Aura she is a top quality singer you could listen to her for hours"

And Sunday morning we do it again the 8:30am "Breakfast Show"

September 26th Friday
The day started with Outback Radio Station 2WEB 585AM on you radio from Bourke. and that set the mood for the weekend. The White Cliffs Art Festival was open tonight by local Graham Welling's at the White Hall a big night for the people around 250 people were at the art festival tonight.

As you can see from the above pictures there is a lot of skill around the area the winner of $1000.00 was local Otto Rogge, the judge from Broken Hill was saying how high the quality was in White Cliffs.

It was a good night we enjoyed it and tomorrow morning it on again


September 25th Thursday
Worked on the kitchen five hours today it looking good I get back into it tomorrow and get some walls up I hope, a lot has to do with the weather.

The big weekend starts tomorrow night the White Cliffs Art Festival the final Yarn Bombing happen today.

The last of the Yarn Bombing is in place and ready for the big weekend. The town looks like a big ball of wool.

No carpet bowls tonight the hall where we play is being setup for the Art Festival tomorrow night so a night at home.

Coffee today was at the hospital in town we all had a good chat talking about low GI foods and what it will do for you.

One other thing, we have one dead tree out front and I was thinking about pulling it down and guess what a bird made a nest in the tree.

So I leave it there and look at it after summer. It not a great picture taken at 30x power zoom from about 40m away. Question can anyone tell me what type of bird it is.

Been invited out for coffee tomorrow morning, it a hard life up here. If you wish to know "What Happing in White Cliffs" and there is heaps click here to return to this page click your back arrow or close the page at the top of the screen.


September 24th Wednesday
What did we do today not a lot it just rained and rained from 5am to 7pm we ended up having 28mm of rain, so what did we do. I fixed a laptop computer for a old couple here in White Cliffs that was a free job.

Carol made some items for the weekend, she made me a lizard to put on my hat, she made a felt chip to put on her shoulder (walking around all weekend with a chip on her shoulder) and a blue bird.

I planned the next step on the kitchen ready to start tomorrow afternoon, I think we will need the morning to dry the ground outside it just a bit muddy in places.

We had a big cleanup inside the underground and I started planning our summer break we are planning to leave White Cliffs on the 20th November (it be getting hot) be in Albury Christmas then head along the Murray River to the mouth in South Australia. Then head to parts of South Australia that we have not seen, well that plan "A" as they say.


A slack day in White Cliffs.


September 23rd Tuesday
The kitchen looking good after yesterday but no work today the wind came in last night from the north east around 40 to 50kph and stayed all day and we are told that it will rain tomorrow most of the day.

The ladies of the town have yarn bombed almost everything in town but they found one more thing.

Maureen Ker was a nurse in White Cliffs for 38yr's in the early days I seen Maureen a number of times. Maureen has her own rock out front of the hospital here in White Cliffs and the rock is covered with metal ants.

Yes, the local ladies yarn bombed the ants they all have hats on and dressed for the big weekend.

Yep one ant was found on the ground he must have got hot in his new coat so we are going to glue it back on.

The fallen ant is back on his rock nothing safe from the Yarn Bombing ladies of White Cliffs.

Carol made some more butterfly's for the yarn bombers of White Cliffs over the last few days. I had an easy day today and we look like getting washed out tomorrow.

The big weekend is next weekend.


September 22nd Monday
Up at 6am this morning the sun was just starting to come up, the big job was putting the roof on the new kitchen Smiley and Rod came at 9:30am and we had the job done by 3pm. Rod came with an old crane that was a really big help.

It may be an old lifter but it never missed a beat all day.

Hard at work all day.

Half way there at this stage

Rod (at left) Rex (up high) Smiley (at right)

Job done the roof up and bolted down.

The new front doorway (all we need is a door.)

That it for the day still a long way to go but today was a big step.

I think the pictures say it all tomorrow we start on the walls and fit a window at this end of the building.

They say it going to rain well it may, this is White Cliffs.


September 21st Sunday
We had wonderful weather in White Cliffs to a bit of wind and around 25c I worked out side on the new kitchen all day getting ready for tomorrow, we plan to start putting on the roof. I spent most of today getting the eight roof panel ready Rod a local said he has a crane to lift the roof panel in place. Smiley another friend and retired builder is also going to come help me out.

Susan Relay for Life Click Her
Come on people click above and support Susan in "Relay For Life" it on soon and she looking for support I put me mine in today you can put $2.00 $5.00 $10.00 just put what you like or hand it to Susan in person. "We Need to get rid of Cancer"

I am told you spell Selfie, thank you for the text...

Tonight we are out for a meal at the sporting club, they always serve a really good meal and tomorrow we lift the roof on if the weather is all ok.


September 20th Saturday
I did quite a bit on the New Kitchen to but we took time out to visit the White Cliffs Underground Motel for coffee and I took my first selfy (think that how you say it)

It a shocking pictures taken with a phone camera, Carol, Rex, Jenny, Vicky...

We had good fun all local White Cliffs people, as I said at the Underground Motel, they make a good coffee.

The Yarn Bombing got into top gear and the local people attacked the hall in the main street.

What a lot of work and they still have more to go.

Even the rubbish bin got a make over.

Now this is a bit of fun and it is not easy. Read and refer back to this picture. Match up the items in the picture below.

I give you one (The only one I worked out) 3rd item top row "Guns" 1st item third row "Roses" answer "Guns and Roses"

Now work out the rest, next weekend is the big festival.

Now I am told we are having a party, the people just never stop. Tomorrow night is town dinner at the "Sporting Club"

Tomorrow another crazy day in White Cliffs.


September 19th Friday
Had a checkup this morning with the local nurse, all is well and time heals all I am told.

I have been getting the roof ready for the new kitchen washed them all down I still have quite a bit of work to do, ready for the big day on Tuesday.

The ladies in town are getting into the Yarn Bombing in a big way I go for a drive tomorrow with the camera.

As you enter town the first thing you see.

The local swimming pool and the White Cliffs hotel get a make over.

I take some pictures tomorrow of the White Cliffs Hall it has had a total make over it has to be seen to be be lived. The people army are now in full swing the amount of work is out of this world.

Thank you to the people who like the wild flowers yesterday, I go for a drive over the weekend there is a lot more to see.

It one week today to the festival.


September 18th Thursday
We went shopping in Broken Hill and drove back to White Cliffs it's only a short drive of 300km's.

It Spring and the wild flowers are out I wish that I could move a wild flower they die within days once you try to move them. Below are wild plants all taken on our block within 15m of the front door.

White Cedar trees I have a few but don't try move one. See if you can find the little bird.

It a nice looking flower but has some spikes.

Looking down the side of the block just wild trees

This plant is about the size of a dinner plate and is growing around 250mm high.

I have a number of these plant around the block they are up to a meter high it a good looking plant.

Not sure of the spelling here Afghan Hops they grow every year in Spring and Summer they grow to around 800mm high and die off in late summer. A Kangaroo will not eat the red hops.

We are into good looking weeds they are all over the place this time of year. They make nice pictures they all makeup our natural garden over the next few years I turn the plants into a nice garden.

We will be back working on the kitchen tomorrow by next Tuesday night we hope to have the roof on the Kitchen.

Tonight we are going to carpet bowls down town and tomorrow another day.


September 17th Wednesday
What is "Wareable Art" the big weekend is 10days away it going to worth seeing, look at the picture and you will have a better understanding what it all about.

People of all ages build, make their own outfits for the weekend, it takes weeks sometimes month's and it not cheap, some people just wear a hat, a mask I was shown a hat made of Gum tree leaf he said it cost a $0.50 for the glue.

I seen the Flying Doctor in White Cliffs about my bad foot we then drove to Broken Hill and will stay the night at a grand old house.

We will head back home tomorrow morning after we do some shopping.


September 16th Tuesday
Hello all I took one very sore body, and went to see the doctor and they decided to bring in a fat cat doctor tomorrow on the plane from Broken Hill. So it back to the hospital tomorrow morning, where else would you get a medical service as good as this one and it's Free.

I am going to have a cleanup sale soon and I give the money to the Flying Doctor Service.

The locals have been at it again Yarn Bombing the town Carol made a lot butterfly for the town so have a look at the pictures.

Randel thanks for the pictures.

You have go to love this sign +1 man (if not me)

Outside the hall don't know about the snake at the bottom.

It getting better everyday.

The new kitchen is about to take a big step next Monday afternoon and Tuesday a few of the local guys are going to help me put the roof on, thanks guy that will really make it look the part I cannot do that job on my own.

It was good to hear from you Sue and Tim.


We help each other in White Cliffs.

September 15th Monday
This is going to be a short entry, as I am in a lot of pain tonight, I was working on the kitchen and hit by a big wind. The ladder was hit by wind and it tipped over (I was not on the ladder but beside it) The ladder hit me and I jumped side ways and I fell flat on my face on the cement floor.

My big toe for some reason took a really big hit and right now it split open and really black I had shoes on at the time, I talk to the flying doctor, and they will look at it tomorrow I have a few other small cut but there nothing. The wind gust that hit the town at 2:03pm and recorded 69kph turning my ladder over, chairs and me. It was recorded 69kph at the airport I felt it was over 100kph at our place, so the good news is the new kitchen took the hit fine, it faired a lot better than I did.

We did manage to get the metal frame built for the window, we have not fitted the window as yet.

Had coffee at a friends place today, they have brought a house in Broken Hill, $60,000 will get you a good home I am told.

Plan for tomorrow is see the doctor and go from there.


September 14th Sunday
We had a really good day, to start with there is a problem sleeping in a underground bedroom, you do not know when it daylight. For some reason we did not wake up Carol woke up and said it 9:30am we had no where to go and it Sunday, but I normally wake around 6:30 to 7am. The underground bedroom is 23c everyday we have no heating and no cooling underground and when you turn the lights out it black as black. And the sun does not come up when you sleep underground.

Some friends came by around 10am and we all went to the underground motel for coffee and stayed and talked to lunch time.

The kitchen is getting there, we are looking at putting the roof on this week I think.

Here the kitchen as at end of day tonight there is a window going in this end tomorrow I hope as long as the wind stays away.

With a bit of good weather the metal frame will be completed in about two days. Yep it all one kitchen the two areas to the back are for one a big kitchen hutch two a big pantry, the opening at the back in the middle is the doorway to the underground section of the home. I have a lot of cleaning up to do it looking like a building site.

Tonight we went for Sunday night dinner at the local sports club here in town a really good meal, there was around 70 people there tonight. You can have a normal meal serve $10 or a large meal serve for $20, the normal meal suits Carol and I.

As far as the new kitchen goes all the cement work is now completed, the cement is 3.6m wide and 10.4m long as you can see in the pictures cement is 100 to 125mm thick it was all laid by hand using a small GMC mixer. there is no ready mix here in town.

I get back into it tomorrow morning (hope I wake up early).


September 13th Saturday
I worked on the new kitchen all day I take some pictures soon so you can see what's going on the outback. That me the rest of the town doing it big time Yarn Bombing the town. Randel sent me some pictures.

It a lot of work for one long weekend.

Have a look at the work around the room.

Have a look at this in town a bathroom mirror, a bathroom sink even the toilet paper.

People are adding more every day the Art Festival is on in two weeks. After two weeks every building in town will be covered with yarn. But be liver me you have seen nothing yet the wearable art section on the weekend will be worth seeing.

Tomorrow I be back into the new kitchen.


September 12th Friday
The Art Festival maybe two weeks away but the towns people have moved into top gear. The local people are Yarn Bombing the town in a big way. It just does not just happen it all planned. Have a look at the plan below, Where does Carol n Rex fit we are sitting down at the hall selling tickets on the main night.

I did get my cement work done today and started on the next wall in the new kitchen.

Yarn Bombing the Town

What a fantastic morning we had!  4 large panels prepared for the hall, more flowers, butterfly's & things. There was the most incredible array of amazing and inventive things for the yarn bombing – White Cliffs will look fantastic!!!

The School started yarn bombing this afternoon so the group decided that we would pick an area to yarn bomb each day.

Various people offered to lead various installations and have taken the material with them.  Other people are invited to join in.  Contact the people listed to find out what time.

The current timetable is:
Friday, September 11  - School fence – Primary School Students with Cree & Hayley

Saturday, September 12 – Toilet block & tree – Glenys,  Wendy & Barbara Gasch

Sunday, September 13  - Outback General Store  - Cree, Ethna & Barb

Monday, September 14 – Hall Fence – Glenys, Wendy & Ethna

Tuesday, September 15 ­– Ute – Jane & Cree

Individual projects – pole wrapping, trees, flowers - go for it!!!

Wednesday, September 16 – National Park Garden – if Randel & Barbara have their windlass & wheel completed

Individual projects – go for it!!

Thursday, September 17 – Swimming pool – Sue  & Ethna

Friday, September 18 – Cenotaph – Karen, Irmhild & Liz

Craft next Friday, September 18 – White Cliffs Sporting Club

Still to do

-          CWA fence& clothesline – Annette Turner
-          Hall panels
-          Windlass - Randel
-          Hospital – Liz
-          Free standing wagon wheel – Barbara Mohler
-          The pub? – Sue’s green bottles
-          And lots more because more is coming with Liz, Brenda & Peter & others!!!

From: Twilight Taggers

What You'll Need To Take When Yarn Bombing

Here's a list of things you'll need to take when yarn bombing...

1. Scissors
Take a little pair of scissors with you to cut your yarn, cable ties etc.

2. Needles
Needles to sew the tag to the object. Larger needles will be easier for threading the yarn.

3. Cable ties (Collect these from Randel)
These are good if you're not sewing your piece or if you're wanting extra security for the tag, or to attach your calling cards.

4. Yarn bomb piece
The piece that you want to show off to the world.

5. Calling Card
The business cards or labels that you want to attach to your tag.

6. Extra yarn
You'll be surprised at how many times you don't bring along extra yarn and run out.

7. Camera
For proof that you've done your yarn bombing

(Randel’s suggestions) Safe step ladder, duct tape & friends so you have people to hold things up and laugh with!

To sew or to tie?
To sew your tag or to cable tie your tag... Different people will say different things and it's also different depending on your tag and what object you're attaching it to.
If using only cable ties, you run the risk of the piece not looking neat and tidy.

If using only sewing, you run the risk of the piece not staying tied securely to the object.

Sewing a tag onto a horizontal object like a banister is fine as it will generally stay well. If tagging, say a pole, I like to sew the tag but also but a cable tie at the top of the pole and middle, just for added security.
Keep in mind - sewing takes a long time. If you have a piece that you need to run and dash - use cable ties. If you're able to stand around for a bit then sewing is fine.
TIP: If sewing a long piece, attach yarn at every third of the way along. Once you've sewn and reached the new piece of yarn, use that one and carry along to the next third. Using one long piece of yarn for the whole piece is irritating. The yarn can become tangled and it's very hard to keep it looking nice the whole way along.

Make your yarn bomb tight
Don't subject yourself to watching your tag slide off your object because it's too big. Make your tags smaller than your object and stretch the piece so it hugs the object tightly. Example: if your pole is 18cm around, generally go for around 16cm around.

Looking forward to seeing White Cliffs come alive with yarn bombing

Sent to Rex by Randel

Tomorrow I be building the new kitchen


September 11th Thursday
White Cliffs is doing it again the White Cliffs "Arts Festival" is on at the end of September it another really big weekend for the town, if you want to know more have a look at the "White Cliffs NSW" website or CLICK HERE the town is near booked out for this week.

Everyone in town is doing something for the weekend Carol been making felt Butterfly's for the weekend.

The "Wearable Art" section is going to be worth seeing I have seen some of the outfits they are good.

The town just keeps coming up with winners one after the other and there be more before year end the whole town will be dressed up for the big weekend.

At home I layed a cement block and I have another one to do tomorrow morning that be the last one for the new kitchen.

It a big week for me in another way the A-One-OnSite (Now Scott Duncombe website) will hit 1/2 Million hit in the next day or two it started life as the "Duncombe Home Page" as a BBS in 1985... After 1/2 million hits it was turned to "A-One-OnSite" and it about to clock up another 1/2 Million. The same website now know as "Scott Duncombe Website" it will be a Million Hits for me sometime soon. You can see the counter at the bottom of Scott Duncombe website.


Check out the White Cliffs website above.

Carol going to a Craft Day tomorrow I be home doing cement work.

September 10th Wednesday
No wind, yes after five days of wind up to 70KPH it stopped over night. There only one word for today and that is "Fantastic" the perfect day in White Cliffs.

Carol went out for coffee with the local ladies I sprayed the weed with weed killer that took me two hours, now I have to wait six to eight weeks for the weeds to fall over.

Next was the Mercedes Benz a few globes were blowen in the dashboard so I removed the panel and fitted some new globes.

I put in some boxing to cement part of the kitchen tomorrow morning a small slab 1.0 meter wide and 2.6m long I have a few small cement slabs to lay over the next week.

Doug a reader of three dots sent me a picture of his Orchard he said he has been waiting five years for them to flower, Doug lives in Queensland. Thanks for the picture.

I do some more cement work on the kitchen in the morning.


September 9th Tuesday
After a shocking night with high winds turning everything upside down and today was no better 60 to 70kph winds hitting the front of the new kitchen from the north. I went outside to work and the wind almost turned me upside down.

Not a day to work on the kitchen, we decided to drive to Wilcannia and register the trailer so we set off driving 100km's south having lunch at the Bowls and Golf Club. We had a really good meal.

After lunch we went to the local Police station and filled out a statuary declaration to say we owned the trailer and we had not stolen it from Victoria, a nice lady at the police station helped me fill out the form. Next stop was the RTA Office and after an hour I now have a number plate for the trailer. To get the trailer registered cost $455 unreal we had to get it weighted and inspected stamp duty, rego and the rego man wanted to fix the wheel bearings there was nothing wrong with them, they wanted new tyres there was nothing wrong with the tyres, I do feel ripped off but that all over now, tomorrow a new day.

Not a great picture but it is a great building the Wilcannia Police Station made of lime stone rock blocks and over a 100 years old.

We went to the new chemist shop in Wilcannia (nice bloke runs the business) picked up a few items we needed it a small shop but he good to do business with.

I drove the 100KM'S south with a 60KPH tail wind we used 9LPH, on the way home we had a 60kph head wind and used 14LPH both at a 100KPH

Let's hope the wind drops and we can get back working on the kitchen.


September 8th Monday
Wind and more wind we are getting winds up to 60kph from the north east. Tomorrow we are looking at much the same but with a temperature of 30c they say. a hot wind from the north right in the front door.

I worked outside on the new kitchen in the high winds. Got a bit done see the picture below.

Put up the steel frame at this end. At this end we have a big window 1800 x 1200mm and you look out onto a garden that is enclosed with a gate. Slowly but we are getting there bit by bit. I guess the good news is it is standing up in the big winds. Have to see how we are looking next Friday night.

Need to spray some weed killer around the place outside just to much wind the weather person say Wednesday of Thursday are looking good with low wind to spray some weeds one other job that I still need to do is register that trailer.

After all the food yesterday Fathers Day we are both off food today. And there was a lot of people eating a lot more than we did.

Here the last bit of news for the day Bradley Latham and wife Helen had a baby girl yesterday, (that Tony and Belinda son. Good friends that live near us here in White Cliffs.)

Here the odd twist Bradley birthday he turn 21 yesterday, his wife Helen from Broken Hill turn 21yr's yesterday. And baby Macey is the same day (born yesterday) so mum, dad and baby birthday are all on the same day. what are the odds on that.

I am planning on doing a bit of cement work at the other end tomorrow.


September 7th Sunday (Father's Day)
One big party day today in White Cliffs we went out to the White Cliffs Hotel for a Father Day lunch around 100 people turned up for the meal at lunch time.

The local singer at the Father's Meal was Calvin he is our local nurse at the White Cliffs hospital.

White Cliffs Father's Day meal at the back of the local Hotel

It was a good afternoon, we seen the cricket match but I did not play. Tonight we had another big meal at the White Cliffs Social Club it was packed tonight.

I must say it was a really good days I had phone calls from my three kids which was nice.

Cost for two meals and all drinks for the day was $15 head, it only happens in White Cliffs.

Back to work on the kitchen tomorrow morning


September 6th Saturday
Found a nice room in Broken Hill, at last at the "Lodge Outback Motel" room 12, it a very old building with some very nice rooms a small bathroom but it the best room we stayed in while in Broken Hill and it has a carport Click Here. If they are not busy you get a good deal on a room.

My team Geelong beaten on Friday night, we still have a second change. We had a early start shopping at Woolworth's in Broken Hill for Meat, Frozen and Fruit, we then hit the road heading the 300km's home to White Cliffs 3hr's 20min, you only turn one corner we sat on 98kph all the way with a good size load on the trailer. after 200km's you turn left then 100km's to home we seen a few Emu's and a lot of goats.

He the baby, Gooroo (named by Bill in Queensland) and only three months old and his first picture, what a long tail for a little guy. Gooroo we need to talk about the small prints in the cement I laid for the kitchen It happen last Wednesday night after dark. "You mean the grey stuff that sinks, um mm, I know nothing"

Father's Day tomorrow Sunday and like most Dad's in White Cliffs we will not see the kids so we all meet at the back of the White Cliffs hotel for a BBQ lunch. Then a game of cricket on the oval.

Kids have a happy Fathers Day we will, if I do not answer the phone I'm batting.


September 5th Friday
A busy day in Broken Hill we did a lot of shopping and running around most of it trying to register the trailer and as at tonight it is still without a number plate, not going to say anymore about it other that it came from Victoria it is almost ten years old and we longer have the sales docket to say we own the trailer and that the problem.

They tell me this is art on the hill just out of Broken Hill it a good picture muuu

This picture is just to the west of Broken Hill there not much out here but that what the outback all about "A lot Nothing"

We have loaded the trailer with ten sheets of cement board and five sheets of plaster board will need more but that all we can fit on the trailer this trip, this is when I miss the Ford Transit Van.

We went to the supermarket today for dry food, tomorrow we will get meat, fruit and Veg, meat and ice for the trip home to White Cliffs.

Back home tomorrow afternoon.


September 4th Thursday
Left White Cliffs at 7:45am 288km's to Broken Hill had a good trip a few Kangaroos around and Emu's it an easy trip you only turn one corner in the trip.

We are still having fun trying to register the trailer we had to fit two new tyres to the trailer so I fitted two light truck tyres. We then took it for a roadworthy, told they have to fix the wheel bearings so I left it with them to replace. Tomorrow I take the paperwork to the RTA office in Broken Hill, let see what happens.

Went to Cole's and Big-W then Carol had her hair cut, I went next door to Bell's Milk Bar. There a bit of a story here Bell's open in 1955 and that how it is today and still a Milk Bar. I had a milk shake filled to the top in the old metal milk shake cup about 2lt's.

In 1955 the shake cost 6p (5c) today it cost $7.00 every thing sold in the shop is 1950s at 2014 prices but it was good fun.

I took this picture from the Internet of Broken Hill just to show the size of the city we are in there somewhere tonight and tomorrow night. In the middle you see the big BHP mine they dig under the town for Copper Lead and Zinc.

Machine's have taken over in Broken Hill and the City is getting smaller each year. You need to look it up but this is the cheapest city in Australia to buy a home. Some as low as 100,000 some even lower you can get heaps under 200,000... A lot of people in White Cliffs are buying a home in Broken Hill.

Shopping for hardware tomorrow.


September 3rd Wednesday
Cool day here in White Cliffs it felt quite cold here last night, layed a small area of cement for the new kitchen today.

Change of plans we are going to Broken Hill in the morning not Mildura, the cement sheet cost around $40 (the lot) more in Broken Hill but we would need $90 more fuel to get to Mildura and back. So we head to Broken Hill tomorrow and back home Saturday afternoon.

I have been trying to register our 6x4 trailer in New South Wales. The trailer came from a business in Wangaratta it was new nine years ago. In Victoria a 6x4ft trailer, you do not have to register you put the number plate of the car on the trailer.

In New South Wales I have to register the trailer, that fine I am happy with that. But I do not have the docket from nine years ago to say I own the trailer and that business is now out of business. I was on the phone today for an 1 1/2hrs to RTA in New South Wales just another cross border problem. So I go talk to Broken Hill RTA on Friday and try sort it out.

That part of the reason we are going to Broken Hill and not Mildura, we can not sort it out in Mildura as it is in Victoria. I can tow the trailer the 300km's to Broken Hill as it is my RTA office, if they say no I can tow it back home.

All of the doors have been made snake proof in fact they are light proof just lift your feet walking in the underground house.

I do three dots from Broken Hill tomorrow.


September 2nd Tuesday
Went to a Community Health Councils meeting in White Cliffs today I was asked to put in an application to be part of the New Community Health Councils that is being setup in White Cliffs. I have to do some thinking the main reason is we are only here around 8mth's a year. The council a non-profit group looks at the needs of the community when it comes to health in White Cliffs and it is run by State Government Health Department.

Spent the morning working on the new kitchen it slow work, we will make a trip to Bunning's Mildura (1150kms return) at the weekend for cement sheet and plaster that we need plus a big list.

Looking from the east we have the window in and have started to do the metal framing work.

Looking from the west side it taken a week to get this far I lost three day due to the high winds.

When you look out the window you are looking north over the town and towards the Queensland border. There will be a veranda on the front of the kitchen.

We had very strong wind yesterday and the wall never moved the roof may go on late next week.

Looks like another fine day tomorrow but quite cool around 17c.


September 1st Monday
The start of Spring, and a hot wind from the north right in our front door it was really strong wind I have the front of the new kitchen up and it copped all the wind the good news is so far it stayed there a big test.

I was not happy to lift any panel up today with the strong wind, I did install some boxing ready to lay some cement in the morning.

A few other things on the hot north wind today we got a heap of Grasshopper all different shapes and sizes.

They are here by the 1000s today all heading south there are really big ones and fat red ones all different colour's and sizes.

This morning I had a wet wall in the old bathroom I open the wall with a 4" grinder and found a pipe with a small leak about ten drop a minute. I replaced the pipe and fixed the wall. It is drying out late today so all looks ok for the future.

It looking very black in the sky tonight we may see a drop of rain tonight, the weather man saying it will start at 9pm and be all over by 3am.

On the funny side we were having trouble with the grasshoppers and had a broom at the door to sweep them away, well the wind tipped the broom over and it wedged under the door handle we could not get out, it was a fly screen door. We poked a small hold in the fly screen and pushed the broom aside. You have to see the funny of it unreal what happen up here in a strong wind, just checked with the weather man we had wind gust up to 54kph late today.

Last year when we traveled around in our caravan other Grey Hair Nomads kept giving us business cards with their details on the card so we had some printed with our details on this year 250 business cards came today, they look really good. Cost about $30 with freight to White Cliffs and took a week.

We are getting 70 to 80 people a week reading three dot website, Hello to Reg in Yarrawonga.


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